Montenegro Airline considering Niš suspension

Niš Airport’s only scheduled service in doubt

Montenegro Airlines is considering suspending services to Niš Constantine the Great Airport at the start of the 2013/14 winter season after local authorities announced they will no longer be able to subsidise the service to Podgorica. “We have not held talks with Montenegro Airlines since there are no funds for subsidies in the city budget. I am certain Montenegro Airlines will take into account the financial assistance it has received over the past three years and the increase in passenger numbers it has recorded on the route. We believe the airline will continue flying to Niš even without subsidies”, Dragan Bugarinović, the CEO of Constantine the Great Airport says.

The Montenegrin carrier launched flights from Podgorica to Niš in 2010. The service is vital for the airport as it is not served by any other scheduled airline. The majority of passengers using the service transit through Podgorica and continue onwards to Western Europe. Niš has seen its passenger numbers rise over the past few months following a slow start to the year. In August the airport welcomed 3.697 passengers through its doors, an increase of 28% compared to the same month last year. Figures have been boosted by improved numbers recorded on Montenegro Airlines’ five weekly flights as well as Freebird’s charter flights from Turkey. In the first eight month of 2013, the airport handled 17.285, down 6% on the same period last year.

Mr. Bugarinović believes the airport could see additional flights once the fate of Jat Airways’ fleet of Boeing aircraft is decided. The CEO of Niš Airport hinted the aircraft could go to Jat Airways’ Macedonian subsidiary Aeromak, with Niš playing a central role in the airline’s network. Furthermore, Mr. Bugarinović hopes Air Serbia will recognise Niš’s potential as a possible destination. Niš Airport is currently being reconstructed and its facilities upgraded.


  1. I would love to see Nis get some attention from Air Serbia.

    1. Anonymous13:44

      Me too.
      But i think if MGX and Air Serbia dont want to fly from Nis, the best alterantive is Aviogenex plane B732.
      After many years since 2006, from Nish direct to EU destinations !

  2. Anonymous10:51

    How did someone figured out that MGX is "considering suspending Nis flights" from an interview with Nis Airport's CEO? Even though he didn't mention this, but rather the fact that "there are no funds in the city budget for subsidies".
    You should either speak with MGX Press service on this and then write as it is written, or change the title to match the facts e.g. "No funds for subsidies in Nis".

    1. Anonymous11:50


    2. Anonymous12:31

      tickets sales are suspended from Oct 27

    3. Anonymous13:49

      You are wright !

      I understand Bugarinovic, that there is no planed money in city for subs. , but if grow of passangers are better than last years, he think that they will continue without subs.

  3. Anonymous11:11

    Is it Trieste - Niš still flying?
    How many pax x flight?

    1. Nikola12:27

      suspended long ago. planes were only filled during Easter and May 1st holidays, rest were nearly empty. INI decided to use rest of the money for airport reconstruction. you have it here in Serbian:

    2. Anonymous13:04

      Thank you Nikola

  4. Anonymous11:27

    Nis needs exactly the same thing like TZL and that is the end of thi story. Wizzair should start a few destinations to Switzerland, Germany, Scandinavia, and problem(s) solved.

    1. Anonymous13:40

      Yes, you are wright!
      But Wizz Air dont operate from Nis because they already have flights from Belgrade.

  5. Anonymous15:59

    Thomson were flying Brits for Kop ski holidays via Nish until recently. The infrastructure is too poor for EU tourists. Horrible bus ride from Nish apparently. Serbia underestimates her potential for winter tourism (Zlatibor, Stara Planina, Kop) but the train infrastructure is non-existant and the road infrastructure is in a poor state. Neighbouring Bulgaria is raking in all the money for winter tourism in the region. It will be very interesting to see how Air Serbia handles Nish and how they coordinate with Serbia's transport and tourism ministries to attract foreign travelers.

    1. Anonymous16:37

      Thomson was flying in 2006, and i think in 2007. , after that they went to Sofia, because the prices in Kopaonik were to big.
      Bus transportation is good. LASTA AND NIS-EKSPRES!
      Maybe you ride with some low quality bus.
      Infrastructure is good, not great. Ask every tourist that have been in Nis, or Belgrade.
      If you are talking about Kopaonik, you now have restaurated apartments, a new hotels.

  6. OT:

    Some new information from Sarajevo.

    As I already posted, Sarajevo Int. Airport welcomed 31,27 % more passengers in August 2013 then in August 2012.

    Norwegian Air Shuttle will fly during the winter 2013/14 from Sarajevo to Stockholm, and during the summer 2014 Norwegian will offer 6 weekly flights from Sarajevo to Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

    Lufthansa considers 2. daily flight during summer 2014 between Munich and Sarajevo.
    In the first half of 2013, LH transported some 40.000 passengers on this route, flying with A320 since March.

    1. Anonymous19:14

      great news for Sarajevo, good to see them finally catching up, and with EU economy recovering things look good for Sarajevo and the region.

    2. I really hope that Air Serbia does something better with their line to Sarajevo

  7. Anonymous16:55

    I think its time that Air Serbia finally starts operations on BEG-INI-BEG route. 3 weekly flights in the morning and 3 weekly flights in the afternoon/evening.
    Nis airport should consider starting serious talks with new Air Serbia management for summer 2014.

    1. there are 45+ buses a day going in each direction between Nis and Belgrade and the price of tickets isn't cheap.

      They could do 2x a day with proper advertising, promotions, shuttle-service direct from the plane to downtown and commuter passes

  8. sta mi bre briga17:13

    How many money was wasted on this route...
    What with this money could have been done instead.
    Before i would give my money to these authorities(a bunch of loosers )
    i would prefer to burn it!
    Even if you burn it it will be make more sense than now.

    The tragic-comical thing is all politicians want desperately EU because then they will get again funds.
    Funds that will again wasted in such shit and worse.

    Majku vam jebem politicarima i vas Evropolitika!

    1. Anonymous17:27

      dude, seriously? chillex.

    2. They could have started their own airline with the money spent

  9. zoki20:27

    ^ Maybe the money really could have been spent for something more important?
    How much did Montenegro Airlines receive in subsidies from Nis?

  10. I would really like to know the facts and numbers for Niš (flights, passengers, subsidies...).
    For years, we keep hearing that INI is severely neglected because of BEG and that people in the airline business never had the "eye" for the numerous possibilities possible from Niš Airport. I just want to know is there any truth to these stories?

    In my mind, the economics are just not there. Niš is 2 hours by car from Belgrade and not really the cradle of prosperity these days. We may see regular flights from INI but only when the entire country is back on its feet. Until then, charters only, perhaps some lowcost flights as well (without subsidies). If we are to have professional management in the airline business, that would also have to mean "no sentimental moves" and if in this case that says "no flights from INI", so be it.

    It would be useful to organize proper shuttle bus service to BEG, in cooperation with one of the tour operators, comfortable express buses from the cities in the south... that would suffice.

    1. Anonymous22:20

      Agreed. Southern Serbia is a complete economics mess these days. The spending isn't there to justify frequent flights.

  11. Anonymous21:29

    I think that Air Serbia could easily do something like BEG-ZRH-INI-ZRH-BEG.

    1. for sure.

      or something like INI-BEG-VIE-INI-IST-INI-BEG

  12. Anonymous01:30

    Fokker has always been the wrong plane for INI. Can't see why JAT couldn't operate the flights under the same conditions (read:subsidies) with ATR via BEG. which, unlike TGD, is on the way to much of Europe (except perhaps Italy). Nis would have better links to Europe, which could promote more flying and jump start the economy, which in turn would increase INI passengers, and therefore BEG numbers, while JAT could even turn some profit on the route due to lower operating cost, and ,finally, money stays in Serbia. All parties are public entities (JU, BEG, INI, Nis). But then again, this is Serbia.


    1. Anonymous01:34

      meant to say public sector entities, government or state owned enterprises.

    2. Anonymous02:53

      Most commentators seem to have no problem with subsidizing dead businesses.
      I dont know if its commie mentality or pure incompetence but
      i would never let them get hand on my money for sure!
      Serbia reminds me on a household where they have always money for cigarettes but you will never get a warm meal.

    3. sorry, but your idea is too logical for Serbia.


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