Air Serbia begins ticket sales

Preparations in full swing for the new Jat

Air Serbia has begun selling tickets for its 2013/14 winter season after loading most of its scheduling changes in global distribution systems. The airline, which will inaugurate flights to Abu Dhabi, Banja Luka, Bucharest, Ljubljana and Prague this winter, has begun advertising the new services in the country’s three leading newspapers. In addition, radio, public billboard and Internet advertisements are soon to follow. However, the schedule is still being tweaked and old Jat Airways flights removed. Compared to its preliminary schedule published by EX-YU Aviation News two weeks ago, Air Serbia will move its Istanbul operations from Ataturk to Sabiha Gokcen Airport on a temporary basis. As EX-YU Aviation News learns, the last minute change occurred after the Serbian carrier was unable to secure new slot times at Istanbul’s main airport Attaturk. Other services will see a significant boost in frequencies compared to last winter season.

Air Serbia has launched a promotional ticket sale, offering flights to its new destinations at discounted prices until March 2014. Tickets at these prices can be purchased until the end of September. Furthermore, the airline’s website is also to be launched in the coming period at and All passengers who have purchased tickets on former Jat Airways flights this winter will be reissued with new ones in the next few days. Tickets can also be purchased for the summer of 2014 with further frequency increases taking place such as the introduction of a second daily flight to Sarajevo and daily flights to Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, a second Air Serbia A319 has received the new corporate livery and interior at Phoenix Goodyear Airport. The carrier’s CEO, Dane Kondić, says a total of six Airbus A319s will join Air Serbia by the end of the year with a further two joining by the start of the 2014 summer season. The airline will further expand its fleet in 2016 and is considering purchasing A320Nneos, B737 MAX and Bombardier CS300 series aircraft. Mr. Kondić confirmed earlier reports by EX-YU Aviation News that the carrier’s Airbus fleet will have the capacity to seat 128 passengers - eight in “luxurious” business class and 120 in economy.

Air Serbia newspaper ad

In his first address to Jat Airways/Air Serbia employees as CEO, Mr. Kondić said among other things, “Today is the start of a rewarding yet challenging journey for Air Serbia. It will be rewarding because we will succeed in building the leading airline in the region. I have no doubt that we will impress everyone, including ourselves, when we stand back in twelve months to look at what we have created. More importantly, we will have worked as a team. We will have used all our skills and expertise to find solutions for all the challenges along the way. We are building a performance-based culture where people are accountable for their responsibilities and recognised for their achievements. It is challenging because we need to think and work differently in order to get different and better results for the organisation. And it is challenging because we will need to deal with, and exceed, very high expectations of our guests, and the community”. Air Serbia launches official operations on October 27.


  1. Does anybody have some interior pictures?

    1. Anonymous09:50

      I guess that it would be "too exclusive" to post interior pictures until next month or until the official advertisements. But, hell yeah, I would also like to see those seats!

    2. Anonymous12:54


    3. I agree. Hopefully they will give us couple days to make some photos before OCT27...

  2. JU520 BEGLAX09:23

    8 ot 10 A319 by Sum 2014?

    1. It seems like that + I read that 2 A320s will come for the 2014 summer season.

    2. Anonymous09:54

      Those are all speculations. I read that they will make the decision once the summer timetable (nearly) definite. 6-8 A319's should be more than enough for the winter.

    3. Anonymous10:07

      As far as I know, the 733's should remain until APR14. So, that is about 7 months from now. I would say that it's enough time to find and lease another two A320's or whatever.

    4. Anonymous12:44

      Checking the summer timetable 2014, already loaded into system, you'll see that A320's arrive for sure! A320's should operate as displayed, for the moment, to TGD and SKP.

    5. Anonymous12:55


    6. Anonymous14:05

      True, JU 162/163 to SKP and JU 172/173 to TGD are already in the system for next summer (I checked June 2014) operating with A320, so should be as somebody said above 8 A319+2 A320 for summer season 2014. Sounds good to me.

    7. Anonymous19:30

      Where did you check. Can you give us a link?

    8. Anonymous19:40

      All flights can be found on

  3. What about the uniforms? I am sure they will change those too.

  4. Anonymous09:47

    Guys, what do you think how long it will take to introduce web check-in on all airports?

  5. Anonymous10:28

    On the way to Serbia for winter season, from Sydney all ready have book ticket to Belgrade via Abu Dhabi for 21 of November. I hope at Abu Dhabi Airport will join for first time ever AIR SERBIA
    on the way to ANT, Belgrade. With 43 years of fly on intercontinental destination, believe I can observing conduct and service on cabin crew. Will reporting on aviation portal. From me very high expectation. After proofing first flight on the wings of AIR SERBIA, with first ticket of AIR SERBIA and flying to Serbia, will be highest pleasure.Rodney Marinkovic, AME(ret)Griffith AUSTRALIA

    1. Anonymous11:04

      Are you sleeping a night in Abu Dhabi just to wait for Air Serbia's next flight?

    2. Anonymous19:17

      Just try to realize that Air Serbia is not a new airline which you can fly for the first time. It´s still the old company with very old tradition and new branding (name and image).

      Honestly, hof often do people fromt the Serbian emigration in Australia travel to Serbia? What about the 2nd and 3rd generation?

    3. Anonymous19:27

      On average there are 70 passengers flying from Belgrade to both Sydney and Melbourne. So between 140 and 150 passengers to the two biggest markets in Australia.

      A friend of mine who works for Qantas told me.

    4. Anonymous09:41

      I am one of QANTAS retarired people.
      This is 66 return AUS.-SRB. Sam people
      traveling from Slavija to Kalemegdan, no wonder they have all aviation experiences. Not the bloody migrant. If I need to stay over night at hotel in Abu Dhabi that be fine with me and pleasure too. Greeting from ex
      migrant to all people.
      Rodney Marinkovic AME(ret.)AUSTRALIA

  6. Anonymous10:38

    Let us see new interior and uniforms :)

  7. BA88812:41

    I am also looking forward to seeing:

    Smartphone app
    Paperless boarding

    Now...that would show us that they are playing big...In the meantime, lest watch and see...

    (Still hate, and will never stop, that Air Opanak logo)

    1. Anonymous22:44

      Get over it you Commi

  8. Anonymous13:22

    Kako sad 8 319ica?! Sta je sa preostala dva?

  9. Anonymous14:08

    2 ce biti A320, pogledaj post nesto iznad, uneti u sistem , za sada, do TGD i SKP ;-)

    1. Anonymous15:19

      u kom sistemu se nalaze? :)
      amadeus ili..?

    2. Anonymous15:54

      Imas i na Jatovom sajtu

  10. BA88814:26


    Is that how they see BEG?

    1. QR92116:10

      You should check their July in-flight magazine to see how they really see it or perhaps try to find out how Qatar sees it and then compare it to how they see Zagrab...

  11. Anonymous15:23

    Od letnje sezone SJJ i SKP ide sa jednog na dva dnevna leta! Vrh! SKP i TGD operated by A320! Wow

  12. Anonymous15:31


    Zna li se kada ce u sistem biti uneti VAR, CAI, BEY, SOF, BUD, KBP i WAW?
    Takodje, zna li se na kojim linijama ce koristiti A320 pored TGD i SKP?

  13. Anonymous15:40

    Mislim da je krajnje vreme da se i Nis stavi na mapu Air Serbijinih destinacija.
    Ako nista drugo makar ponedeljkom i subotom jutarnji let i petkom i nedeljom vecernji let. Siguran sam da bi se nekako nasla mogucnost za tako nesto.
    Cak ne bi bilo lose da se uzme i jedan ATR42-500 koji bi se koristio za Nis, ali ujedno i za jos koji dodatni let za BNX, BUD i OHD.

    1. Anonymous18:34

      Slazem se sa tobom. Ocekujem bar jedan avion (iako iz stare flote) sledece godine u Nisu. Mislim da ce Dane Kondic konacno uraditi nesto u tom pogledu.

    2. Anonymous19:23

      Da, samo mi da porucimo.. .. Mislim da je prioritet Air Serbije u nardnom petogodisnjem periodu da se tako postavi, da iskesira profit na aerodromima koji dozivljavaju potpuni boom - skp, sjj, spu, dbv, tiv. Da su pametnije birali naziv moglis u da caruju u regionu, a ovako kajmak ubiraju kompanije iz madjarske, skandinavije, irske itd.

    3. Anonymous19:23

      .. A sto se tice Nisha: autoput mu je dosao glave kao i Rijeci pre nekoliko godina..

    4. Anonymous03:42

      ATR72, pored Niskog mogao bi se uvesti
      u red letenja ponedeljkom-redom i petkom sa aerodrome MORAVA-KRALJEVO. Zajedno sa Niskim popunio bi bar polovinu letova na nedeljnom nivou.Tu ce biti I Ponikve-Uzice. Jedan aviom bi mogao za pocetak biti isplativ za letove sa ova tri aerodroma.Na ovo ce se mnogi nasmejati. Nece poreski obaveznici Otadzbine Srbije. Onii izdrzavaju te gotovo prazne vazdusne luke, koje mogu bar malo pomoci onima koji placaju porez i mnogo putnicima od Tare do Jastrepca i Kopaonika. Ko radi na tome?Vi sto volite avijaciju i od nje hlebom nasusnim se posteno hranite.Promene su u toku. Jedino ispravno je trud,privatizacija (ne na "srpski"nacin)bez bull...t.Time je zemlju zatrpalo i narod uprljalo, predugo. Osecace se za dugo.
      Rod. Marinkovic,ANE.Griffith AUS.

  14. LARNACA WILL BE DAILY IN SUMMER! :D This is just amazing... minus the horrible times.

    1. Anonymous16:35

      TLV too :D

      JU810 BEG0755 – 1140TLV 319 x246
      JU812 BEG1425 – 1810TLV 319 246

      JU811 TLV1420 – 1625BEG 319 x246
      JU813 TLV1955 – 2200BEG 319 246

    2. Hahaha Larnaca is a cursed destination for travellers. There is always something wrong with the times! :D
      Why couldn't they add at least two weekly flights to depart at 08.00 like Tel Aviv!

      With the two A320s coming in, I would not be surprised to see Barcelona added to the network. That's the only destination that is really missing from its network... that and St. Petersburg.

    3. Anonymous16:50

      Couldnt agree more!
      Maybe they'll change something over time.
      They can do with LCA the same thing they did with ATH - daily afternoon flight plus 3 weekly overnight.
      Its strange why they made TLV work like this. I thought TLV would be an overnight flight just like LCA, BEY, CAI and AUH.

    4. I think it is because they face more competition in Tel Aviv. Both Pegasus and Turkish Airlines operate something like 10 daily flights between Istanbul and Tel Aviv. Most of these passengers are connecting, not O&D. I am sure that's why they had to be more careful with the flight times.

      Larnaca on the other hand is a much smaller market and there aren't that many options. The schedule Air Serbia will have is the exact one Malev used to have. They made a killing on the BUD-LCA route. Nine weekly flights with B737-800. LCA will be JU's gold mine.

    5. I am just wondering how long Montenegro Airlines will last now that they will face Air Serbia. JU has some very competitive fares from TGD.

    6. BEG was YMs main and the most important destination. God knows what will happen with them.
      They will probably go into price war with JU, especially during summer months.
      Time will show.
      Summer 2014 will be one of the most interesting summers Belgrade airport has ever seen :)
      It sounds strange, but I wouldnt be surprised if JU opens Dublin in near furute. Aer Lingus is a crappy airline, but EY has some shares there and they serve a few more US destinations than Air Berlin. Plus, it would be cool to have an opportunity to clear US customs at DUB and not in US :)

    7. Anonymous17:20

      Except TGD and SKP, A320's will be deployed on the morning service to CDG. Flights are already loaded.

      JU310 BEG0725 – 1005CDG 320 Daily
      JU311 CDG1050 - 1310BEG 320 Daily

    8. To make it even worse for YM, Air Serbia sells TGD-BEG-VIE/ZRH for only €248! They are being rather aggressive. However, that is good because there are way too many airlines in such a small geographical area.

      When it comes to the British Isles I have a feeling next airport will be London Gatwick and then Manchester. I am not saying they will open it next month, I am just saying that I have a feeling that it will come before Dublin. But it will be interesting to see how things develop.

    9. Anonymous17:28

      To JU500 : Unfortunately Ireland has like the UK a visa-regime for Serbian citizen.

    10. Anonymous17:43

      I think he was mostly referring to Dublin as a transit point for US flights.

    11. Yes, LGW and MAN are next logical destinations!

      Regarding Ireland - that was my point. Not the O&D market, but transit pax to US.
      Aer Lingus has pretty good US coverage.

      Banja Luka will switch from midday departure to split early morning days 2,4,6 and evening x246 from Summer 2014!

    12. Anonymous19:29

      You need a visa for a transit stay as well.

      To my oppinion JU is letting the Montenegro market to YM and hopes to make a feeder out of YM for its flights from Belgrade to other destinations. Funny enough, many people have critized here the idea that JU should be a regional airliner with bases in the buzzing airports of the region, but now you wish JU to take over the YM market or even the YM itself. There is to much proud in the Balkans to let an Montenegro air or Croatia air fall and Serbia air just flying confortably around.

    13. I believe Barcelona and possibly Madrid could be added at later stage when regional operations (incl. OTP and SOF) are up and running smoothly. Tourism is notoriously low yield and they need volume in order to make Spanish flights work.

    14. Anonymous19:37

      I don't agree that they will make YM a feeder airline. They will operate double daily flights to Podgorica in winter while their A320 will operate from the summer season. With all that and super competitive fares from TGD they are going for the kill, not cooperation.

    15. Anonymous19:40

      Why would JU make YM its feeder when they can take the entire Montenegro market for themselves and reap huge profits? How is YM going to counter JU's A319s with the new product?

    16. Or its A320 from next summer which would have lower CASM than the A319.

    17. Anonymous20:27

      AnonymousSeptember 14, 2013 at 7:40 PM
      Why would JU make YM its feeder when they can take the entire Montenegro market for themselves and reap huge profits? How is YM going to counter JU's A319s with the new product?

      For the same reason Lufthansa is making Croatia Airlines feed them. Both routes, TIV and TGD, are ultra short routs, demanding however by nature landing and taking off, changing of the cabin crew, checking up - everything in the same style that is done for far far longer routes. It´s a cheaper option to let one small airliner doing the short routs, using the aircrafts for them... than to invest in own opperations. Although, let´s be real: Montenegro is offering 40minutes flight from TGD to BEG, and JU, with its turboprops, 1h5min flight. Something that many people from Podgorica know just well and avoid JU for years. So there is no chance for JU beating the YM with turboprops on TIV and TDG lines.

    18. Anonymous20:55

      But they'll beat them with A320s with their new product. All the criminals and pop (folk) stars will also be delighted to take their pictures in business class while going to Splendind hotel. LOL

      And that's not taking into accont loyalty programe and a number of other JU's benefits.

    19. Anonymous20:58

      Yes, but 10 or so flights weekly to Tivat.. I remember days when JU used to have something like 7-8 flights a day.

    20. Anonymous23:15

      During the summer months, Tivat is the busiest route out of Belgrade!

  15. Anonymous17:24

    ^ Nemjee,
    I couldnt agree more with you on flights to StPetersburg and Barcelona.

    1. Anonymous19:30

      Munich and Madrid are missing as well.

    2. Anonymous22:28

      Also agree about Barcelona and StPetersburg too

  16. Anonymous17:36

    What about Zagreb?!?!?! Why would they launch Ljubljana, Budapest and Sofia and not Zagreb?! I am sure there are more passengers there than to Budapest.

    1. Anonymous17:44

      They are increasing their services to Croatia, at this time we can see 4 flights per week to Split from March 30 (JU152,153), and 3 flights per week to Dubrovnik (JU142,143) from April 1st. Both Dubrovnik and Split from June probably will have daily flights with great transfer possibilities to Middle East. That's also reason why from March 30 they move Air Serbia flight to Abu Dhabi from 5.10 pm to 5.35 pm.

      I'm sure they will add Zagreb soon also.

    2. Anonymous18:24

      Why the hell do you get so mad when Zagreb is not mentioned once? Deal with it...

    3. Anonymous19:34

      There is an option to open Zagreb, so we could watch the new establishment in JU learning some facts about balkans, mentality, nationalism.. or there is this fine option to avoid oppening zagreb for few seasons or years which would cover up the fact that there is a preprogrammed buisiness problem with branding tamara and co. have done.

    4. @Anon/7:34.
      You just dont want to give up on any possible chance to express your disagreement with Air Serbia brand, do you? Just let it go mate! It is getting beyond boring.

    5. @Anon/5:36.

      There is no need to open Zagreb at this stage, the feed is not sufficient, yields would not where they should be and the fleet JU has at hand is better utilised elsewhere. Simple as that.

    6. Anonymous20:14

      I really like all the stuff that is happening with Air Serbia... but cannot get ripped of that feeling that it´s just the simple bloody name making the reason why we can cut -35% expansion to all possible growth... Zagreb is the biggest exyu city after belgrade and if there are three daily flights to a mini city of TGD or two daily flights to SJJ it just shows that nationalism in this region still makes big deal. I agree on all those positive comments about new routs and flights. Still, as a rational person I just find it difficult to get on with the fact they have cut some many big options and booming future for making few national-political points. It´s a system of fake patriotic promotion that I´m sick off, not Air Serbia.

    7. Anonymous20:23

      As a Serb I would rather have a company even cold "Panda airlines", but seeing it taking over the Macedonian, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Montengrin even Croatian, Albanian market, oppening bases in Sofia, Skoplje, Dubrovnik - all those highly turbulent and demaning markets... than to have "Air Serbia" with only one airport that serves as its base.

      Now, I know some of you will say that Etihad is also having just Abu Dhabi, but the transfering position of Dubai and Abu Dhabi cann´t be compared with any position of an airport in Europe.

    8. @Anin 8:23.

      Trust me, those imaginary Croats, Bosniaks, Serbs disliking any Serbian conotations would also know that "AirPanda" is based in Belgrade and would also avoid using it`s services... regardless of its generic name.

      But I doubt we shall have some ludicrous nationalistic backlash against new JU. I have never heard a single soul complaining about the names of Croatia Airlines or Montenegro Airlines, we should not worry about the Air Serbia name eather.

      I would really like you to adopt a nickname, so that your opinion is not lost in the sea of anonymouses. This way you wouldt be forced to repeat yourself all the time and bore the crowds to death. We would all know that "Pera569" doesnt like Air Serbia name and we can devote time reading some other thougths of yours. I am sure you have many smart things to say.

    9. @Anon 8:23

      Oh and one more thing... Your repetition of "opening new bases" is... just beyond my comprehension. Like we were talking to a brick for weeks. It was explained to you, by several members, that your proposition and JU business model are not compatible, that Air Serbia has decided not to follow the business model you keep mentioning and that it will not be opening new bases around and you just keep knocking on empty house door.

      It would be the same as insisting for AirSerbia to open a popcorn factory. There may be a fortune to be made in popcorn but that is NOT THEIR BUSINESS PLAN!

      Pardon my French... I will not be returning to the subject, ever.

    10. Anonymous21:15

      yes it´s the choosen business modell, but regarding the incrase of the trafic in the region it´s just like turning off the option to buy a winning lotto ticket in order to buy phone card... The problem is however: Air Serbia, with that name cannot choose another business model even if they would want to do so. No winning lotto ticket for Air Serbia.

      And btw. there are poeple here, including you, draining our brains out every they with quite the same comment patterns about the seats, uniforms, morning flights, evening flights numbers. So, some people like you come hereto put those railway-modell-fan´s comments, and some people come here to put some serious business and revenue consideration. You even put your railway-fan styled comments on Air Serbia on the topics that have nothing to do with Air Serbia. So it would be fair enough to avoid to comment other persons comment practice.

    11. Anonymous21:18

      .. you have managed to litrally blow out commentators from Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro with egoistic comments on air serbia, and nationalistic diseres. If you don´t like to read comments that don´t fit you oppinion, perhaps it would be fair that you start to avoid this and similar open pages, and not just to segregate and close out all those raders and commentators that don´t fit to your idealized stories.

    12. If nationalism was the main reason why they are not launching flight to Zagreb then Air Serbia would not be returning to Split and Dubrovnik. I am sure that both Pula and Zagreb will eventually be launched.
      Air Serbia will expand in Croatia, especially since Croatia Airlines is downsizing and failing to meet the demands of the Croatian travellers. We can see that JU will have a very good hub network in Belgrade and I am more than confident that Dubrovnik, Pula, Split... will be part of it.

      I am just not buying all that nonsense that a route will fail just because the company is named Air Serbia. Anyway, there are more than enough normal Croats who would not have a problem with it and who would fly with our airline.
      Personally, I know a group of 7 Croats who will be coming from Zagreb to catch a flight with Air Serbia from Belgrade to Monastir. I am sure that people from eastern Croatia will do the same.

      Regards from Belgrade

    13. Anonymous23:26

      What egoistic comments and nationalistic desires are you talking about? They are just made up in your head. You are just frustrated that your idea of JU setting up bases in exyu region doesn't get (any) support on this blog. You opinion is ok, but it's a minority one, no matter how many comments you write here on daily basis. And that won't change
      And yes, a lot of us here are interested in flight numbers, flight timds, uniforms, catering, business class and overall product, routes and everything new which should make Air Serbia a great and decent airline in the future. Who the hell do you think you are to tell majority of us what to be interested into, and on top of that to say that our interests are unimportant while you alone talk about serious business and revenue consideration. That's exactly what normal people call egoistic, self-centric and rude
      So don't ever tell people what to comment on here,as long as it is with blog admin's guidelines, you can only do that on your own blog. How rude statement...

    14. Anonymous15:42

      People speak the same or at least mutably 100% understandable language in Belgrade and Zagreb. There are families, friends, business partners, and still there is a daily flight to Bucharest!, and no flight to Zagreb. Split and Dubrovnik are touristic routs and cannot be compared with Zagreb. -- There is a strong nationalism in this region, determining the customers behaviour, government approvals. The fact that there is no flight between belgrade and zagreb prooves that the we are dealing here with a specific region. 2 daily flights to village ljubljana and no flight to zagreb.

    15. Anonymous15:46

      And yes, a lot of us here are interested in flight numbers, flight timds, uniforms, catering, business class and overall product, routes and everything new which should make Air Serbia a great and decent airline in the future. Who the hell do you think you are to tell majority of us what to be interested into,


      I´ve never made any effort to tell anybody what to think of, and what to speak about. I was just saying that ALL comments should and oppinion should be respected, and that was totally clear in my post. Some of you obviously fail to get on with a simple logic and text understanding, but that´s not my fault. Rather a sad fact.

  17. Anonymous17:49

    What will happen with JUs other codeshares and Interline agreements?
    JUs codeshares with :
    Air France

    JUs interlines with :
    Virgin Atlantic Airways.

    1. Nikola09:58

      all codeshares will stay. i don't know about interlines, but i'm sure that the one with EK will be terminated. as for VS, it might remain, because they have good connections to the US (10 destinations). once Serbia gets Cat I, maybe interline with VS will go to codeshare, who will know...

  18. Anonymous17:51

    ^ Forgot codeshare with B&H Air on Sarajevo route.

  19. Anonymous17:56

    Well, the Sheik from Abu Dhabi certainly likes to spend his money in Serbia. It seems he just bought Red Star for €60,000,000.

    O&D between Belgrade and AUH is growing with each passing day.

    1. Anonymous20:03

      Wnen did you receive this info about red star?

  20. Air Serbia - 3 daily flights to Sarajevo in SS 2014 ???
    Is this a joke or just a great news ???

    1. Anonymous18:07

      Doubt it, the evening flights make no sense. I guess it will be two times per week with flights at 00.20 and 14.20.

      But let's hope it does become three daily soon.

    2. I just booked a ticket for May 2014 -> there are really 3 daily flights between Sarajevo and Belgrade!

    3. Belgrade - Sarajevo at:
      00:20 - ATR72
      14:20 - ATR72
      21:15 - B737-300

      Sarajevo - Belgrade at:
      05:25 - ATR72
      06:30 - B737-300
      15:45 - ATR72

    4. No! They will remove JU108 at 2115 and JU109 at 0630 from the system.

  21. OMG!
    Even SKG goes double daily in Summer 2014! SKP and SKG! Woohoo!

    No, SJJ will go double daily. JU108/109 is still in the system and it will be removed soon.

    1. Ok !

      Nice ! =)

    2. It seems they are adding regional flights for the Summer 2014 first. So I guess in a day or two we will see the actual situation for S14!
      Great news guys!

    3. JU 116 departes in Belgrade at 00:20 and arrives in Sarajevo at 01:05.

      But, Sarajevo airport closes at about 23.00 - so Air Serbia has to pay 3 more hours to Sarajevo Airport to operate till the plane arrives...
      It doesn´t make any sense ...

    4. Anonymous19:25

      I am sure they made a deal with Sarajevo airport. I am sure they will not pay them to stay open.
      Maybe SJJ has plans on being open all night? They should be if they want to attract Wizz Air.

    5. Anonymous19:37

      an airport closes when there are no flights, which doesn´t mean that they don´t offer other working hours if some companies are interested.

    6. Anonymous23:10

      that's correct when you talk about SJJ. (but not correct when you talk about ZRH for example..)

    7. Anonymous21:41

      SJJ has (i.e. had so far, dunno if this changed recently) a night curfew for reasons other than simply not having airlines interested in landing after 23.00 LT.

      That was about the only destination in the region, where JU OCC couldn't 'delay' the flight in order to wait for connecting PAX from other routes...

  22. BA88818:52

    It looked to me that both Jat and Air Serbia fights were bookable.

    That was at least case yesterday via Skyscanner which offered both JU211 and JU381 from LHR...with 5 minutes arrival to BEG difference so I guess loads of double flights per day wont be the case in reality.

    Also- LHR departure did not chage time so it was more obvious what they've done...Dont get caught with your flight time!

  23. Ok, so we know that midday rotations for A320s are SKP and TGD, one of those A320 will be going to Paris in the mornings. What about the morning rotation for the second airframe and what about the evening rotations for both of those planes? Does anyone have info?

    1. Anonymous21:15

      I guess AUH and SVO too

  24. Anonymous20:44

    To the Anonymous at 5:56 PM:
    Where did you get info that the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi bought Red Star ?


    2. I'm not sure that Kurir is very reliable source but you never know. They do like football, own some other teams and Vucic seem to have some kind relationship with them. How on earth he managed to get them ti buy JAT is still beyond me. And don't tell me that this is purely bussines deal.One year a go nobady would touch it with a 10 foot pole let alone one of the major major players taking over. But if you have a good relationship everything is possible.

    3. Anonymous09:45

      Vucic is a personal friend of the sheikh. Their families celebrated new year together- so they are that close.

      The sheikh is also interested in investing in Serbian mountains where he spent some days the last time he was in Serbia. It seems that they will also by the old army HQ which was bombed in 1999. They want to turn it into a five star hotel.

      I am happy Serbia has found an alternative way to the European Union!

  25. Anonymous02:05

    I really would advice them to buy either Red Star or Partizan.
    For the same reasons they bought JAT:
    Those are enterprises with a history and already existing structures for decades.That they are run down only makes them more appealing.
    Buy it when it is dirt cheap,improve it,get your investment back and even make some profit !
    There are many examples,which went the other way round.
    Bought when it was very expensive.So expensive you never got your money back.
    60 millions are a bargain when you think that Real Madrid bought that guy for 100 million and sold Ozil for 50 millions.
    At least Emirati citizen would not need a visa to watch Red Star playing...

    1. Anonymous09:42

      Let's not forget that by purchasing the football team they get their stadium too, which is not small at all.

  26. Anonymous04:08

    Announced: 2 A319 in September, 8 in October = 10 till October
    Now: 4 A319 in October, and 4 in March = 8 till March

    Announced: sell of ticket and new web page till 1st September
    Now: 15th September just few ticket in system

    Announced: 10 new lines in October
    Now: 1 new line in October, 3 in December, and 6 in March

    hm, hm, hmmmmm...

    1. Anonymous04:52

      Conclusion: It's all just a trick to get cheap aggriculture land! LOL

    2. Anonymous02:50

      ^ Yes,its only to get as near as possible to the
      Pleskavica i Cevapcici...

  27. Anonymous09:51

    Stephen SIpka a friend of mine jus accepted a project management role having 20+ yrs in australian aviation .... Airline is already structuring nicely will be a good foreseeable future for Air Serbia

    1. Anonymous12:00

      Stephen Sipka will doing top job for
      AIR SERBIA. One more ex Qantas Manager
      in support of AIR SERBIA from this side
      of the world. Full shot!
      Rodney Marinkovic,AME.(ret.)
      Griffith // Kraljevo

  28. Anonymous16:20

  29. Anonymous00:36

    does anyone know if Im going to be able my BA staff ticket on Air Serbia?


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