Jat to launch daily Banja Luka flights

Jat coming back to Banja Luka

Jat Airways will launch flights from Belgrade to Banja Luka at the start of the 2013/14 winter season. The new route is one of many to be inaugurated by Jat this winter. The Serbian government confirmed the launch of the new service yesterday at a joint cabinet session of the Serbian and Republika Srpska governments. “We are finalising talks with our Emirati partner for the stabilisation and normalisation of Jat. We are in a position of already having the timetable for the new Belgrade - Banja Luka flights”, the Serbian Minister for Transport, Milutin Mrkonjić, said.

Jat’s winter timetable has already been drafted in cooperation with Etihad Airways. At this present time the new routes to be launched cannot be published but include new destinations both in the region and beyond. According to the draft timetable, flights to Banja Luka will operate with an ATR72 on a daily basis. Jat Airways has operated flights to Banja Luka on and off for several years. Services were cancelled each time due to extremely poor loads. With subsidies of four million euros, Jat planned to resume services to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city last December, but a chronic fleet shortage within the Serbian carrier forced it to cancel such plans.

Meanwhile, Jat is set to receive a leased ATR72-500 either today or in the next few days, which should enter service next week, bringing the total number of ATRs in the fleet to four. Jat will not lease any other aircraft this summer. Plans were made over the past few weeks to lease two Boeing 737s, after earlier plans to lease two Airbus jets fell through. However, Jat was unable to secure short term leases while Etihad prevented the long term lease of Boeing aircraft as it will shift Jat to an all Airbus fleet this winter. As a result, by the end of July, Jat will have fourteen operational aircraft in its fleet.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    Good for them, launching Belgrade-Banja Luka makes the most sense as there is also considerable O&D market. If they can take them away from the bus companies this route could see really good loads.

    I am sure we will see Jat return to Ljubljana as well. However, with only four Atrs I wonder how many more routes we might actually see. Unless the morning Vienna flight is operate by A319, that could free up an Atr for a daily morning departure to another destination in the region. Maybe Sofia?

    1. Anonymous10:15

      5th ATR (YU-ALO) will be returning by the end of the month from regular maintanance at Jat tehnika.

    2. Anonymous10:52

      Thanks for that! I wonder what the registration of the newest Atr will be. So far we have:

      1. YU-ALN
      2. YU-ALO
      3. YU-ALP
      4. YU-ALT

      I can't understand why Jat can't simple give normal codes as in YU-ALA/B/C/D.

    3. JATBEGMEL12:58

      @ anonymous

      Quick google search would of made you look less of an ass. Here is an answer to your registration issues:

      * YU-ALA : PanAdria Airways Fairchild FH-227 (crashed 18.06.1977. in ZAG)
      * YU-ALB : PanAdria Airways Fairchild FH-227B
      * YU-ALC : PandAdria Airways Fairchild FH-227B
      * YU-ALD : PanAdria Airways Fairchild FH-227B
      * YU-ALE : PanAdria Airways Fairchild FH-227B
      * YU-ALF : SA-226AT Merlin IVA (unknown airline)
      * YU-ALG : SA-226AT Merlin IVA (unknown airline)
      * YU-ALH : SA-226TC Metro II (unknown airline)
      * YU-ALI : SA-226TC Metro II (unknown airline)
      * YU-ALJ : SA-226TC Metro II (unknown airline)
      * YU-ALK : JAT ATR42
      * YU-ALL : JAT ATR42
      * YU-ALM : JAT ATR42
      * YU-ALN : JAT ATR72
      * YU-ALO : JAT ATR72
      * YU-ALP : JAT ATR72
      * YU-ALQ : nothing
      * YU-ALR : JAT ATR72
      * YU-ALS : JAT ATR72
      * YU-ALT : JAT ATR72

      The next ATR should be registered YU-ALU.

      YU-ALA crashed in ZAG with no fatalities, and the ac was written off.

      YU-ALB - YU-ALM have been deregistered.

    4. Anonymous13:10

      So what, it's not like they can't start a new series for Atrs where they could register them with normal codes.
      I don't see why it would make me an ass just because I find their illogical coding stupid.

    5. JATBEGMEL23:01

      why would they do that? reregister several aircraft so someone with OC can have aircraft registered alphabetically? btw, look at the list above and notice the similarity to the aircraft registered with AL series.

  2. Anonymous09:19


    From this Saturday until the end of August, easyJet will be flying two times per week between Lyon and Dubrovnik.

  3. Purger10:41

    Jatovanje, I hope last one, because after Etihad taking over for sure there will be no more Jatovanje. And I am sorry for that, because Jatovanje was the best comedy we had.

    Let me remind of that Jatovanje again:

    November: we will make new Jat with more planes till summer time table
    - good idea, enough time for finish the deal but you have to be very quick to do it

    December: for sure we will lease 2x A320, 2x A319 and 2x ATR 72, but decision will be made in January
    – wooow guys do it now! you will not have enough time!

    January: there are holidays, we don’t want to work, we did not have meeting for 42 days
    - it is too late, but still you can do it for much more money, stop sleep and do something

    February: for sure we will have those Airbuses and ATR’s, we don’t have any deal but we have time
    – than I was pointed that there is no time for good lease and type rating

    March: There is no way we can lease Airbuses, we are too late, so we will lease 737-400 instead, ATR’s are no problem because we have crews for them

    April: Green light for Airbuses, doesn’t meter that just 3 weeks before Commission said their is no way to least Airbuses. Airbuses will be leased from Adria (two A319), and two A320 from someone else, all in May. Crew will go to Type rate in 25th April and will have more than enough time to finish type rate till end of May. There is no good ATR 72 on market so we will not lease them
    - that was total lie, which I was demand by names of companies which can lease planes in that moment

    May: we have problem with Adria Airbuses, we can not finish type rate in time. So, our crew will sleep at home doing nothing and get money for that, but Adria crews will fly those Airbuses instead.

    June: we can not finish deal with Adria, there will be no lease of those A319. Non A320 will come. Two ATR’s will come, much too late (one in end of June, second in beginning of July, much after start of top season). But instead of Airbuses, we have 100% sure deal for two 737-300. They will come in beginning of July

    July: ATR will not come in beginning of July, but in middle of July (even more late), no 737-300.

    So out of
    - 2x A319, 2x A320 and 2x ATR 72 in March,
    - 2x 737-400 and 2 ATR 72 in April
    - 2x A319 from Adria, 2x A320 and no ATR 72 in May
    - 2x A319 and 2 ATR 72 in June
    - 2x 737-300 and 2 ATR 72 in beginning of July
    ...now in middle of July we have just 2 old ATR 72.

    1. Anonymous10:49

      This is getting old, it was ok in the beginning but now it is pointless.

    2. Anonymous10:56

      What is getting old his comment or i wish i wish i wisha woo?

    3. Anonymous10:59

      His comments, I think everyone got his point by now.
      There is no 'I wish I wish I wisha woo', that is a rant of a failed corrupt politician. No one normal takes him seriously.

    4. Anonymous11:19

      Exactly, plus today's news is not even about Jat's fleet but about their return to Banja Luka. I guess some people just have to bitch all the time.

    5. Anonymous11:19

      Once JAT had introduced more aircraft in service and hence increased the number of executed flighs i.e. there were less cancellations, load factor significantly dropped on scheduled flights. These days it is below 70% which is bad result taking into account that we are in the middle of July.

    6. JATBEGMEL13:08

      BNX is a stupid thing to restart, considering it failed every time when launched.

      Anything Mrkonjic says we dont trust, dont believe, and the only thing he has for us with truth is how much taxes we will have more to pay because of his mismanagement of government companies. I can think of hundreds of better places to send the a/c let alone to BNX. I doubt Mrkonjic was ever in any form of EY talks, last week he was ranting Russians are interested in buying JAT, suddenly in agreement with EY BNX will be flown everyday???? pa dokle vise, msm stvarno kako ti nije stid?

    7. Purger15:11

      Sorry but today news is about 737-300 not to be leased. Let me quote:

      "Jat will not lease any other aircraft this summer. Plans were made over the past few weeks to lease two Boeing 737s...".

      ...and well, this 9-month long saga of Jatovanja about leased planes did have 3 new episodes since I last time mention how unprofessional those managers in Jat in this case ware. Those 3 episodes on top of "leasing plane parody from May" were:
      1. Adria pilots to fly A319 because type rating can not be finish till June (did I say so in January);

      2. 737-300 to come instead of A319 + 2 ATR's till end of June;

      3. No 737, and 2nd ATR in middle of July what is much too late.

      ...that shows that nothing change and for sure first priority of new Etihad management should be to replace those unprofessional workers who can not even finish simple lease agreement, but for sure can speak a lot about planes that were nowhere near certain.

    8. Anonymous15:35

      Look at the title of the article, that is the primary news.

    9. Anonymous16:35

      So, that means we can not discuss about secondary news which was in text... you want to be funny or what?

    10. Anonymous17:24

      Being funny has nothing to do with it. Read the whole conversation and stop embarrassing yourself.

    11. Anonymous20:37

      To say one can discuss just on topic which was in title of the article, but not about one of topics that made 20% of text of article, make me laugh, and you…well let us say just funny!

    12. JATBEGMEL23:17

      Purger, i would like to 100% agree, but there is text missing.

      Although true, the current people running the circus is from the government, government appointed, who have for the past decade done nothing but distroy piece by piece JAT. The B733 was supposed to come to relieve the tight scheduling because of the 'surprise' maintenance of several aircraft and the 'ambitious' summer schedule, and the smart idea of JAT offering its few aircraft left to tourist agencies for charter flights to the Euro-Med. But the extra ATR7 seems to be enough, and another B733 is coming from maintenance, plus, when operatable, the B732 from AGX jumps in.

      I think its EY who has influenced the decision for JAT not to lease anymore aircraft and that this 'plans' are coming only from the government and its extended family that is JAT management.

      Ive had enough of our government and its stupidity, the lies, the scandals, the drunk and reckless behaviour of our ministers, the arrogance, the corruption, i honestly wish what happened in Istanbul would happen in Belgrade!!! I cannot wait for october to see EY finally take over and change the disgrace that JAT has become.

    13. Purger00:43

      I don't thing that Etihad influence in cancellation of 737-300 lease, because it was announces few days after that Jat-Etihad press conference.

      Here I can see 3 problems:
      1. No vision and strategy. They change planes they want to order like I change types of bred every day.
      2. Announcing news (leasing and other bombastic projects) when it is not even near to realization. First rule in business is not to go into public before you are 100% sure, you have contract and mechanisms for insurance the deal.
      3. Realization is catastrophic. To sleep 42 days in January when it was last second do to good leasing deal, to thing there is time and every student of 1st year of air traffic can tell them how long they need for type rating and for waiting lists, to really start to deal with problem in June... well it is at least unprofessional and total dilettantism.

  4. Anonymous10:53

    This Mrkonjic guy is the biggest liar ever. Everything he says should be taken with a pinch (make that a handful) of salt. How can someone lie so much without an ounce of shame is incomprehensible to me.

  5. Anonymous10:58

    Six A321s at Belgrade airport today:

    09:10 Atlasjet, Antalya
    13:00 Lufthansa, Frankfurt
    13:10 Aeroflot, Moscow
    17:40 Alitalia, Rome
    19:15 Turkish Airlines, Istanbul
    19:20 Swiss, Zurich

    1. Anonymous20:49

      none of them departured full. Atlasjet had 41pax comparing to Aeroflot 122pax.

    2. JU520 BEGLAX21:00

      Proud of u beg, go ahead like this

  6. Last time, when Jat flow to BNX, the load factor was about 20 - max. 35 %

    So, the only opportunity to have a "profitable" route is that Bosnian taxpayers (taxpayers of Republic of Srpska) pay for losses on this route.

    Instead of subsidizing this route, the government with a disastrous budget should invest in infrastructure and tottering companies like Birac which is bankrupt.

    I must admite, I do not understand the government in Banja Luka.

    1. Anonymous12:06

      The primary reason why this route failed the last time was because Jat charged €150 for a return ticket! This is outrageous and plain stupid. If the flight was sold for €50 or €60 I am sure the loads would have been much better.

    2. The price was 109 € !

    3. Anonymous12:24

      Dude, I worked for Jat back then. The average price was between €150 and €180. 80% of passengers who were on that route were people who connected via Belgrade, most heading to/from Russia.

    4. Anonymous12:27

      Well, if the price was 30€, I guess they could send three flights daily, at least. But Jat is a profit seeking enterprise, or at least it should be. Selling at 50-60€ rt/all in will not allow them to break even. Now, if BNX or anybody else wants to pay subsidies - sure. Otherwise, fly where the money is.

    5. Anonymous12:53

      Well, they would need about €7,5 per segment to cover the fuel prices per seat. Which means that with other costs they could sell €50 return flights and still make a profit. Especially if they get their cost structure down.

    6. Anonymous13:02

      RT bus ticket to Banja Luka is like 7.000RSD (over 60 euros). If they charged 60 euro RT for the plane, they would need a lot of planes to meet the demand. There's an insane amount of people going from BL to BG every day and the Holidays are even bigger.

    7. Anonymous13:47


      If the numbers are correct, I didn't go into ATR fuel efficiency, you would need 15 EUR for fuel, 16.5 EUR for BEG/RS taxes, say 15 EUR for BNX/BA, plus landing, parking and other ATC fees - I'd say 60€ is really cutting it close - and what about staff costs, catering, maintenance? Anyways, I don't think that 60€ cabin would be even close to profitable, even if packed to capacity each and every time. If they had only to pay for fuel, sure, but there's more to it...

    8. Anonymous13:51

      Yeah but the thing is that if BNX lowers their fares then it could work. Also, if they transfer the flights to BEG's Terminal 1 they could save a few more Euros.
      Jat's regional flights should be not be operated the same way its mainline flights are.

  7. Anonymous12:01

    Off topic:

    Ljubljana airport latest figures:

    April: + 8%
    May: +16%
    June: +11%
    Januray-June: +7% YOY

  8. Anonymous13:32

    It is not metioned in the article that the route will be Belgrade-Banjaluka-Vienna. Only one afternoon flight will have stopover in Banjaluka.

    1. Purger15:26

      That is stupid because none of passenger would fly BEG-VIE with one stop, especially that you so many direct flights per day.

      Jat is stupid not to “reserve” one plane for INI and to make something like




      Or if they don't want to compete against B&H Airlines they can fly 2-4-6- to MUC instead of ZRH.

      To make synergy of INI and BNX is logic, but I can not understand why Jat insists to isolate INI.

    2. Anonymous21:39

      Ne mogu biti dva aerodroma u Srbiji, samo jedan, u beogradu. beogradska posla.
      To odgovara i Aero Srbiji zbog njene želje da se ima hub u Beogradu.

  9. And I flow from BEG to BNX, DUDE, and I paid 109 € for a return ticket.

    And support of the route by the government is VERY BAD IDEA!
    While for instance the students in BN have been poisoned due to bad food,
    the government in RS should pay for tickets ???

    I am AGAINST SUPPORTING THE AIRLINES BY THE GOVERNMENT because there is NO BENEFIT like in Zadar or Rijeka where the government supports the airlines because they bring the tourist (and tourist bring the money!).

    1. Anonymous23:22

      So you agree with supporting Ryan Air by both Zadar and Rijeka Airports?

  10. Anonymous18:08

    Jat's second Atr arrives today! Maybe it has already arrived! Great news.
    Let's hope that July growth with additional two Atrs will be great!

  11. Anonymous21:10

    Hi guys,

    what, in your opinion, were the reasons for so poor load factors when JAT flew BEG - BNX - BEG several years ago?

    1. Anonymous11:58

      It's quite simple if you ask me. It is not that faster to get to BNX/BEG by plane, as you have to be at the airport say 1.5 hrs before scheduled takeoff, meaning that at least 2 hours prior to flight you have to get moving. Unless you own a car, make that 2.5 hours - then 45 minutes for the flight, so after 3 or so hours, you end up in the suburbs of BEG/BNX and have to make your way to the city center. With car, it will take you 3.5-4 hours max, it will cost less than a single air ticket, and you will have flexibility of your own vehicle wherever you are.

      The only people that would fly would be those who get paid to travel (I guess not that many people, as business is not really flourishing these days in BNX), those who connect to other flights and "normal" people only if price was really attractive - which cannot happen if Jat wants to keep the line profitable.

    2. Anonymous13:58

      I don't think things a so simple,..any other opinions?

  12. Anonymous08:05


    Air India code sharing with Jat.. now you can buy tickets for next summer for 1,250 (average) USD for a roundtrip JFK - London flight with Air India and then London - Belgrade with Jat!

    Also, Aeroflot seems to be offering 903 USD roundtrip flights from New York JFK to Belgrade next summer EVERY DAY with 4.5 hour connections each way! !!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING news :) good price. and now you don't have to stay 20 hours in Moscow with them.

    1. Anonymous11:53

      Dude, for that kind of money, you can fly more directly with Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, Turkish and many more, with 1-2 hours connections at much more pleasant airports than SVO. Unless you're keen on burning SkyTeam miles, but then, even Alitalia is a better option in my opinion.

  13. Anonymous08:09

    Guys, can I ask you all for a big favor? Can you please use spelling checker before you post here? Or else, write in Serbian, it will be easier to follow what the heck some of you are trying to say. Thank you.

  14. Anonymous13:13

    Hi Anonymous on July 12, at 8:09 AM,

    You've warned us of neglecting grammar, but what the heck.

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