Belgrade Airport facing challenges

Management and ownership issues affecting Belgrade Airport

At a time when Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is experiencing strong growth and seeing record traffic, Serbia’s busiest airport faces many challenges in regards to its management and ownership. The airport’s CEO, Velimir Radosavljević, is set to be replaced by the end of the week and is being investigated over an alleged benefits deal with low cost airline Wizz Air, made in 2011, which, reportedly, was not approved by the supervisory board, as practice dictates. At the same time, the government is running late with the allocation of a dedicated passenger terminal for Air Serbia.

According to the Transaction Framework Agreement between Etihad Airways and the Government of Serbia (GoS) last year, “The GoS shall ensure that either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 of Belgrade Airport, as the Parties may agree, is allocated to JAT for its exclusive use by no later than 1 January 2014. The GoS shall fund a portion of the costs of the refurbishment of Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, as the case may be, to a standard acceptable to JAT within 2 years of the date hereof, that is proportionate to the size of its shareholding in JAT after the completion of Etihad's acquisition of JAT shares:. The Framework Agreement also states, “The GoS shall ensure that space for a JAT lounge is allocated to JAT in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 as the case may be, with sufficient capacity to meet its actual and projected business passenger requirements”.

Late last year, the Serbian government unveiled plans to grant Etihad a concession over Serbia’s busiest airport over the next twenty years under the condition it builds a new passenger terminal, runway, airport hotel and car park. The airport’s trade unions responded angrily to the proposal, arguing Etihad would have a complete monopoly over the Serbian aviation industry. However, it is believed the government will finalise the airport’s sale by the end of the year. Earlier last month, the Greek based Copelouzos Group expressed interest to purchase a stake in Belgrade Airport, which is one of Serbia’s most profitable state owned companies.

So far this year, Belgrade Airport has recorded unprecedented passenger growth of 30%. In addition, the airport is in the process of expanding and refurbishing its Terminal 2 facilities. Recently, the airport launched tender procedures for the construction of a hotel near the airport. Despite the added traffic, the airport says, “While the workload has been significantly increased over the past few months, all departments continue to carry out their duties successfully”.


  1. Anonymous09:29

    LOT's flight to Belgrade (E170) was full yesterday, there were around 55 passengers onboard. Quite a lot of people were connecting passengers who continued their journey onward with Air Serbia!

  2. Who is doing the checking work, airport or AS staff? In case it is the aiport, they are doing a very bad job meeting the checkin times in the morning.

    1. Anonymous10:26

      The check-in is done by Air Serbia Ground Services. No wonder it's a disaster, look at the woman who is running the ground services (Tanja Jovanovic). In theory she should be held responsible for not managing the crisis better than this. Oh well...

    2. Anonymous20:26

      What a bunch of experts for ground handling.. Do you know based on what ASGS is working today? What is the present staff profile and experience, how many available check in counters thay have, what is the average duration of check-in operation in the new 'modern' Sabre system.. Everybody just want to walk in, wait a minute at the check-in and go to the gate... But now there are approx 1000 'guests' in the morning peak who all are suppose to depart within 1h 30 minutes. How many check in counters would you expect to see open for such number, when average processing time is approx 2+ minutes? 20? 30? ASGS has only 11 where two must be dedicated to J class, one for special categories of passengers, and sometime few counters on the area 200. Do you know what is the percentage of the ETKS not recognized by Sabre system and what needs additional processing time and confirmation from the ticketing office that ticket is valid? Do you know that 2/3 of staff are just few month old with minimal experience? Miracle exist only in fairy tales..
      p.s have you traveled recently somewhere? e.g. Frankfurt, Lufthansa check in in the peak hours.. at least 20 min waiting time, at the airport with full infrastructure comparing the Belgrade's imitation ...

    3. Anonymous20:47

      Skoro sve nove koje su primili nedavno nisu dobili odgovarajuću obuku tako da nastaju ogromne greške a samim tim i redovi.
      Da je Er Serbija ozbiljna kompanija već bi imali online check in.

      Nemoj da ih braniš jer ta služba, to jest ASGS, je sve sem dobro organizovane. Pošto si tako dobro upućen pogledaj malo bolje koje su sranje napravili na letu za London pre neki dan.

    4. Anonymous22:08

      Cekaj ne postoji online check-in 2014? Ja se ne sjecam kad s zadnji puta letio a da se nisam on line check in. Jel bar imate self check in na BEG?

    5. I guess you are the one attending Austrian schools? Educative, knowing both Serbian and English, everything about aviation and local happanings in Insbruck...

    6. Anonymous22:27

      Da si malo bolje informisan znao bi zasto su dobili takvu obuku kohu su dobili.. Jednostavno skolki centar odavno ne postoji pogotovo za zemaljsko opsluzivanje. Redovi nastaju najmanje zbog gresaka - London polece u vreme kada nema nikakvog reda - nikad. DA si malo bolje informsian zano bi zasto nema online check -ina - jednostvno jer sadasnji Sabre sistem ne podrzava tzv third party ground handling tj opsluzivanje drugih avio kompanija, pa se privremeno koristi EY particija dok JU ne dobije svoju a onda i on line check in.
      Ako bi nas uputio u to kakvo je to sranje bilo na letu za London - mozda i za to kao i vecinu stvari postoji logicno objasnjenja, samo je pitanje koliko ko zeli da prihvati i razlikuje objektivno od subjektivnog.
      Daleko je od idealnog, ali je najlakse pljuvati po svemu... Kada se ceka kod stgranih kompanija, onda je to normalno , samo je sve nase sranje i svi smo mi budale....
      Da odlicno poznajem zemaljsko opsluzivanje jer sam to radio tek nekih 25 godina i da obisao sam bas mnogo aerodroma tako da ne pricam napamet, prijalo to nekome ili ne...
      Kada hocete da uvedete A380 prvo treba da se obezbedi odgovarajuca infrastruktura, isto je i sa povecanjem saobracaja od xx pct za par meseci.. Nece samo od sebe...

    7. Anonymous22:38

      Ah bato sada mi je sve jasno, verovatno si neki koordinator tamo pa se sada osećaš prozvanim. Nije problem, u Er Serbiji cvetaju ruže, ma sve je kul, klinci su super, sistem ne pada, znaju kako da se rukovode sistemima.... :)

    8. Anonymous22:45

      Dezurni hejter, uzivaj u tvom okruzenju gde cvetaju ruze, ne znam zasto mi sve lici na nekoga ko je iz ANTa, poznatih ljubitelja AS
      Prijatelju ima dovoljno izbora, AS ostaje onima koji moraju da lete sa njima

    9. Anonymous22:48

      Online check ce biti uskoro. možda i u junu

    10. Anonymous22:56

      No online check-in...
      no self check-in...
      but still huge queue because there is no enough educated personal and no enough check-in desks...

      Welcome to Air Serbia... dreaming company for African standard.

    11. Anonymous00:19

      Fortunately there are still so many Africans flying AS. As I understood more than 52 pct of total present passengers traffic at Belgrade are those lovers of huge queues, no online check in, no self check in, no robots, and some of them even dared to post positive comment about their experience.. Shame to them not flying some descent airline but forcing them self to an dreaming African experience.... loosers

    12. Anonymous03:22

      It's 2014 and Air Serbia will have online check in in a matter of weeks, but trolls will fail to use spell check for years to come...

      And what's up with this troll and his peculiar racist hate for Africa? In airline industry Africa is ahead of all ex-Yu airlines in terms of size, growth potential and capability. "African experience" is actually a great thing if you ever get to travel on brand new Ethiopian Dreamliner or for example business class on SAA A340. It will be a long time before any ex-Yu airline will be able to offer this kind of airplane experience.

      It is up to ex-Yu admin to determine if this particular troll's posts are racist, but I would say they are.

    13. Anonymous15:39

      Gospodine Nenade ja nikad nebi uvredio Air Srbiju posto sam njen Fan i ja to nisam Komentariso.

  3. Anonymous10:02

    To add to this, on this week's return flight from SAW I saw a group of tourists from Italy using JU to reach SAW via BEG, as well as some passengers from Turkey connecting to MXP via BEG. More than 100 pax on both legs (733).

  4. Anonymous10:40

    Interesting how no one is commenting on the actual article about BEG airport and its privatisation and then everyone is going to discuss it in 3 days in an off topic. Anyway, I think it would be beneficial to award EY the concession. At least they would know how to run the airport and pump fresh capital in it. Opening a Victoria Secret’s store and a hair salon is hardly an improvement in my opinion. But it’s great to hear about the hotel. Also, I’m very glad URS’ time at the airport is running out. There is massive corruption at the airport and involves not only the CEO but other party members as well.

    1. Anonymous11:20

      You are absolutely right. It's about time to get rid of the URS pests and to bring in someone who knows how to run things.
      What annoys me the most is their incompetence. They added remote stands (C7/8/9/10) but they have added only two (soon three) bus gates which clearly do not meet the basic demands. At one point when JU starts flying 5 Atrs they will not have enough remote stands and they will not have enough bus gates. I know there are also B stands but they are not practical and servicing aircraft there takes so much time since the road to reach them goes all around the tarmac.

    2. Anonymous11:37

      Why do you guys think it's a good idea to give EY practical monopoly over aviation industry in Serbia?
      Airport company is profitable, so they simply need to invest larger chunk of their profits, finally complete the upper level of T2 and build more bus gates. Hotel and other stuff can be done in cooperation with other investors, but they don't have to be Etihad...

    3. If the government is so worried about Etihad having total control over Serbian aviation then here are two ways how we can protect the Serbian travellers:

      1. Force the army to allow the transformation of Batajnica into a commercial airport, or at least a part of the airport.

      2. Include a clause in the concessional agreement that in case Etihad introduces unfair and immoral business practices that will chase away other airlines (mostly competition), then there would be penalties or even that the government has the right to terminate the concessional agreement.

      3. Give them land next to the existing terminal to build their own infrastructure which they can run as they please.

      Still, Etihad seems to be doing a fine job with Air Serbia. I am sure they would do the same with the airport.

    4. ...three reasons, not two.

    5. Anonymous12:51

      I think the best solution would be to co-fund the development of T3, used exclusively by Etihad Alliance airlines. T2 would remain for in use by legacies and T1 for charters and LCCs. BEG is approaching maximum capacity anyway and needs an expansion.

    6. Nikola13:43

      agree with Anon 12:51, the best solution is to let EY/JU partnership to build their own T3 for them and their code-share partners (RO, SU, JA, AZ, LO).

    7. Anonymous18:02

      People, what are talking about to let JU and EY build their own terminal ??? If there is a need for a new terminal at all, then this is the responsibility of the Airport company. They are responsible for and owners of the infrastructure - not airlines. They build it and then charge for its use ! Airports are there to make money, not give away land and the right to earn money from their 'customers' - which are airlines.

      OT - has anyone looked into the commercial deal that the airport signed with DUFRY ? It is scandalous that this company has a 15 concession to own and operate ALL retail businesses at the airport ... I'd hate to imagine what sort of deal was done with this company and how much money those crooks at URS have made from this deal ...

    8. Anonymous18:51

      Because if they build their own terminal, they won't get charged. They also get another revenue stream since their transfer pax will purchase in their own shops. It's good economics for an externalies generating carrier like JU, which feeds the airport with transfer pax.

    9. Anonymous03:41

      Airport is owner of the infrastructure, but GoS is majority shareholder of the Airport, so GoS can decide what to do with it. Required funding for airport infrastructure investment (ranging from basic terminal renovation on low end of the scale all the way to building brand new T3 and second runway on the very high end) is massive and cannot be funded solely from airport's current revenue streams. Essentially - thank you for a good idea, but in reality GoS needs a strong investor.

  5. I think BEG capacity is arround 7 million, so still about 10+ years because next year will not grow this much.

    1. Anonymous13:13

      On paper it's 7 million, in reality it's a different story

    2. Nikola13:44

      in reality is 5 mil

    3. How is that capacity measured? I assume it is just theoretical - if you have all day and night all the gates occupied. But during the night you will never have used that maximum capacity...

    4. Anonymous16:35

      With a modest annual increase rate of 7%, starting from 4,5 million pax, we`ll pass the 7 million line within 6,5 years!

      Major construction works at ANT must start immediately!

    5. Anonymous19:38

      Now BEG has departure waves throughout the day (and night) which was not the case before. For this reason, its utilization is higher, and the "reality is 5 mil" no longer applies, it's a higher number.
      Nonetheless, the airport (along with it's major customer Air Serbia) should plan for the future. But the future is still uncertain: will the airline make it, will it launch longhaul service, etc. Only then will the airport be able to plan for the long run.

    6. Also another thing that makes utilization at the airport higher is the seasonality. The busiest month, August, handled more than twice as many passengers as the least busy month, February.

      The 7 million doesn't take into consideration seasonality. The airport needs to be able to cover PEAK demand, not average demand. 7 million divided by 12 months is about 590.000 passengers per month. This August will probably be over 500.000, so there really is not much more room for growth.

      I think a concession for the airport should be made as soon as possible, in this agreement, the existing two terminals must be improved, a third terminal must be built for JU, Etihad, and gang, and a second runway should be built according to the long term airport plan.

    7. Anonymous02:10

      If i remember well the official number was 8 million or 10 million with the planned extension and the upper-floor. However i agree with what the last guy said.

  6. Anonymous16:27

    I will paste here what I had already posted on the previous topic concerning ANT.

    Tesla Airport development/expansion (investing without borrowing money) strategy has become inadequate, for it has not been modeled for a situation in which there`s a two-digit increase in passenger numbers.
    Something important has to be done, and it has to be done soon.

    First, all works envisioned by the Master plan, that refer to widening or refurbishment of the existing terminals should begin in no time.
    I`d suggest implementing as many bus oriented gates as possible, and also doubling of the luggage-claim area by expanding the subterranean level underneath the T1. Thus, we get the opportunity to create a vast new check-in area above.

    Any of the two terminals could be assigned to "Air Serbia"`s operations.

    While that is being done, with T1 closed, additional capacity would have to be offered. There are two solutions:
    1) Build a simple and cheap, low ceiling and somewhat claustrophobic low cost terminal on ANT.
    2) Move low cost flights to Batajnica airport, which I strongly advocated on another forum.

    Also, the planning stage for T3 has to commence now, too. It has, nonetheless, to be said that THERE CAN BE NO T3 WITHOUT A SECOND RUNWAY, at least under the existing Master plan, as the usage of the old runway alone would prove to be uneconomical for airlines operating from T3.

    As for the financing, we should not be afraid of bank loans in this business, and I guess that Tesla airport is a perfect spot for public-private partnership. Therefore, I would not even consider giving a concession to EY - then again, it might occur to be their condition for remaining in "Air Serbia" business (in that case... well, the concession should be considered).

    1. Anonymous19:33

      Why need for a second runway?!?!?!?!?!
      There are countless airports in the world with much higher traffic that operate with a single runway. E.g. Gatwick with 250,520 operations/year and more than 35 million pax.

      People should get real before posting here.

    2. Anonymous19:35

      Furthermore, this dude talks about doubling the size of the luggage claims area... come on, maybe it will be needed in the future, but at the moment, most of the growth is coming from transit pax... those DO NOT collect their luggage in the transit airport...

    3. Even though transfer passengers do not take their luggage in Belgrade, their bags still have to pass security checks in Belgrade. This is done in the luggage sorting area.

    4. Anonymous20:16

      Yeah, Batajnica, why not. Screw Nis and Uzice and Kraljevo altogether.

    5. Well, Nis has shown to all of us that the market is just not there. So far the only city which can sustain air travel is Belgrade. Hopefully in the future when the economic situation improves other airports in the country might get some air links.

    6. The market is not always the best indicator if there is or is no demand for flights in a particular region. Every service to Nis has failed for one reason or another, but I still think there is enough demand to sustain certain destinations for a low cost carrier.

      Darwin failed because their prices were much too high. 325 euros to Switzerland on a turboprop is insane.

      Montenegro failed because Fokker 100s are not good planes for such a short hop. ATRs would have been much better.

      Remember that only about ten years ago, Nis had hundreds of flights per year to Zurich, on two carriers.

      If Tuzla made it, I know Nis could also.

    7. When Jat flew to Zurich and Vienna via Nis there were maximum 10 passengers on board.
      The only way I see Nis having a legacy carrier is if Air Serbia launches flights the same way it did with Banja Luka. Naturally loads would not be as great as there would be zero O&D passengers.
      The only airline I see potentially having flights out of Nis is Ryanair.

      I just do can not understand why would all these airlines ignore Nis if there really was a market to be served. Look at Osijek, they are a relatively small town but they still get some sort of flights. Airlines do their homework and I am sure some carriers have already screened Nis.

    8. I don't know where you got the passenger numbers for INI, but according to Belgrade University Saobraćajni fakultet there were 28.434 passengers between INI-ZRH in 2006 on JAT and Montenegro Airlines. 191 flights were operated, giving an average 74.4 passengers per sector.

      Do you remember when Montenegro tried to set up Master Airways? They were not doing it so they could fly empty planes.

      Nis has just had very bad luck. All of their previous services have failed for one reason or another. It is also a very low yielding market, so only low cost carriers have a good chance of success.

      Now, the problem is that the two destinations that have the biggest chance of success, Zurich and Vienna, don't have any true low cost carriers.

    9. The numbers I mentioned above were the ones from the last time Jat tried to operate flights out of Nis. On many days when the Atr was dispatched there would be 2 to 3 passengers boarding the flight (10 on a good day). That's why Jat suspended them, there was just no money to be made there. However, the only thing that could work are summer charters like JU had a few years ago. I believe they were to Heraklion.

      Today the Serbian aviation market is very much liberalized and the government would be more than happy if an airline showed interest in flying into Nis (or even Kraljevo). I am just not buying the whole argument that there is something stopping them or that it is some sort of market that is left untapped. Nis is sandwiched between Belgrade and Sofia and that is its biggest problem.
      Lowcost airlines are extremely aggressive when it comes to expanding and like I said it before, if there was a market there then they would have launched flights already.

      By the way, Vienna can be served through Bratislava which is roughly 60 km away.

    10. Oh... and let me add that Nis had its chance a few years back when the Schengen visa regime was suspended for Serbian citizens. Back then Wizz Air was not as strong in the region (Belgrade, Sofia and Skopje) and generally the presence of lowcost carriers in that area of the Balkans was not as great. I am not saying that they could have become a base for a lowcost airline, far from that, but they could have attracted a certain number of flights from Frankfurt Hahn, Skavsta, Weeze, Dortmund... This would be enough to keep the airport alive with at least a daily flight.

      I remember a few years back, I spoke with a friend of mine who works in the aviation industry and he told me that one of the reasons why Thompson did not return to Nis was because, not only were the hotels getting expensive, but the airport charged them way too much for what they were offering. So here we come across the typical example of Serbian mentality where they try to rip off the foreigners as much as they can. Naturally the aviation landscape has changed since and unfortunately this change did not go in favour of Nis, or of its limited travelling public.

      I still believe that the relatively large number of carriers that have failed in Nis is enough to prove to all of us that Nis can not sustain flights at this point in time. Maybe when the economic situation improves in the south more people will be able to afford air travel.

    11. What JAT flights are you talking about? The last data I have is 2009 when JAT flew 80 times to Zurich. Average cabin load was 67,4 passengers per segment. Not too bad.

      In 2008, JAT flew 104 times to Zurich, and there were on average 70,3 passengers in the cabin.

      I don't either buy into the argument that there is some kind of block stopping airlines from flying to Nis.

      Here is why each carrier failed on the Zurich route:

      JAT: Weak carrier. was not profitable to base an aircraft there for only a few flights per week.

      Montenegro: Was forced to suspend profitable route because of loss of Serbia as domestic market.

      Darwin: Poor loads (26,1 passengers per segment) because of insane prices (325 euros)

      The reason why there is nobody flying this line where there clearly is a market is because Air Serbia is focusing on BEG, and there is no suitable lowcost carrier in Zurich to fly to Nis.

    12. Yes, I am referring to those times and the sources I have come across paint a very different picture. They are from the airline by the way.

      As far as Montenegro Airlines go, they had Master Airways which was based in Belgrade and which flew between Belgrade and Zurich up until the dissolution of Serbia and Montenegro in 2006. Their loads were not that fantastic, around 65%.
      After Montenegro went independent, they had plans to launch flights from Nis (as it was obvious they could never return to Belgrade with Master Airways) using the same brand however the airline initially planned flights to Budapest and Paris. There was no mention of Zurich, at least not in the beginning.
      As we all remember, the Serbian government rightfully banned YM from setting up this venture.

      Now, when it comes to Zurich, there is actually an airline which could have launched flights to Nis and that's Helvetic. They have a fleet of 100 seat Fokker 100s which in theory should be perfect for this route. If we take your statistics that would mean they could secure a loadfactor of over 70% by solely relying on the O&D market. Now, they ignored the city for a reason, even after the market was liberalized.

      We can also add that Atlasjet flew from Istanbul to Nis for a short time. These flights were also a disaster and here we are talking about a market which is very popular from Serbia. Just look at the amount of people that travel to Istanbul from Belgrade airport.

      Bottom line is that there are potential airlines to operate Nis flights from all the markets you have mentioned. The thing is that none of them has actually bothered to do it because they could see a plethora of airlines failing there. Even Mistral Air which got subsidies from the EU to operate these flights gave up. If I am not mistaken this summer season the airport will have one weekly charter flight. This is the best indicator of how weak the local market is since summer charter flights are usually easy to sell.

    13. Anonymous16:54

      Dude, Nemjee is right - stop beating a dead donkey ... If you are that confident that you are so right and the many airlines in Europe are so wrong, then go lease an aircraft and start your own airline and do it. It is easy to sit high up in the grandstand and come to such subjective conclusions about the merits of Nis - so go do it and prove everyone wrong ...

    14. Anonymous17:48

      You are both idiots. No airline wants to fly from Niš because of the infrastructure. Ryanair wanted to base a plane in 2005 but the condition to have CAT 1 wasn't required.

    15. Anonymous18:47

      No. They don't have all nesesery lights on the runway.

    16. Anonymous21:00

      HAHAHAHHHA no, Ryanair did not want to do it. That was just a rumour that was going around. Protectionist policies and visa regime deterred any foreign carriers from launching flights to Nis. Just look how many airlines flew from Belgrade in 2005. ;)

  7. Anonymous16:35

    This is how part of article looks like when boulevard press instructed by close to regime interested parties is a source.

  8. Anonymous16:55

    Etihad should take over the whole thing because Serbians will never achieve any effective solution.
    The whole damn thing is cramped.
    Where will you squeeze a second runway ?
    How will you extend the runway?
    Whats with all the illegal building around the runway?

    1. Anonymous19:38

      Why would you need a second runway? I don't get it.

  9. Anonymous17:26

    Blog post is a good summary of what we already publicly knew about the airport. For me, new development is the sentence about belief that government will finalise the airport’s sale by the end of the year.

    One way to read this is that GoS plans with EY regarding BEG airport did not go through for some reason and GoS is now looking for a new partner and that search might take additional time.

    Otherwise there is no interest for GoS and Etihad to delay closing their deal until the end of 2014 especially in current environment of rapid growth.

  10. Anonymous18:37

    i have to boast that i just bought ticket for the first time on 'new' JU beg-skg 12-15.05. I work on galileo and i bought it through the system for 95e, as its happy friday today :) am happy and cant wait to see whats really going on with air serbia.. both flights are on a319, so will let you know about impressions :D in the past i was flying many many times on jats 737, and i belong to group who loved old jat and old boeings.. i will also let u know about LF, of course delays etc etc.. cheers

    1. Anonymous20:48

      can you tell me about the JAT group...I have many things of JAT...timetables, models, news articles...thank you in advance

    2. Anonymous23:01

      That's easy - JAT group is dead, just like what gave birth to it - SFRJ !!

  11. Anonymous21:22

    Beogradu hvali Dugoliniski Saobracaj.

    1. Anonymous23:01

      I duža pista da space shulte može redovno slijetati.

    2. Anonymous04:00

      "Space shulte [sic]" was so last decade. LYBE Terminal 4 (extraterrestrial flights) will be used for SpaceX Falcon Heavy Reusable launch facility instead of second runway. Eat that, troll!

  12. Anonymous17:24

    Privatizacija ANT Beograd je objektiva i jedini moguci potez koji treba da se dogodi u iducih 12 meseci. Krajnje je vreme da razvoj i re development kompletnog sadasnjeg aerodroma sada pocinje. Paralelno sa Beogradom na void i ostalim projektima koji su u toku a prvensveno posle potpune promene ne samo propisa, i zakona vec svih sistemskih koji su jos od "stratega samoupravljanja" , svih despota i feuda od 1945 do ove 2014 godine Gospodnje. Posle promene zakonodavsva na red dolazi investicija ljudi I kompanija koji imaju interes, novac i ukazanu mogucnost. ETIHAD je sasvim primeran ulasku u dill sa ANT Beograd. Ako GOSPOD podari, a ljudi shvate. Ovaj sadasnji menadzment Srbije je svestan stanja... Kompanija iz UAE ima novac, intees strategiju i KNOW HOW! Ko ovo ne vidi, mora da je malciozan, ili nedaj BOZE nema ljubavi prema aerodromu ANT, AIR SERBIA, prema Srbiji... Uvek u buduce siguran sam Srbija ce biti potpuno otvorena prema svim investicijama iz Evrope, Amerike, Azije, Australije... Za sve ljude koji mogu, hoce, zele. Razvoj auto puteva, aerodroma (tri za sada), zeleznica je osnov preobrazaja ovog naroda. Ove Otadzbine i Aerodroma Nikola Tesla u Njoj. Posle navedenog vidim pocetak intra domaceg avio saobracaja sa bar pet lokalnih aerodroma.
    Vreme je najveci svedok. Sa zadnjim javljanjem iz Evrope za sada, kao i uvek svako vam dobro, sa mnogo let0va i letenja. Prijatno Evropsko leto. Uzivajte.
    Rod. Marinkovic, AME. Kraljevo / Sydney, Griffith.


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