Jat’s numbers decline in September

Poor September performance for Jat

In its last full month of operations as Jat Airways, the Serbian national carrier handled 165.013 passengers, a decrease of 7% compared to the same month last year. The results come despite the airline boosting its number of flights by 14%. The average cabin load factor for the month stood at 65%, which is eleven points down on September 2012. Numbers were down across the board. On Jat’s flights to and from Montenegro, the airline saw an 8% passenger decline. Euro Mediterranean flights recorded a 10% plunge in numbers while scheduled traffic saw a 9% passenger decrease. Charter flights were the only to see numbers improve, up 11% on last year.

In September, flights to and from Ohrid, Pula, Split and Paris saw the greatest rate of passenger growth compared to last year. Overall, the airline’s numbers on flights to Croatia grew by 60%. The best average cabin load factor was recorded on flights from Thessaloniki and Monastir to Belgrade, both at 96%, followed by Split - Belgrade at 90%. During the month, Jat had fourteen aircraft in operation.

So far this year, Jat Airways has welcomed 1.098.216 passengers on board its aircraft, a decrease of 2% compared to the same period last year. The average cabin load factor for the first nine months stands at 69%, down five points. While passenger numbers to Montenegro are the same as last year, Euro Mediterranean flights have seen a 4% decline while charter flights have recorded a passenger boost of 14%.

Jat Airways will operate under its name for most of October before it officially begins operations as Air Serbia on October 27.

MonthPAXChange (%)Average load factor (%)
JAN77.962 463
FEB61.275 259
MAR82.336 170
APR90.844 1667
MAY109.393 373
JUN134.624 0.370
JUL184.466 275
AUG192.303 473


  1. Anonymous09:20

    I guess no one wanted to risk flying with them after the mess they had in the beginning of the summer season. I am pleasantly surprised about Thessaloniki, I never expected them to have such good loads on the route.

  2. Anonymous10:30

    SKG is sometimes fully booked weeks before the flights.

  3. Anonymous10:36

    Decrease of 7% of pax with 14% more flights, and LF of just 65% in September is not bad result but disaster! 65% is bad for January, and for September it should be at least 75%. Very, very, very bad.

  4. Hmm...I was expecting better numbers now with the new management in place. Anyone with any info on how the bookings are standing for the new destinations that are planned for the upcoming months?

    1. Anonymous15:04

      lol the new management has been in place for 2 weeks. How did you expect better results?

  5. Anonymous15:18

    Etihad coming in in just the right time.

  6. people are getting smarter, why fly directly to ZAG or BEG while you can save 100e with one stop in MUN/FRA, you only arrive 2.5/3 hours later, easy choice :)

    1. Anonymous18:26

      You are right! Lufthansa, Austrian and Air France offer better prices from Zagreb to Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen then Croatia Airlines on their direct flights. OU is killing itself with those extremely high prices. They charge from Dubrovnik to Zagreb from 82 to 157 € / one way one month in advance. Ridiculous!

    2. Anonymous20:21

      clearly other airports are catching up, Sarajevo, Skopje,. Pristina, Ljubljana and even Podgorica.

      Days when Belgrade as a regional hub are long over.

    3. Anonymous17:04


  7. Anonymous16:42

    Well this is the consequence of the disaray in whoch has been this airline for the last 12 months. It's a very disappointing result. I'm wonderIng how are BEG numbers but probably not really well..
    And let me express my opinion. Etihad would have to put great efforts into marketing to materialize all the improvement which have been made by Air Serbia. Jat has such a bad image elsewhere that besides Serbs nobody's gonna be keen on flying some new serbian airline except prices being really too low. But instead of that marketing, marketing and only marketing would do the thing..And thus everywhere: Podgorica, Skopje, Sarajevo, Thessaloniki, Athens, Bucharest should all be agressively attacked with classical and guerilla marketing. If this not happens Etihad will experience a great failure.

  8. zoki17:21

    Etihad will next year in february start daily nonstop flights from Abu Dhabi to Perth,Western Australia !
    The flights will be in cooperation with Virgin Australia.

    EY 4XX AUH-PER 2245 1340+1
    EY 4YY PER-AUH 1550 2310

    All flights will be initially A330-200.

  9. zoki18:45

    BEG numbers for september :
    349.589 pax

  10. Anonymous19:41

    Last year Jat had promotion at the end of August including September, which maybe helped them to have more passangers

  11. Anonymous20:03

    Croatia airlines from May 2014 will add third flight between Split and Belgrade on Saturday. From June schedule will be: 1---56- All flights are available for sale from today.

  12. Anonymous03:03

    I have to make a comment. When there is something good said about JAT/Air Serbia, people post comments to no end. When something negative comes up, everyone just stays away.

    1. SQ2613:21

      Well I don't fly with JAT or Air Serbia. I'm waiting to see how professional they are going to be and then i will decide if i am going to fly with them or not...

      If Air Serbia introduces Flights to DUB or LIS or who knows maybe even to North America then i would fly with them again... But right now JAT just like every other airlines in the balkans which sucks big time...

  13. Anonymous03:49

    ^ Thats because bad news is something we are used to for years,
    while good news is something new and exciting...


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