Ljubljana Airport on sale

Ljubljana Airport privatisation begins

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is officially on sale with more than 75% of its shares being offered by the government and other minority shareholders. The government says there is great interest for Slovenia’s busiest airport and has expressed hope to use some of the capital from the sale to invest into airport infrastructure and the construction of a rail link to the city. The KD Fund, a minority shareholder, says operators of Venice, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Zurich and Vienna airports, as well as Chinese companies and private funds, have all shown interest in purchasing shares at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik.

Italian media recently reported that the operator of Venice Marco Polo Airport (SAVE), which also runs Treviso Airport, is part operator of Charleroi Airport in Belgium and the future operator of Verona Airport, is eying a stake in Ljubljana Airport. Italian media believe Ljubljana Airport is the missing link in SAVE’s regional airport empire which is why it is keen on acquiring a stake. It would prove as a replacement for Trieste Airport which is operated by another company. On the other hand, Ljubljana Airport CEO, Zmago Skobir, recently said China Southern Airlines has expressed interest in taking over the airport.

During the week, the Slovenian Prime Minister, Alenka Bratušek, criticised a recent decision by minority shareholders not to back the construction of a brand new terminal building at the airport. Shareholders blocked the construction of a multi million euro terminal, citing unfavourable economic conditions. Jože Pučnik Airport is set to end four years of continual passenger decline in 2013. In September the airport saw a 7% passenger increase. A financial advisor for the airport’s sale will be selected in the first half of November.


  1. U nadi za sto skoriju privatizaciju i potpunu revatilizaciju vazdusne luke BEOGRAD, a u nadi da ce javnost biti redovno "updated" o progresu dogradnje, izgradnje terminala
    kontrolnog tornja, daljeg prosirenja tarmac-a, novog Kargo centra, hotela, poslovnog centra... Vaskrsnucem bivse avio kompanije u AIR SERBIA i buduceg proizvodno biznis centra pokraj aerodrome, dobijate krila da i vi koji odlucujete o transformaciji tog vazdusnog centra, morate
    biti ekspeditivni i odgovorni u efikasnosti, transparentnosti i otvorenosti prema javnosti. Ravno savremenim aerodromoima koji su vam uzor. Veliki pozdrav ljubiteljima komercijalne avijacije i aerodroma, Rod Marinkovic.Griffith AUSTRALIA

    1. Anonymous12:54

      Jesus Christ Dude!

    2. Anonymous15:04

      Rod, smanji malo dozivljaj, naporan si pomalo....

    3. Anonymous15:31

      Па ти га слободно игнориши ако ти смета.

    4. Anonymous22:32

      Moje izvinjenje sto sam napisao tekst i
      ujedno nadu za razvoj ANT BEOGRAD.
      U glavnom tekstu rec je bila o drugom aerodromu u drugoj drzavi. Moj je princip da ne komentarisem o aerodro-
      -mima I avio kompanijama, pogotovu ne
      u jugoistocnoj Evropi. Njih nepoznajem,
      nemam iskustvo komunikacije sa tim delom starog kontinenta. Ja imam vise
      godina tako reci nego njihova putnicka aviacija. Zbog mojeg odsustva sa tih prostora nisam ih pratio u razvoju, ali im
      zelim napredak kaoi i svima. Beogradski aerodrome upotrebljavam od samog kraja sesdesetih. Ovo ce mi biti 77 sletanje, od cega 66 sa inter- kontinentalnih letova. Zbog toga i pisem o njemu. Moj prilaz, nacin komunikacije
      primecujem vredja intelekt pojedinaca sa ovih stranica komentara. Iz postovanja prema svima, trudicu se da moj prilaz problebima i zeljama za aerodrome Srbije vise ne uznemirava ni
      jednu osobu. Zeleci svakom mir i dobro,
      nedostajace mi "ex yu aviation". Prisutan sam u aviaciji mnogo decenija
      I do sada nikada nisam odstranjivan. Eto mojom greskom sam se iskljucio.
      Sa najboljim zeljama uvek ostajte.
      Pred dolazak u moju Otadzbinu rodjenja
      iskreno Radovan Marinkovic Griffith
      PS. oprosti te ako niste razumeli moje
      izrazavanje na srpskom jeziku. R.

    5. Anonymous23:36

      Hey Rod,
      your posts are filled with enthusiasm. Keep on writing. :)

    6. Thanks,
      generally my way of expression do not matching many of people in my fatherland
      of my birth. Loving peace and happyness to all be happy. As usual will be with Australian Aviation and flying all over, to keep glass not half full, but FULL.
      As all ways tot of respect, included those to who I give hard time. Sorry people.
      Rodney Marinkovic, AUS

  2. Anonymous10:17

    I guess the best option is if China Southern gets the share of the airport. Venice and Vienna seem like they only want to get rid of another ''competition''. I don't know about Istanbul though...

  3. Anonymous15:20

    China Southern (or someone outside of EU) would be very nice for that airport/ e.a. Slovenia; however, the final word will come from the Step "Mutti" - LH, who will be cautions about letting others to use its pet feeders.

  4. Sorry for OT, but I have one question for Ex-Yu:)
    Do you by any chance have a list of all Air Serbia codeshare flights, routes and flight numbers? :)


    1. Nikola19:05

      today i found out that VA has their codes on EY's AUH-BEG route

    2. Anonymous19:59

      ^ Yes,but it seems that Air Berlin has stopped codesharing on JUs flights to Germany.

  5. While I was searching Google for JUs codeshare flights:)


  6. Anonymous19:08

    whats happening with wizz in beg??? Today only 2 flights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow only 3 flights!!

  7. Anonymous19:17

    Wizz Air reduces its service from Belgrade this winter.
    Only one aircraft is based in Belgrade and it will serve also Tuzla routes.

    1. Anonymous19:39

      Not shocking at all to be frank. In my opinion their future seemed bleak when they were defeated in Rome. Even this summer it seemed to me that they had a hard time finding where to fly.

    2. Anonymous19:57

      Its not so bad as you might think.
      In the winter period there is not so much demand on Wizz routes.
      But i am convinced that this summer Wizz had a lot of success.
      Their connections to Scandinavia were excellent.

    3. BA88820:26


      It may be just about time for all LCCs to wake up and smell the coffee!

      With W6's luggage rule I am hardly surprised anybody wishes to spend money on them if there is an alternative.

      I also think it must be STINKING A LOT in LCC sector since Ryanair had "rethink" in attitude and become nice to the cattle that walks through their doors.


  8. Anonymous02:23

    Wizz Air will be silently shifting its business to SKP and OHD in the very near future. BEG will be more or less concentrated on high yield routes but nothing more.

    1. Anonymous09:55

      Well, it makes sense. They are moving away from Belgrade to Skopje and Ohrid where:

      1. They face less competition.
      2. They get subsidies.
      3. They know that the Skopje government will be desperate to keep them so they have more leverage during the negotiations.

      In Belgrade they have none of this. Here, they are just another lowcost airline while there they are the main engine of growth.

  9. Anonymous03:59

    the airport seems to be FOR sale, not ON sale (na prodaju vs. na snizenju).


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