Air Serbia's fleet takes shape

Air Serbia finalises lease of first four A319s

Air Serbia’s fleet is starting to take shape after the first, former Volaris Airbus A319, was painted and overhauled by Aero Turbine Aviation Solutions at Phoenix Goodyear Airport. The new look has been greeted with positive reviews from the public with Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić commenting that, “The aircraft looks great. I think you will see a completely new airline on October 27”. In addition to the already revealed livery design, the aircraft features a large red Air Serbia logo on the undercarriage. As EX-YU Aviation News exclusively learns, the aircraft has already received the Air Serbia interior and features eight seats in business class and a further 120 seats in economy. Unlike most European airlines, the business class section does not feature the same seats as in economy and offers a completely different product. The new cabins have been based around those of Etihad Airways and are set to give major European airlines a run for their money on their narrow body fleet.

Air Serbia’s first aircraft is thirteen years old. A further four have already been leased from Volaris, TACA International and TACA Peru. Air Serbia will present the aircraft to the Serbian and international press in Belgrade several days prior to the launch of the 2013/14 winter season. It is also set to put on a lavish show in Belgrade to launch the new look Serbian carrier in the week starting October 21.

This week Dane Kondić is expected take over as the CEO of the airline. During the week the overhaul of Jat Airways representative offices across Europe will begin so as to feature the new branding. The overhaul of offices in Belgrade and throughout Serbia will begin in the first week of October. The airline plans to reopen all representative offices both at home and abroad shut down over the past few years as part of Jat’s cost cutting measures.


  1. Anonymous09:29

    Awesome news. I hope everything goes well and Air Serbia launches soon.

  2. Anonymous09:43

    I am really happy about the fact that they will not be closing down the representative offices around Europe.

    I guess every thing will become more obvious in a little bit more than a month from today.

  3. Contrails10:25

    So that could mean that AirSerbia will be receiving N474TA from Volaris, N471TA & N472TA from TACA Peru in adition to N473TA already painted in AirSerbia colors... All these were stored and awaiting new lessors. What about the fifth frame? Could it be one of TACA international aircraft?

    I have no problems with the age of these aircraft as TACA is one of the best airlines in Latin America and I am sure all are well maintained and in good condition. They are getting completely new interiors and apart from safety and reliability that is what matters the most to all passengers.

    Are they leased for the next three years or more? If I remeber well we were told all these planes are only the interim solution until the joint order for all EY group airlines comes alive.

    1. Anonymous10:40

      Yes, it's supposed to be an ad-hoc solution until the major order is done, when Air Serbia is supposed to get up to 16 Airbus A320 NEOs (320s and 319s to be precise) or 737 MAX aircrafts and maybe (but hopefully) A330s for intercontinental flights. This should all be happening sometime in 2016.

    2. Nikola11:56

      i'm not sure for N471TA. it's stored for scrapping, so i'm not sure that JU will lease that plane. maybe it is N521TA

    3. Anonymous12:38

      it doesn't just have to be A330, didn't you see on the August 1st video in Belgrade, Etihad how it showed a 767 painted in Air Serbia colours on the video?? :)

      Sve naj bolje Air Serbiji!

    4. Anonymous13:02

      As I can see on, all Volaris A319 crafts are leased, and the oldest plane is made in 2004 (First flight date 06/09/2004).

    5. Anonymous13:12

      @ Anon 12.38 PM

      If they do in fact introduce long haul flights, they're probably going to match the wide body fleet with the narrow body airplanes. So, if they go with A320s, they 'll probably go with the A330s as well. Or in the other hand, 737s would be matched with 767s.

    6. Anonymous15:50

      @AnonymousSeptember 9, 2013 at 10:40 AM

      Why not 25 Airbus Neo A319 and A320, and all for $200 million,

      U do know one A320 Neo is $110 million and 319 around $90 million, a fleet of 16 would cost around $1.5 billion, Serbia would need to finance that out of its own budget, at least half of the purchase, or $750 million.

      As things stand Serbia hasn't got money to pay for pensions and health-care system that is dilapidating and they'll spend $750 + 100 million on new Airbus aircraft to make some nationalist wet dreams.

      Air Serbia is a political investment by UAE for some cheap agricultural lands in Serbia,

      UAE invested $300-400 million in to Serbia over next decade in return they get loads of cheap agricultural lands.

    7. Anonymous17:50

      @ Anon 3.50PM

      Finance isn't your strongest side, huh? Are you aware of this thing called "long term financing"? You know, similar to this thing called "mortgage"? And then you pay that with revenue generated by aircraft ops. UAE will provide this long term loan, they aren't going to pay for the aircraft with the cash lol.

    8. @Anonymous September 9, 2013 at 3:50 PM

      You can't be that ignorant. First of all prices you listed are not correct and You should definitely have in mind that Etihad is a major Airbus customer so planes would be bought for much less money and it is not a same think ordering 2 planes and ordering 10 planes... Think before you write.

    9. Anonymous01:16

      @Darko MarjanovićSeptember 9, 2013 at 9:40 PM

      and pigs can fly too, just if you let them evolve.

      Ethiad took 50% of Air Serbia, actually 49%, what you think Erhiad will do all the work and Serbia will collect all the revenue.

      U take Arabs for some stupid folk, deal is $200 million by Gov of Serbia and Ethiad, 50/50, for that money you can't get much and this blog has already posted Air Serbia schedule and destinations.

      If you can't see obvious why bother explaining to you, 3 years down the road you'll see if things have changed much from now.

      Sure Air Serbia will have 10 A319, all leased from 3rd parties but airline will be in same circumstances JAT was just 6 months ago. mark my words.

    10. You only repeated this haiku about cheap agricultural lands and flying pigs 374 times over the past two months, so other visitors still haven't properly memorized it. Make sure you paste it into all your comments until 2016, otherwise someone may miss it. Keep up the good cheap piggy work! :)

    11. I find that the argument about the schedule is very weak. That very schedule proves that Air Serbia will not be a mere feeder airline for Etihad or Air Berlin. Furthermore, who cares if the fleet is not brand new? They will be half the age of the current fleet. Lufthansa's older aircraft look incomparably better than most new aircraft out there.

      In addition to all that, Hogan said in an interview that this will only be a temporary solution until a decision is made on whether to introduce the MAX or NEO.
      Now, so that you do not call me a disillusioned Serb, I would like to point out that Jet Airways placed an order for 50 MAX aircraft. This was all Etihad's work, an airline as dysfunctional as Jet Airways could have never done it on its own.

      Best regards from sunny Belgrade.

  4. Anonymous10:35

    Sto pre nek se menja! Avioni jata su u katastrofalnom stanju! Izmedju prozora mi se zadnji put nalazio dva mrtva pauka!!! Na avionu je dodatan deo stavljen, kao da je pre toga bila rupa, i samo ofarbana preko! Znaci letimo krpljenim avionima, u kojima kad dignem glavu, vidim da izmedju svetla vire zice a sedista drzaci lepljeni silikonom! svaka cast, nezalim za Jatom, nadam se da ce AirSerbia to bolje odraditi! POZ

    1. Anonymous12:10

      Airbus-ovi ce biti u istom stanju uskoro. To nije nova kompanja vec JAT sa drugim imenom. Prava VIP kompanija tj Veze I Poznanstva. Tradicija se odrzava as we speak sa namestenim konkursima. Air Serbia - ne hvala!

    2. Ti mora da si neki pametnjakovic iz Jat-a koji ne zna Engleski jezik i koji je pao na testu

    3. Anonymous13:09

      Tradicija se NE održava! Upravo sam se vratio sa Assessment-a za radeću kabinsku posadu Jat-a koju radi Etihadov recruitment team. Nije bilo nikoga iz Jata, samo Etihadovi ljudi. Takodje, paralelno se održavao i Open day za nove članove kabinskog osoblja, na istom mestu, hotel Metropol, Beograd. Tako da nema privilegija i veza, samo kvalitet će proći!

    4. Anonymous13:16

      I hope so!


    5. Anonymous13:33

      Kakav je AD bio za current JAT cabin crew, da li isti kao i re-assessment pre mesec dana, ili drugaciji, i da li je saopsten rezultat odmah posle toga svakome ko je ucestvovao? Hvala!

    6. Anonymous15:21

      To pre mesec dana je bio re-assessment, a ovo sada (pocev od danas pa u naredne 2-3 nedelje) ce biti full assessment, nesto kao konacna procena. Prisustvuju svi, i oni koji su bili pre mesec dana i oni koji nisu. Konacni rezultati ce biti saopsteni tek nakon sto svi prodju ass.

  5. Anonymous10:35

    It is totally off topic, I admit, but when will they launch ticket sale for winter flight schedule?

  6. Anonymous10:38

    With heart, looking forward to purchasing return ticket on one of AIR SERBIA destination. Hope that E ticket will have special place in my personal air ticket collection from 1970 to present days.All together about my 4500 flying hours, unlimited good wishes and respect to those who will be working honest to serving all customers of beautifull air line, AIR SERBIA.
    From sunny Griffith NSW Australia,
    Rodney Marinkovic, AME (ret.)

    1. Anonymous12:14

      lol Rodney, you turning into a MEME

    2. Anonymous10:25


  7. Anonymous10:50

    Cant wait to see the interiors and overall product, and website as well. Love how it looks that one already painted in Air Serbia livery. Safe skies Air Serbia from October 27!

  8. JU520 BEGLAX12:34

    Finally a Business Class in Europe on shorthauls which earns the name Business Class. Bravo!

    1. Anonymous12:55

      Both Turkish and Aeroflot offer "full" business class on all short haul flights in Europe

    2. Anonymous13:28

      I think Icelandair has also a dedicated business class (Saga Class) on all of its aircraft. Turkish Airlines is not really a European carrier.

    3. Cyprus Airways has a dedicated business class too.

    4. Anonymous14:54

      haha yes Turkish is "not really a Europen carrier", its just officially the BEST European carrier two years in a row now.

      and Reykjavik is the centre of Europe ^^

    5. Anonymous14:59

      Best Euro carrier by who's choice?

    6. Anonymous15:36

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. I am asking admin to delete all idiotic posts like this one was!!

    8. Quoting you

      Before posting a comment please be mindful of other participants and readers. EX-YU aviation news does not tolerate insults, excessive swearing, racist, homophobic, xenophobic or any other chauvinist remarks as well as provocative posts with the intention of creating further arguments. Such comments will be deleted as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

    9. Thank you, admin

    10. Anonymous20:18

      Israel is often classified as Europe in various championships and competitions, does that make it Europe. I think not. ;)

      Another carrier that had a dedicated business class product was Olympic Air during the time when they operated an Airbus fleet.

  9. Anonymous12:52

    If I remember correct, it was stated in one of previous posts on this blog, that new website will be launched just few hours after Air Serbia gets regulatory approval. What are they waiting now? Website design is not finished yet or flights are still not in Amadeus system?

    1. Well, since we don't have any people from inside the company who can provide us with better informations, we will just have to wait.

      But I really do think that the flights that are announced for December should already be on sale.

      Btw, what do you guys think will happen to Adria's flight to BEG? Will they keep the codeshare with JU? Reschedule the flights so that we have morning/evening flight (which I think would be a good choice for business passengers especially).

  10. OT:

    In October VIADUKT (financed by Zagreb Airport Int. Company) will start the construction of new terminal at Zagreb Airport.
    Today, Zagreb Airport Int. Company get a building permit.

  11. Does anyone know when the updated Airserbia schedule will be released? I am looking to buy a ticket from vancouver to belgrade via amsterdam however i'm curious to know whether the departure time from AMS will change. Currently the AMS-Beg flight is being shown as departing AMS at 11:50 with arrival at 14:05.

    1. Anonymous21:21

      AMS will have departure slot @ 11.00 am on Tue, Thu and Sat
      and departure slot @ 22.00 on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun.

      This is as per today in the internal slotsystem at Schiphol Airport.

      So if your connections allows shortening with 50 minutes I think you have a safe bet leaving Vancouver on Mon, Wed or Fri :)

    2. I think you should book it without a problem. If they change the schedule they will either send you via Paris to Belgrade or just find an alternative path via another Sky Team hub/airline.

    3. Ok thanks for the tips guys. Is there any way I can access this slotsystem, just out of curiosity?

    4. Well, the guy wrote that it is internal so I don't think so.

  12. There will be promotional fares to launch the rebranded company?

  13. From what we hear, new JU management has to turn the entire company upside-down.

    For a outsider geek like me, that would mean:
    -Get 5+5 Airbus planes,
    -new exterior,
    -new enterior,
    -pilots training,
    -cabin crew training,
    -maintenance training,
    -inflight entertainment - as those 319s will have PTVs
    -new catering,
    -business class product (catering, service, what not)
    -what is happening to ATRs? something for sure, at least new coat of paint
    -all schedules alligned,
    -prices set up, continuous monitoring - competition will not be standing idle,
    -new website with the booking engine has to be up and runing - smoothly,
    -they have to rebrand all offices,
    -evaluate the entire workforce,
    -paperwork on all airports,
    -paperwork in Serbia (we all know bureaucracy in the lovely country of ours)

    Plus all the corporate things regarding the tranfer of powers to the new management. That alone could be a huge task in a large corporation.
    There are probably million more things that have to be done in time, we here cant even comprehend theem all, and all that have to be done in minuscule timespan (40 days and counting). It would be nice to have some sort of insight from the people who actually know what it takes to run an airline.

    What zillion things did I forget? :)

    I prefer work behind the curtains with no news than yet another “JAT styled news bulletin – new flights to America”… We all know how that turned out. This new approach seems much better.

  14. Anonymous23:41


  15. Anonymous11:21

    Zasto takva boja uniformi? Izgledaju kao nekakve partizanke koje su prosle Golgotu. Bas je depresivna boja. Strasno! Nije li moglo nesto prikladnije i veselije?
    Ko je to odobrio? Uzas!!!
    Sve ostalo je odlicno, ali ovo je totalni promasaj!

    1. Anonymous11:48 su stjuardese Etihada -.-

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