Promising start for Air Serbia

Air Serbia begins fleet renewal tender process

Air Serbia has recorded a 12% passenger increase in its first week of operations as a rebranded airline and has seen an extreme surge in bookings as it looks to win back the trust of passengers lost during the final years of Jat Airways. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the carrier as it had to deal with delays on many of its flights. In a press release the airline explains the delays have come down to its new catering offer. Flights are now taking much longer to stock with food and drinks due to a selection of several meal choices available on each flight while there is an inadequate number of catering trucks to serve all aircraft, many of which now depart at exactly the same time or in five minute intervals.

Despite some early hiccups, Air Serbia’s CEO, Dane Kondić, believes it is important for the airline to continue to grow. “It is important for us because we need to get this branch of the Serbian economy, air transport, growing again. That means providing more choices for our guests - flying where they want and when they want. So we are launching five new destinations this year, with another twelve coming in 2014. Our country and our people need this so we can all move ahead and keep pace with the rest of the world”. Mr. Kondić explains the airline has also been faced with opposition. “We no longer fly to Ataturk Airport in Istanbul as they wanted to secure better slots for their national airline so we were given a departure time of 02.50 in the morning. We want to be a profitable company and that means offering our guests timing which best suits them”.

This week the Serbian carrier is set to receive its third Airbus A319 aircraft. “It’s an exceptional aircraft but for Air Serbia it’s just the first step on our way towards the airline’s better future. An aircraft like this will allow us to modernise our fleet and expand our network and that’s just what we’ve done. Now we have made the first step, we are starting to look at the longer term. We’ve started a tender process for a major fleet expansion to introduce the latest Boeing, Airbus or Bombardier aircraft with deliveries starting in 2016. The A319s are great, but whichever aircraft we select for this second phase will be the most modern and state of the art on the market”, Mr. Kondić explains.

On October 29, the Jat brand officially ceased to exist as the Serbian Register Agency listed Air Serbia as Jat’s successor. “I think we should all respect the Jat brand as it has played an important part in the history of our nation and in the lives of many of our people. But the industry has changed and we need to evolve and grow new wings for our future flights. That’s why the time is right to welcome a new player into the national scene. Air Serbia is a brand, an airline and a concept that will play a key role in our country’s future”, CEO Kondić concludes.


  1. Anonymous09:07

    So why didn't Belgrade Airport or the Serbian Civil Aviation give Turkish Airlines slots at 03.28 for its three new frequencies? If they can do it to us then we can do it to them.
    Regardless, these are great news. I am really happy that Air Serbia is doing well and let's hope that this catering issue is resolved soon. It seems that their delays are being reduced already.

    There is something I was thinking about. easyJet launched Milan flights which were a success and now they are announcing flights from Geneva. It seems that they are concentrating themselves on expanding in Serbia. I wonder how much longer before they go directly head to head with Wizz Air? For example launching flights from Hamburg (W6, Dortmund), Paris (W6, Beauvais) and so on? It will be interesting to follow their future steps.

    1. Anonymous10:10

      Hamburg H2H with Dortmund? Seriously?

    2. Anonymous10:26

      They attract the same kind of passengers, that is from the same region. That's what Serbs from north-western Germany are using when travelling back to Serbia.

    3. Aэrologic10:51

      "So why didn't Belgrade Airport or the Serbian Civil Aviation give Turkish Airlines slots at 03.28 for its three new frequencies? If they can do it to us then we can do it to them. "

      Those were the questions i was asking myself many times. I'm just baffled how TK was able to obtain in BEG everything they want, while on the other hand JU had to move to SAW and QR has been denied rights on flights between ESB and BEG.

    4. Anonymous11:37

      Well, you have to take into account that this is the worst thing that could have happened to TK so obviously, they're pretty much irritated at the idea of losing their so far undisputed monopoly in the region and having one of the G3 right at their door-step.

      I think, still, BEG (Serbian aviation directorate) should have taken retaliatory action and move their flights at worst possible hours "as they need the slots for Air Serbia's expansion". Easy argument. They would have suffered more than Air Serbia cause all their flights are timed to feed the long-haul waves, which they cannot move.

    5. Turkish Airlines suffered a major blow when the Greek authorities refused to grant them the permission to launch a second daily flight between Thessaloniki and Istanbul. They (the Greeks) were furious that Aegean was not given additional slots at Istanbul for the times they asked for. What the Turks did was that they gave them slots for a 04.00 departure. In addition to that, Turkish Airlines operates more flights than the bilateral allows them to, naturally they got the permission from the Greek government.
      I think the Greeks are more protective of Aegean now that the merger will go through.

    6. Anonymous13:15

      So why the Serbs couldn't have done the same and denied them further flights into Belgrade after they gave Air Serbia 02:50 slots?

    7. Because people in the Directorate are spineless? Maybe TK gave them money? Who knows.

    8. Anonymous13:45

      Why they didnt keep old slots then?

    9. Anonymous13:48

      I prefer not to imagine the profit Air Serbia could made while operating with the same times daily from Ataturk. It would have been a huge success. Like this you even don't see their flights in the GDS when looking for Istanbul, unless you know SAW airport exists.

    10. Anonymous14:25

      I do not know how familiar with GDSes you are but if in Amadeus you request ANBEGIST plus dates and other parameters it will give you JU flights to SAW as well. In Amadeus, IST is also code for city of Istanbul soit gives flights to all airports. I am travel agent selling tkts using Amadeus GDS.

    11. Anonymous14:41

      Try it on and you'll see what i'm talking about. There is no IST for 'Istanbul area' such as there is for London or Moscow, wonder why (TK lobby again who wants the monopoly for 'Istanbul'?).

      That's a serious glitch in the GDS that needs to be addressed.

    12. Anonymous14:45

      Kayak is Amadeus-based and that is very strange. Sabre (travelocity) doesn't have that issue.

    13. Anonymous16:38

      Iran Air A300-600 from Frankfurt just landed at BEG, no info on

    14. Anonymous16:39

      Why not in Zagreb? ZAG is closer to Frankfurt and has better connections.

    15. Anonymous16:45 never puts technical stops on its website, most airports don't. That's why there is no mention of Iran Air.

    16. Anonymous17:05

      They used to put flights that are interesting to spot such as AN-124 etc.

    17. Anonymous17:09

      That's because it was a scheduled cargo flight, not a technical stop.

    18. Purger17:20

      The same thing was with Croatia Airlines. IST gave them slots from IST at 23:30. In same time TK repeat they have nothing with that.

      After several try of peaceful solution, Croatian government reduces 7 TK weekly flights to just 4. Less than one month IST find good slot for Croatia, and TK got back 7 weekly frequencies.

    19. Anonymous17:23

      By the way, why did Croatia Airlines cancel Istanbul flights? Even Adria, which serves a much smaller market, manages to keep it.

    20. Anonymous17:29

      For Croatia airlines to cancel the route completely soon after and code-share with TK.

      Turks are animals.

    21. Anonymous17:34

      Yeah but my question is what forced them to shut it down so soon after launching. It's a flight between two Star hubs not to mention that Istanbul itself must attract quite a lot of O&D.

    22. Anonymous20:19

      Yes,i also can not imagine a good reason why they stopped flying to Istanbul...
      When you can not find a reason it often is because there is no reason behind that decision at all!
      Why does OU not fly to Moscow or Dubai...?
      You see what i mean.

    23. Purger01:09

      Lack of aircrafts. By EU order they must remove one plane (A320 FOX, now flying instead of ZRH Q400) to get green light for "restructuration". That is “famous” downsizing.

      Because of that they cut lines and frequencies, and they stop to fly to IST because there they have code-share partner (TK) which increase frequencies to compensate CTN cancellation.

  2. Anonymous09:21

    Now that's a CEO. Take a note of his words and compare them to those of ex Jat CEOs or any other ex-Yu airline, especially our Daliborka :))

    1. Anonymous09:24

      The best, in my opinion, is the guy from the Bosnian Civil Aviation directorate or the ministry of transport when he said something like: erm, there are some airlines there in Turkey interested in B&H Airlines. :D

    2. Anonymous09:26

      You don;t forget that one in a hurry

      “We have held talks with… I don’t know… some “Atlas Tours” and some “Airlines”

    3. Anonymous09:56

      Hahahahahah! Yes. He's my absolute favourite from the region. <3

  3. Anonymous09:50

    Excellent start for lca, ath, skg, saw.... at least 50 transit pax per flight. Beg wouldnt seen these pax without this schedule. Bravo guys

    1. Anonymous09:57

      Where did you get that information from? Do you know anything more?

    2. Anonymous10:08

      I have access to amadeus altea reservation system with those privilegies

    3. Anonymous10:17

      Nice, do you know where most of them were heading? Especially passengers from SKG and LCA which were characterized as the weakest destinations by 'experts' on here. :)

    4. Anonymous10:55

      I know but it is confidential, I hope you will understand. Can't wait to see comparison November 2012/2013

    5. Anonymous11:06

      Air Serbia is offering connecting flights from Stockholm to Abu Dhabi via BEG, 565 USD round-trip.

    6. Anonymous11:21

      Same from ZRH and FCO. They're beating out TK everywhere.

    7. Anonymous11:23

      Hahaha c'mon, what's so confidential about it, you can ask every station manager or check-in agent about that and he'll tell you, please don't make it something it isn't and share what you know till the end.

    8. Anonymous11:54

      Please, can you at least give us some hints? I am interested to know where are they able to take passengers going from Turkey.

    9. Anonymous13:22

      Mentioning top destinations is NOT confidential information. Mentioning specific numbers usually is.

    10. Anonymous14:07

      Mostly western European countries. Crucial thing for schedule planners is reliable o/d matrix. That info are worth of gold, so jat hadn't done proper job even if you have access to IATA and AEA publications. This is totally new concept and even right now we can see how fruitfull it is.

    11. Anonymous14:33

      I use Amadeus Altea as a travel agent. If you can see connecting pax than you work for Air Serbia. Noone except airline Amadeus Altea offices has acces to these info (where transitpax go). As a travel agent you can access only your own reservations. There are more of us industry professionals reading this blog so do not give wrong info. Actually you could see all reservations only if JU gave you access, sorry.

    12. Anonymous15:14

      Let's go to the beginning. I gave you true info, so if you have another source just double check. I do not have right to provide you confidential info and I will never do... yes I am working for the AS. Let's wait for official figures. All I wanted to say that schedule is awesome,

  4. Anonymous09:55

    Now, are there any news regarding the new site and non-existent online booking (seats selection, etc...)?

    1. Nikola10:11

      what do you mean by non-existent on-line booking? i booked both seats and tickets for BEG-FCO two days ago via web site

    2. Anonymous10:15

      He is talking about online check-in. You can select your seat when booking a flight but it's not a definite one.

    3. Anonymous10:34

      There is no link on Air Serbia site for online check-in. btw what do you mean by "it's not a definite one"? thanks

  5. Anonymous10:06

    Less than a month to go and B&H Airlines has not yet loaded their Belgrade flights. Will they finish their coffee already, turn off the tv, close the newspapers, turn on their computers and actually do some work!

  6. Anonymous10:11

    12 new destinations in 2014? Are seasonal destinations also considered as new?

    1. Anonymous10:28

      1. Monastir
      2. Cairo
      3. Beirut
      4. Varna
      5. Sofia
      6. Kiev
      7. Budapest
      8. Dubrovnik
      9. Split

      Who else is missing?

    2. Anonymous10:35

      Monastir, Dubrovnik and Split are not new destinations, those are seasonal destinations which Jat had last year.

    3. Anonymous10:40

      Well, they are new destinations for Air Serbia.

    4. Anonymous10:44

      Additional destinations to be revealed soon are BCN LED OSL AMM

    5. Anonymous10:45

      Hahahah yeah and JFK and JNB.

    6. Anonymous10:58

      @ anonymous 10:45

      Not JFK and JNB, but ORD and YYZ, in a year time.

      A friendly advice to you: visit the nearest pharmacy and ask for some stomach or diarrhea medicines, you may feel sick in the next couple of weeks once these destinations are announced

    7. Anonymous11:00

      Warsaw is not on the list !?

    8. Anonymous11:03

      Yes, sorry I completely forgot about Warsaw! I wonder when they will slowly start to load these flights.

    9. Anonymous11:52

      BCN and OSL are more than logical choices - major cities currently not covered by Etihad's network. Etihad is already funneling all pax from Zurich, Stockholm or Rome via Belgrade.

    10. Anonymous12:07

      Oooo, now I understand. So, this year they have some 30 new lines, because everything is new in Air Serbia!

      So, some things are new if that is good for Air Serbia, but in same time they are ex. Jat when this is OK (slots, web page, e-mail address, rights...). So typical Balkan mentality.

    11. Anonymous12:21

      Etihad and Hogan are absolutely perfect examples of Balkan mentality, I agree (LOL).

    12. Anonymous12:21

      Is this a new airline or a new name for Jat?

    13. Anonymous13:13

      Hogan? Trust me that guy hardly know what is going on here. They care so much about Air Serbia that they even didn’t find which kind of visa is necessary for Serbians to come to education.

      Kondić? Oh yes... with those premature announcements he becomes so typical Balkanian... influenced by old Jat "kadar".

  7. Anonymous10:33

    Yes, it looks pinky but it is far from pinky:

    1. After 8 days still delays. Last week delays were on almost every flight, and average delay was 42 minutes per flight. Some flights were delay for more than 2 hours. Even today ALL FLIGHTS ARE DELAYING some more than 30 minutes.
    2. Still lot of Jat in copy-past old Jat web page. For example call center contact is:
    3. A319 was grounded exempt to Abu Dhabi because of administration sloppy.
    4. Because of sloppiness cabin crew were on custody in Abu Dhabi during their education.
    5. Delays in education because of why pilots from Slovenia fly A319
    6. Delays in coming of Airbuses to fleet and opening of new routes which is not like announced in August.
    7. Airbuses are not «new», some are very old.
    8. Service is not as it was promised (just business have iPod no TV on each seat)
    9. Announced code-share with B&H Airlines is not on reservation system and flights should start in less than a month. It is not even in summer time-table.
    10. Time-table was changing several times, passengers must change their plans (for example Banja Luka was announced as late evening flight on 4 days, but now is 7 days in mead-day).
    11. Problems with workers which start to speak even on public about «Arabian working law».

    1. Anonymous10:40

      Delays are being reduced and the CEO explained why they took place. Then, as for Banja Luka flights, the times were changed before the sale of tickets was launched, so what are you talking about exactly?
      The whole airline was rebranded and launched in a time period of three months. Stop bitching, take a reality pill and be happy we have this much. Some people are never going to be satisfied, no matter what.

      Also, most you have mentioned above were speculations made by newspapers, not the airline so I don't get why you are complaining.

    2. Nikola10:51

      1. explained in the post above
      2. well, web site works, so who cares? and plus, it's all big work in progress
      3. all 319s are flying troughout Europe (LCA, ARN and ZRH today, CDG, TGD, DUS and ZRH tomorrow)
      4. as far as i know, they are all free
      5. well, pilots are recently trained, it takes time to get to know the plane, so you have to fly with one experienced pilot
      6. well, it takes time to get new planes
      7. so? they are younger than all current planes, that are VERY old. 14 yrs is nothing compared to 22+
      8. do you really need PTV on 2 hour flight?
      9. JA didn't load flight yet, it's up to them
      10. explained in the post above
      11. what problems?

    3. Anonymous10:58

      You have too much time on your hands.

    4. Anonymous10:59

      This thing with “custody” you are constantly talking about is complete bullshit. ETIHAD, yes ETIHAD, organised visas for crew and they gave them the wrong visa (only one entry not multiple) so the crew could not leave the airport. They were not in custody (you obviously don’t understand the meaning of the word because that means they would have been in a police station) they were in the first class lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport until the issue was resolved.
      As for “lots of markings from Jat’ I don’t see absolutely any. They kept @jat in email addresses. So what? They launched a completely new airline in less than three months.

    5. Anonymous12:19

      A 2 hour flight with PTV could provide you with four half hour shows of all kinds be it lifestyle, comedy, series, documentary in some cases even going onto an hour, music videos, movies, sports, news, games just some examples.

      Do they have fold down TV screens in economy? it can make quite a difference having something to entertain you.

    6. Anonymous12:26

      No, you don't understand! Custody is when you don't have right to move freely, and you can be in custody in hotel for instance (you can not leave one), but what you are saying is arrest.

      What I am talking about is that lot of things are sloppy, what is not good for image of the company which pretend to be leader in region, and for some of you in Europe or even World company (by words of CEO). World company would settle delays because of catering in no time.

      Concerning BNX (and some others) you have to know that passengers make plans in advance. Doesn't meter if you sell them tickets or not. For example I plan to fly to SOF with Air Serbia, and what if I wait for them and than they will not start with route as they plan (administrative problems, not enough planes, problems with delays and catering...???). And they change announcements so many times (routes, new planes, time of flights...). So, I thing I will take some other company for now, and wait Air Serbia to show me that this sloppy beginning will not be practice in future.

      Sloppy is not the way you can start with company. Because in start you are under magnifying glass. And for this sloppiness you don't need magnifying glasses... If that will go on passengers will start to protest, media will start to write, people will start to buy ticket with other companies to be sure, and that is not good. Jat principals must not be part of Air Serbia business model. And not to react in beginning, and try to make it look better than it is, will make Jat again just with different name. We don’t need that.

    7. I fully understand and respect that Air Serbia is experiencing some start-up problems.
      For all those people saying that it is not a start-up: Several things have changed, including catering, which takes time. We might even expect a couple of more glitches as the A319's are introduced gradually.

      The only thing that makes it a bit risky is the combined introduction of a new product with short connections. We don't want passengers stranded for several hours or worse because they missed a connection. It is much easier to explain to an aviation-enthousiast that Air Serbia needs to get used to their new procedures and such than to a one-off traveller who sees a 737-300 in JAT colors and doesn't get what on earth might have changed..

      Anyway, I believe Air Serbia will become an example in the region and I can only hope that my B&H Airlines will find a strategic partner crazy enough willing to invest in a company where both the minister as well as most of (former) directors are only in place because they were the "komsija" of the previous one..

      Pozz from Holland/Bosnia,

    8. Anonymous01:14

      Come on... they did not make anything spectacular. Little more catering (for less passengers per flight, as now they have just 128 pax on board), and waves. Jesus, like they did not have waves and any catering 10 days ago. And they still can not fix problem?!?!?!?!

    9. Anonymous08:18

      Actually, Jat's fleet had 124 or 125 seats so they increased the load by 3 to 4 passengers and no, Jat did not have waves of departures.
      What they did was that they completely changed the work ethic of the airline as well as its core business model. They have fundamentally changed the airline. That takes guts and a lot of energy.

    10. Anonymous09:04

      Sure they had waves. Planes from SJJ, TGD, TIV, SKP, OHR came early in the morning (till 7:00) and than leave to Western and Eastern Europe.

      And yes, planes are same size, but for sure in August LF is much better than in November! What I want to say is now they have not more than 80 passengers per flight.

    11. Anonymous14:03

      Morning arrivals did not include flights from Tivat. The schedule Jat used was highly dysfunctional and couldn't serve absolutely ANY purpose. Air Serbia is a completely different airline, nothing to do with the unfortunate existence of Jat.

  8. Anonymous11:16

    The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on! =
    The life goes on, even if some will try to stop or talk against progress.
    Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Kondic/Hogan and to all employees of Air Serbia.

    1. Anonymous14:52

      Best regards. You should realize, that in the saying or the quotation you are using, "dogs" are the good one, the domestic folks, and "caravans" are ocupators, the bad ones. So, basicily you are saying here ecaxtly the oposite of your intention.

    2. Anonymous17:06

      No he is not ;-). Dogs aren't the good ones, but the loud ones, and caravans are the ones who do not care.

      You totally missed the point..

    3. Anonymous18:05

      There is explanation for the "dogs bark...":=
      The life goes on, even if some will try to stop or talk against progress.
      It seems that the saying in English has been adopted from Persian. One of the explanations is here, the link

      I think that the proverb can be applied in business , society, private ... as well as in Air Serbia case.

  9. Anonymous12:10

    I don't mind the name Air Serbia but it could have been Serbian Airlines or Airways bringing in a bit of Jat and Etihad, but that livery is still unprofessional, such work would never come out of a design agency unless all that mattered to them was money, like I said elsewhere Sabena is an example of a perfect simple yet professional livery, there are many others too alonf the same lines, keeping in mind the supposed brief given to the designer by Etihad to do anything but fuselage must remain white. I honestly expected Air Serbia livery to be be a simple yet professional, high class look, not this, you can love it but its unprofessional to the core.

  10. Anonymous12:25

    barking dogs again!

    1. Anonymous14:46

      if you cann't understand someone, it doesn't mean that that person barks. it schows, however that you are primitive.

    2. Anonymous14:50

      I don't like Etihad livery either, its unprofessional and made in haste just like the airline itself, created in haste as a me-too-must-have-airline ego booster trend in the Gulf, since seeing what Emirates can do for promoting a country.

      I wish Dubai govt. had taken over Jat and given it the Fly Dubai livery with red instead of orange and got it to code share etc. with FZ as well as Emirates, now that would have been something.

    3. SKP216:21

      @AnonymousNovember 4, 2013 at 2:50 PM

      That is a rather peculiar idea... EK/FZ would be less beneficial for JU than EY is. Emirates is more focused on eliminating competition, not on cooperating with everyone and they would certainly not invest in JU as much as Etihad is. EK does not need to play catch-up with others.

      Abu Dhabi is the Emirate with serious money, Dubai is exeptionally wealthy but it is more of a bling spot for UAE. The only country Emirates is promoting is UAE and the company itself, as they should.

      I find it utterly amusing how you managed to base your entire judgement on livery designs.

    4. Anonymous16:41

      "I find it utterly amusing how you managed to base your entire judgement on livery designs." :D


    5. Anonymous18:18

      Has anybody has ever heard of a case where logo design and/or livery have been reason to choose an air carrier?

    6. Anonymous19:13

      Etihad is probably the richest airline of all times.
      The Abu Dhabi state fonds that owns Etihad sits on approximately 100 bilion dollars.

    7. Anonymous20:27

      ^Make that $800b.

    8. Anonymous17:00

      Whatever the case Air Serbia branding is sub standard, that's the only point, the EK/FZ thing was a hypothetical to get one to see the point, subtsnadard amateur verusus, professional quality branding.

      As for the wannabe Etihad no comments.

  11. Spale13:27

    No one mentioned this tender Mr. Kondic is talking about.
    Are they really going to go alone and order new planes? Wasn't there idea that they will do a group order to reduce costs and all that? Or am I clueless how tenders work in airline industry? i admit, I haven't got a clue :)

    Also, anyone knows what happened with that old JAT order and deposit with Airbus?

    1. Anonymous18:01

      I'm just an observer, but I think they will combine tenders for these "small" planes for the whole Etihad group, like other companies do (e.g. Lufthansa, IAG and AF/KLM). It would be good to "reuse" the old Jat Airbus order, but I honestly think they will use this order as a bargaining chip to get the best deal possible - they might be able to secure discounts that are larger than the Jat deposit.

    2. Anonymous19:13

      Yes, they're going to do a gigantic alliance-wide order. Jat's deposit is a non-factor in this deal, it will only be used if Etihad ends up with Airbus.

    3. Anonymous19:19

      I hope that loadfactors will improve in the next years and that JU gets the Airbus 320 NEOs.

  12. Anonymous13:27

    From NOV15 Etihad has shifted some 800 pax from its BEG-AUH flight to Air Serbia because of better conections until summer 2014

    1. Anonymous13:59

      I guess that's really good. I wonder during what period they moved those 800 people. If it is from now till summer then it's not so good. If its in the next two months then its a little bit better. Maybe until Etihad revises its BEG flights.

  13. OT Today I found couple of interesting musical safety videos/presentations I figured I'll share with you, very interesting:

    - Virgin America:
    - Cabu Pacific:

    1. Anonymous17:22

      2 more:
      TAP Portugal:
      Air New Zealand:

    2. Nikola08:22

      NZ's safety videos are awesone. this one is my best:

  14. Anonymous18:13

    Speaking about IST vs SAW: are ground handling costs cheaper at SAW than IST? Honestly, if your passengers are not connecting via IST (and EY certainly doesn't want them to), then SAW is perfectly good option for O&D traffic. Most of my friends who visit Istanbul regularly prefer SAW because it's more convenient for them (and i guess most tourists don't care too much).
    On the topic of OU and Istanbul slots, it is just a power play from the TK side: they just wanted to take all connecting pax and I imagine that there is not so much O&D traffic...

    1. ^ Also at SAW Air Serbia can better compete with Pegasus Airlines!

    2. Anonymous20:33

      Well, TK should be their main target, not Pegasus which is actually great for passengers and doesn't threaten JU on most of the routes + they aim a completely different market. For sure i would love PC to stay.

    3. Doot10:19

      obviously, Air Serbia has given up on Istanbul.

      agreement between them and Etihad? They're both competing for the same transfer pax

    4. Anonymous13:18

      Hmmm, I agree with AAA that JU better competes with PC for O&D pax and I think there are enough tourists for both of them. What I don't quite understand is what kind of transfer pax do JU and TK compete for? Obviously, EY wants to take all passengers from BEG to Asia/Africa/Australia through AUH instead of IST. However, I don't think they can take any pax originating from Istanbul and going to either Balkans or Western Europe, TK has extensive network and great service to the whole Europe. JU might try to compete on price, though.

  15. Anonymous19:27

    Todays edition of Ex Yu Aviation looks so stunning visually!
    The combination of black/white,grey and blue/red is a delight
    for my eyes.
    Congratulation for the ones that made this blog!

  16. Anonymous10:08

    I hope that the new 5 destinations JU is gonna announce will include: LWO, ODS, TBS, GYD and/or EVN

    1. Anonymous13:10

      IMHO, the is very little O&D traffic between BEG and those cities and JU network is not strong enough to support transfers to these cities. Plus, some of them seem a bit far to do a middle-of-the-day roundtrip that is convenient for connections. My take is: they might announce at most 2 cities from your list (ODS and LWO seem close enough)

    2. Anonymous13:38

      GYD has about a demand of about 30 passengers per day which is not bad at all.

    3. Anonymous15:22

      We want LYS!

    4. From the short-haul destinations list, they should consider ZAG, TIA, MUC as they can all be operated by ATR while KBP, LED, TIP and maybe MAD with A319.

    5. Anonymous17:29

      I'm happy to be wrong! If I understand correctly, 30 per day is O&D demand which can sustain a 3-4 weekly flight to GYD with daily in the high season.
      Would it make sense for JU to have a mixed fleet of ~100-seat and ~150-180 seat jets for European destinations? It seems to me that this works pretty well for major EU airlines and is well optimized for hub-and-spoke network like EY and JU are building.

    6. Anonymous17:40

      Regarding LYS: are people from Rhone-Alpes region interested in BEG-GVA flights from LX and U2?
      Honestly, I don't see JU starting GVA any time soon (it is of no interest to EY as transfer destination since they fly AUH-GVA and O&D is not super high), but I see myself flying BEG-LYS if price is right and times are reasonable. Lausanne-LYS seems to be a manageable 3.5h trip (more than ZRH, less than MXP)

  17. Anonymous16:18

    What about A319 flights to German cities???Have they finally registered the plane to German authorities??They are planning every day to fly to DUS with A319,but every day the equipment is changed to B737....

    1. Anonymous21:11

      Nothing yet, they still asking for additional documentation...not only from airserbia, but fom government too. Same with France and Austria.

    2. Anonymous20:12

      Of course the EU will do everything possible to delay as much as possible to allow LH and it's coalition to rake a bit more profits before they grant JU the right to flight. What is surprising is that the Russians are not better either...still no registry and even worst news ...AC's registered SAA and SAB are out of the game with respect to the Russian sky.since they are not part of the Serbian AOC registry!


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