easyJet to terminate Zagreb service

easyJet pulling out of Zagreb

Low cost airline easyJet will discontinue its flights from London Gatwick to Zagreb at the end of the 2014 summer season. The airline announced its 2014/15 winter schedule earlier in the week with more than eleven million seats on sale on 324 routes. easyJet has confirmed there will be 100.000 more seats in 2014/15 compared to last year's winter schedule. However, the carrier has omitted Zagreb from its future network. The airline will operate its final service to the Croatian capital on October 24. Ticket sales for later dates have also been discontinued. This summer the airline is maintaining five weekly flights between London and Zagreb, as it faces direct competition from both Croatia Airlines and British Airways, though both operate their services to Heathrow Airport.

easyJet has been steadily reducing its operations to Zagreb since it first launched flights to the city in November 2010. It debuted with flights from London and shortly after launched services from Dortmund and Paris as well. However, they were short lived with both Dortmund and Paris cancelled in 2012. The news will be warmly welcomed by Croatia Airlines which launched a scathing attack on Zagreb Airport in 2010 for allowing easyJet to inaugurate flights from the British capital. At the time, the airline went as far as threatening to suspend some of its own flights if easyJet was issued permits. On the other hand, the news is a setback for Zagreb Airport’s operators which are looking to attract as many new carriers as possible. There is still a slight chance the management could persuade easyJet to maintain its flights.

Other airports in the former Yugoslavia will continue to be served by easyJet during the winter. The low cost airline will maintain all of its services from London Stansted to Ljubljana, from Basel and Geneva to Pristina and from Rome, Milan and Geneva to Belgrade. "With over eleven million seats available, we're offering an even wider choice of destinations on our easy and affordable flights spanning the UK, Europe and beyond”, the no frills airline said in a statement.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:19

    U mean Basel and GVA to Pristina.. :-)

  2. Anonymous09:26

    So Zagreb airport has a really big problem. Despite the negative passenger numbers, the carriers started to cancel Zagreb service.

  3. Will the exit of easyJet reduce the numbers at ZAG, or will the passengers just fly with BA and OU instead?

    1. Anonymous13:01

      Erm, not really, I think easyJet catered to different custumers who wanted to spend less for their flights. If that flights are stopped, those who were willing to spend less will certainly not fly with OU and BA which will by the way get expensier than previously.

    2. Anonymous22:01

      Gatwick is really bad airport for EasyJet, they should stick with Luton and Standsted only. Gatwick has few slots and EasyJet is facing tough competition at Gatwick from all sides, they can't compete with OU and BA on Zagreb route, price or not.

      U can go directly to Luton from Euston and to Heathrow its easer with Piccadilly line, Gatwick Express is very expensive and any savings achieved with EasyJet cheaper ticket offer is taken by Gatwick's return train ticket which can be £30, really poor deal.

      BTW EasyJet might stay at Zagreb, nothing is 100% certain, flying from London to Zagreb is cheap now, thanx to EasyJet, I normally fly with OU, but EasyHet makes it tough on OU, I get my return for £155 with OU, easyJet is around £133. BA is bit more expensive, @170 return.

  4. Anonymous09:37

    Maybe they will come back after OU goes bankrupt :-))
    Honestly, I don't understand how come they keep all the other lines in the region, except for this one?

  5. Anonymous09:44


    Skopje numbers for March,

    PAX: 76,589 +11,9 %
    Cargo: +32,9 % (Jan-Mar)

    Top 5 Destinations:

    Largest carrier Wizz Air over 32,000

  6. Anonymous09:56

    Great job, Skopje! Hope better days are coming for Croatian airports, especially Zagreb!

  7. Anonymous10:05

    Everyone you will see that Croatia Airlines Ceo (mr. Kucko) will say now that it was thanks to him that Easyjet stopped to fly on Zagreb ,all due to his business plan. Come on Mr. Kucko give another bullshit interview in public newspaper andere TV. The people need to laugh

    1. Anonymous10:15

      Dear God, they've ruined everything (Pliva, INA,...) and now they're doing the same thing with Croatia Airlines, instead of begging the investors on their knees to put some money in the company and make it profitable!

      What do you guys on this blog think will happen to OU, regarding the 2nd attempt of privatization this year?

    2. Anonymous11:00

      It wont happen 2nd attempt with this Ceo Kucko because that means that he wont have aan Job anymore together with friends

    3. Anonymous00:01

      If the second attempt would fail, it then would prove that Mr Kucko is also a failier, because he couldn't have created an enviroment, where the airline looks good to possible investors.He can actually lose his jib either way.

    4. Hahahaha I already laugh when I hear or see the name of Kresimir Kucko! How long can he carry on to ruin OU???

  8. Anonymous11:09

    Let's make this topic more interesting and start discussing the colour or quality of toothpicks on Air Serbia flights :-))

  9. Anonymous13:06

    OT: Etihad Alitalia deal done. Alitalia will get 500 mil. dollars. I read it in the italian newspapers.

    1. this should be bad news for JU. JU shall possibly forget about transatlantic flights but there will be 10 or more daily flights from BEG to FCO

    2. Anonymous17:23

      has anybody noticed that etihad is codesharing with alitalia flights to rome from BEG

    3. Anonymous18:14

      I ja sam cito u Austriskim Novinama da ce Etihad preuzeti Alitaliu.
      Poz iz Novog Sada.

    4. Anonymous22:17

      If Etihad faced so many problems setting up JU, I don't want to imagine what will happen in Italy where the unions are much wilder and, simply put, Italians are crazy.

    5. Anonymous00:02


  10. Anonymous14:14

    Does anybody know the LF for easyjet flights to London Gatwick? I can't believe it was so low!

    1. I can't either. Every time I tried to book tickets for my friends to come to London, they were extortionate. And that only happens with easyJet when a flights are full.

      And believe me I looked. Most of the dates were out of kids holidays or any other free time when lots of people don't work/go to school. Crazy.
      And now, all of the sudden, LF low??? hmmmmm

    2. Anonymous16:20

      Maybe it's got something to do with the new management, passenger fees up 100%?

  11. Anonymous14:17

    I'm not surprised at all. New managment at ZAG has increased passenger fees by 100%!

    1. Anonymous16:21

      So how come other carriers don't do the same? Sort of reminds me of a Wizz air story in Belgrade...

    2. Well, it could be that their yields were not that great to start with and these additional charges did not make it worth for them. The same story with Wizz Air and Belgrade. They only kept the routes which were profitable for them, or at least where they did not lose as much money. They just used the increase in prices as an excuse.

  12. Anonymous16:55

    They probably lost their benifits. It will be exactly 4 years when they suspend their flights

  13. Anonymous18:13

    Alitalia had an order for 12 new Airbus 350. They have cancelled it recently: this could mean that they are about to close the deal with Etihad, since Etihad will help them to develop long haul from Rome. Source: italian newspapers

  14. Anonymous20:45

    Zagreb airport is a hole.

    1. Anonymous16:56

      Well you're the real expert

  15. Anonymous21:08


    I think Air Serbia broke its own record today for having the most passengers on a single flight. The first arrival from Zurich operated with the A320 came with almost 160 passengers!

    1. Anonymous22:42

      give us more info about other flights man

    2. Anonymous08:44

      Budapest left with 19 passengers and came back with 54, mostly connecting to Athens and Thessaloniki.
      Paris arrived with 120, Tel Aviv left with 107 (or so), second LHR flight with 77, Larnaca departed with 131 passengers with 6 in business class, Moscow 121 (night flight)...

    3. Anonymous08:47

      Etihad left with 107 passengers and Air Serbia's night flight to Abu Dhabi had also around 100 passengers. These few days the loads have been fantastic. If it continues then we might see another record breaking month at Air Serbia.

      For example, yesterday there was a group of 41 Danes which travelled from Copenhagen to Sabiha. SAW had around 95 passengers.

  16. If competition would be the number one reason for Easyjet to withdraw why do they keep flying to LJU since they compete with another LCC - Wizzair and from May also with Adria (they restart Gatwick service). It must be something with the airport fees as well.

  17. Anonymous22:12

    I fly with EZY on route ZAG - LGW - ZAG not long time ago. There was just few empty places (5max) on both flights (A319). Demand is big, even in low season. Return flight was early in the morning (6:30).

  18. I still think that this is too suspicious. This looks more like a disagreement between the airline and the airport management. Ok, if Gatwick didn't work for them then why not launch Geneva, Rome, Hamburg or Copenhagen flights? I am sure there is more than enough demand to sustain these flights.

    1. Anonymous23:05

      I can't find my previous post which I add before hour. But I will say again. I flew with EZY on ZAG - LGW - ZAG route not long time ago (low season). There was just mam 5 empty places in A319. So bad LF is not story here.

    2. Anonymous23:36

      easyJet slobodno neka otvori Bazu u Srbiji,Wizz Air neka ide u Zagreb.
      A KLM za Zagreb leti samo da bi rasturili Croatiu na liniji Amsterdam-Zageb.
      A uskoro ce i Alitalia leteti Rim-Zagreb.
      Hvala Etihadu sto ce to uciniti.
      Jedina je OU iz EX-YU koja nema nikakav codeshare sa YU.
      Poz iz Novog Sada.

    3. Anonymous03:58

      What's wrong bout that?

    4. Anonymous08:07

      Anonymous 11:36 PM, easyJet će sigurno pročitati tvoj mudro sročeni post. Konkurencija je uvijek dobrodošla, što više, to bolje... Usput, kako vaš aerodrom u Novom Sadu? lol

    5. Unfortunately good loads do not mean good yields. It will be interesting to see if there will be any change in pricing on this route after summer. I am sure both OU and BA will increase their fares.

      Like I said, I think there is more to this than we know. Why would easyJet just abandon this market where it flies five times per week? It would have been far more logical if they reduced the number of frequencies, even to two per week. There must have been some disagreement with the airport authorities.

    6. Anonymous22:19

      Anonymous 8:07
      Nas Aerodrom u Novom Sadu je dobro slecu samo A380 5 puta na Sat,
      A i dobro je ANT ima vise pax nego svi vasi zajedno.

    7. Anonymous21:14

      Prices for flights with EZY was high. In some cases price was same as price which have BAW. Just 100 HRK (~13 EUR) difference. BAW ticket without baggage, just cabin baggage is allowed. Some friends buy ticket for same EZY flights, prices was around 120 EUR. They buy two months in advance. Price never drop below this 120 EUR. All flights which doesn't have very late or early in the morning departures was with high price. So I will say EZY doesn't have problem with profit on Zagreb flights. Good LF and relatively high prices if we compare prices from other airports.

    8. Anonymous12:28

      For many of us flying out of any airport apart from Gatwick is very complicated, time consuming and expensive.
      Many people will simply not go to Zagreb if they have to travel to the other side of the world for their flight.
      Personally, I may go once every year or two, instead of 3-4 times a year.

  19. Anonymous00:11

    YU-APA bi trebalo danas da obavi prvi let,bar tako stoji na sajtu Air Serbia,jutarnji letovi A319 su za SVO,TXL,ZRH,TLV,LHR I A6-SAA u povratku za BEG,http://www.airserbia.com/home/custom_menu/flight_monitor/departures.html

  20. Anonymous06:24

    Let's not forget about the guy who was writing this:

    AnonymousDecember 15, 2013 at 4:55 PM
    OK, looks as if this is how this year gonna pan out for all major airports in ex-YU in terms of passenger numbers.

    Belgrade - 3.52 million passengers
    Zagreb - 2.31 million passengers
    Pristina - 1.62 million passengers
    Split - 1.58 million passengers
    Dubrovnik - 1.52 million passengers.
    Ljubljana - 1.31 million passengers
    Skopje - 1.03 million passengers
    Podgorica - 720 000~ passengers
    Tivat - 695 000~ passengers
    Sarajevo - 670 000~ passengers
    Zadar - 485 000~ passengers
    Pula - 385 000~ passengers

    And projections for 2014

    Belgrade - 3.83 million passengers
    Zagreb - 2.55 million passengers
    Split - 1.72 million passengers
    Pristina - 1.70 million passengers
    Dubrovnik - 1.61 million passengers.
    Ljubljana - 1.44 million passengers
    Skopje - 1.16 million passengers
    Podgorica - 810 000~ passengers
    Sarajevo - 785 000~ passengers
    Tivat - 745 000~ passengers
    Zadar - 525 000~ passengers
    Pula - 425 000~ passengers

    Talp, you made a fool of yourself!

    1. Anonymous09:13

      Credibility destroyed. Now we're waiting on his projections about OU's fleet overhaul.


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