Turkish Airlines in EX-YU onslaught

Turkish Airlines continues aggressive EX-YU expansion this summer

Turkish Airlines is continuing to make its presence felt in the former Yugoslavia with further expansion planned for the coming summer season. While Turkish’s expansion will be welcomed by passengers, as it fuels more competition and in turn lowers prices, EX-YU airlines are beginning to feel the heat. Starting May 2, Turkish Airlines will inaugurate flights from Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Sarajevo. The new service will run three times per week and will compliment the carrier’s eighteen weekly flights between Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport and the Bosnian capital. As a result, Turkish Airlines will offer up to four daily flights between the two cities on selected days this summer. The new Sabiha service will go head to head against Pegasus Airlines’ daily flights with more details available here. Ultimately, Turkish’s expansion will come at the expense of its former subsidiary B&H Airlines which will be reducing its frequencies from Sarajevo to Istanbul from daily to only four per week from March 30.

It is not only B&H which is trying to keep up with its Turkish counterpart. This winter Air Serbia was forced to relocate from Istanbul’s main airport Ataturk to Sabiha Gokcen after authorities at Ataturk Airport, in collaboration with Turkish Airlines, offered Air Serbia landing and departure slots in the middle of the night. However, Air Serbia is now trying to retaliate. The Turkish carrier has not yet been issued a license to operate charter flights from Turkey to Belgrade this summer (the first time it has applied for summer charters to Serbia). In addition, the airline has been threatened with the possibility of losing some of its slots at Belgrade Airport. Talks between the two sides are set to continue next week, with Air Serbia hoping to return to Ataturk Airport.

Without much competition Turkish Airlines dominates in Skopje. The airline often sends its Airbus A330s to the Macedonian capital while the arrival of Flydubai to Skopje in 2012 did little to take away transit passengers from Turkish Airlines. In Zagreb, the Turkish carrier recently introduced a second daily flight, taking up slots which were formerly used by Croatia Airlines on the route. The Croatian carrier suspended flights to Istanbul last year. In Ljubljana, Turkish Airlines recorded a 35% jump in passenger numbers in 2013. On its flights to and from Pristina, the airline carried 136.632 passengers in 2013 while the carrier also operates flights to Podgorica and has plans to inaugurate services to Dubrovnik as well. As the airline continues to expand at an unprecedented scale and rate, the national carriers of the former Yugoslavia will need to revaluate their strategy against the Turkish giant if they are to remain competitive. Turkish Airlines is the only carrier to operate flights to all capital cities of the former Yugoslavia.


  1. Anonymous10:42

    Well, Belgrade Airport is (still) not allocating slots.

    1. Anonymous11:19

      Typical. They did the same to TK years ago (when BEG service was first introduced) and they mistreated PC in the same way. Then they get offended when retaliation comes in IST.

      (They = politicians in charge of JU, BEG, CAD, ministry...)

    2. You are talking nonsense, TK always had best slots and Pegasus got permit to fly to BEG almost instantly.And, btw, it is blog for aviation not for politician.

    3. Aэrologic11:41

      Pegasus got mistreated not by BEG or JU but by TK who bribed the then-people in the directorate to not issue them a license, therefore it was postoponed. They're doing the same in DNK, where FlyDubai was refused flights recently. Air Serbia trying to retaliate is the best move in Serbian foreign policy seen in years.

    4. Anonymous12:54


      TK got the best slots but the process was all but easy. Prolonged responses, temporary certificates... Maiden flight was 3 months behind schedule. PC were initially offered midnight flights. All I'm saying is 'our' side is not so cute and innocent in this story. They should of course play their own cards in the attempt to return to IST, but the current exile is a bit more complex than 'evil turks bribing the traitors among us'. Serbia well knows how to play unfair games.

    5. Aэrologic13:08

      Regardless, TK has up to 3 daily flights to BEG at prime times, while JU has been relayed to a secondary airport from which it can't compete. SAW is a disaster for JU or for any legacy airline. If they're serious about that market they must return to IST.

    6. Are we sure that SAW is a disaster for JU? I thought the point is to transfer people from/to Istanbul to/from some JU destination (Tivat, BanjaLuka, Budapest, whatsoever) via Belgrade. It is not in the JU interest to make any connection in IST because that connection is in the competence of its direct concurent (TK). People traveling via Istanbul anyway would not choose JU but TK.

    7. Aэrologic13:59

      No business or connecting pax fly from SAW.

    8. Anonymous14:01


      You're talking crap. Why would people not choose JU if the price is cheaper and the service better?

    9. Anonymous14:32


      1. JU's product on 80-min flights is still way below TK's.
      2. Prices would have to be not cheaper but intentionally dumped in order to motivate any pasasenger to choose stopover in BEG instead of direct flight with TK (and considering JU's silent hostilities with DL and LH at the moment, I am not convinced opening a front against TK would make a good addition).

      After all, average LF on the SAW route would speak for itself. Does anyone have it?

    10. AnonymousFebruary 6, 2014 at 2:01 PM

      You're talking crap. Why would people not choose JU if the price is cheaper and the service better?
      When I said people travelling via Istanbul, I meant people travelling onwards to east. So they are using TK, not JU. But for the people from Istanbul going to JU destination I presumed it is the same weather starting/ending journey in IST or SAW.

      A accept the remark about business passangers, they used to use IST.

    11. Aэrologic15:30

      SAW is very far and used mostly for flights to Turkish provincial cities and near-east.

      Air Serbia is already selling flights from Istanbul to all of their European destinations.

    12. Anonymous15:31

      "AnonymousFebruary 6, 2014 at 2:32 PM


      1. JU's product on 80-min flights is still way below TK's"

      - Why is that?

    13. Anonymous18:21

      I don't know why but that's the way it is :)

      Honestly, I like JU and wish them all success but please, let's keep some basic sanity here and let's not compare them with TK in any aspect, including the product.

    14. TK's product is good but it's not consistent, especially the behaviour of their crew. It's a well known fact.
      Their biggest weakness will be Istanbul Ataturk airport.

    15. Anonymous20:09

      Henrik Gustafsson (Sweden)

      Rating : 9/10

      Cabin Flown

      Value for Money 5

      Seat Comfort 4

      Staff Service 5

      Catering 5

      Entertainment N/A

      Recommended Yes

      ARN-BEG, 27 January 2014. Old plane still but fantastic service and great food. Staff did their uttermost to serve the passengers. Good wines with plenty of refills. Strange though that there was nothing sweet to drink with the coffee like for example Baileys. When the new Airbus will enter service they might be one of the best airlines in Europe.


    16. Aэrologic20:21

      Air Serbia service is better than TK, besides the absence of IFE which doesn't really matters on a ~2h flight, that is the majority of JU's destinations at the moment.

  2. Anonymous12:12

    If I counted that right there will be 32 weekly flights between Istanbul and Sarajevo. Yikes! Is there so much demand?

    1. Yes! The planes have during the summer a load factor of approx. 82%.

      On selected days this summer, there will be 6 daily flights between Istanbul and Sarajevo as followed:

      08:50 Istanbul IST A321 / B737-800
      10:00 Istanbul IST ATR72
      11:50 Istanbul SAW B737-800
      14:10 Istanbul IST B737-800
      17:35 Istanbul IST B737-800
      20:35 Istanbul IST B737-800 / A321

      In 2013, Sarajevo - Istanbul (IST and SAW) route was the most busiest (passenger number!) in former Jugoslavia.

      In 2014, SIA expects 10% increase in passenger number between Sarajevo and Istanbul.

    2. Anonymous14:31

      How do you know that SJJ-IST (inc SAW) is the busiest route out of the former Yugoslavia? Can you back this up with the precise number of pax between these two cities in 2013, please?

    3. According to Ivica V., the head of SIA, in 2013 there were nearly 300.000 (some 295.000) passengers on Sarajevo-Istanbul route which is more than on Zagreb-Frankfurt or Belgrade-Moscow route.

      In 2014, SIA expects between 320.000 and 360.000 passengers between Sarajevo and Istanbul.
      Also few charter flights between SJJ and IST/SAW are planed.

      Sorry, but I don´t have the official data as a document.

    4. Anonymous15:51

      45% of pax at SJJ are going to Istanbul?

    5. Anonymous16:52

      I don't know how SJJ-IST/SAW can be the busiest route in Ex Yugoslavia when Domodedovo Airport reported passanger numbers in 2012 to Montenegro 328 000(only from DME not counting VKO,SVO).

    6. Montenegro has 2 airports, Tivat and Podgorica.
      When u split the numbers on Podgorica and Tivat, there are approx. 190.000 pax on each route Podgorica-Moscow and Tivat-Moscow.

    7. Anonymous20:26

      Podgorica didn't have any flights to Moscow except YM three weekly with F100(seasonal) in 2012. I can't imagine what are the numbers for 2013.

    8. SarajevoFebruary 6, 2014 at 7:50 PM
      Montenegro has 2 airports, Tivat and Podgorica.
      When u split the numbers on Podgorica and Tivat, ...
      OK, then, I will use your logic. Istanbul also has two airports and when you split those passangers from Sarajevo into two then what you have?

    9. There is a difference between 2 airports in a ONE city and 2 airports in a country!

      Nevertheless, B&H Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Freebird transported round 260.000 passengers making SJJ-IST the most frequent route in former Jugoslavia.

      So, also without Sabiha Gocken passengers, it is still the most frequent route.

      Beginning with May 1, THY will go doubly daily with A321 to Sarajevo instead of 738 and 4 times a week with B737-800.

    10. Anonymous04:13

      Well sarajevo there is a difference between two airports in one country and two airports on two continents ;)

      Jokes aside it can't be counted as one route even if it's one market, you could say city 2 city connection but the closeness of Montenegro airports muddies their true market.

    11. Anonymous20:49

      When will the new routes from SJJ be announced instead of Istanbul Istanbul and Istanbul?

  3. Anonymous12:32

    "Adria Airways ipak potpisala sporazum sa Air Serbijom"


    1. Anonymous12:39

      lol "ipak". Ex-Yu wrote about this 2 weeks ago. Aviokarta got it wrong when they said it won't happen.

    2. Anonymous15:06

      It was Adria representative who told that Air Serbia ignore their request for more then two months and that won't be codeshare agreement likely, but thet they would like to establish cooperation.

  4. Anonymous13:20

    Alitalia starts FCO-SKP this summer. Flights are already bookable!

  5. Kenya Post Office13:42

    daily as of May

  6. Turkish Airlines operated charter flights to Belgrade in the past. I believe it was back in 2009 and the flights were operated with the A320 two times per week. So I guess this would be their second time applying for charter flights in Belgrade.

  7. Anonymous17:03

    Is there any indication/news when TK will launch flights from Istanbul to Dubrovnik?

  8. Anonymous17:55

    If Serbia would have brains and cojones.they would ban all Turkish airlines from flying into Serbia and abolish visa free regime for its citizen.
    Turkey would do the same for Serbian airlines and people,but Serbia has nothing to loose pfff....
    Then finally Emirates could start flying to Belgrade and also Etihad and Qatar could fill their planes and upgrade frequencies.
    If Belgrade ever wants to compete with Istanbul they will have to act in this manner.
    Turkey does not even recognize Serbia as a country,well that i call extreme and aggresive!

    After one or twon years i would allow the Turks to come back.At least they are easily replaced by the Gulf carriers.

    1. Anonymous18:13

      Serbia is already weak enough. With your cojones and brains she would expressly vanish from the face of this earth. Thank god she can still look for brains elsewhere.

    2. Anonymous18:25

      Why would it disappear? Actually, Turkey is quite irrelevant for Serbia. It's not like they are Russia, Germany or Italy.

    3. Aэrologic18:49

      Anonymous February 6, 2014 at 5:55 PM


    4. Anonymous18:50

      Yes,Serbia will vanish if its people can not go swimming in Antalya.
      As if there wouldnt be alternatives in Spain and Portugal...

    5. Anonymous18:53

      ...or Greece!

    6. Anonymous19:03

      You know, guys, maybe those comments on the poorest country in Europe and its people's illusions make some sense after all... Those comments are mean and dirty but some of you simply deserve no better. Ono, prema svecu i tropar...

    7. Aэrologic19:12

      Or Odessa, or Crimea...why give money to the f***ing Turks.

      Добро пожаловать друзя.

    8. Doot19:28

      you guys are confused.

      Most traffic going through Istanbul is transit. IST is in the top 5 busiest airports in Europe. As for the comment of BEG "competing" with IST.... uh.. I don't know what to say. Belgrade gets 3.5 million pax and IST has over 50 million. Compete in what capacity?

      It's weird you people probably living in the US telling (other) Serbs where and how they should go.

    9. Anonymous19:31

      45% of TK's Belgrade passengers are transit ones.

    10. Doots Mummy19:54

      Dooty Boy!
      Look my dear puppy,if you can not fly with Turkish Airlines to Bangkok then you will take
      Etihad or Qatar.
      Then their (EY/QR) planes will get fuller,so that they have to increse their frequencies.
      You said it ,TKs pax are mosly transfer pax.
      Btw my dear puppy, if Belgrade is so irrelevant to TK and Istanbul,why do they fly there?
      And i also will remind you my dearest Dooty Boy that less competition by Turkish airlines dropping out will even mean more competition,because other airlines will come in to replace them.
      Btw that would as the guy suggest only be temporary!
      It would be more like a shake up,not a kill off.
      Of course i await a sweet response from you my dearest puppy.

    11. Aэrologic19:55

      Belgrade is 'small enough' for TK to send 3 daily flights and behave as crazy over the market. Belgrade is gonna handle 4 million this year, IST handles about 30 million international passengers. They were at about 10 million a decade ago.

      Even if Belgrade was to grow to 8-10 million (no more), that's already about a fourth of IST's international traffic.

      No one in aviation will tell you that 25% is a 'small' number.

    12. Anonymous19:59

      @Doots Mummy

      Hahahhahahahah :D


    13. Anonymous22:56

      I agree with Doot, BEG cannot compete with IST at really any level. Turkish may not be fun to deal with for BEG but they are a necessary airline, and IST provides extensive transit options.
      Why is it that when someone constructively criticizes BEG he is attacked? Why do you feel threatened? Everything Doot wrote is legitimate.

      @ 'Doots M... ' you seem to be very immature.

      -- Charlie

    14. Doot16:55

      I'm not even criticizing BEG. I'm pointing out that something someone said is self-evidently ridiculous.

  9. Anonymous18:37

    OT, Zagreb numbers for Jan are bit down, by 4000, on last year's performance.

    But not surprising since OU still operates reduced schedule, daily at least 2-3 Dash 8s are parked not being used.

    Its sad and angering to see aircraft just being parked like that, aircraft don't make money by being on the ground.

    Kucko and his cohort of criminals must go, time for USKOK to have a look at OU.

    1. Anonymous19:09

      What a shame, I hope USKOK will do their job and send Kucko to prison!

    2. Anonymous22:58

      Can't those unused aircraft be leased during the off season?

      -- Charlie

    3. Anonymous01:21

      No Charlie, they can't.

      They're still used but problem is commitment to destinations, some major destinations have one aircraft tied to that destination for whole day, as you know daily one aircraft can complete around 5 rotations, normally its 4, now OU uses its entire fleet, but there are times when 2-3 aicraft aren't utilized fully so they have 2 rotations one day and than 1 day just sit there for next day when they'll do 4 rotations or 5.

      OU flies twice to Frankfurt, twice to Munich, twice to Sarajevo, 3 times to Split, once to London, Amsterdam, Paris each and every single day.

      there are 12 weekly flights to Dubrovnik, 10 weekly flights to Brussels, Vienna and few other places. So fleet is fully used on a weekly basis but due to poor planning and scheduling fleet is not utilized well, actually fleet is utilized only 55% throughout the year, and considering that in summers fleet is fully utilized that means in winters fleet is utilized only the third of available capacity.


      1 A320 x 4 daily flights x 365 = 100% utilization - repairs, maintenance and check ups, aircraft should be utilized ideally 75%. or 1095 flights per year.

      In OU this %g is around 55%, or 36% bellow what it could be.

      For this directly responsible individuals are Kucko and his clique of thieves.

      Its up to Croatian government to find more qualified individual to run OU, clearly it won't be found in Croatia.

    4. Anonymous01:28

      OH BTW, OU is loosing revenue as a result of this poor management, annually around $80 million of lost potential revenue OU should be making on top of current $320 million and 500 000 passengers.

    5. Anonymous02:29

      Anonymous @1:21 AM -- thank you for the detailed reply,

      It is a difficult problem to deal with, high or full demand in the summer, low demand in the winter. Isn't that the nature of Croatian air travel/demand overall?

      Could not OU add a new destination (IST or SVO perhaps) that can fly during those days you mentioned that the aircraft is just 'sitting around'? Or use it for winter charters?

      -- Charlie

  10. Actually Croatia could do this first.
    They already stopped flying to IST and introduced visa for Turkish citizen.
    The passengers could switch TK for Qatar Airways or Emirates if they would start Dubai-Zagreb.
    OU could also open Zagreb-Dubai and codeshare with EK/Quantas.

    1. Anonymous18:56

      "Emirates if they would start Dubai-Zagreb."

      Are you on mushrooms?

    2. Anonymous19:07

      Anonymous 6:56 PM, what's your problem? You think it's impossible for Emirates or Qatar to start flying to Zagreb? Croatia in general could be interesting because of tourism and businessmen, people are still richer than in other Ex-Yu countries (except for Slovenia) and travel all the time! Besides, we could use a good connection to Middle East, a connection that Belgrade already has!

    3. Anonymous19:17

      Yes, i think it's impossible for Emirates to start flying to Zagreb. Qatar is already there which is more than enough.

      "travel all the time!"

      Not sure if that's the word i would use to discuss Croat travel habits.

    4. DinamoZagreb19:32

      Of course Emirates could open Zagreb flights.
      The only problem is Turkish ,which has a monopoly on Croatia to Asia flights without contributing anything to Croatia.
      Kicking them out would make space for the MEAs.
      Zagreb thus could get in this way daily nonstop flights as well with Emirates and Qatar before Belgrade.

    5. Anonymous19:45

      Sure, your name tells it all. You're clearly disillusioned.

    6. Anonymous19:46

      Anonymous 7:17 PM, how do you know what is enough for Zagreb? Did "Vucic almighty" tell you that?

    7. Anonymous20:06

      Mighty enough to send Adria packing in less than 2 months.

    8. People don't be silly.
      Zagreb airport should hope first that they get flydubai to have a decent line to Dubai, and not taking a connection flight in Istanbul or Doha.
      Also there is a higher possibility that Emirates start operating to Dubai because the passenger numbers are rising, there are some Dubai based companies working in Serbia, and they wouldn't let their competition (Etihad, Qatar) take so easily passengers.

    9. Anonymous20:45

      Haha, poor Serbs, not getting any richer, ha? ;-)

    10. Anonymous20:49

      I think Qatar and Turkish dominates ME from Zagreb, if Emirates does come it'll be having hard time (I am a Croat Dutch, so plz don't attack me for being realistic here), And I think Qatar and Turkish is more than enough for Zagreb. However, I'd love to see connection with Australia, through some codeshare agreement, I wonder would Turkish ever consider something, do they fly to Oz?

      Them and Quantas could do something,alternative is as usual, Frankfurt or London.
      Not sure of qatar flies to Oz, that would be another alternative for Frankfurt or perhaps if Austrian has some deals with Quants?

      Last year (not all figures are in yet) but it seems 108 000 Aussie visitors visited Croatia, and 27000 new Zelanders. This is a really impressive number.

      And this number might go up by 7-8% this year again, Aussies have been coming to Croatia in ever increasing numbers since 2000, not sure why so many come (no one is complaining) but they are coming in their draws.

      It would be nice to have some sort of connection with the Oz so more Aussies and Kiwis can come here and spend their holidays. Could Air New Zeland be flying to Istanbul ?

    11. Aэrologic21:58

      Qantas cooperates exclusively with Emirates. Zagreb could see at best 2-3 weekly flights with FlyDubai, though that's unlikely cause it would exeed their a/c maximal economical range as well as crew duty hours.

    12. Anonymous23:34

      Why FlyDubai, why not Turkish? I mean Qantas is big enough to have a codeshare agreements with many airlines.

      Right now Turkish is best for connecting to ME out of Zagreb, ok I know there's Qatar, but I don't know if Quants flies to Doha, so there's this slight problem and Zagreb is too far for Emirates to send in A320s without violating working ethics/working hours.

      Turkish seems most logical to me. Otherweise its London and than Quantas or BA from there or Frankfurt and Lufthansa.

    13. Anonymous02:43

      Emirates operates no A320's.

      From which planet are you from?

    14. What does it matter if Qantas flies into Doha or not? Qatar has its own Australian network.

      I think he meant flydubai and the B737-800.

  11. BEG2IAH18:44

    Ex-YU, change "and will compliment the carrier’s" to "and will complEment the carrier’s"... and delete my comment afterwards. :)

  12. Anonymous19:30

    Let me provide you with some gossip from Air Serbia.

    SNS wants to either privatize or find a strategic partner for Jat Tehnika. However, all the management there is from SPS and they are opposing any similar move, naturally the prime minister is backing them. These people are afraid that they might face the same fate JU pilots faced when Etihad took over. Before the takeover, JU pilots were calling all the shots and most of them were flying once a week while getting €5.000 per month. When EY took over they basically told them that they will be flying five times per week which caused them to hate the new owners.

    The situation is getting bad in Tehnika especially since they lost 50% of their business when Air Serbia decided to do most of their maintenance elsewhere.
    That's why the Atr flew to the Netherlands to get repainted and refitted with a new cabin.

    Because Tehnika was so difficult, Air Serbia is forced to created its own light maintenance facilities at Belgrade airport. They are currently stealing quite a few mechanics from Tehnika but the problem is that most of them do not speak English. Etihad has taken a lot of young boys from the aviation high school and offered them training to become mechanics in both AUH and BEG.

    There is so much more going on at the airport. A lot of airlines are not happy with the level of ground handling services that are being offered by the airport which is one of the reasons why the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate will issue the licence to two more agencies to offer their services at the airport. Both are Serbian btw.

    A lot of problems surfaced now because the new management in Air Serbia is going hard against all those parasites who have worked hard to destroy Jat and to ensure they got all the benefits from BEG's monopoly. Fun times ahead! The best thing is that most people who are hired are there because they merit it and not because they knew someone. Naturally, nepotism still exists but at least it's not crippling the future development of the airline.

    Before Air Serbia grows much more, they first need to solve some basic, existential problems not many people know about.

    I hope this sheds some more light on the actual situation in the airline.

    1. Anonymous21:15

      This is actually good news for Air Serbia. If true, it shows management commitment to improving service levels by selecting talent, hard work and top performers over nepotism. Selecting quality partners over political partner choices can make the company break with the bad rep JAT had in the past and enable growth and profitability.

    2. Anonymous21:40

      Yes, it's true. It's actually good that I can write anonymously here because I do not want to risk creating some unwanted trouble at work. :)

      Like I said, they are firing people regardless of how they came to work there. I personally know a guy who was sacked despite him being third generation JU employee. They are ruthless if you are not doing your job. They do not even consider employing people who do not have a middle level of English which in my opinion is good.
      Actually, slowly slowly Serbs are coming back from AUH and they are taking over some key parts of the airline. The only problem is that the middle management is still made up of post-communism pest but I guess they couldn't change everything overnight.

      From what I could notice is that they are changing everything in the airline using the bottom-up approach. If you are smart, dedicated and innovative you will advance quite fast.
      I am a bit sad when I see people trash Air Serbia on here. I know they do not know what's happening behind closed doors but I hope this helps a bit. If you have any questions feel free to direct them my way. :)

    3. Anonymous21:49

      Here is a funny situation which took place some months ago.

      Etihad introduced a special grooming mechanism for all of its employees. So when the took-over took place they sent a British woman to 'groom' Jat employees. They were all sitting in an amphitheatre, she came up to the podium, look at all of them and said:

      'There are a lot of messy people in this room.' :D

      After that they started slowly introducing the strict dress code most employees have to follow, especially the women.

    4. "A lot of airlines were not happy with the ground handling at Belgrade..."
      Can you name these airlines and also some other complaints they made?
      Do you know more about the rumours that Etihad wants to take over Belgrade airport?

    5. Anonymous09:05


      Sure, the most vocal was Lufthansa. They were the ones to complain first and to call on Swissport to come to Belgrade airport. Swissport did show interest and they even contacted the directorate but the deal fell through because some people did not want to have additional competition. Mind you, for Swissport to consider entering an airport, the airport has to have at least 3.000.000 passengers. This makes Belgrade a perfect candidate for them.

      Another airline is Wizz Air. Air Serbia Ground Handling Services services some parts of their flights. They also perform a part of their medical checks. By the way, interestingly enough Wizz Air Serbia was audited a few weeks ago. Don't know more of it but it's still interesting.

      Airlines are not happy as there is a clear lack of professionalism. Most of their staff are rude to the passengers. For example, if you work for Air Serbia, being rude to the 'guest' will immediately earn you a warning which you are not aware of. Once you collect three of these you are out. In other words, they have people around who are monitoring if the ground staff is professional and polite. Those who are not will have no future with the airline. I personally believe this is the right way. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance in the aviation business. Same thing applies for the cabin crew, three warnings and you are out.

      Yes, the takeover is very much planned because BEG management refused to grant them exclusive access to both terminal 1 and gates A1 to A10. The takeover of the airport was not initially planned. Air Serbia wanted to completely refurbish this area and make it its own mini terminal. Belgrade airport and its CEO are rather stupid, just like Tehnika people are. The future of Serbian aviation is linked to Air Serbia. Not to mention that the SNS party is smart enough to grant them whatever they want since they know what they are building there.

      The most important thing is that there are some young Serbs being employed as either mechanics or ground staff who are doing a great job and they are being rewarded for it. The best part about working for Air Serbia is that your salary is never late and that you are signed up for staz (sorry, I do not know the equivalent in English) from the first day! They are employing smart and ambitious Serbs and giving them the opportunity to grow with the airline and advance in time to better positions. In my opinion, Air Serbia should be the example for every state owned company in Serbia.

    6. Thanks for your response!
      Best regards.

    7. Anonymous11:24

      Oh you bottom feeder SNS party trol. You are so full of crap. You come here and spread such lies, without any backings, You are hiding behind anonymous. I can surely say i`m employee of Air Serbia and they are treating people like shit. They are looking to sack whoever is not SNS party member (deal btw Vucic and Zajed), who ever speaks against Etihad is sacked, and salaries are lower than they ever were.

  13. Anonymous20:04

    "Without much competition TK dominates in Skopje" -written is such a way it is actually not true, (OU, OS and JP all have 2 daily flights, even if they're not with an A330)-JU 2 btw.
    The correct way to describe the situation in Skopje is:
    "Without much (or any) competition the STAR ALLIANCE dominates in Skopje"

    1. Anonymous20:24

      How many times did TK send a 330 to Skopje anyway?

    2. Aэrologic20:29

      The article is factually wrong (or so is the source). The last time TK sent it's A330 to Skopje was on October the 30 2013. I wouldn't call that 'regularly'.

    3. Kenya Post Office21:52

      typical for this blog: mediocre articles

      TK have send their 330 3-4 times during Hajj and thats it

  14. Here's details to daily flight from Skopje to Rome with Alitalia http://www.routesonline.com/news/29/breaking-news/238994/alitalia-adds-rome-ndash-skopje-route-from-may-2014/routes-tv/2760013638001/

  15. Turkish Airlines plans further expansion. The onslaught is going to make its impact felt the world over. The expansion is also going to improve trade relations of the diverse nations. The expansion of various airline companies is only going to help the trade around the world grow.


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