Air Serbia to unveil summer network

Air Serbia plans major summer expansion

Air Serbia is set to unveil its 2014 summer season network by the end of the week in line with announcements made during yesterday’s flight from Belgrade to Tel Aviv during which the airline promoted its Airbus A319 on the route. The Serbian national carrier plans to operate flights to 39 destinations in thirty countries, offering 73.000 seats on more than 670 flights per week by June 2014. The airline has confirmed it will launch services to Budapest, Kiev, Sofia, Varna and Warsaw next summer. In addition, the carrier will boost frequencies on its signature route to Abu Dhabi to daily and introduce flights to the Lebanese capital Beirut. Services to Cairo are also expected to be launched. Due to the political turmoil in Egypt, the flights to Cairo might be replaced with another destination in North Africa.

The airline has confirmed it will resume seasonal summer flights to Dubrovnik and Split but will not be returning to Pula next summer. Furthermore, Air Serbia has said it will retire all of its Boeing 737-300 aircraft from scheduled service by May 2014. A select number of Boeings will remain in the fleet and will be used exclusively for summer charters.

Air Serbia will face direct competition on several of its new routes. LOT Polish Airlines has announced it will boost its flights from Warsaw to Belgrade from last year’s five weekly to daily next summer. The Serbian carrier also plans to operate daily flights between the two capitals. On services to Budapest, Air Serbia will face Belavia which recently launched flights from Minsk via the Hungarian capital. On all other of its new destinations, the airline faces no direct competition. Services between Belgrade and Kiev will resume for the first time since Aerosvit suspended its four weekly flights in 2011 citing technical reasons. For the first time Belgrade and Varna will be connected with the Serbian carrier hoping to attract transit passengers from the Bulgarian seaside city which has few year long flights. Flights between Belgrade, Cairo and Beirut will resume for the first time in years. Previously, Beirut has proved popular with transit passengers travelling to Paris and London via the Serbian capital.


  1. Anonymous10:03

    I wonder why they are suspending Pula? It used to do ok didn't it?

    1. Anonymous19:19

      "Air Serbia will face Belavia"... Not sure how serious of a competition is that with their two weekly CRJ (mostly), airming at a completely different market. Any numbers on that route by the way? They've sent the Embraer 175 today.

    2. Anonymous19:36

      I would love to see the numbers as well but I fear that the route is mostly for Budapest passengers. The prices are not that cheap so I am sure even with a modest passenger numbers they could pay the bills. Naturally, as most people here I would love for them to do well and launch direct flights.

  2. Anonymous10:04

    Current flight network
    30 destinations, 238 flights.
    Announced new

    So now desks but much higher frequencies.

  3. This is really good news. However, will they be adding any new Atrs into the fleet? I remember that Kondic recently stated that they will be doubling the fleet. Also does anyone know when the A320s are supposed to arrive?

    Last night's flight from Larnaca to Belgrade was 65% full. There were a lot of Russian passengers which connected on the morning flight to Moscow, they were around 20 people. The rest were a few foreigners and mostly Cypriots travelling onward from Belgrade. From day one this route was popular with Cypriot travellers.

    1. Anonymous11:22

      A320s should arrive in April. Last thing I heard about new ATRs was the speculation that part of Etihad's recent 16-piece order may go to JU.

    2. Thanks. If that's true then these Atrs won't be delivered any time soon, no? Was there some time-frame given for the arrival of these aircraft?

      I think they will do really well when it comes to Beirut. I remember that Malév used to send two B737-800 to Beirut at the same time during the summer season. They used to fill their aircraft with Lebanese from Belgium.

    3. Anonymous11:47

      That news about Etihad's ATR order did not mention delivery terms. JU may of course to lease a bird or two if the summer schedule requires. Probably 725s.

    4. They need 2-3 more ATRs in the fleet, probably 500 because pilots don't need to be retrained

    5. Would be great indeed, especially if they start to paint their Atrs into the new livery. I think they will look quite nice.

      By the way, does anyone know if JU will return to Ohrid in summer? Will they use the subventions offered to them? I know there was talk about it but maybe some people from Macedonia have more info on this.

    6. Anonymous21:07

      no subventions on OHD-BEG possible. Subventions are for new routs only.

    7. Anonymous21:53

      Yes,they get subsidies.
      For Air Serbia it is a new route.

    8. Anonymous00:19

      When it is about slots, code-share, rights, passengers, tradition... that it is Jat with new name.

      When it is about new routes, debts, better service... than it is a brand new company. is not working that way! You have to choose.

    9. Anonymous00:21

      By same logic London Heathrow was new route for Air Serbia and you should loose slots and «grandpa rights».

  4. Anonymous11:20

    For two days now there is a Transaero B737-500 landing in Belgrade. Does anyone know why it's that? It's not for maintenance as it's listed among the regular arrivals.

    1. Anonymous12:54

      It's the 4th today! But I don't know why...

    2. Nikola12:55

      it's probably CSKA. they play against Partizan on thursday

    3. Anonymous13:18

      So they are bringing the fans? Hmm nice, I am sure that will help December numbers even more.

  5. Anonymous12:02

    What's the status on the installation of the new airbridges in Belgrade? Are they all functional by now? What about C6?

    1. Anonymous13:20

      All new six jetbridges have been installed and are functional.

    2. Pera Kojot13:24

      You can't reach C6 from inside the airport now. :)
      Gates C5/C6 are being renovated.

    3. Anonymous13:33

      Ah that's very nice, that area will look so spacious now when they renovate it, especially since there are no shops on the side. I like the fact that there is glass on both sides so it's very bright. :)

      Has Victoria Secret opened its shop there?

    4. Anonymous15:09

      The opening date remains Victorias secret...
      ; )

    5. Anonymous15:12

      It opens December 27

    6. Anonymous15:21

      What a luck for the Serb women that they dont have Christmas the 25th december!

    7. Anonymous19:42

      Where will they place the shop exactly?

    8. Pera Kojot23:17

      Exactly between gates A4 and A5... :)

  6. Anonymous12:21

    My comment about Wizz Air was deleted for some reason- I really don't know why.

    It seems that the flight to Tuzla from Gothenburg diverted to Belgrade after circling over Lukavac in north-east Bosnia. Could there be fog? I hope JU's flight to Banja Luka doesn't get delayed or cancelled due to low visibility. If anyone knows more please share it here.

    Flight, WZZ 102, HA-LWB.

    1. Anonymous12:45

      A couple of days ago they were diverted to BEG because of the fog. And they were all happy how they were welcomed at the airport. Thats what I heard.

    2. Anonymous12:53

      Who was happy? The passenger or airline people?

    3. Anonymous12:57


    4. Anonymous13:41

      I just can imagine the happiness of landing on a different airport than your finas destination! Especially before Chrstimas when you have counted days to go home..
      Btw. Bravo for JU and it's brave strategy.
      Now they are in a very risky zone with so many new destinations in completely new markets and still low LF.
      However taking risks is needed for higher returns and possibilities.
      Wish them all the best and time will show if this expansion is going to be a cash cow or a poor dog.

    5. Anonymous14:39

      Dude, he was talking about a Wizz flight that was diverted... W-i-z-z... For God's sake... You realy ought to seek some help.

    6. Anonymous15:26

      And you should really return to 2nd grade. There you learn reading and understanding!!
      I was also referring to W6 and the "happiness" of diverted pax.

    7. Anonymous17:02

      I was just telling that the passengers had a warm welcome at BEG. Not that they were GENERALLY happy. God!

    8. Anonymous17:47

      So did Wizz Air organize a bus for them or did they go Ryanair on them?

  7. Milos12:57

    An OT which i am sorry for :) :

    Has anyone heard anything about pilot cadet program Air Serbia launched( or didnt launch ) ? I remember that there was an ad a few months back but nothing was really said after that.. have they really hired new pilots?

    Thanks, and sorry for the OT.

    1. Milos17:47

      I think this was management trainee program, not the pilot cadet program. But then, maybe there were two, and I missed the other one. This one had application deadline beginning September.

  8. Anonymous13:26

    Lisbon-Belgrade flights will start on July 1st 2014 and they will operate three times per week.
    In winter time they will link them with Budapest when on some days it will stop first in Belgrade and then on some other days it will stop in Budapest first.

    Good news to see them stay here even in winter when the traffic slows down.Hopefully Vueling does the same. I wonder if summer growth will be around 20% with all these new services.

    1. Anonymous17:50

      This is very exciting in terms of how in the world are they going to separate pax arriving from BUD (a Schengen state) and BEG (non-Schengen, obviously), on the same aircraft. Especially if the leg is BUD-BEG-LIS, while on BEG-BUD-LIS they might do the immigration procedures at BUD.

      I asked about how TP did it in BLQ with ZAG pax, but no one seemed to know... BUD-BEG-LIS would be even more complicated :)

    2. Simplest way would be not to transport passengers between BUD and BEG. I think that's exactly what's going to happen. I don't think it'll be a Belavia situation where they sell tickets on the BEG-BUD (and vice versa) legs

    3. Hmm if you are coming from a Schengen flight to Athens and you are parked at a remote stand you will have to pass the passport control but all you have to do is just show your I.D. I think it was the same for Vienna when they had the old terminal. Maybe they will do the same for Lisbon?

    4. Anonymous20:47

      Thanks for the effort guys, but that doesn't answer the question at hand - the plane lands at LIS with pax from BUD and BEG. How do you separate them? Only according to boarding pass? So, if I find leftover boarding card on a seat, I can bypass passport control? Will there be police at the gate, segregating pax? That's why I was curious as to how was this handled with BLQ flights. On the other hand, I think it might be a breach of Schengen acquis to even check IDs of pax on an incoming Schengen flight, i.e. Portuguese police should not check any kind of ID of pax arriving from BUD. So, again, how do you separate?

      Also, for LIS-BEG-BUD flight, do pax go through passport control on their outbound flight? As they might end up exiting in a non-Schengen state, or remain in the Schengen area? If latter, it again opens the question whether that's according to Schengen rules, and I wouldn't think that it is.

  9. Anonymous14:14

    Wonderful! Can't wait to get a muffin, "buci buci" kid's juice and a fruit yogurt from a very effeminate boy, in a very professional manner - slamming the paper bag into my face while I was watching to the other side, without any words. Oh, I loved the Arabic boarding music, great. True Air Serbia, setting new standards in Europe. yeah, right.

    1. Anonymous14:36

      Oh honey, are you ok? :/

    2. Anonymous14:46

      Don't fly the damn airline... You don't like their horrible boarding music, you don't like crappy their catering, you don't like their rude staff... Then just... Don't fly them. Stay out. Find an alternative. Are you a masochist or smt? Geez...

    3. Anonymous14:53

      Honey-bunny, I'm fine. On the other hand, I'm not sure you understand aviation. I love computer based people who "love planes". Get a life. If something is new, it is not perfect by default. Air Serbia is crap and you will see that soon. As for the second reply - I got from A to B because I had to. You know, people don't just fly because "oh the planes are so cool, I'm a wannabe pilot so I'm an expert". Bye bye now.

    4. Anonymous15:07

      I only dont like the colour of their seats.
      Too creepy blue.
      Dark blue would be much better.
      I know,i am only interested by the looks of something...

    5. Anonymous15:07

      So what makes your opinion more valuable than the one of those wanna-bes? I think you are one of those you are angry at.

    6. Anonymous18:04

      I would also like to see dark blue seats with red stching

    7. Anonymous18:32

      You don't like JU is late every day = don't fly with us

      You don't like JU catering = don't fly with us

      You don't like JU music = don't fly with us

      You don’t like JU staff = don’t fly with us

      You don’t like name and signs on planes = don’t fly with us

      You don’t like Arabic owners = don’t fly with us this way in few months no one will fly with Air Serbia... maybe they have to change something, not just to answer “don’t fly with us”... or they will have this poor LF in future again...

    8. Did it ever occur to you that most of JU's passengers are just people who want decent service at a good price? They are not nationalist, homophobic, and above all pedantic losers who are going to complain about every detail and 11-minute late departure or arrival because they have nothing better to do in their lives! I don't know what provokes such an emotional response against JU from you, but you venting your frustrations and complexes here is becoming pretty tiresome.

    9. Anonymous19:09

      They'll be fine, don't you worry about that :)
      There will always be people liking/disliking this and that... it's only normal, not a big deal...

  10. Anonymous14:32

    God bless them for starting Kiev. For those in BG, take the opportunity to visit that interesting city for a long weekend. You;ll be pleasantly surprised!

    1. Aэrologic17:18


    2. Anonymous17:22

      Hopefully they launch Odessa as well :)

  11. Anonymous15:04

    If they dont fly Cairo...
    Another destination in North Africa...
    No thanks!

  12. Anonymous15:24

    B&H Airlines Atr landed today in Belgrad,
    a nice addition and very welcome!

    They fly back around 18.00.
    Thats a long time and should be better utilized.

    1. Anonymous16:47

      Today was a promotional flight with airline officials on board.

    2. zoki16:50

      Welcome at Belgrade airport B&H !

    3. Anonymous19:34

      Do they go daily before summer season? I wonder if this cooperation proves successful if they might launch flights from Mostar to Belgrade?

  13. Anonymous16:06

    Vilnius, Riga, Talinn?! Come on Air Serbia....

    1. Anonymous23:14

      i agree and to tell u the true i was thinking about beg-rix-hel and also beg-vno-led.. why not.. 2,3 times p/w brand new JU is now a big player..

  14. Anonymous16:58

    I was just looking around Amadeus and I couldn't find any direct flights from LIS to ZAG? Has TAP gone seasonal on the route?

    1. Anonymous21:12

      use galileo instead!! :)

  15. Koko17:29

    What EY and JU should do in long term:
    Sandwich Istanbul and Turkish Airlines between them both and then squeeze.

    Air Serbia should get all the Near Eastern pax that now use TK instead of backtracking to Abu Dhabi in order to get to Europe.
    Cairo and Beirut should only be the beginning.
    Amman and Kuwait City would be the next step:
    Instead of AMM,KWI via Abu Dhabi to Europe they all fly with TK via IST.
    In future they should have the possibility to fly via Belgrade with Air Serbia.

    Also interesting would be Etihad flying Abu Dhabi-BEG-Dubai-BEG-Abu Dhabi...
    That would be a sight!

    3-4 times a week FlyDubai to DXB should
    animate Air Arabia to try again for the better and open Sharjah - Belgrade 2-3 times a week in summer.
    It would be their third try in the region and i think it would be this time a success.

    Maybe under UAE leadership Belgrade airport could push something in this direction.

    1. Well, Air Serbia will draw a lot of passengers from Tel Aviv which is a TK stronghold. If I am not mistaken they fly there between 5 and 8 daily in summer and their B777-300 has become a regular on the route. Beirut will do just fine especially since there is some O&D which can initially help the route.
      If I were JU I would have skipped Cairo altogether and went for Erbil. Foreign investment is massive there and the locals are generally wealthy. They could draw a lot of connecting passengers from Stockholm and Copenhagen.

    2. They would be stupid if they would miss all those opportunities.
      Of course they will never take all the pax from Turkish but they would offer a welcome alternative to TKs monopoly.
      There really is potential in this area.
      But it needs a lot of "Thinking out of the box" for this.

    3. I am curious to see what other N.A. destination are they thinking of launching. I doubt it's Libya.
      I hope, I hope it's Algiers or a destination in Morocco but I have a feeling it will be Tunis. It fits perfectly for night flights.

    4. Anonymous18:22

      Abu Dhabi-Belgrade-Dubai-Belgrade-Abu Dhabi with Emirates in Dubai... hahahahahahaha!!! But, that is the most hmmmm... let's say... funny thing I read on this blog!

      And sure, Air Serbia will squeeze Turkish which has 233 planes in fleet (300% of Etihad size, and 1.100% of Air Serbia size) and 213 more on order. Turkish will fly on summer 2014 just to exYu destinations with 15 daily flights what is much more than Air Serbia.

    5. Though Turkish Airlines' recent expansion is something truly impressive, I find it totally stupid.
      Even before their expansion started, Istanbul Ataturk airport wasn't under-served. Today, the airport is at a breaking point when they can barely expand and where the terminal itself has become as crowded as a bazaar on a Friday afternoon. On top of it all, these smart people at TK did not think of a simple fact and that is that the airport is surrounded by houses and so it can not expand. To make things even worse, they did not even start with the construction of a new airport. Even if they started building the thing tomorrow it would not open before 2020.
      So I believe that Turkish Airlines is not an airline we should worry too much about. Let's see how competent they will be now when Lufthansa ha severed ties with them and when they are going to confront them head on.

    6. Anonymous18:36

      We're talking about providing a reasonable alternative in terms of price at an airport now dominated by TK. No one said Air Serbia would become the new Turkish Airlines. But I understand your blind hate prevents you from reading comments correctly.

    7. Anonymous18:38

      @ Nemjee: I'm very loyal with LH, but they've severed ties with TK because they're panicking by how many pax TK is drawing away from their markets, not because they're strong. TK has practically taken over regional LH strongholds such as NUE.

    8. Last anonymous,

      Though I agree with you I don't think Lufthansa is a weak player either. They are quite powerful actually and they have loyal friends around the world- something we can't really say about Turkish Airlines.
      I think Lufthansa was right to sever all ties with them. I just wonder what impact TK's loads to Munich, Vienna, Frankfurt... will be like after the codeshare is gone. Lufthansa has already announced new routes in Turkey so they are not going to give up that easily. It will be really fun to watch how things play out.

    9. Purger00:49

      Lufthansa looks like weak player. What was their reaction on Etihad-Air Berlin deal, than on Etihad-Darwin deal, and Etihad-Jat deal? All 3 was direct attack on Lufthansa. And LH did nothing…

      Turkish is big player. In this moment one of 5 the biggest. They are even near to Emirates by expansion. Expansion is huge, they just eat markets (15 daily rotations in exYU, 12 daily rotations in France, every little village in Germany is served by TK, even those that are not served by LH...). And to say "What EY and JU should do in long term:
      Sandwich Istanbul and Turkish Airlines between them both and then squeeze." is at least unserious. JU and EY are together small companies compare to Turkish.

      EY 79 planes, 10,2 million passengers
      TK 224 planes, 39,2 million passengers

    10. In all fairness, Lufthansa did go through a lot in the past couple of years. Don't you think turning around Austrian Airlines, saving SN Brussels from insolvency and going through the BMI ordeal cost them money and time? At the same time Etihad was expanding with a clear slate and bottomless financial sources and pretty much TK is/was sheltered by the government. Best cases are when the government refused to grant Atlasjet rights for Istanbul Ataturk - Ankara flights. When they finally did it they took back their licence since TK moaned about it. Then I will not even speak about pushing out airlines out of IST so as to make space for TK- talk about unfair privileges.
      Yes, Lufthansa does face some protectionism but it can hardly be compared to the one TK and EY enjoy. Looking at the overall situation Lufthansa is a tough nut to crack. That's why I am sure this is not the last we see of them.
      Turkish Airlines might seem like a global airline but they are far from being a strong one. Their success is recorded is a few years, let's see how they perform over long periods of time. That's how you test the quality of an airline and the team working for it.

      Shall I remind you how little it took to bring PanAm down? ;) Today you are, tomorrow you aren't.

    11. Purger09:04

      Of course we all know that Emirates, Etihad, Qatar and Turkish are product of huge government subventions. But that is not the point. In this moment they are powerful, they destroy companies especially in Europe (just remember how many routes you had from Australia and Singapore to Europe, and today you have just routes to LHR). So, yes, they are strong, they are real thread to Lufthansa and others.

      What will be in 10-20 years from now, God knows. Fact is that TK start to grow 10 years ago (in 2003), and look at them today. Maybe in 10 years they will be 3-4 times bigger. Maybe all will collapse. The same thing is with MEB3. But in this moment TK is strong, it can not be harmed, Lufthansa does not have power to fight back and for sure EY-JU are not strong to do so.

    12. Purger09:20

      And about Pan Am... I thing even better example to Etihad, who invest in companies that are down, was Swissair. They invest in companies that were almost bankrupt, to bring them in Qualiflyer. Among these were Sabena, TAP Air Portugal, Air Europe, and LOT Polish Airlines + few little companies like Air Liberte, Air Lotteral, Portugalia, AOM... And they collapse in second (2002), take with them to history lot of companies Sabena included. And when they expand, they were much bigger than Etihad today.

    13. My whole point about Turkish Airlines is that they are NOT such a threat because they failed to think properly about long-term expansion plans. Best example of that is the fact that IST is overcrowded and has nowhere to expand beyond what they have now. Sure, they will get the military space for more parking spaces but they can't build a new runway or expand the terminal. All of these will hurt them even more in the coming months as the airport becomes more hectic. So they might have grown over a last decade but now they have reached their capacity and we will have to see how they deal with it. The fact that they have so many aircraft on order does not help either. Plus, you have forgotten to mention something else and that's that Lufthansa has a tight relationship with other major carriers from the alliance and they can easily turn them against TK. We will have to wait and see how Lufty makes its first move. So far they have been rather quiet. However, in long-term I still believe Lufthansa will win because they are run by professional Germans and they have been fighting off competition very well up until now.

      I am sorry but a lot of airlines fly from Europe to Singapore. I think you were referring to Bangkok which has lost a lot of European carriers because of the ME3. Plus, I believe the future of the Persian mega airlines is uncertain for a few reasons:

      1. Growth of TK which is mimicking their business model just that it has far more O&D.

      2. Growth of Ethiopian Airways which is taking away a major share of the high-yielding African passengers from these airlines. African passengers are important for these Persian airlines, especially for Emirates. Mind you, it was thanks to Lufthansa that Ethiopian became what it is today and in a messy war it will surely side with Lufthansa in stead of Turkish Airlines- especially since it directly competes with TK and not with LH.

      3. Iran and India do not have competitive airlines, each for its own reason. Birth of strong airlines in these regions will spell the end of ME3 domination. The fact that Chinese carriers are pulling their act together will also hurt the ME3.

      Anyway, I think it's plain stupid to say that Lufthansa is weak. Lufthansa is pretty influential and it's not a weak opponent. It will take time for them to respond to Turkish Airlines' attack but I am sure it will be a very strong blow to them. Both ME3 and TK have their Achilles heel exposed and its just a matter of time before LH and its pals hit it.
      I think we are going to see a very messy battle ahead of us. So far I am almost certain Air Canada, United and a few others will stick to Lufthansa. Who does TK have?

      Just my 2 cents

      ps you can't compare EY and SR, the former has endless cash. Something SR never had.

  16. Anonymous19:42

    Why shouldnt Etihad be allowed to fly Belgrade - Dubai ?
    Any reason why it should not happen?
    Beside you dont want it happen...

    1. Anonymous00:54

      Because that would open direct war Emirates-Etihad, and Etihad for sure does not want this... Etihad is ant compare to Emirates, and for sure Etihad doesn't want Emirates to open routes from Abu Dhabi as answer to Etihad routes from Dubai.

  17. Anonymous19:46

    Tarom already flies to Amman.
    And Air Serbia feed them on that route.
    It should be the other way round !

  18. Anonymous20:09

    Huge problem tonight with fuel service on BEG! Most of JU flights delayed...

    1. Anonymous21:13

      Wow, crazy delays in BEG affecting JU flights only:

      JU 314 PARIS 17:35 20:40 A3 Airbus A319 Airborne at 20:38
      JU 534 ROME 17:50 20:50 A4 Boeing 737-300 Airborne at 20:51
      JU 404 COPENHAGEN 17:55 20:45 C3 Boeing 737-300 Airborne at 20:59
      JU 304 BRUSSELS 18:00 21:00 A5 Airbus A319 Gate open
      JU 364 AMSTERDAM 18:05 20:20 A1 Boeing 737-300 Airborne at 20:49
      JU 194 LJUBLJANA 18:30 20:45 A2 ATR 72 Boarding
      JU 604 VIENNA 18:30 19:00 C4 ATR 72 Airborne at 19:23
      JU 374 ZURICH 18:40 19:40 C2 Airbus A319 Airborne at 20:28
      JU 174 PODGORICA 18:50 20:45 A9 ATR 72 Boarding

    2. Anonymous21:56

      Why so vague?
      Why not explain further?
      Fuel service...

    3. Anonymous22:29

      I can't believe how annoying you are about Air Serbia's future. They are only 2 months on the market and they should have astonishing results. I am not saying that they are going to be a world leader in the aviation industry, but could we talk about their successes after a period of at least 6 months. Then we can say that their delays are a common practice or some similar problems. Why don't you start a debate about Zagreb airport and late construction works on the new terminal.

      Just because something is new doesn't mean It should be awesome at the beginning.

    4. Anonymous01:00

      Air Serbia is not a new company. They just continue operations from Jat. Same employees, same system, same equipment + few new planes.

      Problem is that they did not destroy worst in Jat, and one of thing is Joke about time! Same shit!

      What Zagreb airport has with Air Serbia every day delay? I don’t care about Zagreb, for sure I will not fly from there, but I care about Air Serbia future and my possible flying with them.

    5. Anonymous01:20

      It was not AirSerbia fault. NIS Petrol (supplier for AS) had some problems with fuel instalations and their tanks were out of service, so all Air Serbia flights had to be fueled with Belgrade Airport tanks and they have only two.

  19. Anonymous20:57

    Does anybody knows the facts&figures about the cabin load on air serbia's flights? I guess it's below 60%, which means they make loss on every flight. BEG - AUH seems to be even worst:

    1. Anonymous01:02


    2. Anonymous07:14


    3. Anonymous09:25

      What are you talking about? LF in November was 55% (please chack data on ExYU several days ago).

  20. Anonymous21:13

    B&H Airlines published some pics from the flight today:

  21. Anonymous22:38

    First two weeks of december : LF 48%.

    1. Anonymous22:57

      That is scandalous..

    2. Anonymous23:19

      No, it's 64%.

    3. Anonymous23:48

      Wait only when winter comes and a lot of snow and ice!
      It is already bad but then it will apocalyptic ...

  22. Anonymous22:43

    How many destinations they are planning to add to their network. 5, 6 or more?

    By my opinion destinations that they should add to their network in the short future are : Saint Petersburg, Madrid, Munich, Hamburg, Barcelona, Manchester, Tunis, Alger, Casablanca, Addis Ababa, Amman, Kuwait, Tirana, Zagreb, Helsinki, Ankara and Antalya.

    Then they would have a good destination map that connects Africa and Middle East with Europe and Balkan.

    1. Anonymous01:05

      with 48% LF to go to that expansion. With which planes. New A320 will just change those leased ones. And also with which passengers. Now LF is 48%, and with more routes? 25%?

    2. Anonymous01:08

      Alger, Casablanca, Addis Ababa, Amman, Ankara? Hahahahaha... 2nd the best joke today (first is that JU should squeeze TK). Nooo, it is 2nd the best joke in 2013.

    3. Anonymous01:29

      Dude, where did you get the information that it's 48%? It was just some random anonymous posting a random number on this blog. Hardly credible.

    4. Credible or not, the wish list posted above is a joke. I mean, Adis Abbaba, Manchester? How about we visit the Planet Earth for a while and focus on this region and its transfer pax, before dreaming about connecting all continents through BEG? There is a long post below that sums is pretty well.

  23. Anonymous23:45

    Manchester is impossible because of visa-regime.Tunis and Antalya make only reason as seasonal routes.
    Helsinki and Ankara would not even get 2% O&D.

  24. While many of those destinations mentioned could eventually be included in the JU destination map, in my opinion, it would be smart to connect more regional destinations to the destinations JU already serves. They should also focus on having daily or double daily flights to many vital destinations for regional traffic (at the moment only SVO, CDG and ZRH are double daily).

    We should also look into where the regional traffic is headed. Romania - Spain & Italy, Albania Italy... etc.

    So, for example, If JU decide to open destinations to Spain, it would be wise to simultaneously try to tap into Romanian regional airports and attract the traffic.

    Secondary Italian airports might also have a chance (if we can call Bologna and Naples "secondary", those two serve nearly 6 million passengers per year... each!)

    Russia and Ukraine as well. The options are somwhat limited nowadays, traffic is funnelled mostly through Moscow and to lesser extent through Vienna, Frankfurt and Istanbul.

    Serbian O&D traffic is already fully covered, the connecting passengers will have to be the source of growth in the next 2-5 years.

    1. Purger01:11

      Absolutely right!!!! Congratulations.

    2. Yes but they are looking at it like that. Look at how they promoted Larnaca. They targeted Moscow, Vienna and a few other cities during their promotional campaigns and it's actually working. I am sure they do the same for other destinations. I doubt they are just opening them randomly. Their pricing policy is very competitive on some routes for certain markets.... unlike the old Jat.

  25. Anonymous18:24

    When the old JAT had delayed all press wrote about it, now that the same continues with Air Serbia none to sound. Yesterday and today huge Air Serbia delays (ATR72 morning VIE 7hrs, BUH and SKP 1,5hrs, A319s ATH 3,5hrs, FRA 3hrs, etc...).

    1. Anonymous18:29

      Already discussed. NIS`es fuel pump broke so they have to wait much longer to get the fuel

  26. Anonymous19:47

    BNX, SJJ, PRG cancelled (?!) Fuel can be paid and loaded on foreign airports as well.

    1. Anonymous21:24

      OK, one can understand delays because of pump problem, but cancellations to BNX, SJJ, PRG??? That is not good for company image!!!

      How many flights they made to BNX and how many of those were canceled in last 10 days?


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