Wizz Air to discontinue Belgrade - Oslo service

Wizz Air’s Belgrade - Oslo flights fail to sell

The low cost airline Wizz Air will discontinue services from Belgrade to Oslo’s secondary airport Sandefjord in Torp, only five months after the route was originally launched on May 31. In a comment to the “Aviokarta” portal, Wizz Air said, “The service to Oslo will not be discontinued but will be suspended during the winter”. As a result, the two weekly flights to the Norwegian capital have been turned into a seasonal summer service. Wizz Air competed against Norwegian Air Shuttle on the route, which operates flights to Belgrade from Norway’s main airport - Oslo Gardermoen. Wizz Air will suspend its Oslo - Belgrade service at the end of the 2013 summer season, in late October.

Wizz Air boosted its services from Belgrade this year, basing a second aircraft in the city. As a result, the airline has seen passenger numbers surge from the city over 50% so far this year. In August alone, the no frills airline handled over 56.000 passengers to and from the Serbian capital with the recently launched service to Paris Beauvais being its busiest.

The only destination Wizz Air had previously discontinued from Belgrade was Rome. The flights to the Italian capital were, similarly to the Oslo service, turned into seasonal flights before they were completely discontinued. Wizz Air sighted high seasonality on the route for its failure.

Wizz Air intends to expand in the coming months throughout the former Yugoslavia with the introduction of a second aircraft in Skopje and the launch of new flights to Charleroi, Beauvais and Frankfurt Hahn next spring. Furthermore, the low cost airline will maintain its newly launched flights to Tuzla in Bosnia over the winter and intends to expand its operation in the country to Sarajevo. Recently, the mayor of Ohrid, in Macedonia, announced the town is prepared to subsidise Wizz Air flights from St. Paul the Apostle Airport to several destinations in Western Europe next summer.


  1. Nikola09:37

    realno, ko će da leti BEG-TRF kada ima DY BEG-OSL za iste pare (samo avio karta)

  2. Anonymous10:27

    It's great to see that the new A1, A2 and A3 gates have been put into action!

  3. Anonymous10:57

    Also new C6 jet-bridge will be functioning in five days.

  4. Honestly, I can't wait to see wizz air to be kicked out from BEG and bring back normal airliner such as BA so that we have from BEG JU and BA fly to LHR. I really wonder what kind of people do fly on wizz air when they have a nicer alternatives.

    1. Anonymous11:29

      HA, im flying with them !

    2. Anonymous11:32

      SQ26 u sound like a pretentious prick honestly. have fun in your business longue and stfu

    3. Anonymous11:48

      SQ26, isn't it better for you that all the lowlife scum flies on Wizz so that you don't have to look at them while flying your fancy legacy airlines?

    4. Anonymous11:48

      I do not know exactly what kind of people fly on Wizz Air, but there will be more than 450.000 of them flying Wizz Air from/to Belgrade this year.

    5. SQ2612:21

      I just believe that a low cost airline should be on INI or batajnica airport or any other airport in Serbia but not on main airport.

    6. Anonymous12:23

      I agree with SQ26. Wizz Air is in most cases not that cheaper when compared to other airlines. Naturally, unless you are ready to book your flight months in advance... which most people are not.
      Anyway, I don't see Wizz Air expanding in Belgrade any more. In my opinion they reached their maximum.

    7. Anonymous12:45


      HAHA even SINGAPORE (to come back to your name) has LOTS OF low cost. U are so ridiculous in your statements

      CDG, MAD, BCN , FCO .... they all have low cost

      not to say that BEG at the moment looks worse then some low cost airports but thats another story ..

    8. Nikola13:06


      in order to make BJY operational (and so econoimical viable), you must have on BEG at least 5-7 million pax. this year BEG will reach 50% its capacity (T2 5 mil, T1 approx 2 mil, which makes approx. 7 mil). even if BEG reaches 75% its capacity within next 2-3 years, money for BJY (if there was some, but there's none as far as I know) should be used to expand BEG (to at least 10-12 mil). that expansion should include a separate terminal for either LCC or for JU (and its partners).
      as for W6 expansion, there is place for it. there are still unused routes that can attract O&D pax (BCN rings a bell?, TRN, VRN).
      as for INI, well there are some routes that could be served from there (BSL, PAR, LON, FRA, ZRH, LON). W6 can make (if they want to) some routes to be BEG-dest-INI-dest-BEG

    9. Anonymous13:14

      What makes you think they can make TRN and VRN work when they failed in FCO which is an incomparably larger market?
      Furthermore, you mentioned three destinations out of Belgrade. They need much more than three in order to warrant an additional aircraft in Belgrade.

    10. Anonymous13:17

      'HAHA even SINGAPORE (to come back to your name) has LOTS OF low cost. U are so ridiculous in your statements'

      Actually, you are more ridiculous for comparing Belgrade and Singapore...

    11. Nikola13:26

      "What makes you think they can make TRN and VRN work when they failed in FCO which is an incomparably larger market?"
      TRN and VRN are unserved, whereas FCO was 2 or 3 pw, while both AZ and JU offered 10 flights (now double daily). also, there is significant Serb population in Veneto region, so 2 to 3 weekly flight could be viable (either VRN, VCE or TSF). TRN has some O&D to be utilised twice pw.

      "Furthermore, you mentioned three destinations out of Belgrade. They need much more than three in order to warrant an additional aircraft in Belgrade."

      read my third paragraph, the one about INI

    12. Nikola13:28

      and I forgot, beside disapora, Veneto is also very popular among Serbian tourists

    13. Anonymous13:46


      HAHA even SINGAPORE (to come back to your name) has LOTS OF low cost. U are so ridiculous in your statements"

      Singapore is a mini-state, that cannot afford to vaste land for two airports.. Besides, low costs in Singapore are having their own terminal, with no chance to develope any kinf of connecting business. Not to speak about the service. Singapore airport legacy terminals are best in the world since year. Sinapore airport low cost temrinal looks like a barn.

    14. BA88816:25

      Fully agree with SQ26.

      I had a misfortune to use W6 only once and I wish them all the best serving their niche market.

      But you should spend some tome reading about them on Skytrax (and read about "new" cabin baggage rules), cramped seats etc...which is just below par for eny European LCC.

    15. Anonymous18:40

      ^ BA888,
      Would you fly Easyjet if they would open for example Stansted - Belgrade?

    16. BA88820:52

      Yes. I would. Easy is one of the most decent ones amongst the lot.

    17. SQ2622:41

      Speaking of BA888 i do remember that flight very well. It used to be the best line from BEG to LHR especially since it had a great time to connect to a JFK flight. I am still missing BA in BEG :(

    18. BA88823:07

      Oh...tell me about it. Still remember learning about them suspending BA while I was in Serbia and taking my last flight to LHR in Oct. 2010. I am afraid it well never happen again :-(

    19. Anonymous23:18

      You guys should get together, cuddle and discuss this further. :)

    20. love is in the air...23:58

      :D <=3

    21. BA88800:17

      And what about two of you?
      Jealous? Unfulfilled dreams of ever entering BA aircraft?

    22. Anonymous10:58


  5. Anonymous13:08

    Wizz Air also have bases at Bucharest, Budapest, Sofia, Skopje airports. Why shouldn't they have a base at Belgrade airport ?

  6. Anonymous13:34

    I love low cost...
    And i have to say that i am very happy that Wizzair is doing good at BEG!
    And they do good BECAUSE they skip unprofitable routes like to Oslo!

    I would love to see Wizz opening new routes from Belgrade.
    Barcelona and Hamburg-Lubeck comes to my mind.
    Easyjet and Pegasus are also highly welcome!

  7. Purger14:10

    LCC have basis in airports like London Gatwick, Manchester, Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris CDG, Madrid, Barcelona, Milano Malpensa, Vienna, Budapest, Oslo, Dusseldorf, Berlin... so why not to have one in Belgrade?

  8. Purger14:17

    Official Croatia Airlines report for the first 8 months of 2013. (not public one):
    - 7% manje letova nego u istom razdoblju lani
    - pilota 9,4% manje nego lani (lani 141, sada 133), no od tih 133 čak 10 ih je na neplaćenom (4 u Air Berlinu, 4 u Bellairu i 2 samostalno)
    - 202 kabinca (u 2012. 243)
    - 4,3 posade na Airbusu su odradile sezonu (prošle godine 5,4) i 5,2 na Q400 (prošle godine 5,6)
    - 46 djelatnika otišlo, 6 novo zaposlenih
    - na Airbusu povećanje naleta 15%

    - odrađeno je 13 A checkova i 6 C chekova
    - od ove godine CTN tehnika će sama raditi D check (kažu da imaju znanja za to), te će istime uštedjeti 220.000 EUR po avionu
    - dogovoreno 1 pregled za Thomas Cook, 2 za Lufthansu i 6 C checkova za druge kompanije, pregovara se i sa Air Balticom i sa Austrianom
    - planira se izgadnja i 3. hangara, završena studija, investicija od 17,5 milijuna kuna vratila bi se u 7 godina, no isti bi već sada bio pun iduće 2 godine (kako je ovdje moguće širiti se, ali flota se mora smanjivati?!?!?!?!?!?!)
    - traži se investitor za hangar, komercijalni kredit ili bi se sa MORH-om dogovorilo ustupanje hangara gdje bi se servisirali Q400 - BRAVO!!!!

    - pad prodaje 13% (a samo 7% manje letova ?!?!?!?!?!)
    - netto gubitak manji 74% nego prošle godine (ovo uzimam sa zrnom soli, u stvari sa cijelom solanom na Pagu!!!!!)

    - Ugovor sa Airbusom odgođen na period od 2017. do 2020.
    - sale and leasback poslan na 37 kompanija, pristiglo 13 ponuda

    - sa Garudom se pregovara
    - nov management u Garudi, ambiciozni planovi, državna kompanija no izlaze na burzu, rastu 24% godišnje, smatraju da mogu više
    - bili na blacklisti, loš image još uvijek
    - žele pokrenuti linije za LHR i CDG, uz AMS koji trenutno imaju
    - preko ZAG vide mogućnost linije za SAD (stop u ZAG)
    - sa njima otišli najdalje u razgovorima, interes pokazali još i Hainan, te China Eastern
    - ako bi nas kupila Garuda izašli bi iz Stara i ušli u Sky Team (Garuda ulazi 2014. u Sky Team)
    - u Europi nema interesa za CTN

    1. Anonymous14:50

      Hvala :)

    2. Anonymous16:46

      Please could you translate as not everybody understands croatian

    3. Purger16:53

      Really don't have time... sorry...

    4. Anonymous18:36

      ^ If you want i translate you Purgers text into Bosnian and Serbian language...
      ; )

  9. JU520 BEGLAX16:01

    Thanks Purger
    very interesting. Did they start building the new terminal in ZAG?
    Pozdrav fm ZRH

    1. Purger16:50

      Of course not... don't be ridiculous :-)

  10. Aэrologic20:41

    Croatia Airlines crash in Zurich, DH8 involved, nose-gear up on landing, traffic at airport closed after MAYDAY declared, emergency called-off after landing. Evacuation as normal, damage to the a/c unknown, more info to come.

    1. OU's new slogan: Welcome to reality21:41

      ...and someone was talking about the "great Croatia's maintenance" today...

      Funny how we used to hear all those stories about Jat's "flying junkyard", without a single similar incident.

      Welcome to OU's reality.

    2. SQ2622:23

      I am a Serbian and what happened to OU is not a joke at all. I just cannot believe that there are some people that are lets say happy because a OU had an incident. Also speaking of reality neither of EX-YU countries are good and what happened to a OU today it should be a warning and a lesson to everyone in a region.

    3. Aэrologic00:53


    4. Anonymous01:21

      Jat had 6 incidents, 2 of them fatal with 78 passangers and crew killed.

      Just last 2 incidents:

      4 October 2009 Boeing 737-300
      YU-ANV; The aircraft overran Istanbul's Atatürk Airport runway while landing en route from Belgrade by 50 metres. All 125 passengers and six crew were safely evacuated.

      21 December 2009 Boeing 737-300: The aircraft suffered a mid-air engine failure when according to witnesses a piece of fuselage detached and flew into the engine causing sparkles, flames and subsequent shut down of the engine. Due to unstable weather conditions in Istanbul the plane diverted and made a safe emergency landing in Sofia.

    5. Anonymous10:55

      No. Jat had no fatal incidents. On the other hand JAT did, it was a completely different airline and the two fatal crashes occurred during the SFR Yugoslav era.

      You do realize that the two you mentioned were four years ago? Nothing serious had happened since then, at least nothing which brought passengers in direct threat.

    6. Anonymous10:55

      What are you trying to prove dragging Jat into this post?
      Yes, they had 2 fatal accidents 40 years ago, and we all know how they happened: one was a terrorist attack and the other mistake of control tower at TGD.
      What's that got to do with todays post only you know.

  11. http://avherald.com/h?article=46918e03&opt=021:58

    "Accident: Croatia DH8D at Zurich on Sep 27th 2013, nose gear up landingBy Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Sep 27th 2013 18:24Z, last updated Friday, Sep 27th 2013 18:39Z

    A Croatia Airlines de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration 9A-CQC performing flight OU-464 from Zagreb (Croatia) to Zurich (Switzerland) with 60 passengers and 4 crew, was on approach to Zurich's runway 14 when the crew went around reporting they had an unsafe nose gear indication, the nose gear appeared to be blocked. The aircraft entered a hold at 9000 feet, then declared Mayday reporting they needed to land without nose gear. Zurich Airport halted all traffic in preparation for the emergency. About 40 minutes after aborting the first approach the aircraft landed on runway 14 safely without nose gear and came to a stop on the runway on main gear and nose section of the aircraft, emergency services reported everything appeared under control from the outside, people could disembark slowly. The crew advised both engines were shut down, a few minutes later the crew advised all passengers had disembarked, everything was safe on board."

  12. Anonymous22:07

    So what will this mean for their operations tomorrow?

    1. Anonymous01:24

      No problem, CTF is still in ZAG, can be use instead of Q400 (they use it for several times as backup plane during September).


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