Air Serbia planning major network expansion

Six new destinations and more planned for 2014

Air Serbia has announced plans to further grow its network this year after it launched sales for six new destinations, to be inaugurated this summer season. The CEO of the Serbian national carrier, Dane Kondić says, “We are exploring opportunities for further network growth in 2014, details of which will be announced in due course”. Yesterday, the airline began selling tickets to six destinations which were exclusively revealed by EX-YU Aviation News on July 23, 2013 with a corresponding timetable. Air Serbia will launch flights to Beirut, Budapest, Sofia and Varna on March 30 with Kiev and Warsaw starting on May 29. Beirut and Varna will initially operate three times per week before increasing to daily on June 1. All other services will operate daily from the start. Flight details for each of the new services can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.

The new routes will increase the total number of destinations on Air Serbia’s international network to 35, a growth rate of 20% in comparison to the present number. “These new services are part of our strategy to expand into key international markets, offer more travel options to passengers, and help to increase Serbia’s tourism, trade and investment links with other countries”, Mr. Kondić says. He adds, “Passengers from Belgrade can enjoy special promotional launch return fares as low as 99 euros to Budapest, 129 euros to Warsaw and Kiev, 149 euros to Sofia and Varna and 219 euros to Beirut. Launch fares are also available to and from Air Serbia’s network in the Balkan region”. Flights to Beirut, Warsaw and Kiev will operate with the airline’s Airbus A319, while Sofia, Budapest and Varna will be flown with the ATR72.

Speaking at a joint Etihad - Air Berlin press conference yesterday, Etihad Airways CEO, James Hogan said, “Air Serbia gives us an opportunity to open up the Balkans region. The largest expatriate Serbian markets are Australia, Germany, and the USA and with codeshares we have already linked Air Serbia, Etihad and Air Berlin”. In addition, Mr. Hogan said, “We continue to build network relationships. In restructuring Air Serbia we in fact used Air Berlin, part as a management team, to be able to re-fleet Air Serbia from Boeing 737s to Airbus aircraft. We have brought our skills together and upgraded various areas”. Mr. Hogan also added Etihad was not looking at investing in Poland's LOT or Latvia's Air Baltic nor is it planning to take a stake in Rome's Fiumicino Airport. He did say the airline is in talks with Alitalia while the rebranded Darwin Airline will be launched as Etihad Regional at the end of this week.


  1. DKinVXO09:07

    Checked for flights Copenhagen - Varna yesterday. You can't even choose that routing, only the way back since the layover time in BEG is more than 10 hours... I had higher expectations since Austrian's prices are very high. Then I used a swedish booking site to find out how the prices would stand in comparison to Austrian's. Later in the year Air Serbia is approximately 100 EUR cheaper, but in the summer time Austrian is 10 EUR cheaper :)
    Does anyone know if they might introduce an evening flight from CPH? In that case it would make my travels to Varna a lot easier. Otherwise I will have to stick to ol' Austrian.

  2. Anonymous09:16

    You alredy have it:
    BEG-CPN 07:15 246
    BEG-CPH 17:55 1357

    1. Anonymous09:19

      CPN-BEG 12:30 246
      CPN-BEG 23:05 1357

    2. DKinVXO09:20

      Hmm ok strange... I just checked any of those days (1357) and it didn't give me Varna on the outbound flight still? Anyway thanks for the info, maybe they will sort it up soon.

    3. Until 15 June that connection (CPH-VAR) exists only on days 3 and 7, and from 15 June on days 1,3,5 and 7. On the way back, on day 4 until 15 June and on days 2,4,6 from 15 June.

    4. DKinVXO10:33

      Thank you guys for your efforts informing me!

    5. Anonymous11:23

      I really can not wait for the summer schedule to start, I think it will look pretty cool.

      So is it safe to assume that Air Serbia will operate its summer schedule with:

      2 A320
      8 A319
      4 Atr-72

  3. Anonymous09:38

    For the time being each flight to these new destinations generally targets connections to "top" destinations that airline development study has selected. Of course, there will be room for improvement when Air Serbia see how the load factors go and also gets a demand for certain passenger flow.
    The only reason why Varna was connected to Belgrade is because that is seriously underserved region, with generally only Austrian yielding from it, and now Turkish Airlines as well.
    I suppose there will be some changes when flights actually start - same what happened with AUH flights.
    Hope this will work :) I am sure the routes to Bulgaria (both SOF and VAR) show nice loads in time to come.

  4. Anonymous09:40

    What happened yesterday?

    Amsterdam JU361 2 hours delay in arrival
    Zurich JU375 1 hour delay in arrival
    London JU381 30 minutes delay in arrival
    Athens JU513 canceled (there was no cancellation in Athens yesterday exempt Air Serbia)

    TK1079 from IST and OS735 from VIE were also cancelled, but all other flights in that period were on time!?!?!

    SJJ and SKP cancellations because of fog, I can understand that, but those other flights?

    1. Anonymous10:48

      Well, LHR could have been delayed due to traffic at Heathrow, they do depart at prime time.

    2. Anonymous11:11

      No, it was delay in departures also 30 minutes, what is very bad concerning penalties for delays after slots in LHR which are very high. Because of most precise and strict slots in LHR delays are minimum as guilt of LHR as airport. Here problem was in Air Serbia as delay in departure was almost the same as in arrival.

      But LHR is the least problem from yesterday. What happens with JU ZRH, ATH, AMS, and TK IST, OS VIE?

    3. Anonymous11:21

      Well, LHR took off with a 30 minute delay which means that the actual delay was not more than 15 minutes. Don't forget that publishes the time of the actual take off, not the time when the aircraft left the gate- which in this case is A6 which is quite far from the runway. A 30 minute 'delay' can be compensated inflight.

    4. Anonymous12:01

      In LHR if you miss your slot you will have much more problems than just financial penalty. And departure delay was even little more than 30 minutes, so basically they had departure delay at least 20-25 minutes. So basically if JU did not compensate this departure delay for sure there is possibility that they had LHR departure delay even bigger than from BEG, because of missing slots. And, yes, than it is mistake of JU to miss their slot!

      But once again, LHR is not big deal. Much biger problems were JU ZRH, ATH, AMS, TK IST and OS VIE? What about those?

    5. BA88816:02

      For fifteen years on this route JU was late on at least 80% of flights out of LHR. Usualy about 30-60 minutes. Unfortunately I could not find old 211 stats on Flightstats.

      On separate note...did anyone notice that all A and F seats are blocked when booking online?

    6. Anonymous16:31

      There was thick fog in Istanbul, countless flights were diverted all over Turkey.That's why the fligth to Belgrade was cancelled.
      Sabiha was fine.

  5. Anonymous11:03

    Air serbia treba da promeni atr 72 sa dash8 avionima. Dash je mnogo udobniji i prijatnije putovanje nego sa atr gde je aam ulaz u avion jako uzan i sam po sebi jako nizak!! Da nepricamo u razlici brzine koje dostize dash8!

    1. Anonymous11:14

      Атр је неупоредиво ефикаснији на летовима Ер Сербије и није у интересу авио компаније да се прешалта на Даш-8. Притом, мени Атр није неудобан.

  6. Anonymous11:05

    Tunis Air B737-600 was completely full out of Belgrade this morning. It's really strange how they manage to fill an entire plane to the last seat in mid-January.

  7. Anonymous11:24

    "Arkia Israel Airlines from 01JUL14 is adding Tel Aviv – Ljubljana service, with 1 weekly operation on board Boeing 757-300 aircraft." (

    1. Anonymous11:30

      Off-topic comments are always welcome on Air Serbia topics, we are not as intolerant as some others. :)

      Does Adria fly to Tel Aviv? It seems that the market is rather large if they intend on sending such a large aircraft.

    2. Anonymous11:48

      You are working in Air Serbia or you are just Arab Muslim that says WE?

    3. Anonymous12:07

      We, as in Serbian aviation fans.

  8. Anonymous11:34

    B&H Airlines will operate its flight from Tuzla today.

  9. SuisseOuest11:34

    Can we expect in the second part of the year that JU will take over the BEG-GVA route from Etihad Regional and fly it with A319s?
    Loads for LX flights over the holidays seemed pretty good from anecdotal evidence (many flights were full) and LX is not backing off from competition: they moved flights to 135 during the summer schedule (though flight times are still in the middle of the day). Since this route is close to the limit of SAAB's "pleasant" range (and even less pleasant on ATRs), if it works well for EY regional, I would expect that they would like to upgauge instead of increasing frequencies with SAABs...

  10. Anonymous11:37

    SPU ...

    upravo sam pregledao što mi AirSerbia znaci iz Splita ... prva polovica juna ,fleksibilan (7 dana) ali trudio sam se da trazim datume sa kojima imam vezu sa JU ...

    dobre satnice sta se tice tranzita u BEG:
    TXL - 179 eur (JU) - 165 eur (konkurencija)
    VIE - 189 eur (JU) - 189 eur (direktno)
    FCO - 194 eur (JU) - 185 eur (direktno)

    dugi transferi u BEG i nocno putovanje, konkurencija bolje satnice dnevni transferi :
    SKG - 294 eur (JU) - 345 eur (konkurencija)
    VRN - 485 eur (JU) - 650 eur (konkurencija)
    ATH - 229 eur (JU) - 250 eur (direktno)
    SVO - 228 eur (JU) - 247eur (konkurencija) 320eur (direktno)

    nocni transferi u BEG i kod konkurencije:
    BEY - 597 eur (JU) - 552 eur (konkurencija)
    LCA - 390 eur (JU) - 369 eur (konkurencija)

    izabrao sam destinacije koje me turisticki zanimaju ,osim VRN koja je preskupa za sada nevidim neku priliku ... razlika od 20 eur kod ATH i SVO je minimalna kad se uzmu u obzir dnevni transferi i milje cak je i SKG skuplji za 51 eur bez nocnog maltretiranja te sa miljama konkurentan

    za sada uz ovakvu satnicu iz SPU nazalost malo opcija ... pozdrav moderadoru uz pohvale za rad :-)
    ps. poradi na politici komentiranja jer je ovo ispod svakog nivoa

    1. Anonymous11:52

      Actually, Split-Moscow would have worked perfectly if SPU was operated on days when JU had the 17.00 o'clock departure.
      However, on the way back, the connection is only one hour if you fly on Aeroflot's flight that leaves Moscow at 11.30.

    2. Anonymous12:28

      SPU ...

      yes, I agree with you but "if" is a major problem and return flight on SU metal on Sunday is 266 eur return ticket with night flight SPU-BEG-SVO on JU metal unfortunately competition has the advantage

    3. Anonymous20:01

      Mislim da bi bilo bolje kada bi let bio ujutro/navecer,kao npr LjU,BUD (8.00/18.30).. Tada bi bilo odličan transfer za ATH,SKG,SKP,SOF,OTP, SAW ,IEV,SVO,BEY,TLV,LCA,AUH...Ne verujem da ce neko iz Zap. Evrope da ide preko BEG.. cak mislim da bi i za O/D putnike mnogo bolje bilo

    4. Anonymous00:50

      SPU ...

      sa tobom ...kombinacija LJU i popodnevne satnice bi bila odlicna za SPU (i DBV) tako da se od 4 sedmicna leta moze napraviti kombinacija da se izbijegne dugi tranzit i nocne konekcije jer sada je to najveca mana JU koja ima konkurentne cijene kad bi eliminirala ove mane ... polazak iz BEG ujutro oko 8 hvata nocne letove iz SPU oko 10 30 je odlican i za putnike sa otoka (turizam) te dolazak u 12 hvata sve konekcije te sigurno i putnike iz Z.Europe ... popodnevna linija iz BEG oko 17 - 18 30 ( otoci) iz SPU 19 30 -21 ( nocne konekcije) ... ovo pisem napamet jer nisam proucio valove iz BEG ali mislim da bi A319 bio krcat tokom ljeta i sa putnicima iz ne samo iz linija koje si naveo ... evo ja cesto putujem u FRA i OU me cesto kroz cijenu gura na transfer kroz ZAG tokom ljeta ... ja laicki zakljucujem da cuvaju direktne linije za interkontinentalne konektirane putnike ... kakva je razlika ici preko BEG ? pola sata duzi let ... centralna i sjeverna europa svakako nije neki veliki detour tu je jedino pitanje cijena tj. profitabilnosti za JU ako bi uskladili satnice

    5. Anonymous00:52

      SPU ... slazem se sa tobom :-)

    6. Anonymous00:59

      Za SPU treba da uvedu isti red letenja kao i za Banja Luku.

    7. Eight09:37

      Pitanje je da li imaju dovoljno aviona na raspolaganju da i letovi za Split budu organizovani ujutru i uveče, alternativnim danima kao što predlažete... Ako se ne varam, trenutni letnji red letenja za Split i Dubrovnik podrazumeva da avioni koji rade jutarnje i večernje rotacije za BUD, PRG, LJU, BNX, VIE... u sredini dana budu angažovani za SJJ, SPU, DBV i SOF.

    8. Anonymous10:22

      Preciznije BUD/BNX, PRG/LJU, VIE, TIV/TGD, u sredini dana SJJ,SOF,SPU/DBV,TIV. Ili da uključe još jedan ATR ili neka od destinacija kao PRG ili TGD da ide na A319. U sredini dana DBV ima više smisla od SPU,a mogu da dodaju INI ili CRA.

    9. Anonymous08:30

      @ AnonymousJanuary 15, 2014 at 10:22 AM Zaboravio si WAW.

  11. EX-YU, since would it be too much to ask from you to make a map of all current JU destinations? (including code-shares would be really wow) And maybe map for summer, all announced destinations. That would be really nice. :)
    Thank you.

    1. Anonymous11:51

      You should have that on Air Serbia Web page as Croatia Airlines has ;)

    2. Nikola12:11

      here you go (direct flights only)

    3. Nikola12:14


    4. Thank you, NIkola, it gives a perspective on the destinations and networks. The map is starting to look quite nice, although there are evident holes in it (Spain, southern France).

    5. Anonymous17:29

      Nikola, that was very superficial and you missed out a lot of destinations (and put some where they shouldn't belong, such as WAW). Here is the updated summer schedule:*

    6. Aэrologic17:47

      This should be Air Serbia's ATR/Regional route map out of BEG:*

    7. Aэrologic17:58

      Few cities were intentionally omitted for now:

      - Nis
      - Chisinau
      - Tirana
      - Cluj Napoca

    8. Dear Aerologic,
      Why do you think Tirana should not be on the map? It is really underserved.

      Also I believe Bari could work well. There are quite significant economical relations between Puglia region and the Balkans.

    9. Nikola19:21

      @ AnonymousJanuary 14, 2014 at 5:29 PM
      what the hell are you talking about? all destinations I put are from their web site
      i only forgot BEY, VAR, SOF, BUD and KBP

    10. Anonymous20:33

      No. You published the winter timetable and included WAW in it. Malta isn't part of winter timetable either, same as Split. If it's the summer one you wanted to publish then you omitted 5 (five) destinations, don't know what's more stupid of those two options. You can forget one, but five... Sorry if i was you i wouldn't be getting into this business again.

    11. Aэrologic20:37


      I'm not saying it shouldn't be on the map, just that i don't see it being announced soon, same as the 3 other destinations that make not less sense than the former, for different reasons though. They have more urgent places to launch both on short and medium haul right now.

      I don't see Bari nowhere in sight, however Naples is a must. They won't launch any line where planes can't become full on at-least a daily basis within two years of time. Bari is nothing of the sort.

  12. Anonymous12:05

    Panjkovic Academy has opened a hairdressing salon at Belgrade airport terminal 1.

  13. Anonymous12:26

    Are there ANY plans for Niš?
    Why is this airport consistently neglected?
    Is there any explanation?
    A large part of diaspora is from this southern Serbian region.
    Direct flight from Niš to Paris, London, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Moscow, Tivat could not be profitable?
    Last but not least, Air Serbia could introduce flights from Niš to Belgrade as a stopover for all Air Serbia flights out of Belgrade?

    Are there any plans from Belgrade to Zagreb, Lyon, St Petersburg and Madrid?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Anonymous12:49

      Etihad regional should launch direct flight from lyon to belgrade

    2. Anonymous17:12

      Nis is of no interest, especially now when Air Serbia is entering the transfer business, they need everything concentrated on only one airport. You can fly Air Serbia from Sofia.

      "Last but not least, Air Serbia could introduce flights from Niš to Belgrade as a stopover for all Air Serbia flights out of Belgrade?"

      Sorry but that idea is idiotic.

    3. Anonymous21:33

      INI - FRA or INI - CDG, or INI-MUC with a stopover in BEG is idiotic but Naples is not!?

    4. Anonymous21:54

      Fly with empty A319 from INI to BEG,then 30 minutes stop in BEG and then fly to CDG? Isn't better to fly with full ATR 72 from INI to BEG and then you can transfered pax to 10 other destinations including CDG?

  14. Anonymous12:41

    flydubai flight that diverted to Belgrade on its way to Skopje had only 75 passengers on board. The other time, just around the holidays there were 72 passengers. I really hope their other flights performed better than this.

  15. Off topic:

    Ryanair will open a base at Athens airport and they will fly to Chania, Stansted, Bergamo, Paphos, Rhodes and Thessaloniki. Athens airport has constantly refused to lower its charges for Ryanair but it seems that they have finally caved in.
    The airline is strong in Croatia, they are expanding in both Greece and Montenegro so let's hope that Serbia is not far behind.

    1. Chania- 4 daily.
      London- 2 daily
      Bergamo- 2 daily
      Paphos- 2 daily
      Rhodes- 2 daily
      Thessaloniki- 10 daily

  16. Gde su avioni????Piloti su stigli ali od aviona ni korova!!

  17. Anonymous13:28

    What I really think about Air Serbia is that they are mixing up the things.
    Their LF is tiny, almost every single day there are massive delays, organisational issues, not really known brand awareness in new markets and on the top of it they're expanding. Also their management who is more anglo-saxon oriented like Kondic didn't get used to the fact that he's a CEO of an national airline originating from one of the poorest countries in Europe. Second too much capacity.. I don't know any airlines that went bust because of lack of capacity (fewer planes, destinations) but I know quite many which had an overcapacity..
    In conclusion: fix the problems, get profitable and then grow!

    1. Anonymous14:08

      You are right man, they should just give up now and close the shop. Idiot Etihad management, I am sure they will ruin JU like they ruined EY. :/

    2. Anonymous14:35

      Don't pretend to be stupid. Serbia is not UAE and Belgrade is not Abu Dhabi.
      And I'm not saying they should close but first achieve some finamcial benchmarks and then grow. Time will show everything
      before not being too late..

    3. Anonymous14:59

      I am sure that people working for Etihad know what they are doing, regardless if they are in Abu Dhabi or Belgrade.
      Belgrade might not be the capital of the UAE but it has its own advantages and the fact that Serbia is not in the European Union makes financing Air Serbia much easier. Hogan said it himself that it will take two years before Air Serbia is profitable. It has been two months since the airline was established and people should not forget that. What did some think? That after increasing their capacity over such a short period of time that all of their flights will be full? However, double digit passenger growth is a positive thing. It shows that the travelling public is responding positively to the product, despite some saying on here that they will be pushed away by the name.

    4. Anonymous16:41

      Hogan said that it will take 2 years to make JU profitable? We read on this blog statement that it will be in one year period?

      What? They wake up and get to reality? And now they change the song?

      Well, how Etihad knows the job you can see in:

      - administrative problems (stewardess custody in Abu Dhabi airport, planes grounded because no license for them and used them just once in every second day for flight to Abu Dhabi...)

      - huge delays every day

      - delays in open routes, coming of planes, crew training, selling of tickets... even when deadlines were announced on press conferences what becomes regular practice

      - changing of time of flying, routes, frequencies

      - lot of Jat still in Air Serbia image (still there are representative offices in some airport having Jat logo, still some ticket have Jat "signature", e-mail address with .jat extensions, still old Jat web page

      - basic problems with disrespect passengers like examples from Dusseldorf, Prague, Podgorica...

      Yes, that shows how good they are in job they do!

    5. Do you realize that you are repeating yourself almost every day? Do you really don't have anything more usefull to do? You are obsessed with hate.

    6. No, check again. Hogan said that it will take two years but if Kondic can do it in a year then he is more than welcome to do it- then he laughed. That from one of the interviews during one of the earlier press conferences.

    7. Stratospheric17:04

      In order to grow and eventually become profitable, their network must be spread in a symmetrical manner to the East as to the West, to the South as to the North, in order to enable transit flows and connections... Otherwise they'll be running into a bottle neck of mostly BEG-generated O&D which is limited and can't warrant the needed growth. For example, if TLV doesn't work, it doesn't need to be cut, a line must be opened OUT of BEG to the other side (West or North) to feed it. So, if i understand well, you're suggesting them to adopt OU's strategy: 'Kroacija ko Nokia, sve manja i manja'. Let's see which of the two will prove successful.

    8. Anonymous18:51

      What can I do when those bad thing repeat every day. What more it is worst and worst every new day. And list of unprofessionalism is bigger and bigger every single day. Look just Podgorica-fog fiasco. That will not be clean from JU face for weeks to come.

    9. Anonymous18:53

      Hmm... you do realize that people who were in Podgorica were pissed off at the airport and not the airline? Or are you too bitter to understand that.

    10. Anonymous18:57

      Sure, because there was no one from Air Serbia to give them information, food and drink. So, they were pissed to those who were there... and are not obligated or have power do to anything.

      Even worst for Air Serbia and it's "professionalism".

    11. Anonymous19:16

      I guess thank God you were there to uncover all this nastiness and abuse of human rights... oh wait, you weren't there. Just shut up and stop embarrassing yourself.

    12. Anonymous21:43

      Man, you are obsessed by Air Serbia, take a rest, for God sake!

    13. Anonymous09:43

      That what happends in Podgorica is practice only of Wizzair and Ryanair. Well, if you want to be on that level, go on!

    14. Anonymous09:51

      Technically it's not, the passengers were not rescheduled on another flight the next day but were taken by buses from Nis. Lowcost carriers do not do that. Sorry, you are wrong... once again.

  18. Nikola13:51

    YU-APF is to arrive tomorrow

    1. I wonder if they will use the 5th A319 to replace some B737-300s or will they be used to add more frequencies. I guess it's because of this delay that the increase of frequencies to Athens has been postponed to June.

    2. Anonymous14:11

      So that means that they will have 17 aircraft after APF is delivered?

    3. Stratospheric16:50

      In the case it doesn't gets published on, here is a comment i posted to him in response to the today's article which is more than irritating:

      "Osim toga sto citaocima nije pozeleo ni srecnu pravoslavnu Novu godinu ni Bozic, Aviokarta zapocinje ovu godinu sa lazima. YU-APD nema blage veze ni sa kakvom albanskom (ili 'Kosovskom' - imaju li oni uopste IATA registarski znak da bi se uopste mogli nazivati 'Kosovskom?) kompanijom, vec je to VT-VJM bivsi Kingfisher Airlines iz Indije, i to ne bilo koji vec poslovni avion vlasnika kompanije, inace LR verzija sa doletom do 11.000 km. Avion se nalazi u Minhenu na celokupnom 'cabin refitting' iz 'corporate' u 'airliner, two class' version. Check your facts before speaking utter nonsense."

    4. Anonymous16:56

      +1 well said and I hope ex-YU doesn't delete your comment because your have provided us with valuable and useful information. Thanks for that.

    5. Anonymous17:32

      Well, maybe you are right, but I believe that it is ex Belle Air plane (F-ORAH)

    6. Stratospheric18:02

      If it is the case, then it's not YU-APD, it's another plane in the series.

    7. Anonymous18:30

      The golden oldies 737 will stay longer than planned,why ...its a difficult is it to lease a319 these days.....

    8. Nikola09:32

      F-ORAH is no. 7, which might be APG. APC is ex Kingfisher, APF is ex Olympic and Volaris, so ORAH should be APG

    9. Anonymous10:36

      Talking bull***t again. YU-APF (due to arrive today) is ex-Mandala Airlines and Volaris, same as YU-APE. YU-APD is ex-Kingfisher, same as YU-APC. F-ORAH is stored in Ostrava and has no links to Air Serbia whatsoever. The remaining 4 might be converted into A320's. What's this damn obsession of Aviokarta and yours with Albanian planes?

    10. Nikola14:07

      wow, chill dude. that's what I said. I only permuted APD and APC. also, about APF, it belonged to Mandala, Olympic and Volaris (which also I said, except without Mandala). F-ORAH is just a plane that was mentioned on the web few months ago. I really don't see your problem with my post

    11. Anonymous12:39

      1. A6-SAA = ex-Volaris, now leased from EY
      2. A6-SAB = ex-Volaris, now leased from EY
      3. YU-APC = ex-Kingfisher
      4. YU-APD = ex-Kingfisher (to be A319-100LR)
      5. YU-APE = ex-Volaris
      6. YU-APF = ex-Volaris

      I mentioned only the last airline that flew with it. So, there are two A319's remaining but I guess F-ORAH isn't one of them since it's stored and nothing has been done in the meantime. Probably we'll see more CIT-planes.

  19. Anonymous18:41

    No mystery. Deep maintenance.

    1. Anonymous18:54

      Excuses, excuses, excuses... again, again, and again!

    2. Anonymous18:55

      Trolling, trolling, trolling... again, again and again!

    3. Anonymous19:00


      delays are trolling
      unprofessional acting to passengers are trolling
      everything what happens to Air Serbia every day is trolling

    4. Anonymous19:13

      Naaah you are just a troll. You are just trashing an airline and blowing everything out of proportion because you would love for Jat to be brought back so that we can all have the good old kicking bag back. Also, I do not see what delays you are talking about. Those issues were taken care of.

      Stop trolling, get a life... or a girlfriend.

    5. Anonymous22:56

      @ AnonymousJanuary 14, 2014 at 7:00 PM Can you explain us, why Air Serbia hurt you so much?

  20. Anonymous19:11

    i want JAT back

  21. Anonymous20:07

    I wamt yugoland back

  22. Anonymous20:19

    Hater, 5th of January...6.000 passengers.

  23. Total Ex-Yu airports handled approx. 16 million passengers in 2013. Does anyone have break-down by airlines? I think LH is holding the largest market share in Ex-Yu

  24. Anonymous21:15

    Great news! Now all 3 monthly passengers for Varna can use the flight...

    1. Anonymous21:17

      I never quite understood the point of such comments. I guess some people find it funny.

    2. Aэrologic21:42

      Actually, it isn't and i'll use this opportunity to give you a few examples of how Air Serbia's network has to develop.

      Let's see: if for example Varna performs bad and if there are, let's say "3 monthly passengers", it doesn't mean the line has to be cut but that other lines from BEG have to be opened where the pax from VAR would connect. Examples:

      - VAR or SOF underperforming: open MAD, BCN urgently
      - KBP underperforming: open BCN, NCE, connections to Geneva (Darwin) etc., increase TLV (done)
      - BEY underperforming: increase connectivity with Darwin to Geneva, maybe open some other route in France... That among other examples.

      Each line must be thought as one half of one and same virtual line, which can't work without the other end.

  25. Anonymous21:38

    When r they going to launch a second daily flight from/to SKP?
    Adria has it, Croatia has it, Austrian has it, Turkish has it
    when, when, when ?

    1. Anonymous21:43

      When Zagreb builds a new terminal.

    2. Anonymous21:44

      Sorry, Skopje isn't exactly the priority right now.

    3. Anonymous22:10

      The new flights are already loaded into the system and if I am not mistaken they start in March. Night flight departs just after midnight and the other stays the same. I think the night flight will be operated with the A320.

    4. Anonymous00:29

      Belgrade-Skopje-Belgrade JU 166/167
      00.30-01.25 // 05.50 Airbus A319

      Belgrade-Skopje-Belgrade JU 162/163
      14.05-14.55 // 15.35-16.20 Airbus A320

      There, these are Air Serbia's two flights to Skopje. I am sure they are more impressive than what the other ex-YU carriers are offering. ;)

  26. Anonymous22:46

    And the winner is.... the first booking has been made to VAR for 24APR, of course transit passenger

    1. Anonymous22:49

      From where?

    2. Anonymous23:12


    3. Anonymous23:57

      how did you get the info?

    4. Anonymous01:42

      Amadeus Altea

    5. Anonymous02:22

      can you share some more info about other new flights, did anyone for Beirut booked till now?

  27. Anonymous00:23

    New flight times to Banja Luka:



    Monastir which will be operated four times per week will get the A320 in stead of the previously scheduled A319.

    JU 174 to Podgorica that leaves Belgrade at 14.10 was also upgauged to an A320. Other 8 weekly flights will be operated by the Atr.

    Air Serbia will have 13 weekly flights to Tivat during the peak of the summer season and all flights will be operated by the Atr. I have a feeling they are not meeting the demand. Tivat is the busiest route out of Belgrade in summer...

    1. Anonymous00:43

      Air Serbia's A320 will be configured to have 8 business class seats and 156 in economy class.

  28. Anonymous09:49

    If anyone knows what time YU-APF will take off from Munich, please let us know here. :)

  29. Anonymous14:46

    Air Serbia will have code-share on exDarwin (Etihad Regional) flights from Geneva, Zurich and Rome. In same time Etihad Regional will put code-share to JU flights from Belgrade to Bucharest, Sofia, Varna, Thessaloniki, Athens, Skopje, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Podgorica and Tivat. Flights Belgrade-Zurich and Belgrade-Roma will be with Air Serbia, and Geneva-Belgrade with Etihad Regional, and from October it will go to daily.

    1. SuisseOuest14:46

      Awesome news aboug GVA-BEG (and kind of an answer to my question from yesterday on the JU topic)! I hope to see them in Amadeus soon. On that topic, Amadeus lists LX flights for November on Thu and Sun in the mornings :(

    2. Anonymous14:47

      Great news and that is natural concerning ownership of Etihad in bouth companies

    3. Nikola14:47

      speaking of F7, they are to get three AT7s, ex EN I-ADLJ, I-ADLK and I-ADLW. you have it here:

    4. Anonymous14:47

      I kako napraviti planiranu ekspanziju uz ovakvo stanje države:

      O iznimno lošoj ekonomskoj situaciji na jugu Srbije svjedoči i rastući trend maloljetničke prostitucije. Velik broj djevojčica izlaz iz bijede i siromaštva traži lakoj zaradi. Jedna od njih je i P.F. iz Vranja koja se uz pomoć roditelja i prijatelja uspjela izvući iz pakla prostitucije, a trenutno se nalazi na liječenju od ovisnosti o drogi. U taj mračan svijet uvukle su je prijataljice iz škole. 'Vidjele su da sam očajna, bez kinte, s izlizanim trapericama s placa, u staroj jakni koju sam uzela od mame. Znale su sve o meni i namamile su me', rekla je P.F. za Kurir.

      Djevojčicu su prijateljice taksijem odvezle u Preševo. Tamo je imala odnose s mladim Albancem za što je dobila 30 eura i nove traperice. Kući se vratila presretna.

    5. Anonymous14:47

      Какве везе има простицтуција на југу Србије са авио компанијом којој је база у Београду? Немачка је једна од топ држава за прање пара па им ништа не фали...

  30. Anonymous15:56

    Wizz Air carried 480.000 passengers in Belgrade last year, 33% more.

    Source, Wizz Air.

    1. Anonymous00:24

      They should launch Moscow flights from Belgrade. They have quite a demand.

    2. Anonymous16:09

      Bilateral does not allow it. Only one airline from both countries is allowed to operate flights.

  31. Anonymous20:31

    Thanks 4 the info.

    seems that JU & OU depart simultaneously at 5.50 am and in the afternoon JP, JU and OU depart within 10 min from eachtoher.
    and as 4 SKP not being a priority right now: yeah, totally understand that Air Serbia is preoccupied with Airports like LAX, IAD and NRT at this moment

    1. Anonymous21:00

      Air Serbia's competition in Skopje is not OU or JP but it's TK, please don't forget that Air Serbia is in a superior league now.

  32. Anonymous20:31

    Great, YU-APF did not arrive to Belgrade today either.

    1. Anonymous20:38

      Tomorrow or Friday.

  33. Anonymous23:11

    BEG-AMS tonight was 80% full, they served a quiche. Mmmm

  34. Anonymous19:30

    5. A319 - YU-APF je upravo sleteo.

  35. Anonymous11:57

    Suddenly they keep talking about the region, after they did literaly destroy the regional competence of the airline with a problematic branding and marketing narratives. The market seems to teaching them a very good lesson, it´s seems hower to be to late now to put something regional in the sky above belgrade.


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