Croatia Airlines maintains Dubrovnik cuts

Croatia Airlines to reduce Dubrovnik operations this summer

Croatia Airlines will continue downsizing its operations from Dubrovnik Airport this summer season as it looks to cut costs and maintain profitability. The Croatian national carrier will suspend several seasonal flights and reduce frequencies to other destinations from the city. The airline will no longer operate flights from Dubrovnik to Osijek and will suspend services to Vienna this summer. It comes after Croatia Airlines cancelled most of its operations out of Dubrovnik this winter, maintaining only flights to Zagreb and a two weekly service to Rome. In addition, frequencies on the Rome service itself will also be cut this coming summer. In order to compensate for the reductions, the airline will introduce an additional weekly flight from Dubrovnik to Paris and Zurich compared to last summer, to be operated four and five times per week respectively.

The CEO of Dubrovnik Airport, Roko Tolić, recently said, “We have a great challenge ahead of us as we can no longer rely on our partner. We understand that Croatia Airlines must undergo restructuring but we will not sit with our hands crossed. We will look for partners elsewhere”. However, last week, the Dubrovnik city council said it will purchase up to 50.000 tickets from Croatia Airlines for travel next summer, which it will then sell at reduced prices through travel agents.

In 2013 Dubrovnik Airport saw its busiest year on record. The airport handled 1.522.629 passengers, an increase of 2.9% compared to 2012. However, Croatia Airlines’ network reductions had a severe impact on the airport over the winter months. In November passenger figures tumbled 14% while in December the airport saw a 12% decline in numbers. In 2014, Dubrovnik Airport estimates it will see a 1.7% increase in the number of travellers using its facilities. “We base our estimate primarily on foreign carriers”, the airport says. It adds domestic travel from the airport should stay the same as last year. Dubrovnik Airport was the fifth busiest in the former Yugoslavia in 2013, down from its fourth position on the year before as it has been overtaken by Split.


  1. Anonymous09:35

    OT ..was just looking on BH new site . Is it true all of these code share flights with Air Serbia they are showing for destination like Athens, Brussels, Brisbane etc..? I must have missed something along the lines

    1. Anonymous09:47

      Yes, it is true. However, Air Serbia is not showing B&H Airlines' flights during the summer season. I hope it's because they have not loaded them yet and not because they are cancelling the route.

  2. @Ex-YU Aviation
    The following seems to be a typo: "The airline handled 1.522.629 passengers, an increase of 2.9% compared to 2012." You probably mean the airport, not the airline.

    Congratulations to DBV on another record year!

  3. Anonymous10:26

    Why dont men just close down the Airline, because with this Ceo the final destination will be BANKRUPTCY

    1. I totally agree! This man is killing Croatia Airlines.

    2. Actually OU isn't even that bad for a non LCC. They have a really low average sector length, and that causes low efficiency.

  4. Anonymous13:43

    Dubrovnik Airport should be fine, Croatia Airlines needs to restructure to make profits, and any route that doesn't make money should go.

    Also Croatian airlines cut its flights out of Zagreb by a wide margin and this is where they make most profits, Dubrovnik provides low yield for the airline, at best 30-40 pax per flight, hardly worth a bother considering that Dash 8 has 78 seats.

    I think 7-10 weekly flights to Dubrovnik in winter and 14-21 in summer is more than adequate + Dubrovnik is connected to Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt, Munich, Rome and London with direct flights.

    I think Dubrovnik Airport authorities are being bit presumptuous if they think they'll get some alternative airline coming in over winter months and filling in the holes. Dubrovnik Airlines which operated out of Dubrovnik went bust cause they couldn't maintain year round service out of Dubrovnik.

    Things are the way they are, Dubrovnik airport should be happy that it has 10 weekly flights during winters, most airlines don't even fly to Dubrovnik during Winter.

    I expect Dubrovnik Airport is going to handle 1.57 million pax in 2014.

    My prediction for other Croatian airports.

    Zagreb - 2.55 million
    Split - 1.72 million (3rd busiest in 2014, ahead of Pristina)
    Dubrovnik - 1.57 million (5th busiest)
    Zadar - 525 000 (10th Busiest)
    Pula - 425 000 (11th Busiest in ex YU)
    Rijeka - 170 000
    Osijek - 35 000

    1. Anonymous14:26

      Croatia Airlines flights from Dubrovnik to Zagreb (3 to 4 daily during winter season) have average load factor of 79% (during the summer season 96% - up to five daily, 3 with A319/320 and 2 with Q400).

    2. Anonymous16:25

      LF je zaista jak, unatoč svim ovim (praznim) pričama: problem je što je za jutarnji i večernji let airbus ogroman, a dash premalen i tu dođe do praznih mjesta. ovi dnevni letovi dashom budu skoro potpuno puni. ja letim 2-3 puta mjesečno pa eto, mogu reći da sam neke stvari primijetio. Dubrovnik jest ljetna destinacija, ali i zimi ima turista, to ne treba zanemariti. Dubrovnik je destinacija, ne lokacija, i uvijek ima putnike i potencijal za bolje. Mislim da je zračna luka došla do nekog maksimuma na kojem će se održati još nekoliko godina (možda se sadašnje brojke popenju za još max 100000 putnika u sljedećih nekoliko godina)...

    3. Anonymous17:00

      SPU ...

      mozda su preveliki kapaciteti za A319 u jutarnjem i vecernjem letu ali te se stvari mogu popraviti povoljnijim cijenama za te letove i niko me kao laika nemoze uvjeriti da ti letovi nisu profitabilni a prostora za rad na popunjenosti i frekvencijama ima puno

    4. Anonymous19:02

      @AnonymousJanuary 15, 2014 at 2:26 PM

      I see, thanx for your info, I stand corrected. I always thought that there were very few flights to Dubrovnik, at least this the impression I was getting from reading newspapers. Must admit I don't travel a lot on internal flights.

      I do look forward to KLM Zagreb flights as I live in Holland, or Netherlands so I'll be able to fly to Zagreb more offten now that KLM has direct flights to Zagreb starting in May.

      I'll still fly with Croatian Airlines but on days when they don't fly I'll fly with KLM.

    5. Anonymous22:05

      For last 10 years and longer, both in summer and winter timetable, OU has been flying from AMS to ZAG DAILY on A320/A319 (maybie there were dozen or less flights alltogether on Dash or TDR's F100, which some people here tried to present as Q400 operates 90% of AMS flights).On some days in summer there were even 2 daily flights to ZAG, plus wekly flights from AMS to PUY and SPU. So I find it very strange that you live in Holland and fly often and you don't know that speaking about "the days they don't fly"

    6. Anonymous00:49

      @AnonymousJanuary 15, 2014 at 10:05 PM

      I know they flay daily, I mean to say on days they conflict with my schedule, some days I need to return back to Holland on same day, or Croatian flights might be in in the afternoon or late evening and I need a flight in early morning 7-8am.

      This is what I was referring to, I know OU flies to ?AMS on a daily basis.

      And no I am not a frequent flayer, actually I fly only 4-5 times each year. in 2013 I only few twice, i mean two return flights, in 2012 I had 5 return flights which is a norm for me, normally fly to US a lot, twice per year before 2013, only once in 2013.

  5. Anonymous14:29

    Air Serbia offering special promo prices for flights departing Dubrovnik:
    Vienna 164 €
    Thessaloniki 180 €
    Paris 182 €
    Athens 173 €
    Brussels 194 €
    Moscow 203 €
    * return tickets, all included

    1. Anonymous14:45

      Those are some sweet fares I must say! I wonder if Air Serbia is encouraged by Dubrovnik city council to position itself even more as a dominant carrier there? I am sure they are one of the few airlines which can sustain a year-round flight to Dubrovnik.

    2. Anonymous15:33

      I really hope Air Serbia will continue flying to Dubrovnik during winter 2014/15 at least with 2 flights pw. It would be nice addition to the British Airways year-long service to Gatwick.

    3. Anonymous19:01

      SPU ...

      for winter flights from DBV (and SPU) you need strong cultural and economic ties through O/D plus marginal transit.
      Let's be realistic in this moment ZAG is only destination with that characteristics even FCO have more potential because of međugorje and mariners.
      Without a strong winter tourism in DBV and new industries / tourism in SPU I do not see profitable potential for any direct flights except 3x daily DBV-ZAG and 4xdaily SPU-ZAG on A320 ... from SPU there is potential for diaspora flights but 4U is already present.

    4. Aэrologic21:57

      OU ranked as one of the most inefficient airlines in the world (see graphic) :

  6. Air Serbia/Etihad Regional discussion not related to Dubrovnik has been moved to yesterday’s comments section.

  7. Anonymous16:26

    SPU ...

    fine manipulation by a moderator but I do not mind ;-)
    I think you have to look in the wider context.

    Direct one weekly flight OSI-SPU and OSI-DBV is no money maker comparing that planes can be used during the summer to more profitable lines and new PSO (Public Service Obligation) flight OSI-ZAG allows the transfer in ZAG from DBV,SPU,ZAD,PUY so to count DBV-OSI line in the general cutting picture is for debate.

    Do not forget new PSO 1x weekly DBV-SPU-RJK where OU have some small share.

    Let's compare mentioned flights where money is :
    summer 2013 summer 2014
    3xDash8 FCO (228seats) 2xDash8 FCO (152seats)
    2xDash8 VIE (152seats) 0
    4xA319 CDG (576seats) 5xA319 CDG (720seats)
    4xDash8 ZRH (304seats) 5xDash8 ZRH (380seats)
    1260 seats 1252 seats

    enormous reduction of 8 seats WOW !!!

    Croatia Airlines maintains ignoring Dubrovnik
    picture comment :
    Croatia Airlines reorganizes Dubrovnik operations this summer

    1. Anonymous17:07


    2. Anonymous19:58

      I don't see all the fuss regarding the OSI-DBV service. Yes CTN is restructuring. But we seem to forget, there is a flight from OSI to ZAG. Passengers can easily transfer in ZAG to DBV .

    3. Anonymous20:34

      No, they cannot. If you try to simultate a purchase of ticket OSI-DBV (via ZAG) you will see the prices +700kn one way. Last year, there could be found tickets from 360kn (direct flights). Moreover, there is a layover in Zagreb that takes a few hours, so, this route is not the best solution. At least, Trade air should do twice a week OSI-SPU-DBV or OSI-SPU and OSI-DBV service. In the last year, load factor was excellent during july and august (dash), and during june and september there should be one rotation during the week (brasilia). Cheers!

    4. Anonymous22:43

      SPU ...

      as I mention earlier not very profitable when you comparing full load for 360 kn with 220 eur and more for international flight ... but Trade Air is more than welcome

  8. This would be a good time for Air Serbia to expand into the Dubrovnik market.

    1. Anonymous20:23

      Why? To fly in tourists from USA, Canada and Japan?

    2. Anonymous20:29

      No, to fly them from Europe and the Middle East since Croatia Airlines obviously can't do it.

    3. Why? If you can't figure out where Air Serbia flies to, the information can be found here:

    4. Anonymous21:56

      And if both of you don't know that DBV serves 80 (EIGHTY) airline companies on scheduled and charter, "legacy" and Low cost, business and economy class, to and from ALL DESTINATIONS JatAirways (uuups AirSerbia) serves, vast majority of which are better or at least more famous than your favorite one, then you can find all information about it here on internet as well. But you are obviously not interested in facts, for your complexes it's most important that your (read:arabic) is longer

    5. Anonymous21:58

      Your comment makes no sense.

    6. Yeah, and how many of those destinations are year long? You expect someone wanting to fly from Dubrovnik to Istanbul must connect in London? People still have to travel during the winter.

      Like it or not, Air Serbia has an ok network with good frequency. Soon there will be 35 destinations, and lots of them are daily.

    7. Anonymous22:20

      My comment makes perfect sense, but some people simply refuse to accept reality; they have feeling (I don't know what causes such condition) that everything with their national name is better, and everything else, which doesn't bear their national name is not good.

      I don't give a shit about Croatia Airlines, I hate it and I think it's bad company. On the other hand DBV airport has so many possibilities, so many non-stop flights, so many BIG jets and so many BIG names in airline industry for passengers to choose from, that regardless of all warm nuts, all (not so low) prices, and all of its (not so impressive) network, so very few of them (except p2p BEG) will use Air Serbia to come to DBV, especially taking into account equipment (ATR).

      And now you can stop pretending that you don't understand me and that my post makes no sense.

    8. Anonymous22:23

      Can you tell me some of these big airlines and aviation names that are in DBV out of the summer season or that are not there for charter flights? ;)
      I rest my case.

      That's why Air Serbia is a good addition for the airport and that's why I hope it stays in winter time too.

    9. Anonymous22:27

      @Aleksandar Stojanovic
      There is something in economy which is called offer and demand, or supply and demand (ponuda i potraznja). If there are no flighzs in winter, it means that there is no demand for such flights. Or you think your favourite, because of having "Serbian" in its name (although it's defacto arabic), is so superior that it will CREATE passengers, or maybie fly empty, to show its supremacy. I think you belong to category I wrote about before

    10. Anonymous22:29

      same as for Aleksandar Stojanovic. I rest my case

    11. Anonymous22:32

      Air Serbia is 51% owned by the Serbian government so technically it's not an Arabic airline, even the CEO is Serbian while the CFO is Greek. So what's Arabic about it then? Please, enlighten us since you know it better.

    12. Anonymous22:32

      Bitter anonymous,

      Have you even flown on Air Serbia?!

    13. @10:27,
      Air Serbia is in the process of changing from an O/D airline to more of a transit airline. That's is why they should fly to Dubrovnik in the winter, because there are no winter flights! Do you really believe that I think that JU can sustain flights to Dubrovnik during the winter only with O/D passengers?

      People who live in Dubrovnik still need to travel in the winter, and JU could connect them to 35 destinations for good price and not terrible service.

    14. Anonymous23:27

      I belive that my OT comment would fit in this section. This may be of interest to Air Serbia fans. I read in Anna Aero an article in regards to Air Berlin. Etihad has a share in Air Berlin, but as I read in the article,Air Berlin will be cutting 30 routes and 9 airports.It is an interesting article to read. It's easy for Air Serbia to open routes, but if not proftable, routes will be cut as with ir Berlin.

    15. Anonymous00:13

      SPU Aleksandar

      JU are more than welcome to try ... OU tried and result is 2xFCO even FRA didn't work and LH wanted that flight ... for a profitable winter flight from DBV (and SPU) you need strong cultural and economic ties through O/D plus marginal transit ...unfortunately marginal ... things must improve first economically so transit through ZAG is only profitable option for now ...Summer is a different story

    16. It would work better if JU had some ATR 42-600s. I am sure they could find 40 daily passengers. ATR-42-600 can easily be profitable with only 30 passengers. Tarom has lots of ATR 42s, and they use them well.

    17. Anonymous04:22

      I agree with you Aleksandar,but as I read through many of these aviation blogs, I get the feeling that people feel that they are too good to fly in prop aircraft. They would rather fly in an airbus, with 40 people on it, rather than in a smaller aircraft.

  9. The city of Dubrovnik, as well as any of the other Croatian airports don't have much worry about if CA reduces the number of flights. They make their money on the passenger taxes as well as all of the money these pax spend in the hotels and restaurants. The only difference is who brings in the pax, if by restructuring CA is able to become profitable by becoming smaller that is good for them. As an investor i would rather have smaller airline making money rather then a large one losing money and always needing help.

  10. Anonymous18:35

    Here is an interesting table regarding the market from Istanbul to ex-Yugoslavia:

    Turkish Airlines: weekly frequency/ weekly seats

    Belgrade (BEG) 17 2,342
    Pristina (PRN) 14 1,934
    Sarajevo (SJJ) 14 2,092
    Skopje (SKP) 14 1,895
    Sofia (SOF) 14 1,910
    Podgorica (TGD) 4 534
    Tirana (TIA) 14 1,896

    B&H Airlines 4 264

    Air Serbia 7 882


    Belgrade (BEG) 4 756
    Pristina (PRN) 5 945
    Sarajevo (SJJ) 6 1,134
    Skopje (SKP) 4 756
    Tirana (TIA) 5 945

    1. Anonymous00:15

      And what about Zagreb with 14 weekly flights.

    2. Anonymous00:28


  11. Anonymous20:21

    TK and JP operate flights, and OU codeshares on services from Istanbul to Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Ljubljana. All 3 airports are ex-yu airports, JP is an ex-yu airline. At the same time, TIA doesn't belong here. So can you tell me what's your criteria in making this "interesting table"?

    1. Anonymous20:25

      Well, I do not know, ask the people at, they seem to believe that the Croatian and Slovenian airports are not important despite being in south-west Europe.

    2. Anonymous00:22

      Or Croatia and Slovenija are not Balkan any more, but Europe!!!!

    3. Anonymous00:28

      LOL like Greece and Bulgaria are not in the Balkans any more?! :D You are funny.

    4. Anonymous09:36

      Sure, it is more likely that Croatia and Slovenia are “not important” in comparation with Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Montenegro. Very real, like always.

      By the way Slovenia and Croatia were not in Balkans even before, but for sure are not in same surrounding as Serbia, concerning that they are members of elite nations in European union. As you can see it is not easy to come in, you must have some standards and level!

    5. Anonymous16:16

      I can somewhat understand when the Slovenes argue that they are not in the Balkans but it's totally moronic when Croats do it.

      What standard and level are we talking about? Those flew out of the window the moment they allowed Bulgaria and Romania in. Mind you, these two entered even before Croatia. lol That'how much respect they have for the Balkan croissant.

  12. Anonymous21:43

    Which Air-Serbia's destinations are prepared for A 320?

    1. Anonymous21:57

      Paris, Amsterdam, Monastir, Larnaca, Moscow, Skopje and Podgorica.

  13. OT:
    In Macedonia Wizz Air carried 380,000 passengers in 2013, 241% more passengers than in the previous year. The airline has announced new routes from Skopje to Paris Beauvais, Frankfurt Hahn, Brussels Charleroi and Cologne to commence in 2014 that compliment its Macedonian network of 14 routes on sale.
    *This is official news from the PR newsletter - Wizz Air

    1. Anonymous23:23

      This topic is about Dubrovnik, not about Skopje. Wait for your own turn. Geez

    2. Anonymous00:14

      He wrote that this is off topic, so whats your problem?

    3. Anonymous00:27

      Because it's about Croatia today, he can wait for their own day.

    4. Anonymous10:31

      after all the Air Serbia shit this thread has been bombarded with I think we can afford few news from rest of the EC-YU that might be relevant.

      great news btw ObedinetaMKD

  14. nice to flight :D and learn to fly :D

  15. When can we expect ZAG-BEG flights? Find it a bit weird that Air Serbia didn't plan this route in latest expand...A quite important route in my opinion.


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