Jat’s numbers grow in August

Busy summer for Jat

Jat Airways has recorded solid passenger growth this August by handling 192.303 passengers, an increase of 4% compared to the same month last year. The carrier’s average cabin load factor stood at 73%, down six points. The airline recorded a passenger boost on all of its main markets. Flights to and from Montenegro saw numbers improve 18%, Euro Mediterranean flights performed better by 1% while charter flights saw a passenger increase of 5%. Overall, Jat saw a 4% increase on scheduled flights across its network.

Trends in August show that flights to and from Croatia recorded the most significant passenger growth compared to last year. Numbers were up by 94% to Split, 58% to Pula and 50% to Dubrovnik. The good results come on top of record air travel between the two countries, as reported recently by EX-YU Aviation News. Also seeing a major increase in passengers numbers in August were flights to Ohrid, Paris, Brussels and Athens. The best average cabin load factor in August was recorded on flights from Belgrade to Amsterdam at 98% and Malta to Belgrade and the Monastir to Belgrade service with the load factor throughout the month standing at 98% as well.

So far this year, Jat Airways has handled 933.471 passengers. Recent growth has eased poorer results recorded earlier in the year, though overall numbers are still down 1% on 2012. The average cabin load factor throughout the past eight months has stood at 70%. Jat is expected to handle its millionth passenger for the year this weekend, a few days ahead of 2012.

MonthPAXChange (%)Average load factor (%)
JAN77.962 463
FEB61.341 259
MAR82.395 170
APR90.844 1667
MAY109.752 373
JUN134.678 0.370
JUL184.466 275
AUG192.303 473


  1. How many passengers did Jat carry in September 2012?

    1. Anonymous11:42

      JAT carried 147.000 passengers in September 2012. According to the starting figures they will see worse result in September 2013.

  2. Anonymous09:50

    Can one believe in these figures?

  3. Anonymous10:15

    can someone give me numbers of croatia airlines, bh airlines, adira montenegro airlines and jat airways so i can see who's leading

  4. Anonymous12:00

    Come on lets look at the quality of one airline to another
    Remember I am not from Croatia or Serbia one thing I can tell you is that the quality of service from Amsterdam and I have flowen with both airlines .starting by their Station Manager.
    JATs not even near the one of Croatia Airlines.
    Croatia Airlines Manager got the job due to his knowledge, JAT I dont know due to what , certainly not knowledge.
    Then cabin crew JATs english spoken by crew sorry but not to stewards standards with a terrible accent.
    The total impression of JAT very unprofessional to compare to Croatia Airlines .Being part of Etihad group doesnt mean that JAT becomes professional just like that .The mentality must change and that takes time good luck Etihad with this one

    1. Anonymous12:11

      Funny that you are complaining about someone else's English.

    2. Anonymous12:26

      Its their job to communicate in English as they are a international airline and English is the international airline language not Serbian.
      Sorry but thats the reality of facts.

    3. Anonymous12:35

      I am a frequent flyer with Jat and even though their English is far from perfect it is good enough for the job they are doing.

      Also, even Croats on here have made complaints about the work of Croatia Airlines and especially about their station managers. The fact that you have not made a single complaint against them prove that you are nothing more than a troll trying to cause trouble.

    4. BA88812:44

      Talking about Jat and English have a look at the top comment...


    5. Anonymous12:49

      Well I am referring to Amsterdam , sorry and that is a fact , ask the KLM that is their handling agent in Amsterdam . Without KLM JAT would be nothing in Amsterdam.

    6. Anonymous13:01

      BA888, so what? You can find a large number of posts which praise Jat. It all boils down to personal preference.

      Last anonymous,
      Can you please give us proof to support your argument? For one I have all of Jat's statistics from the period before their partnership with KLM and before the visas were removed for Serbian citizens. Back then Jat had an average loadfactor of roughly 70%. So even without KLM and with visas in place they had decent loads. So sorry but your argument is unfounded and plain wrong.

    7. Anonymous13:06

      Just checked the airline rating on that web page .I advise you to read the General Rating of both airlines . I rest my case

    8. Anonymous13:10

      Statistics you can manipulate not facts .The reason why they went to KLM was to upgrade their quality and hope that people would take their business serious

    9. Anonymous14:12

      NO! The reason why Jat went to KLM was because they were bullied by Lufthansa. Lufthansa tried to control Jat the same way it does with Croatia Airlines. This became especially apparent during the time when Jat had a deal with Emirates in Hamburg. This deal was very good, in the first months of operations Jat had an average loadfactor of 66%.
      So when Lufthansa became more aggressive Jat contacted KLM which accepted the proposed partnership. It was also during this time that Lufthansa cancelled its condeshare agreement with Jat.

      So no, your reason is once more not valid. Sorry, try again later.

    10. Anonymous15:07

      ...it was also during that time that Lufthansa abolished its codeshare agreement it had with Jat Airways.

    11. BA88818:25

      @AnonymousSeptember 7, 2013 at 1:01 PM

      Did you, by any chance, notice surname bias in those positive reviews on Skytrax?

      (PS: It is easier if you care to put nick of some sort to your comments...also kind of civilized)

    12. Anonymous21:12

      As far as I could follow it - all bad remakrs were put up by British passangers - probably those who were regualry flying with British airways prior to cacelations. Now, I do understand that someone misses British or London Eastenders accent - something than one however cannot expect in far more better comapnies like Etihad or Thai. I just wish people would pay some more account about their shovinism.

  5. Anonymous12:13

    Belavia is increasing capacity on its Minsk-Budapest-Belgrade route from a CRJ 200 to an E175. The first flight is sold out. Let's hope for additional capacity and frequency.

  6. Anonymous13:28

    We have September 7th. The winter schedules of Air Serbia are not yet loaded in the GDS. The airline website still shows JAT. The board hasn't changed....the only news is a 14(!) year old A319 spotted in the desert of Arizona. What's going on???

    1. Anonymous13:31

      Maybe you should read news here rather than troll.

    2. Anonymous19:22


    3. Anonymous10:55

      Even with Government being late for several days it is very unprofessional not to have change Jat to Air Serbia and to put tickets on sale + winter time table in reservation systems first day after administration clearance. For sure they should not wait for administrative clearance to start work on that, and if they are professionals they should have everything ready to put it on very first second after the clearance.

      So, I am also wondering what is going on? New owner should suck someone for this delay! Jatovanje again?

    4. Anonymous23:02

      You are boring as hell

    5. Anonymous02:26

      Zašto? Zato jer se bajkovite stvari ne odvijaju baš bajkovito kako se napričalo?

      1. Neće biti aviona do septembra, već samo manjina u oktobru, a svi tek u martu.

      2. Od 10 najavljenih linija tek 4 i to u decembru, a ostale tek u martu.

      3. Prodaja karata i web stranica opako kasne. I više nije izgovor vlada. Što kasnije prodaja karata to lošija prodaja. Već je prekasno za nove linije u okrobru i decembru.

      4. Code-share na Etihadu i Air Berlinu se još nisu realizirali. Zašto pobogu?

      5. Zašto nema code-share i na ostalim kompanijama koje suvlasništvo drži Etihad (Aer Lingus, Seychelles, Virgin Australija, Jet)?

      6. Srpska vlada je za ovo potrošila 400 miliona EUR (280 za dugove, 20 za restrukturaciju i otpremnine, 100 za leasing aviona). Mnogo! Premnogo! I još će na berzu rada otići 600 ljudi!!!!

      Hm, hm, hm, HMMMMM?????

  7. https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/1234959_10151688634957155_680134803_n.jpg AirSerbia belly, I dunno whether that someone posted this pic before. :)

    1. Anonymous15:06

      Naaah no one posted it on here. I think the belly looks pretty amazing, especially the logo! I am in love with the new livery. <3

    2. BA88818:29

      Soz...but that is just revolting logo and corporate image.I will be ashamed...

      It remains...Air Opanak...

    3. Anonymous19:30

      Be ashamed and let Lufthansa rip you off.
      What is revolting for you, just don't get it.
      You may not like it, and that'fine, fly with somebody else... What's such a big deal?

    4. BA88820:38

      Forgive me for actually caring about what represents Serbia abroad and hoping that one day we will leave our folklore and move on…to 21st century…

      (And...what is that LH reference all about?)

    5. Anonymous21:09

      I do agree to some extant. Serbia is far more than few sweaters and costumes from Sumadija put together. And aviation business has nothing to with middle age gosspel handwritings.

    6. Anonymous23:01

      Someone is always going to be pissed off, thank God that in this case at least you are in a tiny minority. Some people will never be happy.

    7. Anonymous23:06


    8. well, I am sorry that the picture I posted made you ashamed, but I really don't think that people choose airline based on their livery, but price/service/times etc..

      No one is forcing you to fly JU, you can easily use Luton airport, or transit. Your choice.

    9. Praguc, don't worry too much about it. The picture looks great and the logo is pretty amazing and looks really nice.

      As for those who have a problem with Serbia's cultural heritage they can fly on the purple flying bus which also flies to neighbouring cities such as Timisoara, Debrecen or Budapest.

    10. Anonymous09:46


  8. Anonymous16:18

    I really hope that new management will add daily flights to Split and Dubrovnik with ATR with short and easy transfer in Belgrade to Abu Dhabi (Dubai), Skopje, Larnaka, Solun, Beirut, Sofia and other destinations which don't have direct link with Split and Dubrovnik, but great demand exists during summer season. I am sure that tourists from Middle East don't care about name of an airline company, they are just used to nice inflight service and that's all what they are looking for.

    1. Actually Dubrovnik-Larnaca would be a killer. Dubrovnik itself is super popular among both Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots.
      Just before the crisis easyJet was considering launching its own flights but then nothing became of it.
      With many airlines pulling out of Larnaca in recent times, Jat was getting more and more connecting passengers, even with its dysfunctional timetable.

    2. Anonymous18:24

      Turkish Cypriots now need a visa for Croatia unfortunately.
      Even citizen of the UAE need it for the whole EU.
      People underestimate what a visa-regime means.
      By abolishing the v-r for Emirati citizen Serbia really will profit a lot.Now they can visit Serbia regularly and take care of their investitions without restrictions.
      I heard rumours that they could be interested in buying sport-clubs like Red Star or Partizan.
      I hope also that visa-regime with Oman,Qatar,Kuwait and Bahrain gets abolished.
      There is still a lot of work to be done!

    3. All Turkish-Cypriots have EU passports (Cypriot ones) so they are unaffected by this change. The problem is that Ryanair launched Barcelona flights in 2010 so most of those tourists ended up going there.

      Well the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi is in Belgrade as of today to discuss further investment. So God knows what they will do, they are rather unpredictable.

    4. Anonymous23:29

      ^I didnt know that.
      I only know of a lot of Turkish Cypriots who live in the UK
      and have British passports.
      If the Emir of Abu Dhabi is in Belgrade then i think he came with either his 747-400 or the 777?

    5. Well, they can still apply for a Cypriot passport as long as they can prove that their family lived on the island before the illegal 1974 invasion.

      I don't think it shows his flight on beg.aero so we can only hope that there is someone here who works for the airport who might know.

  9. Anonymous17:15

    Croatia Airlines operates Split-Amsterdam with a Dash-8?! Ouch... that has to be a nightmare. o__O
    I always thought that there would be enough passengers for an Airbus to operate between the two cities.

  10. Anonymous19:41

    EX-YU please do not manipulate numbers for August.Even by the smaller LF you could see that they had much bigger flights and seat offer in August 2013 than 2012. They had increase of probably 12-15% this August so result is not so good as you say,as costs to fly 4% more passengers are much higher than rise of revenue for those 4%

    1. Remind me where did I praise these results?

    2. Anonymous21:53

      In the title of the article. You have to put all the numbers, which you have done in the past,and then let all readers to do with them what they want

    3. Anonymous23:05

      He doesn't have to anything, if you don't like it don't read it...end of story.

  11. Anonymous02:39

    Vaše novo kupljeno/najeto letalo.

  12. Anonymous02:52

    Lep je :-).


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