Montenegro success for Ryanair

Strong first month for Ryanair in Podgorica

Just over a month since it launched its inaugural service to Montenegro, Ryanair has seen solid figures on its Charleroi - Podgorica flights. Europe’s largest low cost airline carried 1.573 passengers on its inbound flights to Podgorica, representing an average load factor of 92.4% on board the Boeing 737-800, the Montenegrin Ministry for Tourism and Sustainable Development reports. Figures are, understandably, somewhat lower on the outbound Podgorica flights to Charleroi. Overall, the average load factor for the service stands at 73%. “These results form the basis of our future cooperation with Ryanair and other low cost airlines and the launch of new routes”, the Ministry says.

Ryanair will operate flights to Montenegro until at least 2016 according to an agreement signed between the low cost airline and the government. Over the next three years the airline has offered to operate up to fourteen destinations from Tivat with Milan, Barcelona, London, Oslo and Stockholm selected by the government for the 2014 summer season. According to the ministry, Ryanair has not received any subsidies or incentives and is paying landing and handling fees in Podgorica. The no frills airline currently operates two weekly flights between Charleroi and the Montenegrin capital.

Montenegro’s two international airports have recorded strong growth so far this year. In June, the two airports combined saw their numbers increase by 19% compared to last year. Together, Podgorica and Tivat are estimated to handle 1.5 million passengers by the end of the year. Alitalia is the newest scheduled airline to launch services to Podgorica. On the 42 flights operated so far, the Italian national airline carried 1.123 passengers from Rome to the Montenegrin capital. The airline maintains three weekly flights between the two cities. This winter, Alitalia will be boosting capacity to Podgorica from an Embraer E175 to an Airbus A319/320 (on Mondays and Thursdays). The equipment used on the Saturday flight remains an E175. The changes come into effect from October 27.


  1. Anonymous09:16

    "Montenegro success for Ryanair" how long look at the Spain ...

    1. Anonymous09:27

      Ryanair will stay in Montenegro as long as the Montenegrin government can afford to pay them.

    2. Anonymous17:02

      Montenegro is rich!
      Rumours are that they want to buy Etihad and integrate it into YMs network....

  2. JU520 BEGLAX11:19

    1123 Pax : 42 flights = 26.7 per flight??
    rather poor performance during summer months

    1. Anonymous12:04

      JU520 where did you get 42 flights????? TGD-CRL is twice a week, so 4 weeks is 16 flights

    2. @12:04 PM

      Are you silly or just uninformed???

      16 flights to CRL - but JU520 is talking about ROME!!!!

      Alitalia carried 1123 passengers from TGD to FCO on their 42 flights.

      So 1123 Pax / 42 flights = 26,7 per flight.
      Alitalia flies with theit E190 (100seats)!
      --> load factor: 26,7 Pax / 100 = 26,7 %!

    3. Anonymous12:58

      LOL, my bad, sorry guys, thought he was talking about CRL. Sorry again

    4. Anonymous13:23

      Still, there was no reason for Sarajevo to behave in such a stupid and impolite manner.

    5. Anonymous20:44

      Sarajevo is a moron and he should better not be seen anymore on this blog.

    6. Anonymous20:54

      Actually Alitalias Embraer175 has 88 seats.
      Before calling others silly or uninformed Sarajevo first should do his homework!

    7. Anonymous21:02

      I bet there would be more passengers from INI to Rome than from Podgorica to Rome... 26 passengers? That is just ridiculous

    8. Anonymous00:42

      Sarajevo, i would gladly punch your fat stupid nose.

    9. 1. At the moment, Alitalia flies with E-190 to TGD with 100 seats !


      3. And sorry, I was yesterday a little bit in stress... :(

  3. zoki16:22

    Always those flame wars here on Ex Yu....

  4. JU520 BEGLAX16:59

    right zoki. guys be more tranquillo, no need for continuous offensive argy-bargy talking. I d say we are here one big family of ex yu aviation freaks, some of us know more, some of us less, but that s about it. Communication should be kept in a normal relaxed and friendly manner.

    btw good to have some News again from MNE. A friend of mine will start working soon for YM again, so I hope to get some insights from there.
    Bonne Soirée.....

  5. Anonymous18:27

    EasyJet from LDN Gatwick to Split diverted today to Zagreb due lack of fuel around 1500. It was Airbus A319, no emergency declared.

  6. Anonymous20:22

    Looking forward to London to Tivat route. While there are number of airlines flying to Dubrovnik at decent prices, airport transfers can be pricey and take a long time (particularly if traveling to Budva).
    Montenegro Airlines fares on London-Tivat route are way to high (EUR 300 even in Sep/Oct)


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