Newcomer Adriatic Skyways to launch flights

Another new airline planned for Croatia

Yet another new Croatian airline, named Adriatic Skyways, plans to launch flights this summer season with Fokker 50 and Fokker 100 aircraft. The new airline has joined forces with the Dutch carrier Denim Air whose aircraft will operate on behalf of Adriatic Skyways. The airline says, “Denim was carefully selected by Adriatic Skyways to become its single and exclusive airline partner. Denim has established an impressive track record as a regional aircraft operator. They have operated on behalf of airlines, companies, tour operators and other groups since 1996". It adds, “Denim focuses on operational excellence, rather than ticket sales. The optimisation of flight operations, in terms of reliability, punctuality and passenger satisfaction, has the highest priority. Denim operates Embraer E190, Fokker 50 and Fokker 100 jets”.

In addition to using its aircraft, Adriatic Skyways also plans to utilise the Dutch airline’s air operator’s certificate (AOC), allowing it to launch flights more easily and bypass additional bureaucratic procedures in Croatia. However, all of Denim’s aircraft will feature the Adriatic Skyways livery and on board product. “Adriatic Skyways has been established to promote and develop airline traffic from the Balkan region. We will focus on contacts with tour operators, local tourism agencies, hotels and governments in order to increase traffic and tickets sales from the region”, the airline says.

Plans to set up Adriatic Skyways come less than a month after a Swedish based tour operator revealed plans to launch a new airline this summer specializing in flights from Stockholm and Gothenburg to Zagreb and the Croatian coast under the name Air Croatia. Late last year yet another newcomer, known under its working title as Libertas Air, announced plans to set up a base in Dubrovnik with two Airbus A320 aircraft this April. However, the investment, estimated to be worth three million euros with a workforce of fifty people, seems unlikely to materialise on time.


  1. Anonymous09:05

    It is interesting that they mention the Balkan region. I wonder if they might add some regional destinations such as Belgrade, Athens or even Thessaloniki. I am sure there is demand if they work closely with tour operators.

    1. Anonymous09:25

      What possible reason could they have to fly to belgrade? Thessaloniki and Athens is understandable, they are final destination that people want to travel to, not to mention that they are in the EU so flights there would be domestic flights.
      Not to mention that belgrade is nowhere near the Adriatic.

    2. Huh? What has the fact that Belgrade is nowhere close to the Adriatic got to do with them bringing Serbian tourists to the Croatian coast?
      Dubrovnik Airline wanted to do this some years ago but then they were pushed out by both Jat Airways and Croatia Airlines. If I remember correctly they wanted to operate two weekly flights.

    3. Anonymous09:41

      As I said, flights within EU are domestic.

      Does serbia have tourists? I've been reading that most people don't get paid for up to 8 months! They don't have time to go on holiday, too busy blockading the highways.

      Also I'm sure I have read here that Croatia is too expensive!!!

    4. Anonymous09:56

      No, Serbia has no tourists. Most Serbs have no clue what passport or salary is. Most of them turned to cannibalism in order to survive and most newborn babies are eaten immeadiately upon birth so that they don't starve. This way they at least help their parents survive.

      This is your medicine for today. I hope the dose is sufficient and will put a big happy smile on your face.

    5. Hahahahaha... Yeah, that's why JU will keep four B737-300 for summer charter flights because Serbia doesn't have any tourists.

    6. Anonymous10:29

      Nemjee you can write whatever you want and you can laugh but we, serbians are so poor.There is only 40% of the whole population who can travel, not to mention that less than 35% of population use aircraft as a transport. 7 mil people in serbia, 3.5 mil at the airport of belgrade and many of them foreigners and serbians who live abroad.. so pliz.

    7. I do not get the point you are trying to make. My reply was directed at this comment:

      'Does serbia have tourists? '

      Anyone who is remotely familiar with the Serbian market will know that in summer Jat Airways used to operate up to 10 daily charter flights. This summer, Air Serbia will dedicate four aircraft to this market which can only mean that Serbia indeed does have tourists who go abroad in summer. ;)

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    9. Anonymous15:47

      as i said, serbia has 7mil and beg has 3.5mil. it is a shame. so where from jat used to operate 10 per day? from nis? if i see 10 daily from ini from june to september, i will agree with you. until than, we dont have tourists as we are economicaly, politicaly, spiritualy very poor. 60% from all of serbians who travel go to halkidiki, paralia etc. by car, by bus.. they just dont have money to fly.

    10. I fear you are missing the point, doesn't matter.

  2. Anonymous09:14

    Great news for Croatian tourism!

  3. Anonymous09:14

    Charter or scheduled flights?

  4. Anonymous09:18

    Most likely Belgrade soon...AirSerbia's catastrophic management is starting to show results...4 flights canceled today including such destinations as SVO, BRU...ZRH B733 returned to Beg after take off for whatever reason.... SJJ and BNX combined telling you that LF is less than 50% on each of these flights.

    1. Anonymous09:29

      I still don't understand why they are flying to BNX. Jat refused to fly there because it wasn't profitable. Suddenly the arabs take over and it is profitable?

    2. Anonymous09:29

      We want Jat back!!! It could never happen to them! :-(

    3. Sarajevo is doing well, it always has. Banja Luka is around 30% which is doing ok, especially when compared to the loads Jat Airways had (four weekly flights, loadfactor between 15% and 18%). Also, bad loads do not necessarily mean bad yields.

      The reason why Air Serbia combined Banja Luka and Sarajevo is because the airline's one Atr is currently in the Netherlands, as we all know.

    4. Anonymous10:08

      "Also, bad loads do not necessarily mean bad yields."

      Well with air serbias unprecedented price dumping they absolutely do mena low yields.I'd love to see rasm for ju. Unless you're referring to the subsidies air serbia gets in which case LF is irrelevant...

    5. Anonymous10:17

      LF is relevant even if they don't pay taxes at BNX. Zero LF wouldn't look good, 30% is enough to cover the costs together with incentives. In addition, any route needs at least a year of attempts and modifications before it is definitely rated success or failure. JU cannot do anything overnight and some people keep ignoring this fact.

    6. Well, as for Banja Luka, I am sure they pay almost nothing when it comes to the airport charges.
      Furthermore, they are dumping prices for connecting flights but they charge around €70 to €80 for the direct flights which is ok for this 35 minute, Atr operated flight.
      I am not saying they are making crazy money, they might not be making any money, but I am sure the losses are not astronomical.

      If I had to guess, Air Serbia is bleeding money on routes to Stockholm, Tel Aviv and Brussels.

    7. Even with 30% loadfactor, I think they are breaking even at BNX. 70 euros for a 250 km flights is a lot. The ATR barely uses fuel, and plus there are subsidies on that route. Some of those passengers go on to connect at BEG, so the route makes sense for now.

      If JU had ATR 42-500s, then they could afford to fly into every airport in the balkans daily since it is one of the most efficient turboprops, plus it is faster than the ATR 72-200.

    8. I guess the full summer schedule has to come into force before we start drawing conclusions on certain routes. I doubt the numbers are good, not with all these discounts and the introduction of new equipment. Even the most popular destinations are affordable these days.

      Does anyone know what happened this morning in Belgrade? ZRH, BRU, SVO all either cancelled or with serious delays.

      On a more positive note: One of the A320 is coming... Airbus A320-232, Cn 2587, Air Serbia, air-test at XSP 17-Feb-14, still VH-reg, full cs prior delivery, ex VH-VQO of JetStar.

      It is so funny how they pop up in most unusual places, Toluca, Mexico, Seletar Airport in Singapore.

    9. Anonymous10:47

      "I am not saying they are making crazy money, they might not be making any money, but I am sure the losses are not astronomical. "

      Well its impossible to be SURE either way because there is absolutely no public information whatsoever. If you look at the overall investment and factor in everything from new planes to retraining of pilots, FA's and a complete overhaul of the company from top to bottom, its very likely and completely logical i might add that there are astronomical losses, especially at THIS STAGE. After-all massive short term growth and price dumping is not a recipe for financial success, no matter your model or business plan...

      But there is no chance that we'll ever have a chance to see the financial performance of this "project".

      Now if you exclude those start up costs i mentioned and focus solely on what a certain route brings in then I agree there shouldn't be astronomical losses, but thats just my opinion in the absence of published financial facts to back it up either way.

    10. Anonymous10:53

      "If JU had ATR 42-500s, then they could afford to fly into every airport in the balkans daily since it is one of the most efficient turboprops, plus it is faster than the ATR 72-200. "

      Well i had this conversation with you about the embraers a while ago and it remains to be seen if etihad will be flexible or i guess realistic with their fleet strategy. I know that less types equals lower costs but as etihad buys more airlines they can afford a greater variety of planes to suit each market and maximize profit.... but what the hell do i know

    11. Actually, I am sure that, overall, Air Serbia is losing a lot of money and it will keep on losing for the next two years.

      In my post I was talking about the Banja Luka route, not of the overall financial performance of the airline, since the first comment was related to the SJJ-BNX route.

    12. Anonymous11:01

      ok then, understood.

    13. Anonymous11:03

      We'll see JU's performance very soon, they have to submit 2013 financial report by the end of Feb to APR (Government Business Register).

    14. Anonymous12:16

      Funny thing is that JAT had ATR-42s in it's fleet in the late 80s.

  5. Congratulations to Croatia, and good luck to this new airline.

    I hope that the government will not try to squash this newcomer.

  6. Anonymous09:34

    This is hilarious!!!

    Serbia had to beg, borrow and bare their arse to get someone to invest in their airline sector.

    Croatia has companies throwing airlines at them the way girls throw pussy at Robbie Williams!!

    1. Anonymous09:41

      Don't get too excited, none of all of these airlines have not taken off yet. ;)

      Прво скочи па реци хоп.

    2. Anonymous10:29

      "Croatia has companies throwing airlines at them"

      Yeah but no name startups offering seasonal flights pale in comparison to the arabs in every which way.

      .... and seriously robbie williams???

    3. Anonymous10:33

      Jump on board,
      Take a ride....

      Lets see the contract with the dune coons, then we will know for certain..

    4. Anonymous10:37

      Sure, why don't you start by showing us the contract between Denim and Adriatic Skyways? Or between INA/MOL and Croatia Airlines?

    5. Anonymous10:52

      Why? Contract between Denim and Adriatic is a deal between two private companies, for all I know, Adriatic may be paying Denim in handjobs.

      Why would INA/MOL have a deal with Croatian Airlines? Fuels is provided by airports.

    6. Anonymous10:55

      Actually, even Croats on here wrote about the Sanader deal with MOL/INA and Croatia Airlines which is providing them with expensive fuel.

    7. Anonymous18:27

      Let me halt you here, Ina and OU deal is published and its also matter of internal agreement, the price OU gets for its fuel is published in OU's own financial reports and OU owed Ina money for fuel in 2011 something that has caused some issue between OU and Ina.

      Also OU buys fuel from other suppliers has been since 2012, although Ina still supplies much of OU's fuel, as it is cheapest,

      What the fiasco with Ina/MOL and Sanader, to cut the story short, Ivo Sanader was paid $12 million to sell off 15% steak in Ina to MOL at relativelly cheap price all under the table, for which Ivo Sanader will face a very lengthy jail, he is alredy in Prison over Fina Media scandal and few other side scandals,. His assets in US, a home in NYC and Santa Monica are now being looked at, US Federal Authorities have just released documentation implicating Ivo Sanader in few tax dogging scams he was running, he might also be facing US courts if this is true.

      INA/MOL mess is being looked by Croatian Courts and now ex boss of MOL is being indicted by the authorities in Croatia to face corruption charges and could face 10 years in prison and any contract between MOL and INA would be non void.

      To make things worse Croatian Government hasn't got $3.7 billion to buy back 49% steak MOL bought through bribery.

      MOL has offered to sale 49% Ina steak to Gazprom which isn't an EU based company but a state monopoly that is heavily reliant on
      state support, something EU competition authorities are looking atm and will most likely prevent Gazprom purchase of Ina shares.

      So INA/MOL Sanader and all that is being thoroughly investigated by USKOK, and Croatian Police.

    8. Anonymous18:43

      I honestly don't think EU will prevent Russian companies (Rosneft and Gazprom are interested) from buying INA, hopefully!

  7. Anonymous09:44

    Strange that a Dutch airline is named after a French town...

    1. Anonymous16:18

      Not everything in this world is French:)

  8. Anonymous10:30

    Seems like a lot of companies are sensing OU's imminent downfall and are trying to position themselves to take a part of the market.

    1. Anonymous10:46

      OU's imminent downfall? Let's put things in perspective shall we?

      OU owns all their planes (no lease costs) unlike JU.

      OU has significantly fewer employees than JU (including catering and tech services)

      OU carries many more passengers than JU, not to mention the fact that hey charge full fare (unlike JU and it's never ending sale).

      And OU posted a profit just yesterday.

      Bearing these facts in mind, blind Freddy can see that it is JU that is facing imminent downfall.

    2. Anonymous10:47

      You just keep hoping that your neighbors cow dies..

    3. Anonymous10:49

      Hey lad, you are forgetting to add a few more things:

      - OU will face tremendous competition this year when it will lose its dominant role in Zagreb. Let's see how they deal with that.

      - Their profit came before increased competition. They will be butchered by both KLM and Etihad Regional, especially the latter which will fly directly to Rome and offer a much superior flying experience than OU will.

      - Air Serbia is backed and funded by Etihad.

      - Air Serbia is not an EU airline which means it does not have to abide by the strict competition rules, Croatia Airlines does.

      So before you sentence JU to death let's look at the real situation and only then make some conclusions.

      Probably the worst thing for OU is the fact that ZAG management doesn't like them and that they are determined to break their dominant role there.

    4. Anonymous10:51

      It's really sad. :( It feels like he's watchng the thread 24/7 waiting anxiously to respond to whoever writes something bad about OU.

    5. Anonymous11:08

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    6. Anonymous11:12

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    7. Anonymous11:16

      Yeah, the same way Etihad got tired of Air Berlin's losses. Oh wait...

    8. Yeah, go run crying to the teacher....

    9. Anonymous11:48

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    10. Anonymous17:06

      Hope OU doesn't go bankrupt, also would like for Air Serbia to be successful, I think this region has enough place for two national carriers. Unfortunately, I don't see Adria among them, but maybe I'm wrong, I adore Slovenia and wouldn't wanna see them go bust! Good luck :-)

    11. Anonymous18:39

      @AnonymousFebruary 17, 2014 at 10:49 AM


      First of Ethiad Regional is a joke, they fly with what 12 year old SAAB 2000, give me fucking brake.

      Only if Alitlia comes in and does Rome Zagreb Rome will OU suffer, for most likely Alitalia will use Embraer E-190/175 to complete with OU's A319.

      Lower costs per seat and fewer seats means Alitalia could offer lower prices which could push OU to send its Dash 8s to serve the route.

      Ethida regional has no chance, they might get decent load on the route but to have any impact on the route they'll need to have 15 weekly flights out of Rome and with their current fleet of ancient Saabs I don't see that happening laddie.

  9. The only thing I am certain of is that the current situation in OU is not sustainable. Somehow, OU is failing on both fronts, it is not positioned as the airline of choice for Zagreb catchment area an simultaneously, it never managed to be THE airline which is bringing tourist to Adriatic. Lowcost and charter companies are squeezing them out. In my opinion, that is why all these newcomers are testing the waters. Weak Croatian airline is of no help to anyone.

    EU or no EU, I doubt Croatia will allow the demise of Croatia Airlines easily.

    1. Anonymous18:55

      Its not an airline of choice in Zagreb catchment area, man what are you talking about, OU has nearly throw thirds of the market out of Zagreb airport, I mean if this is not an airline with market dominance not sure what is.

      Do I welcome other airlines, of course I do, would love to see more of them coming, I won't be happy until Zagreb is served by 30-32 airlines and OU's share is down to 40% from present 60%.

      I think even with 25% OU's market share will be dominant out of Zagreb, but we need competition so that choice and prices are really low so more people can travel out of Zagreb.

      By year's end there'll be 22 international carriers that fly to Zagreb, that is 10 more than in 2012. and 7 more than in 2013.

      I'd like to see this number go even further up, 30-32 would be ideal.

      Following Airlines I'd love to see fly to Zagreb,.

      Swiss Int
      Aer Lingus
      Brussels Air
      Iberia (going full service with 7 weekly, 365 days)
      Veuling ( same as iberia)
      Alitalia (return, 14 weekly flights at least would be ideal)
      LOT (polish national with 14 weekly flights)
      Czech Air (15 weekly flights would be ideal)
      Finnair (7 weekly flights ideally)
      SAS ( 21 weekly flights ideally, 7 our of 3 nordic capitols)
      Wizz Air (to add bit of spice to low cost)
      TAP ( to go 10 weekly flights)
      BA (to go 17 weekly flights)
      Air France (to go 17 weekly flights)
      Turkish ( to go 18 weekly flights)
      EasyJet (to go 35 weekly flights, add Paris, Dortmund, Essen, Lyon and Marseilles, base one aircraft at Zagreb)
      GermanWings (21 weekly flights, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Hamburg)

      And few other smaller airlines to spice things up.

  10. Anonymous11:47

    YU AND se pokvario na letu ka Cirihu jutros.Okrenuo se negde izmedju Novog Sada i Sombora i vratio se u Beograd.

    Zasto su otkazani Brisel i Moskva jos ranije, to ne znam.

    1. Anonymous12:38

      733 can't keep up the pace with this operations, utilization is so high for old planes. As I can see only two are in service. So Jat Airways supporters, without Etihad this year will be the end era for Serbian civil aviation. That is the fact, agree or not.

    2. Anonymous12:50

      yu-and and yu-ank are now white:

    3. Where the hell are YU-APA and YU-APD,some B733 became flying coffins....and , btw,YU-AND and YU-ANK were painted like my kids did they job,playing with white colors....OMG

    4. Anonymous13:48

      YU-APA will have test flight today. It will be very soon in Belgrade

    5. Anonymous21:01

      @ AnonymousFebruary 17, 2014 at 12:38 PM
      All Serbs here agree with you, absolutely. You don't need bitterness in your sentences. I can't imagine what should happened with JU without Etihad; but with Etihad behind Air Serbia would be very succesfull european airline. Greetings to you from Belgrade!

  11. Anonymous11:52

    Looks like JU doesnt have to worry for its future as a regional leader with OU getting blows every day from some unknown low-costers.
    Croatia is becoming more of a playground for these hybrid airlines. Another great example of how EU doesnt necessary do any good to a newly joined countries. Hope Serbia stays away from that trap and grows neutral.

    1. Anonymous19:06

      @AnonymousFebruary 17, 2014 at 11:52 AM

      what a stupid post, don't worry Serbia won't be in the EU for a while, 2027 at the earliest Serbia can hope for EU membership plenty of time to complement your future.

      For low cost and hybrid airlines that are coming to Zagreb, plz plz can I have some more!!

      Don't you understand, The more airlines come in better the competition, right now OU calls all the shots, when you have 30 other airlines competing than you have a choice, especially if you have 3-4 carriers on same route like London.

      You should be over the moon to have choice of so many carriers, for you're paying less for a privilege of flying to your chosen destination.

      Competition is good, monopoly is bad, cappish !

    2. Anonymous21:52

      Stop playing too smart, you arrogant a...hole.
      Can't you communicate normally without lecturing others here? Cappish?

    3. Anonymous00:07

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  12. Anonymous12:20

    @ Ex-Yu Aviation,

    First of all, this is not Croatian company, it's Dutch. Second , as they say on theis webpage, they are not going to be an airline at all, it's just commercial name for part of the Denim's operations, and the actual airline flying under this commercial name wll be Denim.
    Number three : Libertas Air NEVER announced start of operations in April 2014. They always claimed they would try to start until the end of this year, or more likely, spring 2015. Forth, and the most interesting : Nobody in croatian civil aviation knows absolutely nothing about this project, yet you managed to find information about it. On the other hand, project "Dalmatian" which is much bigger and complex then this one, with the webpage as well, where vacancies for some positions are already opened, didn't attract your attention and you never wrote a single word here about it. I'm curious why? Thanks for your answer(s)

    1. As the article quite visibly states, this airline will operate under Denim’s AOC but will use its own livery, brand, on board product and organise its own ticket sales. The April 2014 start date for Libertas was quoted by the airline’s CEO himself last November. Dalmatian has had a website for years and has been offering positions at the airline for years as well, so no, I do not take it seriously.

    2. Anonymous16:01

      I've just googled; Dubrovacki vjesnik and Aerocroatia state END 2014, as well as mr.Prpic, whom I know personally. So, your source of information is wrong! Again, NEVER was April 2014 mentioned as fixed, not even possible date for Libertas operations start.

      You gave me some explanations which I accept, concerning Adriatic Skyways operating as an fully (or partly) independent airline. But you didn't answer my question which actually was the reason I wrote : How is it "yet another new croatian airline"? is it registered in Croatia? Are employees croatian citizens? Are they going to have bas(es) in Croatia? I would really like to know what makes this "newcomer" croatian?

      Absolutely not true that Dalmatian has been offering jobs on their website for years. It started only few months ago.

      And I hoped that purpose of this blog is informing interested people what's happening in ex-yu aviation. The fact is that "Dalmatian" is company registered within ex-yu space, participant of several events within airline industry, that the project progresses very slowly but is not abandonded, and that all these shoul be enough at least to be mentioned here, no matter you take it seriously or not!

    3. Anonymous16:39

      Yeah right, keep hoping

  13. Anonymous14:05

    Now it is confirmed. CEO of Adriatic Skyways Berry van Eeuwik had a meeting with mayor of Dubrovnik and confirmed plans for new flights out of Dubrovnik and also they want to fly between Dubrovnik and Zagreb (flights with subsidies). In April they will open office in Dubrovnik.

  14. Anonymous14:38

    Actually Dalmatian only started advertising for positions a few months ago, not years as you state.

    1. Job vacancies for pilots and first officers were first advertised in 2008. The airline has been “launching”: every Easter since 2006.

    2. ex-yu,

      F50 is a turboprop not jet aircraft, so maybe you want to correct it...

      At some point, just before lunching of Air Serbia you had a link in the corner with the newest information on the company.
      In my humble opinion it would be a good idea to have it permanently so not all treads get overrun by OT about AS.

    3. Anonymous22:35

      @EX-YU Aviation
      Simply not true about advertising jobs since 2008. You've got your wires crossed with someone else. Then again, there is a certain forum member here that enjoys providing false news about a lot of aviation stories within the Ex-yu region (including Dalmatian) in order to raise his ego and cement his authority as a know-it-all.

    4. You are correct, apologies, I mixed something up. The placement was advertised 9 months ago on the company’s Linkedin page and is still there. I will publish news on Dalmatian in due course.

    5. Anonymous00:26

      But still every Easter they start to fly. Since 2008. Every, but every Easter!!!!!

    6. Anonymous00:29

      Let me remind you that last year you told us that it is 100% sure will start to fly during 2013. And what happens? Where are those flights?

    7. Anonymous08:56

      Hahahaha... again dalmatian for Easter? Hahahaha....

    8. Anonymous09:01

      Even web page does not exist any more...

      1. Web page
      2. Workers
      3. AOC
      4. Planes
      5. Working system
      6. Start operations

      ... but there is time. Eastern is 2 months... more than enough for that little job! Hahahahahaha...

    9. Anonymous16:08

      It's new webpage, which was announced more then half a year ago, and opened couple of months later.

      Position vacancies are announced there, the FIRST time ever, no matter what people who are afraid of this project say.

      I compared it with this situation (Adriatic Skyways), because it's possible now that it starts with an EU AOC, instead croatian, just to enable and make easier everything you speak about

      Planes and workers are something what is definitely available today and what noone should be worried about.

      Easter as start date was mentioned ONCE ONLY, long time ago, when Croatia was originally supposed to join EU.

      But for bad people, that once ever is quite enough to become twice every year, or why not make it daily?

      And for the end : "'ko ceka, doceka!"

    10. Anonymous09:35

      "Vidljivo je da je priča sad daleko skromnija i "primamljivija" za potencijalne investitore. No, još uvijek se ne mogu oteti dojmu da:

      1. Netko želi kombinirati charter i LCC. I da se razumijemo ne govorimo o ad hoc charteru (što rade cak i najveci LCC); ili o charter kompanijama koje prodaju slobodne kapacitete na charter letovima u LCC opciji kao npr. TUI fly koji ima u prosjeku 60% kapaciteta kao charter, 30% proda po načelu slobodnog tržišta i 10% preko trećih agencija ili Thomson (tako da danas neki takve charteraše ubrajaju medju LCC, a kako je dobar dio linija redovni chareter isti maltene postaju redovne LCC linije). Mislim da je vrlo neozbiljno i diletantski "inovativno" pokrenuti LCC i charter kompaniju u jednom. Zašto na takvu inovativnu ideju nije došao Rayanair, easyJet, Wizzair, Norwegian, Germanwings?

      2. U nedostatku ozbiljnih informacija daju se samo poneke no i one su diletantske. Eto, najavljuje se LCC linija Zagreb-Beograd sa A320. Da se razumijemo danas za 10-tak frekvencija tjedno, što bi jedino realno bilo ako se želi konkurirati autmobilu (autoputom samo 3 sata), vlaku ili autobusu, nema putnika za A320 (pa to je 16.000 putnika mjesečno). Također je diletantizam LCC let od 50 minuta. Ne kažem da toga nema, no to je ipak ogroman izuzetak (obično radi "pokoravanja" nekog tržišta, ili linije sa orkomnim brojem frekvencija i potencijalnih putnika, ili zbog marketinških razloga isl.) i moguće je samo u ekstremno malom postotku u usporedbi sa ostalim linijama koje moraju biti "gro" tržišta.

      3. Što bi, uopće, ta LCC letjela sa A320? Što je uopće više slobodno? Dva aviona u početku moraju ostvariti oko 224 leta mjesečno (oko 50 tjedno). Pa gdje pobogu? A uletjeti na linije gdje im konkurira netko drugi? Drugi LCC, poput Ryanaira, Germanwingsa, easyJeta, pa pojest će ih u roku keks! Ili Luftice, Air Francea, Britisha, Aeroflota, Turkisha...? Ovi će ih dumpingom još prije uništiti. Teško bi konkurirali i CTN-u obzirom na to da je CTN u načelu ili feeder velikima (gdje dalmatian nema šanse) ili već leti na linijama gdje je jaka konkurencija od još jednog ili više prijevoznika (Paris, London, Copenhagen...), ili linije u regiji koje su i ovako upitno isplative, te prekratke za LCC (subvencionirani SPU, DBV, ZAD, PUY, te kratke i upitno isplative linije prema SJJ, SKP, PRN). Uletjeti na linijama koje nisu pokrivene poput OTP, SOF, PRG, WAW, TIA... bilo bi takodjer upitno radi toga što te linije teško da bi imale dovoljno P2P putnika, a LCC ne "trpi" konekcije, te nije za ocekivati da ce dalmatian i imati mozebitnih, redovnih i brojnih konekcija u regiji. Sječate se kako sam prvi dan po objavil Belle Airove linije TIA-ZAG rekao da LCC nema šanse na toj liniji upravo iz gornjih razloga (ustvrdio sam da će linija vrlo brzo stati). I koliko je trajala?

      4. O linijama prema SAD-u, Kandi i Australiji ne treba više ni trošiti riječi. Jer moraš biti opako prepotentan da želiš uspjeti tamo gdje nisu Ryanair, Air Asia X, Oasis (se sječate to je ona kompanija koja je sa 747 letjela 3 godine izmedju Hong Konga, Londona i Vancuvera), Austrian..., gdje nisu ni pokušali Virgin Australija, JetStar, easyJet, Lufthansa, Air France, gdje propadaju Qantas, British, Virgin Atlantic... A sve su to kompanije sa ogromnim brojem aviona, ogromnim kapitalom za investicije i rejtingom. Iz ogromnih tržišta a ne majušne Hrvatske i malim brojem potencijalnih putnika.

      Sve ovo govori da je ovo samo wannabe kompanija i da joj je vjerovatno cilj "privuči kapital" investitora. Samo da to ne bude kao ona kompanija koja je počela letjeti u Mariboru, ili ona u Oxfordu, ili ona od prije dvije godine na liniji Chicago-Zagreb-Beograd... Otmi lovu, kreni sa prodajom i kod prvog leta prekini sa aktivnostima! No, ništa mi ne pokazuje da je ovdje drugačije, nažalost... A to bi bila velika šteta za Hrvatsku, koja bi još više udaljila našu zemlju od pravih investicija u zračni promet!"

    11. Anonymous19:03

      Maybie you should check your PC settings, because the webpage is there, fully existant and perfectly operative, including addresses for online applications for opened vacancies.

      In addition to that, you can find it on the Facebook as well.

      Any further discussion with the person not capable of opening a webpage or finding other relevant information on the internet is waste of time.

      And taking into consideration the lenght of your posts, you have plenty of time to waste.

      I just wonder would you be here as well, to admit you were wrong, when operations start.
      Even that be for the Easter 2016 :::)))

  15. Anonymous14:55

    I prefer to see back Trans/Pan Adria

  16. Anonymous15:34

    Not a single "airline" managed to reach success with Denim Air yet. Check Sirocco Aviation, FlyNonstop, SkyWork, Arik Air, Vizion Air and the likes. All are struggling or not existing any more.

  17. Anonymous15:56

    They would like to launch Mostar-Dubrovnik-Zagreb route. I hope that they will make a deal with mayor of Dubrovnik and do that thing correcty by their part. Although, this Mostar-Dubrovnik sounds silly, but we all know that Mostar has a potential that OU cannot or doesnt want to see... This is going to be very interesting summer.

  18. Anonymous17:07

    This looks like it will have the same fate as Dubrovnik Airline and I wonder if the investor has the support in this market because the airlines have interest to fly only in the summer season for 3 months but no further on as no airline showed interest to fly in the winter time here because simply there are no passengers in that period of the year.

    1. Not necessarily if you think about it. With so many tourists in Summer and less capacity on OU flights it should work. Of course you are not going to see any of them after October

  19. Anonymous18:38

    Dear ex yu bloggers,
    Can anybody tell me a list of routes at which Croatian Airlines and Air Serbia are struggling to fill their planes. Also which routes are doing ok.

    1. Anonymous19:18

      This is of course written by the admin who doesn't have anything to write about.


    2. Anonymous19:21

      I can tell you that most OU routes are doing fine, as all of them are quite good routes, and highly profitable, most profitable routes are, London, Paris, Zurich, Vienna and Munich.

      Rome and Split are also very good routes.

      Amsterdam, Brussels are also good but could do better, problem is OU's lack of advertising these routes. Copenhagen is least popular route, it was least popular route out of the above I've mentioned but still makes decent returns, especially now that few Croats have moved to Denmark and few Danes moved to Croatia so this route and if OU ever decides on Stockholm route should be very good for OU, there are 50 000 Croats in Sweden, and got a very good friend who is Swedish Croat and he goes to Croatia at least twice per year and he wasn't even born in Croatia.

      Last summer he brought 8 of his m8s to Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Hvar and Split to spend their 15 days holidays, I did that once with my Dutch friends and they are now going to Croatia on their own, one of them even drives his entire family in campervan each year to Zadar, yes we Dutch love camping. I am Dutch Croatian btw and am in Zagreb 5-6 times per year due to my work.

    3. @ Anonymous 7:18 aka Darko Marjanovic, I sign my comments on the rare occasion that I do comment and, no, I wouldn’t write an article about which routes Air Serbia and Croatia Airlines are struggling on. You won’t get that list of information publicly anywhere and I would be asked by both airlines to take it down immediately if I did. If someone has access to that information and wants to share in form of a comment here they do it at their own discretion. Also, throwing insults behind an anonymous id as you have done in the past won’t be tolerated and will be continued to be marked as spam. #manners

    4. Anonymous21:56


  20. I'm not surprised to see these kinds of airlines popping up in Croatia. Not a good news for OU as their share is going to get litlle smaller. It's really a shame with so manu tourist every year but it just shows how hard it's to cimpeta when you have such high seasonality. You need to have capacity in summer but you have planes ligtly utilized 4-5 months a year while still pating the same price for them

  21. Anonymous20:31

    I haven't seen this published here, so... here go JU changes for Summer 2014:

    1. Anonymous20:33

      Air Serbia in March 2014 will phase out its Boeing 737-300 fleet. Tentative final 737-300 operation is scheduled for Belgrade – Podgorica on 31MAR14, although this remain subject to change:
      JU172 BEG1405 – 1455TGD 733
      JU173 TGD1540 – 1630BEG 733

    2. So basically the only one to see a reduction is Brussels. No shocker there, it has been struggling even back when Jat used to operate it two times per week.

      What's interesting is that Moscow will receive extra capacity, 10 weekly A320 in stead of previously planned 7.

      It will be interesting to see the increase in flight operations this summer at BEG.

    3. ...another interesting thing is that the second daily Thessaloniki flight will start earlier than initially planned. I guess the route is performing better than expected.
      A few months ago when they launched daily flights I was flamed for saying that this route will do well. People used to say that no one will connect in Belgrade on their way from/to Thessaloniki. Nice to see I was right. :)

    4. Anonymous23:54

      I think JU could easily order 2 A321 NEOs and operate then between Moscow, Frankfurt, Paris and London to meet the demand. Moscow is a cash cow, especially with the business passangers.

    5. Anonymous00:05

      It seems they have realized that their Winter schedule was disastrously planned with no regional flights arriving prior to morning rush hour to provide feed. I am happy that part of JAT schedule with overnight regional flights is returning...
      Now with Thessaloniki, Athnes, Skopje, Sofia, Varna, etc.. arriving before 6AM will have a significant effect on the LF of those flights...

      My only concern is Tel Aviv... From what Ive heard from JU crew, LF is a disaster partially because they refuse to fly with, what is called in Tel Aviv, an Arab airliner...

      Good luck for all YU airlines

    6. Anonymous00:11

      And yes I forgot to mention, BNX still has stupid schedule...

      Rarely who wants to waster an entire day by travelling to Europe. Imagine this... A tourist wants to go to Berlin from Banja Luka, but instead of arriving there by 12AM they will lose entire day by arriving late night, while having to pay for that hotel night either way. In return they cannot catch the late night flight to Banja Luka which they could if the schedule was the same as for Thessaloniki...

      So lose one day in going to, e.i. Berlin and one day in coming back... I do not believe anyone would be willing from Banja Luka to do that..

      Again best of luck

    7. Anonymous07:28

      It's interesting that you call Moscow a cash cow. Last time JU had a Happy Friday promotion, it was selling MOW - VIE rt for 119 EUR, all taxes included.
      I wonder how much money they lost on each ticket. Great offer for a cash cow market.

    8. Eight10:29

      I flew to Moscow seven times over the past year, the flights I was on were always above 90% full and I have never managed to get the ticket below cca 300 EUR, both on JU or SU. I know that these flights may be the exception, not the norm, but all 14 of them? I have no reason to doubt the SVO route is doing more than fine.

    9. I highly doubt Israelis care or know that Air Serbia is partly owned by an Arab airline. If politics really mattered then Turkish Airlines would not be the second busiest carrier in Tel Aviv and it would not have 8 daily flights (some are even operated with widebodies).
      The problem with Tel Aviv is that Air Serbia needs to fight for its own piece of the cake. So far it barely managed to get a few crumbs and this should change as time goes by, especially when the A319 becomes the only equipment they use on the route- no more archaic Boeing aircraft which are currently used on the route.

      Regarding Moscow, it is a cash cow for the airline and the reason why they are offering €119 fares from Vienna to Moscow is because they can. The loads and yields are healthy so why not?

  22. Anonymous21:43

    First A320 for Air Serbia.
    9 years old

  23. Anonymous21:52

    Great news for Croatia! I think that the business model is good for a start-up. Nothing wrong with 'Adriatic Skyways operated by Denim', just like there is nothing wrong with 'Austrian operated by Tyrolean'. This is even a lighter model for a start-up as many of the costs are associated and invoiced to AOC owner (as I understand). .

    P.S. Seriously folks, you know who you are, can a day go by without OT fights (AirSerbia vs Croatia Airlines, BEG vs ZAG, Serbia vs Croatia).

  24. Anonymous00:29

    True dat.

    -- Charlie

  25. Anonymous19:00

    @ Ex-Yu aviation

    Denim Air doesn't have Fokker 100 in its fleet anymore. At the moment, they have 4 F50's and 4 E190's.


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