Delta launches fresh attack on Air Serbia

Delta complains of planned Air Serbia codeshare flights to the US

Delta Air Lines has filed another complaint against Air Serbia’s planned codeshare operations to the United States, as EX-YU Aviation News exclusively learns from the United States Department of Transportation (DoT). As previously reported, late last week the DoT dismissed an application for Air Serbia to place its “JU” designator code on Etihad flights from Abu Dhabi to New York, Chicago and Washington following complaints made by Delta Air Lines, Air Line Pilots Association and Pilots of America. The plaintiffs argued that while Air Serbia is officially state owned, Etihad has too much power in its day to day operations and branded the routing from Belgrade to the US via Abu Dhabi as “bizarre”. Delta has now filed a fresh complaint against Air Serbia, this time over its planned codeshares with Air Berlin from Dusseldorf to New York and from Berlin to both New York and Chicago.

Responding to a joint codeshare request by Air Berlin and Air Serbia, Delta said, “Air Serbia has no underlying economic authority to serve the United States”. It adds, “Air Serbia’s exemption application should be denied. There is no bilateral agreement in place between the United States and Serbia, and the unique circumstances surrounding Air Serbia’s ownership and control do not qualify for relief on the basis of comity and reciprocity”. As EX-YU Aviation learned from the DoT, Air Berlin has been quick to respond to the complaint brandishing Delta’s claims regarding Air Serbia’s ownership as “unique” and “simply not true”. “Air Serbia’s application demonstrates that actual ownership and control of the carrier is maintained by Serbian citizens. There is nothing in any of Delta's answers or in any filings in these dockets that would indicate the government of Serbia questions the ownership and control of Air Serbia and Air Serbia maintains a current AOC as a Serbian carrier”, Air Berlin said in response to Delta. It concluded, “Air Berlin's proposed codeshare service between points in Germany and points in the US carrying Air Serbia’s code will infuse healthy competition to the market place. The Department has long held that competition is in the public interest”. The DoT is yet to approve the codeshare.

On Monday, Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) hailed the DoT’s decision to dismiss Air Serbia’s and Etihad’s codeshare application. “We are pleased that the DoT agreed with our view and dismissed this application. ALPA successfully made the case that a possible ownership/management relationship between Air Serbia and Etihad would provide effective control by Etihad and, thus, would not be in the public interest”. The national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, which yesterday secured a major inter-US codeshare deal to forty domestic destinations with JetBlue, responded to the motions filed against its subsidiary, “No US carrier, let alone Delta, directly serves the US-Serbia market, and no US carrier (save for Delta) opposed these applications”. It concluded, “Disapproving this application would not only put US policy on its head, but it also would send a negative signal to Serbia, which intends to join the European Union in the coming years, and which hopes to expand and develop its economy. Moreover, while Delta may be uncomfortable with Etihad as Air Serbia’s new investor, this is not grounds for disapproving the application”.

Whether Delta will be successful in its new motion to bar Air Serbia from codesharing on routes to the United States remains to be seen. Delta’s complaints also raise questions as to how the claims and the DoT’s recent ruling could impact Air Serbia’s plans to launch transatlantic flights in 2016. EX-YU Aviation News will continue to monitor the development of this case.


  1. Anonymous09:06

    Delta has always been an arrogant d*ck of an airline. They rarely get along with anyone, they even had a huge disagreement with Aeroflot, a fellow SkyTeam member. If I remember correctly they do not cooperate with Korean Air either.

    Well, let's see what happens now. I am sure they can't dismiss the JU-AB one as it's actually quite logical and it's in the interest of the travelling public. It's good that Delta is not simply ignoring Air Serbia, it shows that they see what it's slowly becoming.

    1. Anonymous09:18

      I agree that it would be stupid to refuse AB/JU but Delta argues that Air Serbia is actually owned by Etihad completely. If that was good enough to reject the JU/EY codeshare than I wouldn’t be surprised if they rejected this one as well. Hope not

    2. Anonymous09:23

      EY/JU expected. Objection on AB/JU is surprising. In all honesty, interesting to see mighty Delta afraid of tiny Air Serbia.

      Etihad will not accept this lying down, I would not be surprised at all if EY starts AUH to US flights via BEG, just like EK does via MXP, just to show them.

    3. Anonymous09:29

      Delta afraid of Air Serbia? Haha, they 're afraid of Etihad, yes, but Air Serbia? C'mon guys, haha!

    4. Anonymous09:33

      Yes and who else is Air Serbia than a European arm of Etihad, so the statement that they are afraid of Air Serbia is actually correct. ;)
      Don't laugh too soon.

    5. Anonymous11:20

      Air Serbi is just a little piece of Etihad European arm.

      Much bigger piece is:
      Air Berlin
      Aer Lingus

      ...in Etihad European Arm Air Serbia is less than 10%.

    6. Anonymous11:36

      How are Darwin and Aer Lingus bigger? You do realize that they own 2% of EI?
      Also, JU has almost 20 aircraft now.

    7. Anonymous11:49

      Aer Lingus has 47 aircrafts and almost 11 mio pax last year

    8. Anonymous11:52

      ...etihad owns 3% of aer lingus and 33% of Dawnin

    9. Anonymous12:08

      Of course in that statement was not Aer Lingus most important.

      Etihad controls Darwin, that is why they rename them to Etihad Regional. And that 33% of Darwin is the same as 49% or Air Serbia if you control someone.

      Air Berlin, Belair, Niki and Darwin have 165 planes. Air Serbia 14!!!!

    10. Anonymous12:12

      Oh my, three exclamation marks, this is getting serious! :O

      You are just forgetting one important thing, well, advantage Air Serbia has. It is basically operating in the Balkans where it does not face as tough competition as Air Berlin or Etihad Regional do. That's why it's easy for Air Serbia to fly daily to Bucharest with the A319 in summer or to launch daily flights to Sofia or Varna. There are only three real carriers in the Balkans, Air Serbia, Turkish Airlines and Aegean.

      This lack of competition will facilitate fast growth. So this summer Air Serbia will fly with a fleet of 18 aircraft (or so) but they will keep on adding more metal in the coming months. This will become particularly apparent once regional airlines go bust such as Montenegro Airlines, Croatia Airlines or Adria.

    11. Anonymous12:43

      You are really serious to compare Air Serbia (14 planes) with:
      - Turkish (234 planes, 323 with subsidiaries),
      - Aegean (45 planes),
      - Wizz (15 planes in Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania + lot of destinations from Budapest and Kiev base)
      - TAROM (24 planes).
      - Pegasus (47 planes)

    12. Anonymous12:55

      Actually, Air Serbia's fleet is:
      8 B737-300
      5 A319
      4 Atr-72
      Total: 17

      You do realize that Tarom is a failing airline which will not be around for much longer? Also, give Air Serbia a year and then we can talk. So far the airline first needed to renew the fleet before it can start expanding it.
      Kondic did say recently that Air Serbia needs a total of 8 Atrs. So we can assume that by next summer the fleet will be:

      2 A320
      8 A319
      8 Atr-72
      Total: 18

      Mind you, Air Serbia also has 10 A320 NEO on order... or do these not count?

    13. Anonymous12:58

      Also, Air Serbia probably handled 1.400.000 passengers in 2013 while Tarom handled 2.150.000. The difference is not that great and Tarom's passenger numbers and number of aircraft in the fleet have gone down. They are not a threat to anyone, especially not Air Serbia.
      Let's see how JU performs in the first few months of 2014, that will be a good indicator of how they year will go.

    14. Anonymous15:10

      But to say that only 3 real carriers in Balkans are Air Serbia, Turkish and Aegean is at least stupid! TAROM is not that big, but for now it is giant compare to Air Serbia. Not to mentioned Pegasus, and Wizz. And that all those together are not even little part of Turkish.

      This comparison with Turkish, Aegean, Pegasus... shows how arrogant and unreal you are. You was like this during Jat and now you start to loose your compass.

    15. Anonymous15:28

      Tarom is not a profitable airline to start with. Their business model is non-existent and they operate out of a highly decentralized market. On top of everything they have to share not only their home market but their home airport with Blueair and Wizz Air. They will be dead in a few months unless they get their act together.

      There were more than enough comments on what kind of airline Air Serbia is. It is still a young airline in its early stages of development. This summer will be the real test for the airline. They are adding numerous destinations and increasing frequencies to Rome, Thessaloniki, Athens and so on. They will also introduce the A320 which will hopefully drive their numbers even more up.

      So Tarom might still be larger than Air Serbia but JU will overtake it in maximum a year and a half from now. There is nothing to lose the compass over, simple fact that Air Serbia will fly to 39 destinations tells us all we need to know in order to make this conclusion.

    16. Anonymous15:37

      blaaaa, blaaaa, blaaaaa .... who says and how come that you are so sure about Air Serbia profitability ... do not be so arrogant towards other ... as you say Air Serbia just started from sratch ... but after a certain perion owner wil for sure ask for the money

    17. Anonymous16:09

      ExYu what about LF of Air Serbia for December?

    18. Anonymous16:10

      So, what 39 destinations is big number? Hahahahaha... you are so funny!:

      TAROM 53 destinations, lot of them from several Romanian airports like Bucharest, Cluj, and Timisoara... so it is more than 80 routes

      AEGEAN 46 destinations
      PEGASUS 97 destinations
      TURKISH 243 destinations

      Even Croatia Airlines have 41 destinations during summer (without charters)

    19. Anonymous16:12

      So let me understand this correctly, Serbia applied for rights to have direct flights to US with in FAA, but now this hangs in balance over Air Serbia's ownership and code share agreements Air Serbia might have with Air Berlin?

      If I understood that correctly ?

      Why would a code-share agreement be so divisive ?

      I mean Croatian and Adria have codeshare agreements with number of US based airlines, United, Air Berlin such an issue for Delta ?

    20. Anonymous16:34

      Let me put this into simple terms which your simple brain can pick up.
      Air Serbia will have 39 destinations after just several months of operations while all the airlines you mentioned have been flying around for years and years. Let's see how Air Serbia does in 5 years from today and then we can see what kind of route network they will have. For a baby airline they are doing more than fine, better than most airlines in the region.

    21. Anonymous17:00

      They are all stupid arround you - we all have very simple ameba brains .....

      and yes Air Serbia wil have in the year of 2019 more than 150 destination...

      It is so nice that you can so simply make a baby out of 87 (aeroput) old years lady - change name and give her new dress

    22. Anonymous17:01

      First of all there is no need to call me simple brained. That says more about you than me.

      So, let me also be very simple:

      I am not saying that it is not impressive what Jat did in just few months.

      I was just respond to funny and arrogant sentence from your fellow citizen that Air Serbia, Turkish and Aegean are only serious companies in region, and that Pegasus, Tarom, Wizz and Croatia are not (and those are much bigger than Air Serbia at the moment).

      Also you can not seriously say that 39 destinations is impressive number, because it is not even average but much less than average.

      So, be proud what your company made till now, and don't be arrogant to compare yourself with Turkish. Because if so, you really need to find eider psychiatric professional help or basic knowledge about air business.

    23. Anonymous17:40

      Oh give me a break, Croatia Airlines a serious company in the region?! I would understand Adria but Croatia Airlines?! Hahahahahah sure.

      Also, Air Serbia might not have that many destinations but they do have a fair share of departures, between 65 and 70 during the slow winter season. During the winter this will climb to about 80 to 85... without the charters.

    24. Anonymous17:45

      Guy wasnt talking about balkan airliners but about airserbias balkan destinations, so air serbia has: Ljubljana, Split, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Podgorica, Tivat, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Athens, Istanbul, Sofia, Varna and Bucharest on the Balkans. Exactly 14 cities on the Balkans, so, tell me now about Taroms, wizzs and croatias role on the Balkans!

    25. Anonymous17:50

      Not to mention that some like Sarajevo, Skopje, Athens, Thessaloniki... will have at least a double daily rotation.

    26. Anonymous19:52

      So those are 14 destinations in Balkans right?

      OK Croatia Airlines Balkans destinations:

      12 destinations in Balkans, most of those 2 times per day, some of those more than 4 flights per day (so that JU 2 times per day is not such a big deal)

      On those 41 Croatia Airlines destinations those are more than 60 routes, as CTN flies not just from ZAG (JU fly just from BEG), but also to same destinations from PUY, ZAD, SPU, DBV.

    27. Anonymous20:01

      Cool, now let's compare the number of seats offered since Air Serbia flies with its Airbus A319 to a lot of these places while OU sends its Q400. ;)

      Also, Croatia Airlines does not fly to Istanbul. Code-shares do not count.

    28. Anonymous20:09

      Your Serbian arrogance is amazing.

      TAROM has 17 Balkan destinations (25 with regular charters), most of them 2 flights per day, some even 5 flights per day. Almost all nonYU Air Serbia destinations are served by TAROM:
      Baia Mar
      Cluj Napoca
      Satu Mare
      Turgu Mures

      It has much bigger number of passengers, much bigger fleet and much bigger number of destinations.

      But you still find them nonBalkan and poor company. Air Serbia is elf in comparation with TAROM.

    29. Anonymous20:19

      I don’t believe this. Croatia has 4 A319 and 2 A320 with which they regularly fly to DBV, SPU, SKP, ATH... Croatia has 6 Q400, Air Serbia 5 ATR 62. ATR has fewer seats. So, once again your 66 seats ATR is bigger to fly to Podgorica, Banja Luka or Ljubljana than Croatia Airlines Q400 with 76 seats to fly to Brač, Zadar or Pula? Bravo!

      Did you know that Croatia had 1,9 million passengers last year comparing to Jat’s 1,3 million. Even with 25% increase of passengers you will have fewer passengers than Croatia Airlines this year.

      Did you know that Croatia has 69% LF, and Air Serbia just 53%?

      ...and you newer anwere but just jump to nother statement with any argument at all!

    30. Anonymous21:01

      Air Serbia carried 1.4 million passengers so Croatia Airlines handled, what, half a million more passengers? With their cuts and downsizing Air Serbia will transport more passengers in 2014, especially once new routes start.

      It's also very interesting that you mentioned how many jet aircraft OU has yet you completely ignored to compare it to what JU has, as you did later on when it suited you. Air Serbia has 8 B737-300 and 5 A319 so a total of 12 aircraft, twice as many as OU. Bravo to you.

      Also, Air Serbia has an incomparibly better fleet utilization so the fact that their Atr has 10 (wow, check the difference) fewer seats does not matter.

      I hope this is a good enough answer to you hater.

    31. Anonymous21:39

      But unfortunatly almost 50% of those does not fly. Old, lot of problems, even A319 are out of traffic so much.

      But still, we are not descussing about OU here, but that Air Serbia is not even near to be called "only real company in Balkans with Turkish and Aegean". Even OU is bigger, not to mention Pegasus, TAROM and Wizz.

    32. Anonymous21:43

      To the Anonymous above: so the guy points out the obvious and he is a hater?
      Someone invests a bit of money in the decrepit airline (not your money) gets a few newer (not new) planes and all of a sudden you are the King of the Balkans?
      What is the colour of the sky in your world mate?!?

    33. Anonymous21:43

      Hahahahahhahahahah where did you get the information that not all A319 are flying? It seems your jealous is making you disillusioned. :)

      The only way OU is bigger is by the number of passengers and that will change in 2014.

    34. Anonymous01:18

      Well, please check how many A319 are flying.

    35. Anonymous02:23

      At this moment only one, to LCA. Tomorrow four will be flying since the fifth has encountered a bird strike when landing in ATH yesterday and is undergoing additional maintenance.

    36. Aэrologic04:44

      You can't compare TK's and Etihad's as well as other's Gulf carrier's fleets, they're essentially different in their structure. The Gulf carriers rely primarily on wide-body jets while TK relies on narrow body ones, that's why a difference of 200+ vs 90 might not be such a wide gap at the end.

    37. Anonymous08:48

      Again nonsense:

      52 Turkish
      64 Etihad

      narrow body
      182 Turkish
      26 Etihad

      So, number of wide-bodies Turkish and Etihad have are almost the same!

    38. Anonymous11:51

      "Delta Air Lines, is a major American airline, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.
      The airline operates an extensive domestic and international network serving six continents.
      Delta Air Lines and its subsidiaries operate over 5,000 flights every day and have approximately 80,000 employees.
      The airline's hub at Harts field-Jackson is the world's busiest airport by passenger traffic (over 91 million passengers per year) and a number of landings and takeoffs.
      Harts field-Jackson is also a home to Delta's Technical Operations Center.
      Delta is the sixth-oldest operating airline by foundation date, and the oldest airline still operating in the United States."


  2. Nikola09:12

    I don't get it, why is only DL complaining, since they are flying to BEG? why don't UA and AA complain? and why are they complaining for BEG-GER-USA? for BEG-AUH-USA I understand, it makes no sense, but this? and also, what is so unique about JU's ownership structure?

  3. JU520 BEGLAX09:25

    DL probably fears less BEG on their AMS flight. Didn t on this blog people say that AMS is an important gateway to the US fm Serbia and Bosnia?

    1. Anonymous09:35

      Both Paris and Amsterdam are important for their feed from Serbia. They are probably not too happy that Air Serbia is moving towards Germany, that is Air Berlin. However, this time around they are not battling people in Belgrade, they are going against people in Etihad. I suppose this is the first serious opposition to Air Serbia project.

    2. SuisseOuest15:38

      If they don't like JU moving towards Germany, they're free to encourage AF and KL to serve BEG directly, I'm sure they have enough regional planes that could do the task.

    3. Anonymous17:05

      But the kicker is that there are no direct AMS/CDG flights to BEG by AF/KLM so that couldn't be the reason as Delta has to sell KLM/AF tickets even through their own system to get to BEG as they don't codeshare with JU. So there's a bit more going on there, something terribly strange actually. I'd think of all US airlines, United should be filing these suits as they even have a codeshare on the LH FRA-BEG service. This is all so very interesting... As a Delta Platinum, I'd love to see something direct to BEG and something from ORD wouldn't be surprising. While it's not a hub for Delta, they do operate some ad hoc flights to Europe - it wouldn't surprise me that they give BEG a shot for the summer. They are awash with cash and given that there are no SkyTeam flights from either of the two European hubs, Delta might want to try doing it from ORD or EWR (I doubt that JFK will be in play as it's already congested while there is a more logical concentration of Serbs to EWR - and the airport is same difference to get to like JFK, while ORD would be a no-brainer - particularly since they already have ORD-CDG service). I'm so interested to see what comes out of this craziness...

    4. Anonymous17:17

      Haha, are you serious?

    5. Anonymous17:57

      well, i'm serious although i don't think that it's anything possible - but it's not 100% insensible. i'm just wondering why delta and why not united... delta has nothing much to lose as there's not too much traffic to serbia via their hubs. star alliance has a ton of traffic to serbia through ZRH, FRA and MUC and United can stand to profit... It's just theory... Delta has been known to try things though, I wouldn't put it past them...

    6. Anonymous12:11

      It seems to me, Delta wants to prevent a breakdown of rules and regulations which are the essence of today's civil aviation business at global level.

  4. Anonymous09:38

    The title should be "Delta attacks Etihad". Come down nebeski narod

    1. Anonymous09:43

      Delta very clearly speaks about Air Serbia in its complaints, not Etihad.

      Where is your shut down button, frustrated chauvinist?

    2. Anonymous11:33

      Oooo, they speaks about Etihad. Not just indirectly, but totaly directly!

      - Etihad is owner of Air Serbia
      - it is not logical code-share with Etihad
      - Etihad influance in Air Berlin...

  5. Anonymous09:40

    First of all you have to understand that this is not attack to Air Serbia, it is still too small that Delta will even look at it, but it is attack to Etihad. Second, Delta is here representative of USA. Sure it can be other 2 (United, American), but this time it is Delta. Why? Maybe because Delta have the biggest number of flights to Europe / Africa / Middle East.

    But in same time you should know that this is just a beginning. There would be reaction from TK, LH and W6! Be sure. LH was directly attacked by Etihad (Air Berlin, Darwin, Air Serbia), TK is in same business as Etihad (Europe via IST/AUH to Asia) with special interest in Balkans, W6 invest a lot in Belgrade base. There will be much more attacks like this. And for sure LH, TK and W6 will attack much harder than far away Delta.

    For example Istanbul-Belgrade flights:
    Air Serbia LF 20%
    Turkish LF 80%
    ...why do you think price on that route is 95 EUR? And Turkish does not care because they will compensate this with earnings on connected passengers, but Air Serbia, unfortunately can not do that. And what do you think, how long can Air Serbia fight that dumping?

    1. Anonymous09:49

      Air Serbia's loadfactor to Istanbul is not 20%. I would kindly ask you to not make up random facts just because you have no actual ones.
      Furthermore, Turkish Airlines' loadfactor to Belgrade is around 70%, not 80%.

      Delta Air Lines knows what Etihad has in plans for Air Serbia. They also know that unlike with Air Berlin, they started this airline with a clean slate and total freedom. Hogan already said that by 2016 they might go long-haul. They have announced New York to be one of the places they intend to fly to. Interestingly enough, that city is a massive Delta base and the last thing they want is Air Serbia taking away their passengers. Not only those that would be flying directly on Delta to let's say Athens or Tel Aviv but taking away those who would be funnelled via Amsterdam or Paris. This is a pre-emptive strike by DL.

    2. Anonymous09:51

      Until the money runs out.

      So feel free to open a bottle of champagne right now and celebrate JU's failure.

      JU was a doomed airline, it is now part of something bigger and better. It may fail of course - but at least they tried somethingd. Fair enough.

      And they have far higher AVERAGE LF on SAW-BEG than what your best man witnessed on a single flight.

    3. Anonymous10:00

      give us facts, facts, facts and sources about LF. Everybody speaks just with about, arround, assume words.

    4. Anonymous11:53

      My best man was never on Air Serbia flight. My best man lives in Canada and he fly to Croatia once every second year. I thing he was never in Serbia. I don't understand your point.

      I know LF of Istanbul flights because I work in agency that sells air ticket. It is very easy to see how many empty seats you have per flight every day just 2 hours before departure.

      And you really think that Delta is afraid of Air Serbia? Even if Air Serbia open flights to New York and Chicago that is 500 potential passengers per day. Delta has more than 200.000.000 passengers per year (including subsidiaries), or 550.000 per day, and for sure they are afraid of potential 500 passengers per day.

      Of course that is attack to Etihad. Trust me Delta employees even don't know where Serbia is in Europe.

    5. Anonymous12:08

      Yes and I work for Air Serbia so I think I know what I am saying when I tell you that SAW loadfactor is not 20%. ;)

      Well, Delta knows very well what Etihad is capable of and what they can make out of Air Serbia. The airline is slowly growing and from March it will become a serious regional player. Not only is the airline expanding in the Balkans but it keeps on adding flights to the Middle East. People at Delta are not stupid. They know where Serbia is and they know what problems they can cause them if they do not protect their home turf. Just look at the code-share agreement between Etihad and jetblue. The Americas are next playground for Etihad. Delta wants to make their entry into the US as hellish as possible.

    6. Anonymous12:10

      Fine then. Sit back, relax and let them go down because with 20% LF they will certainly not hold on for long. Nor they can improve geography expertise of DL's staff.
      JU is a micro airline, Serbia is a micro country, therefore I see no reason to show these huge concerns over their performance. They go bust - fine. They do well - fine. Who cares.

      Or perhaps not so fine if they do well, eh?

    7. Anonymous12:46

      Yes they don't like Etihad deal with JetBlue, they don't like Etihad deal with Air Berlin, espetialy with Virgin Australia, but Air Serbia is just little little little company which is less than 10% in European Etihad expansion.

    8. Anonymous12:52

      Well buddy, Etihad has been in charge of Air Serbia for only 23 days (officially). Give it time to grow. I am sure that in a couple of months that 10% will become a different, more impressive, number. :)

    9. Anonymous13:11

      @ 12:46 PM

      JU indeed is a little little little company, however your level of concern for it is inversely proportional to its tiny tiny tiny size.

      They should grow 10x in order to deserve all your daily inputs on them. Fingers crossed they do so :)

    10. Anonymous14:19

      @ AnonymousJanuary 23, 2014 at 12:46 PM
      ... and you are very angry because AS is so 'little, little, little company'!? Hahaha!

    11. Anonymous15:02

      Well it is 8%, not even 10%. And this percentage will not grow because Etihad is showing that it will invest in Darwin and Air Berlin first, they also show that they rapidly buy other European companies (more shares in Aer Lingus in 2014 already announced, Alitalia negotiations etc.). So this JU share in European Etihad adventure can only be smaller and smaller.

    12. Anonymous15:21

      Maybe the overall percentage will stay small but that doesn't mean the airline will not grow. ;)
      Or are you maybe one of those people who said a few months ago that Etihad will not invest into the airline and then said that they will make it a mere feeder airline and so on?

    13. Anonymous17:04

      No, I am not. But here we are not descussing about possible grow of Air Serbia, but that it is arrogant to call Air Serbia "European Etihad branch" as it is just 8% of Etihad European branch.

    14. Anonymous21:10

      You are too much concerned about Air Serbia and percentages. Why does it worry you that much? You should shift your bitterness to your national carrier OU as it has many more reasons to be worried about.
      As of JU, just relax and watch in a year or so ;)

    15. Anonymous21:35

      OK, at last... you don't have any more argument and now it is "it's not your job, leave us alown"... You are not Nebeski narod any more? :-)

    16. Anonymous21:42

      Of course we are still nebeski narod! You are failing to understand that even though we might still be around 10% of Etihad in Europe we are going to become 90% of ex-Yugoslavia with the passing of time as carriers fail. The last one standing will be Air Serbia. :)
      Plus, let's wait and see what happens in summer when Belgrade becomes super busy. What's new on your side of Sava? How is OU? Still miserable?

    17. Anonymous01:29

      Here situation is OK. Standard is much higher than in Serbia, people are flying much more, we have lot of alternatives in 2,5 hours drive (VIE, BUD, BTS, VCE, LJU, TRS, ZAD, SPU), all of that without border, and because of that prices of flights are low.

      And we are not afraid. Because lot of domestic companies are flying here. Domestic companies in Croatia that fly from ZAG are: AF, OS, BA, OU, U2, 4U, IB, KL, LH, TP, VY. As I can see some of our airlines are also flying to BEG. Unfortunately not the biggest, as AF, BA, KL and IB are not using your airport at all.

      And that is why I am not afraid of ZAG. If OU get out of business we have some 150 domestic airlines to feel in, here in Europe.

  6. W77ETIHAD09:54

    Hahaha TK lol. Their main issue is that all Gulf carriers are in BEG. Maybe you should ask yourself a question such as how long they can keep dumping prices with these guys? Sure you do not want to hear the truth, you want lies in your face!

    1. Anonymous09:58

      Turkish Airlines is no real threat! They are handicapped by their messy airport in Istanbul which is hurting their image more and more every passing day. Have you read the reviews at all?!

    2. Anonymous10:52

      Turkish Airlines: Fleet size 234, Destinations 243.

      Etihad: Fleet size 90, Destinations 96

      You have it backwards, Etihad is no threat to Turkish.

    3. Anonymous10:59

      You do realize that Istanbul airport is about to explode from being overcrowded? Turkish Airlines can only expand so much before it starts to hurt them badly. People are already complaining of how it is a living nightmare to connect there.
      Maybe you should look at the situation long-term. ;)

    4. Anonymous11:16

      EY needs to expand about 3 times its current size to reach the size (and profitability) of TK. Therefore I would not underestimate TK. And I certainly would not hope the issues at IST will cause TK to implode.

      Btw TK has a focus on the Balkans markets and there will be some fight with JU over it.

    5. Anonymous11:28

      ...and do not forget that Istanbul is preparing to construc 3rd brand new airport with capacity of 150 mio pax ... for sure they have huge plans and they know their business

    6. Anonymous11:34

      Don't forget that Etihad also controls Jet Airways. It is very important because Turkish Airlines is being refused further expansion into India after some Indian carriers lobbied at the government level.
      Well, at least Air Serbia did score a small victory in the Balkans after it got rid of Adria. Let's hope more moments such as these are yet to come. :)

    7. Anonymous11:35

      The plans for a third airport have been put on hold. ;)

    8. Anonymous11:56

      Abu Dhabi is also too small for Etihad! It is very chaotic there.

    9. Anonymous12:05

      Yes but it's easier for the Persian Gulf carriers to expand and build new infrastructure. This is not the case with Istanbul. The proposed airport would have cause an environmental catastrophe, not to mention that it would have been something like 130 km away from the city.

      On top of all this, let's not forget that Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa will no longer code-share with Turkish Airlines. This will be a rather large blow to the Turkish carrier. On top of all this, Atlasjet has increased its presence at SAW by 20%!

    10. Anonymous12:05

      With or without third airport in Istanbul, TK is a formidable global carrier and I am sure James Hogan treats it far more seriously than some visitors of this blog.

      Btw, JP and JU will codeshare on JU's route to LJU.

    11. Anonymous21:17

      No, JP and JU will not codeshare on JU's route to LJU.
      Oki air, Adria's GSA already confirmed so...

  7. W77ETIHAD09:56

    Btw whoever comes to serve JFK, they would get the same reaction from Delta. This news is just beating on a boosh.

  8. Anonymous10:19

    Delta give cold shoulder to young/old AIR SERBIA. Bringing ice cold and presenting non American way to as
    in aviation circle hire in Serbia and beyond. I have flying to US so far about 20 times from Australia, Asia, South America, from Africa and finally Europe in last 43 years. All ways I have found people in business and people in general are so far I found appsolutly correct correct and rely plessure in all 17 city's have visited. Way big DELTA
    AIRLINES acting in this case is at list incorrect. Not American way to do business. People in Serbia expecting
    fair go for AIR SERBIA. Common Delta you can do better we hope!
    Rod. Marinkovic, AME. Kraljevo / Sydney, Griffith NSW.

  9. Siks10:28

    Etihad did the move perfectly. In expectation Delta will oppose JU codes on AB flights, Etihad has provoked Delta with thieir argument that JU to USA via AUH is irrational. Now, when that is denied, the very same argument on JU codes on AB via Germany "ratonally" cannot play anymore.
    I strongly believe this will be the great game played by Etihad.
    Certainly, JU codes on AB to US is not the last card in Etihad`s hands!!!

    1. Anonymous17:09

      the thing isn't why someone complained, it's WHY DAL is complaining... Why them and not a *A airline...

  10. Anonymous10:38

    I hate to point out the elephant in the room, but this seems to be an indication that serbia won't be getting cat 1 approval from the FAA. Without cat1 JU cannot have codeshare to the US with anyone.

    It is a few extra numbers on a flight, it does not actually change any traffic in or out of these airports, so the only logical reason that the DoT has refused this is because the FAA decision not to give serbia cat1 clearance is a foregone conclusion.

    1. Anonymous11:08

      So you are saying even though the FAA delegation is to visit Serbia in March and check the C1 conditions, DoT already made up its mind and stamped 'Rejected' on the memo?

    2. Anonymous12:00

      You really thing that this DoT categorisation is pure on conditions and that 99% of it is not politics?

    3. Anonymous17:11

      Why would Delta pay $ to complain if BEG wasn't going to get Cat 1 anyway??? That's not logical. Since there's a UA codeshare of LH flights, this seems way more strategic...

    4. Nicky name22:48

      It is all politics and lobbying.

      How much do the Delta executives and ALPA the Pilots Unions give to the politicians? All of who are American and Vote in elections.

      How much is Etihad, Air Berlin or Air Serbia allowed to give in donations to the US politicians?
      (Answer : they are not allowed to donate by law)

      If you can't figure that out there is no hope for you.

      Which US politician will support an Arabic/Serbian Airline verses an American one? Post his name when you find him.

  11. Anonymous12:21

    Does anyone know when the next A319 is supposed to arrive? What will be its registration?

    1. Anonymous12:40

      Which next A319??? Today we see 4 733s, 3 AT7s and only THREE 319s in service. I red that JU has 5 319s, but it seems that old 733s still cover most of JU flights....

    2. Anonymous12:48

      You are wrong when it comes to A319s. 4 A319s in service today since A6-SAA is dealing with some technical problems. If you check you will see that APC flew to Paris, APE do Berlin, APF i on its way to London and SAB came back from Abu Dhabi and will be deployed to Thessaloniki.

    3. Anonymous12:50

      No. There were four A319 which were in service this morning. One was in Abu Dhabi since last night while the other three flew to Paris, Berlin and London Heathrow.
      The aircraft from AUH was parked for regular checks while the TXL A319 went to SKG and the CDG went to TGD.
      I do not know where the fifth A319 is.

    4. Anonymous12:56

      Are you sure about APE flying to SKG? I know that SKG is usually operated by A6 birds, but then again why not fly it with YU :D. A6-SAA is dealing with some technical issues .

    5. Anonymous14:38

      After yesterday's bird strike in ath, SAA now heading to AUH as etd513a for additional maintenance, unfortunatately. As can cover traffic with 733

  12. Purger12:58

    Adrija ukida liniju LJU-BEG od 5. veljače i stavlja svoj code na JU let. I sad nekoliko stvari:

    1. Adrija se brzo predala u ratu sa Air Serbijom, tek 3 mjeseca i potpuna kapitulacija. Uvođenjem PRG, WAW i KBP je djelovalo da žele udariti upravo na to da JU neće imati dovoljno putnika na liniji BEG-LJU. Što će tek biti kad JU napadne Croatiu. A Kučko tvrdi da se ne boji Air Serbie. Čestitam!

    2. Code-share na JU? Lufthansi i Austrianu iza leđa? Hmmmm... Eto, a Lufthansa ih nagrađuje ekskluzivom na letovima iz LJU za VIE, MUC, FRA, letovima iz Verone, Prištine i Tirane za LH hubove, oni imaju pravo na code-share na konkurenciju koja nije čak ni u aliansi (SU, JU, YM). CTN ni u ludilu ovako nešto ne može postići. Kao što rekoh treba zubiće pokazati, koketirati sa konkurencijom i eto ga rezultata...

    3. Air Serbiji je sada pala sjekira u med:
    - cijena na letu LJU-BEG više ne mora biti dumpingirana,
    - popunjenost će odmah biti bitno veća radi smanjenja frekvencija za 50%,
    - uz njihove putnike dobit će i Adrijine code-share putnike.

    Opako! Opako!

    1. Anonymous13:03

      Hmm zato ce biti zanimljivo videti koliko ce JP izdrzati u Kijevu ako su pukli u Beogradu posle svega tri meseca.

    2. Anonymous13:10

      Finally the real purger. Your comments are always appreciated!

    3. Eight13:36

      I believe that Croatia Airlines would be able to pull something similar, they just need to articulate some sort of a real business plan and get the things going.

      So far they havent been exceptionally successful on their main markets. The coastline has been given to the competition, Zagreb passengers are frequently going elsewhere and connectivity through ZAG is limited, compared to other airports nearby.

      It is beyond me how JP can act/react/fail/regroup yet OU is not doing much and only seems to be hoping for the best.

      What I found indicative was the talk that was coming from Dubrovnik Airport in the past week. They didnt manage to arrange cooperation with OU! How can that be? How can DBV have zero support for OU and vice versa???

      OU, ZAG, SPU and DBV must be 4 allies working in the same team. They are all working for croatian taxpayers and are responsible for certain aspects of tourism in Croatia.

    4. Anonymous14:08

      I do not see this as a war, but rather the win-win situation. Why would 2 airlines fight and spend the money for apx 50 daily pax. The somen's win should be if there won't be any code share. It is a smart solution for both. Thanks god they could agree.

    5. Anonymous14:28

      It seems that there might not be a code-share between JU and JP after all. Adria did reach out to Air Serbia but the latter ignored their proposal.
      I think that's good, JU would have very little benefit from it.

    6. Purger14:29

      I još jedna stvar:
      - Adrija nije uspjela uvjetovati code-share na način da zadrži svoje frekvencije ili bar dio frekvencija (npr. 4 leta tjedno), već je bila prisiljena potpuno se povući sa tržišta i ostaviti mogućnost da Air Serbia pokrene i drugi dnevni let u dogledno vrijeme - ovo govori o snazi Air Serbie.

      I naravno da je rat! Nemojmo se zavaravati, Air Serbia će odvuči gro putnika i to ne samo prema SOF, OTP, ATH... već će smanjiti broj putnika iz SJJ, SKP, TGD... koji je i ovako skroman. A to znači još manje potencijalnih putnika i linija prema SVO, CPH, AMS... i još više putnika preko BEG za te destinacije. A to pak znači povečavanje broja JU frekvenicija na liniji LJU-BEG. I to je zatvoren krug. Možeš se pokušati boriti protiv toga, a pokretanje PRG, WAW i KBP je odličan pokušaj, no ne i uz zatvaranje LJU-BEG, pri čemu ne mislim na konektirane putnike via LJU iz BEG što je nerealno i smješno, nego na P2P putnike koje barem možeš "oteti", ako imaš dovoljno novaca da dumpingiraš.

      No, ako imaš na grbači tonu dugova, ako imaš problem nemogućnosti dokapitalizacije zbog EU, ako imaš niz ograničenja, a "protivnik" ima neograničena sredstva i bez je tih EU ograničenja, onda moraš postupiti po "ako nemožeš protiv njih, onda idi sa njima". Jer nemaš alternative, pa čak i ako ti ovakav deal znači zatvoreni krug koji znači sigurnu smrt... no bar se nadaš da će se nešto promjeniti jer si pokop odgodio za neko vrijeme (da će LH uzvratiti udarac, da ćeš se uspjeti prodati jakom strateškom partneru, da će cjelokupna ekspanzija MEB3 iliti kompanija sa Bliskog Istoka punknuti ko mjehur od sapunice, da će se globalna situacija bitno promjeniti poput velikog snižavanja cijene goriva što bi potaklo razvoj europskih kompanija, a smanjilo izvore prihoda Bliskoistočnih...).

    7. Anonymous15:03

      snaga ili delikvencija ???

    8. Anonymous15:16

      Ja mislim da je JU vec polako vec indirektno krenuo da napada OU kada je pokrenuo liniju kao Banja Luci. U redu, za sada imaju 30 putnika po letu ali to je 30 putnika manje koji lete iz Zagreba. Verujem da ce 99% putnika za Banja Luke radije leteti sa njihovog aerodroma nego da putuje dva sata do Zagreba uz prelazenje granice.

    9. Anonymous15:44

      As a travel agent from Macedonia I can point out the positions of JU on one side and JP/OU on the other side.

      First JP has reacted really promptly to the threats of Air Serbia by slashing their ticket prices from SKP to FRA, MUC, ZRH, CPH, CDG, LON by 30%. Now they're quite cheaper than JU which means they are more competitive. Unfortunately OU hasn't done anything in this way. They still sleep in the times when there were only 10 destinations from SKP.

      Second travelers from Macedonia don't know about the rebranding story of JU and they're still avoiding it especially now when JP has reduced the prices. Almost all of my passengers had very negative experince with JU and it's reputation is really worth nothing unless they make some kind of advertisement campaign.

      Third advantage speaking for JP is that they're part of *Alliance which enables connections to North America which is a very lucrative market. Considering the fact that there are no scheduled direct flights to main hubs like CDG, AMS, FRA from SKP gives them the exclusive opportunity for transfer pax to US and Canada. In combination with some direct OS flights this fits perfectly. Unfortunatelly JU doesn't offer any transfers via BEG to Americas.

      What JU has as a big advantage in the moment is the fact that they opened Eastern Europe, thus enabling connections, which were too expensive or non existent after the dismissal of Malev and the pull out of CSA.

      To summarize: JU and JP have different positions on the macedonian market due to the alliance issue and the number of destinations served (JU). Especially the opening of Eastern Europe destinations will give them some free breath cause they neither need to compete with W6 nor with JP/OU/OS.

    10. Anonymous16:30

      Thank you for the great update from Macedonia, these kind of analysis are always welcome!
      I think the problem with Air Serbia is that it's flights are still full out of Skopje so attracting even more passengers is not a priority, especially not now when they are setting up a base in Belgrade.
      What will be interesting is what will happen in summer when Air Serbia increases Skopje to double daily with their A319 and A320. They will offer 568 daily seats in economy class which is a lot!

      Adria reacted well but they are in no position to enter a price war with anyone, even less so with Air Serbia. I do not see how they can effectively compete with airlines with lower CASM out of Skopje.
      As for Croatia Airlines, maybe they are doing as fine as it is and do not feel the need to react? How competitive are they?

      In conclusion, this summer in Skopje will be very interesting to follow.

    11. Anonymous16:38

      @last anonymous

      pls do explain me why Adria can not enter price war - but Air Serbia can?

    12. Anonymous16:40

      Because Adria is on the brink of bankruptcy while Air Serbia is financially backed by Etihad. Naturally, it does not help that Adria flies with their CRJs around.

    13. Anonymous17:06

      Adria is not just on edge of bankruptcy but far behind edge. And Slovenian government can not help them as they are already under EU investigation for helping Adria in past.

    14. Anonymous17:15

      MMMMM Air Serbia is the luckiest one .. they do not need to take care about profit ... they can just spend.

      Soon or later the bill is going to appear on the desk

    15. ToMkAgent17:24

      To MK Agent:

      i have to say sorry your wrong ! (i prefere JP over JU any time so dont get me wrong)

      JP may have slashed their prices but its not true that JP is cheaper then JU for any of your mentioned destinations (for MUC Wizz is the competition not JU)

      random search for flights in Feb gives you that JU is 100€ cheaper on CPH-SKP-CPH , 50€ on CDG-SKP-CDG and so on.. not to mention that JP is not flying daily to all of those destinations

    16. Anonymous17:36

      AnonymousJanuary 23, 2014 at 5:15 PM

      Yes, that is correct for the first two years. Unless you know something Hogan held from us in the interview.

    17. Purger01:40

      Jasno je da Adria presaje letjeti jer im je popunjenost loša i linije je ekstremno neprofitabilna. No, tu sad postoje četiri pitanja:

      1. Zašto onda to nisu napravili 27.10. tj. kad je Air Serbia krenula letjeti? Jer svatko tko ima i malo pojma mogao je zaključiti da će opako popušiti sa Air Serbijom prepunog novčanika, strategijom da se širi u regiji i odličnim konekcijama. Još sam u listopadu rekao da JP nema kurha na ovoj liniji i da je čudno što su nastavili letjeti. Jedina bi logična pretpostavka bila da su krenuli u rat sa JU.

      2. Ako su već odlučili krenuti u code-share na toj liniji zašto onda nisu tražili dio frekvencija (bar 30%, ili ti 2-3 leta tjedno).

      3. I dok još mogu shvatiti zašto su pokrenuli PRG i WAW, KBP je svakako djelovao kao da odgovaraju na ekpanziju Air Serbije (svatko iz Slovenije i Sjeverna Hrvatske će prije koristiti direktnu liniji za KBP, WAW i PRG iz LJU, nego presjedanja via BEG ili vožnju do VIE, VCE, BUD... + nešto konektiranih putnika iz PRN i TIA gdje Air Serbia ne leti + niže cijene za konektirane putnike iz konekcija na kojima ima letove i Air Serbia, a to su TGD, SJJ, SKP) = manje putnika i na Air Serbijinoj liniji LJU-BEG. Naravno tome treba dodati i P2P putnike na vlastitoj liniji LJU-BEG, te možda i pokojeg konektiranog putnika motiviranog cijenom ili drugim razlozima (poslovni ili short break u LJU, konekcije koje nema JU, niže cijene, popunjenost JU letova...). E sad, ako to nije tako i ako se povlače sa te linije onda ni linija za KBP nema nikakvog smisla, a upitne su i one za WAW i PRG.

      4. Kako će na code-share sa JU gledati LH?

    18. Purger01:50


      Iako je Adrija nekoliko puta postavila upit za code-share na JU letovima BEG-LJU, a posebno sada kada ukida svoje vlastite letove, Air Serbia se, navodno, oglušuje o njihove upite i potpuno ih ignorira. Adria se nadala suradnji kakvu JU ima sa B&H Airlinesom i sa TAROM-om. No, ignoriranjem Adrijinog upita jasno je da je JU na ovoj liniji krenuo u direktan sukob sa Adrijom sa ciljem da ovu kompaniju što više makne sa zajedničkog tržišta (BEG, TGD, SJJ, SKP).

      Jedini logičan zaključak je da nakon Adrije slijedi napad na Croatiju. No, da će Adrija tako brzo pokleknuti, to se ipak nitko nije nadao.

    19. Anonymous06:50

      A sta mislis, da li su vec napali OU kada su najavili letove za Split i Dubrovnik ili se ceka Zagreb?

    20. Purger08:55

      Ma ne, ni izblizu. To su sve sezonske linije namjenjene turistima. Čak štoviše, JU ima bitno manje letova prema Jadranu nego prošle godine.

      Pravi napad će se desiti kada JU otvori:
      ZAG 14 tjednih letova cijele godine
      SPU 7 tjednih letova cijele godine
      DBV 7 tjednih letova cijele godine
      PUY 7 tjednih letova ljeti + 4 zimi
      ZAD 7 tjednih letova ljeti + 3 zimi
      RJK 4 tjedna leta ljeti

  13. Eight14:17

    The codeshare bickering is just plain business, Delta is huge and there must be a legal team there following questions like this. If the matter is not in the immediate interest of Delta, they will opose at all costs. It does seem rational. We would like them not to be oposed, however.

    It is their right to try to protect their territory. And the MEB3 are certainly a threat, be it in the shape of Etihad or Air Serbia or Darwin Airline.

    One can grant Darwin all the rights, thinking they are small and insignificant and end up having Darwin branded widebody aircraft at its own home airport (i.e. doorstep) in six months.

  14. Anonymous14:23

    Another bloodbath starts tomorrow at 08.45 when easyJet officially lands from Geneva.
    It's interesting to see how easyJet is rapidly expanding in Belgrade. This summer they will operate 10 weekly flights to Belgrade.

    Milan - four
    Geneva - three
    Rome - three

    I wonder if they might consider launching Hamburg-Belgrade flights in future.

    1. Anonymous15:16

      You can't seriously call 10 weekly flights "a rapid expansion". EasyJet should have come to Belgrade before Wizzair, but I guess they had more important places in western Europe to expand in first...

    2. Anonymous15:18

      Why isn't it a rapid expansion? They launched flights like a year ago and they went from three weekly to ten weekly in that time interval. That's not bad at all! I am just curious to see what's next.

      If they launch Copenhagen or Paris then it might be very interesting to see how Wizz Air responds.

    3. Anonymous15:32

      It's pretty slow and conservative when you compare it to JU and W6 much more aggressive expansion. They're trying out pretty "safe" destinations first.
      I would love to see them do a daily CDG rotation (this is a very popular route for JU and I believe most traffic is O&D), LYS, LIS, HAM. Despite visas, I think they could make it work in Manchester and at least one of the London airports. Seasonally, they could successfully serve Mediterranean destinations, too. I think W6 opened up the Serbian market and brought back to BEG many Serbians who were using other regional airports.

    4. Anonymous15:35

      Or perhaps Barcelona?

    5. Anonymous15:41

      There are around 9000 Serbs in Hamburg and nearby. That is not too much for a german city, there are far more Serbs around Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt... But, if they attract Bosniaks from Sandzak/Raska and if Bosnians start using it (since they are quite used to being bused to Belgrade, 5 of my friends from Bosnia already booked their tickets to Beauvais in february), then we can se 4 flights per week.

      Bosnians used Gotheburg line during Jat (and before Wizz launched their Tuzla service) to BEG and then went to Bosnia with buses.

      Personally, I would like to see something more exotic than Hamburg, maybe London.

      @anon 3:35 - we already have Vueling, with opening BCN I think nobody would benefit. Vueling would have their LF reduced while easyJet would not have good LF either cause BCN is not a huge market. EasyJet likes to play it safe.

    6. Anonymous16:19

      Well, I proposed Hamburg because they have a base there and they could attract quite a few passengers from north-west Germany, I believe that the market is not that small. Maybe three weekly HAM flights could work.
      I think London or the UK will not work until visas are in place.
      A friend of mine works for an eastern European organization in Birmingham and he told me that there are a lot of Serbs in the Midlands. However, like I said, it will not happen before the visas are removed.

  15. Anonymous14:59

    Is Delta maybe eyeing BEG? They're an incredibly shrewd business, amazing at filling the blanks in the US...

    1. Anonymous15:23

      I wish :) Ideally from JFK (as much as I hate its endless immigration lines)

    2. Anonymous16:55

      I'm thinking more ORD-BEG via CDG, that would make the most sense.

    3. Anonymous16:57

      And that's a better option in a way, as then you can fly LGA-ORD-BEG and avoid having to actually GET to JFK which takes about the same amount of time as it does to get to ORD - and extra 1900 miles don't hurt nobody. :)

  16. Anonymous17:06

    What happened to AML request....trying but not working on BEG?

  17. Anonymous18:07

    As I mentioned in related news flash comment few days ago, this is only a step in the process. Air Serbia has eyes on the big prize – nonstop transatlantic flights, probably in 2016. Since Etihad already codeshares on its flight to Toronto with number 1 airline in Canada (Air Canada) and Etihad also codeshares with number 1 airline in the US (American Airlines) on USA flights (and soon with number 1 JFK feeder Jet Blue), it is likely that those North American airlines will also codeshare and support future transatlantic Air Serbia flights from Belgrade. Etihad and Air Serbia are alliance neutral and are willing to partner with both One World and Star Alliance for North American flights.

    That means it will be in Air Canada interest to codeshare with Air Serbia on future YYZ-BEG flight (just like they codeshare on other thin East Europe routes, such as LOT on YYZ-WAW), and it will be in American Airlines (and Jet Blue) interest to codeshare with Air Serbia on JFK-BEG and ORD –BEG flights in the future. With American and Canadian interests well protected and AA/AC on Air Serbia side, Delta will likely fail to stop Air Serbia in the quest to have transatlantic flights.

    However work still needs to be done to clarify ownership and bilaterals and align them with North American interests, but future slowly seems brighter for Air Serbia aspirations than it did few months ago. Keep up the good work JU!

  18. Anonymous19:26

    Strange but true. Today were not flights on A6 aircraft, so everything were on time. No heavy delays, no cancellations...ATH, DUS (not CGN)..... :D

  19. Anonymous20:07

    Your Serbian arrogance is amazing.

    TAROM has 17 Balkan destinations (25 with regular charters), most of them 2 flights per day, some even 5 flights per day. Almost all nonYU Air Serbia destinations are served by TAROM:
    Baia Mar
    Cluj Napoca
    Satu Mare
    Turgu Mures

    It has much bigger number of passengers, much bigger fleet and much bigger number of destinations.

    But you still find them nonBalkan and poor company. Air Serbia is elf in comparation with TAROM.

    1. Since when are Antalya, Chisinau and Larnaca in the Balkans? Or is trashing Serbs and Serbia more important to you than geography?

    2. Anonymous20:34

      Chisinau is not in Balkans? Congratulation.

      But for argument feel free to put out hose destinations, still TAROM has same amount of destinations in Balkans like Air Serbia, and where is that point about more destinations in Balkan that Air Serbia has and TAROM does not have now?

    3. Actually no, Chisinau and Moldova are not in the Balkans my friend. ;)

      Well, I will not bother to check online but from the top of my head here are a few:

      1. Ljubljana
      2. Split
      3. Banja Luka
      4. Sarajevo
      5. Tivat
      6. Podgorica
      7. Skopje
      8. Varna

      Then again, this summer Tarom will have one daily flight to Thessaloniki onboard its Atr 42 while Air Serbia will have double daily A319.

      So when it comes to the Balkans I would not really put Tarom that far ahead of Air Serbia... actually I might not put them ahead at all.

    4. Sorry, I was not clear. I mentioned the 8 Balkan destinations where Air Serbia flies but not Tarom.:)

    5. TAROM is big in the Romanian market. What are the biggest obstacles withholding JU from breaking into the Romanian transit market?

    6. Well, they have already started. Bucharest was one of the first new destinations to be launched (daily) and by the summer season it will be upgauged to an A319. So far it seems that JU is very much interested in Romania.
      I guess as time goes by and as they add more Atrs they might add more regional destinations among which are Romanian secondary cities.

  20. Sve ovo uopste nije naivno ako se stavi u odgovarajuci kontekst. sto se tice civilnog vazduhoplovstva na balaknu,razvoj situacije u anrednom periodu moze direktno zavisiti od : http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/712e23e4-841c-11e3-9903-00144feab7de.html#axzz2rGGzdgva

    jos niko nije uspeo ad sacuva aviokompaniju u dobrom stanju kada je FT.com pisoa ovakve tekstove. Pogotvo to nece uciniti konzervativni turski desnicari. U trouglu beza-valuta -aviokompanija kada jedno krene na dole ,lete i ostalo dvoje. Od ovoga ishoda direktno zavisi arapska ekspanzija preko Air srbije (Darwina,alitalije u perspektivi etc ) Ako Turci izvise,neko ce u Beograd (Abu Dabiju ) omastiti brke

  21. TK je imao dvocifren rast i dok su cene izražavali u milionima lira pa skidali nule svakih godinu dana. Moram da priznam da sam na ivici da malo ozbiljnije razmotrim one zajedljive opaske o srpskoj megalomaniji pošto ne znam kako bih drugačije objasnio ovaj neverovatan poriv da se delje krstača za TK dok sopstveni nacionalni prevoznik još uvek gubi pare na angro, bori se da povrati ruiniran ugled a niko živ nema pojma šta piše u ugovoru.

    Za ime sveta, ljudi, čujete li vi sebe? Predvidjate krah TK na osnovu političke krize koja je oborila vrednost domaće valute. Pa po tom kriterijumu je Jat odavno trebalo da prestane da postoji a Srbija i dan danas da bude zatvorena za komercijalne letove. Šta, svi su glupi i svi će da propadnu, samo će u Jat biti sipane pare sve dok ne postane globalni igrač? Dajte se uozbiljiti ako boga znate...

    1. Anonymous08:59

      Bravo, tačno sto odsto!

    2. niko ti to sto si ti yakljucio nije rekao. pogotovo ja nisma bio na stajalistu da je JAT ,svetski lider. samo sma rekao : " ..kada te FT prozove, i kaad ti valuta ide dole, uz pad berze, ne moze aviokompanija da ide napred nego nazad. A broj putnika u sirim okvirima ostaje isti ili raste. znaci neko ce preuzeti iste. e o tome sam pricao.

  22. Anonymous00:32

    I guess codeshare with AB makes perfect sense for the consumer as variance between direct route and connection via DUS is virtually zero. So one argument less.
    Simple plan:
    1) AB and AS should coordinate schedules so that passengers from/to BEG can have a decent connectivity at DUS to AB flights to/from US
    2) AB should boost the frequencies and destinations to US and
    3) AS should discontinue codeshare agreements with AF and KL and route passengers via DUS.

    This way AS (and AB) can still aggregate the traffic to NA within Etihad family.

    1. Anonymous00:34


    2. Anonymous01:01

      Delta wouldn't like your #3, as they use JU/AF and JU/KL codeshare flights from BEG to CDG and AMS to take connecting passengers on their metal to US destinations.
      Didn't look at the connection timing, but it's strange JU didn't ask for codeshare on Air Berlin's Miami flight. It's a small market from BEG, but still, why go with JFK and ORD only?
      And once BER becomes fully operational (yes I know!) and Air Berlin starts receiving 787, there should be more flights to USA and more opportunities to codeshare with JU.

  23. Anonymous15:13

    In assessing the public interest benefits, the Department considers whether the code-share operations are provided for in a bilateral agreement between the United States and the homeland government of the foreign air carrier(s) involved, the benefits to the public from expansion of services and fare options, and the the impact the code share would have on airline competition. Before any code-shared operations can be implemented, the U.S. carrier must conduct a safety audit of its foreign carrier code-share partner to ensure that the operations meet acceptable international standards and submit the results of that audit for review by the Federal Aviation Administration.


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