Adria Airways sells new CRJ900

Adria finalises sale and leaseback arrangement

Adria Airways has sold a brand new Bombardier CRJ900 NextGen aircraft it recently ordered from the Canadian plane manufacturer to Falko Regional Aircraft Limited and finalised a leaseback agreement. As a result, Adria will now lease the new aircraft it sold to Falko. Such practice is common in the aviation industry. Late last month, the Slovenian national carrier ordered two CRJ900 NextGens in a deal worth $92 million. Falko and Adria have also agreed to finance the second CRJ900 NextGen aircraft under a similar sale and leaseback arrangement. In addition, the airline has leased two CRJ900s, one of which recently entered service, and the other which is expected to arrive during the summer months.

Adria’s CEO, Mark Anžur, says, “Our Bombardier CRJ900 regional jets are providing excellent cost efficiency, network flexibility and have been very well received by our passengers. We are very pleased that we have been able to organise the addition of two more CRJ900 NextGen aircraft from Bombardier via sale and leaseback agreements with Falko”. On the other hand, Ray Jones, the Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Asset Management at Bombardier, notes, “By adding more CRJ900 NextGen regional jets to its fleet, Adria Airways is confirming that the aircraft are successfully replacing larger aircraft and providing optimum capacity for the airline’s operations. Bombardier is delighted that the CRJ900 NextGen aircraft are proving to be efficient and economical assets that are contributing to Adria’s success”.

Adria currently has five CRJ900s in its fleet. The airline is expecting the arrival of another leased jet of the same type and a further two brand new aircraft from the abovementioned deal. The arrival date of the two new jets is currently unknown. As a result, the airline will begin retiring its smaller CRJ200 aircraft which have proven unprofitable. The Slovenian carrier continues to operate two Airbus A319s and one A320, with the latter used almost exclusively for charter flights. Adria has been a long time Bombardier customer, ordering its first aircraft from the Canadian plane manufacturer back in 1997. Adria Tehnika, which was once a subsidiary of the Slovenian carrier but is now an independent company, serves as the regional Bombardier maintenance centre.


  1. Anonymous09:23

    Somebody published in yesterday's comments that Adria will be flying Innsbruck-Bari and Innsbruck-Napoli in the summer. Can someone confirm that? Source?

    1. Anonymous10:03

    2. Anonymous11:37

      Adria will also fly from Graz to Bari

    3. Anonymous11:50

  2. Anonymous10:01

    Adria should get rid of Airbus fleet and introduce new Cseries in the future. Airbuses are too big for Adria operations. Except for few summer charter flights their range is far beyond what Adria needs.

  3. Purger10:05

    ExYu, Adria was not customer of Bombardier from 1997, but I FROM 1982 when two DASH DHC-7-102 came into fleet (YU-AIE and AIF).

    1. Anonymous21:18

      ex-yu is correct,adria is bombardier's customer from 1997, DHC 7 102 were bought from de havilland airctaft which was incorporated in to bombardier back in 90-s

    2. Anonymous22:20

      and here we see ex yu representing himself as and anonymous and the reason beeing lack of balls in his organism

    3. No, actually, unlike you, I sign my comments. A bit of manners would do you a world of good :)

    4. Wow this is so ironic. The anonymous user is attacking another user because they don't sign their comments!

      Ex-Yu, how are you so polite to these trolls? You patience is the greatest I have ever seen.

  4. Anonymous10:23

    Adria mad the biggest mistake in history, when they sold the MD fleet....

  5. Anonymous12:25

    Ok so now i get how they plan to finance these jets

  6. Anonymous15:00

    Selling without buying (without paying for) and then leasing:
    science of "no money still flying".

  7. Anonymous17:16

    ot: Air Serbia Business Class A319: Zürich To Belgrade

    1. Anonymous19:17

      Good job AirSERBIA! :)

  8. Anonymous18:00

    Air Serbia potvrđuje da je danas došlo do većeg poremećaja reda letenja usled nepredviđenih tehničkih problema sa naše dve letelice. Kao rezultat toga ukupno osam letova je imalo neznatna kašnjenja dok letovi za Beč i Milano kasne preko 200 minuta.

    Air Serbia se najiskrenije izvinjava svojim gostima zbog pomeranja vremena poletanja usled tehničkih poteškoća na čijem otklanjanju radimo. Apsolutni priritet srpskog nacionalnog avioprevoznika je bezbednost naših gostiju i tehnička ispravnost celokupnog sistema.

    U ovom trenutku svi zaposleni kompanije Air Serbia rade sve što je u njihovoj moći da pravovremeno informišu naše goste i pobrinu se za sve njihove potrebe tokom današnjih pomeranja u redu letenja.

    Dodatne informacije i pomoć možete dobiti preko našeg call centra:

    0800 111 528 - besplatni pozivi sa fiksne i mobilne mreže telefonije Srbije
    +381 11 311 21 23 - za pozive iz mobilnih mreža ili inostranstva

    Hvala na razumevanju.

    1. Anonymous18:01

      I think this FB user comment sums it up: "Jat je JAT makar se zvao I Air Amerika"

    2. Anonymous19:29

      To je zobog IAE Motora bolje da su platili vise i da su namontirali na A319- A320 CFM.

    3. Anonymous21:52

      I don't understand. They have fleet of some 20 planes, use just 14 of them but still have huge delays every day.

    4. Anonymous02:38

      Yeah, right. They have numerous delays EVERY SINGLE DAY, between 30 minutes and one hour, if not more. Absolutely disrespectful toward their "guests" and just showing us that they can do whatever they want because, well, they can. Welcome to middle eastern Serbia dear guests! Disgusting.

    5. Anonymous03:05

      Can you prove that? Would it be okay to suggest to ban you permanently if you can't prove that?

    6. Anonymous07:49

      Ouch, poor pax. At least their flight was not cancelled like some other.

      JU 545/AZ 7076 MILAN 22:35 (24.04.) 03:30 A7 Airbus A319 Landed at 03:33

      JU 615/EY 6001 PRAGUE 22:55 (24.04.) 00:41 C6 ATR 72 Landed at 00:46

      JU 375 ZURICH 22:45 (24.04.) 00:35 A7 Boeing 737-300 Landed at 00:40

      JU 195/EY 5983 LJUBLJANA 22:00 (24.04.) 00:46 A1 ATR 72 Landed at 00:53

      JU 381/EY 5983 LONDON HEATHROW 17:10 (24.04.) 19:03 (24.04.) A5 Boeing 737-300 Landed at 19:04

    7. Anonymous07:54

      JU 163 SKOPJE 16:15 (24.04.) 20:10 (24.04.) C7 ATR 72 Landed at 20:09

      JU 113/EY 6043/JA 1374 SARAJEVO
      (via BANJALUKA) 16:10 (24.04.) 19:17 (24.04.) C10 ATR 72 Landed at 19:20

      JU 813 TEL AVIV 21:25 (24.04.) 22:20 (24.04.) A1 Airbus A319 Landed at 22:22

      JU 655/SU 3522 MOSCOW 23:35 (24.04.) 01:18 A4 Boeing 737-300 Landed at 01:22

      JU 605 VIENNA 22:10 (24.04.) 22:10 (24.04.) Cancelled

    8. Anonymous07:56

      Delays up to 1 hour are not listed.

    9. Yeah, yeah, there was a mess at the airport today and that's because two aircraft were out of service (A319 and Atr-72) while one B737-300 (YU-ANJ) went to Geneva on a promotional ski charter flight and will stay there for four days.

      The evening bank of departures was an even bigger mess because the Athens flight was delayed (30 minutes) and it carried a great number of transfer passengers on its way back. Before haters start attacking the flight was supposed to leave on time but a regular inspection from the directorate showed up and delayed the whole flight- catering and cleaning were not allowed onboard until he was done inspecting the inbound crew, the same applies for the crew that was supposed to operate the flight to Athens.
      Quite irresponsible on their behalf if you ask me. They knew from the start that the rotation was tight. Oh well...

      Obviously the whole mess happened because the two Atrs are still abroad undergoing regular checks and maintenance (in addition to being repainted). Hopefully they will return soon.

      On a more positive note, it seems that the luggage sorting facility has pulled its act together and it is working incomparably better now. In most cases they have the local luggage prepared even before the aircraft arrives. Kudos to them.

  9. Anonymous19:03

    OT: Dubrovnik airport figures for March

    21 963 passengers or - 29,5%!

    Thank you, Croatia Airlines for restructuring programme!

    1. Anonymous07:46

      It is quite possible it's just due to Easter being in April this year. Let's wait for April figures and then you might have more accurate comparison and also based on two months....

    2. Has the charter season begun for Dubrovnik? I noticed some flights already operating from Scandinavia (primarily on SAS).

  10. Anonymous21:26


    It seems that things might get a bit more complicated for YM as they might face difficulties on one of the few markets where they face no competition.

    1. If Russia is serious about this, this could very easily mean the end of YM as we know it.

      If YM has to pull out of Russia, plus JU dumps fares for a few months on their routes to Montenegro, that would be the end of YM.

    2. Anonymous22:06

      Like they have until now? They have €70m in debts, which is enormous for such a tiny company. They're a joke.

    3. Anonymous00:16

      ^ What happened exactly ?

    4. Anonymous08:22

      To the last anonymous,

      Since Montenegro is joining the Western bloc in introducing sanctions on Russia due to the Ukrainian scenario, Moscow has prepared a set of measures to be introduced so as to respond to these measures. One of them is the introduction of visas for Montenegrin citizens as well as the introduction of additional measures regarding trade and so on.

      So far Montenegro Airlines has had decent loads on its flights to Moscow and next to Belgrade this is the only market where they have a decent number of passengers. If these measures are introduced then they might suffer a large blow, especially with Air Serbia's aggressive prices between Montenegro and Russia.
      Yesterday alone, Aeroflot carried 19 passengers who connected onto Air Serbia's flight to Tivat.

  11. Anonymous10:09

    One more time again just about Air Serbia. Maybe you should rename this blog in Air Serbia blog. I am very happy for expansion of Air Serbia but there is not a single day that Air Serbia would not disturb main topic.

    1. Anonymous11:54

      I agree, the blog should be dedicate to Air Serbia. It's the most interesting topic anyway and it attracts the most attention.


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