Tuzla and Pristina continue record run

Busy times for Tuzla and Pristina

The airports in both Tuzla and Pristina have continued to post record passenger numbers. In July, Tuzla Airport handled more passengers that it did for the past three years combined. The airport welcomed 11.870 travellers, primarily thanks to Wizz Air which recently launched flights to the city. As a result, the airport recorded triple digit passenger growth last month, amounting to 573%. So far this year, Tuzla Airport has handled 18.577 passengers, up 343.3% compared to the same period last year.

Due to the success Wizz Air has had with its flights from Gothenburg and Basel to Tuzla, the low cost airline is considering launching new flights. The airport’s CEO, Enver Januković, says, “It is important that both arriving and departing flights are full. We are welcoming not only Bosnian passengers but also those heading to Serbia and Croatia”. He adds Wizz Air is considering launching flights from either Dortmund or Eindhoven to Tuzla. “I cannot comment on their behalf on when the service will be launched but it most certainly will”, Mr. Januković concluded. Wizz Air estimates it will carry some 30.000 passengers in its first year of operations from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s third largest city.

Meanwhile, Pristina Airport has also continued to record strong passenger numbers, though the rate of growth has slowed in July. During last month, Pristina Airport welcomed 198.443 passengers though its doors, an increase of 0.6%. In the first seven months of 2013, Pristina Airport has handled 954.488 passengers, an increase of 11.6% compared to the same period last year. Dubrovnik Airport, which is hot on Pristina’s heels, will handle its millionth passenger of the year today. However, Pristina is expected to maintain its position as the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia this year. In 2012 the airport handled 1.527.134 passengers.


  1. Anonymous09:23

    Does anyone know why PRN saw such modest growth in July?

    1. Anonymous18:32

      Could it be because of Wizz Air's growing presence in Skopje?

    2. Anonymous02:28

      I wouldn't call it modest. PRN handled practically 200,000 passengers in July alone. This figure is impressive on it's own.

  2. Anonymous11:17

    Wizzair=Diaspora Express

  3. Eindhoven-Belgrade = 59euro
    Amsterdam-Eindhoven/train = 30euro..

    Crazy world :) even while i'm scared to fly such cheapasscompany's, it's 150e cheaper than a normal ticket hmm..

    1. Anonymous13:13

      €59 is advertised price, you have to add €10 per ticket or €20 (return ticket), as you can only pay online (online handling fee as they call it), than you have to pay airport tax, thats another €24-30 for return ticket, than another €20-30 if you carry any luggage, than another €20-30 if you order any drink or food on a plane and so on. So price suddenly isn't that low cost when you have to fork out €140, and not mentioning seats are packed in so you really don't have a lot of space to move, its like sardine can inside.

      Ryan Air wants to charge passengers for using toilet as well.

      So when you say low cost , think twice.

      PS, I'd rather pay €250-300 for a return ticket, as long as i know there won't be any hidden charges and be treated like an animal instead of a passenger.

    2. Anonymous15:21

      €20-30 for drinks or food? airport tax?

      I travel sometimes with Wizz from BSL to BEG and most of the time I book ca. two months ahead and I pay €90-120 for a return ticket with luggage included! And I always take the emergency exit seats because I travel alone and speak English... And if you want to eat or drink something, that costs 5-10€ and tastes much better than those JU-sandwiches for example..

      I agree that there are some hidden costs and annoying things when flying with a low cost airline, but for flight that lasts 1 or 2 hours it's acceptable. So, I will fly them again.

    3. Anonymous16:32

      I don't believe you spend €90-120 return ticket to Basel, with WizzAir, you pay luggage exceeding 15kg per person, than you need to pay booking fee which is normally €10 and airport tax are must, yo get charged for that as well, normally €12-15 each way.

      If you didn't pay these, than airline included them in their price which means that price was more around €90-120 one way and not return.

      Reason why EU ordered LCCs to clarify their prices and offers as they're misleading.

      Unless you traveled with promotional offer you won't get prices bellow €100 with any LCC anywhere in Europe, this is when you include all hidden charges,.

      Just to add, I'd rather fly with a OU or BA than LCC any day, even if Legacy carriers are bit more expensive, at least you get a service and safety that your luggage will arrive with you and not left behind.

    4. Anonymous17:49

      I'm no fan of LCC in general, apart from easy and Norwegian who give BA and OU an run for there money in terms of service and price, but FR and Wizz do have some very cheap fares, well under €100 if booked in advance. The problem is you pay peanuts and get very little back in return. Dont expect a hotel overnight if your flight is cancelled

    5. Anonymous22:52

      @Anon 4:32 PM
      Go and check it yourself on wizzair.com. For example: BSL-BEG-BSL on 24th of October and return on 29th of October = €89,98 (taxes, booking fee of €7 each way, and luggage of €20 each way included) in total!!!

    6. Anonymous02:30

      Again, what does this have to do with PRN? Are there any mods in this blog or not? Why are you allowing non-topic related comments?

    7. Anonymous09:39

      Why not? Go and read the rules of the blog at the bottom of the page and you will see that there is nowhere mentioned that off topic discussions are not allowed.
      Plus, no one cares about PRN news as you can see from the comments on here.

    8. Anonymous12:07

      Shut up you mothafucka. pristina airport is one of the mos important airports in Ex yugoslavia at 3d place and many serbs from south srbia us it before belgrade ;) so shut up and qish pristina a bigger growth in pax next months :)

    9. Anonymous12:09

      Дечко, иди се лечи.

    10. Anonymous15:09

      Pusho, te lutem ;) .Aeroporti i prishtines eshte me i miri ne ish-jugosllavi.

    11. Anonymous09:45

      AnonymousAugust 19, 2013 at 9:39 AM

      There is a big difference between "no one cares about PRN" and "damn, I am so jealous why PRN is doing that good". You, obviously, belong to the second group. Just the fact that you opened a topic about PRN and commented on that topic shows your interest and envy towards PRN. You saying "no one cares" merely shows how dumb you are for not being able to put two and two together, your srpski inat had led you to write something (anything) not related to PRN only because the news on PRN's success hurt you, they actually hurt you. But I have to disappoint you, PRN's success is happening, it's real and this is merely the beginning.

  4. Anonymous12:41

    Hello TZL, congratulations on your success!
    Rumor had it there were no passengers in Tuzla region.
    Now it's denied.
    There are a lot of passengers there waiting for some good airline company to come.
    No bribery and corruption with Wizzair! That's the trick!

    1. Anonymous13:59



      Moja Banja Luka neka gleda i uci (ili bolje reci MUCI). Putnika ima, samo treba postaviti stvari na svoje mjesto!

      @ FSXNOOB ( and others)

      I have flown with Easyjet, Ryanair, Wizzair, Pegasus and sometimes for ridiculously cheap fares (e.g. few years ago Ryanair had a "sale" and I flew from London STN to Zadar for £15 (luggage included) and for the same amount from ZAD to Pisa, safely was transported in both cases. The cheap fare does NOT mean your safety is compromised. Also I flew with Pegasus from London STN to Istanbul for £39.99 (luggage included!!) and from Istanbul (SAW) to Antalya for 13.99 € (luggage included). As I said the quality of service definitely is compromised, but hey you hey what you pay for as simple as that. With all LCC if you simply follow their instructions and rules (which I always do) you won't have any problems. If you want simpler, better quality and hassle free travelling than pay for it and fly with another airline, the choice is there. I do not understand when people say I will never fly with this or that airline - I am asking them - but WHO is forcing you??!!! Wizzair is doing an amazing job in general. TZL wasn't even in the reservation systems (Kayak, Skyscanner etc) but since recently it is.

      Not only to be on the side of LCC, very often you will also pay ridiculously expensive ticket (definitely not being worth it) but due to high demand they will escalate the prices. I wanted a hassle free trip from London to BNX (not alternative to BEG or ZAG) so I booked myself a ticket from LCY to Zurich with Swiss and with JA from Zurich to BNX, paid enormous amount of money but that is what I wanted so there you go.

      Bravo Tuzla, bravo TZL!!!!!

      Greetings from London

  5. Anonymous14:42

    LCC's offer a chance for smaller airports to get international links where the national carrier doesn't take an interest. Take ZAD, OU can't be bothered so FR get given some tax payers money and the airport is full to bursting for most of the summer.

  6. Anonymous14:59

    Hopefully RS will give some money to INI so it would be able to attract some airlines... Around 1.000.000 people live in that part of the country and they could sure use some low-cost airlines such as RyanAir and Wizz... With only 4 daily flights towards right destinations INI could hit 200.000 by 2015. And ofcourse INI BEG destination would be perfect with a reasonable price...

  7. Anonymous19:54

    Ryanair is not a safe airline! It is only a matter of time before something serious happens with them! Although jat's fleet are old, they always put safety first!

  8. Anonymous20:21


  9. Anonymous22:52

    You didn't write about record number of passangers in july at Nis Constantine the Great Airport ?
    3.576passangers +17%

  10. Anonymous01:12

    OT: Does anyone know if Sólyom Hungarian Airways will fly to former Yugoslavia? E.g. Malev used to fly to Sarajevo and was a breath of fresh air in an airport heavily monpolised by Star Alliance but I'm not sure what will be with Sólyom.

    1. Anonymous09:37

      Well, from what I heard is that they will initially concentrate on O&D markets and only at a later stage start with regional flights.
      In other words, they will be back in SJJ at some point, but not any time soon.

  11. Anonymous08:23

    For example, 190,017 passengers passed through Tivat in July 2013 - 22% more than in the same month last year.The number of passengers who passed through Tivat Airport during the month of June was 143,745.


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