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Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines' summer

The 2014 summer season begins next Sunday. As a result, Croatia Airlines will be making changes to some of its operations. Following last summer’s network reductions, this year the Croatian carrier will maintain a similar schedule to that of 2013 and will introduce several new routes. The airline will introduce a one weekly seasonal service from Dubrovnik to Amsterdam. Flights are set to launch on April 1 and will operate until May 27. They will again resume on September 30 and will operate until October 7. Another addition includes a one weekly seasonal service from Split to Athens. Also, Croatia Airlines will boost its frequencies from Zagreb to Brussels and Zurich by one flight per week, as well as from Dubrovnik to Paris and Zurich. Seasonal flights from Split to Belgrade will also see an additional flight while services to Munich will be doubled.

On the other hand, Croatia Airlines will once again reduce its frequencies from Zagreb to Pristina. The service, which until a few years ago operated on a daily basis, has now been reduced to only two flights per week with rumours suggesting the service could be terminated next winter. Frequencies will also be cut on flights to Skopje and Vienna. From Dubrovnik, the airline will suspend its seasonal flights from the Croatian capital to Vienna while summer services from Split to Amsterdam and Kassel will also be dropped.

The majority of the carrier’s seasonal flights, such as those from Zagreb to Barcelona and Tel Aviv, will be resuming this summer as well. Below you can review the preliminary changes that will be made to Croatia Airlines’ network this summer when compared to last year. The frequencies displayed for domestic destinations will be operated during the height of the summer season, as they vary from month to month. The 2014 summer season runs until October 25. To review the changes Adria Airways, Air Serbia, B&H Airlines and Montenegro Airlines will be making to their summer networks, click on the links provided.

Departing Zagreb

DestinationFrequency S2013Frequency S2014ChangeNotes
Athens33-via Dubrovnik
starts APR17
Barcelona33-starts APR29
London Heathrow88-1 flight via Rijeka
Pula1414-via Zadar
Rome88-6 flights via Split
2 flights via Dubrovnik
Tel Aviv22-starts May 13

Departing Dubrovnik

DestinationFrequency S2013Frequency S2014ChangeNotes
Amsterdam011starts APR01
Athens33-starts APR17
Berlin11-starts MAY04
Dusseldorf11-starts MAY04
Rome32 1-
Tel Aviv11-starts JUN16
Venice22-starts MAY01

Departing Split

DestinationFrequency S2013Frequency S2014ChangeNotes
Amsterdam10 1-
Athens011starts MAY03
Berlin11-starts MAY03
Belgrade231starts MAY03
Kassel10 1-
London Gatwick22-starts APR21
London Heathrow11--
Lyon11-starts APR26
Vienna44-starts APR19

From Pula, Croatia Airlines will operate to Amsterdam (1x per week), Frankfurt (2x per week), Zadar (14x per week) and Zagreb (7x per week). From Osijek, the airline will fly to both Split and Dubrovnik (1x per week).

From Zadar, the airline will operate to Pula (14x per week), Munich (3x per week), Zagreb (7x per week) and Frankfurt (2x per week). Rijeka will see the Croatian national airline operate 1 weekly flight to London Heathrow.


  1. Here is how the five airlines compare in flights per week:

    Air Serbia:
    BEG-343 flights per week

    Croatia Airlines:
    ZAG-230 flights per week
    SPU-77 flights per week
    DBV-58 flights per week
    ZAD-26 flights per week
    PUY-24 flights per week
    RJK-1 flights per week
    (Domestic flights count as flight at both origin and destination. E.g. ZAG-SPU counts for 33 flights per week for both ZAG and SPU)

    LJU-166 flights per week
    PRN-16 flights per week

    Montenegro Airlines
    TGD- 48 flights per week
    TIV- 34 flights per week

    B&H Airlines
    SJJ- 17 flights per week

    1. Anonymous10:37

      JU should easily pass OU during winter season.

    2. Anonymous06:11

      OU 416 + 6 by Tradeair = 422
      JU 343

      flights per week.

      That is some 2.200 more flights per season for Croatia airlines. Still much the bigest in exyu.

    3. Anonymous08:08

      Well, 343 weekly flights for Air Serbia without the summer charters. Will be interesting to see the final number. With four B737-300 dedicated to charters they might just as well overtake them.

    4. AnonymousMarch 24, 2014 at 6:11 AM,

      If you read my post, you would have known that you can't just add all those numbers because many flights get counted twice because some are domestic (counted at both origin and destination airport). Removing these errors, we get a total of 332 flights.

  2. Anonymous11:02

    Adria is the Airline of Kosovo Republika .(

    1. Anonymous13:11

      You're blind so I can see you don't know that Kosovo is part of Republic of Serbia

    2. Anonymous13:37


    3. Anonymous19:23

      only in your dreams is part of serbia

  3. Anonymous12:03

    How to destroy a carrier and be proud of it. Nobody speaks of privatisation any more.

  4. Anonymous12:11

    2 weekly to PRN is really poor. I also remember when it was daily and it wasn't long ago. PRN, SKP, SJJ are all great feeder markets. It seems they are not that interested in the region. They suspended TGD and they will probably PRN because 2 flights per week is the same as if you aren't flying there at all. SKP will be next. They have already reduced it heavily from a few years ago and every season they reduce it by one flight or two. You can't become a regional carrier without serving the entire region. And again no Moscow, no eastern Europe, no Scandinavia. Previous CEO, Simunovic had plans to expand eastwards to Romania, Bulgaria and Russia. You could also do weel with a couple of flights to Dubai. But the airline seems to self destruct on purpose as if they don't want to use all the major positives they have and potential but they are really happy upholding the status quo of becoming smaller and smaller and more dependent on Lufthansa each year.

    1. Anonymous15:40

      I suppose SKP SJJ and PRN are less and less feeder markets, since they increasingly (especially SKP) have direct flights with othe carriers.
      Firthermore OU and JU are direct competitors in SKP with flights within 5 min from eachother - and both r in the Star Alliance.
      Nevertheless i'm gonna miss the second daily flight from SKP- I suppose only the 5 am gastarbeiter route will stay.

  5. Anonymous12:17

    Such a chaotic airline! How can u have so many different seasonal destinations some genius must have worked really hard to work this schedule out!

    1. Anonymous13:46

      Sorry, what's your point?

    2. Anonymous14:55

      His point is that it is a chaotic airline with a chaotic schedule. Don't understand what is not clear here?!

    3. Anonymous16:42

      Have you ever heard of good arguments? It is chaotic, but I want you to explain why... No need to be nervous...

  6. Anonymous13:45

    Good luck, OU!

  7. Anonymous14:57

    Very soon they will only fly to Brussels due to the politicians as OU is the private airline of the government Just look at there schedule you must be stupied Brussels extra flights in the SUMMER hello politicians are on vacation they are not in Brussels .Sorry I forgot the Ceo was Mr. Kucko so that justifies why .He is know in the business world of Croatia as CRY BABY.

  8. What are the economics behind all those numerous one weekly services? Are those flights sold as some sort of semi-charters or just regular flights opened to public?

    Can they be both affordable to the general population and lucrative for the airline?

  9. Anonymous16:58

    Facebook pages:

    Adria Airways - 49.325 likes
    AirSERBIA - 96.658 likes
    B&H Airlines - 16.680 likes
    Croatia Airlines - 83.983 likes
    Montenegro Airlines - 2.627 likes

    JU-page was founded only a few months ago... Think about it...

    1. Anonymous17:30

      Not surprising. JU has massive momentum. I hope those likes also reflect customer retention rates.

    2. It is funny to see how people are giving praise for Air Serbia. Serbia would not have had a national airline if it wasn't for Etihad. The Serbian government did not save JAT at all. We will have to see if how much of a return Etihad will get back in a few years. If the return on investment is not there, they will most likely pull the plug. Someone who holds themselves high, falls down hard. This goes for all.

    3. *yawn* here we go again. It was actually the Serbian government that made this deal happen. Countless delegations passed through Abu Dhabi yet they all failed to secure the deal. After all, Air Berlin has been bleeding money for years and they did not give up on them. I do not see why they would just abandon the project they have in Belgrade. It's all a part of their greater strategy.

  10. Anonymous17:34


  11. Anonymous18:03

    OU should really think about changing their uniforms, thez are quite ugly.

  12. Anonymous18:34

    I think uniforms are the least problem for OU, does anyone have an inside info about next steps, is the privatization going on, and, if it does, when?

  13. Anonymous20:08

    It's not called privatisation but kuckosation condemned for failure.

  14. Anonymous21:19

    The steward on the picture above is really cute..

    1. Anonymous23:16

      He's not working for airline anymore. The problem was that he has an attitude, and the company do not like the employees ready to fight for they're rights. Luckily his new employer do not have problem with that, so he is working as a manager in IT firm in Amsterdam.

  15. Anonymous22:23

    Looking at OU's 2014 Summer timetable basically they will operate the same number of weekly flightsvas in 2013, no new destinations abroad,, neither there is increase in frequencies. We'll see how they managed by October but it doesn't look that promising. Number of pax will be around the same as last year or maybe slightly more, but looks like OU is stagnating big time. I wish them good luck nevertheless.

  16. Anonymous22:42

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Anonymous23:18

      Maybe looks like, but he isn't.


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