Trade Air launching scheduled flights

Trade Air to launch Osijek - Zagreb on September 30

Croatian charter airline Trade Air has delivered on its promise and will launch its first scheduled service next week with five weekly Osijek - Zagreb flights. Trade Air put tickets on sale for the new service yesterday and they are available for purchase on the Croatia Airlines website. The charter airline was awarded a contract by the Croatian Ministry for Sea Transport and Infrastructure to operate the domestic route over the next three years. In the coming period the airline will also launch Rijeka - Split - Dubrovnik - Rijeka flights. Croatia Airlines has previously refused to operate the service from Osijek stating it was unprofitable to do so.

The flights from Osijek will operate with a leased Embraer 120 aircraft from Budapest Air Service with the capacity to seat thirty passengers. “Initially we will use an Embraer 120 but we will consider introducing our own aircraft on the route as well. This certainly represents a new segment and strategic turnaround for our company. We are extremely happy that these routes will emphasise a new level of cooperation with Croatia Airlines, considering that the ticket sale will take place through their distribution system, therefore, making tickets available for sale in all countries and enabling passengers connections through Croatia Airlines’ hub”, Trade Air CEO, Marko Cvijin said.

The long awaited service from Osijek gives hope to the airport which will no longer be deserted during the winter months. Flights from Osijek to the Croatian capital have been in the works for over a year now. “This is a really big challenge for Trade Air and Osijek Airport. It opens many business opportunities and we will give our best to meet expected targets. I'm glad we're in this together with Trade Air with whom we have a long and successful cooperation”, Osijek Airport CEO, Domagoj Marinić noted.

The Osijek - Zagreb service will be inaugurated on Monday, September 30. Tickets are on sale on the Croatia Airlines website at 49.5 euros. Soon tickets will also be available for purchase via the Trade Air website. Trade Air, launched in 1994, has two Fokker F100 jets in its fleet. Flights details for the Osijek - Zagreb service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous12:28

    price strategy
    Less expensive ticket 1 way and 2 ways?

  2. Anonymous12:54

    For all domestic flights return ticket = one way + one way ticket. No discounts on return, no higher prices for one way.

  3. Finally! :-) If peoples from the Balkans didn't suffer from megalomania, airlines would have acquired smaller regional aircraft a long time ago and this would be old news. I wish there were more items of news like this. What is interesting is that flights will be sold as OU flights thus reducing the distribution costs for Trade Air.

  4. Anonymous17:16

    Mutti Merkel wird Kroatien bestrafen müssen !
    You dont go into EU ...
    You have to crawl on your knees.
    Serbia should not expect better treatment.

  5. Anonymous19:46

    Let's see how it works. Osijek - Zagreb is like 2 hours by car (highway).

    Off topic, but it seems that gates A1-A3 at BEG have the new air bridges and are back in action.

    1. Yupp and here is a picture of the gates. In my opinion they look really nice. I don't know if they replaced C6 as well.

  6. Anonymous20:01

    JU joins EY's alliance. OU teams up with Trade Air. :D

    1. Anonymous03:32

      EY does not have alliance, and JU was not joined, but sold to EY to prevent bankruptcy!

    2. I think he was referring to the alliance of airlines that are owned by Etihad. Plus, most businesses are sold in order to prevent bankruptcy.

    3. Anonymous10:43

      @Anon 3.32
      There's this thing called "Equity alliance", you know. No need to be bitter.

    4. Anonymous17:38

      @AnonymousSeptember 22, 2013 at 10:43 AM

      Yes Ethiad has all the equity and they're owners of the alliance. no need to be bitter.

    5. Anonymous18:45

      ^Actually, they have 49% of JU, but carry on.


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