Adria passenger numbers improve in 2013

Adria ends two year passenger losing streak

Adria Airways handled over one million passengers in 2013 and is believed to have recorded a one million euro loss, significantly down on losses in previous years. The airline returned to serving one million passengers after its numbers dipped below the mark in 2012 for the first time since 2005. Last year Adria welcomed 1.026.839 passengers on board, an increase of 4% compared to the year before when it handled 987.279 travellers. The airline’s passenger numbers are still down compared to 2011 and its record year of 2008 when it saw 1.302.172 passengers. The improvement comes despite the Slovenian carrier operating 19.509 flights, down 7% compared to 2012.

During 2013 Adria’s average cabin load factor stood at 71.8%, up six points on the year before. Its best performing routes were Star Alliance hubs Frankfurt, Zurich and Munich. While the airline’s financial report is yet to be published it is believed the carrier recorded a loss of one million euros during last year, despite initially posting a 700.000 euro profit for the first nine months. While Adria was hoping to break even in 2013, its financial performance has significantly improved compared to 2012 when it saw its losses total almost eleven million euros.

The positive results will be welcomed by the government which is looking to sell a majority stake in the airline. Efforts to find a strategic partner for Adria have been ongoing, and the company has also been included on the government’s priority privatisation list. However, it is unlikely any privatisation process will begin before the European Commission rules whether Adria received state aid contrary to European Union competition laws. The Commission is still to make a decision based on the investigation it launched in late 2012. Only this week the European Commission launched state aid investigations against Cyprus Airways and Estonian Air. Yesterday, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) increased pressure on Slovenia to reduce its budget deficit by speeding up the sale of state owned companies, amongst which is Adria.


  1. Anonymous11:09

    I assume numbers will be significantly up because of all the expansion this year.

  2. Anonymous11:35

    European Commission (EC) ruling?

    EC save us as asap from this parasite and source of corruption!

    Their documents are a joke ask EC for more information.

    1. Anonymous13:23

      You are so funny!!!!

  3. Anonymous14:02

    Hope Adria goes well! Good luck!

  4. Anonymous14:31

    Fresh news...Royal Jordanian will put code share on Adria flights from LJU to WIE, MUC, FRA, ZRH, CDG, AMS, was published by Royal office in Vienna. As mentioned further info follow...Looks like Adria will fly to Amann

    1. Anonymous14:51

      Aren't you noticing that those are destinations where Royal Jordanian already flies, where Adria might only feed the routes? Don't know from where though, the LJU-AMM market isn't that massive to start with.

  5. Purger14:44

    Jet Airways, India's No.2 airline by domestic market share, reported a fourth straight quarterly loss as carriers battled high fuel costs and stiff competition limited fare increases.

    Jet, was last year sold a 24 percent stake to Abu Dhabi's Etihad. Etihad's USD$330 million investment gives Jet much-needed funds and a strong partner to expand on international routes. Etihad is also investing USD$150 million in Jet's frequent flier programme. Jet said it cut its debt to INR108.95 billion rupees from INR124.95 billion using part of the funds from Etihad.

    Mumbai-based Jet reported a standalone net loss of INR2.68 billion rupees (USD$43 million) for the third quarter to the end of December. It had reported a profit of INR850 million rupees for the same quarter a year earlier. The Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, a consultancy, had forecast a third-quarter loss of between USD$60 million and USD$80 million for Jet, which made a record USD$143 million loss in the second quarter.
    However, a recent US downgrade of India's aviation safety rating is a blow for Jet and state-run Air India, which cannot increase flights to the US. Jet also lost a code-share partner after the downgrade.

    I hope Air Serbia will not have same destiny. But DoT decision not to allowed Etihad-Air Serbia code-share looks very similar to “downgrade of India’s safety rating”.

    1. Do you really have to write always OFF TOPIC?!

    2. Purger16:32

      This is not forum that you have topic and you can write on specific theme in topic. It is blog, so you must have OFF TOPIC because most of readers don’t read old posts. And, off course, most of readers here don't care of off topic, because off topic is nature of blogs.

    3. Purger16:33


      Koliko je zapravo Etihad ukucao u kompanije tijekom 2012. i 2013.

      U Air Berlin:
      - 105 milijuna USD za 29% dionica
      - 266 milijuna USD kredita
      - 251 milijun USD za 70% ff programa

      U Jet je uloženo:
      - 330 milijuna USD za 24% dionica
      - 150 milijuna USD za ff program

      U Air Serbiu još nije ništa uloženo, ali se planira investicija od
      - 100 milijuna USD (40 milijuna odmah)

      U Virgin Australiju:
      - kupili su dodatnih 4% dionica za oko 32 milijuna USD (istime su povećali udio na 10% dionica Virgin Australije)

      U Aer Lingus:
      - 21 milijun USD za malo manje od 3% dionica

      U Darwin
      - 2,2 milijuna USD za 33% dionica

      U Air Seychelles:
      - 20 milijuna USD u 40% dionica
      - 25 milijuna USD kredita

      Obzirom da je profit Ethida u 2012. bio samo 170 milijuna USD, a 2011. 137 milijuna USD, te kako prije nisu poslovali profitabilno, dakle govorimo o oko 300 milijuna USD profita, opravdano je upitati se odakle novac za 4 puta više investicija, tj. za milijardu USD investicija više od profita (ukupno 1,3 milijardi USD investicija)? Ogromni krediti, državna pomoć, trošenje prihoda i prolongiranje plaćanja obveza...?

      U 2014. Etihad planira investirati u 22% dionica Aer Lingusa (već najavljeno), te je u završnim pregovorima za 410 milijuna USD investicijom u 40% dionica Alitalije. Navodno pregovaraju i sa LOT-om (isto su demantirali, no demantirali su i neke realizirane investicije u prošlosti poput Jeta), a obzirom na brze, iznenadne i nenajavljene investicije u Darwin i Jat, za očekivati su i ekspresne investicije u manje kompanije.

      Uz to kompanija je naručila stotine aviona, među kojima velik broj širokotrupaca, vrijednih milijarde USD-a, a sa isporukama u idućih par godina, koje također treba platiti.

      Stoga je više nego upitno postaviti pitanje isplativosti i izvora financiranja ovih silnih investicija.

    4. Nema tu neke velike misterije. Etihad je trenutno fokusiran na rast (širenje) a ne na profit. Kada budu kompletirali alijansu, posvetiće se profitu. Model je održiv ako mogu jeftino doći do novca koji ulažu u ekspanziju. Jer za razliku od npr. Swissair-a koji je po novac za svoj projekat morao ići u komercijalne banke, Etihad po svoj novac može otići u državnu banku i dobiti ga pod najpovoljnijim uslovima. Ako se tim novcem pametno upravlja i napravi profitabilan biznis, to je win-win (i za Etihad i za državu odnosno njenu banku). Na sličan način je Turska omogućila jeftin novac za TK a oni su taj novac pametno iskoristili. U EU i SAD su pravila postavljena tako da za banke mora biti win a svi drugi mogu da se nose, propadnu i crknu.

    5. Anonymous17:43

      Moram samo da se nadovezem da nije tacno da Etihad nista nije ulozio u Air Srbiju. Dva aviona (koji su u registru UAE) placa kompletno Etihad ukljucujuci i svu stranu posadu, inventar, uniforme, promotivne aktivnosti, garancije za iznajmljivanje aviona, odrzavanje aviona, ketering, farbanje aviona i rekonfiguraciju (ATR) itd.

    6. Anonymous18:20

      @PurgerFebruary 8, 2014 at 4:33 PM

      No mastery, government subsidy and loans that never need to be paid back.

      Why do you think Luthansa, Delta and number of other airlines are up in arms over this?

      I think etihad and much of that part of the world work on different tune, they have no possibility of commercial success outside in the real world so they're getting massive government subsidies despite the fact they are loosing money, left, right and center.

      I'm sure the EU will respond to this in due course, The likely scenario is that state airlines will be eligible for substantially higher subsides from EU governments to compete with Arab airlines who use unfair tactics to compete.

      Example of Adria Airways, they can ask for EU to allow state subsidies to cover to loss and since its the only Slovene carrier.

      I see no reason why EU states shouldn't be allowed to subsidies their own national carriers if everyone else in the world does it.

    7. Anonymous19:24

      Lufthansa was government owned for most of it's existence (until 1994). It's expected for LH to complain about tactics that made them grow and succeed for decades, they know it first hand.

    8. Anonymous20:15

      Purgeru ako kopiraš tuđe komentare onda to naglasi. Nemoj da pokušavaš da ispradneš pametan samo zato što umeš da kopiraš

    9. One should also note that Arab (Islamic) banks have different financing plans and rules than western (Jewish and Protestant) ones. The concept of loan is different, and the whole things works different way - one of the reasons why they didn't have the most recent recession and collapse of the banking system (based in risk-sharing compared to risk-transfer), without interest rates, etc. Of course, it can only be applied to businesses compliant with Sharia law, however, I guess it also applies in aviation. Quite contrary to the Swiss banks. You can read more on it on

    10. Purger03:02

      Anonymous 8:15:
      Oko kopiranja, dio prvog posta je Reutersov i toliko je poznat u krugovima zračnog prometa da ga ne treba isticati kao izvor (ja uvijek navodim izvore kada se radi o citiranju, ako ista nisu opće poznata). A drugi post je apsolutno moj, utrošeno je vrlo mnogo vremena u njega, istraživački je i analitički. Niti malo od tog posta nije prepisano.

      Stoga mislim da Vaš komentar niti ima smisla, niti je primjerenog tona. A oko moje "pameti" svakako sud niste pozvani donositi Vi. Moja poštovanje!

  6. Adria's unofficial statistics for JAN14 regarding JAN13:

    flights operated down 6% (1381)
    PAX flown up 11% (61534)
    that is 45,2 pax per flight which is up 25%

    1. Anonymous23:23

      If its true then thats an amazing result. Well done!!!

  7. Anonymous16:32

    OT: Does any of the ex-YU airlines fly to Minsk or codeshare to/from Minsk? I know that Belavia flies directly to BEG.

  8. Good news for Adria finally. They are being pretty active recently and hopefully they can manage to find a decent airline partner this year. Their numbers should improve quite a bit in 2014 due to all the new connections. What is going on with Verona though - are they basing an aircraft there or not this year?

  9. Anonymous18:17

    Does anyone know how the ex-YU teams flew to Sochi? I know that the Serbian team was flown on Air Serbia which is the official Olympic carrier for the team.

    1. Anonymous18:40

      Official Olympic Carrier was JAT Yugoslav Airlines, for Winter Olympics in Sarajevo and the Universiade in Zagreb.

      Official Olympic carrier is one and only and comes from the country where the Games are taking place.

      Croatia Airlines, for example, had a charter flight to Sochi few days ago, with croatian spotsmen and others in team, as well. One simple short charter flight, the same as the Air Serbia's one.

      But, no, in Serbia it cannot be a simple charter flight. It must immediately be "Official Olympic Carrier". Why do you people have complex that everything yours must be the best, the biggest, or at least "official"? I really don't understand that and I would like somebody to explain me. Thanks!

    2. Adria flew 3 flights to AER.

    3. Anonymous18:59

      Obviously I did not mean that it's the official carrier of the whole thing but of the Serbian team. Jat Airways even had a sticker. I thought it was logical enough but it seems it wasn't. You should contain your hate of Serbia and Serbs.
      Since you are so smart you could have mentioned that Jat Airways was the official carrier of the 2009 Summer Universiade in Belgrade. ;)

      Sky, thank you. Do you know what aircraft they sent?

    4. Anonymous21:05

      1. Now I expect Sky to respond that Adria sent CRJ's, and then you to comment how superior "Official carrier" was sending A319 or at least B737. Btw did they have "stickers" on Air Serbia as well, and do you really think that a sticker can make difference between "official carrier" of some (usually big) event, and a simple charter flight?

      2. I don't hate Serbia or Serbs at all. I'm in Serbia at least 3 times per year and I have lot of Serbian friends. I just don't like SOME PEOPLE in Serbia (are you among them or not I don't know), who use any opportunity to glorify "theirs" and spit on "other's", and my texts are usually reaction to such posts (or "questions")

      3. How DARE you comparing Yugoslav Airlines from 1970-1990 with JAT Airways 2009?

    5. Anonymous22:27

      You have serious issues, you should seek help.

      Jat Airways is the national carrier of the Serbian Olympic team, get over it. You should have supposed that it was what I meant but no, you used it to trash Serbia and its citizens, as if your own people don't have freaks and creeps. Hypocrite. I think you are the one who has issues, not me.

      JAT Yugoslav Airlines was a loss making airline which was flying around the world just for the prestige of the Yugoslav Communist Party. When you scratch the surface there wasn't that much to be proud of. Best proof of that is that the airline never managed to record a single profit. So yes, I am comparing it.

      I think your problem is that you can't face the reality that Air Serbia has become the best carrier in ex-Yugoslavia despite Jat Airways being the worst. I guess it will take time for butthurt people like you to get over it.

    6. Anonymous22:28

      p.s. they flew on a B737-300 while Nikolic flew on the governmental aircraft. You are wrong... again.

    7. Anonymous23:18

      @ 9:05 PM:

      Your alarm sensors of Serbian supremacy are oversensitive. I would suggest you try and see less of those great Serbian conspiracies all around you. Trust me, it helps. Open your mind for a different view.

    8. Anonymous00:20

      Oh, they flew 733; that means the part of the fleet with JAT Airways name, logo and colours, not Air Serbia's. Furthermore, you say above :JAT Airways is the national carrier of the Serbian Olympic team; so please, make your mind up: Was it Air Serbia you spoke in your original post, or JAT Airways? Is it "national team" carrier or "official olympic" carrier? You know, it's very difficult to talk about something when your counterpart changes his mind 3 times in 3 hours.

      And yes, you guys I was talking about before, you have one more "specialty" : when you are short of arguments and facts to face someone, than you put "label" on him (or maybie "sticker" :) lol), like you just did with me asking me to seek help.

      Concering ex- JAT Yugoslav Airlines : the only part of the airline which was not profitable were domestic flights, and those were compensated by Euromediterranean and Long-haul services which were money.makers. So your stories about "Red disaster" are total bullshit - whole model of ex-Yugoslavia was almost completely market-oriented, and almost NO "political" flights were operated in JAT (except China before "opening", for a while. And I know what I'm talking about because I worked in such "JAT" and I'm proud of it.

      And by not being able not to mention your dear "Precednik", you told me everything about you and assured me once again that i'm absolutely right.

      In other words, if my mind is opened enough to see the the things the way you see them, there would be nothing wrong with my "alarm sensors". Bravo majstore, you, too, proved my point.

      Finally, I'll be not continuing discussion with you 2 any more, you simply don't deserve it. Caos drugari !!! Lep pozdrav iz Evropske Unije!

    9. Anonymous00:59

      What a stupid conversation today.Even for Ex Yu Aviation standards.

    10. Anonymous09:03

      You are a special kind of retarded, aren't you?

    11. Marko03:30

      1.Even after Croatia joins the EU there is more Serbs who live in the same but the Croats. 2.Lep pozdrav iz drzave EU clanice premijer lige (UK) sa zeljama da uzivate plasmanom u cetvrtu ligu drage nam EU.

  10. Anonymous19:34

    Article says that best performing routes were Star Alliance hubs Frankfurt, Zurich and Munich. If Adria is to be reduced to those three destinations only, it seems it would then be profitable, but reduced to tiny feeder airline with only a couple of planes.This is what Star Alliance does to small alliance members.


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