Preliminary work on Zagreb’s terminal begins

Details on Zagreb’s new terminal revealed

A ceremony marking the start of preliminary construction work on Zagreb Airport’s new terminal building was held yesterday on the site where the new state of the art facility will be built. Actual construction work is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2014. “Our professional challenge will be to complete this project on time”, the airport’s new CEO, Gonzalve de Cordoue, said. He added, “I am certain Zagreb Airport has the potential to become a hub in South-eastern Europe. You will see this is an excellent and modern infrastructure project and it will be completed within three years”.

The airport’s new operator, Zagreb Airport International Company, estimates it will handle some 3.5 million passengers when the terminal building is completed in late 2016. The new terminal will have the capacity to handle five million passengers annually. It will feature ten air bridges, one of which will have the capability to handle large aircraft such as the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380, while others will cater for category C type jets such as the Airbus A320. In addition, the new terminal will separate passengers arriving from Schengen area and non-Schengen area countries.

Construction of Zagreb Airport’s current terminal, 1966

A total of thirty Croatian companies will be involved in the construction of the new terminal building. “Archaeological research at the construction site has been completed, so today we begin with preliminary work”, Victor Stefanescu from Bouygues Batiment International, which forms part of the consortium running the airport, said. Preliminary work will include the construction of access roads. “Almost all of the work will be performed by Croatian companies. There are thirty of them with more than 1.000 workers involved”, Mr. Stefanescu added. Only construction work involving sensitive materials, unavailable in Croatia, will be carried out by foreign companies, according to the airport’s operator. The main Croatian company involved in the construction of the terminal is Viadukt, which has signed a fifty million euro contract with Zagreb Airport International Company.


  1. Anonymous09:46

    Two mistakes in your text exYU:

    1. By new, changed, plan there would be 10 air bridges (not 8)

    2. Central air bridge is designed for A380 not just for 747. There is a big different if airport is capable to service A380, as most airports today are not.

    1. The airport’s architects yesterday said it would have 8 air bridges.

    2. Anonymous10:33

      What is your source? I was there and they said that they change plan to 10 air bridges by request of Croatia Airlines.

    3. Anonymous10:34

      So why have they already scaled down the project from 10 to 8 airbridges? Or is it some misunderstanding?

    4. Anonymous10:39

      Original plan was 8 bridges, but now they will increase this to 10 by CTN request.

    5. Anonymous10:48

      Hmm I know I am going to get flamed for writing this buuut shouldn't they kind of ignore OU's megalomania especially since their future is uncertain. Furthermore, they are getting rid of their jet aircraft so why do they need more airbridges?

    6. Anonymous12:32

      Good luck to fill even that. OU will have 5 (five) jets in their fleet in total until then.

    7. Anonymous13:35

      So maybe that's what they mean, 8 air-bridges and 2 gates for the Dash.

    8. Anonymous13:37

      You mean like boarding gates for remote stands? Judging from the text I think they implied gates as in airbridges.

  2. Anonymous10:38

    Sorry for this OT: Belgrade - Larnaca (wizz air) starting from 30th March. 2pw. 25€ per direction. I suppose it will be solely seasonal.

    1. Anonymous10:41

      Not good news for Air Serbia... It is hard enough to fill 7 daily frequencies and now with Wizz competition on route it will be even harder.

    2. Interesting. I guess this will keep JU's fares low on this rote. This Christmas time they were as high as €430. I agree with the above anonymous, this will most likely be a seasonal route.
      However, I do think this comes as a result of the fact that Wizz Air doesn't really know where to dispatch so much capacity from Belgrade. So Larnaca in summer will be 9 weekly. Nice.

    3. Anon @ 10.41

      JU doesn't have such a hard time filling its current flights to Larnaca. Maybe 10% of all passengers are O&D. JU and W6 are after completely different markets here.
      I see Wizz Air losing out as the O&D between Larnaca and Belgrade is quite pathetic, there are maybe 1.700 Serbs living there. I am sure they will go after tourist agencies to fill their flights.

    4. Anonymous11:27

      I agree with Nemjee that wizz will eventually lose out Larnaca. That is a good punish for not being decisive in crucial moments and not launching Barcelona when they could. Now they need to deal with underutilization and launch silly routs such as Larnaca. They could maybe launch another route like they had Rhodes and Corfu. Some purely tourist destination.

    5. Well, I wouldn't classify Larnaca as a silly destination, especially not if they are after Serbian tourists heading there- especially the younger ones heading to Agia Napa.
      I remember in summer 2012, Aviogenex operated charter flights to Larnaca and they carried around 1.000 passengers per month. That's not a bad number and if Wizz Air can get them then their Larnaca route is secured.

    6. Anonymous11:50

      Maybe you are right. Still it could not compare with flying to Barcelona. I did not know that info about Aviogenex.

    7. Of course not, Barcelona is a totally different story and I agree with you.
      Yes, they flew from early June to late August two times per week or so. They used to depart from Belgrade at around 09.00. I know some people who flew with them and the fare was only €200. Then again, nothing was worse than JUs departure at 02.35. :)

  3. Anonymous10:59

    Good luck, Zagreb, but also to all the airports in Ex-Yu region in 2014! ;-))

  4. Anonymous11:00

    Really strange that they allow LCC to operate flights on same routes where the national airline carrier has no competition. I'm not sure about this policy at all.
    Maybe one day to allow them fly from BJY or INI but this way national carrier has competition on many flights and while providing better conditions to travel, they just have it hard to compete with LCC.

    1. Anonymous11:20

      Hmm well, Serbia is part of the Open Skies agreement so I do not see why or how they could block them. The only one that could do it is the Serbian Directorate for Civil Aviation, the same institution that issued W6 operating licence in Serbia. I doubt they wll make a problem for them to further expand.

      I wonder what route from last year will be lost since Larnaca is being launched. My money is on Oslo.

    2. Anonymous11:50

      Serbia fully implements CEAA (aka 'open skies') under which any EU-based carrier is free to open any route between Serbia and destinations in EU. Carriers registered in Serbia have the same rights. Therefore W6 is free to fly BEG-LRN whether JU likes it or not. And I don't think JU would be much worried about it.

    3. Anonymous15:35

      There is no need putting money on anything as you simply need to go to Wizzair's website and check. Oslo has not been dropped, but surprisingly two seasonal (and from what I heard very successful routes) Rhodes and Corfu 9(according their website). However I am pretty sure we shall see more changes.

      Alex London

    4. Anonymous20:05

      The reason why I said is because last year there were no Larnaca flights and the planes were used to the maximum. So if Larnaca is being introduced this year then logically something has to go unless they will operate some other flight with a plane based elsewhere.

  5. Where can i find pictures of this new airport design? Looks like its top secret, i cant google much of it...

    1. Anonymous11:31

      just type new zagreb airport in youtube search fild and you will finde video presentation

    2. Anonymous12:46

      It was published on this blog elaborate on several dozens pages on new building including professional building solutions. So it is far away from top secret.

  6. Anonymous11:41

    Again Off-topic (for the 3rd time, and no response) :
    Has there been a complete report on the Zurich airport accident with the CA bird?
    Finally, what was the cause? Poor maintenance, construction problem or something else.

    1. Anonymous11:56

      Maybe you could write to the Croatian civil aviation directorate and ask them. If anyone has it then it should be them.

    2. Anonymous15:46

      Not yet, such reports are never made public unless courts order public inquiry, as no Croatian or Swiss court did so, no information needs to be presented to the public, but the problem was simple landing gear malfunction.

      I've made an extensive reply to Sam the other day here

      Aircraft will return in to service in new year.

  7. Anonymous12:51

    A new airline Valahia air commences operations from SKP.
    New destination: Hamburg (starting tomorrow) + taking over of Belle Air's Rome flights.
    They seem to operate with 2 former Fokker 100 from Contact air. Ex-yu do you have more info?

    Btw. There is a dedicated text about the accident. Look at the left hand site!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous13:16

      Wasn't this reported a few weeks ago? Well, not the Belle Air flights but the SKP ones.

    2. Anonymous14:16

      No it was about Berlin and Germania. This appeared few days ago.

    3. Anonymous14:47

      No, no. I explicitly remember Valahia being mentioned. It was published on the left, the short news.

  8. Anonymous13:28

    Does anyone know why isn't Swiss flying into Zagreb? There are surely enough passengers to warrant at least a daily flight.

  9. Anonymous13:30

    Any new airlines/destinations announced for Zagreb in 2014?

  10. Anonymous13:57

    I remember when this blog was reporting on the opening of the new terminal in Skopje. People on here were speculating how the airport will flourish and how airlines will rush in to set up new routes because of improved infrastructure.
    The other day we found out that the the situation in Skopje is not so rosy and that the only way TAV was pushing for this outstanding growth is because they wanted to pay less money to the government. Naturally I am confident that SKP will keep on growing but this growth will slow down now when they increase their charges and when some subsidies run out. I am sure SKP will record average European growth between 5% and 10%.

    With Zagreb we see the same scenario taking place. People on here thing that Zagreb needs 20 airbridges and a second runway and God knows what else. Unless the French are ready to dump their prices so as to record phenomenal passenger growth I doubt many things will change.
    For the time being, Zagreb's future growth is tied to Croatia Airlines. I think having 8 airbridges and remote stands is what this airport needs. It's always easier to expand a terminal rather than to deal with under-utilization of the facilities. It's better to start small and then grow big than to play Russian roulette with a project of this importance.

    1. Anonymous14:28

      With all the respect to You, you're thinking in the box. Building an airport isn't an investment for 3 or 5 years. When ZAG was built in the 60ties I bet they didn't need the capacity but they have planned sth. that will be sustainable in 30years time. Along with power plants they're the longest-term.
      Btw. With 20% growth you double pax numbers in 3 yrs, wifh 10% every 7 and so on..

    2. Anonymous14:46

      Yes but do you realistically believe that without a hub and spoke system in Zagreb, the airport can surpass, let's say, 4.000.000 passengers in the next 10 years? I personally don't see it.
      Even with the EU accession, which was presented to us some sort of aviation renaissance, no significant changes occurred.

      I still believe that Croatia should concentrate on developing its coastal infrastructure. Zagreb is unfortunately not the future of HR's aviation. It will grow slowly but not fast enough to warrant all that investment which was initially presented to us.

    3. Anonymous16:08

      @AnonymousDecember 19, 2013 at 2:46 PM

      First off, blog admin was putting it as if Zagreb will have this massive 25% growth in 2013 cause of EU accession.

      To start from the beginning, Zagreb airport has been growing annually at average rate of 8-9% since 2000, with 2011 I think being year of stagnation due to really bad recession across the world and volcano eruption in Iceland which hit Zagreb, Ljubljana and much of Northern and Western Europe, all airports were closed for a week and some for 3-4 weeks.

      2nd Zagreb's 2013 figures are due to Croatian Airlines cutting number of operations at Zagreb by 25-30%, of course you going to fill the fall in numbers considering that fact that Croatian airlines is responsible for half of all traffic at Zagreb airport, out of 2 million passengers Croatian carried in 2012 1.1 million came out of Zagreb airport.u cut this by 25% in 2013 and you can see a drastic drop, thankfully some forigen carriers came in and took more traffic on them so numbers aren't that bad, as they could have been.

      3rd Zagreb is by far most important city in ex-Yu, politically, economically or socially. You look at any international league, importance of Croatia regionally and you get the idea, largest number of multinationals and international corporations have their regional HQ's in Zagreb and with 2014 more will come and open their HQs in Zagreb, reason why there's a big demand for office space in Zagreb and you see all that construction going on in Zagreb and has been going on in Zagreb for a decade now.

      4th, Zagreb numbers will go up fast once the new management takes over as old management was highly corrupt, HDZ apparatchiks put in place to control what is considered a cash cow for a political party.

      New managements took over and they have a vision in place and are talking to all major airlines as we speak to bring them back to Zagreb, with KLM, SAS, Swiss, Iberia, Alitalia, LOT, Czech Airlines and Brussels Air being invited to start their flights to Zagreb.

      How many of these will come this year we'll need to wait and see, but Turkish has already announced double daily for Zagreb, with Lufthansa and Austrian already having triple daily out of Zagreb and Air France and British Air with daily flights likely to lead to increased twice daily flights with in next 12 months.

      Zagreb will handle around 2.55 million in 2014 and 3.0 million in 2015, with 3.5 million in 2016 and these are current management projections.

      Current management hopes to have 5 million passenger traffic by 2020, but most likely 5.5 million will be achieved.

      2025 management hopes to reach 8 million passenger traffic when phase 2 should be initiated, adding 6 additional passenger boarding bridges, expanding terminal from 65000sqm to 100 000sqm and extending right pier by 350m and additional 75 000 apron. Investment valued at $100 million.

      Phase 3 is adding additional passenger boarding bridges to other side of pier and 2nd runway.

      Phase 4 is 2nd terminal, with 28 passenger boarding bridges and 320000sqm apron this is when current airport exceeds 15 million pax which won't happen before 2040.

    4. Anonymous16:20

      Also, nothing is stopping all those legacy carriers from launching flights to Zagreb now. That's because there is NO market big enough for them to enter it. If there was they would be there NOW.

      Building a new terminal will not magically create some sort of demand which will turn Zagreb into a major regional player. Like Purger said here some time ago, Zagreb is slipping more and more into becoming a small regional player. Maybe you should learn a thing or two from the Slovenes how things are done.

    5. Applicable in any ex-YU country, not just Croatia: a concessionaire may say that the airport/highway/port/airline has "the potential" to become the world's largest cosmodrome, financial hub and business destination. It costs them nothing to say that because it is POTENTIAL and they can always say the circumstances were not friendly and they actually never promised anything. It also costs them nothing to say they are "considering" the next phase of their investment to be worth $800 billion or so - as long as it is not CONTRACTED, they can "consider" anything they wish without being held accountable.

    6. Anonymous16:40

      Airports don't fly. Airlines do. As simple as that.

      Good luck to Zagreb though, and even more to the airports at the coast!

    7. Anonymous16:40

      Plus if they are already reducing the number of airbridge gates to 8 it only goes to prove that all this mumbo jumbo about building something spectacular is just for PR.

    8. And in the meantime the public will struggle to at least see the text of the contract that has been signed, and if they are lucky to receive a paper that does not look like Setbia's agreement with FIAT (all text painted black) they may see some interesting clauses such as the one TAV had in Skopje. Meanwhile, so many people will have these visions about Zagreb, Belgrade, Skopje... being the center of... something... whatever.

      Best wishes to ZAG with its new terminal. May their pax grow, may new jobs be created. May Croatia progress because it is in the best interest of the region that everyone progresses. Investments and development are far more important than any potential projections that may be considred in the second phase.

      Something tangible would be enough, here and now. Something contracted and set to go. This terminal is great news and there is no need to boost it with additional projections.

    9. Anonymous17:04

      Contract has been published, but not all of it... Thanx for good wishes, wish you the same!

    10. Anonymous17:59

      Because there are tremendous differences between what you think, what you want and what the actual reality is. If BEG will not become a hub, may i assume that you also think that ZAG will not become one as well?

    11. Anonymous20:38

      @AnonymousDecember 19, 2013 at 4:20 PM

      O yes there was, Croatian Airlines and Airport Management,

      Monopoly we held on many lines until the final open sky agreement came in to force at the start of 2012.

      Before that you had to pay heafty landing fees to land at Zagreb, fine example $1500 for A320 or $2200 for B767 200ER, $3500 for B747 or B777.

      I'm glad that this change now with new pricing policy and discounts for major airlines, airport makes more money on passengers than on airlines.

  11. Anonymous14:05

    flydubai to Skopje has just diverted to Belgrade.

  12. JU520 BEGLAX15:23

    the day of opening this terminal I will be in Zagreb Airport and kiss the floor like the Pope does it

    good luck bros and let s keep fingers crossed and our dreams become true

  13. SuisseOuest15:55

    OT: Warm welcome to Swiss LX 1404 from GVA to BEG (looking forward to flying it next week) and let the GVA-BEG battle begin ;)

    1. Anonymous16:09

      Please, do let us know how the loads are. :)

    2. JU520 BEGLAX16:55

      Salut toi.........yep today 3 Swiss A320s in BEG.....not bad
      Last night I was reading about Erwin Michel, he used to be the Yugoslavia Chef for Swissair (he even spoke serbo-croatian). He first was stationed in Zagreb and later on became YU Chef in Belgrade. He said that from 1949 to 1989 Swissair did not earn any money on the route. It was flown for Long time ZRH-ZAG-BEG-ZAG-ZRH (of course so u don t make money). In 1989 they started with a new concept and flew ZRH-BEG and ZRH-ZAG, later even ZRH-LJU. Early 90s was the first time they made Profit on the BEG route. He got retired in 1994.... maybe some Readers here still remember him..

      in any case don t Forget to tell us about the loads on the two flights.
      Bonne Noel

    3. Anonymous17:02

      Actually, Geneva and Zurich, both A320, were parked a gate away from each other (which was empty anyway). That would be a cool picture to take. :)

    4. Anonymous17:47

      Unfortunately the A320 from Zurich was not Swiss but Edelweiss

    5. ^ Even better!

    6. Anonymous19:29

      GVA-BEG 169 PAX ( Swiss ambassador announced at the press conference)

  14. 9A-CRO16:11

    Great news for this region. Belgrade will be biggest NON-EU hub and Zagreb will be big player in whole region with this airport.

    Great news for Croatia Airlines also, as it will have it's own 4 bridges (8 were planed in total, CA requested, and got, 2 more so it's 10 bridges in total, 4 for CA).

    For the off topic people asking about 9A-CQC in Zurich.
    Aircraft is repaired, accident happened 'cause of poor design on WOW sensor protection (WOW - weight on wheels) and CQC accident will start up global modification on ALL DASH Q series aicrafts. CA will get it's money back for all of troubles (damage to aircraft, loss of value, pax law suits, pax number minus, etc.).
    THIS is info you will not read in newspaper soon.

    The aircraft was expected in Zagreb last week but due to some problems it didn't arrive. It should, however, arrive until the end of the year, or in the beginnig of the 2014.

    Bad maintenance is out of the question, Croatia's aircrafts are one of the most maintained in detail aircrafts in Europe. 9A-CTF left the Croatia's fleet 'cause of it's years and EU regulation rules, and I can tell you that the buyer of that aircraft will get a very nice peace of air machine!

    Pozdrav svim ljudima dobre volje!

    1. Anonymous21:15

      Q400 CQC is in ZAG and is already flying in everyday routes.

  15. 9A-CTF Was leased, and returnd to the owner, who decided to scrap it, that plane is metal in Holland now.

    1. 9A-CRO16:41

      Are you sure? Last info I got that it was going to some charter in central Africa?

    2. Pera Kojot17:13

      Not that is it 100% correct reference still ...,9A-CTF-Croatia-Airlines.php

    3. I have pictures when it landed in Holland, after that i didn't see it anymore so dont know.

  16. Anonymous16:28

    Ministar saobraćaja i veza RS, Nedeljko Čubrilović
    Na pitanje novinara:
    * Kakvi su efekti nedavno uvedene avio-linije Beograd - Banjaluka - Beograd?
    - Menadžment „Er Srbije“ ocenio je veoma uspešnom i održivom ovu liniju. Za prvih 15 dana ostvareno je ukupno 14 letova, prevezena su 552 putnika. Dnevno, na ovoj relaciji prođe oko 40 putnika. Ova avio-linija omogućuje da građani Srpske, preko beogradskog aerodroma, odu na najznačajnije evropske i svetske destinacije. Očekujemo unapređenje ove avio-linije i letove za crnogorsko primorje. Avionska veza sa svetom od nacionalnog je interesa za Srpsku.

    1. Ovo je interesantno. Otkazano je bar tri leta za BNX, tako da je moguce da je u tih 15 dana bilo zapravo 7 povratnih letova (= 14). U tom slucaju je to 40 putnika po letu sto je za ATR vrlo solidan pocetak. Medjutim, ako je u pitanju 14 povratnih letova, onda je to 20 putnika (tj. gostiju) po avionu sto i nije tako solidno...

    2. Anonymous16:53

      Ипак мислим да је око 20 путника по лету што је мало мање од 30%.
      Када је флајдубаи кренуо да лети за Београд њихова просечна попуњеност је била 47%. Надам се да ће исто тако и Бања Лука ибрзо успети да побољша попуњеност својих летова.

    3. Anonymous17:54

      552 putnika/14 letova=39.42 putnika po letu

      to je otprilike 40.

      I sam ministar kaze da je bilo oko 40 putnika po letu... Citajte sta pise :)

    4. Anonymous17:58

      Али када пише 14 летова, јел мисли на повратне летове или по сегменту. То је оно што не капирам.

      Ја се искрено надам да је 40, то би било одлично!

    5. Anonymous18:47

      Haha, pa spiker kaze "poslednji poziv za LET taj i taj za Cirih", ne kaze za "povratni let" ili za "segment"... Let je let, ima svoju oznaku i sve ostalo...

    6. da, ali ministar kaze "Dnevno, na ovoj relaciji prođe oko 40 putnika."
      Dnevno imamo dva leta (tamo i amo), pa bi trebalo da bude 80 putnika.

    7. Pera Kojot23:31

      Ma šta zna ministar, za njega je bitno ko ode iz Banja Luke ;) ovi koji dolaze se ne računaju. :D

  17. Anonymous16:55

    Pozdrav 9A-CRO and thank you again for your nice post!
    You already mentioned that you work as an aircraft mechanic,so of course your insights are first hand.

  18. Anonymous17:25

    And 9A-CRO how does it happen you say the aircraft hasn't returned to the fleet and I've seen it the other day flying to ZRH + ex-yu reported us that the machine is back?

    1. 9A-CRO18:36

      Well, I haven't heard that aircraft returned, but I have not been to work in 5 days, so maybe something changed. I hope it did :) !

    2. Anonymous21:19

      It is back! And flyes!

  19. Anonymous18:08

    Swiss' Geneva flight was sold out on its way to Belgrade while the flight back had 110 passengers.
    I guess this route will work well for them..

  20. Alitalia and Air Serbia? Brother and little sister soon... Through Etihad which is putting 320 milion Euro cash on the table of the italian airliner.

  21. 9A-CRO18:40

    Interesting moves are coming from Etihad side... I expect a strong european move (Lufthansa in the first place) from "domestic" EU airlines...

    This aviation bussiness is so interesting... It's not about profit all the time, sometimes only thing that matters is to destroy your "enemy"...

    But can't see how someone can hurt Etihad since they pay ONE DOLLAR for 1000kg of fuel... Yes yes, they have to pay something :D
    It's not strange that they can buy 100 aircrafts without problem since they get fuel for free...

    Interesting market battles are upon us. Biggest profit will go to passengers, lower prices :)

    1. Anonymous18:46

      9A-CRO, what do you think will happen to OU, does the new terminal bring any luck for them?

    2. Anonymous21:32

      @9A-CRODecember 19, 2013 at 6:40 PM

      U forgot they pay no tax in Emirates as well, airline business is just a toy for very rich sheiks who don't mind buying more toys to play with.

      Realistically speaking there's no market for 90 A380 and such small country such as UAE, yet they order more, and Airbus is more the willing to oblige.

      The fact is, most of these A380 fly half empty at best times, but as long we the Europeans allow them to land at our airports for next to nothing open out skies to them yet they put all the stops for fair competition things won't change.

      I personally wouldn't fly with any Gulf based airline, why support an regime that lives of oil and feudal exploitation of migrant workers and often slavery, where half the population has no rights of any kind.

    3. Anonymous22:29

      Where on earth did you get the information that the A380s are flying empty?! Yes, there are some routes such as Rome which are at 50% capacity but are kept because of cargo demand but there are some other such as Bangkok which are running at 100% full. Saying all their flights are half full is just an ignorant thing to say.

    4. Anonymous14:56

      Ma pusti budalu

  22. Anonymous19:19

    No don't think so as they are closing offices on important European airports

  23. 9A-CRO19:33

    Well closing the offices is not a bad move.. Have you ever bought a ticket (in last 5-6 years) for airline in office in the middle of town... 95% people have not. You have internet. Plus, CA is not closing it's offices in airports, and where it will close offices people will buy their tickets on Star Alliance partners - the whole Star Alliance stands on this principle. So, no problem here.

    Do I think CA has bright future? CA showed that it can operate with profit with a little effort. They need to cut down on employee's, get rid of coruption, and the biggest problem CA has is price of fuel - Sanader has signed bad agrement with INA (MOL better to say) that CA will buy fuel ONLY from INA, and INA has prices for 5% more than any other "oiler" in this region. More than 50% expenses in every airline is fuel price, and now imagine if Croatia had 5% cheaper fuel... I see around 10 million € yearly profit.

    Also, I believe there is a big chance that CA will end up in someone's hands (someone from the east) 'cause of, and I always like to point this out, valuable slots!

    On the other hand, If managment of CA/OU sells these slots then there is nothing CA can offer to someone that the one doesn't have, and that could be a big problem...

  24. 9A-CRO19:36

    PLUS, new terminal will help CA a big time... Intercontinental flights (they will happen, especially in season!) can come to Zagreb, and then CA can fly people around...

    Sounds funny, but if you look at whole world aviation, there are numerous airlines that live like that, and doing more than fine!

    1. Anonymous19:50

      Well, intercontinental charters yes. Scheduled flights, no. At least not before Budapest and Bucharest get them.

  25. 9A-CRO19:55

    No, no reason for scheduled ones... I don't see them in this decade, Dubrovnik sooner than Zagreb on that matter... But no reason for charter flights not to happen!

    1. Anonymous20:02

      Hmm personally, I feel that Dubrovnik and Split are living in Zagreb's shadow. Sure, they handle less passengers but they are catching up really fast. I think it's realistic to expect them to handle around 3 to 4 million passengers in the next five to seven years.
      With high end tourism developing there I could see more and more exotic carriers land there. The potential of these two airports is about 100 times that of Zagreb. Just look how they performed this year.

      I think that in the future, either one of these two airports could get a seasonal link from Canada on either Air Canada Rouge or Transat.

    2. Anonymous01:37

      @AnonymousDecember 19, 2013 at 8:02 PM

      Dubrovnik didn't perform that well, it barely had any growth, Split did well but that was expected, with loads of airlines announcing charters and seasonal flights to both cities it was expected that growth would come, and with Croatian airlines increasing its frequency in Split by 20% also helped a great deal.

      Or it didn't as Croatian Airlines did more holiday flights than actual schedule flights, out of Zagreb only 3 for every 5 flights out of Split over summer season, Dubrovnik was about as same as last year.

      2014 should be much better, and with Croatian airlines announcing plans to perhaps expand in 2015/6 and 2017 with new aircraft joining the fleet.

      Should be interesting period of next several years for Croatian airlines.

    3. Anonymous11:58

      Yes, it will be for the coastal airports. Not so much for Zagreb.

  26. Anonymous19:59

    Does Zagreb still have Korean Air charters during summer?

    1. Anonymous21:24


    2. Anonymous01:18

      JAL and Korean Air charters start in September and April ánd May,, One of Chinese airlines will also start charter to Zagreb, talks are being held with Air China over 6 charter flights in late April and May. If it proves successful they might be repeated in August and September,.

  27. 9A-CRO20:04

    I could swear I've seen a 747 not a month or two ago in Zagreb... Not sure if it was Korean Air...

  28. Anonymous20:38

    U saradnji sa Etihad Airways u 2014. Air Serbia uvodi nove destinacije (preko Abu Dabija)
    - od februara Medina (KSA)
    - od 1.juna Los Andjeles (SAD)
    - od 15.jula Pert (AUS)
    - od 3.decembra Dalas (SAD)

    1. Anonymous21:36

      If JU will have its codes to the US doesn't that mean they will be going to CAT 1 soon?

    2. Pera Kojot23:34

      It is political decision, BEG is Cat 1 airport...but...

  29. Anonymous21:16

    How long will stay the aircraft of FlyDubai in Belgrade airport?
    I mean the second one,that was diverted from Skopje?
    Will it fly tomorrow to Skopje or direct to Dubai?
    What happened with the pax?

    1. Anonymous07:25

      The flight left back to Dubai 40 minutes later.

  30. Anonymous21:31

    To gentlemen who said there were no 50 million investments in ZAG. I am not working for airport and I don’t know. But I know what I was read. Here is interview Bosko Matkovic gave to Aeronautika:

    Možete li nabrojati na što ste potrošili 280 milijuna kuna koje ste rekli da ste investirali u ZLZ u tih 8 godina?
    - premjestili smo bodiček i napravili potpuno novi sustav kontrole (domaći i inozemni putnici na jednom mjestu)
    - preorganizirali smo prostor čime se dobio kapacitet od dodatnih 500.000 putnika
    - potpuno smo preuredili prostor domaćih dolazaka
    - potpuno smo preuredili prostor međunarodnih dolazaka
    - napravljen je potpuno novi prostor kontrole putovnica, preorganiziran prostor policije/viza i drugi službi
    - uredili smo i potpuno novi prostor carinske kontrole u dolasku i odlasku
    - preuredili smo glavni hol i prostor check-ina
    - napravili smo nove stepenice i galerija prema restoranu
    - ugradili smo panoramsko dizalo na prvi kat
    - preuredili smo prostor rent'a'cara i poslovnica kompanija
    - zamijenjenje su socrealističke pločice kamenim pločama, te socrealističko drvo modernim materijalima
    - izgradili smo terminal generalne avijacije, popularno nazvan “VIP terminal”
    - sredili smo statiku zgrade koja nije bila adekvatna jer je zgrada rađena puno prije vremena postavljenih stanarada, te je predstavljala istinsku opasnost, a na što je potrošeno vrlo mnogo novaca
    - potpuno smo klimatizirali zgradu
    - izmjenjen je krov ZLZ
    - izmjenjeno je i modernizirano osvjetljenje glavne zgrade
    - uveden selfservice check-in
    - promjenjene su sve nadstrešnice i osvjetljenje prema stajanci
    - promjenjena je i nadstrešnica i osvjetljenje prema bus platformi
    - osuvremenjen je izgled bus platforme (podovi, natpisi, obelicsi, kamene klupe)
    - asfaltirano je i uređeno parkiraliste P2
    - uvedena je automatska naplata parkiranja
    - uredili smo park sa fontanama, klupama i parkom za djecu
    - srušena je baraka i premješteni uredi
    - uređen je novi restoran društvene prehrane
    - uređena je i nova catering kuhinja
    - 2005. su kupljeni svi novi autobusi za stajanku
    - nešto kasnije kupili smo VIP autobus
    - obnovljena je flota automobila za stajanku
    - kupljen je i novi sustav obavijesnih displeja
    - instalirane su nove informacijske ploče
    - uveli smo najmoderniji komunikacijski sustav
    - promjenjene su sve instalacije struje na stajanci i manevarskim površinama
    - uvedeni su novi sigurnosni sustavi
    - uveden je CAT IIIb
    - uvedeno je 20 kW napajanje sa dva pravca
    - modernizirana je trafo stanica na visokom i srednjem naponu
    - izgrađen je reciklažni park
    - nabavljeno je navalno vozilo jedino takvo u Hrvatskoj i koje se moralo pribaviti radi uvođenja CAT IIIb, samo ovo vozilo koštalo je skoro 7 milijuna kuna
    - izrađene su studije, lokacijske dozvole, parcelacija zemljišta, prostorni planovi...
    - uveden je napredni sustav kvalitete ISO9001 i 14001
    - 2007. je napravljen novi master plan

    And during Peović time he spend 100 million kunas from Matković reserve, and that was for reconstruction of USS, new buses and investments in infrastructure (that new concessionaire would be happy).

  31. Anonymous21:49

    Great for connection to Perth via AUH :-)

  32. Anonymous22:15

    1st thing to start as benefit from French concessionaire:

    Air France cargo starts night cargo route CDG-ZAG-CDG with A330F. Intercontinental freighter once per week in ZAG. The route already starts yesterday.

  33. Anonymous22:45

    Yeah Zagreb will become the busiest airport in Europe.

    Stop dreaming and understand that without a good airline you can't become a regional hub. CA can hope that they'll get a few thousand O&D passengers from airports like Skopje, Sarajevo and similar.

    You can construct a terminal with the capacity of 50 million passengers, but without an airline all that is mostly useless.

    Another thing, AS will expand it's regional network where it will take passengers on some routes from CA.

    Belgrade could become a regional hub where they could until 2020 reach the number of 8 million passengers and maybe launch some transatlantic flight. Now that they have created a stable airline with a strong wind behind they can expand Belgrade airport.

    So until CA becomes a strong airline or another comes to Zagreb, there is no need for a big terminal.

    1. Anonymous23:03

      "stable airline" not quite, not yet.

      -- Charlie

    2. Anonymous00:55

      CTN is much bigger airline with better position than Air Serbia.

      But if it will not survive, there are other companies in Europe to step in. Most real option is HOP!

      You know, we in Europe have several hundreds DOMESTIC airlines, and you in Serbia just one.

    3. Anonymous01:21

      Hmm ... I always thought Serbia was in Europe ...

      -- Charlie

    4. Anonymous01:27

      @AnonymousDecember 19, 2013 at 10:45 PM

      U really do have some serious mental issues, seriously unhealthy, your brain has turned in to mush.

      You're so desperate to prove your nationalistic point you failed to realize the more you spew nationalistic crap the more ridiculous you look. AS great, Belgrade Great, everyone else shit, is what you're saying, and no one here cares to hear that shit.

    5. Anonymous09:06

      No Charli it is not... It is on European continent but not in European union. And it is not even near to enter.

      Here we don't have problems with airlines. We have more than several who can invest in fleets to come to fly from ZAG if OU collapse.

    6. Last anonymous.

      Yes, you are right. In theory you have but unfortunately that is not the case in practice.

      On the other hand, we Serbs from the Byzantine Empire have managed to find a non-European investor who turned our airline around. I guess it's not so bad to be outside of Europe at times. ;)

    7. Anonymous17:22

      @ Anonymous @ 9:06 AM

      Where did I say that Serbia is in the EU?

      I don't understand your aurgument. I presume you are aware of 'Open Skies' so any airline from EU can launch flights from BEG.

      So what's your point?

      -- Charlie

    8. Anonymous02:36

      Are you shure about that?

      MALEV = Lufthansa, Ryanair, Wizzair... step in

      SKYEUROPE = Ryanair step in

      FINNCOMM (FINAIR REGIONAL) = flyBee step in

      AIR LIBERTE = easyJet step in

      VIRGIN EXPRESS = Brussels step in

      CINBER AIR = Norwegina step in

      TEA BASLE = easyJet step in

      GO! = easyJet step in

      BMI = Lufthansa and later British step in

      etc. etc.

      As I said we have a lot of domestic companies to jump in here in Europe, and we are not afraid.

    9. Anonymous07:34

      All of these airlines can jump to BEG if Air Serbia fails, right? Am i missing something? You seem to be confused.

      -- Charlie

  34. JU 506 LARNACA 00:20 04:00 A6 Airbus A319 Airborne at 04:39

  35. Anonymous14:51

    What exactly is your problem?


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