Belgrade Airport expansion in full swing

Belgrade Airport concluding second phase of expansion project

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is completing the second of four stages of its multi million euro expansion project, which has so far seen it upgrade its facilities, open new gates and add capacity. Serbia’s busiest airport recently completed the refurbishment of a majority of its C concourse gates, adding an additional new gate to the existing six. It is the third new gate to be opened in just over two months, with the airport now counting nineteen in total. The second phase of the project is coming to an end as another 311.3 square metres of space is being added to the C concourse, complimenting the reconstruction of the existing 2.304 square metres. “The expansion of the departure lounge and C concourse gates will add capacity to the terminal and improve passenger services. The expansion will secure additional commercial space for non aviation related content”, the airport says. The second phase of the project is expected to be completed in the first half of June.

Since launching its expansion drive in late 2011, Nikola Tesla Airport has refurbished the majority of its gate areas, upgraded its business class lounge, departure lounges and expanded its security and immigration areas. Furthermore, the airport has expanded its C apron by adding an additional 26.000 square meter which has the capacity to handle four Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 aircraft or two long haul jets. In addition, the airport has installed six new air bridges at a price tag of 2.2 million euros as well as a visual docking guidance system to steer aircraft to their final docking position on the platform. Over the past two years a significant number of commercial space has been opened including shops, a casino, cafes and a children’s play area. Over the past few days the refurbishment of the airport’s open air car park was completed and the upgrade of taxiways was also concluded. In the coming period, the airport will carry out improvements on its terminal two air bridges and add a further two carousels for baggage collection at the arrival’s lounge.

The price tag of the entire project is estimated at 52.985.000 euros, which is being funded entirely out of the airport’s own finances. The project will continue with phase three, which involves the expansion of the remaining A concourse gates, thus completing the upgrade of all of the airport’s departure and gate lounges. The project will culminate with the fourth and final phase which will see the construction of a completely new floor stretching over 4.900 square metres, to be built above the current terminal two building.

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has seen unprecedented passenger growth so far this year. The Serbian government has said it will offer the airport up for concession later this year. The “Večernje Novosti” daily reports today that representatives from the United Arab Emirates’ Arabtec Holding will meet with the Serbian government next week over a potential one billion dollar investment into Belgrade Airport which would include the construction of a third terminal, second runway, hotel and cargo centre.


  1. Anonymous09:08

    I dont like this airport... it looks ugly

    1. Anonymous09:12

      I like this airport....

  2. BA88809:13

    Great news about expansion..

    Wish the design was bit better...

    Wish they worked on the existing 70s and 80s design and added to this rather than turn in into yet another marble/steel/glass construction...

    Ah...well...good new anway! Hope BEG continues growth...

  3. Anonymous09:52

    Does anyone have pax stats for BEG, when did they have a record number of travelers, what year and how many?

  4. Anonymous10:06

    3 543 194 in year 2013.

  5. Anonymous10:29

    It's being rumored that BEG will have around 380k in May.

  6. Anonymous10:34

    I love BEG. I travel about 40 times a year, and sometimes am off the aircraft and in my taxi in 12 minutes.....
    hope all the changes keep it passenger friendly.

    1. Anonymous12:40


      My record is 17 minutes from embarking to the central bus station.

    2. moj licni rekord je tri minuta. Nije bilo policije, na carini nisam imao nista da prijavim,......

  7. JU520 BEGLAX11:18

    Good to know. But for further Expansion a new Terminal Needs to be built.

    Anyway some positive news for Air Serbia: Czech Airlines stops flying to ZRH, GVA and TXL and reduces flights PRG-OTP. Couple months AUH was taken out of the schedule. Hopefully some of their Pax will find the way to JU

    1. I doubt they'll see much of their AUH pax. They switched to Seoul Inchon as a hub for Asia now that Korean Air is their part owner. The rest of the cities maybe,

  8. Anonymous11:54

    Gates A6 to 10 are disgusting. The worst I've seen anywhere in the world.

    1. Pera Kojot12:24

      well boy that says that you just didn't traveled much ... ;)

      they are very bad ...but far from being worst in the world.

    2. Boy? unnecessarily rude13:59

      Oooo, yes it is... not compare to some provincial airports but for one capital it is tragic experience.

    3. Anonymous16:01

      Talking of capitals, in Budapest you would be loaded on the tarmac, just as in Zagreb, so...

    4. Boarding passengers from the tarmac, that is from remote stands, is nothing shocking.
      Many capitals in the region do it, some of them are Athens, Bucharest and even Vienna (though its mostly for smaller birds).

      A6-A10 area is quite horrible and it should be renovated as soon as possible. What I think they should do is revise the end area of the terminal and add another gate, A11. They can do this by closing off a few general aviation parking spots. It doesn't have to be anything spectacular, just a simple, cheap and practical extension of the terminal which should help out until the new terminal is constructed. The airport should also consider adding more bus gates, there are a total of 11 remote stands (4 on the C platform and 7 on the B) while there are only three gates which can serve them.

      Another cheap(er) alternative could be to expand the existing terminal building from gate C6 all the way to C10 where you would eventually add airbridges and, why not even, bus gates underneath.

    5. Anonymous00:22

      Nobody said it's shocking, just that it is the standard at most airports. I see nothing shocking on the A6-A10 gates, i'm sorry. Besides being too hot, such as the rest of the terminal.

    6. JATBEGMEL01:13

      The gates are shocking. I used A8 landing once from MUC and it was dripping through the air bridge and gate area, with several buckets placed to take the water as it was raining outside. I was stuck in A7 going to FRA as the Jat flight from FCO was delayed in arrival, making our FRA flight delayed, was horrible as the flight was full, not a place to sit, and claustrophobic. But the worst in the world, far from it. There is many airports with worse, Lagos has plastic bags around the air bridges connecting to the aircraft :D Serbia maybe bad in some things, but it hasnt hit this low :)

  9. Anonymous12:29

    Yes they are..hope they will refurbish the whole t1..ah mein gott!

  10. Anonymous12:42

    I cannot believe how spoiled people (who use air transport once-twice a year) are... Come on, old gates are simply average and I'm gonna miss those airplane like windows. Yes, transparent gates are nice but for me, old ones were a bit more adventurous and I would keep them! I don't suppose you whine how Luton's gates are worst in the world when you stand in line on the stairway while waiting for the door to the apron to be opened or gates with no windows at all at numerous airports...? Travel a bit, my dear passengers.

    1. Anonymous14:02

      I was in Luton for at least 15 times. It is LCC terminal nothing to compare with BEG as hub and capital airport.

  11. Anonymous13:55

    Belgrade airport will certainly become crowded tomorrow! Look at this, in less than 2 hours there will be 20 departures!!

    12.15 Antalya, Turkish Airlines, B737-800.
    12.25 Athens, Air Serbia, A319
    13.00 Abu Dhabi, Etihad, A319
    13.05 Munich, Lufthansa, E195
    13.05 Istanbul, Air Serbia, B737-300
    13.10 Geneva, easyJet A319
    13.15 Moscow Aeroflot, A321
    13.20 Sofia Air Serbia, Atr-72
    13.20 Thessaloniki Air Serbia, A319
    13.25 Bucharest Air Serbia A319
    13.25 Dubai flydubai B737-800
    13.35 Dubrovnik Air Serbia Atr-72
    13.35 Frankfurt Lufthansa A320
    13.45 Skopje Air Serbia A319
    13.45 Tivat Air Serbia A320
    13.50 Podgorica Air Serbia A319
    13.55 Banja Luka Air Serbia Atr-72
    13.55 Tel Aviv Air Serbia A319
    14.00 Sarajevo Air Serbia Atr-72
    14.00 Warsaw Lot E175

    1. Anonymous14:14

      So? Tomorow just from SPU 82 flights

      OU651 Zagreb 06:15
      JP208 Borlange 07:05
      OU462 Zurich 07:25
      BIE5881 Basel-Mulhouse 07:40
      4U9961 Dusseldorf 07:40
      OU422 Dusseldorf 07:45
      4U2965 Stuttgart 07:50
      OU4438 Munich 07:55
      EZS1038 Basel 08:10 08:00
      SX679 Bern 08:25
      DY3289 Copenhagen 09:10
      DY5895 Helsinki 09:15
      TF723 Vaxjo 09:40
      TF701 Torp Sandefjord 09:45
      EZY8394 London-Gatwick 09:55
      SK1832 Arn-Stockholm 10:10
      SK1836 Gothenburg 10:20
      EZY3022 London-Stansted 10:30
      DY1991 Oslo 10:40
      SK7342 Trondheim 10:50
      TF787 Karlstad 10:55
      EZY6206 Bristol 11:00
      DY4338 Arn-Stockholm 11:05
      WK449 Zurich 11:20
      SK7328 Oslo 11:30
      TF777 Oslo 11:35
      SK7398 Aalesund 11:45
      AY1034 Helsinki 11:50
      SK2832 Copenhagen 12:00
      OU380 Rome 12:05
      OU4474 Lyon-Satolas 12:20
      OU444 Vienna 12:30
      4U969 Cologne 12:45
      BIE5993 Marseille 12:50
      OU412 Frankfurt 13:00
      BIE6779 Nantes 13:15
      LS916 Manchester 13:35
      OU432 Berlin/Tegel 13:35
      A59491 Lyon-Satolas 13:55
      SK4734 Oslo 14:00
      4U3963 Hannover 14:05
      OU492 London-Heathrow 14:10
      OU474 Paris-de Gaulle 14:25
      QS1083 Prague 14:40
      DE6719 Frankfurt 14:55
      EZS1320 Geneva 15:10
      OU2486 Ornskoldsvik 15:15
      OS746 Vienna 15:20
      HV6260 Rotterdam 15:30
      OU3408 Erfurt 15:35
      OU659 Zagreb 16:00
      AB2703 Nuremberg 16:30
      LH1717 Munich 16:40
      DY2453 London-Gatwick 16:50
      OU304 Athena 17:00
      FPO216B Nantes 17:10
      OU336 Belgrade 17:30
      4U4983 Dortmund 18:00
      TF763 Malmo/Sturup 18:10
      OU438 Munich 18:30
      LH1413 Frankfurt 18:40
      LS246 Leeds/Bradford 18:50
      TF765 Gothenburg 18:55
      TF797 Gothenburg 19:15
      SK7336 Stavanger 19:25
      BIE6555 Lyon-Satolas 19:35
      SK7688 Arn-Stockholm 19:50
      SU2047 Sheremetyevo 19:55
      SK7360 Oslo 20:05
      SK7348 Bergen 20:10
      ST1937 Toulouse 20:15
      4U8989 Berlin/Tegel 20:20
      4U7985 Hamburg 20:35
      SK4396 Helsinki 20:40
      OU6657 Zagreb 21:00
      OU653 Zagreb 21:05
      EZY8398 London-Gatwick 21:10
      NVR642 Arn-Stockholm 21:25
      SK7842 Arn-Stockholm 22:10
      FPO212B Paris-de Gaulle 22:50
      4U963 Cologne 22:50
      OU648 Dubrovnik 23:10

      + ZAG, DBV, ZAD, RJK, PUY, OSI, BWK - all together some 300 flights from Croatian airports

    2. Anonymous14:26

      Yeah but SPU is dead most of the year, it's a seasonal airport and if you want to compare it then take an airport like Rhodes, Tenerife, Heraklion and so on. ;)

      Apples and oranges.

    3. Anonymous16:13

      Exactly. If you want to compare Belgrade airport to some other in Croatia, the only one could be Zagreb.

      Split and Dubrovnik results will be outstanding this year, but still you don't have to troll every time someone mentiones any serbian airport.

    4. Anonymous19:24

      His comment was totally unnecessary.

  12. Anonymous14:31

    He meant during two hours, not the whole day.

    1. Anonymous14:59

      I think he knew that, I doubt he could have really thought that there were only 20 departures from Belgrade tomorrow.

    2. Anonymous15:46

      Well, if he displayed the whole Split's timetable for the whole day as a response...i thought he might have gotten confused.

    3. Anonymous15:52

      Bless him.

    4. Anonymous18:04

      It does look empty, unfortunately! OT: FlyDubai will start flying to Zagreb, probably next year

    5. Anonymous00:16

      Twice per week? How do you know?

    6. JATBEGMEL00:46

      finally a direct link between ZAG and DXB

    7. Anonymous11:52

      Any source?

  13. Congratulations! Plans to expand Ljubljana airport were shelved earlier this year, from other two airports in Slovenia there is no regular air traffic. Slovenia is changing from a country on the peryphery to a country on the periphery of the periphery. Best wishes and carry on with good work.

    1. Anonymous16:27

      LJU is a different story now. It is on sale and why would someone invest any money before being sold? I think that LJU brigth days will come (hope so), as it has the richest catchmant area of all ex-yu main airports (do speak about capital airports) and it counts about 5 mio potential pax in SLO, IT, AT and HR... but still - we will see who and what the strategy of the new owner will be. Just belive that pitch was done the best for the LJU.

    2. True, but it has considerable competition too in that catchment area.

    3. Anonymous19:57

      By all means .... so much more effor wil be needed to get them to LJU

  14. Anonymous19:26

    Please do begin construction works at t1,do any one know when?

  15. Anonymous21:03

    Good job! Now i wish there would be some more european destinations at a normal and low cost price, like in many European capitals and not some other uncommon places ...

  16. Regarding the story in Novosti today (, they talk about the need for second runway. The same story is being mentioned at ZAG in not so distant future. I'm a just an interested bystander and not an airport planner, but I don't understand the need. If FRA is ok with three and LHR has two and needs third one as a solution to their issues (at least short term) why do BEG and ZAG need second one. I'm not sure what kind of long term pax increase they are planning for.

    Real issue or megalomanija, what do you think?Am I missing something here?

    1. JATBEGMEL01:03

      I agree, a second runway is not needed. Wasted money. The current 2 terminals is basically 1, and should be fully joined as 1, and the new terminal should be the proper terminal 2.

    2. Totally agree with both!

      Све најбоље!

    3. Anonymous09:21

      Actually, Frankfurt has 4 runways, 2 for regular takeoff and landing operations, one just for takeoff and one just for landing. We all know that LHR is desperate for another runway(s) , as the airport is a complete mess...

    4. Regardless, even the wildest projections 10-20 years out I don't think justify . I'm sure there would be better things to spend tens of millions on. But politicians know better. ..

  17. Anonymous00:46

    Does anybody know the LF of the first KLM flight to Zagreb?
    Also does anybody know LF on the first flight to Warsaw by AS?

  18. JATBEGMEL01:19

    "Air Serbia", nacionalna aviokompanija Srbije, objavila je znatno bolje rezultate ostvarene tokom prvog tromesečja ove godine, navodeći porast broja putnika od 66%, tj. 364.924 putnika u odnosu na isti period 2013. godine. Kapacitet prevoza, koji se meri u raspoloživom mestu po kilometru (RMK), porastao je 93%, donoseći porast prihoda od 47% tokom prva tri meseca 2014. godine.

    full article here:

    1. Anonymous07:47

      As they continue not paying BEG services, results will be getting better and better.

    2. JATBEGMEL13:36

      No, it should be just like the profit filled Jat who for years constantly delayed paying employees, maintenance, catering....

  19. Anonymous11:48

    Браво само тако наставите и ваљда ће бити нешто од овог пројекта!!!


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