KLM launching Zagreb flights

Soon in Zagreb

KLM Cityhopper, part of the Air France - KLM group, will launch seasonal summer flights from Amsterdam to Zagreb this May. It marks the return of KLM to the Croatian capital after many years and the end to Croatia Airlines’ monopoly on the route, at least temporarily. KLM will inaugurate its flights to Zagreb on May 27, which will run until October 25. They will operate four times per week, every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, with the 80-seat all economy Fokker 70 aircraft. Further flight details can be found here. Air France - KLM General Manager for Switzerland, Austria and the Balkans, Vincent Kas, says the airline is working on turning the new flights into a yearlong service. He added Zagreb will be the airline’s only new destination in South-eastern Europe this year. KLM is the second new airline to announce flights to Zagreb for 2014 following Etihad Regional which will launch services from Rome. In addition, Gemanwings will begin two weekly flights from Hamburg.

After Rome, Croatia Airlines will now also face competition on its Amsterdam route with this latest arrival. Last summer season, the Croatian carrier reduced its frequencies on services to the Dutch city from eight weekly to daily. However, the new flights will also see a battle of the alliances. Croatia Airline shuttles some of its USA bound passengers via Amsterdam with travellers continuing their trip with United Airlines. United codeshares on Croatia Airlines’ service between Zagreb and Amsterdam. On the other hand, KLM, a member of the Skyteam alliance, will also look to capture transit passengers though the airline says it wants to capitalise on the tourism potential of both countries.

Zagreb Airport’s new operator is looking to boost passenger numbers by 8% this year. In order to do so it will have to attract additional airlines. Late last year, Alitalia said it was considering introducing services from the Italian capital to Zagreb. Swiss International Air Lines and SAS Scandinavian are also believed to have expressed interest behind closed doors to launch flights to Zagreb. Zagreb Airport is said to have put pressure on Croatia Airlines by giving it six months to get its business into shape before it begins the hunt for new customers.


  1. Anonymous10:15

    Congratulations to ZAG!
    Actually I am quite currious to know why KLM don"t launch flights to BEG...I remeber that during the time of JAT they had some deal only JU to fly to AMS and still they have code share on JU flights but after all BEG is not that small not to be covered by KLM. It would be nice to see them in BEG despite the words of Mr. Kas

    1. Anonymous10:38

      When the deal between JU and KL was signed in 2009 it stated that JU will fly to Amsterdam, KL will have its codeshare on the flight but the Dutch carrier will not launch its own flights. I do not know how long the contract was signed for, would be interesting to see what happens. I remember the first month of their cooperation passenger numbers to AMS jumped by 35%.

    2. Anonymous17:29

      I don't think so...

    3. Anonymous02:35

      I guess it is now obvious to everybody that Zagreb airport is a joke and that French have no other plans than to bring some cheap subsidiaries and low-cost airlines to pump the numbers in Zagreb while OU will go belly up or become a holiday airline. The new airport plan will be either scrapped or downsized in order to fit the new business plan that isn't compatible with a terminal that is expensive to build&operate and where airbridges are not of a crucial requirement. Things are looking up for Zagreb.

  2. Anonymous10:33

    By 2015 British, KLM, Emirates will find their way in BEG. I am 100% confident BEG is aiming at 5M for 2014. This airport should at least go shoulder to shoulder with ATH.

    1. Anonymous11:05

      No no shoulder to shoulder with FRA.. After FRA it is aimed to be the 2nd biggest in continental Europe.

    2. Anonymous11:13

      Well, if its primary airline keeps on being backed by the management of one of the world's most successful airlines and as long as it receives cheaper petrol why not? Anything could happen in aviation business. Even though Athens is roughly four times bigger than Belgrade next year the airport should overtake Thessaloniki and then it will fight to overtake Budapest and Bucharest. Something it can very well do.

    3. Anonymous14:30

      Just to tell you some facts about ATH.

      1) The economy of Athens and of the surrounding Attica region is bigger than both the economies of Croatia and Serbia together.
      (€110.546 for Athens/Attica and €43.903 (HR) and €34.740 (RS) that gives a grand total of €78.643 for both HR & RS, or 71% of the total GDP of Athens/Attica).

      2) Greece has a large domestic network because of its territory, not to mention islands and having a large part of the tourists going to the islands passing through ATH.

      3) Croatia and Serbia (Belgrade & Vojvodina) are all at one day distance maximum by car from the most of Europe, Greece is somehow located at a two days and half which is a big loss of time.

    4. The only reason why Athens has so many passengers is because of its successful campaign to not turn a nearby military airport into a secondary civilian airport. Ryanair and easyJet both expressed interest in flying there but then all of a sudden the Greek government lost interest. I am sure this secondary airport would have taken away a few million passengers from ATH especially since the latter used to rip airlines off.

    5. Anonymous16:09

      Well opening a secondary air in Beograd would certainly take away a significant number of passengers, so what's your point Nemjee?

      -- Charlie

    6. Anonymous16:25

      I meant to say, opening a secondary airport in Beograd would certainly take away a significant number of passengers from BEG.

      -- Charlie

    7. I am saying is that there has been a strong campaign of AIA to kill any competition in the region which is why the airport handles the number of passengers it handles. If the additional, lowcost, airport was opened their number would have been considerably lower, maybe around 9 to 10 million today.
      Your argument about Belgrade is irrelevant here because the city itself does not need a second airport. Athens on the other hand does need it. For example, Athens airport is constantly failing to strike a deal with Ryanair and that's because the airport is simply not lowcost-friendly and that's a fact.

      The airport recently changed owners so let's hope they see better days. The previous management has been pretty incompetent in fighting the crisis. This year the airport handled 12.536.000 passengers down by 3.2% in comparison to last year. Their numbers have been falling since 2007 when the airport welcome 16.5 million passengers.

    8. Anonymous19:01

      I hear what you're saying, but my point is that Athens has a demand for some 12m to 17m pax / year. Whether this figure is achieved with one or more airports.

      -- Charlie

  3. Anonymous10:41

    In December 2013 Banja Luka airport handled 2.201 passengers which represents an increase of 187%.
    In 2013 the airport welcomed 8.837 passengers, 37.5%!

    It seems that Air Serbia's arrival into Banja Luka will be a life-saver. Good to see their numbers grow. I hope the airport will manage to handle 15.000 to 20.000 passengers next year.

    1. Anonymous12:01

      If we assume that BNX-ZRX carried same number of passanger as in Novembar:
      BNX-ZRX 199 (11px daily) ZRX-BNX 170 (10px)
      BNX-BEG 569 (18px ) BEG-BNX 773 (25px)
      Total 768 943

    2. Anonymous12:12

      That's not that bad for the first month of operations. Definitely more successful than the last time Jat Airways flew there as they had the same loadfactor with less flights.

    3. Anonymous18:05

      think BNX is doing great and very soon it will have more pax than any apt in reagion ZAG,SPU, ZAD, PUY

    4. Anonymous18:14

      Stop trolling but I am sure that in the future they could handle 50.000 passenger per year which should be ok bearing in mind the airport infrastructure.

    5. sve su indicije da ce JAT konacno uspeti da pokrene BNX. Mada ne treba biti ni previše optimističan. Kad iyadju an jedno tri leta dnevno prema Beg ili dva plus nesto upotrebljivo prema zapadnoj Evropi, to ce biti prava stvar.

  4. Anonymous10:54

    Bravo KLM .Croatia Airlines is cutting services in AMS see the amount of times they were fly and the sort of aircraft.Even though the amount of passengers was high they decided to downsize and send more flights to Brussels. Which is a political airport .One word this new management is to blame.

  5. Anonymous10:55

    Funny how they are announcing new flights before telling us how the airport did in December. I guess they are preparing us for some bad news.

  6. KLM is resuming service to Croatia, after 21.5 years of service suspension. The Skyteam member from 27MAY14 will be offering 4 weekly Amsterdam – Zagreb operation, on board Fokker 70 aircraft.

    KL1943 AMS1430 – 1620ZAG F70 x135
    KL1944 ZAG1655 – 1905AMS F70 x135

    According to OAG, KLM last operated scheduled service on this route in November 1992.


    1. Anonymous11:42

      Surprising thing is how Croatian Airlines has manged to keep many airlines out of Zagreb, in 1989/1990 Zagreb had 2 million px, of this 1.5 million pax by foreign carriers and only 0.6 million by JAT, indicating even in 1989 Zagreb was a attractive to foreign carriers, all went down the drain when Croatian Airlines took absolute monopoly on Zagreb and only they and alliance members had free access to the airport, but even than airport was less than keen to allow too much freedoms for other alliance carriers, example of being where Lufthansa has only certain number of flights out of Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin or where OU would have sole rights to one destination, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Destinations where majority of Croats in Germany live.

      its good to see new management it talking to all carriers and not only OU as to what is good for the airport. Return of LOT, Czech Air, SAS, Alitalia, Swiss and KLM is way overdue.

    2. Anonymous18:09

      AnonymousJanuary 11, 2014 at 11:42 AM
      so you think OU have so much influence on ZAG apt and authorities? have you maybe ever wondered why OU is forced to fuel aircraft only on HR airports and how much financial damage they have because of that ?

  7. Anonymous10:59

    Doesn't OU send its Dash-8 from time to time to Amsterdam?

    1. Anonymous11:24

      Yes this management is killing this route.

    2. Anonymous11:26

      Does anyone know why ?

    3. Anonymous11:28

      I mean, it was like this even before any competition on the route. If KLM flew it we could have understood there was bribery but like this...

    4. Anonymous11:30

      Wasn't Kucko OU's representative in AMS before he became CEO?

    5. Anonymous11:50

      Yes and his family still lives there and has a house there ,so now Croatia Airlines will be his private jet to bring him home.

    6. Anonymous18:12

      AnonymousJanuary 11, 2014 at 11:26 AM
      Does anyone know why ?
      because there is no demand for bigger aircraft and Q400 satisfy needs. during high season of course they are sending A319 or A320 if needed

    7. Anonymous18:17

      Yeah but then it makes you wonder what kind of demand Zagreb has if it can't fill an A319 to Amsterdam during the slower months. Unbelievable that they have something like 50 to 60 passengers to AMS.

    8. Anonymous18:53

      I was in Amsterdam in November, Airbus A319, Croatia Airlines, almost no seats left...
      On my return flight, Airbus A319, Croatia Airlines, around 80% seats full!

  8. Anonymous11:06

    It's not true that KLM never operated to Zagreb, here is the summer timetable for the year 1966 that can prove it. http://www.timetableimages.com/ttimages/complete/kl66/kl66-15.jpg

    1. Anonymous13:05

      KLM never flew to Zagreb.

    2. True, KLM actually operated AMS-ZAG-BEG route all throughout the 70s and 80s. The flight was suspended in 1991, and then KLM had returned to ZAG for a little while (1 season in 1992). that was it though, until now...

    3. Anonymous13:24

      @ 1:05 Soory sir youa are incorrect in saying that KLM never flew to Zagreb.Before the break-up of Yugoslavia, KLM flew to Zagreb on Tue,Wed,Fri, through most of the 70's and 80's. They flew AMS-ZAG-BEG nd BEG-ZAG-AMS. These are published in JAT's old timetables (which I have collected from the 70's 80's and early 90's. Secondly on one of my trips, from Canada, I actually flew with KLM . I went YYZ-AMS-ZAG.and back. So to say that KLM never flew to Zagreb is not true.

  9. BA88812:46

    Totally OT:

    I need mystery resolved about airline's penalties for changing tickets.

    Example (YU on this occasion), I am trying to postpone return date, in order to officially change it, it will be more expensive to do it this way rather than buy a new ticket.

    The result will be empty 9A on the outbound flight since I will not be bothered letting them know about no show and a new outbound date.

    Don't they want occupied seats and chance to sell mine last minute?

    Can anyone explain?

    1. BA88812:48

      (Sorry, meant to say, no show on original return flight and new return date)

    2. Milos13:16

      Hmm i am not sure i understand this. I flew YU to AUH in december and i changed the return date and it cost me 50e, which is cheaper than buying the new ticket definitely :), and i bought the cheapest ticket that has the highest date-change penalty. I think for the other more expensive fares the penalty for changing dates is 30e so... sorry if I`m not being helpful!

    3. JU is in the process of introducing a new fare structure and there are quite a few illogical things regarding the fare rules. I suggest that you contact your travel agent as probably something from your original ticket can be refunded (unused taxes for example) and that can be put forward for the purchase of a new ticket. Regarding your being a no show, the seat has been paid anyway and there are probably more seats available. If the flight is fully booked, there'll probably be some planned overbooking, so your seat will not remain empty. Airlines take into account no show passengers, especially those whose one way fares are several times more expensive that their return fares, as quite often people buy return tickets for their one way travel in order to undercut the fare.

  10. BA88813:20

    I guess it is the basic price of the ticket that counts there indeed.
    (Flight to AUH is more expensive than to LHR and that is why it made sense for you, that might be the catch too!)

    1. Milos13:30

      Hmm, could be! I never had to change dates before this trip so it was a new thing for me and there was a lady at the call center that was pretty helpful. Although she pointed me to their ticket office since she could`nt tell me how to change the dates on their website, and i could`nt find it myself, but everything worked out fine in the end.

  11. Anonymous13:41

    Great news for travelling public and Zagreb airport, bad news for Croatia Airlines as other airlines are now cirlcling around their home turf. This year might be make it or break it for Croatia Airlines.

  12. Anonymous14:02

    Why air serbia cancelled the flight from vie to beg today? A problem with the plane? Atr72?

  13. Pleasant news for Zagreb.

    Just a quick and interesting OT.

    Just noticed this on flightradar24

    Air Serbia flight JAT100, YU -AND returning to Belgrade.
    Looked like it flew a holding pattern 3 time south of Belgrade and now is about to land.
    JAT100, is this a normal scheduled flight with an incident causing it to return to Belgrade or was this something completely different like a post maintenance check flight?

    1. Transaero does the same so I would assume it's a post maintenance flight. There is also no JU 100 flight departing today.

    2. Sloba15:40

      Nemjee, and I thought you said that it was scrapped back in July ;)

      YU-AND as the first B733 that JAT received, has a special place in my heart and I'm happy that it is back on track!

    3. Yeah, I thought so too. I was told that it was removed from the fleet two weeks after I flew on it from Larnaca. It was also not showing up for a few months. If the plane did a test flight maybe the management is considering re-introducing it into the fleet, especially if they are experiencing delays with their new A319s. If I am not mistaken they have also added another B737-300 recently as their fleet has gone up to seven aircraft of this type.

    4. Anonymous18:24

      By the way, there is a possiilibility YU-AND to be leased to some company as it was totally white when I saw her today at BEG...I doubt Etihad would allow totally white planes to be re-introduced in JU fleet without proper livery even on test flight. Anyhow I am glad to see YU-AND will still fly!

    5. Anonymous20:31

      Today, YU-AND officially entered in service after maintenance. Recently AON entered as well but soon ANI and ANJ will be out of service due to schedule maintenance. AS wants as soon as possible to return Oscars, APF is planned to arrive in mid January (15-17th)

    6. Sloba21:34

      Thanks for the info. And what about APD?

    7. Anonymous21:41

      C-check, cabin reconfiguration.

    8. Anonymous21:44

      If YU-AND remains in JU fleet, does it mean it will have new Air Serbia livery?

    9. Anonymous22:00

      Not sure about APD, if I find out I will post it. I haven't seen AND but I think it will not be in AS livery because AS wants to phase out Boeings, ATR will be in repainted

    10. Anonymous23:36

      Thanks, I have also heard that Boeings will not be repainted but it is really silly to have some of these planes flying around in totally white livery. After all YU-AON also had C check but it is still in old JAT livery , not fully white as YU-AND was seen today at BEG

    11. Sloba23:49

      I know that APD is undergoing cabin reconfiguration, but when will it arrive in BEG?

    12. Anonymous16:32

      @Anon 6:24

      Actually, I flew on YU-AND on LHR route on Sunday (only 733 service this month...), so I guess they don't really mind white aircraft. It's old LH Recaros on the inside, and "middle seat empty" tray in the C class.

  14. The best part of KLM Cityhopper launching flights to Zagreb is that they are reducing the Star Alliance domination, especially when it comes to north American flights. They will also open up the UK market as they have a very strong presence there.
    I am still surprised they did not go daily, I always assumed the market was big enough.

    1. Anonymous15:20

      They'll go daily soon enough, 4 times per week is just testing waters, they knew the market well from 80s and they even flew in 90s, but there was a lot of change since than.

      I am just glad that Croatian is getting their ticket, sort your network, bring your house in order, new airport management won't be as nice.

      Now we need SAS, Air Swiss, Iberia to go full scheduled, Alitalia, Czech Air, LOT and Brussels Air to start their flights. All these carriers are closed discussions with the airport management in starting or returning to Zagreb in 2014 and 2015.

      Croatia airlines literally has only 6 months to sort itself out, EasyJet has already been invited to start few more routes to Zagreb, Paris, Milan, Brussels and Zürich are being talked over, nothing is certain but by mid 2014 we'll know more about new routes out of Zagreb.

      Wizzair might return too, with Norwegian Air Shuttle going once a day full scheduled service this year and GermanWings adding Hamburg to its list of destinations Zagreb will have decent number of low cost operators.

      Vauleing already flies to Barcelona.

      Hopefully by the end of 2015 Zagreb will be served by at least 25 carriers, currently it is served by 12.

      By 2014 this number should go up to 15.

      If Iberia and Vueling go full scheduled service that will be 17

    2. Well, best of luck to them. Let's just hope they can all survive in Zagreb, especially after the honeymoon phase is over.
      Does anyone know how many months of reduced charges airlines get from the new management?

    3. Anonymous16:07

      @NemjeeJanuary 11, 2014 at 3:38 PM

      No, reduced charges haven't been discussed at all,
      EasyJet is being tempted by new management and Zagreb Tourist board, by which both would give EasyJet around $250 per each flight to Zagreb for next 3 years, to give EasyJet time to build network and develop routes out of Zagreb. Talks are still being held over this idea, nothing has been decided on, but 4-5 routes are in discussion, London, Paris, Milano, Paris, Brussels and Barcelona. With daily flights out of all these cities and only three weekly flights out of Barcelona.

      But Barcelona might be dropped to give Vauleing time to develop Barcelona Zagreb route.

      GermanWings is also in discussion with new management over starting flights out of Stuttgart, Dortmund and Hanover.

      We should know if talks were successful with EasyJet and GermanWings by late March or mid April. All new routes will be announced by new management in mid to late April.

      British Airways wants to increase its frequency to Zagreb from a daily to twice daily flights, in the past Croatian airlines objected even BA being in Zagreb, so this should be quite interesting development.

      2014 should be very interesting year for Zagreb airport, but 2015 should be really good year for Zagreb Airport.

    4. Well, best of luck to them!

  15. Anonymous14:47

    Good news for Zagreb, bad news for Croatia Airlines!

  16. Anonymous16:56

    will Air Serbia eventually launch flights between BEG-ZAG?
    they could dump capacity and reduce the dominance of OU, LH and *A

    1. Anonymous17:07

      It seems that Air Serbia sees more potential on the Croatian coast. However, if JU does join an alliance then it would be cool to see what happens.

    2. Anonymous17:28

      Zagreb - Belgrade route is Croatian Airlines domain, Air Serbia won't be allowed to fly to Zagreb as per intergovernmental agreement in which Air Serbia is allowed 18 seasonal flights to Split and Dubrovnik and 9 to Pula, in return Zagreb - Belgrade route would be operated by Croatian airlines. Croatian Airlines saw little market value in that route as reported on this very blog,

    3. Anonymous17:33

      Well, Croatia is in the EU now so doesn't that make it subject to Open Skies agreement?

    4. Anonymous19:49

      Not really, if Croatia and Serbia agreed on establishing mutual air links, than there are conditions under which mutual flights can be maintained. Air Serbia or any other Serbian carrier is allowed to fly to Croatian coastal resorts certain number of times and in return Croatian Airlines is allowed certain number of flights to Serbia.

      I think 60 flights have been agreed so far, if Croatian airlines were to establish direct link to Belgrade it would be once per week flight, not worth commercially, reason why there are no flights between Belgrade and Zagreb.

      Perhaps more flights can be agreed on in 2015, and this is when Croatia Belgrade with twice weekly service at first and perhaps even trice weekly service if there is a demand.

    5. Anonymous10:42

      Well, not really. Croatia is in the European Union now and it is subject to agreements already signed with Brussels among which is the liberalization of the air market between Croatia and Serbia. Technically there are no more restrictions on Air Serbia's expansion into Croatia.

  17. Anonymous18:24

    Unbelievable, it has been 11 days and we still do not know how Zagreb did in December.

  18. Anonymous19:01

    about the same as it did last year around 150 000 pax, nothing to write home about.

  19. Anonymous19:20

    Somewhat OT:

    Croatian Airlines has some inherent problems, not mentioning the obvious, corruption, mismanagement etc. and a mainly seasonal passenger demand. CA also has the extremely difficult problem of having three hubs. This is especially difficult since the country is small and airline travel demand low. (By comparison LH has one primary hub at FRA, MUC as a secondary, and numerous smaller hubs throughout Germany because it is a large, rich country with a high demand for air travel). So, it is naturally difficult for CA to maintain and plan routes to be profitable when you have to maintain three hubs. This will continue to hamper CA development for years to come, and prevent them from becoming a major force in the region.

    -- Charlie

    1. Anonymous19:36

      Airline travel demand low? Are you serious?

    2. Anonymous19:39

      I disagree Charlie, Croatian Airlines has only one hub, Zagreb, with focus cities Dubrovnik and Split.

      Problem with Croatian Airlines is poor utilization of the fleet and sacrificing half of the fleet to cover summer season, leaving only few aircraft to cover scheduled flights which gives Croatian Airlines poor reputation among fellow travelers.

      Croatia must maintain its full scheduled service if its to compete with likes of KLM, SAS and Lufthansa on most popular routes, being cheaper than the rest doesn't work all the time.

      Croatia airlines must decide if it is a holiday airline or a scheduled passenger airline, and must maintain Zagreb through out the year not just when they have nothing to do in winters.

      Split, Dubrovnik barely have any traffic, 30 000 pax for both airports in winter months, indicating a true nature of Croatia's coastal airports which is a holiday destinations.

      Only way Croatian Airlines can really make decent money is to become a proper scheduled service airline with a niche, it can't remain being both holiday and scheduled airline.

      And yes I agree corruption and nepotism are really big issues in Croatian airlines, btw USKOK is investigating Croatian airlines over reported funds and fraud during Sanader's reign.

      It seems few individuals in Croatia made good profits on back of purchase of brand new A319 aircraft at inflated price. heads will roll that is certain, stay tuned to this story,

    3. Anonymous20:05

      What should CA do with its underutilized planes in the winter season?

      -- Charlie

    4. Anonymous20:53


      Utilise them of course.

      Reason why OU isn't, there are few reasons fir it.

      One, they'd have to maintain full service to destination year round and with 12 aircraft that is almost impossible.

      Two, they'd have less aircraft to cover summer season and bring in more holidaymakers.

      Three, risks associated with new untested routes, they're betting on safe destinations, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna, Munch and than do mostly summer charters to cover any holes.

      fourth, they have too few aircraft to maintain full on scheduled service to 30 destinations year round and 7 months tourist season.

      OU should be flying on a weekly basis to:

      Stockholm x7
      Copenhagen x7
      Oslo x5
      Dublin x5
      London x21
      Amsterdam x 15
      Brussels x15
      Hamburg x5
      Berlin x14
      Warsaw x5
      Krakow x3
      Munich x21
      Frankfurt x28
      Stuttgart (140 000 Croats live in area around Stuttgart) x 8
      Zürich x14
      Vienna x21
      Prague x8
      Budapest x10
      Milan x10
      Rome x21
      Madrid x14
      Barcelona x5
      Lisabon x4
      Tirana x 6
      Pristina x 11
      Skopje x14
      Sarajevo x21
      Athens x6
      Istanbul x10
      Paris x21
      Helsinki x4
      Moscow x6
      Split x35
      Dubrovnik x7
      Zadar x3
      Osijek x3

      And for that they'll need a lot larger fleet than 12 aircraft currently OU has, at least 20 and that requires commitment, good leasing agreement that won't tie airline to long term financially unfavorable lease agreements and long term strategy.

      OU currently flies to 28 destinations on add-hock basis at best of times. I think you see the problem.

    5. Anonymous02:21

      Oh my lovely God. 35x to Split, what the Hell? And 5x to Dubrovnik, that is disconnected of the main territory of Croatia? 21x Rome, 14x Madrid... There are 4 million of us, no 40!

    6. Anonymous14:42

      @AnonymousJanuary 12, 2014 at 2:21 AM

      Croatian already flies 21 times per week to Split, adding Rome and Madrid and you come to 35.

      To clarify Zagreb - Split - Rome - Spit - Zagreb x 14 and Zagreb - Split - Madrid - Zagreb - 14 times per week.

      I guess 35 might be tad to much, 28 than.

      BTW Split is a 2nd city and main focus city. Dubrovnik really isn't that busy during winter months, you could increase frequency to twice daily flights.

      BTW this is a sumer schedule, winter there'd be less flights naturally.

  20. Anonymous19:27

    For one month Croatia is flying with 2 A320 routes from Europe (LFSB and few more airports) to Pristina and Tirana. Does anybody knows something about that?

    1. Perhaps they are filling Belle Air shoes. Some companies have taken over these routes, so they might lease CA jets to operate.

  21. Why is this all happening? Where is the CEO of OU? I never hear any positive outcome T273Cfrom his side. Where he is by the way? OU is going to die!! What are the results since he is CEO?
    I think he is ruining OU and filling his own pockets!
    Please get rid of him as soon as possible.
    He is a corrupt man and we allow him to do so together with his friends.
    It will costs a lot of jobs if he can do what he wants.
    Please stop that man before it is too late!!!
    Where are the Unions?

    1. Anonymous20:33

      The CEO of OU sits under Angie Merkels Christmas tree and sings Danke Deutschland.

  22. Anonymous20:02

    If OU would really start flying to Belgrade...
    How would they advertise that route in Croatia and beyound?
    Zagreb to East Lipovac Airport and back?

  23. Anonymous20:10

    As a preemptive strike, would OU launch ZAG-BEG and then sign a code-share with Air Serbia to capitalize on their (Eastern) network?

    -- Charlie

  24. Anonymous20:16

    Does anyone know if the privatisation of OU will continue, or at least try to continue, considering the 6 months deadline the Zagreb Airport Management gave them?

  25. Anonymous21:06

    It seems like they are doing all they can to ruin the company. Losers.


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