SkyWork Airlines to end Zagreb service

SkyWork to farewell Zagreb next month

SkyWork Airlines has continued its relatively unsuccessful run in the former Yugoslavia as it announces the cancelation of its Bern - Zagreb service. Flights will be terminated from Saturday, August 3. The Swiss airline launched two weekly flights to the Croatian capital at the start of last year’s winter season, in October, before cutting down frequencies to only one weekly flight this summer. Several months ago SkyWork cancelled its Bern - Belgrade service as well, but remains present it the region with seasonal flights to Rijeka, Split and Zadar. Expensive tickets are a likely cause for SkyWork’s failure in the region. The Zagreb service will be suspended along with several others, including Budapest and Thessaloniki.

With SkyWork’s exit, Croatia Airlines once again becomes the only carrier operating flights between Zagreb and Switzerland. The Croatian carrier maintains ten weekly flights to Zurich. Meanwhile, Zagreb Airport has recorded a good start to July as it handled 80 aircraft during the first day of the month. Out of the 80 jets handled, 55 were scheduled flights while the other 25 were VIPs, mostly carrying officials and statesmen who attended Croatia's EU accession celebrations in Zagreb. June passenger results are set to be released soon.

On the other hand, Dubrovnik Airport has continued its impressive run with a notable 223.809 passengers handled last month. As a result, the airport recorded growth of 8.3%. In the first half of the year Dubrovnik Airport has welcomed 546.696 passengers through its doors, up 8% on last year. Similar figures were recorded in Split with 228.957 passengers welcomed in June, up 10.6%. So far this year the coastal airport has handled 517.791 passengers, an impressive 9.7% increase compared to the first half of 2012.


  1. Anonymous09:10

    I always thought that the market was big enough for OU to launch double daily flights to Zurich.
    Maybe when/if they get the Embraer they can keep a daily Airbus flight and then a daily Embraer flight.

  2. Purger09:25

    Flight to Zurich is double daily. Croatia airline fly on ZAG-ZRH route every day

    ZAG 0910 - 1045 ZRH 1145 - 1310 ZAG

    OU 464/465
    ZAG 1745 - 1920 ZRH 2005 - 2130 ZAG

    Just between 4th May and 12th October is 13 flights per day (no OU 464/465 on Saturdays), but in rest of the year it is 14 flights per day.

    1. Anonymous09:40

      I suppose it's a typo, per week not per day.

    2. Purger10:21

      of course, sorry... :-)

      And thanks for correcting me.

    3. Anonymous23:16

      This schedule is perfect and prices are reasonable, no wonder SkyWork couldn't compete. Maybe EasyJet or Wizz could try to compete on price, although there is not that much O&D traffic...

  3. Any idea on June Passenger numbers for Zagreb. Whenever they take this long to release figures it usually means little or no growth.

    1. Anonymous16:17

      Both Belgrade airport and JAT do the same. I even have a few books where there are 3 different figures for statistics regarding JAT traffic during the 1980's. All were printed in Belgrade.

    2. Anonymous20:26

      numbers are good I think, airport recorded best June thus far, how good it remains to be seen. I predicted 258000 for June, could be slightly less 250 000 or could be slightly more. However, Croatian Airlines financial woes and cut in number of flights might be of concern.

  4. Too bad about Skywork. Really enjoyed taking them the 2 times I did. Always had a look at their flights first, though, when flying too/from Swiss.

    They were just too expensive almost every time. Did they really think they could get away with charging more than everyone else?

  5. Zagreb has a wide body from Newark today.

    OU 357 TEL AVIV 09. 07. 08:15 07:53 Landed
    N2 767 NEW YORK-NEWARK 09. 07. 09:30 10:40 Landed
    LY 5181 TEL AVIV 09. 07. 10:05 09:35 Landed

    Any idea?

    1. Anonymous15:54

      Wow...a direct flight from the USA, things are going well at Zagreb.

    2. Anonymous16:30

      Hey, it's the sam way of wow in LJU, ehen few years ago Mr. Abramovich land for two hours with his B-767. Big Bussines (Corporate) jet an nothing else. For now.
      Only one hour later they departed to Budapest.
      And of course, this was N2767.
      Don't worry, be happy!

    3. Anonymous01:26

      That was Google corporate jet.

  6. June figures for Croatia, some guestimated:

    Zagreb - 240,000
    Split - 228957
    Dubrovnik - 223809
    Pula - 75,000
    Zadar - 65710

    Total for June = 833476.

    Guestimate for August the busiest month, based on previous years percentage increase:

    Zagreb - 272332
    Split - 324034
    Dubrovnik - 295801
    Pula - 95000
    Zadar - 94602

    Guestimated total for August = 1081769!!!

    The 2012 total for August was 971308 so for my guestimate to work we will need to see an average of 11% increase across all 5 airports or just 3% to reach the million mark.

    So 1 million passengers in just 1 month is pretty exciting and I guess it could also be reached this month.

    Will this be a record for the region?

    1. when zagy15:52

      I would have thought that with Rijeka breaking the million this month is almost certain. Include the other 3 airports then it would be certain...

  7. Anonymous19:40

    Little wonder that SkyWork will stop flying. Their costs must be pretty high, i just wonder if any component sticks out ( airport, crew or perhaps the type of aircraft)

  8. Anonymous21:47

    OT: Vesti Online (probably reporting from some other site) are reporting that goverment of Serbia is thinking of creating a low cost company out of JAT's 737s after the Etihad deal gets done.

    1. Anonymous23:12

      Yes please, for all people who repeatedly ask for more low cost airlines saying that JU is overpriced. We, the "rich" ones, will be happy to pay 200E rt tickets to major EU cities and fly new Etihad metal :) Just hope new JU doesn't mess up the schedules.

    2. Anonymous04:28

      I hate that idea because it will only take away from the new "Air Serbia" wahh

    3. I have a hard time believing that etihad would allow this. You can't sell half your company and then start a competing airline with the sold company's retired assets.

  9. Anonymous05:26

    Aeroflot, Air France, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, easyJet, Germanwings, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, El Al, TAP Portugal, Turkish Airlines v Croatia Airlines currently serve Zagreb airport.

    Same time next year I expect flowing airlines to serve Zagreb airport with full time flights.

    KLM, SAS, Iberia, Alitalia, Wizzair and Swiss

    and by same time in 2015 these additional airlines will also serve Zagreb.

    Norwegian Air shuttle, CSA, LOT, Brussels Airlines, Air Blatic, Vueling and Finnair.

    1. Anonymous08:42

      Iberia, Norwegian and Vueling already serve Zagreba airport.


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