Summer 2014
Montenegro and B&H Airlines

Montenegro and B&H Airlines' summer

The 2014 summer season is only two weeks away, starting March 30, with both Montenegro Airlines and B&H Airlines making changes to their summer networks. Montenegro Airlines will be reducing operations out of its Podgorica base since it will be operating with fewer aircraft compared to last summer, due to the retirement of several of its Fokker 100s. With exception to Belgrade, Paris, Vienna and Rome, all other destinations will be affected. Notably, the Montenegrin carrier will not resume seasonal summer flights from Podgorica to London Gatwick but will introduce seasonal services to Dusseldorf. Flights to Moscow will also sustain significant cuts, while services to Frankfurt will initially operate three times per week before increasing to five weekly flights in June.

On the other hand, Montenegro Airlines will boost services from Tivat. The airline will operate additional flights to Belgrade, Moscow and Paris while flights to London remain unchanged. Below you can review the preliminary changes that will be made to Montenegro Airlines’ network from both Podgorica and Tivat this summer when compared to last year. The information is subject to change.

Departing Podgorica

DestinationFrequency S2013Frequency S2014ChangeNotes
Copenhagen21 1starts APR19
Dusseldorf02 2starts APR19
London Gatwick10 1-
Moscow84 4-
Niš50 5-

Departing Tivat

DestinationFrequency S2013Frequency S2014ChangeNotes
London Gatwick22-starts APR30

This summer B&H Airlines will operate daily flights to Belgrade, increasing from four weekly services launched this winter season. The carrier’s signature route to Istanbul will be cut to four per week as it comes against strong competition from both Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines. Flights to Copenhagen and Zurich will also be reduced. There will no longer be a direct service from Sarajevo to Zurich as all flights will now have a stopover in Banja Luka.

Below you can review the preliminary changes that will be made to B&H Airlines’ network this summer when compared to last year. The information is subject to change. The 2014 summer season runs until October 25. EX-YU Aviation News will bring you the summer season changes made by Croatia Airlines. Until then, you can review Adria Airways’ network changes here and Air Serbia’s here.
DestinationFrequency S2013Frequency S2014ChangeNotes
Copenhagen32 1-
Zurich54 1via Banja Luka


  1. It makes me wonder, how competitive is JA on the route to Istanbul? They must be getting massacred by the competition. Both Turkish Airlines and Pegasus are fierce competitors.

    As for Montenegro Airlines, like I said it before, downsizing is the right thing to do. They must be bleeding money during the winter months, especially since the little they make seems to be taken away by the corrupt management.
    I am not surprised about the reduction of frequencies to London. Competition in Podgorica (Air Serbia, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines) offers far more frequencies than Montenegro Airlines making them uncompetitive.
    I can speak for Air Serbia and its morning arrival from Podgorica (JU 171) which always has a lot of connecting passengers heading to London Heathrow. A great deal of these passengers later on connects onto Virgin Atlantic's north American flights.

    1. Well it seems like we don't have to worry about JA and their competition with Turkish and Pegasus since they are shifting their focus from Istanbul to Beograd. Seven out of 17 weekly flights this summer are to BEG. Since they have a codeshare agreement with JU, I believe that JA is now officially a JU feeder.

  2. Anonymous09:57

    A national airline with only 17 weekly flights? That's just poor. I'm sure that they can have much better fleet untilisation with 2 ATRs. I know at one point they were considering dumping IST during the winter and now I am more and more sure it will happen next winter.

    1. Anonymous09:58

      That is why they have 4% share in Sarajevo. Look at the schedule Wizz has from Skopje or Belgrade with 2 aircraft. I agree they can do much better.

  3. Anonymous13:10

    much smaller zagrab. they are finishedddddd

    1. Anonymous13:56


    2. Anonymous17:30

      "File not found".

      But you have any right to be jealous of the future center of the air traffic of Southeastern Europe.

      And you are right. They are finished being inferior to Badgrade.

    3. Anonymous18:32

      Oh wow, we weren't aware that you can become the centre of aviation by downsizing your airport and having a near bankrupt flag carrier. Maybe BEG and Air Serbia didn't get the memo?

    4. Anonymous19:05

      Anonymous 1:10 PM, learn some English, this was only the proposal, rejected by Croatian ministry... And it's Zagreb, not Zagrab.

    5. Anonymous22:33

      @ 6:32
      I don't know who did and who didn't get the memo, but with the new terminal Zagreb capacities are TRIPLING, not downsizing.

      Concerning the "flag carrier", let me remind you that OU managed to get back to profitability, unlike DISASTROUS position of Serbian Jat, only some 6 months ago, and questionable future of Air Serbia project due to possibly harmful contract.

    6. Anonymus22:36

      @10 : 33 Yeah and in 5 years Zagreb Airport will have more passengers than Frankfurt, and a fleet of 500 aircraft's.

    7. AnonymousMarch 16, 2014 at 10:33 PM,

      It's not hard to be profitable when you are stealing! OU offers basically nothing on their flights, yet they charge crazy fares since they have little competition. Look at how much competition OU has and how much JU has. Lets see ZAG let Wizz base two aircraft and also allow easyJet in, and I guarantee that OU will be bankrupt in five months!

    8. AnonymousMarch 16, 2014 at 10:33 PM,

      Just to demonstrate, I went to JU and OU's websites and looked at the same flight from Zagreb and Beograd, to Rome. Traveling March 20-30 .

      The cheapest flight with OU costs 298,55 Eur
      The same day flight with JU costs 136,66 Eur

      Despite being 200 km shorter flight, the OU flight ZAG-FCO costs more than double! This is robbery. Looking at this, the little profit that OU made is a shame, because they should be making much more. JU might not be profitable, but at least they don't rob and they at least offer basic beverages on their flights!

      If you don't believe me, look it up for yourself. I chose a random route and looked for the lowest price for OU, yet this isn't even the lowest price for JU. They offer a slightly cheaper fare on other days.

  4. cistac ofisa iz australije13:14

    stop the project right now!


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