CSEBA eyes Zagreb - Astana service

New airline hopes to link Croatia with Kazakhstan

The Chinese Southeast Europe Business Association (CSEBA), which intends to launch a new regional airline, attended the Astana Economic Forum late last week to discuss the possibility of launching flights between Zagreb and Kazakhstan. CSEBA representatives held talks with SCAT Airlines regarding the launch of scheduled services from Zagreb to the Kazakh capital Astana. This is despite the fact that SCAT Airlines is currently banned from operating in European airspace, as is the case with all other airlines certified by the authorities with responsibility for regulatory oversight in Kazakhstan, with the exception to flag carrier Air Astana. In a statement, CSEBA said, “We had a series of meetings with key Kazakh state company representatives. CSEBA also met with SCAT Airlines officials and discussed establishing regular flights between Zagreb and Astana”.

CSEBA, which aims to boost cooperation between China and the countries of the former Yugoslavia, recently announced plans to create a new airline which will launch direct flights between Zagreb and Belgrade, connecting the two cities for the first time in 23 years. In addition, the airline plans to provide charters between Croatia and China, as well as Central Asia. According to the Chinese Southeast Europe Business Association, “ticket prices are expected to be in the range of low cost airlines”. The Association aims to profit from far off markets such as China and Kazakhstan which hold huge potential for Croatia’s tourism industry.

Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country and the ninth largest country overall. Several European airlines operate flights to Kazakhstan’s two busiest airports - Astana and Almaty. They include British Airways, Austrian, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot, KLM, Ukraine International Airlines, Transaero, ČSA Czech Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and Belavia as well as Greece’s Aegean Airlines on a seasonal summer basis. Both airports offer good connections to the rest of Asia, in particular to China, South Korea, Vietnam, India, and former Soviet republics in central Asia as well as the Middle East. IATA projects Kazakhstan will be the world’s fastest growing domestic and international market over the next five years, with 20.3% annual growth for domestic air travel in Kazakhstan and 22.5% annual growth for international air travel.


  1. Hmm this reminds me of that time when there were negotiations for AZAL to launch direct flights between Belgrade and Baku. They even mentioned the possibility of making it a three stop flight with fifth freedom rights in between.

    As for flights between Belgrade and Zagreb, I can only see them being launched by Air Serbia which can rely on transfer passengers to fill those seats- the same way they (and Malev once upon a time) do with the route Belgrade-Budapest.

    By the way, what's happening with Dalmatian? Weren't they supposed to launch these days?

    1. Anonymous10:02

      well, try tp visit their website and you ll get the answer :)...

    2. Ah ok. I was just wondering because some people on here were 100% sure they would take off this year. It will be also interesting to follow what happens with Air Croatia. I hope they don't end up being a seasonal summer airline. It would be nice if they end up becoming a Croatian low-cost airline, especially since they are concentrating on a market OU has constantly ignored.

    3. Purger11:19

      Noooo, I am so surprised that they don't sell tickets jet, and that their web page is off! Really! :-)

      OK, no problem, we will read abut mega-project dalmatian.hr next winter again. Like last 8 years!

      Air Croatia is deferent story:

      1. They sell tickets

      2. We have confirmation that CSA will have ferry flight PRG-SPU-PRG with stop in SPU for almost 2 days (to fly for Air Croatia)

      3. Big tour operator is behind those flights and they already have passengers for those flights between their tourists.

    4. Well, that's all good but what I was saying is that I hope they have plans for the winter season too. It would be a shame for them to stop flying until the 2015 summer season.
      I am sure that ZAG would welcome them with open arms.

      There is always the option to tap into the Croatian cohesion fund in order to push for the development of the Croatian tourism during the winter months. They could get healthy subventions, the same way some airlines did when they did the same in Cyprus (Paphos).

    5. Anonymous16:39

      Like the idea, Nemjee, it would be such a shame not to use the plane(s) during winter!

      P.S. Hope the situation with the flooded areas in Serbia and Bosnia is improving, keep my fingers crossed for those people (just like for people in Slavonia)!

      xoxo from Croatia

    6. Anonymous17:18

      Sorry but, what xoxo means?

      Thank you.

    7. Anonymous17:23

      Hugs and kisses.

    8. Anonymous17:44

      Thanks Anonymous 5:23 PM, hugs and kisses for all the people affected with floods! Good luck to new airline!

    9. Anonymous19:59

      @Purger and @An.10:02 : I really don't know are you really that much incompetent that you cannot open dalmatian's website, or you deliberately lie here that the page is not functional. It works perfectly well, with dozens of job vacancies opened a month ago, including operations, IT sector and marketing, some of them UK based. Online ticket sale for scheduled services is expected to start soon, if not in matter of days then within couple of weeks.

      @Nemjee, thanks for your interest in dalmatian project. Nothing is wrong and it starts shortly. I suggest you check Sofia Airport webpage, seasonal timetable section, to see the details of the future DLN services ZAG-SOF v.v. Cheers!

    10. JATBEGMEL23:21

      Sofia Airport website seasonal arrivals:

      13:55 North Flying M34863 Загреб .2.4.6. 01.07.14 - 31.07.14

      13:55 Dalmatian DLN4863 Загреб .2.4.6. 02.08.14 - 25.10.14

    11. Cool, thanks for that. Will they be also flying to Hamburg as it was announced some time ago?

    12. What planes with Dalmatian use? Do they have an AOC?

    13. Anonymous08:43

      Non and no

    14. Anonymous13:53

      @Aleksandar Stojanovic

      A320. For the beginning, AOC will not be Croatian, but another one EU member.


      Yes, Hamburg, Sofia and few more scheduled, plus charter

  2. Anonymous10:06

    OT: here the "professionalism" of Air Serbia. First they announce daily flights to BEY, they then withdraw on short notice due to "security" reasons, then in May they announce again daily service as from JUN and now this:

    Air Serbia has revised planned operation for Belgrade – Beirut route, where it plans to begin on 01JUN14. For the month of June 2014, the airline operates 3 weekly flights instead of 7. Planned schedule as follow.

    JU826 BEG2340 – 0315+1BEY 319 135
    JU827 BEY0400 – 0550BEG 319 246

    I would call this a madhouse not an airline!

    1. Anonymous10:13

      The Lebanese CAD revoked a daily license and issued a three weekly permit. I don't know if you are following the situation in Lebanon but MEA is about to be blacklisted by the EU. The Lebanese CAD is trying to protect them in every single way.

    2. Anonymous10:27

      Jatovanje !

    3. Anonymous10:35

      How come they don't revoke 3 daily TK, if they want to protect MEA?

    4. Anonymous10:38

      Because certain countries are more influential than others.

    5. Anonymous10:39

      TK paid more :-) and they've been there for a long time

    6. Well, the guy said that the EU is about to black-list MEA. Why should the Lebanese government revoke flying rights to Turkish Airlines when Turkey isn't a member of the European Union?

    7. Anonymous11:21

      And Serbia is?

    8. Yugo11:32

      Serbia is the EU !

      HAHA ,just another of the many pointless posts by Nemjee

      svakodnevna blamaza

    9. Anonymous11:42

      Well, even if the Lebanese DCA revoke? And if so, if I have a proper planning I would know that couple of months ago. This is just another blamaga for Air Serbia. Nothing has changed beneath the new livery. Same old people and habits!

    10. Anonymous11:53

      @YugoMay 26, 2014 at 11:32 AM
      Shame on you! Nemjee's comments are usually brilliant! And doesn't hide himself like you do!

    11. Anonymous11:55

      To announce route without permit = Jatovenje

      To sell ticket without permit = Jatovanje

      To postpone route (doesn't meter for reason) = Jatovanje

      To announce route with 7 days frequencies AGAIN without permit = Jatovanje x 10

      To cut frequencies for more than half = Jatovanje

      ...well with so many Jatovanje we can not be sure that they just blame Lebanon government as excuse, especially that none of other companies did have any problem with permits exempt Air Serbia!

    12. I don't see how a comparison between Serbia and Turkey is even possible in this case. One is poor and one is in top 20 world economies. One is free to forge an independent foreign policy while the other is not. One has a population greater than the other by 11 times... and the list goes on.

      Plus, anyone remotely educated knows that even Turks realized they will never be part of the 'EU family.' Serbia on the other hand is still planning on eventually joining it hence why this move by the Lebanese (if true) makes sense.

      But I guess some people on here prefer to spit poison without first thinking about what they will post. I guess that's why its convenient for them to hide their identity, like true cowards.

    13. Anonymous11:58

      @AnonymousMay 26, 2014 at 11:55 AM
      Dalmatian.hr is also......"jatovanje"?

    14. brilliant12:03

      ( haha )

    15. Anonymous12:04

      Nemjee if i was u i would hide myself. SRAMOTA

    16. Boston12:05

      @anon 11.55am

      excelent examples of jatovanje !

    17. Anonymous12:08

      @brilliantMay 26, 2014 at 12:03 PM
      AnonymousMay 26, 2014 at 12:04 PM
      Again , shame on you! I'm jus a follower and my name is Zoran and am not registered here . Not Nemjee. Simply like this brilliant young guy. That's all. Can you imagine that?

    18. Anonymous12:16

      Nemjee, slazem se da ovde mnogi pljuju po Er Srbiji bez ikakvog pokrica, ali ovo sto rade sa Bejrutom stvarno vec postaje smesno... Moras priznati?

      A i ova kasnjenja, nije dovoljno samo uskladiti poletanja i sniziti cene da bi BEG postao cvoriste, vec i postovati red letenja. Ok, slusam od tebe da ima dosta trazitnih putnika i verujem ti, ali ipak moze mnogo, mnogo bolje... Nadam se da se slazes..

    19. У потпуности се слажем са тобом, ја никада нисам ни тврдио да све функционише без проблема.
      Ја само желим да подсетим неке људе који посећују овај блог да се присете где смо били пре само 7 месеци а где смо данас.
      Да је стварање ваздухопловног чворишта тако једноставна ствар онда би то био сваки мало већи аеродром у свету. Уосталом, ајде да сачекамо једно две године (или барем годину и по дана) па онда да направимо пресек ситуације. Није професионално да то радимо после свега пет месеци.

    20. Anonymous12:35

      He meant how come they're not trying to protect it from Turkish Airlines, which is a much more obvious threat.

    21. Anonymous12:38

      Because Turkey is a major market for MEA despite heavy competition from TK. MEA usually sends its A330 to IST.

    22. Anonymous12:43

      Nothing to do with EU. No idea who even mentioned that crap that you all kept discussing.

    23. Anonymous12:45

      Ah, i see, Nemjee did, he must be tired, again.

    24. Anonymous12:45

      do we have somewhere an news statement regarding this "revoking rights"?

      would be very strange that they protect MEA only from Jat

    25. Yugo13:01

      Nmejee i would hide myself with ears now if i was you!

    26. Yugo13:07

      learn english first and leave my Yugo alone

    27. Anonymous13:43

      Really Nemjee, that could be excuse, «it is no easy»? Well, if that is excuse than you are not on that level. It is too complicate for you. So, professionals would start with less ambitious plan and than grow on quality and quantity.

      Now, can you explain why just Air Serbia was force to recluse, but not Aegean (start 1st June to Athens), Germania (start 13th June to Dusseldorf), or any of more than 40 foreign companies to fly to Beirut?

      Also how can that be that powerful Etihad did not protect Air Serbia here? As far as I understand that is the biggest benefit from deal, that Etihad protect Air Serbia.

      I really thing that is total bullshit, and it is just unfair excuse to Lebanon government. In any case (even it that is true) it is Air Serbia Jatovanje.

    28. Anonymous14:14

      @AnonymousMay 26, 2014 at 1:43 PM
      Oh, Purger, I thinG it's you- Anonymous again!

    29. Anonymous14:16

      Nenormalno smarate sa tim jatovanjem i ako mislite da vam je to neki mnogo duhovit izraz, moram da vas razočaram - nije duhovit i nikada nije bio.

    30. Anonymous14:19

      AnonymousMay 26, 2014 at 11:55 AM
      Again Puger, with his bad English ("EXEMPT") and his obsessive word "jatovanje", hiding as Anonymous Mr. Hide.

    31. Purger15:13

      Well you start to be very annoying with Purger presumption. I was in Zagrebačka banka with my companies accouter for 4 hours because of deadline for security changes for my companies e-banking accounts (plural), to decide between possibilities, signing new contracts, several dozens of papers. So I was out of my office and for sure was not on blog.

    32. Anonymous15:17

      Had it with trolls and haters, time to disable comments or stop following the blog? Are there any other sites/blogs worth following from the region with good news and moderated comments? Thanks!

    33. Anonymous15:35

      AnonymousMay 26, 2014 at 10:06 AM said 3x weekly, beg.aero 7x weekly

      on airserbia.com is 5x weekly in June


      whats the truth?!

    34. Aэrologic17:10

      The truth is that we've got the look at the wider picture. By a massive Air Serbia expansion into BEY, threatened are not only the interest of MEA but also of its main partner Air France along with some other companies who eventually lobbied against this move. I mean, let's get real - with 3 weekly flights, you're out of the market, you can't compete (TK flies 3 daily as someone already mentioned), it's just enough to cover the O&D with those who wants to fly directly + some limited transit pax. I've never heard that the EU had any intentions to blacklist MEA (MASCO holds JAR 145, enabling them to maintain aircraft from all European states). This is nothing more than a blatant case of protectionism and we've got no idea how deep it goes (don't get me wrong, i'm a big fan of MEA and it's one of my favourite airlines). Air Serbia will suffer a massive PR blow because of this, letting passengers down for the second time in only few months, no matter the reason (the 'security' excuse was more than hypocrite and took us all, 'guests' or enthusiasts alike, for ignorant fools.) Coupled with three weekly flights, if nothing changes, that most promising route of Air Serbia might turn into much less than it was meant to be. For now they announced the downsized schedule for June only, which was five weekly as per the new schedule. Aegean, which applied at similar time as Air Serbia, was also granted the similar favour of three weekly flights alone. I'm still trying to figure out the frequencies allowed to other European companies who fly to Beirut (no centralized schedule on BEY website - great airport but the website just sucks). Bottom line - it'll all go down to how much influence (and will) Etihad and the UAE can have over Lebanon to kindly make them 'change their mind'.

    35. Anonymous17:30

      Wow, now Air Serbia is not threat to Lufthansa, which is doing it's best through European Comission, which it owes, to stop such huge threat,now it's Air France which is danger because of few hundred people weekly from Beirut. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Neprocenjivo!!! :) :) :)

    36. Aэrologic17:48

      We're talking actually about a dozen thousand people for S2014 alone so...

    37. Anonymous21:51

      Anon @ 11.55am ... you poor delusional soul ... It must be terrible and heartbreaking for you to sit and watch the once "mighty and invincible" OU slowly die like a terminal cancer patient while Air Serbia has had a heart transplant and continues to go from strength to strength. The problems it has, are all good problems to have because these problems mean that it is growing and continuing to grow. Going frm the shitty airline that it was to something it has never been, is never an easy journey to embark on - whatever the criticism whatever the end result. The chief difference to OU, is that it HAS a future while OU doesn't. It has a shareholder which is one of the world's best and richest airline's, which OU doesn't. The best that OU can do, is to get a flee infested airline like Garuda remotely interested and even that in the end, never materialised. JU has placed a firm order for 10 next gen A320NEO's which WILL happen. OU is flying clapped out crappy aircraft. JU doesn't need to make money, because it has such a rich shareholder with the deepest pockets in the world. OU has a shareholder which wants to offload the airline as quickly as it can. JU has a proper world class mgt team, while OU has a corrupt and useless mgt team reminiscent of communist ex-YU. Say all you want, but the simple fact of the matter is that you have missed the bus and your airline is dying a slow and horrible death ... Life's a bitch isn't it ??.

    38. Anonymous22:13

      Only in june will be 3 flight per week,from july there will be 7 flight per week,can easily be checked on the website of Air Serbia

    39. Anonymous22:33

      I can tell you for a fact that this is changing every few days, because of the Lebanese CAD's position on this matter. Not much that anyone can do and we can't make any public statements because we don't want to inflame the situation. It is frustrating, but all we can do is react/respond to the latest advice that we get from the Lebanese. Pure simple, the situation comes down to protectionism. I just wish our CAD was as protective as theirs ....

    40. Anonymous22:46

      @ 9:51 PM

      Unlike majority of other shauvinistic greaterserbian haters who are simply spoken stupid, you are intelligent, I must admit, because ALL you said is complete LIE, without a single proof or argument for either alleged JU supremacy, or alleged OU inferiority, yet everything has been so thorough and so cunningly and slyly put to look and hear like absolute and unquestionable truth. That make you absolute hater, superhater, towards everything that has "c" of croatian and absolute champion among those of your kind on this blog. Hope you are proud of yourself, and that Master Alex the Great will provide some bonus for your efforts

    41. Anonymous23:21

      I'm super sorry for having to lie ... Yes, you are correct. it is a HUGE lie that Etihad is 49% owner of Air Serbia ... it is also a lie that Air Serbia has ordered 10 next gen A320NEOs. It is also a lie that Air Serbia is growing more than 60% over last year. It is also a lie that Air Serbia has new mgt from Etihad and most importantly, it is a huge lie that Etihad is one of the best airlines in the world who have mor emoney than they know what do with. Heck, it is also a lie that OU is doing super badly ... I'm so sorry for all these lies ... pls try and find it in your heart to forgive me for telling all these lies ... I simply don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight for telling all these lies ... You can call me Pinocchio if it makes you feel any better

    42. JATBEGMEL23:32

      Lets get some things straight.

      JU did say it will launch in March 2014 with ticket sales started.

      JU NEVER released any statement that it was postponing the BEY launch due to security reasons, rather the failure to get the landing rights on time from the Lebanese authorities. JU further mentioned that pax who booked will be rebooked to other flights or offered full refund.

      JU reloads new timetable for 1st June.

      If JU have cut back temporarily on frequencies, it would be due to Lebanese government not granting JU full rights. This is not JU's fault and something they cannot control. And it would not be the first time of such issues with licences. EK will drop DXB-MXP-JFK route because their licence is being revoked by the Italians.

    43. Anonymous23:37

      Oh and by the way - pls keep nationalism out of this discussion bcoz it hasn't absolutely nothing to do with anything ... stay focused on THE facts and the facts for these vastly different businesses speak for themselves ...irrespective of whether someone is Serb, Croat or swahilee ... this has nothing to do with anything ...

    44. JATBEGMEL23:49

      Further more. JAT was not good, now Air Serbia is not good. 30 y/o B733's are too old, 7 y/o A319's are too old as well. Cancellations, divertions, return to field and delays with JAT were bad, yet some delays in Air Serbia not good either. No problem with JAT not having for years a proper website, but hey Air Serbia has no online check in. JAT had a crappy paint job in BEG but why are aircraft being painted in Netherlands. JAT was full of government paracits, over staffed, and bleeding millions of tax payer money, but Air Serbia is worse because it hasnt released the contract it has with Etihad.

      Can never please our people. Nobody is forced to use JU. Dont like it, dont fly it. Simple. Is there choice? Only 29 more airlines to choose from.

      As for OU, yeah its doing bad. JAT was in the same boat last year too lets not forget. One day there is investors, next day all contracts will be terminated via text message notifications. One day Aeroflot, the next Air Baltic, a week later Air Asia X, the day after its Miskovic. Msm stvarno, dosta bre vise ljudi.

    45. JATBEGMEL23:56

      @ anonymous

      Nothing is wrong with being a nationalist. Being proud of your nation is not a crime. What is wrong is radicalism and neonacism, attacking one because of where theyre from. For some people the events during the 1990's was not enough of a lesson of how dangerous radicalism is. Yet the same villagers are still full of negativity and still in their boxed up simple minded views, and still live miserable and will forever be miserable. Build a bridge and get over it.

    46. Anonymous02:06

      This is what it would look like if both sides were equally trolling:

      Comments from OU fb page:

      Regarding "-25% off promotion":
      "Daria Miloloz Akcija krenula, a promo kod vam ne radi i nije moguće kupiti karte s popustom. Javlja grešku 73004 Probano već 10 puta. Toliko o "super" akciji."
      "Dennis Fransen The code is not working for me, it gives an error code (Invalid Bookingscode (73004)). Please can you inform me what i do wrong?"
      "Croatia Airlines Dennis Fransen we apologize due to inconvenience caused."
      "Aaliyah Preston Očito ću ipak tražiti karte preko nekog drugog avioprijevoznika. Hvala na lažnoj ponudi i sretan Vam 25. rođendan!"
      "Croatia Airlines Dragan Peka, cijene nisu promijenjene, već je netko u međuvremenu kupio karte po najnižoj cijeni"

      So the typical troll comments here should be: "This is typical OU professionalism! This is not OU in EU, it's same old Balkan airline as JAT!!! Shame on OU!

      And then repeat this same crap against OU (or ZAG, or SPU etc) 10X a day...

  3. Anonymous10:20

    Would be nice if you could all stay on topic. This is actually a very interesting article. We don't have to be flooded with Air Serbia news 24/7. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with it by I notice the Admin is trying to mix the content and we don't have news about Air Serbia every day so its not his fault but each day comments about Air Serbia on completely unrelated articles and about the most unimportant things whether a flight to Ljubljana was delayed or whether caviar was served. I wish them all the best but it would be nice to open an article with comments related to the actual topic and not Air Serbia.

    1. Anonymous10:37

      You're free to share the news about Croatia Airlines, if there are any...

    2. Anonymous12:08

      I'm not Croatian I'm Serbian but I'm a polite person that is interested in aviation far and wide, not only whether an Air Serbia flight departed with a 2 minute delay to some destination.

    3. Anonymous12:52

      You might have some ocular issues (visit the optician for that) but nobody has mentioned anything similar today...and no, i don't believe you're Serbian, it can be felt from the flair of your first post. Cheers.

    4. Anonymous13:02

      Jesam iz Srbije i nije mi potrebna tvoja potvrda o tome. Ne znam o kakvom "flare"-u pricas ali ovde postoje i normalni ljudi iz Srbije koji ne provode citav dan razmisljajuci o Air Srbiji. Postoje i ljudi koji zele da procitaju nesto iz susedstva i procitaju diskusiju vezanju za njih. Nazalost to je ovde potpuno nemoguce u poslednje vreme jer se svaka tema prakticno pretvori u diskusiju o Air Srbiji. Mislim da je to pre svega nekorektno prema autoru koji pokusava da ima raznolike vesti i ugodi svima. Sigurno ce biti neka vest o Air Srbiji za dan dva pa diskusija o tome kakvi se sendivic sluze, u koliko sati polece let za Bejrut itd moze da saceka. I pre nego sto me optuzis, posto si jedan od tih koji optuzuje, volim Air Srbiju i nadam se njenom uspehu ali volim i avijaciju koja nije vezana za tu kompaniju, a danas Air Srbija nije tema. I pre nego sto kazes da se sada najinteresantnije stvari desavaju u Air Srbiji, mislim da nije u redu da se svaka tema prakticno "preotme" jer je pre neki dan neko postavljao pitanja o tome zasto kasni let iz Istnabula... Mislim koga briga. Sada vec pocinjem da mislim da se to radi namerno.

    5. Anonymous13:05

      Evo o ovome pricam "All Wizz Air flights sent to B-platform today.". KOGA BRIGA? Tema je "CSEBA eyes Zagreb - Astana service"

    6. I don't think anyone would mind talking about OU or JP's delays, they're just the issue of JU atm. As said above everyone is free to share the news about any other airline as well ad Air Serbia

    7. Anonymous13:18

      Nobody wants to share anything because everything is hijacked each and every day. There was a topic about Air Serbia yesterday with the plane coming and I enjoyed reading through the comments and the other day about Aviolet. But today its about Croatia, tomorrow it might be about another airline and I would prefer if there was a bit respect by people visiting here towards those countries. Don't think news about which position Wizz Air parked in Belgrade is something that needs to be shared. And like I said I think its most disrespectful to the author.

    8. Anonymous13:20

      Ниси из Србије чим не знаш да користиш службено писмо. Ако те смара да читаш, надам се да умеш до користиш миш или кликнеш стрелицу "клик" горе доле, и само ће се спустити, неће бити Ер Србије а ти нећеш морати да доказујеш своје лажно (или још горе - половично) српство.

    9. Anonymous13:22

      @Anonymous @1:02PM
      Aj majke ti, iz koje si ti provincije?

    10. Anonymous13:25

      Boze me sakloni. Nisu jos izmislili cirilicnu tastaturu, a vidim da si ti jedan od onih sto promovise srBstavo i patriJotizam. Sada mi je sve jasno. Ajde imaj lep dan. Posalji pismo Air Srbiji da ih pitas sto im nije ime ispisano na cirilici ili jos bolje staro srpskom iz doba Nemanjica. Pozdrav. @Anonymous @1:22 Ja sam iz Beograda, opstina Vracar. Pozdrav

    11. Anonymous13:25

      Re: Lepotan (ili lepotica) @1:02
      Ал брате, јел ти не видиш да си ти свој комлекс претворио у сопствену тему?!

    12. Anonymous13:29

      Да си ти ућутао ова тема би била много мање off-topic него што јесте тако да...почни прво од себе. Не знам за Ер Србију али мислим да твоји комплекси дефинитивно никога не занимају.

    13. Anonymous13:41

      @Nisu jos izmislili cirilicnu tastaturu


    14. Anonymous13:42

      Looks like it's the fool's day today.

    15. Anonymous13:43

      He is one of the Serbs who were thought to respect others more than yourself and your own nation, nothing surprising.

    16. Srbine, cirilica jeste sluzbeno pismo Republike Srbije, ali internet nije drzavna ustanova iste, tako da niko nije u obavezi da je koristi ovde...

      @AnonymousMay 26, 2014 at 1:18 PM
      Jeste, treba ispostovati druge, ali svako ce podeliti vest koju smatra vaznom, a da nije objavljena, ali sto se tice provociranja, takvima ne vredi pricati, pogledaj ovog gore...

    17. Anonymous14:23

      @ 10:20 AM:

      This blog is not flooded with news on Air Serbia 24/7. Admin takes good care of the news selection.

      However, the blog is flooded with hatred towards (Air) Serbia 24/7 and that is the problem. It is not (Air) Serbia's fault that some people are so short of medications, they have no other choice but to come here and turn the daily aviation update from Croatia into their schizophrenic obsession with (Air) Serbia.

  4. Anonymous10:26

    +1 but your comment won't go down well with people who can't communicate in any other way.

  5. Anonymous11:14


    1. Even though this is only a charter, it certainly says something about the demand there.

    2. Anonymous14:27

      Hopefully that will shut up the NIS lobby ... there is NO market from/to NIS ... this has been proved time and again ... the sooner that these people get it, the sooner they can start thinking about practical ways to get to/from BEG airport and others

    3. Anonymous20:11

      agree with you 2:27!

    4. JATBEGMEL00:08

      This will not shut up the Nis lobby. When the flight was announced, it was great, celebration, but now it will be 'why Antalya, 25 million people flying there have bad holiday decisions, should of been (place city name here)'.

      Nis lobby do nothing but complain, blame everything else but their lazy management and corrupt government. Why subsidise Wizz Air from Basel base when they can feed millions for empty flights to TGD!

      "But TZL is proof the INI can succeed."

      Of course, people in TZL were not stupid to pay for subsidies to YM.

  6. Anonymous12:56

    All Wizz Air flights sent to B-platform today.

    1. Anonymous13:40

      Yeah, that;s a first. Seems like they'll be getting what they paid for from now.

  7. Anonymous13:08

    Iako je službeno najavljeno da letovi KLM-a iz AMS za ZAG počinju od sutra,ipak se danas otvara linija...nadam se da će netko saznat kakva je popunjenost.

  8. Anonymous17:08

    OT. YU-ALT in new livery

    1. Anonymous17:43

      So B737 can be painted in Belgrade but the ATR cannot? o<O

  9. Anonymous17:16

    As far as I remember Fokker 70 was announced, but Embraer 190 left Amsterdam... Good sign?...

    1. Anonymous17:37

      No, no, no. Only about month or so after it had been announced as F70 4 wekly, it was changed to E190 daily, and it's been like that for at least 4 or 5 months, so you missed something, and the service runs as planned

  10. Anonymous19:33

    Vincent Kas, general manager of KL/AF for the Alps and the Balkans region, attending ceremony in Zagreb in occasssion of the first KL AMS-ZAG flight, announced that service to Zagreb will not be seasonal, but year-round, which seems to be very good news for ZAG

    1. Anonymous19:58

      Great news for Zagreb Airport and passengers, not so good for Croatia Airlines, they should wake up and start adding new lines!

    2. Anonymous20:05


  11. Anonymous20:02

    This is bad news for Croatia Airlines but good news for their Ceo (Mr. Kucko ). So now he has no reason to be in ZAG so he will fly every day to Amsterdam what a Job has this guy.

  12. Anonymous20:08

    Borat says: I don't want fly from Kazakhstan to some Zagreb, I want fly to Amerika only! Fly to Zagreb no good!

    1. Anonymous20:33



    2. Anonymous20:34

      Livery for the Zagreb-Kazakhstan plane has been revealed:


    3. Anonymous09:51

      It does look much better than Aviolet planes livery!

    4. Anonymous14:46

      Aviolet's flight attendants look much better!

    5. Anonymous22:27

      ako vam se ne svidja,nemojte gledati.

  13. Air SERBIA - ATR 72 fleet in new livery !!!

    YU-ALO ATR 72-202


    YU-ALU ATR 72-212A

    YU-ALP ATR 72-202,

    YU-ALT ATR72


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