Jat returns to growth

Jat Airways’ numbers improve

Following five months of continual passenger decline, Jat Airways has recorded its first increase since January. In July, the Serbian carrier handled 184.466 passengers, an increase of 2% compared to the same month last year. The airline’s number of operated flights increased by a significant 16% as the carrier’s fleet problems subside. The average cabin load factor stood at 75%, down eight points on last year. Montenegro bound flights saw the greatest growth, standing at 11%, and were followed by charter flights which saw a 9% passenger boost. Scheduled flights saw a 1% increase while Euro Mediterranean services suffered a 1% passenger decrease. Charter flights recorded the best cabin load factor of 87%, followed by flights to and from Montenegro standing at 78%.

With 20.560 passengers, Tivat proved to be the busiest destination in Jat’s network this July. It was followed by Paris and Moscow in third place. Compared to last July, Jat has seen the greatest passenger growth on services to Ohrid, Split and Stuttgart. The greatest decrease was recorded on flights to and from Istanbul, Pula and Sarajevo. Despite the drop to Pula, the Serbian carrier is recording an overall passenger increase of 50% on flights to and from Croatia this July.

In the first seven months of the year, Jat Airways carried 741.079 passengers, a decrease of 2% compared to the same period last year. The average cabin load factor stood at 69%, down five points. August figures will be closely followed as the Serbian carrier will operate a fleet of fifteen aircraft for the first time in several years, signalling an end to its fleet shortage which has plagued the carrier for two years. Jat has started the month off strongly with 26.943 passengers welcomed on board in the first four days of August. The curtains will be officially drawn on the Jat brand on October 1, when the airline takes off as Air Serbia.

MonthPAXChange (%)Average load factor (%)
JAN77.962 463
FEB61.341 259
MAR82.395 170
APR90.844 1667
MAY109.393 373
JUN134.678 0.370
JUL184.466 275


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  1. Decrease to Sarajevo?
    But why do Jat fly with 733 instead of their ATR to SJJ ? :S

    There are less passengers in July due to Ramadan, but it doesn´t make any sense, that Jat flies with 733 instead of ATR but reports big decrease in passenger number....

    1. I think they get a lot of business with tourists.

      totally agree with you.

      Also, their schedule for Sarajevo is awful!

      I had to travel to Sarajevo from Belgrade 4x last month and never once flew, even though I would have preferred to and would have paid a big premium to fly compared to the bus, just not a massive one.

      Flight to SJJ arrives at midnight(?!) Leaves Sarajevo at 6am.


      Plus, tickets are some 180 euros. again, wtf, especially considering the passenger numbers are down.

    2. Anonymous11:39

      We should not neglect the entry of Wizz to Tuzla with Basel and Goeteborg flights that for sure affect Sarajevo airport numbers and JAT as well since they had great prices for passangers from Scandinavian countries

    3. @11:39

      Well, I don´t think so....

      Before Wizz Air came to Tuzla, the most people from Tuzla region flw via Belgrade.

      Norwegia Air Shuttle reports an extraordinary good load factor on their routes from Sarajevo to Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

      Also, due to demand, B&H airlines introduced 3. weekly flight to Copenhagen with a load factor of 82 % during July.

      Due to big demand, Norwegian changed the seasonal route Stockholm-Sarajevo to a year-round route.

      So, due to those facts, I don´t believe, that SIA passenger number was effected by Wizz Air flying from Tuzla.

  2. And OT:

    B&H Airlines reports profit for the first half of 2013.
    And I know, that many people see B&H Airlines as a jocke, but besides in april, there were only few cancellations in last years an it is still better to fly with them to ZRH or CPH for 200 € then via ZAG, LJU, MUC or VIE for 250 - 350 €

    1. Anonymous10:15

      How many employees do they have?

    2. Anonymous10:47

      Any news on BHA returning to Frankfurt / other cities?
      or perhaps news on Wizz or Alitalia?

      Thanks in advance

    3. TOO MANY !!!

      As far as I know, there are 89 employees costing 3,7 million KM per year!
      Biggest salery in B&H Airlines is 7400 KM /3800 €.

    4. Anonymous11:02

      So how are they making a profit then?

    5. Lower operation costs and good load factor during Q2.

    6. Anonymous13:46

      We should watch out for B&H Airlines, they are a growing threat in the region. Not to mention once they add jet aircraft into their fleet.

    7. Anonymous16:57

      LOL ...beware Etihad and Lufthansa ...B&H's only aircraft is breathing in your tail

    8. Anonymous19:36

      @Sarajevo: You wanna say that an average salary at B&H is about 1.700€?

    9. Anonymous21:20

      You cannot just take the total Payroll & Related and divide it by number of employees to get an average salary...there is a bit more to that calculation

    10. Anonymous08:05

      Really? What exactly?

  3. Anonymous10:34

    Pretty many,
    more than a hundred
    If BH Airlines could afford one more plane, such as A319, they would be better off

  4. Anonymous12:28

    It is nice to see that Jat has very good loads to Dubrovnik, Split and Pula. Hope that Air Serbia will continue flying with even more frequencies to Croatian coast next summer. Split (this year 4 times per week) and Dubrovnik (5 times per week)can go daily next summer because there will be many transit tourist passengers (e.g. Dubai-Belgrade-Dubrovnik, Kiev-Belgrade-Split, etc.)

  5. Anonymous15:01

    It is interesting to note that Jat has upgauged almost all of its flights to Athens to a B733.

  6. Anonymous19:00

    I see nothing surprising in Air Serbia's upgrade to the B733 regarding flights to Athens during this part of year..


    1. Anonymous01:16

      Where did you get these information from? Any reference?

  7. I think its time for all of you to start using the actual codes of all the airports and airlines in/from ex-YU region, especially for Sarajevo Airport and Croatia Airlines.
    Sarajevo Airport - SJJ;
    Croatia Airlines - OU.
    Thank you very much.

  8. Anonymous13:08

    Hullo JU500, some other codes can be used as well,...
    LQSA, for example...



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