Air Serbia launch plans

Air Serbia schedules official launch for October 26

Air Serbia has brought forward its launch date by one day and will now inaugurate operations on October 26. The airline is planning a major event in Belgrade that Saturday with the Air Serbia Airbus A319 to operate its maiden flight to Abu Dhabi. State officials as well as the Etihad Airways managing team will take part in the launch. Tickets have been put on sale to the general public for Air Serbia’s inaugural flight. Flight JU800 will leave Belgrade just after 17.00 CEST and will arrive in Abu Dhabi at 00.25. The Serbian carrier will use Etihad Airways’ dedicated terminal three at Abu Dhabi Airport.

In the week leading up to Air Serbia’s launch, the aircraft featuring the Air Serbia livery, its interior as well as crew uniforms will be revealed to the public. The newly refurbished sales offices, featuring the Air Serbia branding, will also be opened in Belgrade and throughout Serbia during that week. The airline’s hub, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, is also preparing for Air Serbia’s launch. Airport CEO Velimir Radosavljević says, “The airport is simultaneously carrying out several major investments in order to increase capacity and improve its services but also to fulfil the higher standards requested by Air Serbia”. He adds, Air Serbia will be the busiest carrier operating up to three major departure waves per day from the airport.

Meanwhile, the Serbian carrier has revealed the full list of destinations that will be served by its new Airbus A320s next summer. In addition to the already announced Skopje and Podgorica, the A320s will be utilised on flights to Larnaca, Amsterdam, Moscow and Paris. As EX-YU Aviation News learns, the airline will keep several Boeing 737-300 aircraft in its fleet over the summer, which are to be used exclusively for charter flgihts in a high density all economy class layout. Charter flights are one of Jat Airways’ most profitable sectors and Air Serbia plans on maintaining them. Furthermore, EX-YU Aviation News learns the airline will add another new destination next summer, its eighth, in addition to the previously announced Beirut, Budapest, Cairo, Kiev, Sofia, Varna and Warsaw.


  1. I guess they will refurbish their office next to St. Mark's church or do they plan on opening a new one somewhere?

    1. Anonymous10:36

      I agree that it should be Jat´s primary office near St. Marco´s church. City offices are not even neccessery any more, but it´s fine that airlines has one elegant city office in its hub area. On the other hand, they could close the Slavija-office, and also sell that property near the old Serbian parliament in Srpskih vladara St.

    2. Anonymous10:39

      That property is leased to Banca Intesa at the moment which brings them quite a good amount of money on a yearly basis.
      On the other hand office near St Mark's church will most definitely be refurbished as most of Serbs still prefer to buy their tickets at the office compared to web sales (especially older ones).
      Anyway, seems like great news to me.

    3. Anonymous10:59

      I was not thinking on web sales. Rather on telephone options and agents, who preveal in the ticket selling anyway.

    4. Did they lease it to Intesa or did they sell it to them? I remember vaguely that at one point they were attacked by the media for selling their property and for closing down representational offices around Europe and the world.

      Interestingly enough, every time I pass by their office next to St. Mark's it's always full.

    5. Anonymous11:07

      The Intesa lease runs out in December this year and JU will be reopening that office in January 2014.

    6. Cool photo @Ann.10:36 AM
      Which building is that? Aeroklub?

    7. Anonymous14:35

      Aeroput used to be in the building where Cervantes is today. Maybe it's there?

    8. Anonymous16:21

      No, cervantes building only used to have a commercial for aeroput. As far as I can recognize buildings it could be the building of "Prva hrvatska stedionica" on Knez Mihailova Street. There is Zepter book shop currently having a business there.

    9. Anonymous16:24

      ... no, definitely not the Zepter bulding. It´s Aeroklub - Ethnographical museum

    10. Anonymous16:25

      .. behind the Ethnographical museum.

  2. Anonymous09:25

    Greeting from Australia!
    AIR SERBIA, welcome to servicing all gest-customers.From heart wishing vin-vin to young team of homeland of SERBIA!.
    Rodney Marinkovic, AME.(ret.)
    Griffith AUSTRALIA

  3. Anonymous10:19

    Wow, very good decision to continue the charter flights in the summer. Perhaps they will even introduce some charters to Pula since they have canceled that line? Or maybe some additional flights to Tivat?

    Rodney, did you buy your ticket?

    1. Anonymous11:00

      Yes I have thru ETIHAD from Sydney.Dolaskom na zimovanje u Otacestvo
      prilikom sletanja na ANT-BEG krajem novembra, mahacu vam sa mojeg 66 sletanja
      iz Australije u Otadzbinu SRBIJU.Nadam se da je za sada dovoljno.Ljude koji vole komercijalnu avijaciju, rade u njoj
      doprinose uspehu uvek sam iskreno postovao, posto sam i sam penziju zaradio u njoj vdeuojoj. "Vazduhoplovnoj domovini" AUSTRALJI.Svako dobro.R.

    2. Aэrologic18:59

      Anyone's got an idea why can't we book BEG-AUH-GRU for instance? Same goes for BEG-DOH-EZE.

  4. Anonymous11:44

    WOW, so next summer they'll not have flights to Barcelona or Madrid and they think flights to Beirut or Cairo will be more popular, aaa?!

    1. Anonymous16:37

      Some of their new routes will fail miserably!
      Kiev,Budapest,Sofia for example.
      Hopefully they get replaced by the more promising ones.
      Also Amsterdam has to become double daily!

    2. Anonymous16:46

      Some of their new routes will fail miserably!
      Kiev,Budapest,Sofia for example.
      Hopefully they get replaced by the more promising ones.
      Also Amsterdam has to become double daily!

    3. Aэrologic19:01

      If you're so smart you should have applied for a senior leadership job in Etihad. Let me remind you that Kiev is a capital of a country of almost 50 million people, many of who own property in Montenegro today, without even talking of other transfer options via BEG and the modest but existing O&D between Kiev and Belgrade.

    4. Aэrologic19:05

      Also, can we hear your argument as to why Sofia and Budapest with AT7 will be a failure, while OTP will not (upgraded to A319 recently, same as Kiev)? Would be nice to hear some logic behind your comments.

    5. Anonymous21:02

      Aerosvit already flew to BEG and FAILED.
      Tarom seem to do well...

    6. Aэrologic21:48

      Aerosvit failed as a whole. So what you're saying is that PS shouldn't open any route flewn previously by Aerosvit just cause Aerosvit became bankrupt?

    7. Anonymous23:36

      Air Serbia is the only airline that could make Kiev work.
      But they still will fail.
      There is nothing what both countries have in common.No economic ties.No tourism.
      So how will you fill these aircraft?
      Also Kiev has a multitude of direct flights.
      So transfering in Belgrade does not make sense.

    8. Anonymous23:47

      JU could take passangers from Ukraina to Montenegro. However, it would be quit more appropriate to offer direct flights from TIV and TGD for that purpose.

    9. Anonymous23:53

      In my oppinion every destinatnion served with AT7 is a feliour. Especally those like VIE, TIV and TGD where other airliners are offering flights with jets. Turbipros like AT7 are aimed to connect provinces, islands, desert towns and not a couple of million-capitals of few different states. I hear people from Vienna constantly complaining that JU is not offering flight with "real palnes", and people from Podgoorica already avoid JU in every sense because of AT7. For the same money, one should be crazy to add some 20-30 minutes more to journey, not talk about the far more bigger sensitivity to toubolences, cabin temperature issues typical for AT7 and noise that make it inpossible even to speak with other passangers.

  5. Air Serbia S14 Operation Changes as of 21SEP13

    Update at 1925GMT 21SEP13

    As per 21SEP13 GDS timetable/inventory display, initial changes to Air Serbia’s planned Summer 2014 operation, effective 30MAR14, as follow. Additional changes remain possible in the next few months.

    Belgrade – Abu Dhabi Increase from 4 weekly to daily
    JU800 BEG1735 – 0055+1AUH 319 D
    JU801 AUH0220 – 0600BEG 319 D

    Belgrade – Athens Increase from 10 to 14 weekly, all service operated by Airbus A319
    JU516 BEG0015 – 0250ATH 319 D
    JU512 BEG1250 – 1525ATH 319 246
    JU512 BEG1330 – 1605ATH 319 x246

    JU517 ATH0520 – 0555BEG 319 D
    JU513 ATH1610 – 1645BEG 319 246
    JU513 ATH1650 – 1725BEG 319 x246

    Belgrade – Banja Luka Operational schedule changes to morning and evening hours
    JU100 BEG0800 – 0850BNX AT7 246
    JU104 BEG1840 – 1930BNX AT7 x246

    JU101 BNX1045 – 1135BEG AT7 246
    JU105 BNX2135 – 2225BEG AT7 x246

    Belgrade – Larnaca Service increases from 3 weekly A319 to 1 daily A320
    JU506 BEG0015 – 0340LCA 320 D
    JU507 LCA0425 – 0605BEG 320 D

    Belgrade – Rome eff 26MAY14 Service increases from 1 daily to 2 daily
    JU530 BEG0700 – 0830FCO 319 D
    JU534 BEG1835 – 2005FCO 319 D

    JU531 FCO0930 – 1110BEG 319 D
    JU535 FCO2050 – 2230BEG 319 D

    JU530/531 operates Day 246; JU534/535 operates Day x246 until 25MAY14

    Belgrade – Skopje Service increases from 1 to 2 daily; JU162/163 to be operated by A320 instead of A319
    JU166 BEG0030 – 0125SKP 319 D
    JU162 BEG1405 – 1455SKP 320 D

    JU167 SKP0500 – 0550BEG 319 D
    JU163 SKP1535 – 1620BEG 320 D

    Belgrade – Thessaloniki eff 29MAY14 Service increases from 1 daily to 2 daily
    JU526 BEG0015 – 0245SKG 319 D
    JU522 BEG1330 – 1540SKG 319 D

    JU527 SKG0530 – 0600BEG 319 D
    JU523 SKG1625 – 1635BEG 319 D

    Belgrade – Tivat Service increases from 10 to 13 weekly
    JU180 BEG0755 – 0900TIV AT7 357
    JU182 BEG1405 – 1510TIV AT7 D
    JU184 BEG1755 – 1900TIV AT7 246

    JU181 TIV1040 – 1145BEG AT7 357
    JU183 TIV1540 – 1645BEG AT7 D
    JU185 TIV1930 – 2035BEG AT7 246

    Following service to be operated by NEW Airbus A320 instead of Boeing 737-300 and/or Airbus A319:
    Belgrade – Amsterdam 1 daily (733/319)
    Belgrade – Larnaca 1 daily (319)
    Belgrade – Moscow Sheremetyevo 1 of 2 daily (JU650/651 and JU654/655; 319)
    Belgrade – Paris CDG 2 daily (319)
    Belgrade – Podgorica 1 of 2 daily (JU172/173; 319)
    Belgrade – Skopje 1 of 2 daily (JU162/163; 319)

    Following service to be operated by Airbus A319 instead of Boeing 737-300:
    Belgrade – Berlin Tegel 1 daily
    Belgrade – Copenhagen JU404/405 4 weekly (All flights operated by A319)
    Belgrade – Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen 1 daily
    Belgrade – Stuttgart JU340/341 3 weekly (All flights operated by A319 from 19MAR14)
    Belgrade – Zurich JU370/371 1 daily (All 2 daily flights operated by A319)

    Following service to be operated by Airbus A319 instead of ATR72:
    Belgrade – Bucharest 1 daily

    In Summer 2014 season, the airline will phase out Boeing 737-300 fleet, while introducing Airbus A320 aircraft operation. Certain Airbus A319 service is operated by ETIHAD aircraft.


    1. Anonymous11:45


    2. Anonymous12:09

      It is interesting that Bucharest will be operated by the A319!

  6. Is Air Serbia going to start flying to Sabiha airport in Istanbul instead of Ataturk??

    It seems that way when searching flights on skyscanner.

    This is a weird decision! Pegasus flies there for a fraction of the price and connecting flights are almost nonexistent unless you're flying Pegasus. Is Air Serbia abandoning transit passengers flying through Istanbul and giving it all up to Turkish Airways, trying instead to compete with Pegasus for O&D??!!

    1. They could not secure the necessary slots at Ataturk airport. That's why they were forced to move to Sabiha.

      Many airlines are angered by the fact that they can't further expand at IST, especially Lufthansa.
      All IST slots are assigned by the Turkish government so ....

    2. Anonymous12:19

      Jat lost most of their IST passengers due to Turkish 2x daily IST flights on 319/320/737NG while Jat is operating 4x week on Atr mostly for the same amount of money.

    3. Anonymous12:22

      Sorry, 5x week

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Anonymous12:05

    Will they shut down BEG-GOT? I can't seem to find it on any timetable. They had pretty good loads on these flight so I can't understand why they would "give away" that market to Wizzair.

    1. Anonymous12:30

      JU will not operate GOT route anymore, true. Still, GOT as a destination never had high figures except on peak summer period.

    2. Anonymous14:36

      Air Serbia will drop routes to GOT,PUY,MLA,OHD....

    3. Anonymous14:51

      Ohrid is not being dropped.

  8. Anonymous14:28

    OT, this morning from LJU to MAD, IB A 340-600, carrying spanish basketball team after the Eurobasket 2013 held in Slovenia has finished.

  9. Anonymous16:29

    So only one new destination for next summer ?!
    Let it be Barcelona !
    And skip Kiev for St Petersburg...

    1. Anonymous16:39

      You idiot, just compare the options to reach Kiev compared to those with St. Petersburg.

    2. Anonymous16:43

      It's not one new destination its 8. Can't you read?

    3. Anonymous00:35

      All of the so NEW destinations, were served by JAT, at one time or another, so I don't understand why they are being called new. Just check some old OAG or JAT timetables..I would also like to see what the load factors will be like, once Air Serbia actually starts.

    4. Anonymous00:37

      i believe varna is new. and what really new is a concept of flying daily or even twice a day, wheresse the old JAT usually had 1 or 2 flights per week. it was different time back then!


    During the WS13/14, Jat / Air Serbia will fly as fallow from BEG to SJJ:

    BEG 14:10 - SJJ 14:55 / JU112 / B733
    SJJ 15:40 - BEG 16:20 / JU113 / B733

    BUT during SS14, Air Serbia still "planes" 3 daily flights to Sarajevo!
    00:20 / JU116 / ATR
    14:20 / JU 112 / ATR
    21:05 / JU 108 / ATR; summer B733

    05:25 / JU 117 / ATR
    06:30 / JU 109 / ATR; summer B733
    15:45 / JU 113 / ATR

    Flights JU108 and JU109 are REMOVED during the WS, but there are still free for reservation beginning with March 29th.

    Does JU really plans 3 x BEG - SJJ on daily basis?
    Any answers ?

    1. Anonymous00:23

      There are always going to be changes and adjustments
      .We can always have a timetable at this moment but it is always subject to change until the next season.

  11. Anonymous20:44

    Do they plan to keep Jat livery on those 737s operated during summer or somehow paint Air Serbia brand on it?

    1. Nikola08:43

      well, i'd personally paint 733s in retro liveries. if they keep 4, then one Aeroput livery (like this one or, one with egg livery, one with flames livery and 4th to remain in current Jat Airways livery. also, i'd write on fuselage years from which liveries and brands were used (Aeroput 1927-1948, JAT with an egg 1963-1994, JAT flames 1994-2003 and Jat Airways 2003-2013)

    2. Anonymous12:46

      It´s a fine idea. However the managment under Mr. Kondic is obiously up to denying that there is anything worthy in airline´s 90 years old flying history. With some more respecht for history and context we would see Aeroput spreading the wings again in this fall. The "Air Serbia" project has nothing to do with the airlines industry logic. It´s rather seems to be a platform for few Australian Serbs who find it different to learn and speak Serbian languagne to express their national affilation, and it also fits to the nationalistic background of the current government. Woudl it be up to economics, history, marketing and advertisign rules, we would whitness a totally different approach to JU and Serbian aviation.

    3. Anonymous20:22

      At least Mr Kondic's Serbian is better than your English .... If you feel so strong about these matters, then you should have invested the $40m + to buy the company and then you could call it whatever you want .... Tht my friend, is the reality of the situation ....Put your money where your mouth is ... The ability to speak Serbian is hardly the issue here, what is and should be the issue, is whether or not we have able and capable airline people who can manage this company out of the hole it has been in for the past 10 years. Losing 35m Euro every year is the best that your native Serbian born and speaking "experts" have been able to deliver. Not a lot to be proud of is it ??

  12. Anonymous17:06

    I think you need to look up the word 'nationalistic' before you continue to post your drivel. The new branding does not offend anyone in any way, shape or form.

    1. Anonymous17:50

      Oh, the branding, with all that obraz-sign reasamblance is perhaps maybe ultranacionalistic. It´s not about that, it´s a general attitude that there is some "Serbian priciple" to be done in the company with far broader enimy´s (Yugoslav) tradition. Sooner or later, I hope people will realize that JU used to have decent network and flight numbers not because there was no competence in the company, but beacause there were no passangers. Two daily flights to Thesassaloniki or Larnaca - let´s just honestly hope that they will be filled up with transit passangers. Otherwise we will watch the end of Air Serbia and JU in very few years.

    2. Anonymous20:55

      Usual crap, nothing more, nothing less :) Long live Air Serbia and safe sky to you and your passengers!

  13. Anonymous02:45

    Ostavite JAT sa njegovom istorijom na miru koji je zasluzio.
    On je svoje zavrsio. Pridruzio se svome "ocu" Aero Put-u u muzeju vazduhoplovstva. Ostavimo ih na miru i uz postovanje. Obilazimo ih kao deo proslosti. Izlozeni su u muzeju avijacije na Beogradskom aerodromu. Jedan deo protivnika AIR SERBIA su protiv njenog naziva zbog svoje karijere koji su radili u kompaniji koja se zvala JAT/Jat Aw.
    ili su njihovi roditelji, rodjaci...Druga grupa protivnika imena ER SRBIJA jesu ljudi iz sadasnjih novih drzava nastalih iz
    pocetne Kraljevine S.H.S.,dvadesetih godina proslog veka.
    Ta grupa protivnika toliko zale sto je ime AIR SERBIA, da prosto "dovodi da oci suzu puste od silnog duse-briznistva
    sto ce i pored njihove tolike "ljubavi" eto nova Srbska avio kompanija tako naprasno propasti. zbog imena. Poznato je
    koliko su "uporni" da promene naziv svojih avio kompanija koje legalno nose ime njihovih drzava. Kosmopolite bez zadrske!...Nije problem, psi laju karavani prolaze. Svako radi po svojoj savesti. Od GOSPODA svako dobro svim ludima koji lete i slobodnom voljom biraju sa kime, kada i gde, bez obzira iz koje zemlje, kojeg naziva avio kompanija.
    Ljudima dobra volja. Mirno nebo. Onima koji su odabrali AIR SERBIJA i onima koji sa drugima lete. Svima koji sluze i istinito vole putnicko vazduhoplovstvo. Definitivno ostavimo na miru one koji ulazu novac u AIR SERBIA, koji dane i noci provode na aerodromima opsluzujuci avione, putnike, bezbednost, menadzment...ER SRBJA srecno!!!
    Vas Rodney Marinkovic,Aircraft Mechanical Engineer(ret.)
    Iz prolecne .Riverine, Griffith AUSTRALIA

    1. Anonymous08:19


    2. Anonymous12:02


    3. Anonymous11:20

      Nije li tužno da se neko ko se potpisuje kao čovek od avijacije bori protiv kosmopolitanizma i širokih pogleda? A još sa toliko neznanja, jer JU dobija sa Etihadom novog suvlasnika i samo će se ime promeniti, a kompanija ostaje ista. Smešno je pričati o vazduhoplovnom muzeju - osim ako čovek nema pojma o čemu govori. Postoje nacije i kulture, kao Englezi, koji su najbolje uspeli da se menjaju i napreduju tako što su uvek gledali šta od onog što imaju može da se nadogradi, dotera, ulepša, popravi bez da se postojeće potpuno uništi. To se zove tradicija, i to je kriterijum koji deli visoku kulturu od prostakluka. Srbija ima tradiciju u avijaciji na koju može da bude ponosna. A pošto se avijacija nije razvijala za vreme Kneza Miloša nego posle Prvog svetskog rata - ta tradicija je jugoslovenska, i za nju su vezani brojni tehničko-organizacioni uspesi, izgradnje aerodroma, nagrađivan servis u avionima, nagrađivan identitet kompanije, sjajni piloti, bezbednost. I svako kome detinjasta pseudopatriotska osećanja nisu pomutila pamet gledao gde može i ume tu tradiciju istakne i nastavi. Jer mi nismo Gruzija, nismo Azarbedzan, pa da prvi put u životu sada i ove godine vidimo kako izgledaju dobre i kvalitetne stvari. Za pravog srpskog patriotu JU sa svojom višedecinijskom istorijom letenja je jedna od najponosnijih stvari koje ima. A to što ima ljudi koji misle da je patriotizam samo opanak, rakija, jelek, 19. vek i onda ništa, ništa, ništa, neko stanje duhovne meditacije u emigraciji, i ništa ništa, ništa, a zatim tek kao iz neba jedna avio-kompanija 2013. godine, to je samo dokaz niske kulture naše nacije i skandaloznog osnovnog obrazovanja u Srbiji.

      Stvar je sa psihološke strane ovog posla vrlo jednostavna: postoje različiti oblici nastupa i poslovanja u avio-industriji i u slučaju JU trebalo vi videti koji su to oblici, šta je pozitivno i nadograditi, menjati. Pošto je JAT u srcima svih svojih zaposlenih, i pošto će i nove stjuardese, piloti itd. doći među stare zaposlene, vređanjem i nepoštovanjem JAT-a se stvara negativna atmosfera u kompaniji i stvaraju se smušeni i nemotivisani ljudi. To u svakom udžbeniku menadžmenta piše da ne sme da se dogodi. Ti ljudi su i pored svih mana, često neplćeno radili prekovremeno, ulagali su svoje godine u tu aviokompaniju i sada hoće da vide kako ta aviokompanija pod novim imenom cveta i napreduje. Kao što i svi mi ljubitelji avijacije koji smo prave patriote hoćemo da vidimo kako se jedno od naših najstarijih preduzeća oporavlja i uzima dominantnu ulogu na tržištu regiona. A šta nećemo? - Nećemo da nam neko ko brka patriotizam i tradiciju sa dizanjem tri prsta i pucanjem na svadbi, objašnjava da kao Gruzijci ili Mongoli treba da počnemo da računama vreme od 2013. godine.

      Uspeh Air Serbije je za ljude koji zive u Srbiji, placaju u njoj porez, imaju zdravstveno osiguranje od prvostepenog intertesa. A za ljude kao sto je izvesni R. Marinkovic, koji zive u inostranstvu, Air Serbija je kao besplatna predstava i mecka koja treba da ih zabavlja. Zato je i nebitno sta takvi ljudi daleko od svake realnosti misle.

    4. Anonymous10:56

      Kosmopolitanizam!? Valjda KOSMOPOLIZAM!


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