Zagreb Airport begins terminal construction

After six months of preparations and over a decade of planning, Zagreb Airport has laid the foundations of its new multi million euro terminal, marking the official start of construction. Furthermore, the airport has finally revealed the final design of the future building (pictured above) after much speculation as to whether the project will be downsized. The new terminal will have the capacity to handle five million passengers per year and will feature eight air bridges, down from eleven as originally planned. The project involves a total investment of 331 million euros, 243 million of which is for the design and construction of the new terminal and 88 million for the maintenance of airport infrastructure over the entire period of the thirty year concession awarded to Zagreb Airport International Company (ZAIC).

Croatian PM (left) with Zagreb Airport CEO (right)

The groundbreaking ceremony held yesterday was attended by the Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanović, the Minister for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Siniša Hajdaš Dončić and the CEO of Zagreb Airport Bruno Mazurkiewicz. Speaking at the event, Mr. Milanović said, “I have been travelling around Europe for twenty years and I remember the awful state in which airports across Eastern Europe were in, while Zagreb’s was always presentable. Now it has been over twenty years and this is the last capital city airport which is awaiting modernisation”. The Prime Minister added that the start of the new terminal’s construction is big news for Croatia and a major investment. “For such a small country, Croatia has another two international airport which have over 1.5 million passengers per year. That is a lot and that is something other states do not have. However, we want Zagreb to handle five million passenger per year, which is currently impossible and this terminal is the main condition for that to happen”, Mr. Milanović concluded.

Apart from the new terminal building, the airport will also construct a new 250.000 square meter car park. The new terminal is set to open its doors to passengers in December 2016 with some 700 construction workers to be employed. Zagreb Airport CEO, Bruno Mazurkiewicz, said, “The construction of the new terminal building is a major investment, which will contribute not only to an increase in air traffic but also to the economy in general. I believe Zagreb Airport will become one of the most important hubs in this part of Europe”. This autumn, work will also begin on the upgrade and reconstruction of the current terminal building, to be carried out during night time so as not to affect passengers and traffic at the airport. The upgrades will include the expansion of the duty free area and lounges. The price tag is estimated at 3.5 million euros.


  1. Anonymous09:11

    I hope our stupid minister Hajdas Doncic discussed with airport director how to save Croatia Airlines. Otherwise, this investment will make no sense... I like how the terminal will look, I'm glad they're finally starting to build it! Good luck!

    1. Anonymous09:42

      Thats true by the time terminal is finished I dont think Croatia Airlines with the present Ceo ( Kucko ) that it will be part of the airline business. What I understand loadfactor is a drama .So best of luck

    2. Don't mix the fate of OU and the airport. Airport will be there regardless of OU's fate because if they are not flying somebody else will (as long as there is a demand)

    3. Anonymous14:20

      To the mod: so was the Zagreb airport project ultimately downsized or left as it originally was, just with few air-bridges removed? What's the difference?

    4. Anonymous14:57

      @AnonymousMay 22, 2014 at 2:20 PM

      Not only bridges were removed, terminal will still be 65500sqm, with shorter piers accommodating only 8 passenger boarding bridges instead of 12, although fully expanded airport will have 20 passenger boarding bridges as passenger numbers grow. Terminal has maximum capacity of 15 million, and will be also expanded as new passenger numbers grow, to maximum of 105 000sqm, as sides of the terminal can expand by 20 000sqm on each side.

      Once airport passes 5 million pax expansion will be necessary, with old terminal remaining in use as low cost operation, it can't be demolished unless developers plan to replace with some As developers are only leasing the airport, actual owners are City of Zagreb, Croatian State and Velika Gorica, with small %g owned by the airport itself.

      Lessors must finish airport before the end of 2016 and airport must be completed according to winning architectural design specifications, but that being said, they've already amended new look, by removing glass roof and replacing it with cheap aluminium roof, which raises another question, was it part of the agreement with the Croatian government and if it was, why the public wasn't told about it.

      I'm sure questions will be raised once the terminal is completed, a legal challenges will follow I am sure by the unions and citizens groups as to the waste of money and other legal issues.

      Developers are in for a rough ride even after new terminal is completed and we might see their contract either reduced from 30 to 20 or even less or annulled if EU and Croatian laws were broken.

      This story is far from finished. It might have been smarter if Croatian government borrowed money and built this terminal by itself, Airport already had $57 million in savings for new terminal, state would have needed to raise another 400 million, with city of Zagreb already promising 800 million kuna ($155 million), terminal could have been built without foreign developers, and according to full specifications.

    5. Anonymous15:30

      Oh, so they removed 4 bridges actually, that's quite a downsize. So nothing will come out of that glass roof with solar panels and little things rotating making electricity...just cheap aluminium from Russia.

    6. Anonymous15:54

      @AnonymousMay 22, 2014 at 3:30 PM

      that remains to be seen the eco credentials had to be maintained so its likely they'll remain including photovoltaic system. What is most likely the case, glass being very heavy, architect on the project didn't consider that as a fact and designs had to be amended for that little omission, you can make all glass roof but its gonna be very expensive and supports for the roof would need to be made of much sterner stuff than few metal columns that suppose to lift the entire roof in to its place.

      The piers on the other hand will be all glass structure. And no, aluminium is not Russian, its Croatian, made in Sibenik from what I understand. 80% of materials and construction is made in Croatia, only glass modules will be made by a Belgian firm which specializes in odd glass shapes, everything else will be made in Croatia, even 275W photovoltaic modules are Croatian made by Koncar including small wind turbines.

    7. Anonymous15:58

      Thank you for the information :)

    8. Anonymous16:04

      “I believe Zagreb Airport will become one of the most important hubs in this part of Europe”.

      Alongside Ljubljana, Pristina, Tirana...

    9. Anonymous16:07

      @ AnonymousMay 22, 2014 at 3:54 PM

      It'll be small but cute! Probably nicer than what Skopje currently has or on pair with it.

    10. Anonymous16:11

      I actually like the design from the photo we can see here. Nice and modern. Pozdrav iz Beograda.

    11. Anonymous16:14

      "even 275W photovoltaic modules are Croatian made by Koncar including small wind turbines."

      Koncar can make those?

    12. Anonymous16:44

      Koncar is a great company, I like the idea that most materials are made in Croatia! Like the airport, still hoping on hearing some news about OU privatization process. If it fails, it won't be the end of the world, but it will be much harder to reach some growth in the next few years!

      Hope all the people in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia in areas affected by floods are much better now, hope everything turns out well for them!

    13. Anonymous16:53

      I'm sure they can do something, or Siemens PVC modules are alternative, but Koncar already had some work done in Croatia, so yeah they could do PVC systems,

      AnonymousMay 22, 2014 at 4:07 PM
      @ AnonymousMay 22, 2014 at 3:54 PM

      "Small and cute" ?

      65000sqm terminal + 420m long 2 story passenger pier (15000sqm)

      BTW it'll be the largest airport terminal in ex-YU by far when completed, and this excludes terminal 1 that'll be for low cost operations, another 170500sqm.

    14. Anonymous16:55


    15. Anonymous17:03

      @AnonymousMay 22, 2014 at 4:44 PM

      OU won't be rushed in to a privatisation, its a lengthy process and despite my great misgivings about Kucko and his gang of conman, I still think it should be done properly and with due process, accountability and process being clear and transparent, no murky dealing behind the closed doors.

      Whole process of privatization of any state company must be transparent and open to any scrutiny by independent accounting agencies and citizens concerned.

      As to OU, they plan to operate at normal level from next March, OU will return to its pre crisis operations and if it is to believe what kucko says OU plans to increase its operations out of all Croatia's airports.

      What eve the case OU must be privatized through transparent and legal way so there are no questions in future as to legality of the entire privatization process.

    16. Anonymous17:05

      It'll be the most empty, that's for sure.

    17. Anonymous17:08

      Wait - if i am not mistaken, Belgrade has currently 16 air-bridges and 4 bus gates. But you're saying that "it's gonna be the largest in the region by far" with only 8 (less than a half) gates, how come?

    18. Anonymous17:10

      "...275W photovoltaic modules are Croatian made by Koncar including small wind turbines."

      Those are gonna be removed together with the glass roof as part of cost-cutting measures, the idea was for it to supplement a terminal that is largely lit by sun, which now makes not any sense.

    19. Anonymous17:35

      Anonymous 5:03 PM, thanks for your post, I agree with you, but don't you think that Air Serbia or some other carrier might take over the region in the next year and leave OU as a small local carrier? Thanks in advance!

      Anonymous 4:44 PM

    20. Anonymous18:44

      @AnonymousMay 22, 2014 at 5:35 PM

      I think there's more danger from Lufthansa/German Wings and other alliance carriers taking over than any regional carrier.

      Lufthansa dominates Zagreb and Croatia, they control 10% of Croatia's air travel market, in Zagreb alone that control is around 15%.

      There's little danger of OU going bankrupt any point in near future and with reduced schedule they're only hurting themselves, others can only benefit from OUs own internal issues.

      I am always for more competition, and if that means OU gets off its butt and start providing service than so be it. I welcome competition from any corner, more the merrier.

    21. Anonymous23:38

      Zagreb Airport - what it'll look like in 24 months time,

      Clearly showing 8 passenger boarding bridges and phase 2 with 12 bridges, phase 2 could be completed by 2020, if traffic passes 5 million pax by 2020.

      May also saw good numbers, early reports indicate Zagreb airport will have a slight growth of 7.25% on previous May. or around 220 000 pax for this May, and June numbers should be very good with arrival of new carriers and new operations, 8% growth in June is quite possible.

    22. Anonymous00:15

      Yes, it'll also have 2 A380 regularly flying there, just like on the drawing, as imaginary as it is LOL. No wonder the A380 is in the "ghost" part. Be lucky if they build all the 8 and don't stop at 5 or something like in Tbilisi.

  2. GVA_Cointrin_W609:14

    OT (a big one though):

    May 22 (Reuters) - Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air is to float on the London Stock Exchange, Central and Eastern Europe's largest budget airline said on Thursday, seeking to sell 200 million euros ($273.3 million) in new shares to strengthen its balance sheet.

    Wizz Air, which has a fleet of 46 Airbus planes, had revenues of 1 billion euros in the year ending 31 March 2014, and net profit of 89 million euros. The listing is being run by Barclays and Citi and JP Morgan, with Nomura acting as lead manager.

    1. n00b13:15

      sorry what does that mean o_0 ?

      ( they need money ? )

    2. Anonymous13:23

      Initial public offerings are used by companies to raise expansion capital, to possibly monetize the investments of early private investors, and to become publicly traded enterprises.

      One of the interpretations is the current owners feel secure enough to float the company on the stock market since they will get a good return on their initial investment. Or, in other words, business is good.

  3. Anonymous10:06

    Predivno je videti gradnju novog vazdusnog terminala, dogradnju, prosirenje... Ko god imalo , srca, dobrote u sebi ima radovace se... Treba se radovati svakom i svacijem uspehu. Bez iskrenosti nema radovanja niti napretka ni u jednoj oblasti zivota. Bilo kojeg ljudskog bica ili zajednice ljudi. U punoj very da ce zapadni susedi Srbije uspesno zavrsiti tri terminala koja sada pocinju , ostaje pitanje. Beograde kad ce doci kranovi na tvoj ANT? Ne da bi se nadmetao, nego razvijao, umnogostrucavao tvoje potencijale. Sta je sa Nisom, Kraljevom... Poplave su prosle, a posle zla dolazi dobro
    Uvek svakom toga ima u ljudskom bitisanju. Uz uvek dobrim zeljeama i stvarnirn radom, stvara se sinergija koja je smrt za patetiku i mrznju. Posle tuznih scena poplava sa teskim posledicama u jugo istocnoj Evropi,
    pravo je osvezenje posmatrati gradnju novog. Bilo gde... Raduje. Rodney Marinkovic, AME.Sydney /// Kraljevo.

  4. @Rodney - word. Very well said. Let the progress continue...across all of our areas. Cheers from Zagreb

  5. Anonymous10:29

    OT: (probably a bigger one):

    First and foremost, I apologize for disturbing this topic.

    Air Serbia will be making new airline to conduct carter flights!
    It will be named AVIOLET :)

    As previouly reported, it will have 4 B737-300 out of which YU-AND was first to receive new LIVERY!

    In accodance with new brand, crew will have brand new uniform and all visible connections with JU will be abolished.

    Question - Legally speaking, will it be new airline or it will be AVIOLET operated by Air Serbia?

    1. Anonymous10:41

      LOL re: bigger. Game on ;-)

    2. Anonymous10:42

      as far as i see it would just be a subsidary, exactly like it was Air Yugoslavia back in time.

    3. Nikola10:45

      i think that this summer it will be Aviolet opb Air Serbia, because it takes time to obtain AOC.
      now, i have two questions:
      1. who came up with the name? Aviolet, seriously? they could've named it Air Serbia Holiday, or something like that. as for livery, it's ok for a leasure airline.
      2. couldn't have they taken AGX?

    4. Anonymous12:29

      Nikola, I have to agree with you on the name Aviolet. It sounds so backword. Sounds like an old East European name. No Glamour to it and a lack of enthusiasm in the name.

    5. Anonymous12:44

      Glamour?? LoL it's not Angelina Jolie or glamourlike Kim Kardashian. Aviolet sounda a bit weird but retro is in, right? ;-)

    6. Anonymous12:49

      if it was a German airline there should be name Interflug (ex DDR flag carrier) or Flugdienst (1950s airline later merged with Condor). Classic names rule!

    7. Anonymous13:13

      Aerologic this was you (again) !

    8. Aэrologic13:57

      If it was me one side of the aircraft would be in Cyrillic, you can be sure about that ;)

    9. Aэrologic14:16

      Something that i am in, which i'm not sure is gonna be adopted, is the new Air Serbia slogan:

      "From the heart of Europe, to your heart - Air Serbia"

    10. Do you know if they are changing seat configuration inside, e.g. going to all economy seats.

    11. JATBEGMEL14:35

      Aviolet will not be a seperate company, rather just a brand. Aviolet will not be registered as a seperate airline. As mentioned, crew will have different uniforms to Air Serbia. An official release was supposed to happen this week but has been suspended. There will be an official word from Air Serbia soon to come.

      As for the livery, kinda reminds me of Nouvelle Air but with less dark blue. Its basic, not very creative, but at least the aircraft will not be all white.

    12. Aэrologic14:47

      It's a very nice Slavic name of the airline, i'm glad Air Serbia is leaning towards respect of Serbian-Slavic traditions.

    13. Anonymous14:51

      Light blue and yellow, looks like flag of Ukraine going to summer vacation. I like it - except the name. Seriously, AvioLet?!?!? WTF!!! As appealing to international passenger as "Godisnji Odmor Airways". HUGE fail with the name.

    14. Aэrologic14:56

      "Light blue and yellow, looks like flag of Ukraine going to summer vacation. "


    15. Anonymous15:00

      Where are they going to fly 4 737s in off season?

    16. Anonymous15:03

      They will have rest during the winter-season (or used as spare a/c), they have enough cycles on them already.

    17. Aэrologic15:09

      "Seriously, AvioLet?!?!? WTF!!! As appealing to international passenger as "Godisnji Odmor Airways". HUGE fail with the name."

      That is the eternal Serbia. Always one half against the other. Always someone is discontent, always someone is unhappy, always someone wants it the other way around. No consciousness of national/social unity whatsoever, that has plagued Serbia for ages and plagues it to this day. Will the Serbian mentality ever evolve or "disunity/i know better than you" will remain the core trait of Serbian character throughout history, remains to be seen. In my opinion it has done you enough harm already. Everybody has an OPINION, nobody has RESPONSIBILITY. You say something in China, 90% will like it; you say something in Turkey, 80% will like it. You say something in Russia, France or even Germany, 75% will like it and agree on that. In Serbia, no matter how small it is and no matter how important the issues are: 25% will pull on one side, 25% on the other and so on indefinitely. At best, there will be two camps and the more enemies there are (around Serbia), the more Serbs will be hating each other from within. That's incredible, you have to admit. Instead of external animosity causing unity, it creates discord. There are not many countries like that in the world. Like dual alphabet. That doesn't exist anywhere and leads to sort of schizophrenic identity. It's sad to see the same patterns of behaviour replicating themselves all over again and again.

    18. Anonymous15:22

      OMG chill dude. Everyone is entitled to their opinion especially to something so unimportant as whether you like the name of the company or not. I don't like our president. Should i be shot for treason? Sheesh.

    19. Aэrologic15:41

      No, this is just symbolic of the whole mentality.

    20. Anonymous16:24

      Stereotyping about a nation, again. Did you see reactions when American Airlines changed their livery? Hundreds of sometimes nasty comments all over the place. Same when United/Continental merged, huge divide between positive and very negative feedback. There is no need to label them as schizophrenic, people just have different opinion.

      My personal option for summer charter would be something simple, universal, international and fun. For example, SunSea Jets. It's available, even the internet domain is not taken yet. Now was that so hard?

    21. Anonymous03:53

      What is incredible is a guy lecturing others how they forgot their identity and use a "wrong" alphabet but his/her username is Romano-Russian-English mix
      practice what you preach man ;)

      Leave us alone dude. Some of use consider it a blessing that most Serbs can switch from Cyrillic to Roman alphabet and sometimes not even notice it. I love that about Serbia.

      As for the livery and the name of this charter company/JU branch, I agree with most here. It looks like an afterthought. Looks like they picked it from one of those cheap internet logo design websites. He he, it probably was actually :)

      But than again, if it makes sense and starts making money... who cares

  6. Anonymous11:43

    AGX is a worthless airline with only one aircraft, probably the oldest jet in Europe that has to be phased out this year. The 737 Classics JU has can be further overhauled and serve few more years, and i the future they should get the aging fleet of JU in the future, as they replace their year round flights fleet with new planes.

  7. LOL, Serbian's and their 733... they are now around 30 years old but they will be used untill they get aged around 50 years, or till the first one falls down from the sky.. let's see what happens first.

    Are there some good pictures of the new terminal?

    1. Anonymous12:46

      many of 733s still fly around in Europe. Even Lufthansa still has some of em but theyre due to replace soon. Also have in mind (if you have onw) that those 733 flew much less hours than other 733s currently in use. Learn something about aviation prior to posting rude nationalist and offensive comment. And mind your yard instead of ours.

    2. LOL, i work at Amsterdam airport i know it all don't worry :) And yes Lufthansa comes with the 733 to AMS once a day, but compared to the JAT that came with there 733 it's like 2 different worlds inside & outside. That's why the Serbian one is at his last legs, while germans are pulling their out next year yes.

    3. Anonymous15:11

      First five words of your initial post make everything that remains worthless and ignorable. Even if you have nothing better to do than mock some carriers about the age of their fleet, there are some generally accepted ways of doing so. Your rants against an entire nation are certainly not among those ways. You should question your chauvinist mind before you start questioning anything else.

    4. Aэrologic15:33


    5. What has JAT got to do with Air Serbia's daily flights to Amsterdam? That company was closed down back in 2003.
      As many have said on here, the B737-300 is a fantastic and a reliable aircraft...Obviously, we all know its days are counted but that doesn't mean that its operations with the carrier are hurting its image. You should fly on YU-ANJ and you will know what I am talking about.

      Also, its common practice for carriers to operate old birds. What matters is not their age but how you maintain these aircraft. After all, look at Delta and its DC-9s. ;)

    6. There is nothing inherently wrong with old planes.

      The Cessna 172 that I am learning to fly on right now is more than twice my age, and has 5000 hours on the airframe, yet there is nothing unsafe about the plane.

      YU-AHL, JAT's first owned DC-9 has a service life of 40 years, until it was retired by Delta in 2010.,YU-AHL-JAT-Yugoslav-Airlines.php

  8. Anonymous12:36

    Danas bi trebalo u BEG da dodje sedmi avion AS,A319-YU-APB

    1. Anonymous14:07

      Are Air Serbia's A320 configured with 164 seats or with 155? Someone recently changed it on Wikipedia to 155.

    2. Anonymous14:42

      8 business seats 2 rows and 150 economy seats 25 rows.who wrote 155 for the x files to figure out:)!

    3. Anonymous14:44

      Excuse me its 126 economy seats 26 rows!

    4. Anonymous16:06

      JU201 maybe YU-APB?

    5. Anonymous16:14

      It has 155 seats, that's correct. 8J (2x4) and 147Y (24x6 + 1x3). 27th row has only ABC seats.

    6. Anonymous16:17

      Wait, that's like 9 seats missing from what we were previously told or what? How many seats are on YU-APH?

    7. Anonymous16:32

      It's in the previous comment. It has 155 seats.

    8. YU-APH, 8 in business and 147 in economy.

  9. Anonymous14:46

    OT: New aircraft for Adria (S5-AAV) will come to LJLJ on Sunday at 00.05 :)

    1. Anonymous15:36

      Nice! Will it fly the same route as AAU from Canada?

  10. Purger16:09

    Review on Air Serbia flight BEG-OTP 19/05/2014 A319 and OTP-BEG 20/05/2014 737-300

    Foto on:

    WEB PAGE AND CHECK IN PROCEDURE IN BELGRADE (Air Serbia staff, not airport):
    - no online check in
    - no self check in machines on airport (just and only classical check-in) – in most of western airports there is no classical check-in counters just drop off, so you must check in online or on self check in machines on airport and then proceed to drop off especially for domestic flag carrier
    - huge queue
    - lady in check in insist on my passport and I, as EU citizen, did not need to take it with me because I don't need passport to get in Romania (or leave Serbia), just I.D.
    - no boarding time on boarding pass, and lady in check in did not know when was boarding time (so you don't know how much time you have for shopping and drinking)
    - no self check in machines on OTP airport (for example Croatia Airlines passengers use Lufthansa self check in all airports in Europe)

    + as queue was huge lady preventing entering in business class line, ask us to go to that line
    + web page is OK, buying procedure is correct and fast enough exempt those things that are missing (choose of spatial meals, online check in, some most used credit cards are not possible to use etc.), e-ticket is informative enough (can be better but it is OK)

    Air Serbia: 5/10
    Croatia Airlines: 8/10
    Lufthansa: 10/10
    Austrian: 10/10
    Air France: 9/10
    Tarom: 7/10


    A319 (YU-APC), 9 years old
    - as plane was redecorated one should presume it is in very good shape, but it is not
    - seats are brand new in blue ladder, but still signs are partly missing and color is faded
    - old model seats with pocket for storing papers are below tables, seats are fatter then Recaro one, and business class seats use lot of space, so that makes less room for legs in 128 seats Air Serbia A319, than in 144 Croatia Airlines A319
    - plastics in all interior (exempt seats) are in very bad shape (it flies in India for Kingfisher and plastic was not refreshed), with lot of stretches, and it looks dirty (not because it is actually dirty but because of condition)

    + design of interior (carpet and seats) looking very good, especially business class
    + Air Serbia branding is very good (out and in)
    + little pillow in every seat
    + movable headrests ideal for sleeping (I just had those in CSA A319, elsewhere not)
    + very clean

    737-300 (YU-ANK), 27 years old
    - color of plane in bad condition, even you can see outlines of Jat dots and signs
    - very bad condition (but still plastics interior in better shape than in YU-APC)
    - part of interior fooling down
    - part of the chairs rusted!!!
    - different intensity and color of white lights just emphasizes bad impression
    - there was no pillow on my seat (in D and F there was one, but not in E)

    + concerning the fact that plane is 27 years old it is in much better shape that I thoughts it would be

    * unfortunately 737-300 makes impression on this category much worst than A319 would

    Air Serbia: 6/10
    Croatia Airlines: 8/10
    Lufthansa: 9/10
    Austrian: 8/10
    Air France: 8/10
    Tarom: 6/10

    1. Purger16:10

      - everybody in forums wrote about good service, food and drink in Air Serbia, but that was not something I find as fact
      - sandwich was tinny (just 12 cm long), baking completely shriveled and penned, extremely little cheese and salami in sandwich, taste was disgusting
      - when you buy ticket there is no option for other meals (vegetarian, Muslim etc.)
      - you get just water (even can not choose between sparkling and still water), no option of juice, coke, beer, wine... (like in Croatia airlines domestic flights)
      - coffee was the worst one I ever taste (and competition of disgusting air-coffee is huge)
      - no sweets, pinots or something like that
      - most of passengers just give back sandwich without one (taste) bite

      + tea is original Lipton

      Air Serbia: 3/10
      Croatia Airlines: 5/10
      Lufthansa: 5/10
      Austrian: 5/10
      Air France: 6/10
      Tarom: 8/10

      - no monitors in plane (Croatia airlines on those monitors broadcast security instructions but also films about Croatia, cities, seaside, little films...)
      - no music during take of and landing
      - no newspaper at all (on most flights you can get daily newspaper in domestic language and English, in some even magazines)
      - it looks good that passengers are not strictly checked for quantity of hand luggage but because of that some gypsies bring several huge suitcases inside plane and make lot of mess and hit people around with those during entering and leaving plane
      - lot of passengers are low profile because of very low price (noisy, dirty, bother you during flight, even pulled your sleeve for information about connected flight because they don't know what they should do after lending in BEG - like you are in train not in plane)
      - there was no duty free selling inside plane and no duty free catalogue
      - there was no possibilities to buy Air Serbia souvenirs in plane

      + Air Serbia in-flight magazine is OK (all texts are in Cyrillic and English)

      Air Serbia: 2/10
      Croatia Airlines: 9/10
      Lufthansa: 8/10
      Austrian: 8/10
      Air France: 6/10
      Tarom: 6/10

      - when pilot address passengers before flight he said he will address us with more details again during flight but he did not
      - no excuses for delay!!!!
      - purser on OTP-BEG flight (Rosa) was very old and looking very tired, with almost no smile at all (totally different than rest of staff)
      - staff should help those gypsies who had so many luggage (+ 4 children) when they allow them to bring it to plane (on that way there would be no so many hitting passengers with those luggage)

      + nice uniforms
      + most of cabin crew smile all the time looking they really enjoy helping you (the best one was Ognjen in BEG-OTP flight – congratulations)
      + reaction on gipsy who stand up during lending was very professional (authoritative but not rude)

      Air Serbia: 9/10
      Croatia Airlines: 9/10
      Lufthansa: 8/10
      Austrian: 8/10
      Air France: 8/10
      Tarom: 7/10

      In same time to fly via VIE, VCE, BUD is much better experience (airport restaurants, shops, entertainment, comfort, visit to VIE with my favorite Australian pub), it is cheaper (VIE is few kilometers closer, and in same time I already have yearly vignette for Slovenia and Austria like most of Croats), and I can use benefits of Star Alliance (most of the flights from VIE still is with OS, LH, LO, SK...).

      All together:
      Air Serbia: 25/50
      Croatia Airlines: 38/50
      Lufthansa: 40/50
      Austrian: 39/50
      Air France: 37/50
      Tarom: 34/50

      I will use BEG just and only if flights would be much cheaper than from ZAG, VIE, VCE, BTS, BUD, GRZ, LJU, ZAD... That means flights from BEG should be less than 100 EUR cheaper.

    2. Anonymous16:40

      The link is useless, since most of us are not registered on that forum.

      The review is very biased. You conveniently forgot to note the regional airports rating, that wouldn't be in Zagreb/Croatia's favour.

      "lot of passengers are low profile because of very low price" - you forget that you was one of them, for the same reason. You could have booked business class, it would have still been 100 Eur. cheaper than OS/LH/etc. from VIE i am sure.

      That is a regional flight of less than an hour. Don't know what you was to expect for 99 Eur.. Most of those pax will be entitled to full complimentary meals on their next segment. Maybe you was just unlucky.

      This must be the worst Air Serbia review to date but anyway, i'm sure we'll be seeing you again in Belgrade soon. Cheers.

    3. Anonymous16:59

      Review is racist and biased. You are basically saying that your flight experience was ruined due to the fact that the entire plane (or at least, good part of it) was taken by certain ethnic minority (and no, I will not be using the term you used), mostly because the price was low - and yet again, you are flying Air Serbia for the very same reason? Hypocrisy much?

      I work for Air Serbia and I have seen loads and loads of in flight reviews written on board by our passengers. We had fair share of negative notes and criticism but something like I have seen here - never.

      You pretty much knew even before you left for OTP that AIr Serbia still does not have web checkin, check in kiosks, you also knew about the rush hours at the airport, but more importantly - you knew that this is something Air Serbia is working on

      I am sure Croatia Airlines "paprenjak" is much better food compared to what Air Serbia offers :)

      Anyway, you have the right to have your own opinion :) I am sure everything that comes out of Star Alliance is miles ahead of what we here can offer :) Btw, just as a reference I am Star Alliance Senator :)

    4. JATBEGMEL17:07

      @ purger

      interesting report.

      I flew OU last year from SPU to FCO and the only beverage on offer was a glass of water. Im surprised that with Air Serbia to OTP you were not offered more beverages as when I flew with JAT from BEG to SJJ, for a 22 minute flight on a B733 we were offered a variety of beverages, hot and cold.

      As for lugagge, this is the fault to the groud staff in BEG. They should not of allowed for such bags to slip past, and as you mention it was more than 1. If it did slip past the check in desk, it should of been off loaded at the gate. Interesting observation.

      As for online check in, it should be implemented next month. But I agree, the line in BEG is unacceptable and the online check in should improve things, especially with the summer season ahead.

      As for boarding, there should of been some etno music played on the boarding. It is the standard. Newspapers should of as well been available, even the old JAT had them available.

      As for duty free, I havnt seen that for a while with JAT and hope that Air Serbia will bring that in again. Last time i remember duty free was on a flight from DXB to BEG with JAT back in 2006. As for souvenirs, I agree, would love to be able to buy some.

      Your observations show that someone is slacking and not doing their job properly. And EY teams do come to BEG so I hope this will brought to their attention. Great report and I hope you had a couple of days in Belgrade to enjoy our capital as well :)

    5. Anonymous17:07

      Blattantly rascist and a disgustingly biased review. Tells a lot about the poster himself.

    6. Pera Kojot17:13

      Brate Purger, which Air Serbia you flew with? After number of flights now, including BEG-OTP-BEG, I can only conclude that something when very wrong with your flight.

      One thing you are right, Airbuses are not producing wow effect as one would expect, but the rest ... come on.

      Food, drinks, staff... it is all 8+.

    7. Pera Kojot17:15

      +1 Anon 5:07 PM

      it is very racist, especially talking like that about gypsies, but again ... he is Croat, so it goes along.

    8. Kiza17:39

      @ PurgerMay 22, 2014 at 4:09 PM
      Haha! Purgeru, smešan si! Da nisam leteo njima, pa da mi pričaš tu bajku! Rođen si za političara, možda te izaberu za ministra u budućnosti, imaš dara, vidi se po ovom pamfletu!

    9. Anonymous17:40

      "...seats are fatter then Recaro one, and business class seats use lot of space, so that makes less room for legs in 128 seats Air Serbia A319, than in 144 Croatia Airlines A319"

    10. Anonymous17:46

      Purger tvrdi da su 144 sedišta u ekonomskoj klasi OU komfornija nego 128 sedišta u ekonomskoj klasi o čemu dalje da pričamo..ova reportaža je očajna, ispada da OU ima bolji ketering od JU iako OU da smokvice i vodicu...

    11. Purger18:19

      Stvarno se ne kanim pravdati za ovaj osvrt. Samo bih napomenuo da sam na jednom forumu proglašen nacionalnim izdajicom jer letim Air Serbiom. Kada hvalim valove i strategiju JU i poljujem Croatiu, onda sam OK, ali kada napišem da realnost usluge i cateringa u JU nije bajkovita kako se navodi, onda sam nacionalista!?!?!?

      Jelo i kava su bili očajni. Ali doslovce. Pokušat ću fotografije staviti na neku drugu stranicu, pa da vidite, ako već ne možete na CAF. Fotografija ne laže. Sendvič je bio majušan, polu prazan, jadan, smežuran i neukusan. A za okus mi možete ili ne vjerovati

      Samo me okanite ovih gluposti oko nacionalizma ili šovinizma. To što su ovo bili Romi ne znači apsoutno ništa, mogli su biti Bugari, Englezi ili Rusi i da sam ih tako prozvao uz to ponašanje, ne bih bio nacionalista. Dakle, bili su to se desilo i nema nikakve nacionalne ili nacionalističke podloge. Uvjeren sam da toj gospođi nisu pomogli radi zauzetosti ili činjenice da ne pomažu putnicima sa prtljagom,a ne samo radi toga što je bila Romkinja.

      I za kraj Recaro sjedala ili ne i više mjesta ili ne. CTN ima 2 reda više. Air Serbijina business klasa zauzima jako mnogo mjesta. Isto tako i ova debela sjedala. CTN je imao bitno manje sjedala u istoj kabini prije nego je stavio Recaro sjedala. I činjenica jest da u CTN kabini u ekonomskoj klasi ima više mjesta. Ja eto znam jer sam letio sa obije kompanije. Oni koji nisu ne mogu suditi!

    12. Anonymous18:36

      Pera Kojot, how about gypsies in Serbia, do you treat them with respect?

    13. Anonymous18:46


      Emily from Sweden

      I travelled with Air Serbia from Stockholm to Bucharest via Belgrad in december 2013.It was the worst experiance ever. Our luggagge came to destinaton one day after us and then we noticed the valuable things from the bags were stolen We made a claim to Air Serbia in the begining of january 2014 and some man there said that they will handle our case within 60 days.It is mid may and i got no maney back and they ignore all my emails. This is not how a company should treat custemers I would not recomend this company to anyone.The service on the plane and at the airport in Belgrad it was very very bad.The people from this company that i've been in contact with (chef for their Claim Departament, other persons from Air Serbia and the woman from the Stockholm office) were very very unpleasent and i got the feeling that none of them wanted to help me

      Jan from Nepal:
      I traveled (back) from Belgrade to Ljubljana on an evening flight. After boarding, the electricity in the airplane broke down. We waited in the aircraft for half an hour, then were escorted back to the airport. After waiting for 1.5 hour the flight was cancelled. We were informed that we have to pick up our luggage, find ourselves transfer back to the city and a place to stay - and to come back the day after. The company did not want to provide us with accommodation nor transfer and declined to help us in any other way (the exact words were: " we are not a travel agency"). The next day the aircraft was in a bad condition and smelled like cigarette smoke. I do not recommend this company!

    14. Anonymous18:49

      To, purgeru. Ja sam Srbin, al ti samo pisi i rasturaj. Sve nam lepo reci u lice. Valjda ce neko da odreaguje posle ovoga. Mozda su ocene malo preniske, ali to je tvoj subjektivni osecaj i imas pravo na to. Pozdrav!

    15. Anonymous18:58

      SkyTrax, last 3 customer reviews

      Adam Muller, Slovakia 28.4.2014. rate 6 of 10

      Flew BUD-BEG-LCA-BEG-VIE as it was far cheaper than any other airline, low-costs including. BUD-BEG was on an older ATR72, there was exactly 12 passengers in the plane. Small snack (a sandwich and a cookie in a doggie bag) and one round of drinks on a one hour long flight! Had to ask specifically for the vegetarian meal we ordered (it was on the plane, was labelled with my gf's name was not given out automatically). The ride was a little noisy as in the old ATR but can not complain. Problem-free transfer in BEG, security at the gate and BEG-LCA on an ancient Boeing 737-300. It had the old JAT livery stripped down but one could still see the outline of the letters and three dots on the tail - from outside, the plane looked just sad. Inside however the seats looked refurbished and to my surprise, there was quite a lot of legroom. On this 2 hour flight hot meal was served (menu was handed out). I skipped mine, my gf had her vegetarian meal and it looked and tasted fantastic. And a bonus - proper metal cutlery! Round of drinks as well. Return LCA-BEG departing at unholy time (4am in the morning) was delayed about half an hour, making us worried about short connection in BEG. This time, their "new" A319, which is not new at all. The legroom was much worse than on the old 737, and to be honest, one of the worst I have ever experienced (I'm 185cm tall). Slept all time so can not comment on the food (but there was some). Bit unorganized transfer in BEG (we were checked all the way to VIE, but some other passengers were missing their boarding passes) but I must appreciate that upon leaving the aircraft, there was someone for each connecting flight helping the passengers. Last leg BEG-VIE on a sad ATR72, for me a cookie and a yoghurt in a doggie bag, the vegetarian meal was an orange (that's it - just orange). Our luggage did not make the short connection in BEG. Air Serbia probably won't be my airline of choice, but if they again offer such deal as they did now, no problem flying them again.

      Adezda Gorjunova (Russia), 17.5.2014., rate 1 of 10
      Tivat to Moscow via Belgrade, was late 3 hours and 32 passengers missed connect flight! We were put in filthy Slavia hotel in Belgrade. I reached Moscow only in the evening on the second day. My claim report wasn't answered!

      I Bozinovic, Hong Kong, 21.5.2014. rate 1 of 10

      In 40 years of travelling this was the first time that an airline could not offer hot drinks due to lack of hot water. On a different matter, how is it possible to assess an airline without addressing their Baggage and Compensation issues which are such an integral part of the total experience?

    16. Anonymous19:03

      Dragi blogeri, zar nam nedavna iskustva s poplavama nisu pokazala da i nismo toliko različiti i da još uvijek postoji međusobna povezanost koja pobjeđuje glupi nacionalizam, da smo dobri jedni prema drugima, da si pomažemo i suosjećamo jedni s drugima? Zar ne možemo kao odrasli ljudi svoja uvjerenja i stavove braniti konstruktivnim raspravama umjesto vrijeđanjem?

    17. Anonymous19:04

      AnonymousMay 22, 2014 at 6:58 PM

    18. Anonymous19:12

      AIR SERBIA Customer review : 17 April 2014 by M Nikola (Denmark) Rating : 10/10

      Used Air Serbia twice, once from Stuttgart to Belgrade in February 2014 and once Belgrade to Copenhagen March 2014. Excellent experience. Stuttgart - Belgrade was done by old Bulgarian Boeing but you could still "feel" the difference by newspapers, meals and drinks and much younger crew. BEG-Copenhagen was great, new Airbus, excellent meal and coffee plus great desserts. I will use them again.

      AIR SERBIA Customer review : 14 April 2014 by I Anderson (UK) Rating : 9/10

      I flew London to Belgrade return on a newly fitted Airbus A320 outwards and A319 return. The new Aircraft's have a bright and welcoming interior which sets the scene for their product offering. The crew were polite and attentive throughout the flight, although perhaps a little cool in their interactions with passengers. On the outward flight newspapers were offered. A menu on both flights was presented which was a nice touch. The food itself was excellent for a short-haul flight - hot, plentiful and served with metal cutlery. Certainly the best on board food in Europe. Boarding at Belgrade however is still not well organised should be improved. Overall though a great experience and fantastic to see a new full service Airline come from the ashes of JAT.

      AIR SERBIA Customer review : 8 April 2014 by R Tanasijevic (Serbia) Rating : 9/10

      A few days ago I returned from Banja Luka. Although the ATR72 was quite noisy, the service was excellent, especially for the 45 minute flight. Change in quality in comparison with old JAT is highly visible.

    19. Anonymous19:37

      But seriously Purger, why do you complain about low profile passengers if you are also one? What makes you more worth than them?

    20. Anonymous19:47


      Niko vama nije bolje rekao nego moj CG Dejo Savicevic.e isto ti ja sad...Da nisam letio sa svima pa da ...Kad ukljucis cijeli Balkan vi bi bili na sredinu liste, ali ipak je zabava posmatrati vase komplekse zato sto je Air Serbia preletjele na No 1 a i Adria vas je davno...Racunaj sad j

    21. Purger20:02

      U potpunosti se slažem sa time da je Air Serbia po mnogo čemu prekočila Croatia Airlines. I to sam nemalo puta, pa i javno, rekao. No da je toliko bjakovita kako se tu pisalo, daleko od toga. I zašto bi ja, pobogu, bio iskompleksiran radi Croatijine stagnacije? Ja sam 2010. nešto pokušao, u to sam uložio mnogo energije, genijalci su rekli da oni znaju najbolje i sada je kompanija pred bankrotom. Kao i većina državljana RH vrlo rjetko letim sa CTN, zato što su preksupi i lete na malo lokacija. I dalje ne razumijem zašto bi ja bio iskompleksiran na kompanju koja je imala sve šanse, upropastila ih i gotovo je ni ne koristim.

      Bojim se da je ovaj vaš komentar nacionalistički kompleks jer vama je Air Serbija jedna i jedina, tko takne taj ne državni neprijatelj, a branite ju čak i tamo gdje se braniti ne može. Meni je CTN jednako kao i Austrian, Lufthansa, Air France, easyJet, Iberia, British, Air Serbia... prijevozna firma koja me prevozi sa točke A na točku B. Daj bože za što manje novaca i zadovoljavajuću uslugu i bez kašnjenja. Kao što mi je svejedno vozim li se Croatia busom, Potockim, Austrobusom ili Eurolineom. Puca mi što je Croatia bus nekada bila "nacionalni ponos" i što ima ime države u imenu. Imaju loše autobuse, skupi su i malo linija. Putujem sa boljima.

      A vi zabijajte glavu u pjesak, tvrdite da je sve savršeno i da je Air Serbia najbolja kompanija na svijetu. Ni Etihad joj nije do gležnja. Samo tako naprijed. Sigurno će vam radi toga biti bolje. Kao i našim primorcima koji se zavaravaju kako imamo najljepše more i zato nemoramo ništa raditi jer će novac samo dolaziti, sam od sebe.

    22. Anonymous20:07

      Bravo, Purger!


    23. Anonymous20:14

      Svako ima pravo na svoje misljenje pa i gospodin Purger.
      On je ocenio LH najbolje.I ako iz licnog iskustva znam kakvi su posto poznajem dosta ljudi iz Avijacije u Innsbrucku koji rade za OS/LH.
      Dosta mojih professora/ucitelja Austijanaca I Menedzera OS je letelo sa Yu i imaju samo reci hvale.

    24. Anonymous20:23

      Bravo Purgeru.

    25. Anonymous20:25

      Purgeru, ta tvoja usporedba s primorcima je pogodak u srid! Bravo.

    26. Anonymous20:36

      Purger, for someone who usually appreciates and enjoys reading your comments, I feel that your review was biased and quite frankly racist. What did you expect on a flight of 1 hour?? A 3 course gourmet meal sitting next to the Sheikh himself??? Get real.

    27. Yugo20:56

      i stopped reading after the "gipsy". I feel so sorry for you that you have to fly with normal people like us and the gypsies

    28. Purger21:05

      Gypsies are absolutely normal people, of course. Why you need to point that? Once again, if that was German (English, French, Russian) with 4 bags it would be OK? So you presume that it is something about racism and that tells more about you than me.

      And yes I did not have problem with that lady till she wake up to take bags in middle of landing, and till when she hit me with beg, and then I helped her.

    29. Purger,
      I appreciate your comments on this site, but I think that you may have been a little bit too harsh on your review.

      Perhaps we can put this into perspective. BEG-OTP is a 500 km sector. Maybe your expectations were a little too high. I don't see how you can expect a meal + inflight entertainment + brand new planes if you are paying 99e. If you expect those things, then perhaps you should buy a business class ticket. I have flown with Lufthansa and British Airways (FRA-BEG and LHR-BEG when BA still flew the route), and I certainly did not get a meal or any in-flight entertainment.

      Although I do agree about the part concerning leaving on time. Air Serbia certainly must work on that. Also web check in is long overdue.

    30. Purger21:11

      And to anon. 8:36

      I did not expect anything special even after so many comments about premium catering and service. But better not to give sandwich than that what we get, and decent cup of coffee would be appreciate.

    31. Anonymous21:38

      Postovani g.Purgeru,
      Hvala na Vasem komentaru i iskustvu koje ste podelili sa nama.
      Citajuci Vase ranije komentare stekao sam utisak da se vrlo dobro razumete u oblast avijacije i zato me vrlo cude neki od Vasih negativnih komentara datih u danasnjem Vasem tekstu. Vi pominjete da JU nema online check-in i to pominjete kao negativnu stranu leta iako sam siguran da ste prilikom kupovine karte bilo dobro informisani da JU ovu vrstu usluge i dalje ne nudi. Dakle, to bi bilo kao kad bih ja napisao da sam razocaran sto OU na nekom svom letu nije letela sa B744 a znam da OU tu vrstu aviona ne poseduje u svojoj floti. Takodje se zna da su redovi na check-inu veliki jer je JU za kratko vreme radikalno povecao broj svojih letova. Redovi na check-inu su redovna pojava na svim aerodromima i to pominjati deluje kao da ste zeleli na silu nesto negativno napisati. Kazete da nije bilo napisano boarding time na boarding pass. Ta cinjenica me iskreno cudi ali Vam verujem na rec. Medjutim, ono sto ne razumem je da Vi sigurno jako dobro znate da je boarding time napisan na boarding pass uvek 30-45min pre leta a da je u stvarnosti to oko 20-25 min pre leta. Sa takvim Vasim avio iskustvom ovakav komentar ostavlja utisak "trazenja dlake u jajetu". Dalje, pisete da je obrok bio los i neukusan sto me jako cudi ali Vam verujem. Medjutim, citajuci utiske drugih ljudi mislim da je u ovom Vasem slucaju u pitanju zaista samo izuzetak koji se ipak ne moze opravdati. Pisete da nije bilo muzike tokom ukrcavanja putnika. Hocete li mi molim Vas reci na kom drugom letu neke avio kompanije je bilo muzike tokom ukrcavanja i da li biste to uzeli uopste u obzir da to nije bilo pominjano kao novina koja se uvodi ili ce se uvesti na JU letovima? Verujem da ne biste. Cinjenica da su putnici oko Vas bili prepuni rucnog prtljaga nije sigurno prijatna ali neko bi to mogao podvesti pod "customer relations" ili sl. iako naravno to pod tu terminologiju ne spada. I na kraju molim Vas da ako vec ne baratate engleskim pravopisom da ovde pisete hrvatski jer losim nacinom pisanja enleskog jezika dovodite u sumnju Vase veliko avijacijsko znanje. Primeri:SPATIAL = SPECIAL (inace spatial znaci prostorni) , LADDER = LEATHER (inace ladder znaci merdevine) , PINOTS = PEANUTS... Iskreno se nadam da cete i u buducnosti koristiti usluge srpskog nacionalnog avio prevoznika gde ce neke od ovde datih nepravilnosti biti korigovane. Hvala i pozdrav, Predrag

    32. Anonymous21:55

      Предраже, хвала Вам на аргументованом и уљудном посту, којим сте на господски начин одговорили на, могу да кажем надобудни коментар "држављанина ЕУ", који је у "европејском" маниру морао да запази да су текстови у часопису Ер Србије, који су на српском, замислите, написане- ћирилицом. .

    33. Purger22:16

      Predrag moje najdublje isprike što su se pokrale tri greške u engleskom jeziku na inaće poprilično dugačkom tekstu. Vrlo cijenim što ste napisali no nikako mi nije jasno koji je smisao toga. Ne, nisam tražio dlaku u jajatu nego jednostavno napisao svoje opservacije.

      Online check in i self check in je kompanija trebala uvesti još davno jer je odavno standard u zračnom prometu. I kao što sam se ugodno iznenadio nad mogučnošću biranja sjedala koje donedavno (kako se pisalo na ovom blogu) nije bilo opcija u Air Serbiji tako sam se nadao da je možda i ovo uvedeno. No, bez obzira što sam unaprijed znao da nema on line i self check ina to jest negativnost kompanije, a poglavito komparativna negativnost koju sam pokušao ovdje opisati. Naime, ideja je bila da kompariram moje opcije za buduće letove i Air Serbiu kao potencijalnog prijevoznika, a BEG kao još jednu zračnu luku koju bih mogao koristiti umjesto skromnog ZAG i nedostatka dovoljno dobrih opcija iz mog matičnog aerodroma. Dakle, ako znam da u nekom avionu nema biranja sjedala unaprijed to ne znači da isto nije loša strana te kompanije.

      Naravno, kupio sam kartu za 95 EUR i ne mogu očekivati previše, no jednako tako očekivao sam daleko više temeljm pisanja na ovom i drugim forumima. Jednom riječju situacije nije tako bajkovita. Barem ne po mom iskustvu i neposrednoj opservaciji. Jesam li imao baš nesreću ili je to praksa na večini letova, nemogu znati.

      Izgovor za duge redove u pogledu nagle ekspanzije ne mogu prihvatiti. Jer ekspanziju se ne smije uči ako nemaš infrastrukturu ili sposobnost da ju provedeš. Jednostavno onda to ne radiš ili ekspanziju usporiš sukladno svojim mogućnostima. Jer u protivnom si radiš medvjeđu uslugu i stvaraš negativnost kod potencijalnih koristnika.

      Što se boarding timea tiće on ovisio od kompanije do kompanije. Naravno, da ćete uči u avion i ako dođete 15 minuta prije a avion je na zračnom mostu, a nećete ako je povezan autobusom. Ja iskreno ne znam što je gate A9 (autobus ili most). I upravo zato zračne luke pišu boarding time na pass, da znate koliko prije morate biti na gatu. I sad ako to već nije na boarding passu trebala bi znati gospođa na check-inu. Na većini aerodroma (pa i u ZAG) ne samo da to piše nego te osoblje na to upozori na završetku check-ina. Dakle to jest standard, ali ne i Air Serbiji. Šteta! Nešto užasno tragično? Naravno da ne. Jel se može lako izmjeniti? Naravno da da.

      Muzika kod polijetanja i slijetanja jest praksa dobrog dijela kompanija i to samo povečava dojam. Jel i to presudno? Naravno da ne. Jel bi to učinio let ugodnijim? Naravno da da! Pitate me na kojim kompanijama to jest pravilo. Na večini, pa i na Croatia Airlinesu.

      Žeo mi je što ste vi istakli manje bitne stvari (osim online i self check-ina koji je dosta bitan) a niste ostale ozbiljne opservacije.

      Hoćete li me uskoro vidjeti na letu Air Serbi? Pa odgovor je kao i onog putnika sa leta prema Larnaci. U načelu ne. Ako cijena bude slična kod drugih prijevoznika prije ću koristiti njih (naravno prednost nad Wizzom ili Ryanom uvijek ima Air Serbia). Ali za ovakvu cijenu svakako ću biti putnik Air Serbie. Posebno što to znači i posjet Sinđeliću i kumu nakon leta! :-)

    34. Anonymous22:20

      Anon 9.38

      Vas 'ugladjeni' iliti gospodski odgovor je samo prazni pokusaj da se izmet umota u celofan dok je glava i dalje u pijesku. Purher ima pravo na svoje misljenje i objektivnu kritiku kao i ostalu putnici Air Serbije koji su izrazili po vama negativna misljenja a to ocigledno ne smiju.

      To sto je Purger unaprijed znao da ne postoji online check in ne opravdava cinjenicu da isti i dalje ne postoji. Ako je AS ozbiljna kompanija koja treba preuzeti Balkan i biti vodeca avio kompanija u regiji i onda si to ne smije i ne moze dopustiti.
      To sto se nekim pojednicnima ta kritika ili bolje receno primjedba ne svidja to je drugi par cipela.

    35. Purger22:20

      Gospodine koji pišete čirilicom, ako niste primjetili tu opasku o čirilici sam stavio kao + a ne kao -!!!

    36. Anonymous22:27

      Poštovani Purger,

      Često čitam Vaše komentare i postove na ovom blogu, mada nemam običaj da ih komentarišem. Ipak ovaj review moram prokomentarisati. Ne znam u kom raspoloženju ste ga pisali, ali stiče se utisak da nije bilo najbolje.

      ---Prvo, kao poznavalac prilika u avio-saobraćaju na ex-yu prostorima, sigurno ste morali znati da online check in i check in mašine još uvek nisu uvedene, pa mi nije jasno zašto uopšte to pominjete.

      ---Veliki, to je individualno, nešto što je nekome veliko, drugom nije...

      ---Vreme boardinga na boarding karti je sigurno postojalo, postojalo je i pre 10 godina.

      ---Kakve to oznake na sedištima nedostaju, i gde je to boja izbledela?! Materijal nije takav da može izbledeti. Sedišta su stara nepunih 6 meseci na YU-APC.

      --- J klasa je klasična (sada već nepostojeća u većini evropskih narrow-body aviona), u konfiguraciji 2-2, i pruža mnogo veći komfor od standardnih 3-3 sa srednjim sedištem koje se ne izdaje.

      ---Što se obroka tiče, u kojoj kompaniji na letu od 1h10min dobijate više?! I nije tačno da se sprecijalni obroci ne mogu naručiti:

      ---Kafa je nescafe, sorry ako niste fan. Takodje, na tom letu je u ponudi full bar service, koji uključuje pivo (jeleni heineken), crno i belo vino, whiskey, gin, vodku, kao i 8 vrsta negaziranih i gaziranih sokova (jabuka, narandza, paradajz, coca-cola, schweppes, seven-up, ivi, coca-cola zero).

      ---Jeste li zaista videli većinu putnika kako vraćaju sendviče, a da ih nisu ni probali?!

      ---Muzika se nikada i ne pušta na poletanju u sletanju, već pri boardingu (na a319/320 kao i na atr72-500).

      ---"- lot of passengers are low profile because of very low price" Ovo je već toliko neukusno, da nije ni potrebno komentarisati.

      ---Ako se pilot nije oglasio tokom leta, da li ste možda pomislili da ima preča posla?! Na kraju krajeva, nadam se da znate da je njegov prevashodni zadatak da putnike preveze bezbedno od tačke A do tačke B.

      ---Kašnjenja su neoprostiva -potpuno se slažem!

    37. Anonymous22:28

      Anonymous 10:20 PM
      Mukami je vise tog majmunskog prepucavanja Zemlja- Zemlja.

    38. Anonymous22:31

      By the way, on Air Serbia got 6/10 stars and Croatia Airlines 9/10

      Enough said!

    39. Anonymous22:48

      EX YU molim vas brisite ove komentare sto su zemlja protiv zemlje.
      Sad ko ima vise zvezdica nema veze,npr JU moze da poruci Aviona kolko hoce zbog Etihada.To sve nedovodi nicemu posto ovo je blog o Aviacijia ne o ratovanju.

    40. Anonymous22:49
      SAFETY: Air Serbia 5/7, Croatia Airlines 7/7
      PRODUCT: Air Serbia 4/5, Croatia Airlines 4/7

    41. Anonymous22:59

      Ljudi vi stvarno niste normalni.
      Ako vam je do raspravljanja trazite neke druge portale a ne svaki put ovde.
      Znaci ja treba da vodim u Austriji diskusije koje bolji dali Etihad ili Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

    42. Anonymous23:01

      Postovani g. Purgeru,
      Apologize accepted :)
      Dozvolite mi da se osvrnem na par Vasih komentara datih kao odgovor na moj post.
      Smisao mog javljanja je bio da ukazem na odredjene pojedinosti koje su, mislim, Vasim komentarom bile prenaglasene. Ne treba ih naravno ignorisati ali kad se ide toliko u detalje stice se utisak da se po svaku cenu nastoji nesto "naduvati" (iz meni nepoznatih razloga) sto samo po sebi ne predstavlja problem. Kod nas se u Srbiji to kaze da "pravis od komarca magarca".

      Da, JU bi trebao imati online check-in i tu nema diskusije. Da, JU ce vrlo skoro i imati online check-in i tu takodje nema sumnje. Iako je i to deo ukupnog utiska o jednom letu mislim da je nepotrebno pominjati nesto sto se vec zna. To je kao da napisete da ste razocarani sa LCC jer ne nude besplatnu hranu ili pice iako Vi to vec znate. Ali ok, to je verovatno razlika u gledistima.
      Na vecim aerodromima van ex-yu postoji cak i cekanje na drop off i u tom slucaju ne vidim veliku razliku izmedju JU i drugih daleko vecih kompanija.
      Ako na boarding dodjete 30min pre leta ne mozete nikako promasiti ukrcavanje bilo da je most ili bus u pitanju i oko toga ne trebate da se brinete.
      A to da sluzbenica nije znala boarding time je veoma porazavujuce.
      Ja sam leteo mnogim avio kompanijama a najcesce sa LH i verujte da muziku prilikom ukrcavanja nisam nikad cuo. Sa OU sam leteo pre 5-6 godina i tada se takodje ne secam da je bila pustena tokom ukrcavanja...Mozda je to kasnije uvedeno.
      Vi ste u Vasem prvom postu naveli mnogo detalja i nije moguce na svaki od njih odgovoriti, ali za mnoge smatram da su na mestu ( na pr. razlicita boja neonskih svetala u B733) i zato nisu bili predmet mog komentarisanja.
      Medjutim, za one za koje smatram da su bili prenaglaseni su i pomenuti u mom postu.
      S postovanjem, Predrag

    43. Purger23:06

      Za online i self check in da ponovim i treći puta, jesam znao, ali to ne znači da moje poznavanje činjenice amenstira Air Serbiu koja to nema iako jest standard u zračnom prometu već 15-tak godina. Nova upravo je već odavno na tome trebala poraditi. Konačno nije to atomska fizika uvesti. Veliki minus za kompaniju, znao to ja ili ne.

      Vrijeme boardinga nije pisalo nego samo vrijeme poljetanja. E sad vi meni vjerujte ili ne...

      O izbljedelim natpisima sam objavio fotografije na CAF-u. I iskreno ozbirom da znam kako je sve vrlo svježe ostao sam više nego zatečen.

      Ako se posebno obroci i mogu naručiti, to nije kod kupnje karte kao opcija, što kod drugih kompanija jeste. Link koji ste postavili pokazuje "grešku".

      Kava je stvarno bila odvratna, a osim vode u doggy bagu nije bilo nikakvih drugih napitaka. Niti jednog od gore navedenih!!!! Niti prema OTP niti nazad. E sad vi mene i ostalih stotinjak putnika možete uvjeravati u suprotno, ali ja vam kažem da smo dobili samo negaziranu malenu bočicu vode.

      Svi oko mene su vratili sendviče nakon što su ih probali. Naravno, koliko sam vidio, možda je par redova dalje netko u njima stvarno uživao. Iskreno mi je žao što ne možete vidjeti fotografije koje sam objavio na CAF-u ali da možete barem bi se složili da je sendvič izgledao stvarno prejadno, ofucano i smoždeno. Ako mi napištete e-mail adresu poslat ću vam fotke.

      Ne znam da li se glazba inače pušta ili ne, ali sada se nije, a praksa dobrog dijela kompanija (pa i CTN-a) jest da ju se pušta tijekom poljetanja i slijetanja. I to je jednostavan dodataka koji ne košta ništa, a ostavlja odličan dojam. Air Serbia bi mogla poraditi na tome.

      Ma iskreno ovo sa "low profile" možda djeluje neukusno, ali nisam se osječao nimalo ugodno nakon što me troje putnika koji su nastavljali za DUS vuklo za rukav jer nemaju ni najmanje ideje što raditi, a ne govore ni srpski ni rumunjski, to što je u avionu bio dernek, i što su se širili neprimjereni mirisi... e sad, to će mene kao putnika svakako odbiti od takvog leta u budućnosti. Da se razumijemo, na posljednjem letu Lufthanse čovijek iza mene je skinuo cipele i užasno je zaudaralo. Jasno, reagirao sam. A ovdje bi reakcija značila sukob sa 30 ili više putnika. Gledajte, ne kažem ja da je neki putnik manje vrijedan i da očekujem ljude u odjelima sa kravatma kao putnike, ali bogami nisam ni očekivao tako što. I nikada do sada tako nešto nisam doživio. Tako nešto doživljavalo se po lokalnim linijama vlakova na Balkanu ili birtijetinama u brdskim zabitima. Skidanje cipela, otvaranje slanine sa lukom, ispuštanje vjetrova, buka, pjevanje.... jednostavno to me ne privlači i svakako je negativnost.

      Naravno prošlo je i meni to kroz glavu da je pilot mogao imati "drugih poslova" iako je let bio vrlo smooth. Jedan od najmirnijih do sada. No, svakako bi bilo bolje da najavu kasnijih objava izbjegava. Pa ako se javi drugi puta cool, ako ne, ha bože mili. No, ako to najavi, a ne javi se onda ostavlja kod ljudi negativni efekt, posebno kod onih koji misle da ništa drugo ne radi nego da samo sjedi za kompjuterom. A iskreno ne vjerujem da baš nije imao vremena. Više desetaka puta sam bio u kokpitu i pilot uvijek ima vremena obratiti se kabini, čak i kad je totalni cirkus od lošeg vremena i gužvetina u prometu.

    44. Anonymous23:11

      Gospodine Predraze nisam ni vama ni Gospodinu Purgeru uputio ovo.Nego ovoj Gospodi sto neznaju sto misle da je jos Rat izgleda , a vas dvojica ste vrlo dobro upuceni.Posto oni vole te diskusije Zemlja protiv Zemlje.

    45. Anonymous23:17

      Specijalni obroci Air Serbia:

    46. Purger23:19

      možda tako što djeluje prenaglašeno. No, htio sam dati osvrt svega što sam primjetio. Vidite da sam kao + stavio Lipton čaj. E sad, sigurno da ima ljudi koji ga ne podnose, no ja sam ljubitelj :-). U svakom slučaju lijepo je umjesto lokalnog brenda poslužuju poznati internacionalni brend koji je u vrhu.

      E sad dal je muzika bitna. Ma naravno da nije. Daleko bi bilo bitnije da naprave ugovor sa nekim novinama koje bi se besplatno nabavljale (velike novinske kuće to rade, pa na primjercima koji se dijele u CTN-u stoji naljepnica "besplatan sponzorirani primjerak"). Pa i da ih moraju platiti to ipak jest standard u zračnom prometu i to bi sakako skratilo let dobrom dijelu putnika. U tom kontekstu muzika jest samo usputna ne tako bitna opservacija. Ali ako netko iz Air Serbije primjeti ovo i prenese šefovima, pa neto odluči puštati laganu muziku prilikom slijetanja, vjerurujte mi nitko sretniji od mene, a svakako će putnici u budućnost imati bolji dojam. Hoće li radi toga putovati ili ne Air Serbijom? Naravno da to nije presudno. Nadam se da niste zaključili da bi radi muzike ili izbljedjelog natpisa na mom sjedalu ili nepoznavanja vremena boarding timea ja odlučio ne putovati Air Serbiom. No, neke druge stari, a i zbroj svega napisanog... hmmm...

      Sa poštovanjem,


    47. Purger23:37

      Što se tiće specijalnih obroka, očito je da oni postoje i da su objavljeni negdje na starnici Air Serbie, no nekoliko opaski:

      1. Kod gotovo svih kompanija u koraku gdje birate sjedalo birate i posebne obroke.

      2. Kod kunje karte trebao bi biti barem link gdje se dobivaju informacije o specijalnim obrocima. Ako se već ne mogu naručiti kod kupnje karte.

      3. Ni na ovoj stranici ne objavljuju kako naručiti specijalni obrok. Samo se navodi da se mora to učiniti kod kupnje karte, ali ne i kako, na koji link ili telefon. E sad, što bi netko trebao, nazivati okolo naokolo i u beskraj tražiti informaciju gdje i kako naručiti obrok?

    48. Anonymous00:10

      OU latest review:

      Croatia Airlines Customer review : 21 March 2014 by V Donnelly (Ireland) Rating : 0/10

      Old aircraft, missing armrests and smelly carpets. I fly very regularly between Greece and Croatia, and unfortunately, this airline is often the only option without routing half way around Europe. The staff are rude and the food terrible. Once I asked why my baggage was not being marked with priority sticker being a star alliance gold member with several airlines, and was surprised when the check-in staff didn't know what Star alliance was. 500EUR round ticket Athens/Dubrovnik sometimes costing a lot more if booked less than 2 weeks to travel date. Truly disappointing that this airlines is a star alliance member.

      Skytrax ratings:

      - Air Serbia (including JAT ratings) 5.8/10
      - Croatia Airlines 6/10
      - Adria Airways 6.7/10

    49. Anonymous00:29

      Now, really one should trust in sentance that check in staff didn't know what star alliacne is in Croatia? Sure...

  11. Anonymous16:32

    bla, bla, bla....

  12. Anonymous22:12

    Purgeru, imam pitanje za vas: da li znate planira li se linija Zagreb-Dublin? Ovdje nas vec ima pozamasnji broj i kraje je vrijeme da se otvori ta linija, barem sa stopom recimo u Rijeci ili Splitu?

    1. Purger22:17

      Koliko ja znam ne. Najava za tako što za sada nema.

    2. Anonymous22:24

      Steta! Apsolutno mi nisu jasni ti ljudi u OU, pa puno Iraca leti tamo na odmor. Letio sam Ryainairom za Zadar prije mjesec dana (vikend poslije Uskrsa) i avion je bio pun.
      Ako vec postoji toliki interes da imamo linije iz Dublina za Zadar, Pulu, i Dubrovnik, pa nijeli OU mogla otvoriti liniju kako rekoh s stopom u Splitu ili Rijeci (a moze i Osijek jer je ovdje jako puno Slavonaca). Uvjeren sam da bi im preko ljeta avioni bili krcati.

    3. Anonymous22:39

      Imate Ryanair iz Dublina za Zadar i za Pulu. Takodjer imate Aer Lingus Dublin-Pula. (Aer Lingus i za Dubrovnik ali pretpostavljam da to nije opcija). Autocestom ste iz Zadra ili Pule u Zagrebu za 2 sata a cijene su iznimno povoljne

    4. Niti Pula niti Zadar nisu neke opcije. Ok, dolazak u Zadar je donekle OK; poljecem iz Dublina u 9 i u Zadru sam u 12:45 a oko 2 imam bus za ZG. Nije lose, iako u konacnici izgubim cijeli dan. Pulu nisam niti gledao jer Aerlingusove karte nisu bas jeftine.
      Ali povratak u Dubin je katastrofa! Moram na bus u 23:30 koji dodje u Zadar oko 3, i onda na busnom kolodvoru (nimalo ljepo iskustvo) cekas jos par sati dok ne dodje autobus za aerodrom. Cijelu noc ne spavam i stoga gubim cijeli dan jer sam nizasto. Hvala ne. Jednom uradio i nikad vise. Takodjer, Ryanir nije uvijek najpovoljnija opcija niti cijenom. Kad se uracuna prtljaga zna to biti oko 300 eura, a za tu cijenu sam letio preko Londona Britishem i to par puta.
      Plus, cijena autobusa (zadnji put sam platio skoro 20 eura u jednom smjeru) i drnjdanje jos nekoliko sati...
      Ponavljam, postoji potreba za direktnom linijom.

  13. Anonymous23:45

    The new terminal building of ZAG looks awesome.
    would it be able to handle B747 or A380?
    Regards from SKP

    1. Anonymous00:02

      Yes, it'll have gates for 1 A380,

  14. Anonymous01:27

    People who fly with Turkish Airlines on short routes (1 hour) knows that they give to passengers full meal. Same as you received on longer European flight with them. I was thinking that Air Serbia had more or less same catering as THY have even on short routes. But now I see they don't. This was big suprise for me.

    Austrian Airlines is famous by their music on boarding or when plane is taxing. You know that you are in plane from Austria. Boarding music it's not so necesarry, but it's nice detail. Once Turkish have "Gipsy Kings - Passion" on taxing, feel was great. Taxing and listening nice music, what can be better than this.

    I want to fly with Air Serbia to see if is Purger right or not and if all this talks about so great service is true or just stories.
    People who fly with different airlines can on first look see some things which is missing or which other companies doesn't have.
    Every person will have different look about service of some airline, but sometimes we need to be honest and say ok, it's like this, we accept remarks.
    It will be sad if someone here say Air Serbia have great service, they are best airline, but this person see Air Serbia plane only on image, same thing we can say for Adria, Turkish, Wizz, easyJet, Croatia, Ryanair or any other airline.

    1. Air Serbia abosultely cannot be compared with Turkish Airlines. Still, Air Serbia offers more than most legacy carriers flying the destinations in Balkans. You save money (until the party lasts), you get some food (like it or not, it is better than no food), you get drinks - et voila. You may need to survive sitting next to some stinky, low profile passengers but then again - you win some, you lose some. Perhaps WSA (White Supremacy Airlines) will be launched at some point.

    2. Purger08:51

      Ma iskreno ovo sa "low profile" možda djeluje neukusno, ali nisam se osječao nimalo ugodno nakon što me troje putnika koji su nastavljali za DUS vuklo za rukav jer nemaju ni najmanje ideje što raditi, a ne govore ni srpski ni rumunjski, to što je u avionu bio dernek, i što su se širili neprimjereni mirisi... e sad, to će mene kao putnika svakako odbiti od takvog leta u budućnosti. Da se razumijemo, na posljednjem letu Lufthanse čovijek iza mene je skinuo cipele i užasno je zaudaralo. Jasno, reagirao sam. A ovdje bi reakcija značila sukob sa 30 ili više putnika. Gledajte, ne kažem ja da je neki putnik manje vrijedan i da očekujem ljude u odjelima sa kravatma kao putnike, ali bogami nisam ni očekivao tako što. I nikada do sada tako nešto nisam doživio. Tako nešto doživljavalo se po lokalnim linijama vlakova na Balkanu ili birtijetinama u brdskim zabitima. Skidanje cipela, otvaranje slanine sa lukom, ispuštanje vjetrova, buka, pjevanje.... jednostavno to me ne privlači i svakako je negativnost

    3. Anonymous14:00

      Due to my work im based in Vienna since 2011 and also due to my work i frequently have continental flights in Europe.(40 flight segments in 2013). The company policy is to book OS (based in Vienna) so except 1 flight with Air Berlin this February I exclusively fly Star Alliance. Most frequent flights: VIE-FRA & VIE-INN. Enough statistics back to facts:
      OS plays music for approx 5 min (if at all) before take off- Dont really care since the 5 min with music do not improve the quality of flight.
      I sometimes get sandwiches on the very same flight route, sometimes they just give you crackers.
      Lufthansa is even worse, only for Advent I received a nice pack with a sandwich and a piece of cake. Otherwise its only crackers too. both NEVER serve warm meals on short routes of 1 to 1.5 hours. LX does this on flights of 2 hours (warm piece of pizza like sandwich -and its delicious). The worst is Brussels Airlines which is like Adria now, where you only get complementary drinks.
      And as for ordering a vegetarian meal: this is also NOT POSSIBLE with OS and LH on european flights- im a vegetarian for 20 years now and I know- this is only possible on intercontinetal flights.
      As for xtra leg room, Lufthansa is the worst, perhapse they've built in more seats than OS and LX but I can definitely notice the difference in leg room in the same airplane type.
      And at the end for all of you complaining about hot meals cold meals or whatever on Air Serbia flights? I mean, for a flight of an hour or 1,5 ... do you really need a hot meal?

  15. Anonymous04:10

    Guys speak ENGLISH !!


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