If you’re reading this today then you’re a terribly loyal reader. Thank you for following and contributing to EX-YU Aviation News. 2013 was a very eventful year in EX-YU aviation, so we can only look forward to what 2014 has to offer.


I hope 2014 is a happy, healthy and prosperous one for you.

Sretna nova godina Srećna nova godina Срећна нова година Среќна нова година Srečno novo leto Gëzuar Vitin e Ri 


Stay safe and enjoy the holidays. Now go have fun. We’ve got a lot to get through yet and it all starts tomorrow with the latest news right here.


Yours truly,
 EX-YU Aviation!


  1. Anonymous13:21

    Why there is no Belgrade picture, but there is Pristine, and why "Sretna nova" is before "Srećna nova", and there are much more Serbians on this blog. ExYu that shows your real face of antiserbian nationalism!

    1. Anonymous13:29

      oh come on

    2. Anonymous13:43

      OMG, you should really go to a doctor to put your chicken brain out!

    3. Anonymous15:16

      Ne trolujte vec od prvog januara, go get a life :)

    4. Anonymous15:58

      The only nationalist here is you. Instead of requiring a picture of Belgrade you can't help but feel offended why Pristina is there. What a retard. So what if it is? Is it forbidden? Should all the people here feel ashamed of trying to be normal just cause a few serb nationalists such as yourself simply just won't move on with their lives? You should urgently require a head exam, seriously. This blog is for normal people from all over ex-yu with constructive comments and ideas, retarded nationalists should avoid it.

    5. Anonymous18:16

      I actually support the first Anonymous. Due to the fear of loosing Croatian and other non-Serb audience (after the extensive coverage of Air Serbia that revolted many), the mod has been doing anything he can to please the Croats and other minorities and that beyond rationale: deleting any single joke about Zagreb (like humor is forbidden), putting the Qantas/DC-10 photo for not Zagreb to feel complexed, this pictures today where Serbian-Cyrillic is almost on the last place even if Serbs are the majority not only on this blog but in Ex-Yu by far...

      There is one saying that says: a friend of everyone is a friend of no-one.

    6. Anonymous22:18

      I agree with you and the first one. Not because I'm a shauvinist, I'm not, but really: what was the criteria to greet a New Year in this order? Admin, I, otherwise appreciate your work very much!

    7. Pera22:30

      Same here, I agree with first one as well. What was criteria? Huge respect for admin, but some things are simply not right.

    8. Anonymous23:07

      lol good I hope you four are so offended about something so dumb (not puting a photo of Belgrade looool) that you will no longer return. That's 4 idiots less.

    9. Anonymous23:14

      It's not 4 of them, it's the same guy writing it, it's the same guy that writes those "zagy" comments. Obviously needs a head exam. It's new year. Get over it and get a life. Btw I just lookes at last year's post from 1 January and the order of the languages is exactly the same as this year. So much about your stupid theory

    10. Anonymous23:52

      @Calling "idiots" people who, in nice manner disagree with you and don't show any hostilility towards you, plus insulting them, you mean this is a "democratic" way?....Please control yourself. Happy New Year! Срећна Нова година! Srećna Nova godina! Sretna Nova godina! Srečno novo leto! Среќна нова година! Gëzuar Vitin e Ri

  2. Anonymous13:56

    People like the first anonymous ruin this blog. Admin should cancel such kind of comments. regards.

  3. Anonymous13:57

    Great photos :) Ex-Yu I really feel sorry sometimes you have to read comments like the one from the idiot above. Happy New Year from Bergen, Norway :)

  4. Anonymous14:03

    Happy New Year from Sydney. Hoping for an inreresting 2014 in aviation. Pozdrav

  5. Kome se ne dopada blog uvek moze da ga ne cita. Imace mir i drugi ce imati mir od njega. Sto se ne svidja,
    to se zaobilazi. Tako prosto a tako korisno. Svima radost Nove godine i dolazak Rozdenstva HRISTA BOGA i ostalih praznika.
    Rodney Marinkovic,AME(ret) Kraljevo / Griffitth.

  6. Anonymous16:59

    Dear God in Heaven, first anonymous (1.21 PM) to be deleted at once, ruining all these nice posts and wishes for 2014. What an idiot! You have a problem mate!!!!! Myself (as I Serb) but who cares who am I or you or the third person, first thing I thought when I saw these pics was how beautiful they look, couldn't care less where they were taken.

    Dear All, especially Ex-Yu admin, wishing you all the best for 2014. Keep up amazing job!!!!

    Congratulations to all airports and airlines in Ex-Yu on their achievements in 2013, and I wish and hope that 2014 will bring even more routes, flights and passengers.

    We have seen amazing things happening and and there is more to come, may all airports in EX-Yu see more airlines, routes and passengers. Wishing to all airports: BEG, BNX, BWK, DBV, INI, KVO, LJU, MBX, OHD, OMO, OSI, POW, PUY, RJK, SJJ, SKP, SPU, TGD, TIV, TZL, ZAD, ZAG, the best of luck in 2014.

  7. SuisseOuest18:11

    Happy new year! I wish you personally all the best and a lot of great aviation news to all of us in 2014. Cheers!

  8. Anonymous18:34

    Happy New Year to everyone from Belgrade.
    For all of us here, the partying will continue as Air Serbia grows and introduces new, night-flights to Athens at 00.30. Also from tomorrow Tel Aviv and Thessaloniki go daily. :)

    I hope all airports and airlines operating into the region of ex-Yugoslavia see better days in 2014 than they did in 2013.


  9. Anonymous20:15

    Anybody knows what Volotea Boeing 717 from Madrid is doing today at BEG?
    Thanks in advance and HNY to everybody!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous20:38

      Real Madrid plays against Partizan tomorrow in Euroleague.

    2. Anonymous20:42

      Real Madrid is going rape Partizan, even tough I want the best for Serbian teams, they are like aliens, no joke

    3. Perhaps if Partizan wins, we also get to keep the plane.

    4. Anonymous14:41

      Well I am a big Partizan fan and I believe that Real Madrid has big chances to win, but Partizan has nothing to lose, so it's going to be an interesting match.

  10. Anonymous23:08

    What a bunch of nasty nationalist arseholes on here!!! You just cant help yourselves.
    All nationalities are different, hence why Yugoslavia never worked.
    Yes Belgrade will be the largest airport as it is the only airport in the most populist ex yu country. In compariosn Zagreb does well being the capital of a country half the size, yet has more than half the pax of Belgrade. Croatia has many international airports, all contributing to a large pax number than Serbia.

    1. Anonymous02:19

      I totally agree and respect your comment. I wish many people would think the way you do. These countries are all separate now. Each has a different market. So let's just all move on.

  11. Purger03:27

    Sretna nova godina, puno sreće, zdravlja i blagostanja.


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