Air Serbia project “on schedule”

Serbian government confident in new look national carrier

With eleven days left until Air Serbia’s official reveal and only twelve days until the airline launches operations, the Serbian Ministry for Transport says the Air Serbia project is on schedule and the strategic partnership between the Serbian government and Etihad Airways will be fully functional from January 1, 2014. The Assistant for air transport at the Ministry for Transport, Milutin Popović, says, “The creation of the new company is progressing swiftly. All parts of the agreement are being respected while some are even ahead of schedule”. Mr. Popović adds that the country’s entire aviation industry will profit from the new look company.

Commenting on Air Serbia’s recent decision to hire its own line maintenance staff, making it independent from Jat Tehnika, Mr. Popović believes the maintenance company won’t lose its biggest customer and will continue to provide base maintenance for Air Serbia. The ministry also believes Jat Catering will profit from the rebranded Serbian carrier. “A team from Etihad’s catering division is currently in Belgrade and onboard dining will be significantly above existing standards”, Mr. Popović says. As EX-YU Aviation News learns, Air Serbia will provide three different onboard catering products divided between ultra short haul flights (up to an hour), short haul flights and medium haul flights.

As preparations for the new look airline are underway, all Jat Airways employees will undergo testing this week. Employees will be tested on general knowledge, problem solving, English language and some will be interviewed as well. It is unknown how the testing, or its subsequent results, will affect employees. The Union of Jat Airways Employees has said the testing in unlawful and has asked how it will impact on the status of employees. An external company will carry out the testing which begins today.


  1. Anonymous09:13

    Does seem a bit odd they are testing employees. What's the point?

    1. Anonymous09:45

      They're testing them out to filter workers from the communist style "self managers" that nobody needs.

    2. Anonymous12:09

      The point is that etihad's administration has no clue what to with JU. They are rather confused with the behaviour of Serbian government, and have mistaken the absence of any interest of the government to substantioally coadministrate company with some permit to act as on the wild west styled business - prohibited in the eu, maybe usual in the usa, as there were no laws in Serbia. One proof more that serbia is not a real country. next time the microsoft is coming perhaps they can let him put the employees work 14 hours a day or something like that.

    3. Anonymous01:22

      Microsoft is already in Serbia and they do very good work and expanding rapidly by putting much less than 14 hours per day (and yes, those guys do pay all taxes, on time)

  2. Anonymous10:08

    hahah unlawful..... but having the staff tell travellers to shut up and be abrubtly rude was perfectly fine..... Welcome to profit making business.... they all want work but dont wanna work for it

  3. Anonymous10:27

    OT: Etihad's A330, on flight from Abu Dhabi to land at "Nikola Tesla" today (source

    1. Anonymous11:09

      Currently over the heart of Bulgaria:

    2. Anonymous12:03

      "AnonymousOctober 14, 2013 at 10:08 AM
      hahah unlawful..... but having the staff tell travellers to shut up and be abrubtly rude was perfectly fine..... Welcome to profit making business.... they all want work but dont wanna work for it"

      Your comment is nothing more than primitive. It was always legal to fire a cabin crew member who acts unprofessionally. It could be done in the legal manner as it could have been done 5, 15 or 25 years ago in the same way. What is unlegal is to bring up the all current employees in the position as if they have to find a new job in the company although they already have a job. They can be fired within the provision of labour statute, but this what we are whitnessing is far more than that.

    3. Anonymous23:07

      Yes, it was legal to fire a bad worker, but when was this actually done? In Serbian state-owned enterprises (which included Jat), there was no sense of responsibility of employees for anything for the past 20 years. Maybe if your actions killed someone you'd be fired, but not even that if you were politically correct.

      There is nothing "unlawful" about the testing. Jat Airways is gone de facto, this company is essentially bankrupt and bye-bye. Air Serbia will legally be the same company with a name change, but on the inside it will be completely new. And the fact is, everyone who is fired WILL be fired according to Serbian labour laws. For some reason you think it's better to just get fired according to the law, instead of first being tested, and maybe not fired, and if fired, again fired according to the law?

      First, before the testing even began, there was an offer for leaving the company under conditions better than the legal minumum. Then the employees will be tested, and some will be offered new positions (which they don't have to accept). Those not offered, and those who refuse, can AGAIN leave the company voluntarily under beneficial conditions...and ONLY THEN will the remainder be fired, all according to the law.

      So what is the problem? Did the union prefer to have the company bankrupt completely, go into insolvency proceedings, thereby eliminating ALL jobs at once in one swoop?

      Or did they assume they could just continue to suck Serbian tax-payers of their money forever?

    4. Anonymous23:08

      lapsus linguae - I meant politically protected, not politically correct.

    5. Anonymous02:07

      you know, in a state that functions, law is not just some bunch of sentences, it is rather a meaningfull regulation in regarding of different party interestes. so there is a big value in every rule of law state that all laws should be implemented. if you state that there is some parallel story happening, than you are admiting, that something is done behind or over the law. ne moze i jare i pare: serbian government and Etihad could choose to close JAT and build out a new company: to loose the codes, to loose slots, and also to get read of all those demonious employees where are talking about. However they choose to keep the company, and that´s exectly why they also have to keep on the laws regulating the labor within exicting companies. And those laws are clear: employees working for longer then 6 months are always to be concidered as "permanent employees" who may just be fired on particular and precise reason. There has to be "resenje o otkazu", where the employer says "daje se otkaz, zbog neredovnog pojavljivanja na radnom mestu i vise lose zavrsenih zadataka koji su bili povereni od strane neposredno nadrejdenog". On the other hand, Etihad is trying to give no reasons, no "resenje", and just to make a fiction that all employees are searching for the job in JAT/JU/Air Serbia again.

    6. Anonymous15:15

      Since you are so well versed in Serbian labour law, you no doubt know that there is another grounds for dismissal from work, and it's called "tehnoloski visak" - meaning, some employees are just surplus, it's not necessarily that they are bad or not coming to work, but the company has no need for them.

      Jat has surplus employees. It has more people than it needs. There is a lot of "tehnoloski visak". When you need X employees, but have X+Y employees, you want to fire, not Y employees at random, but the Y employees which are of least value to the company. The testing is done to determine who will stay. Who is among the X, and who among the Y.

      Those who are fired WILL get severance payments according to the law. If the company was liquidated through bankruptcy proceedings, do you know how many severance payments there would be? Exactly zero, because in bankruptcy court, employees are second last in line to get anything from the bankrupt company (the last in line are the owners).

      So what exactly is illegal?

      The complaints are from people who thought they had a job for life and that once they reached a certain status in the company, that no one could touch them. Well, guess what, socialist self-management died 20 years ago. Welcome to the capitalist private sector.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX11:04

    Arr gate B and no dep gate yet. Means what? will the 332 be parked at landstand position and pax bussed to the a/c
    so if yes than wondering why no gatestand position. The C gates they still shld be ok to accept widebodies or did that change sometimes in the past 10 years?

    1. Anonymous11:10

      Yes, they will have to take the bus to the terminal building. I do not know why they did not use the C gates. I remember when the president of Azerbaijan was in Belgrade his B767 was parked at the C gates with no problems at all.

    2. Nikola12:10

      they are departing from C4

    3. Aэrologic12:51

      Perhaps they were delivering/unloading some cargo, that's why the A330 could have been sent.

    4. JU520 BEGLAX13:00

      But then where did they get the PMCs or LD3s from? U need to prebuilt, means u wld need to truck empty equipment from a widebody EY station. Closest wld be ATH....

  5. JU520 BEGLAX11:10

    Also will they re use inbound pax LD3s for the outbound bags again which will mean lots of hectics in the bag sort room
    what about cargo? Loaded inbound/outbound on what? If any at all?
    Does someones knows paxloads for in and out?

  6. Anonymous11:15

    OT: two days ago, i was riding a bicycle around the airport and was shocked with what i saw... bottles, plastic bags, dirty like nowhere.. and for a years there is noone to say:hello, its soooo dirty round there.. especially on the road from ledine to the airport.. so, am wondering who is going to clean it all up? ever..

    1. Anonymous12:02

      And when I said so 3 months ago, I was proclaim as National enemy no 1.

    2. Anonymous13:30

      i agree on bottles and garbage, but find a bicycle ride on the airport ground also unappropirate. the whole part of surcin-municipality around the airport needs urgently a total reurbanisation.

  7. Anonymous11:17

    The airport's website shows that Etihad will be docked at gate C4.

  8. Maybe Sheik is coming , mr Vucic announced his arrival in Serbia

    1. Anonymous11:24

      Yes but why would he fly on a scheduled flight when he has a fancy fleet of governmental aircraft.

    2. I was joking

  9. Crew11:28

    They are testing the employees so they can have an excuse to discard them and employ more girls with a lot of legs and other physical stuff but less brain. Arabic way.

    1. Anonymous11:59

      the way they are treating the employees now is totally illegal regarding the serbian labour law. but serbia is not a country anyway. not to speak about the rule of law.

    2. Anonymous12:04

      Ooooo, you did wake up... but that is just a start!

    3. Anonymous12:05

      If Natasa Kandic can slap her employees and get away with it then I see nothing wrong with Etihad/Air Serbia doing the same. ;)

    4. JU520 BEGLAX12:24

      I know some people working for QR cabin. It will def be a new experience for former JAT employees to work now under arabic management. For example QR F/As are not even allowed to smoke, also not in private. Or they have this inflight reporting system. Each F/A has to report mistakes of other F/As seen during a flight. Imagine what working atmosphere this creats.
      And if a F/A gets charged and grounded for some reasons, then they confiscate passport to avoid travelling abroad.
      QR has a very strict regime in place. But of course no one is forced to work for them

    5. Anonymous13:43

      Lets just not mix up two things: it´s clear for everyone that behaviour of ex-state-owned-company employees have to be changed in so many way after the introducing other kind of corporative culture and management. As far as I know people from JAT, they never had a problem with standing up early, coming to work regulary and for many of them "bolovanje" was more a night mare than a strategy of prolonging the holliday. Many years ago it was a company with good working atmosphere, because aviation is not a kind of business where you can waist your time to much. On the other hand, so many things have to be changed: the new corporative culture demands other kind of authority, less selfadministration, more team work.

      SO, SURE ENOUGH, it will be and it has to be a schock for many employees. some of them will get along, some of them not, but there is nothing illigal or inmoral with that kind of changes.

      HOWEVER, Serbia is still a European country, having signed so many agreements of the Councel of Europe on human rights and labour issues. Serbia is also one of the founders of International Labour Organisation and afterall, although not in the EU we share with Germans, Swediish people, Italians, France and so on some common undestanding of human working place - we have quite comparable legislation on working hours, hollidays, firing and so on. And what we are now watching is Etihad´s administration trying to act in JU as it was India or Emirates - well knowed for bad employee´s position.

      Lets just not mix those two things up: bringing a new corporative culture, doesn´t mean "hajdukovanje", it has to happen within the laws of this countries and international agreements we have signed, the same way as it would happen in Germany, Hungary or Italy. This is issue is far ahead the simple position of JU employees. It´s a principal issue of Serbia belonging to Europe or to irrational and unjustice labour systems of Asia.

    6. Anonymous14:32

      I work for the regional ILO office in Beirut. Testing of employees is regular practice. Especially if they are doubts that they do not meet functional competencies needed for a job. There is no such a thing as permanent contract in the EU and developed world, so making a reference to the EU laws, ILO regulations is not correct.From what I know, Air Serbia needs to make some more cuts and there is no better way than to test employees and keep those who are the most competent in the company. I have a friend working on Air Serbia project, and apparently new management was unpleasantly surprised with the quality of staff working for JAT. Anything more than basic commands of English was a major challenge and the scariest part is that in-flight safety procedures were "problematic" for many current employees. As always we tend to subscribe to below average quality benchmarks and when somebody wants to make an improvement, that's seen as unlawful

    7. Anonymous19:43

      Hha you are certainly a funny guy?? You work for ILO in Beirut, and beleive that there is no such a deal as pemanent contract in Europe??? Of course there is no a "till life" contract. If you make something wrong you can be fired. But thats the point. You have to make something wrong, to do something bad. It´s forbiden for the employer to put some tests and make an environment as if the current employees are just some outside working force who ist to be hired or not.

    8. Anonymous19:52

      I just cannot believe, that some peopel are so arrogant, and just come here across to put some total lye, like there was no "permanent contract" in Europe. In every single European country (ecxept for UK), the employer needs a certain handfull reason in order fire an employee. - Nobody has ever doubted that Etihad is allowed to fire people who speak no English, or do some other things bad. But Etihad is doing somehting totally different: they make a fiction that there are working positions opened, and that every empßloyee has to make a wish for a three of them. Than they just leave an employee they don´t like without a pisition. So effectivly Etihad is hiring those people again, and avoiding the firing protection proclaimed by the Serbian labour law (and all labour laws in continental Europe).

      And regarding the language in JU. Maybe it did not came across to you, but it is actually the Etihad´s new CEO of JU who does not speak the language of the company, for which all the employess are totally shock. Like in every national comapany, there are people good in English who make international deals, and there are pople working in the office with a domestic language. Whose fault is it that Serbia is not a Arabian country, where you cannot make inpression with English? In France or Italy, both, the boulevard press and intelectuals, would already tear off the management appart for trying to change the domestic corporative languange with English.

    9. Anonymous23:13

      "So effectivly Etihad is hiring those people again, and avoiding the firing protection proclaimed by the Serbian labour law (and all labour laws in continental Europe)."

      No, it is not avoiding anything. The people who will not be "hired again" will be fired according to the law, and before that, they will be offered a package to leave voluntarily, the same one which was offered before the reorganization began.

      The whole deal is extremely fair to Jat employees. The ones complaining are the ones who cannot except that the old Jat failed as a company and that things must change completely.

    10. Anonymous01:53

      Sorry dude, perhaps it is easier for you to imagine that people seeing that something going wrong are just those who cannot ecpet that the "old JAT failed". If you cannot fase the reasons that are brought out here, than maybe this is a wrong discussion for you. There are some laws in this country and whatever company believes that those laws are unfair, is free to make petions, to do lobby work and just try to change those laws. Under this law, every company needs a precize reason for hiring each and every employee. They have to put a "resenje o otkazu" and each and every employee is free to go to court and fight for its right if he feels that unjustice has been done. What Etihad is doing is avoiding of that possibility by making the fiction that those peoples are not his employees and are just arriving for thanking some "free places" in the company.

      Second of all, there is nothing fair in putting a end-of-a-studies test for begginers to men and women with the years of expirience. Tests are there to test someone you have know clue about. Someone who is coming from another company, even maybe state or continent. If someone is employed in your company, you can look at his working record, speak to his previous chefs, demand a mutual recommandations from coworkers and build 20 times better picture of someone´s work than by putting out some test for carrier begginers. So if something is useless it rather looks like a way for maltreating the employees than as a rational employment policy.

      For every and each good employer around the world it is a first task to be fair, to try to pull out the best out of employees and to respect the culture and legal system of the country company is working within it. There are countries such as Germany where "tests" are absolute no-go and an assault to human dignity. People in Serbia also believe that tests are kind of assault, since they don´t have a real connection to someones working skills. There were so many ways to act smarter.

    11. Anonymous16:25

      "What Etihad is doing is avoiding of that possibility by making the fiction that those peoples are not his employees and are just arriving for thanking some "free places" in the company. "

      And where is the proof for this? What we know is this:

      "Inače, do sada se za socijalni program prijavilo više od 200 radnika "Jata", a rok za prijavu produžen je do 20. septembra. Zaposleni, koji nemaju nameru da se prijave na program, imaju mogućnost da konkurišu za tri radna mesta. Ali, ko ne prođe testiranje, odnosno ne ispunjava predviđene uslove, imaće novu šansu za drugi krug socijalnog programa, koji takođe podrazumeva 300 evra po godini radnog staža. "

      Therefore, Jat employees had the option to voluntarily leave the company, being paid 300 EUR per year of experience (the minimum according to the labour law is less than this). Those that remain are being tested. Those who do not pass the testing will AGAIN have the opportunity to leave the company voluntarily, being paid 300 EUR per year of experience. So, basically, there is nothing to lose in going to the testing process.

      Only after that will people actually be fired. So yes, Etihad is trying to avoid being sued for firing people - but not by ignoring the law, but by paying the people it wants to fire to quit voluntarily. Nothing is illegal and no law is being broken. So let's stop this nonsense about how Etihad is trying to go around Serbian labour laws. And yes, at the end, those who do not leave the company voluntarily will have the option to sue Jat/Air Serbia if they want.

    12. Anonymous16:25

      Continuing from above:

      As for tests - there is nothing unfair about them. New owner, new bosses, de facto new company. Jat employees will now be expected to act to a different level then before, and for Etihad they indeed are people "coming from another company and another continent". Just because someone was a satisfactory or even good employee for Jat does not mean he will be a satisfactory (let alone good) employee for Jat. Anyone who has flown Jat and one of the Gulf airlines (whether Etihad or another) will know there is a world of difference in how the two think of customer service, to name just one example.

      The things who suggest for evaluating employees are laughable: ask their previous boss? How is this relevant, when we know that becoming a boss in Jat in the past 10-20 years had more to do with politics than with ability? How can anyone trust the competence of those people? This is especially true for administrative/sales staff. Who are we going to ask for an opinion, the previous CEO of Jat, who is an aviation historian, or his predecessor (one of them) who was a cop? If you forget the management, and ask the people about their colleagues, how do you know they will be objective? They might lie to protect a friend, or to hurt someone they don't like. An objective evaluation is needed, and this is done through testing + interviews will all people who want to stay. Considering the bad state of Jat as a company, which has stayed alive only thanks due to Serbian taxpayers throwing their money into the hole after it, there is nothing unfair about testing. And please, do not make silly comparisons to Germany. Jat is not Lufthansa just like Serbian public sector workers (and Jat was public sector completely until this deal) are not German (of any kind) workers. As old Mr. Pasic used to say, "kakvi ste vi Englezi, takav sam ja Gledston".

      As for "maltreatment" - Jat has "maltreated" the Serbian taxpayer for more than a decade (how much money was thrown after Jat that will never be recovered?), while enjoying some of the most secure and well-paid jobs in the country, not to mention toleration of various kinds of ways to make a "side income". Now they complain when they are given a test? Give me a break.

      Yes, I know, the pilots and cabin crew are least to blame for Jat's ruin, but they are also partly responsible - very few words were heard from them while their salaries were being deposited to their accounts, and they were all part of the system.

      Yours sincerely,
      Self-employed private sector regular Serbian taxpayer and very very frequent Jat customer

  10. Anonymous12:00

    More good news for Belgrade. Tarom will not be reducing its Belgrade flights but they will actually increase them to daily this winter season. In addition to this, they will sign a codeshare with Air Serbia, initially for three weekly flights. I guess after B&H Airlines we have Tarom seeking to work with Air Serbia and to feed its Belgrade hub. Belgrade-Bucharest will be operated two times per day with departures at 09.30 and 13.30.

    I guess these news can put the rumours to rest that Belgrade will never become a regional hub once Air Serbia is established.

    1. JU520 BEGLAX12:07

      Any plans revealed for Term 1 upgrade? Remembering how it was looking back in 1990, I can t imagine that this will satisfy EY standards?
      A hub strategy does not needs a good airline but also the right product on the ground

    2. Anonymous12:09

      Actually, during Utisak Nedelje last night, that thief Dinkic said that the minister of economy, Radulovic, is stalling some bureaucratic process in relation to Etihad's takeover of Air Serbia. Maybe they will not make any major infrastructure investment until all of that is taken care of? Then again, we should take anything Dinkic says with a bucked of salt.

    3. Anonymous12:46

      Air Serbia will deploy its A319 to OTP in summer!

    4. Anonymous18:33

      Nice to hear that codeshares will stay!
      Also the one with B&H.

  11. JU520 BEGLAX12:01

    What means B7 arrival? VIP entry? Or just a normal busgate? Because dep is C4.
    So there might be really a VIP delegation which will deboard the a/c thru the stairs?

  12. Anonymous12:10

    Another delay? So:
    - no first plane in August, not even in September
    - no 8 planes in October, not all even in December but most of them in March (if than)
    - no 10 new routes in October, but just one, and just 3 in December, rest in April (if than)
    - no new web page and selling ticket in September
    - no deal in October but in 2014 (is 1st January last delay), hm, hm... will we call this Jatovanje or Etihatovanje or Serbairovanje?

    ...or is it easier to call it S(e)ranje

    1. Anonymous12:17

      God, you are full of crap. The official launch is scheduled 11 days from today when the new product will be officially launched. By the end of the year there will be a total of six A319 in the fleet with the first already being fitted with the new interior. The fifth A319 was leased from Volaris just recently and will also join the fleet. New destinations such as Ljubljana, Banja Luka, Prague and Bucharest are already on sale.

      I guess you are just bitter and you are using this last opportunity to bullshit. But it's ok, in a couple of weeks you will have no ground on which to base your argument.

    2. Anonymous13:45

      "With eleven days left until Air Serbia’s official reveal and only twelve days until the airline launches operations, the Serbian Ministry for Transport says the Air Serbia project is on schedule and the strategic partnership between the Serbian government and Etihad Airways will be fully functional from January 1, 2014. "

      Well, after that statement you can put million "good things" from the deal, but this sentance is indicative!

      Six A319 till end of the year? No, information here was that there will be 2 planes in September, and 6 in October, and latter there was information about 4 planes till end of the year, and another 4 in March. Did I miss something? And also there was information about 11 new routes till October, and that it was 1 in October, 4 in December, and most of them in March. True or not?

      Enyhow that is impressive, but I just want to point that it is not so pink as it was presented in begining!

    3. Anonymous14:05

      Why you have to call someone name or that he is full of crap just because he is not thing same as you or he want to show something what is not so good in your «ideal» country. Always when I read your blog whoever disagree with Belgrade or Jat is called a name. You really think that you are only right? Or even if someone is not right or haw wrong information or opinion, you think it is normal to give him a name or insult him? Why you have this need?

    4. Anonymous14:19

      I have that need because the comment was malicious, it was not constructive at all. It just wanted to underplay the effect of Etihad's investment in Jat/Air Serbia.
      Also, you seem not to have a problem with him referring to all this as 'S(e)ranje'. I guess that's fine as long as it's directed against the Serbian national carrier and the country it represents. Double standards.

    5. Anonymous14:21

      to use "full of crap" is not normal! Not in any case!

    6. Anonymous14:28

      Who died and made you the 'normal police'?

  13. Anonymous13:03

    1. Anonymous13:05

  14. JU520 BEGLAX13:20

    Thanks guys

  15. Anonymous13:36

    Is it me or have they cleaned up the area behind the B parking spots? Wasn't there like the fire brigade there with that old DC-9 there?

  16. Anonymous13:39

    Well it seems that Etihad had sent their A330-200 because it needed to transport some things needed for Air Serbia. What kind of equipment are we talking about? Uniforms? lol

    1. Anonymous13:48

      What a big deal. A330 in Belgrade. Wooooowww. Last week there was 3 widebodyes in Zagreb, so??? Noone even mention that. Jesus...

    2. JU520 BEGLAX13:58

      What aircrafts and companies were in ZAG? Every widebody visit in ex YU is a highlight.

    3. Anonymous14:09

      Exactly, the same way it was reported when Kuwait sent their A300-600 to SJJ and when TK sent their A333 to SKP. Ithink the guy has a problem with BEG and Serbia.

    4. Anonymous14:20

      Saudiarabian A330
      Private Jet from Google 767
      Korean Air 777

      and this summer ther was:
      - JAL 777 few times
      - Air China 747 few times
      - Korean 777 few times
      - Qatar A310
      - Canada Air Force A310
      - Air Europa A330
      - El Al 767 - few times
      - Nordwind Airlines 767
      - Antonov Russlan

    5. Anonymous14:37

      Oh wow... :) That's a nice collection of birds, Zagreb must have looked really busy and epic in the summer.

    6. JU520 BEGLAX14:51

      Wow really nice. Just tell us if there is such birds. I never check website of ZAG airport as they dont show ac types and flights are listed for op carrier and codeshare sameway, so u allways have to guess which is now the real operating carrier. In regards to that is really the user friendliest of all the ap sites in ex YU
      i was checking for JL flts in DBV and LJU but did not find any so I guessed they might stopped these flts. As ZRH also had no JL charters this summer. But good to know u had them in Zagreb. Keep up the bird collection :-)

    7. Zagreb is so big city that i need 2 maps when i visit big like one Belgrade suburban ....the most boring city in Europe after Ljubljana

    8. But cheeks are ok

    9. Anonymous18:31

      You mean chicks?!

    10. ops, chicks, thanks

    11. Anonymous00:26

      "Zagreb is so big city that I need 2 maps when I visit big like one Belgrade suburban ....the most boring city in Europe after Ljubljana"

      so typical Serbian prepotent and total unreality. Yes, once someone compare Belgrade to Singapore here. Sapienti sat!

      I presume that 50% more tourists in Zagreb than in Belgrade and mostly from USA; Germany, Japan, Korea, Italy, United Kingdom instead Bosnia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro like in Belgrade is because Zagreb is so boring.

      And you should be shame that Belgrade is so bigger and in same time has smaller GBP than Zagreb. By the way Zagreb is 800.000, and Belgrade 1.200.000. Ooooo, Belgrade is 50% bigger. Wooow, almost like New York comparing to Zagreb.

      At least you should take some fences and paint that Pančevo bridge does not look like Central African.

    12. Anonymous01:41


    13. Anonymous01:42

      counting the state of spirit, and not inhabitants number, even rijeka and split are bigger than zagreb. not to speak about belgrade.

  17. Anonymous13:46

    Lets just not mix up two things: it´s clear for everyone that behaviour of ex-state-owned-company employees have to be changed in so many way after the introducing other kind of corporative culture and management. As far as I know people from JAT, they never had a problem with standing up early, coming to work regulary and for many of them "bolovanje" was more a night mare than a strategy of prolonging the holliday. Many years ago it was a company with good working atmosphere, because aviation is not a kind of business where you can waist your time to much. On the other hand, so many things have to be changed: the new corporative culture demands other kind of authority, less selfadministration, more team work.

    SO, SURE ENOUGH, it will be and it has to be a schock for many employees. some of them will get along, some of them not, but there is nothing illigal or inmoral with that kind of changes.

    HOWEVER, Serbia is still a European country, having signed so many agreements of the Councel of Europe on human rights and labour issues. Serbia is also one of the founders of International Labour Organisation and afterall, although not in the EU we share with Germans, Swediish people, Italians, France and so on some common undestanding of human working place - we have quite comparable legislation on working hours, hollidays, firing and so on. And what we are now watching is Etihad´s administration trying to act in JU as it was India or Emirates - well knowed for bad employee´s position.

    Lets just not mix those two things up: bringing a new corporative culture, doesn´t mean "hajdukovanje", it has to happen within the laws of this countries and international agreements we have signed, the same way as it would happen in Germany, Hungary or Italy. This is issue is far ahead the simple position of JU employees. It´s a principal issue of Serbia belonging to Europe or to irrational and unjustice labour systems of Asia.

    I find it offensive, that there are some people here enjoying the way the JU employees are being treated. It must be some kind of psychological complex?! This is not just about the JU employees, this is about the fundaments of a Serbian state, it shows if it exists or not.

    1. Anonymous14:04

      And you really thing that Etihad choose Serbia because it has better potential than Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland or Croatia (who want to sell their companies). Nooo, my friend, they need company in Central Europe, which is not, and will not be in near future, in European union, and where they can do their "hajdukovanje" without any consequences. Eider your Government will allow that or they will leave!

      Welcome to reality!

    2. Anonymous14:15

      Not quite. I think what you wrote there is what you want the reality to be which doesn't mean it is the truth.

      When Vucic was in Abu Dhabi he convinced the sheikh to get a stake in Jat. Since they are friends he accepted it. Sheikh then told Hogan and the Etihad team to look into Jat in order to find a way to successfully turn it around. That's how EY decided to invest in JU. There is no Hajdukovanje or whatever else. Anyway, none of these employees are forced to stay, its a free market economy where employees are a commodity. In a country like Serbia where unemployement is well over 20% this commodity is relatively cheap. What EY is doing in Serbia is no different from what Western companies are doing in across eastern Europe. Just look at German car manugacturers in Slovakia.

      Also, CSA was privatized so I don't know what you are going on about. Let's see what the Croatian and Slovenian governments do with their own national airlines as they have always pretended to be smarter and more competent than us, the Serbs.

    3. Anonymous19:37

      I´m sorry, Europe does have and demands free market economy, but free market economy doesn´t mean no rights for ermployees. If we were in Germany, France or even Poland, countries where courts do they business and jurisdiction to a normal extension, we would already read some really amusing and sever judjments and urgent pregagement stating that etihad is violating basic laws of the country.

  18. Anonymous14:33

    Lufthansa reducing BEG-MUC flights to 2 per day starting next year. Air Serbia should take advantage.

    1. Anonymous14:57

      I wonder if Wizz Air's Memmingen flight had anything to do with the suspension of the third flight. The one they have cancelled seemed to be more for the O&D people rather than connections. With double daily E195 flights I guess they could take care of them too. Mind you, LH's E195s are almost as big as JU's B733s.

    2. Anonymous18:27

      I guess they will upgrade both daily flights to A319.
      It is more profitable to operate this route with bigger ac.
      Twice daily is still not bad.

    3. Anonymous19:50

      For the time being its an E195 operating the flight. However, I am more than confident that as the summer approaches this will become an A319, which is the next in line after the E195.

  19. Lufthansa WILL NOT cancel their third daily service from MUC. Check the schedule on

    Also, seems that Turkish has obtain the rights for 3 additional flights per week in the afternoon. TK1079/1080.

    1. Anonymous16:39

      You can check all you want when the third daily flight is no longer loaded onto

    2. Anonymous17:31

      Yes, LH has uploaded the new schedule this Saturday. No 3rd daily flight on and amadeus. is not updated. A good reason can be the already 3 weekly flights by Wizz to Memmigen.

    3. Anonymous06:37

      Izgleda da zivotinjama ne treba ni pokusavati objasniti. kao i jasno pokazuju TRI dnevna leta. Promenite datume, uzmite nasumice datume u novembru, januaru i martu pa ce vam postati jasno.
      @JU500 ne vredi :)

    4. Anonymous14:15

      I was referring to the SUMMER schedule Mister. Lets see if you find the flights in April onwards. Please stop being ignorant and learn to listen.

  20. Anonymous16:35

    Oh my god...
    So much anger now!
    Etihad is cleansing Jat from its worst employees and
    now they all start to cry!
    Meeehhh...Aj hev tu nau inglis...
    buhhuu i have to do something...mehh..
    i can not sit the whole day drinking coffee.
    But my daddy was the director...buhuhu !

    Time to get rid of them!

    1. Anonymous18:52

      I´m not an employee of JAT, but I still fill offenced as a citizen of Republic of Serbia and a subject of Serbian laws that were admited ina democratic procedure.

    2. Anonymous20:40

      I am a citizen of Serbia, and I pay taxes, and I am not offended at all. The parent comment is spot-on. Go, Etihad.

  21. I also see nothing wrong with testing the employees. If you don't like it, no one forces you to stay and work there. You are free to find another employer that will make you more happy. As an employer, my interest is to find the most suitable employees for the business and make sure business is run professionally. If the old model of Jat's business was that nice, the airline wouldn't be in a such a deep hole where it was before Etihad took it over. Yes, the transition is going to be painful, but this is the only way to have a team of people that are there to work hard and represent the new company in its best possible way and get rid of those that are either unfit for the job or unwilling to accept new ways of doing and managing the airline business.

    1. Anonymous18:50

      Druzo, to je protivzakonito. Ako se tebi i Etihadu meanjju zakoni, zna se kako se zakoni menjaju - preko Narodne skupstine. A ne tako sto ih prosto ne postujes kada ti ne odgavaraju, i kada mislis da su glupi.

      Zakon o radu predvidja tacno nabrojane razlioge zbog kojih neko moze da dobija otkaz - krivicne radnje na radnom mestu, dispiclinski prestupi. Da bi nekome pretstao radni odnos, potrebno je da ta osoba dakle obaljva posao LOSE. I Etihad lepo kada utvrdi da neko obnavlja posao lose moze da otpusti tu osobu. A ta osoba ima pravo na sudsku zastittu. A Etihad potpuno zaobilazi taj zakon tako sto fnigira da ti ljudi tek sada konkurisu za radno mesto i tako sto nikome ko ne prodje nekakav test nece dati radno mesto. Zaobilazi se smisao Zakona o radu, zaobilazi se susdska zastista.

      Jos jednom, ako se tebi i Etihadu ne svidjaju zakoni, izvolite trazite da se menjaju. Ali ovakvo ponasanje je uvreda Republike Srbije i evropske pravne kulture.

    2. Anonymous19:33

      Ne vidim u tom testu nista slabo a jos manje neke uvrede Srbije i Evropskog prava. Za mene je vise uvreda drzave kad vidim neskolovane i polupismene na polozajima koje su stekli preko maminih i tatinih veza. Ako ne napravis test, znaci da nisi sposoban i adekvatan za doticni posao. Ne verujem da je to neki test za koji se sada treba uciti i studirati. Mislim da je to test opsteg znanja koji obuhvata poznavanje stranog jezika, snalazenje u kriticnim situacijama, odnos do klijenata i suradnika i slicno. Padanje na ovakvim testovima jednostavno znaci da nemate osobina za rad u trazenom podrucju koje istovremeno i rezultira u LOSEM obavljanju ocekivanog posla.


    3. Anonymous20:10

      To je sve mozda lepo i skladno, ali je protivzakonito. Ne samo kod nas, nego i u Nemackoj, Italiji, Francuskoj, Posljkoj, Madjarskoj, prakticno svim zemlajma Evrope osim Velike Britanije.

      A razlog je prost: radno mesto u predstavama kontinetnalne evrope nije samo proizvodna traka poslodavca NEGO je ujedno i eknomosko-finansijski osnov pojedinca. Prilikom izbora zaposlenih kompanija ima slobodu, postoji i probni rad, ali lica koja su "za stalno" zaposlena mogu se otpustiti samo iz tacno odrejdenih razloga, izmedju ostalog i zato sto lose rade, prave greske itd. A Etihad to ne postuje, nego se pravi da su mu svi zaposleni neki spoljni ljudi koji treba da se prijve na jedno od tri raspoloziva radna mesta. Znaci krsi zakone ove zemlje i krsi radne standarde Evrope.

      Tebi ako se zakon ne svidja to je ok, samo kad je bilo da neko ne mora da postuje zakon ako mu se ne svidja?

    4. SQ2621:20

      I can understand what are you saying but there are some people who can't read or understand Serbo-Croatian language.

    5. Nikola08:43

      ljudi, o čemu vi pričate ovde? nemačkim zakonima? jeste li ih čitali možda? šta vi mislite, kako se vrši odabir kvalitetnih kadrova po svetu? na osnovu CV-a? naravno da je testiranje sasvim legitiman način provere znanja i kvaliteta neke osobe za određeno radno mesto.
      ne znam u kom svetu živite, ali shvatite: U SRBIJI JE KAPITALIZAM A NE SOCIJALISTIČKO SAMOUPRAVLJANJE. u kapitalizmu, vlasnik ima pravo da testira zaposlene da vidi da li odgovaraju njegovim potrebama, i da na osnovu tog testiranja zadrži/da otkaz zaposlenom. s tim to onda nije klasičan otkaz, nego sporazuman raskid radnog odnosa (ili ga proglasi kao tehnološki višak).
      iskreno, ne vidim ništa sporno u tome. čak, mislim da je to sasvim normalno da se radi

    6. Anonymous20:44

      "Zakon o radu predvidja tacno nabrojane razlioge zbog kojih neko moze da dobija otkaz - krivicne radnje na radnom mestu, dispiclinski prestupi. Da bi nekome pretstao radni odnos, potrebno je da ta osoba dakle obaljva posao LOSE."

      Ovo nije skroz tacno, tj. zaboravljas jednu stvar - osoba moze biti otpustena na osnovu cinjenice da je TEHNOLOSKI VISAK. Dakle, ne mora da radi posao lose, dovoljno je da jednostavno bude - nepotrebna.

      Jat ima mnogo nepotrebnih radnika. Ovo testiranje sluzi da bi se pomoglo u odlucivanju ko je nepotreban i prekobrojan. I to je sve.

  22. Purger17:18

    Da se razumijemo, Pedja, sve ovo je superfascinantno, jer u roku od 6 mjeseci kompanija će imati:
    - 6 A319 i 2 A320
    - stare ATR-ove ze regionalne rute
    - stare 737-300 za ljetne chartere i eventualna uletavanja ad hoc chartera tijekom zime i za backup u slučaju kvarova
    - 11 novih linija
    - povečanje frekvencije letova na 7 tjedno ili više na gotovo svim linijama
    - daleko bolji proizvod, u stvari najbolji u Europi (komotnija kabina, ekrani na svakom sjedalu, prava business klasa sa 4 sjedala umjesto 6, posebno pripremljen i vrlo kvalitetan catering, novi image)
    - vrlo prihvatljiva cjenovna politika
    - nova strategija u 4 naizmjenična vala (iskreno još nisam ulovio logiku, osim osnovne strategije), no svakako je sustav postavljen, a nije nasumično lovljenje konekcije, sa intencijom minimalno 2 vala prema bazičnom transzitnom tržištu (SJJ, TGD, TIV će to već biti od ljeta, a planira se još i SKP, LJU, BNX, te neke druge destinacije)
    - Etihad ne radi samo feeding linije prema svom hubu, nego radi i minu-hub od Beograda, naravno u prvom redu napada Turkish i ekpanzija je trenutno na ona tržišta koja nisu konektirljiva preko Abu Dhabija, ali su konktirljiva preko Istanbula, čime ne samo da su zagrizli na nova tržišta (a takve konekcije ne postoje ni preko ZAG, ni preko LJU, ni preko BUD, pa čak ni preko VIE, što znači da je to dodatna "motivacija" putnicima iz SJJ, SKP, OHR, TIV, TGD, SPU, DBV, LJU da se konektiraju preko BEG), nego su ozbiljno zaprijetili punjenje linije BEG-IST (poglavito što će njihova linija biti P2P prema Sabihi, dakle biti će bitno jeftinija)

    ... no isto tako vidljivo je nekoliko problema:
    - ministri se međusobno prozivaju za birokratske probleme oko Etihada
    - kasni se sa rokovima koje su si sami zadali
    - novi Airbusevi i nisu baš tako novi, neki su, u stvari, vrlo stari
    - Etihad kani što više provoditi robovlasničku politiku sa zaposlenicima i u Air Serbiji, pa već sada ozbiljno krši srpske zakone koji reguliraju radnička prava, sve to rade mudro i polako, drže radnike za muda (svi otkaz pa ponovno zapošljavanje onik koji nisu problematični), a djelomično ih motiviraju bajkovitim pričama (novi zrakoplovi, više linija, prekooceanski letovi, vedra budućnosti, doškolovavanje, novi zaposlenici)
    - nezadovoljstvo radnika raste (bilo ono opravdano ili ne), već su se pojavila razna pisma, inicijative za bunt, radnici negoduju, čak je i bivši management navodno napravio neki dokument kojim je postavio nekoliko ozbiljnih upitnika na dealom sa Etihadom,
    - a stvar sa radničim pravima može biti još samo gora, ne bolja (jasno ti je valjda da će Etihad još više stezati što će više preuzimati kompaniju, pa i tamo gdje je u pravu i gdje treba maknuti komunističko razmišljanje iz Jata, ali bogami i tamo gdje nije u pravo i gdje će zlorabiti radnike preko svake mjere, a sukladno svojim arapskim navikama), a to će biti sve izražajnije što će više preuzimati kontrolu nad kompanijom (kada se rješiš 200-300 največih buntovnika + 100-200 onih koji bi to mogli biti, ne ostaje ti kritična masa za bunt, nego "zahvalni" radnici koji su spremni na sve da ne odlete na burzu kao bučniji kolege

    1. Anonymous17:33

      Ja sam jedan od novih zaposlenih radnika Er Serbije na aerodromu. Ne znam o kom to krsenju prava narod stalno prica. Jeste, sada je znatno stroze ali atmosfera uopste nije tako losa. Jedini koji se ljute i bune su oni neradnici kojima se klima stolica.

    2. Anonymous17:35


      Hvala na komentaru! Kako ti vidis da ce CA i JP odreagovati na sve ovo i sta mislis, kakva je buducnost JU u Hrvatskoj?


    3. Anonymous18:16

      Good post purger!
      And yes the other guy is right -
      the only ones that complain are the donots.
      The good employees-
      there are a lot of them- take the whole challenge with more positive approach.

    4. Logic behind waves ... Wave around 13h and 23h to regional routes, middle East, wave aroud 7 and 18 to West Europe ... so exchange between east and west in general

    5. Purger01:33

      Rezultati Etihadove ekspresne kupnje Jata (posao se realizirao u manje od pola godine):

      1. Adrija odgovara užurbanom ekpanzijom:
      - natjerala je Lufthansu da joj prepusti dio kolača i sada obnaša čak 6 linija za LH izvan matične baze (iz Prištine za MUC i FRA, iz Tirane za FRA, te iz Verona za ZRH, VIE i BRU, a ozbiljno razmišlja bazirati jedan avion u Klagenfurtu)
      - sama otvara nove linije da što manje putnika prepusti tranferiranju preko BEG u nadi da će direktni letovi biti jeftiniji nego oni via BEG (WAW, PRG, povečanje frekvencija za TIA)

      2. CTN u svojoj gluposti nema odgovora na Etihadovu ekspanziju, a realno niti ima snage, a niti mogućnosti u novim okolnostima članstva u Europskoj uniji učiniti ikakav iskorak. Jedini pravi odgovor bi bio
      a) totalno preuzimanje svih potencijala u DBV, SPU, ZAD, RJK, PUY, OSI, BWK, LSZ + konekcije via ZAG, ali i via te luke iz ZAG
      b) ekpanzija na tržištima koja su logičnija za transferiranje via ZAG nego via BEG, kao što su SJJ, OMO, PRN
      c) maksimalno pogodan deal Montenegru (daš im da oni obnašaju liniju TGD-ZAG, konekcije via TGD za jug, mogučnost da Montenegro za Croatiu leti neke linije npr. TGD-ZAG-SVO...) da se što više putnika iz TGD i TIV transferira preko ZAG, jer Montenegro će najviše biti pogođen Air Serbiom i mora tražiti drugog partnera u regiji želi li preživjeti, a to je realno jedino ZAG i CTN, pošto ih veći igrači (LH, OS, AF, BA...) ne fermaju ni pola posto.
      d) otvoriti niz linija prvenstveno kroz turističke potencijale kao odgovor Etihadu, posebno u suradnji sa Star Alliance gdje su više nego konkurentni Etihadu (npr. Cairo, Adis Abeba, Varšava, Dusseldorf, daleko više frekvencija prema Zurichu, Bruxellesu, Munchenu, Frankfurtu, Copenhagenu, Stockholmu...)
      - nažalost ovi naši koji ne vide dalje od nosa mogu jedino i samo hitno prodati kompaniju bilo kome u nadi da će taj netko uspjeti odgovoriti Etihadu. I onda rade gluposti pa se nudi Garudi. Iz lošega u gore!!!!!

      Što će biti dalje:
      - Croatia će se i dalje smanjivati i postati će nešto kao Air Dolomiti (iz svakog hrvatskog sela prema MUC i FRA)
      - apsolutno sam siguran da će se ubrzano raditi na spajanju Adrije i Croatie, te preuzimanju linija za MUC, FRA, ZRH, VIE i BRU iz regije (PRN, TIA, ZAG, LJU, SPU, DBV, ZAD, VRN to već imaju, intenzivno se pregovara sa SJJ što se već i najavilo, a onda ostaje još samo SKP, PUY, TGD, eventualno INI, OHR, OSI, TIV i OMO)
      - putnici iz Hrvatske neće se libiti koristiti Air Serbiju (ja prvi) ako će biti jeftinija (ne za 40-50 EUR, ali za više od toga svakako da) ili povoljnija (konektirana linija iz ZAG, SPU, DBV... što će značiti da nemoramo više putovati autom u VIE,BUD, BTS, VCE, TRS, kraće vrijeme konekcija...), ili pak atraktivnija (bolja usluga u avionu a što je već jasno da će biti, short break u Beogradu, govor na sličnom jeziku...).

    6. Anonymous01:39

      A kazi ti meni kako bi ti gledao da Air Serbija pocne direktno da leti iz Dubrovnika, Zadra ili Pule, Splita ka zapadnopevropskim destincaijama? Mislis li da bi to naislo na prepreke (pravne i protivpravne) i osujecenja u Hrvatskoj?

    7. Purger17:40


      Ne samo radi hrvatske vlasti, nego i radi Lufthanse koja to ne bi dozvolila. I zabrana bi bila legalno lako provedena. Srbija nije u EU.

      No, ruku na srce isto bi se provela i Croatia da joj npr. padne na pamet da bazira jedan Q400 u Nišu i leti za destinacije u Europi. Nažalost i Trade air koji bi cak i imao interesa za tako nešto.

  23. Anonymous18:12

    Upravo tako - boje se oni koji su dobili poslove sa nekim vezama i namjestanjem i ne zbog tog sto imaju neke znanje o avijaciji.

    1. Anonymous20:25

      To bi bilo tacno da su oni rekli da ce svako ko nema znanja o avijacij dobiti otkaz. A nije tako, nego ce svaki od zaposlenih morati da konkurise za jedno od 3 radna mesta. I na tom konkursu ako se ne svidis komisiji, neces dobiti ni radno mesto odn. posao. Dakle sustinski se ti ljudi sada ponovo (ne)zaposljavaju, a ne vrsi se selekcija na osnovu toga ko ima, a ko nema "znanja o avijaciji".

  24. Mi Tarzan, ju Dzejn, it is English language in Jat

    1. Anonymous17:27

      Maybe,if you are JAT's employee.

  25. Anonymous19:29

    I´m just reading all these sour and "zluradi" comments on the shameful treatment of JU´s employments, and I cannot stop wondering how many basic problems with logic people here are having. If I´m supposed not to punch people on the street, if I´m supposed to pay regulary for my bread in the bakery before leaving the shop and to obey to other laws in a country where I live and work, I just cannot find any reason to dissolve Etihad or any other company from acting in accordance with country´s laws.
    And regarding the JAT, I will say just one thing: I have been flying with that company many times. They never lost my baggage, I´ve always arrived safely, the fares were mostly low if buying the ticket on time, there were never a problem to take a pet on the plane, to send a child to fly alone, to get an extra glass of water or juice if one is thirsty, to take few more kilos of baggage than allowed free of charge. I also remember really glorious times of the company in the 1980s and all troubles they faced with when the country collapsed in the 90s. I have been often wondering, how it was even possible to bring a 30 destinations network with all that financial and other problems, particularly that JAT, as a difference of Croatia Airlines or Montenegro, could just dream of getting the support in the government for buying any new aircraft or just lease a bigger number of planes. Then we had all this sabotage at Montenegro airports during the 2000s, a senseless separation of Jat Tehnika, Jat Ketering and Support from JAT, and political parties forcing JAT to act as a sponsor of all those companies after they felt under the hand of political coalition parties.
    All these was possible just to a big amount of people who would go and work for JU in any time of the day and often far after the working hours even if it would have been for free, always with a nice tie and freshly washed shirt. JAT is having or was having employees who would be a proud for every single, not just an aviation, corporation in the world. They were the only public owned company that had no salary risings since 2006, and even back than they were cut for a half as a savement measure. On the other hand Tehnika and Suport were hiring new staff and rising the salaries with money they have blackmailed from JAT via political party´s preasure.
    After all that considerations, I believe that many of you should be ashamed here for putting some bare speculations and making an image of JAT´s employees as if they were some random group of non-workers. Those are people who offered their best years and often private lives for that company. People with university degrees, many of them with a working experience abroad, in Paris, Rome, London, Moscow, and other big airports and city canters. The way Etihad is trying to bully those folks is a big assault not just for that people, but also for every and single decent and moral man and women in Serbia. A bigger all-round assault and shock however is the sad fact, that many of you just find it satisfying to take a part in that assault, although you have no idea about the skills, general abilities and working manners of people working in JU.

    1. Anonymous17:33

      100% true. Thank you for this post.

    2. Anonymous18:21

      yes indeed .. an "awesome" post - except for one inescapable fact ... JAT has been losing 35-40m EURO every single year for the past 10 years .... you seemed to have forgotten this fact and the assault that it has been vreating for the serbian taxpayer ... YOU IDIOT !!!!!!!!

    3. Anonymous21:05

      Nice speech. Look, Jat is (was) a bankrupt company. They only existed for the past few years because of taxpayer money. If it weren't for Etihad, this company would at some point simply cease to exist, and ALL people working for it would lose their jobs. So, Jat workers can take or leave it. And if they leave it, they have the nice option of taking 300 euros per year of experience as a severance package. And on top of that, if they are such great competent people, I am sure they won't have trouble finding work in another airline, or some other company which needs talents like theirs.

      As for your platitudes about Jat - yes, they always arrive safely, this is true. There is no nonsense with safety with them. However, in order to do this, you often had multihour delays because the airplanes were so old they often broke down. So you had to wait for them to fix it or get another plane. And if the plane had to be replaced, this screwed up the whole day's schedule (or even two day's) since they did not have enough planes for the amount of flights they were flying, i.e. their rotation was too tight (especially in the summer, with charters). I am a very frequent Jat flier (2-3 times per month), so I know very well.

      Losing luggage - well, you have to be an idiot to lose luggage on a direct flight. However, a few years ago they regularly "lost" my luggage on transatlantic flights (Jat flight was connecting flight to/from the transatlantic flight), even when there were 2-3 hours between flights (or more). Reason? They were transporting freight, so this took precedence over baggage. Come for it tomorrow.

      Summer season? Charters are no. 1, since they bring in the most cash, screw the regular customers, no matter that they paid 300-500 EUR for a ticket, cancel their scheduled flight to accomodate a charter, or delay it for hours.

      When a flight is being delayed, change the departure time by half an hour every half an hour, never telling the passengers what is wrong, until you get a 6 hour delay or even move the flight to next morning (I've been there - several times). When it comes to moving to next morning, why? Because they don't want to pay for the aircraft to stay overnight at another airport (screw the passengers, who cares about them).

      Reasanoble prices? Yes. But did you know that Jat's ticket sales (promotions) are the idea of just 1 (yes, ONE) person working there? And that for a while, one of the CEOs (the ones who was a cop, I think) wouldn't let him do it, because he could not understand that lower prices = more passengers = more income? This is the kind of company that Jat was. Staying afloat because of a few good individuals surrounded by a bunch of useless morons who can do only harm. This is especially true of the managament/sales/administrative staff. You cannot judge them just by their pilots and cabin crew. Those few good people - they've no problem being tested, they've no problem applying for the three new positions, and they'll have no problem staying on in the company. The complainers are the people from the other group.

      No, Jat was not the worst airline. It was decent in many respects, but in many more respects it was rotten and terrible.

  26. Anonymous20:42

    Oh man thats so pathetic...
    Nobody complains about ALL people working for Jat.
    Only those who are ridiculing the airline.
    I think now that all the good ones are feeling hurt,
    while those who the critic is aimed to do not give a shit about...

  27. Anonymous20:53


    1. Anonymous21:48

      It seems that people are forgetting that those employees who, following the testing, do not qualify for a new position or do not want it, will be let go WITH SEVERANCE. They will not be summarily fired!

      The decision of management to evaluate, retrain and reappoint staff, or should they not be able to give them a substantially similar job to let them go with compensation, is something that is a right of management all over the "civilized" world as people here call. In the US, legally even severance isn't necessary or as big as in other countries. How do you think companies would successfully change to face challenges and crises if they were as rigid as you imagine them to be??

      I really don't understand what the complainers want. A company that has been mismanaged and that has had a bloated politically and nepotistically appointed staff for decades is supposed to be turned around. How is that going to happen if everyone keeps doing the same jobs in the same way they have been done so far??

  28. Anonymous21:17

    We are talking here about people with some serious expirience abroad, many of them have been schooled within PanAm in the USA, a people who were negotiating with boeing and other western companies, poeple who have lived for 5 or 10 yars in the centers of aviation industry. i just find it odd to put that class of people together with some story about "friends and relatives" hired in the post office or as cleaning staff in elementary schools. it´s different kind of business, it´s different kind of people than one should expect in Navip or Ikarbus privatisation. I honestly believe that Etihad was unsensitive for JU´s main problem: politcal games, no support in the government, shrinking of the company after the dissolution of Yugoslavia. They just simply assumed, that if there are problems, that they are based ono the bad working staff. Which would certainly be a right guess if we would analyse a company working in Germany or Austria, but this is Balkan, with other patterns and other problems.

    1. Anonymous21:14

      "We are talking here about people with some serious expirience abroad, many of them have been schooled within PanAm in the USA,"

      And what happened with PanAm? :)

      Look, if you think that there are no political/nepotistic/via connection employed people in Jat, you are in denial...I mean talk to people who have been in Jat since the 80s, and the first thing they will do is - complain about all the people who shouldn't be working there!

      Yes, Jat has retained a lot of knowledgeable people, especially if we talk about pilots, otherwise they would not be able to function all these years. But alongside with that, it was filled with useless people. Also, some of the skilled and knowledgeable people have become old, and have just become irrelevant - they have not kept up with the times. They were maybe great employees 20 years ago but now they are just baggage.

      Jat has barely kept up with the times and its employees have done very little to keep up with the times. Those that have, will no doubt find a nice place in the new Air Serbia. For the others, time has just ran out. Can't really say I'm sorry.

  29. JU520 BEGLAX22:08

    Whats the apx nbr of employees which used to work in the 70s 80s for JU and are now still with the company?
    I think in each and every airline the staff working in the 60s 70s 80s 90s within the industry had a very close identification to their employers. But these were also the golden years of aviation. Swissair 152 each Saturday flew ZRH-CCS and than the crew stayed for 1 week at the Sheraton Maiquetia. ID travel was much more simple. We were like a family, knowing each and every one fm the other airline and when I had to go to Paris and SR was full, u just went to the guys over at SA and asked them, can u take me on the 747 to CDG with the SR ID90 and it was no problem. They even put u in Business Class. Or if I remember how the AA pilots were trying everything to get the PADs boarded on our daily weight restricted B762 fm ZRH to ORD
    RW 16 dep with more than 3 knots Tailwinds cutting yr weight easely by 2000 lbs. Those guys sometimes just overheard the tailwinds if they were up at 6 or 7 knots, so each and every standby cld make his journey to the US

    Def a different time but an unforgettable one.

    1. Our experiences really seem similar, and I've had such from ZRH as well (many indeed). ID/NonRev ZRH-JFK on a PA 747 in Business was probably one of the highlights. Many times around Europe (especially to Greek islands) in cockpits on TEA, Helvetic and Balair. Not only we (JU) were like a family, but the whole European (and even American) crews were like a family. Unforgettable times!

    2. JU520 BEGLAX23:36

      Absolutely :-)

  30. Anonymous22:38

    After the division of Yugoslavia, with just Serbia and Montengro staying together, there were 4500 people working for JAT in those two republics (the "small Yugoslavia"), the majority in Belgrade. The number was drastically cut in few waves, giving out some 1200 employees in the current Jat Airways, with a clearly gerantificated structure, since the constant shrinking of positions and employees has stoped the company of hiring new and young people as it would be normal under other circumstences (which doesn't mean that noone was hired).

    Like in every company, I believe that all employees are aware who is a good skilled worker and who is just sitting around and drinking out coffees. I hardly doubt that this can be found out by any test - but there are also some other ways: like asking the former (old styled) executives to recommand someone, or searching for the registred job offenses and failours. tests are for the people who have never entered one company before - for people who are within the company it should be to highs extent be clear to the company if someone is a good worker or not.

    further more, tests are suitible for stating the skills of people in a "knowladge mode" (mostly young people) and not the "experience-mode". There are many studies showing that older people cannot show good results in some classical tests, not because they got supied, but because they see more aspects of a problem at the same time, which makes it more difficult for them to follow a a-b-c-answer pattern. I suppose that Mr Kondic didn't make any test in his 40s, and I doubt that test results of anyone who is above 50s may reflect the real qualities and skills of the employeer. Not to speak about the uncofortable feeling. I doubt that a 55 years old CEO of Lufthansa or AIr France could ever put out a positive test result in a test which was written for the hiring of young, freshly educated new stuff. So it's just a question of dignity if you let old employees doing those tests or not.

    1. Anonymous22:42

      *Not to speak about the uncofortable feeling. I doubt that a 55 years old CEO of Lufthansa or AIr France could Never put out a positive test result in a test which was written for the hiring of young, freshly educated new stuff. So it's just a question of dignity if you let old employees doing those tests or not.

  31. Anonymous22:44

  32. Anonymous23:03

    Neka mi odgovore ovi silni strucnjaci samo na jedno pitanje: sta bi radili zaposljeni jata da je otisao u stecaj, da je se zatvorilo sve i da etihad nije usao da investira? cekam odgovore koji me jako zanimaju!

    1. Anonymous23:14

      pa zaposleni jata su se mahom, osim poslednjeg menadzmenta, upinjali iz sve snage da pripreme dokumentaciju za etihad i da se resi problem nacionalne aviokompanije.

      znas kako, to je kao da baba i deda tuku dete, a ti postavis roditeljima koji se zale pitanje: sta biste vi radili da nije bilo babe i dede da pricuva dete.

      Nesporno je da je Etihad spasio aviosrabracaj u Srbiji, kao sto je i nesporno da ne mora, a i po zakonu ne sme, da se ponasa prema zaposlenima kao da su mu neprijatelji.

      Tvoje pitanje je provokativno, ali u ozbiljnom svetu smesno. Jer ovde se ne trazi da se protera Etihad, niti se zali sto je dosao Etihad, nego se trazi da Etihad kao i sve kompanije i svi pojedinci postuje zakone ove zemlje.

    2. Anonymous23:16

      .. osim toga kritika je mahom bila upucena vladi srbije jer se nestrucno i pasivno postavila u celom poslu, a ne etihadu.

    3. Anonymous23:33

      A ti hoces meni sad da docaras da se jat uvek ponasao prema radnicima korektno? Pa cak ni u evropi se ne ponasa svako korektno prema radnicima. Problem je, sto su do sad svi cutali a sad se najvise zale na sve. A moje pitanje je i dalje, sta bi radili radnici jata? ne dali su te tukli baba i deda itd. Sta te je toliko uvredilo jednostavno pitanje?

    4. Anonymous23:43

      slusaj, mene bas briga da se prepucavam ovde sa tobom. svako ko se ne posanasa korektno i zakonito zasluzuje osudu. svako ponekad cacka nos, ali to jos ne znacfi da je to dobro i pohvalno.

    5. Anonymous23:46

      a sto se tice pitanja, lepo sam ti rekao: mozda prolazi u nekom sumadijskom zaseoku, ali ne zasluzuje ozbiljan odgovor, jer i nije pitanje, nego neuka provokacija koju moze da napravi samo neko ko nije shvatio o cemu je uopste rec. ovde se niko ne zali na to sto je etihad kupio pola jata, pa ne vidim zasto bi ti bilo ko gledao u pasulj i odgovarao sta bi bilo da etihad nije kupio deo jata.

    6. Anonymous23:48

      ... "Jat Airways", Vukasinovic i ekipa su proslost, i kao sto smo njih nekada kritikovali, ne vidim zasto ljudi ne bi sada kritikovali novi menadzment.

    7. Anonymous00:01

      Pa verovatno jeste bas pitanje za tebe cim samo ti odgovaras na njega i uporno spominjes etihad u svakoj komentaru. Netrazim ja od tebe licno odgovor a dali se ti pronalazis u toj prici pa pokusavas da opravdas nesto sto i dalje nema odgovor na pitanje to je tvoja stvar. Pitanje nije bilu uopste u negativnom kontekstu . Svako vidi pitanje kako mu se svidja e a to je problem. Naravo svaki radnik treba da se zastiti "Radnik"!!!! A negarantujem za sve!

    8. Anonymous00:04

      I da mani me komentara cackanje nosa nasilnicke porodice baba&deda bas to je primitivno!

    9. Purger01:02

      Samo svi zaboravljate da je Srbija iskeširala 400 milijuna EUR za tu istu Air Serbiu (300 milijuna za dugove i restrukturaciju + 100 milijuna za učešče). A to nije malo.

      Etihad koristi činjenicu da je sljednik Jata kad mu to odgovara, uzima slotove, uzima code-share, prednosti na aerodromu Beograd, flotu (ili bar dio nje), linije, putnike, tradiciju, know-how (kakav god bio, ali ima tu i dobrih stvari, poglavito na lokalnoj razini)... Ali poziva se na novu kompaniju i potrebu da se "raskrsti" sa Jatom kad se radi o radničkim pravima, uštedama u restrukturaciji, odbacivanju svega onog što su "kupili" zajedno sa Jatom. Kupili, pa bilo to i loše. Hebiga, rizik je uvijek prisutan, u svakoj kupnji, nije li? No, sa rizikom ili bez njega, moraš poštivati pravo zemlje u kojoj kupuješ io nastavljaš business.

      ...i još jednom naglašavam Srbija je u ovo utukla 400 milja, daleko više nego Etihad. Država koja nije baš da ima para i da nema potrebnijih stvar na koje bih ih mogla utrošiti.

    10. Anonymous01:08

      1) Dugovi su 200m evra, ne 300m.
      2) Plaćanje dugova nije bila investicija, već tkz. "sunk cost" koji vlada R. Srbije nikada ne bi mogla da povrati. Dakle, ti dugovi bi ostali bez obzira na status Jat-a u budućnosti.

      Investicija je 100m evra. Mislim da je to fer cena za mnogo bolju avio kompaniju koja će pružati bolju povezanost Srbije sa svetom, koja će se možda širiti i van Srbije i koja u budućnosti neće generisati gubitke od 30m+ evra godišnje za poreske obveznike.

    11. Anonymous01:34


      Problem je bio sto dok je JU poslovao kao iskljucivo drzavna firma, niko u Vladi Srbije nije hteo da iskesira pare i da garanicju za nove avione. Niko takodje nije smeo ni da razmislja o bilo kakvoj skupoj marketinskoj kampanji radi poboljsanja imidza, jer se u srbiji troskovi marketinga smatraju nepotrebnim troskovima. A sada je dosao Etihad i Vlada Srbije bi, vec prema klasicinom sprskom karakteru, bila spremna da potpise i garanicju za 2 milijarde evra, samo da se pokazemo pred "svetom" da smo imucni i siroke ruke, iako smo u stvari jadni i nikakvi.

      Za razliku od Hrvatske i Crne Gore gde je pitanje aviokompanije u startu bilo izjednaceno sa nacionalnim ponosom i jednim od prioriteta, na JAT je u Srbiji gledano kao na mastodonta u koji ne treba vise ulagati zato sto vec kobojagi sve ima. To je komplikovana prica o srpskom nacionalizmu, koji hvalabogu, nije ni izbliza veliki kao u Crnoj Gori, ali ta umerenost ipak ima za posledicu da se vise krade, da je korucpija veca, i da se ne ulaze u bitne kompanije - jer ne postoji predstava da se time sotvaruje neki bitan nacionalni interes.

    12. @ Purger: bitna stavka u vezi dugova Jat-a je da cak 95% istih ide prema drzavnim entitetima uključujući čak banke koje su likvidirane pre više od 10% godina. NIS je jedini "opipljiv" poverilac sa manje od 5%, ovo ostalo su ili nenaplativa dugovanja ili državne garancije, to bi i sa i bez Etihada otišlo na bilans javnog duga Srbije.

      Što se tiče radničkih prava, ona su svuda u Srbiji mrtvo slovo na papiru te su u najmanju ruku smešni ovi dušebriznici koji su preplavili blog tražeći da Etihad poštuje zakone. Fora je u tome da u zakonima ima rupa, pa kada otpušteni (ne)radnik tuži državnu firmu sud mu glatko dodeljuje odštetu i vraća ga na posao, dočim u slučaju inostranog poslodavca taj isti sud glatko presudjuje protiv otpuštenog (ne) radnika. Možemo nagadjati zašto je tako ali mislim da je prilično jasno. Isti takvi plačidruzi su se javljali po forumima i kada su Rusi "čistili" NIS od nezapamćenog kriminala i nerada, pa je to za očekivati i ovde. A sudbina otpuštenih iz Jat-a biće daleko svetlija od sudbine stotina hiljada radnika koji su se preko noći našli na ulici a da ih niko nije uzeo niti će ih ikada uzeti u zaštitu (bez obzira na divan i pozitivan zakon o radu koji Srbija ima).

  33. JU520 BEGLAX23:28

    for those understanding german. It s regarding working conditions at QR. For example flight attd gets pregnant, she gets fired...

  34. BA88823:54

    Just a quick reply.

    As someone in above mentioned UK with such terrible employment laws...

    May I remind you that Etihad is arabic airline.

    And since you are all inteligent I am sure you will be able to gather the level of employee rights involved on their ground.

    It is time for Sebia to wake up and smell the coffee... (or just continue with some of their ultra right tendencies).

    1. Praguc00:30

      Why do you always have to be so snotty in every comment that you give.. There isn't a SINGLE comment, that does not have a derogatory tone... You wake up and smell your bitterness... Most of us do live outside of Serbia, but I haven't seen anyone so bigoted, and pretending as a cosmopolitan.

    2. BA88800:40

      Really? REALLY ?

      You are trying to defend human rights in current Arab world? Really ?

      And you havent noticed what is happening in Serbia with rise of ultra right groups (e.g football supporters) running the show?
      Really ?

      And you dare to call me snotty?

      Where do you live? And what do you wish upon your country?

      SHAME ON YOU !

    3. Anonymous01:30

      Sorry dude, I usually like your posts, but I´m not quite sure about a ratio of the connection with ultranationalists and the treatment of jat´s employess. uk is the last country in europe, perhaps after hungary, who has a right to speak on the ultra rifhg tendencies. clearly it a liberal country, but withhin euorpe withing unique feeling for putting some irrational and harmful solution to the society and even promoting it as the last step of civilization. so many things to learn from the UK, but law and employment statuts are the worst in Europe.

    4. Anonymous02:00

      I have also noticed that too.... Most of people commenting here, even when they criticize, they do it in a normal tone, but you are the only one who always has an attitude like "everything in Serbia is corrupted, bad, awful, please bring BA back blah blah blah..." No one is forcing you to come here... You share your own opinion in your way, so do people that do not agree with you.

  35. BA88801:38

    All I tried to say is that I would not be suprised if JU lot ends up treated like dirt.
    And this is not a place to talk about UK employment righs...

    1. Anonymous17:59

      Why not?? Is it forbidden?

  36. Anonymous02:35

    In the countries of the Former Yugoslavia
    employees of most companies(especially the government funded ones) have a very low level of education and skills.

    Now a lot of people at Jat are hurt by the fact that they are not enough qualified for the work they are paid for.

    Mediocre knowledge of foreign languages etc etc.

    Well, having finished school or even university in Yugoslavia/Serbia/Croatia means nothing!
    The level of those are really low.
    Its funny to see how these people are proud of their diplomas without reason.

    To make it short:
    People your diploma are worthless,because your schools and universities are third world shit !

    1. Anonymous18:02

      And you are too!

  37. ^ I knew a Slovenian woman that was extremely proud of her English and German skills...
    Well, actually she was bad in both.
    She wanted to work for a company in Austria.
    Oh oh... how was she surprised when they did not hire her!
    Especially as she could show her diploma,which attested her a good knowledge of foreign languages.
    Obviously even her teachers were not really competent to judge her skills.
    So how did those teachers get their jobs?

    I always have the impression that people there in
    Ex-Yu tend to overestimate their qualification
    or are overestimated by others...

    1. Anonymous16:34

      @ LH - From my experience it's not just the people from Ex-Yu but from all over Europe in general. They all seem to be living in clouds, sitting all day along in their cafes, taking siestas, having 5-6 weeks of vacation, with very low-productivity. They all studied art, history, politics and other useless crap. The majority of them claim to speak 5 languages and yet can't even answer a simple question in their own language without making it so complicated. I was one of them too until I moved to the US and saw the picture from a different perspective.

    2. Anonymous16:55

      Yeah, sure. That's why the European Union is the number one world economy. I guess we can do business from cafés while daydreaming.

  38. Anonymous20:04

    Well for Southern Europe aka the PIGS-states it is really a good description!


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