Adria orders two CRJ900 jets

Adria places firm Bombardier order

Adria Airways yesterday signed a firm purchase agreement for two Bombardier CRJ900 NextGen aircraft. Based on the list price, the order is valued at approximately $92 million dollars. “Our Bombardier CRJ900 regional jets have proven to be most efficient and economical assets to increase capacity and replace larger aircraft where passenger loads are insufficient”, Adria’s CEO, Mark Anžur, said. “With its demonstrated reliability and low fuel consumption, the CRJ900 NextGen regional jet offers an unmatched mix of cost efficiency, network flexibility and passenger appeal”, he added. In addition to the two orders made yesterday, Adria will also lease two aircraft of the same type, with the first of the two expected to arrive in Ljubljana in a week’s time.

Adria currently operates four CRJ900s with a further four coming into the fleet. As a result, the airline will begin retiring its four smaller CRJ200 aircraft which have proven unprofitable. The Slovenian carrier continues to operate two Airbus A319s and one A320, with the latter used almost exclusively for charter flights. Adria has been a long time Bombardier customer, ordering its first aircraft from the Canadian plane manufacturer back in 1997. Adria Tehnika, which was once a subsidiary of the Slovenian carrier but is now an independent company, serves as the regional Bombardier maintenance centre.

Commenting on Adria’s order, the Bombardier Senior Vice President for Sales, Marketing and Asset Management, Ray Jones, said, “Adria Airways is among the growing list of operators who are benefitting from the proven performance of the CRJ900 NextGen regional jet. This is a testimony to our ongoing commitment to the technological updates of our product offerings to ensure their competitiveness”. He added, “Adria Airways has been a long time Bombardier commercial aircraft customer and also maintained more than 700 CRJ aircraft as our first recognised service facility in Europe. We're thrilled that the airline is once again looking to us for its fleet solution”. The delivery date of the two jets is yet to be announced.


  1. Anonymous09:09

    1. of two liease CRJ900NextGen will arrive at LJU Airport 1.4.2014 and second 24.4.2014

  2. Anonymous09:21

    Great news for Adria Airways!

  3. Anonymous09:21

    Provalite kojim se avionom obavlja sutrasnji let za Pariz u 17:10!!!!
    Ne znam kako se let moze obaviti avionom koji nije stigao u flotu??

    1. Anonymous12:33


    2. Nism siguran, dali razumeš engleski, ali ima več sada četiri komada. Ova na leasing plus dva nova treba da budu pojačanje.
      Inače, za sutra može da bude S5-AAK, S5-AAL, S5-AAN ili S5-AAO, zavisi, koji je planiran, odnosno ne leti iz Prištine.
      For the first anonymous: 1st of Apr is not yet confirmed. More likely is to be the 2nd or even later next week (information from Adria PR).

  4. Anonymous09:24

    Great news and nice to hear some positive news coming from former Yugoslavia lately :)

  5. Anonymous11:27

    How are they planning to pay for them? Did they reveal the financing structure?

  6. Aэrologic12:27

    Here are some Air Serbia and BEG news folks:

    - The patch partially covering Nikola Tesla's face in the corridor linking Terminals 1 and 2 to be removed/repaired (y)

    - 30 new ground-service agents employed and starting work (out of 610 who applied)

    - Slaviya sales office to be closed, staff moved to Belgrade Airport

    - YU-AON landed at NOC (Ireland) yesterday at 14:34 and left the fleet, returned to Triton {farewell}

    - JU and EY expanded codeshare: EY codes to be placed on LON/AMS/BRU/SOF/TXL/DUS/FRA/ZRH/VIE; JU codes to be feautured on EY's flights from AUH to PER from 15 July 2014

    => Exclusive: Air Serbia signed SPA with Ukraine International Airlines (PS) that will come in force from 1 April 2014

    - Air Serbia started line maintenance on 19 March 2014 after obtaining necessary licenses, to maintain Air Serbia A319 fleet. Line maintenance of Air Serbia now employs 12 aviation engineers and 20 technicians.

    - Air Serbia Ground Services and Air Serbia Catering HR departments starting cooperation in order to enable better synergies within the company

    - Air Serbia to send A319 to Bucharest due to the extreme demand, for the first time business class to be offered on the route

    => Air Serbia ending codeshare agreement with Austrian Airlines from 30 March 2014

    => Expedia (the largest internet sales agent in the US but quite unknown in Europe) to become Air Serbia's agent {thumb up}

    - Codeshare with Adria to be extended and to cover ATH, LCA, SKG, SOF and OTP
    (already published)

    - 1st Airbus A320 (YU-APG) arrived and in hangars at Belgrade airport

    -> STA (the largest student's travel agency in the world) to include Air Serbia in their offer starting with 2014 summer season

    * Bonus: Air Serbia and Etihad Airways to join forces for the Belgrade Fashion week. The famous Indian fashion designer, Manish Arora will be flown-in from Paris on an Air Serbia flight for a runway show on 2nd April 2014.

    1. Anonymous12:34

      Everything is true but 320, still not in BEG. In 2-3 days will be.
      Interesting text
      LH strikes back thru EU institutions

    2. Anonymous15:36

      A320 will enter in service on thursday 1.4.2014 to athens flight JU516,at least that says the website of Air Serbia;jsessionid=4lyWT2YV1sPgYMcnTmzZv0Y8chpRFhpvYS4XGPpzxJ8C7kLbLDDZ!-1158774889!-408947789,we will see is that true on thursday

    3. Anonymous15:40

      Sorry mistake tuesday 1.4.2014

    4. Anonymous17:47

      70 flights tomorrow out of BEG airport.

    5. Anonymous17:48

      Any idea why JA's flights aren't featuring JU and EY's codes tomorrow? Also many JU flights have EY codes missing (source:

    6. Aэrologic17:51

      - Tarom is codesharing with Air Serbia to Skopje.

    7. Aэrologic17:55

      - EY codes to appear on JU's flights to Bucharest as well.

    8. Anonymous18:22

      Thanks for the great news! Amazing improvements in only a few months!

      As for Lufthansa (ab)using EU institutions for corporate gains, that's already known. Their knee-jerk reaction is to bully others to cover for LH management incompetence. Bullying is a sign of weakness and LH attack on TK is a perfect example of this failed approach. In the end, LH attack will fold and new management will have to be more inventive in ways to find mutual interest with Etihad and Air Serbia. Opportunities exist, but new leadership will have to part ways with old thinking.

    9. Anonymous19:29

      Serbia actually even isn't in the EU. Funny how the EU treats Serbia as an EU-member in everything that suits their interests and as a non-EU member in all the other cases.

    10. Anonymous19:58

      LH, thru Germany CAA has banned Air Serbia to fly in Germany with A6 registration. Lobbing thru EU institutions some other countries will follow they decision. Interesting period is coming

    11. There isn't really much Lufthansa can do.

    12. Anonymous21:45

      Of course not. Lufthansa is so insignificant company in Europe. They just hope to be as powerful as Air Serbia one day.

    13. Anonymous22:43

      Troll on a power trip: it's not about who is insignificant right now, but where things are trending. Decade ago TK was insignificant, ditto for Emirates. LH group is stuck in the past, instead of forward thinking.

      One example: LH group has outstanding number of destinations and frequencies to North America. Even if Air Serbia starts flights to North America right now (which they won't any time soon), Air Serbia would have at most three destinations, unlike dozens for LH group. What is in Lufthansa's best interest:
      1 - to be drama queen and try to block JU using EU, even though they know JU has a clean record and will win in the end, or:
      2 - focus on what's best for them and work together with JU on those destinations JU won't ever be able to offer. (BTW you can replace JU with TK in this example and it will still be the same)

      It's a nobrainer really, but someone in Cologne will have to drop chest thumping as a management tool and start looking at pure numbers.

  7. Aэrologic12:28

    - 4th ATR (YU-ALP) being repainted at the QAPS facilty in Netherlands, a world-renowned company for planes painting.

    => New seats to be fitted into the aircraft.

    Interesting facts:

    It takes about a week to paint an aircraft of this type. YU-ALO, ALN, ALU already painted. Prior to that Air Serbia's technicians and flight crew prepared the aircraft for the painting process in the form of acceptance checks and minor prep-work. Once the painting process starts, a stripper is applied on the first day, in order to remove the current layer of paint. The
    second day both the stripper and the paint are removed. Detail 'sanding' is next on schedule for day 3. One day later, the first 'primer' coat is applied. The primer coat ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability and provides additional protection for the material being painted. On the 5th day sealant is meticulously applied for the sake
    of detailed protection of all parts and open sections. On days 6 and 7 blue and red paint are finally applied over the unique logo and schemes. While paint is the final coating to be applied, markings are removed and the new logos in bright red and blue appear.


    1. Anonymous18:04

      A3rologic, zaista vrlo retko sam nasao ovoliko mnogo zeljenih informacija kao u ovih Vasih par priloga u ovom blogu. Uz AIR SERBIA, posebno je vazno redovno pisati o promenama u razvoju vazdusne luke Beograd. Svako zna da je brzi preobrazaj ANT-BEG neoddvojivi deo uspeha rapidnog rastai, imidza nase AIR SERBIA. Zato molim da i u buduce o ovim pitnjima prenosite iskrene, tacne informacije. Sa onima koji iskreno prate razvoj komercijalnog vazduhoplovstva, a posebno o AIR SERBIA, aerodromu ANT Beograd i ostalih par u Srbiji, ostajte pozdravljeni. Naravno uz Ex yu admin.
      Zahvalan Rod. Marinkovic, AME. Kraljevo / Sydney

  8. Anonymous15:09

    ExYu admin, do you know whether these two CRJ900 are the same you were already writing about or not? Some Slovenian media are reporting today that Adria signed leasing agreement with Bombardier for 2 CRJ900 (I think the two that were built for Iraqi Airways and never delivered). So, will Adria get 2 or 4 additional CRJ900?

    1. Anonymous15:41

      4 in total, 2 leased and 2 purchased.

    2. Yes 4 in total. Two are leased and 2 have been just purchased (and are brand new)

    3. Anonymous17:06

      Very nice for Adria...

  9. Anonymous17:08

    i am shocked and wondering how airserbia will expand its networks if todays flight to txl is gonna be operated by ATR!!!! i really cant believe. Plizzz if smbdy can find out how many pax were on todays flight to berlin, i would be very greatful. isnt it around 3 hours flight? is it possible JU couldnt pick up more transits on todays flight? this is not possible...

    1. Anonymous17:45

      No, it'll be a bit more than 2 hours. Nothing shocking in there. If the load doesn't justify the larger plane, this is the way to go, at the condition they have one available.

    2. Anonymous19:24

      thats what im talking about - LF!! with atr to berlin it probably means on todays flight it was around, who knows, maybe 30 pax?!? its a shame, and the flight was at 6:10pm. where are the passengers from beg, tgd, tiv, ssj, skp, lju, bnx etc etc... hmm, i know, maybe varna is gonna help JU to improve some lines..

    3. Anonymous19:47

      Around 60 passenger in one direction. I have heard it is only today due to shortage of Boeing crew

    4. Anonymous20:10

      So now there's even a Boeing crew shortage?!

    5. There were 33 passengers from Belgrade to Berlin tonight. They sent the Atr because they had a fleet shortage.

    6. Anonymous21:00

      Nemjee, not true. There is a plenty of Boeings

    7. Anonymous22:02

      @ 7:24
      If Varna is not gonna help, nothing will :)

    8. You do understand Varna is an airport with 1.2 million passengers yearly? Also it is very near to Burgas airport, which handles more passengers yearly than Zagreb...

    9. AnonymousMarch 29, 2014 at 9:00 PM

      No one said there aren't, there just weren't any last night available to make the trip to Berlin.

    10. SuisseOuest13:01

      What's wrong with sending ATR to TXL? I don't enjoy F100 on ZRH-BEG either, but when they don't have many pax, they downgauge. On the other hand, I do like when TK upguage B738 to a brand new A321 on GVA-IST route and we get awesome entertainment and more legroom.
      Planes change for many operational reasons, it's great that JU finally has enough planes to make the adjustments.

  10. Anonymous17:40

    Great news for Adria. Hope they will see better days when new planes arrive.

    OT: Paris - Split with JU just 169 € return. Great deal.

    1. Anonymous20:50

      Why would anyone fly from Paris to Split via BEG, when Easyjet flies the route NONSTOP DAILY,Croatia Airlines nonstop on mondays, wednesdays and saturdays, European Airpost nonstop on saturdays, and XL France nonstop on wednesdays and sundays. Out of these, only OU might be little bit more expensive, all others are cheaper. And I doubt that French people adore gulas and musaka, or ATR's on SPU segment :)

    2. Anonymous20:52

      Well, those that constantly fill Air Serbia's double daily flights to Paris and who connect to Balkan flights don't seem to mind all of that.

    3. Anonymous21:51

      Sorry to spoiling your "supremacy", but you didn't answer the part of my question : "why should someone pay more to fly one-stop when he/she can fly for less money nonstop". So if you argue with me please answer me that first. In addition to that, I didn't want to "touch painfull zones" and to ask that first, but when you insist, please answer me as well, why would someone fly EU to EU via non-EU country, when he/she can fly non stop within EU. Of course, if there were no other possibilities, it would be ok, but with 4 airlines flying nonstop regularly, plus charters, I would really appreciate more elaborate answer, not just "those who constantly fill Air Serbia" And just btw. those who constantly fill Air Serbia are definitely that many, concerning LF's so you don't have any right to be so arrogant

    4. Anonymous21:51

      Who, those 53% LF with 1+1 ticket for price as big as 99 EUR?

    5. Anonymous23:40

      @Anonymous 9:51pm

      Two quick answers - people who like new JU Business Class (vastly better than most other intra-European ones, IMHO), and people who have a lot of miles in Etihad Guest program - those two groups come to mind.

      FYI, I flew recently CDG-BEG-CDG on JU and LFs on both flights was 90%+ in Economy, and 5/8 and 7/8 in Business. Single data point, but indicative.

  11. I am especially happy that Adria and Air Serbia will be expanding their codeshare agreement. What I wonder is if in the future, when Adria's financial performance improves, if they might return to Belgrade with a better schedule, the same wasy B&H Airlines and Tarom do.
    By the way, from what I heard, B&H Airline's Belgrade flights are improving. The loads are not that bad any more, at least not as bad as they were before.

    1. I would also like to add that from tonight there will be night flights to Skopje and Athens.
      Both flight will have around 20 passengers.

    2. Anonymous20:57

      What about morning flights? In the morning passengers will connect to another destinations

    3. Anonymous21:54

      Yes it is not as bad as it was SJJ-BEG. Now it is almost 15 passengers per flight. One must be impressed.

    4. Anonymous21:56

      Wow, Athens and Skopje 20, Berlin 30. Sounds like LF will be 95% soon, and profits rocket to the sky :)

    5. Anonymous22:19

      Nemjee, do you know why JU and EY codes aren't featured any longer on JA's flights?

    6. Anonymous22:32

      hey nemjee, give us more info about how many passengers are there for todays flights

    7. Anonymous23:48

      Nemjee isn't your concierge but with his presumed permission i can share that this morning's flight from Abu Dhabi had about 100 passengers with 14 of them in business class. About 30 of them (or almost a third) connected onto JU's flight to Vienna.

    8. Anonymous00:21

      soon Etihad would either double their belgrade weekly flights or possibly introduce wide body aircraft

    9. Anonymous00:38

      Tomorrow is Aeroflot's first 737-800's flight to Belgrade.

    10. Sorry, I don't remember the return ones. I did not look but knowing how Athens usually performs I am sure it will be decent enough.
      Yesterday's afternoon wave of departures was not bad, I think there was no destination with less than 70% loadfactor, with the exception of Berlin.

      One route that is constantly between 85% and 90% loadfactor is London. No wonder its scheduled to become one of the first A320 routes. Business class loads are very good as well.

      Just for the record, during the past week, B&H Airlines had around 30 passengers per flight, not 15. Also, the number of passengers connecting onto Air Serbia's flights from Aeroflot is steadily increasing as well.

  12. Anonymous22:26

    OT - love the crew of the week section on the left! Tibet Airlines <3

  13. I don't think anyone noticed the schedule readjustment on Etihad Regional/ Darwin GVA-BEG route: it will operate on days 2,4,7 instead of 2,4,6 AND the flights will arrive along with the noonish wave of JUs flights at 12.30 and then depart along with JUs afternoon wave Around 17.00, therefore it's obviously done for connecting opportunities. Awesome work and cooperation! It would be also brilliant to use the aircraft for extra capacity on some regional route, but maybe in time they will start doing so.

    1. Aэrologic05:22

      Great schedule indeed, hopefully they'll have enough space to park that additional aircraft in the middle of those rush-hour waves.

  14. This seems too cozy and wide jet charter and the travel in it is indeed a memorable one.


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