Record growth for Sarajevo Airport

Boom time at Sarajevo Airport

Sarajevo Airport has recorded strong passenger growth in August on top of its busiest post war day. It handled 79.796 passengers, an increase of 31.2% compared to the same month last year. On August 31 some 3.600 people passed through the airport, making it its busiest 24 hours since it reopened its doors on August 16, 1996. The growth is being led by a significant increase in flight operations to and from Sarajevo. This year Bosnia and Herzegovina’s busiest airport welcomed the arrival of Pegasus Airlines from Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen Airport, making it a popular alternative to Turkish Airlines and B&H Airlines. Over the summer, Turkish Airlines significantly increased its number of operations, totalling a record of eighteen weekly flights during peak season.

In August Kuwait Airways inaugurated its seasonal flights to the Bosnian capital, competing against Eastern SkyJets which is also operating regular charters from Kuwait City. Adria also operated several charters to Sarajevo this summer, carrying tourists transiting on flights to and from Kuwait. Sarajevo Airport could soon see the arrival of Alitalia as the Italian carrier is considering the city as part of its push to seize new international opportunities and streamline connections. Furthermore, Norwegian Air Shuttle has converted its seasonal summer service from Stockholm to Sarajevo to year long flights. In the first eight months of the year Sarajevo Airport welcomed 453.324 passengers, an increase of 15.1% compared to the same period last year.

Echoing the strong passenger growth, Sarajevo Airport’s finances also improved in the first half of the year with the airport recording a profit of 801.203 euros. Last year the airport was operating with a loss of 1.3 million euros. Recently, the CEO of Sarajevo Airport, Ivica Veličan, said, “Sarajevo has never been better connected with Europe and the rest of the world. Now you can be in any European city every day and every morning with just a single stop”.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    Check the headline :) and correct pls.
    Sarajevo <3

  2. Anonymous10:51

    Go SJJ! Great news!

  3. Purgercic12:14

    When is Air Serbia new website gonna become available?

    1. Anonymous12:29

      Do you have to ask this every day? It will become available when it becomes available. You could have asked it in the topic yesterday. This is about SJJ.

    2. Anonymous14:58

      people on posts about Belgrade and air Serbia talked about SJJ.. So calm down, off topics are allowed....

      BTW when will code shares go into affect for air Serbia flights through Europe and the whole region with Etihad? I feel like it will be after the new airplanes arrive just so better service can be assured.

  4. Does anyone have skopje airport number for august ??? Tnx...

  5. Armageddon15:17

    Dear Administrator Ex-Yu Aviation,
    I appreciate your blog and you efforts to keep it into a former Jugoslavija framework despite several tries of bloggers to turn it just to a serbian blog and write off topics when the matter doesn't cross with the current argue but serbian.
    Thanks indeed.

    1. Anonymous16:13

      what about with Belgrade's results and Jat's results from yesterday - people posted and discussed Sarajevo's impressive numbers.....

      it goes 2 ways, champ. check your facts before talking shit.

      but yes, good job admin.

    2. Anonymous16:20

      God will people give us Serbs a break. The reason why there are so many posts about Serbia is because there is most going on there. Especially now when Air Serbia is here.

    3. I don't see a problem either, just because there is not much going on somewhere, and someone want's to ask something, does it mean he/she should wait their turn, when an appropriate topic is set...

      If it were like that, most of the news about some exYu countries would remain without any comment..

      So if someone wants to focus on a specific country, I would suggest him to make his own blog.. all everyone will be happy.

      I for one, only read the comments cuz i expect to find some interesting off-topics.

    4. Anonymous22:58


  6. Anonymous16:16

    Contrary to Sarajevo, Banjaluka Airport's shackled by bribery and corruption.

  7. zoki17:41

    What are the frequencies TK and Pegasus have planned for winter?

    1. Turkish: 2 daily flights
      Pegasus: 1 daily flight
      B&H Airlines: 1 daily flight

    2. Sarajevo, could you update us on any other winter changes?

      As always I've heard a lot of speculation concerning BH Airlines, Alitalia and even Aeroflot..

    3. zoki19:49

      ^ That looks really good!
      Sarajevo is obviously doing well for them.

    4. @BO
      I will replay tomorrow! Greedz

    5. @BO

      Following routes will be operated from SIA during WS13/14:

      Istanbul - 27 weekly flights with 737-800 / A321 / ATR-72
      Munich - 7 weekly f. with A320
      Ljubljana - 5 weekly f. with CRJ9
      Belgrade - 7 weekly f. with 737-300
      Vienna - 14 weekly f. with A320
      Copenhagen - 4 weekly f. with ATR72
      Zurich - 4 weekly f. with ATR72
      Zagreb - 11 weekly f. with DH4 / A319
      Cologne - 3 weekly f. with A319
      Stuttgart - 1 weekly f. with A319
      Stockholm - 1 weekly f. with 737-800

    6. Anonymous21:19

      Good news for SJJ, no new carriers though ..

      CPH will only be 2x/weekly with BH Airlines
      Munich will be with Embraer195
      and Vienna is only 12x weekly during Winter

  8. Anonymous20:29

    Still one of the most expensive cities to get to in Europe.

    Would suggest direct flights to London, Paris, Madrid and Rome are what is needed to encourage economic growth.

  9. Anonymous21:16

    Seems that Pegasus cannot make their BEG operations as successful
    as their other routes(especially SJJ)..
    Four times a week is planned againt 14+3 with TK and dailies with Air Serbia.
    Wouldnt be surprised if they drop out next summer from that route.
    Especially when you consider JU launching directs to Tel Aviv,Beirut and Cairo.

    1. Anonymous22:49

      yes but however, it is a growing market, Air Serbia will cater for more transit passengers going through Belgrade while Pegasus will focus more on O&D and many other destinations where Air Serbia is not present in the middle east (for transit pax to BEG).

      I doubt they will drop out.. even though they are not increasing frequencies, they have decent loads which should only grow with increasing demand and business, especially during the summer (next year).

    2. Anonymous02:36

      The new JU will force out the airlines that do not know really what they want in Belgrade.
      Germanwings to Stuttgart will pull out definitely.
      Also Norwegian with their minimal presence.
      Also Qatar and Pegasus make no sense at all.
      Wizzair only seems to wait for Easyjet to have reasons for a cutback and Alitalia has such massive financial problems that they will follow the path of Malev and Spanair.

  10. Does anyone know how various teams reached Slovenia for Eurobasket? I am sure teams such as the Serbian and the Croatian ones went by bus but what about the others? Did they all use Ljubljana or did some fly into Maribor?

    Was there any increase in capacity/frequency during this period? Seems that quite a lot of fans travelled to Slovenia, at least the ones in the Balkan/Baltic B group did.

  11. Anonymous00:58

    Great news for Sarajevo....keep it up hopefully some new airlines come in and B&H Airlines gets bought by someone so they can get more routes going.


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