The countdown begins

A week left until Air Serbia's official launch

In exactly a week’s time, Air Serbia will officially begin operations as the successor to Jat Airways. However, the coming week will be packed with many important events for the new look national carrier. It all started yesterday with the arrival of the airline’s first leased Airbus A319, registered YU-APC. Arriving from Dusseldorf, where it underwent cabin reconfiguration, the aircraft was escorted by MiG-29 fighter jets upon entry into Serbian airspace. It arrived to a water cannon salute at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport where it was welcomed by the airline’s CEO Dane Kondić. Air Serbia has so far leased five A319s, all of which have received the corporate livery and are currently in Germany. Air Serbia will receive six of its eight A319s this year, each configured to seat 128 passengers (eight in business class and 120 in economy). Another two A319s will be delivered early next year and two larger A320s are expected to arrive in late March 2014. Stage two of Air Serbia’s fleet renewal will be a competitive tender for the acquisition of additional aircraft from 2016.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway for next week’s official launch. On October 23 the airline will unveil its rebranded sales office in central Belgrade. It will be followed by Air Serbia’s official presentation on October 25. The day will start with a tour of the new A319 by Jat Airways employees, followed by a media presentation which is scheduled to begin at 13.30 CEST at Jat Tehnika’s hanger. EX-YU Aviation News will offer live coverage of the event. In the evening, a special VIP party will be held for government officials, celebrities and other personalities. On October 26, Air Serbia will operate its first revenue flight to Abu Dhabi, which will also be used for promotional purposes. The following day, the airline will officially begin operations. On October 28, passengers flying Air Serbia will be able to start using the carrier’s new frequent flyer programme which has been integrated with the Etihad Guest programme.

Over the week, Etihad Airways has operated a cargo flight to Belgrade bringing supplies to its latest subsidiary. The cargo included crew uniforms, office furniture, gift packages as well as gadgets for its in-flight entertainment system. Business class guests will have access to iPads and noise cancelling headsets with a choice of several Hollywood movies, all with Serbian subtitles, as well as twenty TV programmes, over forty audio channels and ten games.


  1. Can't wait to see the interior!

  2. Anonymous09:11

    Nice! Look forward to flying with the new planes. One thing that keeps me bugging is that if Air Serbia is to have 10 jet planes (by March 2014), it would mean that they would have the same number of jets as Jat has at the moment? Where will the pax growth come from? I know that they will increase plane usage, but still, with the increasing of number of destinations and frequencies, will it be enough?

    1. Anonymous10:50

      Jat does have 10 733s, but many of them are not in use for couple months during the year because of "technical difficulties". A319s are much younger than 733s so I think there will be much less cancelled flights...

      8 A319s and 2 A320s will be more than enough for 2014 summer season.

    2. Anonymous11:10

      Furthermore, won't Air Serbia keep at least four B737-300s until the end of the summer season? Which means that next summer it should operate the following fleet:

      8 A319
      2 A320
      4 Atr 72
      4 B737-300

      So in total 18 aircraft, compared to around 10 operated by Jat now.

    3. Anonymous11:18

      19 - there will be min. 5 ATR.

    4. Anonymous11:37

      Really? That's great to hear, when did they announce that? Somehow I missed it.

    5. Purger11:39

      Croatia Airlines has 4 A319, 2 A320 and 6 Q400, and they are near to 2 million passengers. Plus they do not use those planes more than 80%.

      Jat will use planes almost 100% with much bigger fleet. That fleet with 4 waves per day can make 3 million per year with no problem.

    6. Anonymous11:41

      Purger, do you know if the old A320 is regularly used by OU now that the Dash is out of service?

    7. Purger17:35

      Yes FOX is regularly use instead of Q400.

  3. Anonymous09:14

    Another thing that bugs me very much is the Etihad Guest program. Given that the headquarters are located outside of Serbia and EU, how is the processing of personal information of Serbian customers in line with existing Serbian and EU regulation. Has the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection - given their go-ahead? If not, it would be an extreme violation of local and EU legislation, on a scale not seen before.

    1. Anonymous10:37

      Serbia is NOT in the EU.

    2. Anonymous11:12

      But Serbia is in Serbia and it must respect its own legislation. Duh.

    3. Anonymous12:19

      Customers sign up themselves to Etihad Guest, it's not Air Serbia giving data to Etihad but customers willingly.

    4. Anonymous17:02

      They are giving the data to a Serbian company which is transferring data to a non-Serbia, non-EU country. In that sense they are violating the legislation. Hopefully the commissioner will investigate this asap.

    5. Anonymous19:50

      Not really. Registration is not going through Air Serbia website, but at Also, once there, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions are clearly laid out.

      However, if they enroll pax automatically, without explicit consent from them, and based on their personal data they collect in order to issue air tickets (such as name, email, mailing address, etc.) this would be a problem.

  4. Anonymous09:43

    "with a choice of several Hollywood movies, all with Serbian subtitles, as well as twenty TV programmes, over forty audio channels and ten games."

    Only for business pax?

    1. Anonymous17:07

      Economy has IFE too...

    2. Anonymous18:16

      You mean with the same content (without iPads of course)?

    3. Anonymous20:04

      Should be like this.
      Makes economically more sense.
      Yes, i would say its the same content.

    4. Anonymous23:33

      there will NO IFE in economy class ... this has NEVER been announced by the company - it has merely been speculated. Short haul operations generally have no ROI for the huge investment required for IFE throughout the entire fleet. Even IFE in biz cls (via iPads) will only be provided on flights more than 2 hrs

    5. Anonymous23:53

      @Anon 11:33PM

      And the plane that arrived yesterday was a joke or what? Come on man, we all know that there will be IFE in economy as well. If you don't like it, fine for you.

      Here it says that the in-flight product will be identical to narrow-body fleet of EY. And EY's A319/A320 has IFE in economy.

  5. Anonymous09:47

    Professional start for AIR SERBIA! That is the way how to presenting AIR SERBIA the NATIONAL AIRLINE, pride of
    SERBIA and her customers to the world. Congratulations!
    From sunny Australia Rodney Marinkovic, Griffith.

  6. Anonymous11:11

    Any information on economy IFE?

  7. Anonymous11:17

    First of all, let me thank Ex-Yu for your great work and for keeping us updated on these developments. You have by far done the best job, even if you call yourself a blog you sure did much better than other websites which call themselves portals. Keep up the good work.

    I am just surprised that TangoSix has not reported anything on this. Aviokarta has a short text though they were wrong in saying that the aircraft were painted in Dusseldorf when their cabin was fitted there, they were painted in Dublin. Also, I might be wrong, so please correct me if I am, but shouldn't it be written either Air Serbia or Er Serbija, because Aviokarta wrote Air Serbije...

    Anyway, does anyone know what will its first regular flight be? I remember someone mentioning Moscow? I also noticed that when you are booking your business class fare to Moscow they have two different options. I have not seen this on other routes. I guess this is a premium heavy route so they need to fight Aeroflot for the customers.

    All in all, great times ahead!

    p.s. ex-Yu do you know when the second A319 will be joining the fleet?

  8. Anonymous11:32

    First revenue flight is to AUH, taking a goverment delegation there along with some passangers who get to buy a ticket.

    1. Anonymous11:36

      Yeah but that's also a promotional flight with some VIPs, I was referring to the first normal flight.

    2. Anonymous20:12

      Moscow will immediately with begin of the new timetable get daily service with the A319.
      Thats for sure.

  9. Anonymous11:39

    I have a question and I would appreciate if someone could help me. I heard from someone that all aircraft that will carry the YU registration will be registered under the YU-APx series. If Air Serbia will have six A319s, does that mean that the A320s will be registered as YU-APG and YU-APH? For me that sounds too stupid as why mix the registration codes for different series of aircraft. I don't know if any other country has a law that's as stupid as this one?

    1. Aэrologic11:58

      The A320's should be YU-ARA, YU-ARB...

    2. BA88812:23

      Virgin Atlantic (and I think BA to some extent) have that idea. Like VSs G-VBIG, VROC, VWOW, VHOT, VNAP etc...Or BAs G-EUUL, EUUD (for EU flights).

      That would be fun...but I guess fleet is not big enough to have certain planes serving specific route with fun name.

      (Still hate logo and wish all the best to Air Serbia)

  10. Interesting article! According to Oxford Economics, Air Serbia will contribute with roughly $710,000,000 to the Serbian economy.

  11. Purger13:08

    Bez obzira na restrukturaciju i ograničenja Europske unije, CTN bi hitno (najkasnije do ljetnog reda letenja) trebala:

    - povečati broj letova prema SPU, DBV i SJJ (kao odgovor na linije prema BEG)

    - odvojiti PUY i ZAG, tj. ukinuti 1stop iz PUY za ZAG, na način da se da Trade Airu let PUY-ZAG sa BAS-ovom Brasiliom, a da se ZAD, doda leg prema BWK (BWK-ZAD-ZAG)

    - otvoriti letove prema OMO i preduhitriti JU (iskoristiti subvencije koje nudi loklana vlast i Hrvatski sabor)

    - pokrenuti najbližu moguću suradnju sa Montenegrom, koji će najviše stradati dolaskom Air Serbie, otvoriti svakodnevne letove TGD-ZAG koje bi letio YM, te neke linije YM iz ZAG čime bi ih se motiviralo za suradnju (npr. TGD-ZAG-DME-ZAG-TGD, i to u dane kada YM ne leti za DME)

    - motivirati Trade Air da krene sa više linija i uči u code-share na svim tim linijama na način da se maksimalno iskoristi BAS-ova Brasilia, uvede još bar jedna, te angažira jedan Fokker 100 (Brasilia na OSI-ZAG, PUY-ZAG, ZAG-PRG, ZAG-MXP, ZAG-OTP, ZAG-BEG, ZAG-SOF, F100 na ZAG-SKP, ZAG-WAW, ZAG-ARN, ZAG-DUS, ZAG-MAD)

    - linije prema glavnim hubovima povečati na bar dva dnevno, ako treba povečati frekvenciju angažmanom manjeg Fokkera od Trade Aira (svakako bi bar 12 tjednih letova, 2 radnim danom, po jedna vikendom trebali imati osim ZRH, VIE, FRA i MUC, još i AMS, CDG, LHR, BRU)

    - obavezno uvesti linije za Star Alliancove hubove ili prema hubovima sa kojima koketira Star Alliance (CAI, WAW, ARN, DME)

    - povečati code-share suradnju sa svim Star Allianceovim partnerima poglavito izvan Europe (a ponajviše Singapore, United, Air Canada, ANA, Aegean, Air China, Asiana, Egyptair, SouthAfrican, TAM, Thai)

    - na bilo koji način motivirati (ubiti se za ovo) da Star Alliance partneri otvore interkontinentalnu liniju prema ZAG bar kao produženje lega tj. da ZAG ima liniju sa 1stop preko nekog Europskog huba i to posebno (United za SAD, Air Canada za Toronto, Air China za Peking i Egyptair za Cairo uz CTN letove za Cairo, te eventuano Singapore za Singapur, ili neke od tih destinacija Lufthansa via FRA, MUC ili DUS, Swiss via ZRH ili Austrian via VIE)

    1. Purger13:12

      ...Jer ovakva inercija će samo napraviti to da će do ljeta 2015. Air Serbia preuzeti i CTN-ovom tržište (ZAG, SPU, DBV, PUY, RJK, ZAD, SJJ, OMO), te zabiti posljednji čavao u CTN lijes.

    2. Anonymous13:58

      Slazem se sa vecinu stvari, iako su neke samo puste zelje. Ali zasto si toliko uveren da Air Serbia uopste zeli tako nesto?

    3. Purger14:36

      Koje su stvari puste zelje i nerealne? Ne pokusavam se svadjati ili provocirati nego me interesiraju argumenti drugih. Naravno da su neke teze ili ekstremno tesko provedljive stvari poput suradnje sa Montenegrom ili jos teze interkontinentalne linije ali da je to nemiguce nije istina.

      U svakom slucaju sigurno je da Air Serbia zeli ovo trziste. Prcenstveno jer su vec napali na bazicno CTN trziste SPU, DBV, SJJ, SKP, zato sto je ovo tradicionalno Jatovo trziste sa ogromnim obiteljskim, poslovnim, obrazovnim, sportskim, turistickim i inim putnicima, ali i zato sto se sire u regiji i nelogicno je da ne preuzmu i ostatak trzista.

    4. Anonymous14:42

      Ti bolje od svih nas zajedno znas kakva je situacija u CTN-u. I pod "puste zelje" sam mislio to sto si ti rekao "ekstremno tesko provedljive".

      SJJ i SKP ce Air Serbia preuzeti svakako, ali nisam siguran da li ce stvarno agresivno krenuti na RJK, ZAD ili OMO.

    5. Dragi Purger-u, mislio sam da zelis sve najbolje novoj ( staroj ) kompaniji Air Serbia, ali posle ovog tvog posta, da sam ja ministar saobracaja u Vladi Hrvatske, odmah bi te uzeo za savetnika za kontranapad protiv Arapa ...ovo je kompliment a ne zamerka.Ja sam za konkureciju ali mislim da YM nema nikakakve sanse protiv novog balkanskog giganta, OU takodje.

    6. Anonymous15:55

      YM nema sanse protiv JU-a ali ce zivotariti zahvaljujuci ubrizgavanja kesa iz budzeta. Kao sto je JU dosad radio, u sustini.

    7. Sve stoji ali koliku reorganizaciju sve to zahteva? Naveo si četiri nove linije prema SA (+OMO) i pojačavanje osam postojećih linija prema hubovima, koliko dodatnih aviona to zahteva? Saradnja sa YM zavisi od tih novih linija i pojačanja, inače YM teško da će videti atraktivnog partnera u OU i možda će radije razmotriti JP. Konačno, u kakvom su odnosu OU i Trade tj. kako u praksi OU može motivisati Trade?

      Na kraju cele priče neizbežno dolazi pitanje sposobnosti uprave, gde smo na primeru Jata videli da iz uprave neće doći ništa osim inertnosti i reaktivnog pristupa sve do konačne propasti - osim ukoliko političari uspeju pronaći ino partnera koji je voljan preduzeti temeljnu reorganizaciju i napraviti profitabilnu kompaniju. Mislim da je to jedina realna varijanta za OU, premda u odredjenoj meri sužena usled članstva Hrvatske u EU i činjenice da je jedan veliki igrač već "napao" region pomoću lokalnog partnera.

    8. Purger17:27

      Ma da se razumijemo. I meni je jasno da se to desiti neće. Ne samo sa ovom upravom, nego i Vladom koja postavlja politički podobne osobe i nema nikakve vizije. Još 2010. sam prezentirao sličan plan (više se razvoj temeljio na vlastitom povećanju, a ne na franšizi Trade Airu ili nekom trećem), i tada sam rekao Predsjedniku Republike, ministrima i direktorima CTN-a da je pet do 12. znavši da će se prije ili kasnije nešto desiti na ovim prostorima (Jat, Austrian, netko treći). Nažalost, svi su samo slušali, desetke sati, i niša se nije napravilo. Ništa, osim što su poslušali 2-3 savjeta u redu letenja.

      I zato su to samo moji snovi i totalna utopija. Naravno! Pokušao sam, užasno se trudio, i... nula!

      Odnos Trade Aira i CTN-a bi mogao biti izvanredan. Trade Air je ponudio preuzeti franšizu za neke CTN-ove linije prije nego ih je CTN ukinula radi smanjenja flote, no uprava je to odbila u strahu da bi EU regulatori to smatrali izigravanjem potrebe smanjenja flote. No, kako sam prijatelj sa Markom Cvijinom, predložio sam mu da sam otvara linije (u prvom redu da zaposli više ovu Braziliju koja sada leti jako malo, što je skupo i neisplativo). Naravno da tu nema kruha ako neće imati suradnju sa CTN-om. Hoće li... ne znam, ne ovisi o njima nego o "vizionarima" u CTN-u. A i ako bi CTN pristao na tako što, pitanje je u kojoj mjeri će Trade Air imati hrabrosti. Firma definitivno želi ući u redovni promet, i ovi letovi OSI-ZAG, RJK-SPU-DBV su u prvom redu da nauče kako se posao radi. Ali još jednom naglašavam, pitanje je u kojoj mjeri će Trade Air uletjeti. Ima tu kruha. Ima tu podosta linija koje su nepokrivene, konačno zašto ne ponuditi pokoji subvencionirani let i Nišu, Banja Luci, Mariboru, Ohridu, Mostaru... na jednak način kao što su pokrenuti iz Osijeka. U tom kontekstu CTN ne treba povećanje niti jednog jedinog aviona. Jer bi uz suradnju sa YM i 8A (Trade Air) odmah dobili tri Fokkera (dva od Trade Air, treći je u Libiji, te jedan od YM) dnevno, te jednu do dvije Brasilije (preko Trade Aira). Kad bi to uspjelo, Cvijin mi je rekao da bi Trade Air sam investirao u širenje flote.

      YM i OU... ma znam i ja da tu nema previše kruha. Nema dovoljno potencijalnih putnika na toj liniji. Ali još ih manje ima na TGD-LJU, pa ipak tamo ima 5-6 tjednih letova. YM je u banani sa JU ekpanzijom. Oni moraju način partnera. Velike firme, uključujući i OS ih ne fermaju pola posto. JU tu ne bi trebala imati interesa osim ako time želi spriječiti potencijalnu suradnju sa drugima. Inače im se više isplati da sami razvijaju mrežu (a u skoroj budućnosti vrlo su realna 4 dnevna leta prema TGD i 3 prema TIV svi sa A319). Upravo zato CTN bi trebala motivirati Montenegro. Prije 3 godina Montenegro je odbio CTN-ov prijedlog da preuzmu dio letova na liniji ZAG-TGD, čak i pod prijetnjom zatvaranja te linije. I to se desilo, nakon što je Montenegro odbio letjeti. Ovo znam pouzdano jer mi je to rekao generalni direktor CTN-a. No, sada je situacija drugačija. Činjenica je da bi Montenegrovi avioni za CTN linije bili odlično rješenje, poglavito prema istoku. DME je već Montenegro destinacija. Povećanje broja frekvencija sa stopom u ZAG, dočim se dobiva direktna linija ZAG-DME bi bila odličan potez, npr.

      Naravno, CTN ne može koristiti Montenegro za linije prema Star hubovima radi možebitnih code-share, ali prema ostalima i te kako može. I to bi mogla biti odlična motivacija za Montenegro, širenje vlastitih linija (sa 1 stop u ZAG), istim umjetno povećavanje broja putnika na ZAG-TGD, a veća frekvencija znači i više P2P putnika. U takvom slučaju 7 letova tjedno ne bi bilo nerealno. Hoće li se desiti? Ma za to se treba opako potruditi. Puno raditi... a tako nešto nitko od nas ne očekuje ni od OU, ni od YM... nažalost.

    9. Anonymous17:41

      Ja ipak verujem da YM nece preziveti dugo. Ipak ni crnogorska vlada nema toliko para pa da finansira gubitke njihovog nacionalnog avio prevoznika. Imam neki osecaj da nece docekati 2015, godinu, posebno kada osete udarac Er Serbije. Ne zaboravimo da sama JU vode strucnjaci a ne debili iz strnaka tako da njih bas briga sta je u interesu YM-a.

    10. Purger, svaka čast na trudu i entuzijazmu! Ne bih se složio da nisi postigao ništa jer po ovome što pišeš deluje da si radio dobro i ispravno, a rezultat dobrog i ispravnog rada nikada nije nula. Pre ili kasnije će makar nešto izaći na dobro, uostalom, na primeru Jata smo se uverili da su čuda moguća u sekund do 12, zar ne? :)

      Eto i JP je delovala tromo i inertno pa su se najednom trgli, možda i u OU budu čuli alarm. Ako posmatramo stvari iz pozitivnog gledišta, Etihad može doneti pozitivne promene čitavoj regiji a ne samo Srbiji.

    11. Anonymous18:42

      Purger, prije svega zahvaljujem na zanimljivim i konstruktivnim komentarima vezanim i za JU i za OU, zanima me slijedeće: što misliš koji će biti ishod privatizacije OU, hoće li je kupiti Garuda i, ako hoće, zašto misliš da je to loše, a ako ne Garuda, misliš li da bi itko riskirao kupiti posrnulu nam avio kompaniju? Unaprijed zahvaljujem! Srdačan pozdrav, i da ne budem OT, čestitam Srbiji na pokretanju nove/stare avio kompanije uz puno sreće i dobrih rezultata u budućnosti!

    12. Garuda može kupiti jedino manjinski udeo u OU i pitanje je koliko im je to u interesu - pogotovo ako se u obzir uzmu nedostatak iskustva u partnerstvima izvan Azije i značajna podozrivost koja u EU i dalje postoji spram kompanija iz Indonezije (i pored poboljšanja koja su usledila nakon što im je 2009-te ukinuta zabrana letenja u zemlje EU).

    13. Purger21:25

      Garuda može kupiti isto koliko je i Etihad kupio u Jatu.

      No, prodati CTN-a Garudi može samo netko tko nema ni najmanjeg pojma ili se želi riješiti vručeg krumpira pod svaku cijenu i bilo kome, samo da prestane biti "problem" Hrvatskoj vladi.

      1. Image Garude je katastrofalan. Do nedavno su bili na blacklisti EU (na novoj od srpnja 2013. više nisu). To će svakako odbijati potencijalne putnika iz Australije koji će daleko radije odabirati MEB3 za konekcije prema Hrvatskoj nego Garudu. Ista stvar bi bila i na eventualnim linijama via ZAG prema SAD-u (koji bi Amerikanac ili Kanađanin odabrao Garudu za takav let).

      2. Kompanija koja leti samo i isključivo za Amsterdam u Europi, i ni blizu nije letovima prema SAD-u, te ima samo 20 inozemnih destinacija (velika večina u neposrednoj okolici, te par za Australiju i Daleki Istok), teško da će kao prioritet imati liniju za ZAG (prije nego za FRA, CDG, LHR, MUC, ZRH, VIE...).

      3. Još je manje vjerovatno da bi uopće pokrenuli linije za SAD u dogledno vrijeme i to preko ZAG.

      4. Indonezija je vrlo nerazvijena zemlja (samo 3.816 USD per capita), politički nestabilna i bilo kakav poslovni odnos sa njima jest nesiguran, loš i nema potencijala u dogledno vrijeme. To i jest razlog zašto tek KLM i Turkish leti iz Europe za Jakartu.

      5. Konkurirati letovima mega-kompanija za Jakartu poput Emiratesa, Etihada, Qatara, Singaporea, Thai, Malaysian, KLMa, Turkisha; te konekcijama iz Jakarte na kojima konkurira Qantasa, Air China, ANA, Cathai Pacific, Air Asia, Asiana, China, China Southern, EVA, JAL, JetStar, Lion, Tiger... je u najmanju ruku hrabro, ali nikako potencijalno profitabilno za CTN.

      6. Broj možebitnih konekcija sa Garudom preko Jakarte je vrlo mali (tek 15-tak), što postavlja pitanje i moguće linije iz ZAG za Jakartu. A ako takve linije ne bi bilo, koja bi svrha uopće bila suradnje, njihove investicije i gdje bi se vidio benefit? Kada maknemo tonu indonezijskih linija gdje nema kruha, Amsterdam i dvije linije za Bliski Istok za koje konekcije preko Jakarte sigurno ne bi bile moguće, ostaju možebitne konekcije prema:

      Bangkok, Thailand
      Beijing, China
      Brisbane, Australia
      Guangzhou, China
      Hong Kong, Hong Kong
      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      Melbourne, Australia
      Osaka, Japan
      Penang, Malaysia - ovo ni ne smatram konekcijom jel tu baš i nema potencijalnih putnika
      Perth, Australia
      Seoul, South Korea
      Shanghai, China
      Singapore, Singapore
      Sydney, Australia
      Taipei, Taiwan
      Tokyo, Japan
      ...a i u Indoneziji bi se našao tek pokoji putnika za Danpasar, ostale destinacije nisu vrijedne spomena.

      Dakle jedini potencijal bi bio putnici iz exYU do Australije koji trenutno imaju odličnu alternativu u Etihadu preko BEG, u Qataru preko ZAG i BEG, flyDubai/Emiratesu preko SKP i BEG, Qantasu preko LHR, Singaporeu preko nekoliko europskih luka, kao i Turksihu u dogledno vrijeme (sigurno ne tako daleko) a koji leti iz LJU, ZAG, BEG, SJJ, SKP, PRN, TGD; što obzirom na image Garude ostavlja jako malo potencijalnih putnika.

    14. Purger21:28

      …moj mokri san bio bio Sinagpore, Starov veliki brat sa Dalekog Istoka.

      Obzirom da naš ministar kuca na sva vrata gdje postoji i ne postoji šansa da se kupi Croatia Airlines, baš me interesira jel se sjetio močnog i izuzetno prihvatljivog Star Alliance partnera iz Azije, Singapore.

      - SIA trenutno ima najveće financijske zalihe u cijeloj Aziji, od nevjerovatnih 4,5 milijardi USD
      - Kompanija investira, nedavno je dokupila 19,9% Virgin Australije,
      - 100% su vlasnici regionalne kompanije Silk Air (23 A319 i A320)
      - vlasnici su 34,4% LCC kompanije Tiger, a udio će povečati na 46,5%,
      - otvorili su vlastitu LCC Scoot,
      - upravo investiraju sa Tata grupom u novu indijsku zrakoplovnu kompaniju u kojoj će imati 49%

      Argumenti za:
      - kompanija trenutno raspolaže sa 102 širokotrupca, a naručili su nevjerovatnih 125 širokotrupaca, što samo znači da će se ozbiljno širiti;
      - trenutno lete na 13 destinacija u Europi (znači nisu kao Garuda nepoznanica u ovim prostorima)
      - kako su ukinuli Bec i Atenu (nikad ni nisu letjeli za Budimpeštu) ozbiljno im fali luka u ovom dijelu Europe
      - Hrvatska dijapsora u Australiji je vrlo velika, a SIA leti za čak 8 destinacija u Australiji i Novo Zealandu (1 od toga leti Silk)
      - kompanija ima velik broj letova prema Indoneziji, Maleziji, Filipnima, Jugoistočnoj i Istočnoj Aziji, što je sve vrlo dobro konektirano preko Singaporea iz Hrvatske
      - kompanija je već partner CTN-a u Staru
      - u studenom ukidaju najdužu nonstop liniju (prema New Yorku) radi neisplativosti i prebacuju je na 1stop. Zar ne bi bila win-win kombinacija linija SIN-ZAG-JFK (dio putnika SIN-JFK, dio ZAG-SIN, i dio ZAG-JFK uz konekcije na oba leta (prema SIN i prema JFK iz DBV, SPU, ZAD, PUY, OSI, SJJ, SKP, PRN, u tom slučaju izvjesno i iz OHR, OMO, TGD, TIA…)

    15. SQ2621:44

      Ja cesto letim sa SQ i trenutno SQ leti JFK-FRA-SIA SIA-FRA-JFK do duse ja letim JFK-FRA sa SQ pa onda FRA-BEG sa LH tako da nista od toga da ZAG bude taj 1stop kad vec imaju FRA za 1stop na njihovom A380.
      Oprostite mi na mom Serbo-Croatian :)

    16. Purger01:34

      I gdje bi bio problem za jedan Singapore da liniju SIN-FRA-JFK prebaci na SIN-ZAG-JFK i tako izbjegne ogromnu konkurenciju tri prijevoznika i 6 dnevnih polazaka na liniji FRA-New York, uz još niz destinacija u Sjevernoj Americi iz FRA, što ZAG nema.

    17. Možda imaju stabilan broj putnika koji koriste samo SIN-FRA i FRA-SIN na toj relaciji? Na drugoj strani, putniku za Balkan koji dolazi iz Australije ili Kine svejedno je da li ima stopover u SIN ili AUH/DXB/DOH - to je i dalje stopover, pa bi odlučivala cena karte. Konačno, velike kompanije se teško odlučuju da zamene veliki hub malim. Ne kažem da ti je scenario nemoguć ali ja ga pre vidim kao potpuno novu liniju (npr. Toronto/Vancouver) sa medjusletanjem u Zagrebu, nego kao zamenu FRA sa ZAG. Za tu novu liniju potreban je partner sa puno novca, iskustva i operative, što Singapore svakako jeste. Pitanje je kako im "pomoći" da prepoznaju priliku, ukoliko prilike ima.

  12. Anonymous13:09

    710 million dollars... Yeah, from where?

    I'm excited about Air Serbia, but the biggest problem will be GDP of Serbia.. What's your average pay, 200-300€? And what is the ticket price for, let's say, Prague?

    1. Anonymous13:32

      I do not know, ask Oxford. They are talking about additional income that will come from having Air Serbia. Primarily because it will make the city of Belgrade more competitive and more accessible to foreigners.

    2. Anonymous13:34

      $710 is a possible contribution of Air Serbia to Serbia's GDP. It's shown on the link above on how different things contribute to a potential rise in GDP. This is just a study though, nobody can make a fully precise prediction

    3. zoran15:09

      Mister, You missed the point! Air Serbia is the company with intentions to make profit with Serbian or other passengers. The average wage is not 200-300 Euros, but much more (the most of good payed private job has officially minimal wage). So, if the present potential is 3.5 mill pax on Bg airport, with only collecting transfer passengers (find best opportunities on from SJJ, SKP, TGD, SKG, and some other cities) it will be enough for AIr Serbia to double his figures.

  13. Anonymous13:51

    For those interested, you can see Air Serbias flights on the Belgrade Airport sight ... Seasonal Flights

  14. And, i by the way, i got an e-mail from Etihad after i bought the ticket for Istanbul via internet that i became Etihad guest, got the number and the will send me the card through the professional...

    1. Anonymous18:05

      How many days after the booking? I didn't get anything.

  15. Anonymous17:02

    Someone told me that with Etihad Guest i can also collect miles flying American Airlines.
    Is this true?
    I also heard that you can- if you want- get your miles on Etihad Guest paid out in cash ?
    That would be wonderful!
    Doe anybody know more?

  16. Anonymous17:19

    BEG overpass SOF by nuber of pasangers. Is it going to stay like that till the end of the year. There are many winter charter flights to SOF with turists going for skiing...

    1. Anonymous21:43

      Yes but SOF will see new additions such as Dubai, Kiev and Larnaca. Next year Wizzair is basing a 4th aircraft, Tarom doing 3 daily flights, more flights to Spain and it's just the beginning. The competition will be tough. Plus the country has 4 operational airports and Serbia has only one.

    2. Anonymous23:43

      Well yes but Belgrade is getting Air Serbia and it's business model. Not to mention that Bulgaria Air is much weaker than Jat Airways ever was. So no wonder why Wizz Air has been expanding there much faster.

      Bulgaria's four operational airports do reduce passenger numbers BUT Plovdiv is pathetic and the coastal airports are a must because of the charter flights. Due to Bulgaria's geography , it would be impossible for these flights to be sent to Sofia.

    3. Anonymous01:13

      BEG and SOF are not competitors! Neither is ZAG. They are all three rather small capital city airports of three different European countries.

    4. Anonymous01:24

      Come on... Other 3 bulgarian airports have 3,7 million passengers what is much more than Belgrade. Together Bulgaria has 7,1 million passengers.

      It is not true that Burgas and Varna have just charter flights. For example Burgas airport regular lines:

      Aer Lingus: Dublin
      Aeroflot: St. Petersburg
      Bulgaria Air: Sofia, Varna, Moscow-Sheremetyevo, St. Petersburg
      Luxair: Luxembourg
      Mistral Air: Catania
      Norwegian Air Shuttle: Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo-Gardermoen, Stockholm-Arlanda
      S7 Airlines: Moscow-Domodedovo, Novosibirsk
      SmartWings: Bratislava, Brno, Budapest, Košice, Ostrava, Prague
      Ural Airlines: Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg
      Wizz Air: London-Luton, Budapest, Katowice, Poznań, Warsaw-Chopin

    5. Anonymous10:18

      Dude, come on. You can do better than that. One short visit to Wikipedia proves you wrong:

      All of those flights are seasonal and are there to bring tourists to the Black Sea coast. Rhodes airport handles more than 4,000,000 passengers but what's the point when it's like Dubrovnik, in winter time it dies out. So out of those 3,700,000 passengers, actual O&D ones are not more than 500,000. Just look at Plovdiv, it can barely sustain a one weekly flight to London with Ryanair.

      Furthermore, Serbia can't be compared with either Bulgaria or Croatia. However, Croatia and Bulgaria can be compared for that matter and Bulgaria is shaming Croatia big time. For me it's unacceptable for an ex-eastern bloc country to be beating a post-Yugoslav state in tourism. Especially since the Croatian coast was well known even back then. But I guess it says more about the Croats than anyone else. Or if you like, we can also compare Croatia to Greece. ;)

      Serbia can be compared with similar markets such as Hungary, which just like Serbia, has a single true international gateway.

    6. Anonymous21:19

      Anonymous October 21, 2013 at 10:18 AM


      Great reply/analysis.

  17. pakistaani prince09:04

    Singspore to Zagreab hahaha
    cro propa

    1. Anonymous17:10

      Serbian GDP, hahahahahaha!

    2. Anonymous21:11

      +1 pakistaani prince

      You're the best! :D

    3. Anonymous01:18

      OU's future, hahahahahahhahahha!

  18. Anonymous13:21

    A pitty that there will no be a personal entertainment system on board after all.

  19. Anonymous16:45

    I will miss JAT.

  20. Anonymous19:13

    Does anyone what happened with the destinations VAR, IEV, SOF, CAI, BEY, WAW......not yet announced. Are they off the table or just postponed?

    1. Anonymous21:12

      They are announced for March 2013, the exact dates have yet to be announced.


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