EX-YU airport race 2013

Seven EX-YU airports break all time record in 2013

Most airports in the former Yugoslavia ended 2013 on a high. With exception to Zagreb, the top ten busiest airports all recorded passenger growth. While the leader board remained mostly unchanged in 2013, with only Split outperforming Dubrovnik compared to 2012, an impressive seven airports managed to see record breaking figures. They include Belgrade, Pristina, Split, Dubrovnik, Tivat, Podgorica and Sarajevo. Unlike 2012, both Ljubljana and Sarajevo rebounded and returned to growth. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s busiest airport is now closing in on Podgorica and with several new routes already lined up for 2014 it will hope to overtake it.

As has been the case these past few years, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport was the busiest in the former Yugoslavia. In 2014 it hopes to become the fastest growing capital city airport in Europe, according to its management. Zagreb, which saw a dip in numbers primarily due to Croatia Airlines’ service reductions and several industrial actions, which hit the airport during the year, estimates it will see growth of 8% in 2014. During this year, Pristina, which saw its busiest year on record in 2013, will have to continue to deal with the fallout of Belle Air Europe’s demise. Dubrovnik Airport estimates numbers will grow 1.7% in 2014 while Ljubljana will continue its recovery with passenger numbers expected to improve 7%.

In 2013, Tivat Airport was the fastest growing airport in the former Yugoslavia out of the top ten busiest. The airport has already announced it no longer has the capacity to serve such large amounts of passengers during the summer, with an expansion of its facilities needed in the near future. Similarly, Skopje saw impressive growth during the year but missed the one million passenger mark due to poor visibility which engulfed the city during December, forcing flights to divert.

Below you can review the top ten busiest airports in the former Yugoslavia in 2013.

AirportPassengers 2012Passengers 2013Change (%)
Belgrade3.363.9193.543.194 5.3
Zagreb2.342.3092.300.006 1.8
Pristina1.527.1341.628.678 7.1
Split1.425.7491.581.734 10.9
Dubrovnik1.480.4711.522.629 2.9
Ljubljana1.198.0001.321.100 10.2
Skopje828.831984.407 18.8
Tivat725.392868.423 19.7
Podgorica620.117680.854 9.8
Sarajevo580.058665.638 14.8


  1. Anonymous09:08

    What an amazing news! Good luck to all airports in 2014.

    ,, The airport has already announced it no longer has capacity to serve such large amounts of passangers'' does this mean that Ryanair will not be able to open routes from Tivat?

    1. Nikola09:13

      hardly anyone will be able to open new routes from TIV. they'll have to start expansion ASAP

    2. Anonymous19:39

      There is a solution: Increase capacity!
      What means bigger aircraft ,more seats per flight.

    3. Anonymous05:57

      FR will not start operations from LYTV before the S16 due to lack of capacity of the terminal building. It is planned to open a new terminal building in S16.The public tender for the terminal building project is underway.

    4. Nikola09:19

      interesting enough, TIV can break 1 mil this year, if they have 14% rise, which is highly possible. TGD won't reach 1 mil in next 3 to 4 years

  2. Anonymous09:27

    Admin. What about Zadars record breaking numbers?

    1. Anonymous10:05

      Zadar apt has grow of 47% in 2013, comparing to 2012. Total is 472.572 passengers, but still not in top ten ex yu airports. Sarajevo which is last on the list still have 200 000 more pax

  3. Anonymous09:51

    I don't understand how Pristina has such high figures. Not to sound offensive but what makes people want to go there?

    1. SQ2610:02

      Kosovo has a huge Albanian Diaspora in Swiss, Italy, USA, Germany, Austria, UK & other western European countries. So its logical that Kosovo Albanians use PRN instead of SKP or BEG.

    2. Doot11:09

      Not to mention a large international presence there, Eulex, Kfor administrators going back and forth.

    3. Anonymous17:28

      I would say that some people who would prefer to take a drive instead of flying to Western Europe are not willing to do so because it involves transiting Serbia, for a number of different reasons. This is not the case with other countries, such as Turkey, Bulgaria or Macedonia.

      Actually, 2:24 is quite correct, however this can only relate to the border areas, as virtually no one lives there (on the Serbian side).

  4. Anonymous10:24

    Unbelievable that the Ceo of Croatia Airlines Kresimur Kucko not only destroys Croatia Airlines but also the Airport and don't forget Croatia the country as he is head of national airline .I ask myself is he really a Croatian or just thinks about his own pockets

    1. Anonymous04:53

      Thinks of his own pocketts first, HDZ mentality is very strong in OU and many other state firms, just look at HGK fiasco, Nedan Vidosevic, what a cunt of man manged to rip off Croatia for 20 years,

      Typical HDZ Komunjara.

  5. Anonymous10:49

    Correction his name is not Kresimur Kucko but Kresimir Kucka you must spell it correctly as his very serious about this personal ego

  6. Armageddon11:25

    Belgrade airport still will be #1 in the Ex-Yu for a long time but all croatian airport broke since long 6.000.000 pax per year and by far the most important air transport trend in the region. Next target this year: 7.000.000 pax

    1. Anonymous11:36

      Is that with or without OU entering Chapter 11 this year? :d

    2. Anonymous14:11

      Pristina might overtake Zagreb in a few years time.

    3. Anonymous17:32

      Well, my guess is that this number would go down by half a million or so if they decided to shut down ZAG for good as of tomorrow. There is huge demand for flights to the Croatian coast, of course mostly during summer schedule. I don't think many of those tourists would particularly miss Zagreb if their connection was through some other city, in Croatia, or abroad.

      In other words, Croatia will always get millions of pax, with or without OU, but OU's future is instrumental for ZAGs further development. No one else is going to use the airport as a hub, apart from OU.

    4. Anonymous17:56

      Well, the thing is that any city in the world has some optimal number of passengers. For the numbers to grow more there needs to be a local carrier offering connections. Naturally if OU goes belly up others will step in and take over. But that means that Zagreb will be stuck at around 2.2 million for the next few years.

    5. Anonymous20:16

      Haha, really, than tell us optimal numbers for other EX-YU airports... Croatia has a huge potential, but, it's ok, feel free to write whatever you want to happen, time will tell...

    6. Anonymous20:24

      OU only hope is if they move their hub to Split airport and try to create some kind of transit hub.
      Of course that would demand a bigger airport but if they had done that in the past today they would be a profitable airline.
      Example of that is TK.
      They could made their transit hub Ankara, but how much people would transit in Ankara.

    7. Anonymous21:04

      is that 6,000,000 pax for all Croatian airports last year?
      what about other countries?

    8. Anonymous05:01

      Croatia had around 6.5 million pax last year and is expected to handle around 7.1 million in 2014 and 8 million in 2015.

      2014 projections

      Zagreb - 2.55 million
      Split - 1.72 million
      Dubrovnik - 1.6 million
      Zadar - 550 000
      Pula - 420 000
      Rijeka - 175 000
      Osijek - 35 000
      Brac - 50 000 (if it remains open)

      2014 projections

      Zagreb -3.0 million (number of new carriers arriving to Zagreb from 21/22 in 2014 to 25/26 in 2015)
      Split - 1.87 million
      Dubrovnik - 1.7 million
      Zadar - 620 000
      Pula - 500 000
      Rijeka - 210 000
      Osijek - 50 000
      Brac - 50 000 (if it remains open)

    9. Anonymous05:08

      Thanks for the numbers, what about Bosnia and Serbia what are their total numbers for all the airports?

    10. 2013
      3.54 million
      BEG 4+ million
      These numbers are actually realistic, unlike those for ZAG. ZAG isn't seeing 3 million any time soon.

    11. Well, Belgrade needs at least 13% monthly growth in order to reach 4 million. If they keep growing at this rate they will easily reach 4.2 to 4.3 million passengers in 2014.

    12. Yeah, I know, so I put 4+, meaning it will be above 4 million. Because of the big changes that are happening at BEG, it really is difficult to see what will happen in the next 11 months, so I gave a conservative number. January was 29% increase, so we might even see 4.5 million if we are extremely lucky.

    13. Well, my guess is that February will be just as impressive, if not more, since the airport handled only 173.000 passengers last year.
      It's March and onwards that will be interesting to follow as these months will define how successful the airport will be. My guess is that Belgrade airport will record growth between 15% and 20% primarily because of Air Serbia's booming numbers. Competition will do ok, JU's partners better than others.

    14. Anonymous15:53

      @Aleksandar StojanovicFebruary 3, 2014 at 6:09 AM

      And you know that cause you know how Zagreb Airport operates, or Croatia for that matter.

      Give me a brake on your nationalist crap, you're hatred of Croatia and all things Croatia are clearly evident on this blog, on any other blog or forum you'd be laughed or baned long time ago, wonder why admin lets you post crap when you post such hatred.

      Reason why many in Croatia still hold hatred of Serbs if cause of guys like you, you make it very difficult for anyone to reconcile when first thing they want to do is flatten your face with a steamroller.

      If you hate Croatia please stop posting on Croatian matters, it'll be best for you, clearly you get all excited and angry that Croatia is doing so well.

    15. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that such a huge increase at ZAG can only be achieved after an increase in capacity. Right now, there are mostly rumors of potential airlines that might fly to ZAG.

      Every day there are skeptical comments about JU, are those nationalist crap too? (skepticism about JU is justified too) Give me a break. Instead of replying with facts when I expressed skepticism, you immediately chose to attack my motives, instead of giving a real reply to comment. It shows how weak your arguments are.

      I don't hate Croatia. I have visited Croatia, had a good time. So please, give me a valid, logical response to my comments and I will withdraw my skepticism about ZAG's future.

  7. Anonymous11:59

    Here is a picture of a possible scenario for Zagreb new terminal. And nobody talks about it.

    1. Aэrologic14:17

      That's already more realistic, reminds me of Tbilisi.

    2. Anonymous14:23

      What happened to the project that included 10 airbridges and those extra two that were requested by OU? I guess this is what Zagreb needs. It's nice to see the French dropped the whole Balkan megalomania.

    3. Anonymous14:34

      This is apparently another version of the plan. Nobody speaks about it, but considering Zagreb numbers and potential...I don't know...
      The truth is that nobody has a clue of what the French will build. This is interesting material for journalist (real reporters, not regime slaves). It would be interesting to get some comment on this picture by croatian Ministry and the French management. Greetings from Istra.

    4. Anonymous14:41

      Again, what potential? Croatians here frequently speak about "potential" for ZAG, but it just recorded YoY decrease, while BEG is surging YoY at an unprecedentat pace. So, what potential? OU will keep decreasing frequencies, while JU is expanding rapidly and will take over a huge percentage of the overall Balkan connecting market (especially to East). So, whatbis this ZAG potential you speak of? It doesn't have a strategic location and it's main carrier (responsible for 60% ofmthe overall traffic) is in huge problems. Low cost carriers swarming in do not require a huge, expensive terminal in any case.

    5. Anonymous14:42

      Thanks for sharing it with us! So have the French said that it will be a possible solution? Aren't they obliged by law to present the project they are going to build?

    6. Anonymous14:59

      Well, technically it's the same terminal just phase 0.5 :D

    7. Anonymous15:16

      I personally believe this is the right size for the terminal. After all, if there is any need in the future they can always add more gates or whatever. The most important factor here will be Croatia Airlines. If they keep on removing jet aircraft (Airbuses that is) then there is absolutely no need for additional gates.

    8. Anonymous16:06

      Anonymus 2:41...
      Calm down, I was and still am very sceptical about Zagreb potential, so I don't get your comment. Since you are so sure about Bg and JU, there is no need to discuss about it. It is so funny how people react without knowing actually what I think about OU and Zg. It is just like somebody hits you and you panically react. Chill out, please.
      And know more seriously...
      I don/t know if they have to unveil their plans. This is a picture that nobody is showing in cro. Maybe some experts know something about it.

    9. But if no one is showing it in Croatia where and when did it surface on the internet?
      Did they say how many bus gates it will have?

    10. Anonymous16:56

      A guy who showed this picture on the net didn't say where he got it from, highly doubt that this will be built... So, if Zagreb failed 1.8 percent this year, does it mean that it'll never grow again as some say... OU is the problem and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible!

    11. Anonymous20:24


    12. Anonymous20:30

      Anonymous 8:24, I see the pic, but where is the source? Just because someone posts a pic, it doesn't mean it's true, it could easily be the first phase of the project

    13. Anonymous05:33

      No this was the original proposal by the French at the negotiations in October, to revise and scale down the terminal, Minster objected and demanded that original plans agreed on are respected.

      To which developers maid a compromise of 8 gates, but than OU objected and demanded extra two gates for themselves, to which French developers said ok, but you better deliver if we gonna invest extra funds for this as well. #

      Terminal will have 10 passenger boarding bridges or 12, full profile as planned if numbers at Zagreb airport exceed expectations which are 3.3 million by the end of 2016, and all indications are airport will handle around 3.55 million by end of 2016.

      Currently there are 12 operators at Zagreb airport, full service operations, by the year's end there'll be 22 and by the end of 2015 this number is expected to be around 25/26 at least or 28-30 if all goes well.

      Air France
      Austrian Airlines
      British Airways
      Croatia Airlines
      Trade Air Osijek
      El Al Seasonal
      Etihad Regional
      Iberia - Seasonal (full service possible in 2015)
      Norwegian Air Shuttle
      Nouvelair - Seasonal:
      Onur Air - Seasonal
      Qatar Airways
      Syphax Airlines - Seasonal
      TAP Portugal
      Turkish Airlines
      Vueling - Seasonal (full service possible in 2015)
      Korean air - Seasonal
      JAL - Seasonal

      Czech air - coming in mid to late 2014
      LOT also coming back
      Allitalia coming back too
      SAS coming back in late 2014 but already has 4-5 weekly charters to Zagreb
      Swiss Int - weekly charters for now, plans for full service in 2015


      Brussels Air
      Wizz air (return)
      Aer Lingus
      Aegean Airlines (potentially in 2015 or 2016)
      Air Europa (potentially in 2015 or 2016)
      Air One (talks with this airline are being held as I write this post)
      Pegasus Airlines (highly likely in 2015)
      TUIfly (already has weekly charters to Zagreb with full on service quite likely in 2015 or 2016 at least seasonally)

      Talks with Air Canada are underway in establishing direct link with Canada seasonally starting in 2015.

    14. Lets see credible sources for at least five of those airlines, besides Germanwings, Etihad Regional, and KLM.

    15. Anonymous07:13

      Plus, only KLM might use the airbridge among the three that have announced flights. Etihad Regional's SAAB is too small while Germanwings uses remote stands unless the airport gives them to use them almost free of charge- something I doubt.

      If Zagreb wants to attract more lowcost carriers then I do not see why they need 12 gates. Belgrade has 16 gates and they are not yet using them all despite having 3.5 million passengers. Maybe they should not rush.

  8. @Ex-YU Aviation
    Would you be so kind to delete the above comment attributed to me. Not for the first time ZAG is attached using my nick. Thanks in advance.

  9. Belgrade had an impressive start this year. Then again, last January was pretty bad. I am sure that February numbers will remain as impressive as those two months have been traditionally the slowest.
    What will be interesting to see is how the airport deals with the large increase in passenger numbers that will happen this summer. If they keep this up then we might see even more passengers than 4 million, especially when the A320s join the fleet.

    1. Anonymous15:21

      Do you think that A320's will really join the fleet before summer?? I doubt ...the A320 are not even yet contracted yet ... as usual everything in Serbia is late and last minute!))

    2. Well, hope dies last. :P

    3. Anonymous15:36

      The summer schedule starts March 25th ... considering that AC is not contracted yet I doubt that it will arrive on time. Same story as for A319 but at least we have 5 for now vs 8 planned by now!!))) We are getting there slowly but surely!!)))

    4. Anonymous15:48

      It starts March 30 not 25 and the aircraft will be on time

    5. Anonymous17:12

      When will YU-APD come to Belgrade?And YU-APA (ex F-ORAH)??

      I am not such optimistic guy to ask for 8th A319,or (god save me) for A320 :)))

    6. Anonymous17:14

      F-ORAH/ YU-APA will be delivered soon as it was re-painted and its sitting in Ostrava.

  10. Anonymous14:22

    Nice piece of metal today in Zagreb, Qatar with A321,Lufthansa from EDDM with A321 and Turkish with B737-900

    1. Anonymous14:29

      It's nice to see that Turkish just 14 days after introducing second daily flight sent plane with even bigger capacity.

    2. Anonymous15:17

      The fact that TK manages to send its B737-900 into Zagreb only goes to prove how useless OU management is.

    3. Anonymous17:18

      Good for Zagreb, good luck!

    4. Anonymous19:44

      The TK 737-900 has less seats than their 737-800
      or A320.

    5. Anonymous20:00

      True. TK`s 737-900 seats 151 passengers. 737-800 from 155-189 depending on the cabin, and A320 seats 180.

    6. Anonymous20:42

      It's even smaller than A380, so what's your point?

    7. Hmmm...
      I always thought the 739 has more seats than the 738.
      Obviously i was wrong.

    8. AAA,

      You are right, usually it has more passengers however Turkish Airlines has a special configuration because they are using them on long and thin African routes. If I am not mistaken they have a large business class section and not that many seats in economy class.
      They send their B737-900ER as far as Nigeria!

    9. Oh thanks for the clarification Nemjee!

  11. Anonymous15:01

    Dubrovnik Airport announced 25 weekly flights between Dubrovnik and London during summer season what will make Dubrovnik city with most frequent connections with capital of Great Britain in whole region.

    British Airways 8 weekly
    Easy Jet 9 weekly
    Monarch 5 weekly
    Norwegian 2 weekly
    Thompson 1 weekly

    1. Anonymous18:45

      Great news for Montenegro as well since DBV is almost as close to Igalo and Herceg Novi as it is to Dubrovnik itself.

    2. Anonymous11:58

      SPU ... to Anonymous 3:01PM

      just partly truth , in august SPU have more flights thanks to EasyJet :
      July : 21 weekly
      EasyJet 9xLGW 3xSTN
      Wizz Air 4xLTN
      Norwegian 2xLGW
      Croatia 2xLGW 1xLHR

      August : 27 weekly
      EasyJet 15xLGW 3xSTN
      Wizz Air 4xLTN
      Norwegian 2xLGW
      Croatia 2xLGW 1xLHR

  12. Anonymous15:17

    Off topic ... Does anyone know why is ATR72 YU-ALO (JU100) flying just now to LEY (Netherlands)??? ...

    1. Anonymous15:59

      Maybe that is where it will get the new livery? I dunno, im just guessing..

    2. It is dispatched to LEY for regular maintenance check, cabin overhaul (complete) and painting.

      This will be the first ATR to feature AirSERBIA livery.

    3. I wonder what kind of seats it will get, I suppose they will be blue-grey.

    4. Anonymous19:48

      I think YU-ALU is on maintenance and repainting as well as it is not flying for a few days. Does anyone know where is, an when YU-ALP will be back in regular service?

  13. Anonymous16:36

    OT: Just a quick question regarding JU. I am wondering if they will order any additional aircraft between now and the delivery of the Neos to accommodate their needs. They will only have 15 aircraft after all A32x family are delivered and for a growing airline, does it not seem abit too small? I presume they are getting more ATR's. Could some Bombardier Cseries or Embraer Ejets be on the cards?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Anonymous16:48

      There's a rumored Etihad's purchase of 16 ATR 72s, which are supposedly to be split 8:8 between Air Serbia and Etihad Regional (ex Darwin).

    2. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Air Serbia's future fleet consists mostly of A319s and A320s. Destinations such as Thessaloniki, Bucharest or Skopje will be exclusively served by the Airbuses despite the fact that they could be perfectly served by Atrs. I could see the airline keep a certain number of turboprops for smaller markets where an A319 might be an overkill or on destinations where the Airbuses are needed on a seasonal basis.
      More things will be clear this summer season and it will be interesting to see which destinations will become prime candidates for upgrades or additional frequencies. My guess is that next winter Bucharest might go back to an Atr while Prague gets the Airbus. Naturally the best case scenario will be for the airline to lease another A319 and deploy it on some routes which can clearly sustain additional frequencies.
      As Air Serbia's network grows, more European destinations could become A320 candidates (London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Dusseldorf...).

    3. Anonymous17:53

      Nemjee, LHR already is to be served with A320, together with DUS. Services to AB hub cities will most likely see the maximum available seats on sale, meaning they will be served with an A320.

      Exempt is of course VIE, as it is no longer as important Air Berlin hub as it used to be.- so it will remain an ATR service. In case there is a huge demand, it will be upgraded though.

    4. Are you sure about Dusseldorf? JU's website shows it as an A319 for the summer season. However, it will be interesting to see if it will be Berlin or Dusseldorf to get it first.

  14. Video of Belgrade Airport

    1. Anonymous16:59

      Lufthansa <3

    2. There's also a video of Belgrade from the air, and landing in Belgrade Airport

    3. Anonymous18:44

      He started the recording too late.

    4. Anonymous19:34

      There are plenty of videos like this on YouTube, mostly in better quality, I don't know why you post this as a comment here?

  15. Anonymous17:05

    Can you include all the airports in the list, pula, zadar, mostar, banja luka, tuzla etc......
    So we can get an idea how many pax are going to each country?

  16. Anonymous17:13

    Any way of also getting transit pax at eack airport and destination pax at each airport? Seeing as destination pax are more valuable to the economy due to their spending on food, hotels etc ... Rather then transit who just pax the airport tax.

    1. Anonymous17:25

      You need to see the bigger picture. What do transit pax give you besides the airport tax you mentioned:
      - more flights (the more pax, the more planes flying) and more choice for Belgrade residents
      - more flights means more employment: for the airline, for the airport (someone needs to service those pax as well)
      - more flights and more employment means more income for people in Belgrade

    2. Anonymous19:19

      I do see the bigger picture, 100 passengers transfering through BEG are not worth as much as 100 passengers comeing to stay for a week in hotels, eat at restaurants, rent cars, and spend money on souveniers.
      100 passenergers going to Dubrovnik for a week have agreater impact on the economy of a country then 100 pax changing airplanes in transit.

    3. Serbia is not a tourist destination so any comparison with tourist-based economies makes no sense. In case of Serbia, correct saying would be: 'better to have 100 connecting pax and earn some extra money for the state-owned carrier, than to have only 50 domestic pax'.

    4. Doot00:32

      it's not either/or

      both are good

    5. Anonymous04:38

      So it does not matter if Croatia Airlines lose $2 million a year as long as they bring in passengers who spend $200 million a year.
      Now maybe those who are always comparing what Zag does and what BEG does will see how little that matters.
      BEG wants to make money as a transit location for flights from Europe to Middle East.
      Croatia wants to bring in passengers to keep them in the country as long as they can to earn money from them in other businesses, both have a different market to fill.
      Croatia succeeded in rebranding itself as a "IN" destination and from the increasing number of tourists each year they were very successful. Now BEG has to brand itself as an efficient HUB for transit passengers. time will tell if it is able to be as successful as Croatia was.

    6. It matters. Losing money is never good, especially if it's taxpayers money.

      For tourists who wish to visit Croatia, what matters is there are flights. Whether these flights are operated by OU or someone else is irrelevant, especially in the EU. Even if there was no OU, tourists would still arrive and spend money. Hence there are no excuses for losing money.

      Considering JU's business model, they have even less reasons to exist if they cannot be profitable.

      And in both cases, state may sacrifice a million or two per year for the sake of aviation sector and several hundred jobs. But losing tens of millions on regular basis requires either serious changes or liquidation.

  17. Anonymous17:14

    KLM has already upgauged its Zagreb flights to daily and switched equipment from F70 to Embraer 190..
    Tickets bookable now

    1. Anonymous17:20

      Great news fot all the people going to Amsterdam, and there are a lot of them, since I go there almost once a month!

  18. Anonymous17:35

    Ljudi,ima li iko konkretne,proverene i pouzdane informacije sta se ceka sa YU APD i YU APA???
    Da li su iznajmljene A320?

    Bez spekulacija i zluradih komentara ako je moguce.

    Zasto je jedan ATR izbacen iz saobracaja?Vidim da su Bec i Sarajevo obavljeni danas sa 737.

    1. Anonymous17:49

      Mozda zato sto je otisao na redovno odrzavanje, farbanje itd.

    2. Anonymous18:46

      YU-APA (ako je to uopšte njegova nova registracija) će verovatno prvo da ode do Minhena ili Dizeldorfa na unutrašnje sređivanje . Verovatno krajem ovog meseca će da stigne. Toliko je otprilike i ostalima trebalo nakon što budu ofarbani.

      Slike YU-APD ili VT-VJM u AirSerbia bojama još nema,pa je i pitanje da li se odustalo od njega ili..

    3. Anonymous19:44

      Koliko znam , još nema ni traga od A320.
      Što se tiče YU-APA, on je trenutno u OSR (Ostravi) i tamo je ofarban. Što se tiče enterijera - ne znam da li je odrađen.
      YU-ALO je "izbačen" iz saobraćaja, zato što su ga poslali na održavanje, farbanje u novu boju i sređivanje unutrašnjosti.
      Tivat je takođe obavljen danas sa 737.

    4. Coma19:53

      Zanimljivo je da je taj VT-VJM ustvari CJ (corporate jet) verzija A319-ke. Po specifikacijama, taj avion ima dolet od 12000 kilometara. Da li Air Serbia stvarno ima potrebu za takvim avionom?

    5. Anonymous20:11

      Corporate Jet nema 120 sedista, tako da nece imati dolet koji si naveo. Vise sedista, veza tezina payload-a manji dolet. Simple as that

    6. Taj veliki dolet se ostvaruje ugradnjom posebnih, dodatnih rezervoara u prtljažni prostor. Kada se avion preradi u komercijalnu verziju, ti rezervoari se valjda izbacuju...

    7. Aэrologic01:20

      The reservoirs are there to stay, it'll become A319-100LR, 10.400km range.

  19. Anonymous17:45

    And this is thanks to the Ceo Kreme Kucko only has eyes for Brussels I just heard they got rid of their Station Manager there the only one that was solving the airlines problems there so from now on you can better fly KLM as they have their own staff

  20. Adria's unofficial statistics for JAN14 regarding JAN13:

    flights operated down 6% (1381)
    PAX flown up 11% (61534)
    that is 45,2 pax per flight which is up 25%

  21. Anonymous06:25

    SNC Lavalin companies interested in the expansion of the airport in Tivat. "Municipality of Tivat ready to within the legal framework and its competence, provide all necessary information and assistance to this renowned company in finding an adequate solution for the future development and expansion of the airport in Tivat, " it was announced from the Tivat local government leaders after talks with SNC Lavalin.

    1. They are really good, I think they took over Athens airport a few weeks ago. They seem to be expanding in the region.
      Let's hope they also fix the runway/apron lines. According to international aviation standards the width has to be 60 cm while in Tivat it's only 30. According to airport officials they did it because they did not have enough paint. lol

  22. Anonymous08:15

    What happened to AirSERBIAs daily flights to Stockholm (ARN)? Were they only in January?

    1. Nikola09:08

      it seems that the flights are x24. maybe it will be D from S14


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