Croatia Airlines leases jets

Fleet fallout forces Croatia Airlines to lease additional aircraft

Croatia Airlines has been forced to arrange a short term lease for two jets after technical problems with some of its aircraft over the past two weeks. On Thursday, the airline was operating its schedule with only eight aircraft. The Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, which landed without its nose gear two weeks ago in Zurich, is still grounded and is unlikely to enter service until late December. Another Dash 8, which was scheduled to fly out from Zagreb to Brussels on Thursday experienced technical problems prior to departure and is currently on maintenance. Furthermore, another two of Croatia Airlines’ Airbus aircraft are out of action. One of them is the A319 which was forced to return to Zagreb several days ago on route to Paris after experiencing technical problems. The other Airbus is on regular maintenance which will last at least another two weeks.

As a result, the airline has decided to lease aircraft so its schedule wouldn’t be affected and passengers inconvenienced. As Croatian press reports, the airline has leased one aircraft from Adria Airways and the other from Bulgaria’s BH Air. It is the second time this year the airline has been forced to lease aircraft. During the ten day strike by its staff in May, the Croatian carrier arranged short term crew and aircraft leases in order to operate at least part of its scheduled flights.

Yesterday, Croatia Airlines responded to the media attention its recent safety problems have received. At a press conference, CEO Krešimir Kučko said, “All airlines across the world have small scale incidents on an almost daily basis and they do not put passengers at risk, though chances are never taken. Recently, such incidents at Croatia Airlines have been receiving uncalled for media attention. Croatia Airlines aircraft are safe and safety standards are somewhat above the industry average”. Mr. Kučko reminded the media that even giant Luftahnsa maintains some of its aircraft at Croatia Airlines. At the press conference one of the airline's Dash pilots also spoke, reiterating the aircraft are safe. Other members of Croatia Airlines’ management team also spoke at the press conference, reassuring passengers of the airline’s safety procedures and track record.


  1. Anonymous09:28

    I remember when Jat leased aircraft on short-term basis people on here went crazy, saying how the management is incompetent and how this will cost the airline a lot of money.

  2. Anonymous13:35

    This reminds me a lot of the media carnage Jat went through about 2 years ago. Hang in there OU.

  3. OT:

    Due to well financial performance in 2013, B&H Airlines will fly 4 times a week from Sarajevo to Belgrade beginning on October 28th, and daily beginning with SS 2014.

    B&H Airlines will codeshare with Air Serbia on those flights.

    Also, during the WS 2013/2014, B&H Airlines will have 7 weekly flights between Sarajevo and Istanbul.

    Considering the passenger number, Sarajevo - Istanbul route was the busiest in former Jugoslavia in 2013 so far with 18 weekly flights operated by Turkish Airlines, 6 operated by Pegasus, 5 operated by B&H Airlines and 1 / 2 operated by Corendon.

    1. Anonymous14:39

      B&H Airlines will also codeshare on Air Serbia's flight which will depart Sarajevo at 14.10 with the arrival time in Belgrade at 14.55.

      Interestingly enough, there is an Air Serbia flight departing Sarajevo at 05.25 with the arrival time in Belgrade at 06.05. This one is loaded into Amadeus from the summer timetable. Could it be that this will become the B&H Airlines flight?

    2. Anonymous15:35

      JU's strategy is doing so poorly that BH has already become its feeder, before it has even launched.

    3. Anonymous15:49

      LOL! Good point! :D

    4. Anonymous00:55

      i really have respect to that development, thus we all know that BH is heading to JU because of Etihad and some deeper connections the Bosniaks have with Arabian world. So we still have a irrationality and nationalism winning in the Balkans against ratio, on one way or another.

    5. Anonymous00:58

      "Considering the passenger number, Sarajevo - Istanbul route was the busiest in former Jugoslavia in 2013 so far with 18 weekly flights operated by Turkish Airlines, 6 operated by Pegasus, 5 operated by B&H Airlines and 1 / 2 operated by Corendon"

      I believe that Croatia airlines is having 21 weekly flights on the ZAG-FRA rout, and there are 7 Lufhtansa flights, which makes 28 flights per week in total.

    6. Anonymous05:01

      It has nothing to do with irrationality,nationalism or Arabs that B&H will fly to Belgrade.
      Actually it is a good move:
      It will improve the utilization of their ac and
      make additional money.
      A victory of pragmatism and economic reason!
      Good luck B&H

    7. Anonymous10:11

      AnonymousOctober 13, 2013 at 12:58 AM

      He said passenger numbers, not frequencies. I think next in line is Belgrade-Moscow but I could be mistaken.

      This move is a good one, especially since the flight is a short one so there won't be that many expenses. Belgrade will turn into a real hub and B&H Airlines found a way to be part of it without being forced out by Air Serbia. I think this is one of the wisest things the airline had done until now.


      Sarajevo - Istanbul route had the most passengers in former Jugoslavia in the first 9 months in 2013.

      In SS 2014, we expect 34 weekly flights between Sarajevo and Istanbul.


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