easyJet launching Rome - Belgrade flights

easyJet continues to expand Belgrade operations

Low cost airline easyJet will launch three weekly flights between Rome’s Fiumicino Airport and Belgrade starting March 31, pending government approval. The low cost airline has already put tickets for the upcoming route on sale. Rome becomes easyJet’s third destination to be served out of Belgrade following Milan, launched last year, and Geneva, which was inaugurated yesterday. easyJet will have strong competition on the route, going head to head against both Air Serbia and Alitalia. This summer, Air Serbia will operate double daily flights to the Italian capital while Alitalia will offer ten weekly services. As a result, passengers travelling between the two cities will have the choice of up to 27 weekly flights to choose from. Details on the new service can be found here.

easyJet’s route from Rome to Belgrade is the latest addition to a long list of new services being launched by airlines to and from the Serbian capital this year. They include flights to Geneva by both easyJet and Etihad Regional, Larnaca by Wizz Air, Beirut, Budapest, Varna, Sofia, Kiev and Warsaw by Air Serbia, Lisbon by TAP Portugal and Barcelona by Vueling Airlines. According to regulations set out by the Serbian Ministry of Transport, easyJet will not be eligible to receive benefits on the Rome service since the airport can only offer discounts to airlines on new routes if they are not already operated by another airline. Such discounts are approved for a period of no less than twelve months and no longer than two years and cannot exceed 50% of the route’s expenses.

Meanwhile, during the week, TAP Portugal began selling tickets for its upcoming new flights from Lisbon to Belgrade. The airline will launch three weekly flights to the Serbian capital starting July 2. Further flight details can be found here. On the other hand, Belgrade will bid farewell to one of its customers since Adria Airways will pull the plug on its flights from Ljubljana on February 5 after almost four years.


  1. Ok... am I missing something here?

    On Saturdays the easyJet flight lands in Belgrade at 08.45 yet it departs back to Rome at 17.10. Why?
    It doesn't seem like them to add a tag from Belgrade so could they be servicing the aircraft at Jat Tehnika?

    1. Anonymous15:26

      Great that EZY is expanding further from Belgrade in 2014. As soon as W6 left BEG-FCO route last year, both AZ and JU raised the fares a bit. Its always good to have competition for us passwngers, and I amreally glad U2 starts this one as well. I hope they would offer some new route/s from their German bases as well, for example Hamburg or Berlin.
      Really glad we'll be seeing more orange birds ithis summer n BEG!

  2. Anonymous09:11

    i would like to know who are the passangers of these flights? 27 flights per week is a lot... so, tourists? serbian people living in italy? transit passangers? ... comparing with croatia that have 7 weekly links to rome (5 by spo 2 by dbk) this sounds really impressive! congrats belgrade.

    1. By my opinion 27 flight per week is too much. So the first airline to drop out of Belgrade will be Alitalia. easyJet will survive with low fares, about Air Serbia we don't have to talk, but Alitalia will cancel flights to Belgrade, and use their code share agreement with Air Serbia.

    2. This is Air Serbia's summer schedule to Rome:

      07.00-08.30 // 09.30-11.10 A319
      18.35-20.05 // 20.50-22.30 A319

      With this kind of schedule they can offer connections to eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East. It seems JU is primarily after this traffic. However, Italy is one of the main foreign investors in Serbia so I am sure they get a good share of business class passengers. I am sure not even Alitalia can compete with Air Serbia when it comes to business class, especially not since they are sending their Embraers now.

      Alitalia on the other hand is collecting some O&D and mostly transit passengers which are heading via Rome to northern Africa, Spain, Portugal and so on.

      My guess is that easyJet will collect most of the O&D passengers but I hope that they will be more successful than Wizz Air was.

      Until a few years ago neither Jat Airways nor Alitalia flew daily to Rome and today we have up to four daily flights. Quite an improvement.

    3. Anonymous09:30


      the code-share between these two carriers seems to not be in place during the summer season.

    4. JATBEGMEL09:53

      Its possible that Etihad Regional could be feeding the JU flights from FCO as well.

      But 4 daily is a big boost as mentioned before considering neither AZ nor JU had daily flights a few years ago.

  3. Anonymous09:19

    Darwin will be flying ZAG - FCO direct.

  4. Anonymous09:57

    Could we see Croatia Airlines go direct to Rome now that they have competition from Etihad Regional?

    1. Anonymous10:35

      We will see... I think that they will decrease ZAG-SPO-FCO from 5x per week to 2-3x per week.
      Maybe 4-7 Split, 1-5 Dubrovnik, 2,3,6 Zagreb.

    2. Purger12:40

      For years I insist on

      1-3-5-- ZAG-FCO
      -2---6- ZAG-SPU-FCO
      ---4--7 ZAG-DBV-FCO
      Most of passengers are ZAG-FCO (cca 70% of all passengers on ZAG-DBV/SPU-FCO), and it is more expensive and takes more time to fly that route with 1 stop. 2 frequencies from tourist destinations are more than enough.

      Without Etihad Regional in 2010 I suggest to CTN management

      123456- ZAG-FCO-SPU/DBV-ZAG in morning
      12345-7 ZAG-SPU/DBV-FCO-ZAG in afternoon

      that is 12 flights from ZAG, 6 direct, 6 with one stop (4 via SPU, 2 via DBV)

    3. Anonymous12:49

      Even double daily is doable from Zagreb since the route is operate by the Q400, not even the Airbus. I am sure they can fill 150 seats per day, at least during the summer season.
      Also, they could get a few passengers from their regional network.

    4. Anonymous13:04

      Are there really that small number of pax from ZAG to FCO for OU to sustain a daily direct line even with DH4? Whats the story there?

    5. Anonymous14:10

      I guess Austrian Airlines is not complaining... after all, they do have to fill those five daily flights.

    6. Anonymous15:08

      In Croatia we have many airports and many of them have direct flights to Rome so we don't need 27 flights per week like Belgrade because it is only airport in the country. In total there is more than 30 flights from Croatia to Rome per week but not from single airport.

    7. Anonymous15:12

      Charter flights do not count, we are talking about scheduled operations. Also, are these flights throughout the year or only during the summer months? ;)

    8. Anonymous15:44

      I am talking about scheduled services operated by Easyjet and Vueling from Dubrovnik and Split to Rome. Charters are another story. If we count charters than just Dubrovnik has 20 flights per week.

    9. Anonymous15:48

      So give us the breakdown of flights from the coast then, both in winter and summer. If I am not mistaken, doesn't DBV only get flights to Rome via OU?

    10. Anonymous16:49

      Easy jet: Dubrovnik - Rome 6x weekly
      Easy jet: Split - Rome 7x weekly
      Vueling: Dubrovnik - Rome 4x weeky
      Vueling: Split - Rome 5 weekly
      Total: 22 per week just by low cost airlines from two coastal cities. It is huge number of seats cause Easy jet operates with A319 (156 seats) and Vueling with A320 (180 seats).

    11. Anonymous16:58

      Croatia Airlines
      Split – Rome 7x weeky (winter 5x)
      Dubrovnik – Rome 2 x weeky (winter 2x)
      Zagreb – Rome 9x weeky (winter 7x) always via DBV or SPU

    12. Anonymous00:36

      It is not just Q400 that OU fly to FCO, some of the flights in summer is with A319/A320.

      In best years there was 10 flights ZAG--SPU/DBV-FCO mostly with A319.

  5. Anonymous11:05

    Once Vueling and Tap start operating from BEG, it would be even harder for Alitalia. The number of serbian pax transfering to Africa would not be enough. But AZ wont retreat, the number of italian investors is huge in Serbia.

    I would like to see easyJet having a base here, eventhough Purger said they will open a base in ZAG.

  6. Anonymous11:08

    Once Vueling and Tap start operating from BEG, it would be even harder for Alitalia. The number of serbian pax transfering to Africa would not be enough. But AZ wont retreat, the number of italian investors is huge in Serbia.

    I would like to see easyJet having a base here, eventhough Purger said they will open a base in ZAG.

  7. Anonymous11:27

    everything is ok with beg-fco route, but i am only wondering why airserbia had need to fly double daily to rome? it is not that necessary, isnt it? somehow i dont understand new politics of JU management. both planes are not going to be full. you will see, alitalia is not going to stop flying to beg, but airserbia will reduce its flights to daily only. you will see. except etihad is going to pay empty seats.

    1. Anonymous11:46

      In the same time AirSerbia will start to fly to Kiev and Warsaw. If you go to Amadus you will find that AirSerbia have the best offer for Kiev - FCO in both category,price and duration.

    2. Anonymous11:47

      Air Serbia's double daily flights are there so as to enable connections in Belgrade. With these new schedules Air Serbia will become very competitive on the Rome-Balkans market. It's not as if they are flying double daily to Rome and relying solely on the O&D market.
      Rome can, in a way, be compared to Athens. Air Serbia flies there 10 times per week and the loads are very healthy mostly thanks to connecting passengers.

    3. Alitalia is in a big crises and they might soon start decreasing their fleet and reducing their destination network. So Air Serbia starts double daily to get transit passengers from other destinations.

      It wouldn't surprise me if Air Serbia keeps double daily whole year round. If you go to a flight search site you will see that Air Serbia has the lowest fares for FCO. So Air Serbia made a good move, but now it's not he question will Air Serbia keep it's doube daily, but will Alitalia survive in BEG.

    4. Anonymous13:17

      There is also something else we should consider. Alitalia launched flights to Abu Dhabi and so far they have been rather successful. In other words there is a share of the Italian travelling public which has Etihad's mileage programme. For them Air Serbia might be an interesting option especially for flights heading to the Balkans, eastern Europe and the Middle East.

    5. Anonymous14:35

      The Air Serbia FCO flights are relying heavily on transix pax. Every time I fly, it's full of Russians (MOW), or even Italians flying to Cyprus.
      It's different people that are using each of these flights. Question is if JU can make a profit out of them.

    6. Ha... Cyprus makes sense since there are no longer any direct flights between the island and Rome. No wonder they are going daily with the A320 to Larnaca. I just wonder what Wizz Air will do there.

  8. Anonymous11:55

    JU will never make it with 2x daily and they will eventually reduce frequencies to / from FCO Look at today's schedule desaster...10cm of snow and every flight in/out BEG is late by an average hour; who serious will be flying them!!???

    1. Anonymous12:14

      Have you ever heard what happens in Heathrow when they have 2 cm of snow?

    2. Anonymous12:40

      I had 3 hours of delay at Berlin Tegel, and 5-6 hours delay in Frankfurt when I was returning from Berlin with LH (it was Berlin - Frankfurt - Belgrade route).

      You people are either really spoiled and expect BEG and JU to be better than Europe's biggest airlines and airports, or you just haven't travelled that much and experienced other airports...

    3. Anonymous14:32

      Dude, it's not the snow, it's the below zero temperatures and the ice storm, and all the de-icing that needs to happen. It's affecting only the first flights of the day (those landing in BEG are already "warmed-up"

    4. Anonymous15:52

      With such theory(ies) Moscow airports should be closed for over 3 months!))))) While in fact everything works well like a Swiss watch. BEG / JU need to buy a couple of de-icing trucks and then operations will not suffer ...as it is now they are short of them and hence the chaos and delays .... yes in January BEG can expect snow so if it wants to be called "hub" it needs to operate 24hrs/ day and not go belly up every time there is a bit of weather ... shame on the management for both JU and BEG!

    5. Anonymous15:56

      Hmpf... so according to your theory London Heathrow is not a real hub. Makes sense.

    6. Anonymous16:24

      You are full of sense comparing apples and oranges ... great knowledge of the situation on the ground (BEG)!.

    7. Anonymous16:34

      I hope you realize the cheapest fare for Rome - Moscow as well as to many other of JU's destinations are the cheapest by Air Serbia compared to all of the other airlines.. So these flights should be pretty full..... all of them... keep trying to wish harm with Air Serbia, it won't get you anywhere ;)

      And delays have been majorly reduced.... They are working on it... Am bringing this up because of people bitching before..

    8. Anonymous19:25

      @ 3:52 PM:

      While I understand the raw, bitter hatred can make someone argue it is airlines who should invest into de-icing equipment, I still don't get the logic by which you spill hundreds of characters of hatred towards BEG and then call on shame on bothe BEG and JU (who have nothing to do with how BEG responds to snow and ice).

      I guess you are at the stage of rage where only Xanax may be able to help. Have a check with your pharmacist and good luck.

    9. Anonymous00:40

      Isn't Suport part of the deal as JU suporting system. So deicing should be one from JU/Suport not from BEG airport.

    10. Anonymous10:48

      Ha, ha... Su-port does ground handling only for JU, and is renamed to Air Serbia ground handling.
      Deicing, etc.is/was always done by the airport like everywhere else

    11. Anonymous23:50

      I used their flight a lot, and it is always almost sold out..It will just get busier and harder to get on. FYI winter time is challange everywhere, compare to LGA and other NEw York Airports I think they did a great job. New York is always closed when comes to snow..

  9. JU520 BEGLAX12:04

    Where do u live. 10 cm snow is affecting every airport. Don t be so critical to JU

    1. Anonymous12:11

      And if someone is needed to be criticized,that is BEG not JU. Wizz,Lufthansa,Austrian,Pegauses ,all of them were also late in departure .

    2. Anonymous12:45

      10 cm of show affecting every airport? You are funny! In ZAG we even don't find that there is snow if it is 10 cm. 30 cm makes some problems. Last year even 50 cm did not stop traffic or make some serious problems. Yesterday we had 10 cm and that was nothing!!! There ware few delays of 15 minutes, and just 2 of 30 minutes, but not connected to show in Zagreb.

    3. Anonymous13:10

      And reason why yesterday flights ZAG-SPU (OU380,OU656) were late more than half hour are?

    4. Anonymous13:11

      Yes but Belgrade handles much more aircraft than Zagreb so naturally the delays are going to be greater.
      Just remember what a mess erupted in Istanbul a few months ago when snow fell there. Hundreds of flights were delayed.

    5. Anonymous13:13

      I will not mention flights from Zurich and Vienna,more than one hour.

    6. Anonymous13:20

      OU368 SKP 50min
      OU380 SPU 40min
      OU490 LHR 40min
      OU662 DUB 30min
      LH1415 MUN 1h 27 min
      OU4456 BRU 50 min
      OU464 ZUR 1h 30 min
      LH1715 MUN canceled
      OU442 VIE 1h 30 min
      OU436 MUN 1h
      OU632 ZAD 1h20 min
      Great day yesterday

    7. Anonymous13:36

      I think some of you guys from Croatia should have a look into your backyard first before starting trashing anyone around. Can't you see how many OU flights were late yesterday? With nearly double less number of operations.
      But you can't stop sneaking your nose over neighbours fence first?
      Give us a little break, please ;-)

    8. @ 1:11 PM:

      In fact, guys in IST did their best to minimize the impact of that heavy snowstorm. Aircraft were taking off literally until the last moment possible, with 5cm of snow on tarmac. Only when they got totally overwhelmed, they started cancelling flights. It could have been far worse.

      Any busy airport is affected with snow and ice, particularly those who can do only one de-icing at the time. Perhaps BEG could do something about it.

    9. Anonymous15:54

      Those data about ZAG are not true.

    10. Anonymous15:57

      Of course not, there are never delays at the only true hub.

    11. Anonymous16:02

      They are actually. Go to flight radar, click on Zagreb airport and scroll to yesterdays departures and you will see for yourself.

    12. Anonymous16:03

      No, that was not true. There was no delays like that yesterday.

      What is your sorce:

      Today still snow in ZAG. Just one delay of 10 minutes. Other flights on time or even before!

      Source: Zagreb airport arrivals.

    13. Anonymous16:04

      Hahaha Flightradar does not lie... Zagreb airport arrivals are fixed by the new management so as to portray the situation as perfect to hide their incompetence.

    14. Anonymous16:08


    15. Anonymous16:13

      OU662 ZAG-DBC cancelled today

      On http://www.zagreb-airport.hr/ there is nothing....

    16. Anonymous16:15

      Wow how professional from the French... really good way to run an airport.

    17. Anonymous16:24

      Offcourse you can also use http://www.croatiaairlines.com/hr/Planiranje-i-rezervacije/status-leta and put flight number..
      OU442 24.01.2014 Flight: 1
      Origin: ZAGREB
      Planned: 17:50h
      Expected: 19:23h
      Destination: VIENNA
      Planned: 18:45h
      Expected: 20:12h


      U464 24.01.2014 Flight: 1
      Origin: ZAGREB
      Planned: 16:55h
      Expected: 18:20h
      Destination: ZURICH
      Planned: 18:30h
      Expected: 19:55h

    18. Anonymous16:41

      You can't compare the number of a/c BEG is handling at the moment vs. Zagreb. It's just ridiciculous. Of course there may be more delays.

    19. Anonymous16:44

      Now it is obvious that ZAG site with departures/arrivals is totally unreliable and not showing correct data as explained above.
      Not to mention that they do not show real times of take off (from the runway, not the gate).
      At least we know the real truth now and where to look for the correct times/data.

    20. Anonymous17:01

      @AnonymousJanuary 25, 2014 at 1:20 PM

      U do understand that for 3 hours it snowed heavily in Zagreb, visibility was less than 100m, of course there were delays, and number of aircraft operations per day at Zagreb airport is between 50 and 62 depending on days.

      So it is natural that some flights had to be delayed and even one flight canceled, any airport would face same problems, even London Heathrow, airport with best infrastructure in place worldwide.

      Zagreb airport by far has best infrastructure in ex-YU (not the terminal, I am referring to infrastructure, signalization, vehicles, support and winter service) yet itself could be shut if things get out of control. And btw my statement regarding best infrastructure is not my supposition, it is a fact supported by international agencies including NATO and the EU.

      Also, just to ground you a bit Belgrade airport has only few more flights per day than Zagreb, with 24000 landings per year or 48000 landings and take offs, sure you can post the real figures, I don't follow these so I'm sure you can correct me there.

    21. Anonymous17:07

      I think the posters are just trying to show Croats how it is when they start their disillusioned rants about Air Serbia delays. ;)

      Well, on average every day Zagreb airport and Air Serbia have the same number of departures so I guess that Belgrade has something like 40% more.

    22. Anonymous17:10

      Well we know the weather is bad in ZAG as well and there are delays, the point is to stop bashing neighbouring airports for delays while the same thing happens at your own, even with the best infrastructure as you claim.
      Hope you got the point.

    23. Anonymous17:44

      I suppose anon at 4:03 and 3:54 is the same guy, and probably 12:54 .

      First of all I kind of feel sorry for you, and for your joy over someone else's flights being cancelled or delayed.

      Second of all, flight radar does not lie.

      Often it is more difficult to cope with the snow the first day (in BEG case night) it fell than the day after. That is why today's flights at ZAG are more or less regular (according to you) than they were yesterday, when the snow started.

      In the same time, tomorrow will be much better for BEG than it was today.

      Just leave it and mind your own business and airport. Your comments are not made in a good faith.

    24. Zoran22:21

      to Anonymous January 25, 2014 at 5:01 PM
      If you count today BEG had 58 and ZAG 28 flights. ALl BEG flights were international, but only 20 ZAG. That shows quite contrary that BEG and ZAG are not in the same category. Nevertheless, wish ZAG prosperity as it will be important to whole region.

  10. Anonymous12:39

    Its snowing very heavily in BEG,vand in most of Europe, sure many flights would be affected both in/out and it applies to most airlines in BEG today. Hopefully airport machinery will be up to the task!

  11. Anonymous13:49

    So is easyJet using airbridges in Belgrade?

    Also, it will be interesting to see if JU will be using the bus gates once they open. There will be two of them, right?

    1. Anonymous18:03

      Yes, they are using airbridges

  12. Anonymous14:29

    JAT's intercontinental services in 1988

    1. Where did you get this?
      Is there ANY chance we can have this pic in a higher res? Please

    2. Anonymous23:25

      It's from their inflight magazine

  13. Anonymous14:39

    I am bit puzzled about 3 weekly TAP dedicated flights to BEG. As far as I know there aren't too many Serbians living there or huge traffic of tourist. On the other hand the geographical position of LIS and the flying times allow reasonable transits on s/Atlantic and Africa routes only. So, what do you think? What are TAPs expectations and who do they target?

    1. Anonymous17:20

      TAP was making their minds and hesitating almost two years, so I think they have thought it thru.

      I think it would work because: 1. Three flights per week is not that much. 2. They have transit pax going to USA (I dont think many of them go to South America though) 3. Prices are afordable, but also not so low (242€ return ticket) so TAP can have good yields. 4. After the summer season, there were rumors that it will either have a stopover in BUD or in BEG, so they could fill the plane. 5. They have connected the two cities first time in HISTORY, many Serbs have never been there...

      There is a chance that this route fails, but I think it can have at least two flights per week after the summer, and then around the Christmas holidays back to three per week. Just my oppinion.

    2. I think that filling the airplane such as A320 wont be so difficult considering that Lisbon is very well connected with South America and Azores.

    3. I am a Serb living in Portugal and there is quite big number of us here espesialy in Lisbon and Porto. Portugal is beauthiful country and has to offer a lot to turists. TP and JU could make some code share agreement with TP putting its codes on JU`s Balkan network and JU to TP`sSouth America and West Africa destinations. Also there are a lot Ukrainians, Russians, Romanians and Bulgarians over here so maybe some of them could transfer at Belgrade

    4. Anonymous18:01

      They'll be flying A319 not A320

  14. Anonymous14:47

    This is why routes such as Varna will do wonderfully well with Air Serbia. A July travelling date Varna-Rome via Belgrade.

    Air Serbia, £156
    connection time in Belgrade going there: 0.55
    connection time in Belgrade going back: 01.55

    Bulgaria Air, £177
    going there: 08.40
    going back: 01.25

    Austrian Airlines, £258
    travelling times are horrible so it's not worth taking into consideration.

    The Rome-Bulgaria market is huge and it's nice to see Air Serbia offering swift connections.

  15. Eight18:01

    Can anyone remember what were the reasons behind Wizzair failure on FCO BEG route? Why would Easyjet be any more successful? Alitalia and AirSerbia will be offering more flights then ever before, offering similar prices, better timings, decent FF programs.

    I would like to see this Easyjet route to be a success. I would like all routes out of Belgrade to be profitable. However, three players with the total of four or five flights a day between Belgrade and Rome? It seems a bit excessive, dont you think so? Someone will be "killed off" rather soon.

    1. Anonymous18:12

      If I remember correctly, W6 used to have an average LF of around 82% on BEG-FCO route even with the quite bad timings, arriving at FCO before midnight and coming back to BEG after 1 am, but the planes were nearly full everytime I was flying with them...
      There explanation was that the route is highly seasonal, and that they can deploy aircraft with better load somewhere else having in mind that LF on other their other routes out of BEG was above 90% or somewhere there...
      Easyjet can certainly compete with O&D market and lower fares, but for how long it remains to be seen... Competition on that route is certainly most welcome.
      I agree that planned 27 flights per week is a lot, and my wild guest is that AZ could be the weakest link with their 2 dailies... We'll see...
      Wish them all good luck :)

    2. Just a small correction, average loadfactor was 77%. :) Rome was their worst performing route and their fares were dirt cheap. I guess they must have bled a lot of money if they did not make it a seasonal route.

      I do not know how successful easyJet will be on this market. Back in the day when Wizz Air flew it there was even less competition as Jat Airways flew it six times per week (often with the Atr) while Alitalia flew daily. This time around we have Air Serbia's daily flight and Alitalia's 10 weekly flights.

      The only thing that can happen is that Air Serbia might not be as cheap as they have become a transit oriented airline. Some of the O&D could shift to flying with easyJet.
      I can't remember seeing Rome as part of their Happy Friday offer, I suppose this route is doing at least ok for them.

    3. Aэrologic05:39

      "The only thing that can happen is that Air Serbia might not be as cheap as they have become a transit oriented airline. Some of the O&D could shift to flying with easyJet."


  16. Anonymous18:57

    You are probably right about LF, Nemjee, I said if I remember well it was around there ;)

    Btw anything new about CY and hows market situation and predictions about LCA, and how do you think JU will perform this summer out of there?
    Cheers, always like reading your comments.

    1. Hehe well, good memory that's for sure.

      Cyprus Airways is a mess. They are still negotiating with Etihad and it's a really good sign that they did not dismiss claims of investing in CY like they did for Lot or airBaltic. Cyprus Airways did sell them their slots (7 out of 14) at Heathrow for €20 million. It was done since the airline desperately needed cash in order to stay afloat and pay their daily bills. A few weeks ago Larnaca airport actually grounded them as they owe them €4 million. The Cypriot government intervened and then the airport authorities backed down. LCA management is made up of idiots and crooks anyway, they have been ripping us off with their taxes for the past 10 years, all with the excuse that they are saving up to build a new terminal... well, the new terminal is here, so what about those high taxes? If Etihad does buy a stake in Cyprus Airways then that should come as bad news for JU and its Middle Eastern aspirations since the O&D market between Cyprus and the neighbouring countries is massive and usually high-yielding. Imagine, even MEA sends their A330-200 to Larnaca very often and they charge €250 for a 20 minute flight...

      Regarding Air Serbia and Larnaca I think they will do exceptionally well. Actually, I will go as far as to say that daily A320 might not be enough. Cyprus Airways has been steadily downsizing while several carriers have cut down on their frequencies to the island. Some lowcosts have added flights but they primarily cater for the needs of the O&D market. Currently Europe is served through Aegean via Athens and Austrian Airlines via Vienna. Both are very expensive. I remember that on average I used to pay €450 to fly anywhere in Europe.
      People working for Air Serbia are smart since they have immediately started fighting for the Russian passengers. There are 50.000 Russians living permanently on the island and during the summer months CY flies daily to Moscow while Aeroflot has three daily flights. Their morning flight is always on an IL-96, early afternoon flight is either an A330 or B763 and the evening flight is on the A321. The market is huge and Air Serbia is after that as we could have seen through their pricing policy. Other big under-served markets are Ukraine, Poland, Paris and Scandinavia. I am sure they could attract a fair number of Brussels bureaucrats since Cyprus and Slovakia are the only two EU member states to not have a direct flight to Brussels.
      Overall, I can see Air Serbia flying double daily to Larnaca with their A320 just like Austrian Airlines does. Their loads so far have been really good, even during the slow winter months. :)


    2. Anonymous21:56

      Thanks a lot, Nemjee for a great insight into Cypriot market, and possible JU's chances there.
      Regards from snowy BEG

    3. No problem, any time. :)

      regards to you too from snowy Belgrade.

  17. Air Serbia return promo in January:

    Istanbul, Ljubljana 89 EUR
    Bucharest, Skopje, Milan, Stuttgart 99 EUR
    Thessaloniki 109 EUR
    Vienna, Frankfurt 119 EUR
    Athens,Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rome 129 EUR
    Dusseldorf, Zurich 139 EUR
    Berlin, Amsterdam 159 EUR
    London 169 EUR
    Paris 179 EUR
    Larnaca 209 EUR
    Tel Aviv 249 EUR
    Abu Dhabi 349 EUR

    1. Anonymous09:54

      ArtDe, let us know where you found these R/T prices?
      AirSerbia website quotes EUR 251 for BEG-LHR-BEG
      Or is it Jan 2015 ?

    2. My guess is that these fares only apply during the Happy Friday sale.


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