Zagreb and Ljubljana see passenger growth

Zagreb and Ljubljana on the up

Zagreb Airport’s one month downturn has come to an end with the airport recording passenger growth in April. Croatia’s busiest airport welcomed 192.443 passengers, an increase of 3.1% compared to the same month last year. This is despite the fact that the number of operated flights to and from the airport fell significantly, from 3.526 last year to 3.110 this April, or a decrease of 11.8%. Overall, Zagreb Airport has handled 621.947 passengers so far this year, down just 1%. The airport will hope to overturn those results this May with the launch of KLM Cityhopper’s new service from Amsterdam and additional new fights which will commence in June.

Meanwhile, construction work on Zagreb’s new multi million euro passenger terminal is ongoing with work said to be ahead of schedule. The foundations of the future terminal building have now been largely laid. So far, some 35.000 cubic metres of land has been dug up, 10.000 acres of forest have been removed and old military structures have been demolished. Some 120 construction workers are currently on the site with more to join as work intensifies with the onset of summer.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN135.758 2.6
MAR165.336 5.7
APR192.443 3.1

On the other hand, Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport recorded strong growth in the first quarter, aided primarily by Adria Airways but also by a strong showing from Turkish Airlines. Slovenia’s busiest airport handled 249.411 passengers, an increase of 12.9% compared to the same period last year. Of those, the Slovenian national carrier welcomed 163.605 passengers on board its aircraft, up 10.6% on last year, while Turkish Airlines saw its figures soar by 52.6%. On the other hand, Air France suffered the greatest decline in passenger numbers. Flights to and from London, operated by both easyJet and Wizz Air (albeit from different airports), were most popular, followed by Frankfurt, Istanbul, Munich and Zurich. Adria Airways was the busiest airline out of Ljubljana, followed by easyJet, Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air, Air France, Air Serbia and Montenegro Airlines. Apart from the abovementioned Air France, which suffered the greatest passenger decline on its Ljubljana flights, easyJet and Montenegro Airlines also saw their figures tumble while Wizz Air handled similar numbers to last year.


  1. Anonymous09:05

    Wait... does it mean Ljubljana handled more passengers than Zagreb did last month?!

    1. Ljubljana's 249.411 passenger figure is for the first quarter (JAN, FEB, MAR).

      Zagreb's 192.443 is only for the month of April.

    2. Anonymous09:37

      Ok, I get it now. It was a pretty stupid way to present these figures.

    3. The article is quite clear that Zagreb's numbers are for the month of April and Ljubljana's for the first quarter. Ljubljana does not publish its numbers on a monthly basis.

  2. Anonymous09:10

    those data is for first quater, and for Zagreb is for April only!

  3. Anonymous09:16

    If Croatia Airlines goes bust, there won't be any need for new terminal, hope someone will realize the importance of national carrier in Croatia and sell it immediately! Great job for Ljubljana airport!

    1. Anonymous14:08

      Please stop trolling about no need for new ZAG terminal.

      Let me remind you that, unlike some other airports and countries, new ZAG is financed and being built by PRIVATE money, through concession. I'm quite positive that investors thought at least twice before investing their hundreds of millions of euros.

      One more thing : Adriatic Skyways, Air Croatia, Dalmatian, Limitless Airways, Libertas Air and European Coatal Airways are airlines registered in Croatia, some of them beginning operations this summer, some of them employing, some of them still not in the air but with huge plans.

      Therefore, even if Croatia Airlines goes bust, which I personally think it in the current shape deserves, don't worry, there are plenty of other domestic, not to mention foreign airlines, which will use the new terminal. Cheers!

    2. Purger14:52

      ...and Trade Air

    3. Anonymous15:24

      @AnonymousMay 8, 2014 at 9:16 AM

      stupid troll will always try to troll, smart troll knows when not to troll.

      It is sad that Serbs are the only who troll non-Serb articles on this blog, whilst most non-Serbs do not post on Serb subjects and thus never troll, Serb trolls can't keep their hands of the cookie jar and must resort to trolling, especially on Croatian news, especially when bad news are published on this blog.

    4. Anonymous15:35

      How is ZAG and LJU growth in April bad news?

    5. Anonymous16:13

      Anonymous 2:08 PM and 3:24 PM, if I said I was a Croat, would you believe me? Hardly, but I am, and want only good things to happen with Croatia Airlines, since I use it all the time! When I see the potential Croatia has, and our stupid government doing nothing to sell OU to other, much stronger, carrier, it makes me angry! There is not much space left for OU, they have to sell it immediately or it will be too late! Why don't they try Qatar for example, if they fail they could try with some other carrier! I'm not a troll, just being honest!

    6. Anonymous18:19

      @AnonymousMay 8, 2014 at 4:13 PM

      U've been saying same shit for over a year now,

      Only doom merchants predict downfall of Croatian Airlines, I can tell you this now with 99.9999% assurance that OU will be here in 2020, and there's no rush, non what ever.

      OU is run by incompetent, nepotistic individuals and OU needs to be privatized so that smart people can come in and take over, there's no rush, no need to scream and yell doom and gloom. There's no rush, Ethiad Balkans is no threat to anyone in the region, OU is safe and has nothing to worry what Ethiad Balkans might do, OU has market which is western Europe and the EU, OU can't compete with low cost operators that have discovered Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo, all it can do is offer a service on Zagreb route and hope for the best. This is the reality of the situation in aviation market across Europe, not just Balkans and legacy carriers must adapt to new realities and play accordingly.

      OU isn't in danger of going bust or even loosing money anymore, all it has to do is cut its workforce by 200-300 (administration and cabin staff mainly) and move to profitable operations, last year OU made huge strives is cutting down on costs and now it has to cut continue in maintaining profits.

      As things stand OU for now is ok, but it can't continue with same all, and with the present management, OU needs a vision and long term strategy, for that it needs a professional and competent management, something that would need to come from overseas as there's no such talent in Croatia, thus the privatisation of OU will be a crucial thing for future development of the OU.

      As to you being a Croat, I doubt that, not that is relevant tbh, all you say is rubbish, troll you definitely are.

    7. Anonymous18:50

      Anonymous 6:19 PM, one of the dumbest comments I've ever read on this blog!

    8. Dude, OU made money last year because of lower average fuel prices. Many people said this here including Purger. Also, your statement about Etihad Balkans not being threat, not so sure about it. 200 people to lay off might not be enough.

  4. Anonymous09:35

    Ljubljana Airport in april only 0,3% more pax

  5. Anonymous09:53

    Skopje +40% in April

    1. Yes Bro I told yesterday,
      also one more important news is : Wizz Air have + 113% more pax - compared to last year...... I thing this is impressive !!!

    2. Anonymous10:08

      I flew with them to skopje 4 times from the begining of the year. When no one care of nis airport and people from south serbia..

    3. in what sense - nobody cares about them??

    4. Anonymous10:23

      Yeah people from vranje, leskovac, nis must fly from sofia and skopje

    5. Yes I now ... This is true !!!! (y)

    6. Anonymous15:29

      4 Vranjanci & Leskovcani makes the most sense to fly out of SKP- especially now with the highway almost being finished on the Serbian side... Its some 40-50km to the airport?
      And why it is called Skopje airport anyway?- its the same distance between Skopje & Kumanovo.. can b as well called Kumanovo airport...
      Pozdrav od Kumanovca

  6. Anonymous10:03

    exyu, is it possible 4 u to find out how many pax JU carried on beg-lju route in first quarter? but if its possible to answer till the end of the day.. im really very much into passenger numbers around exyu region by exyu carriers. thanx and regards from belgrade.

    1. Anonymous14:23

      its around 60-70% cabin occupancy.. ty :)

    2. Anonymous19:29

      10500 PAX, LF 67%.

  7. Anonymous10:49

    I would like to know how many Serbians travel to and from Skopje, Budapest, Sofia and Timisoara. And to which destinations they travel the most.

    I know this is not the topic, and that it would be harder to find out, but it would be interesting. This way we could find out if there is demand for some routes that we do not have from BEG, and also how many pax Serbia "loses" because of having only one functional airport (especially aiming at Sofia and Skopje).

    1. Anonymous10:56

      Well, I think that in recent times the number of Serbs who travel from Budapest has been considerably reduced, especially since American Airlines suspended its New York-Budapest flights.

      As for Sofia and Skopje, it's those passengers from the south. Unfortunately that area is too poor to sustain direct flights from Nis so these people are forced to go to neighbouring airports in order to fly. I suppose the number is not that great otherwise Nis would have its own flights.

    2. Anonymous11:13

      There would also be a number of passengers from the south going through PRN as well.

    3. Anonymous12:14

      All the serbian diaspora in germany and coming from vranje and bujanovac fly via skopje. I live in France so I mostly fly to via skopje basel and then take the train..

  8. Well, as some who lives in Vojvodina, i can say that people that i know, same as me, use Budapest or Timisoara even then and now. Firstly, anyone who wants to travel directly to Spain, has to use Budapest or Timisoara, since BEG isn't connected with Spain. Vueling is about to launch Belgrade-Barcelona next month, but again its just to Barcelona and two or three times a week. And secondly, bunch of LCC use those two airports (especially Budapest). So, for someone who uses cheap flights, and dont care about comfort use those two airports.

    For summary: before 5-6 years around 40-50% of ppl that I know (including me) had used Budapest or Temisoara. Now, Maybe 20%. This is just my view of it! I'm underlining that! I dont have any accurate statistical information.

  9. Anonymous12:23

    Anonymous : 10:56, 11:13, 12:14, Lalos..

    Thanks for your insights. I live in Belgrade and at the end of the August I am flying Budapest - Tampere, which reminded me about the issue of Serbian citizens flying from abroad and made me ask this question.

    The fact that there are many Serbians who use Skopje and Sofia to fly to and from "diaspora countries" (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) should be something that should be taken into account when planing Nis flights.

    Sorry for this OT.

  10. Purger14:07

    Ispričavam se što tek sad reagiram na jučerašnju temu, no prije nisam imao vremena, a i danas se govori o ZAG i LJU, što je dosta bitno za potencijalnu strategiju JP i OU.

    Etihad pregovara sa Montenegrom oko preuzimanja. Kao što sam predvidio još prije 6 mjeseci strategija je uništiti Adriju i Croatiu (i svesti je na feedera LH iz njihovih hubova), surađivati sa B&H Airlinesom i omogučiti im da prežive (JA leti na liniji SJJ-BEG + još neke linije iz BEG), pritisnuti Montenegro toliko da ih se preuzme, te otvaranje kompanije u Makedoniji. Adriju su dumpingom već uspjeli prisiliti na povlačenje sa linije BEG-LJU i code-share na toj liniji, JA je ponuđeno sve ovo što sam napisao, a eto Etihad intenzivno pregovara sa Montenegrom (sada je delegacija Montenegra u Abu Dhabiu, a iduči mjesec Etihadovi eksperti dolaze dubinski skenirati Montenegro). Tome treba dodati i najavu interkontinentalnih letova iz BEG početkom 2016. za što se već nabavljaju A330.

    Sve je manje prostora za Croatiu, i ako se desi privatizacija Adrije ili prodaja Montenegra Etihadu (Air Serbiji) računajte da je Croatia mrtva. Odmah po preuzimanju Jata od Etihada naglasio sam da je bitno za Croatiu da hitno:

    1. Napravi najbližu moguću suradnju sa Adrijom i eventualno se ujedini po načelu Air France-KLM = već sada vrlo upitno

    2. Hitno poduzme najbliže code-share sa JA i YM, te im prepusti letove za ZAG (TGD-ZAG i SJJ-ZAG + nešto letova iz ZAG) = već sada nemoguće

    3. Angažira Trade air sa bar dva F100 i Embraer 120 prepusti mu letove ZAG-PUY-LSZ (još jedan manji avion), ZAG-ZAD-BWK, ZAG-OMO, ZAG-BEG, ZAG-PRG, ZAG-OTP, ZAG-SOF, ZAG-DME, ZAG-PRN, ZAG-OSI, ZAG-MAD, a CTN hitno otvori ZAG-WAW, ZAG-DUS, ZAG-DXB, ZAG-ARN, ZAG-OSL, ZAG-HEL)

    4. Hitno pokrene suradnju sa svim partnerima u široj regiji (Bulgarian, Aegean, LOT, Transaero, Ukrainian, Blue1...)

    5. Poveča suradnju sa partnerima Star Allianse na bliskom code-share i privilegiranim cijenama (posebno Air Canada, Air China, Air India, ANA, Asiana, Egypt, Singapore, South African, Thai, te bitno pojača sa Unitedom), te sa ostalim prijevoznicima koje "tolerira" Star Alliance.

    6. Na sve načine motivira partnere u alijansi na otvaranje interkontinentalnih letova za ZAG, direktnih ili sa 1stop uz konekcije iz ZAG prema OU odredištima, a posebno iz SAD, Kanade i Kine.

    7. Ozbiljno poradi na prodaji kompanije (Qatar, Singapore, kineske kompanije)

    1. Anonymous14:17

      Very good assesment. I just wanted to say ot that I would be really sad to see Croatian go bust. I use them at least once a year and service was always impeccable - especially in Business Class.

    2. Anonymous14:41

      Koliko nelogicnosti i netocnosti u ovom tekstu!

      Prvo, govoris kako je strategija LH svesti JP i OU na feedera. Kakva strategija? Pa to je vec ucinjeno prije mnogo vremena i JP, a pogotovo OU vec dugo i jesu samo feeder LH.

      Drugo,puno pametnih ljudi je jucer ovdje reklo dosta razloga zbog kojih je spajanje OU i JP da na kazem apsolutno nemoguce, a ono vrlo tesko moguce.

      Trece, angaziranje jos jedne aviokompanije sa dva razlicita tipa aviona u ukupno 3 ili 4 komada, od kojih je pola podnajam, za letove od 30 min, manjim dijelom PSO, je becanje para, odnosno skuplja jaja od kajgane

      Cetvrto, ako Star Alliance, citaj LH, do sada nije dozvoljala sirenje OU, zbog cega i kako a pogotovo TKO bi je na to sada trebao prisiliti i to promijeniti.

      Peto, gdje je logika, ako postoji, a ocito po tvojim tvrdnjama postoji potreba za long-haulom iz Hrvatske, to prepustati stranim kompanijama, a ne raditi sam na tom cilju?

      Sesto, u cijeloj tvoojj "analizi" uopce nema pravih uzroka lose situacije i neispunjenih potencijala Croatia Airlinesa, a to su ; korupcija, kriminal, "rodijacko" zaposljavanje, pa cak i u letackoj operativi, sto je nedopustivo i katastrofalno, najmanje trideset posto zaposlenika u preglomaznoj administraciji koji NE RADE nista
      ili cak na IZMISLJENIM radnim mjestima sto rezultira totalnom neproduktivnscu rada, i bilo kakva kombinacija bilo kojih linija i tipova aviona nece rezultirati rastom, razvojem i uspjehom dok se ovo ne rijesi.

      Sedmo, u nasoj maloj ex-yu regiji, ako Etihad ostvari svoje planove sirenja, ima daleko premalo prostora, odnosno bolje reci NEMA VISE prostora za OU ili JP, ili oboje, za rad po istom ili slicnom poslovnom modelu legacy carriera
      Nazalost, OU je tu svoju sansu propustila.

      Osmo, i zadnje, samo potpuno novi poslovni model, sa drasticno smanjenim troskovima poslovanja, i polaskom od "nule" moze napraviti preokret u zabokrecini civilnog hrvatskog zrakoplovstva. Bojim se da je Croatia Airlines za tako nesto nesposobna.

    3. Anonymous14:47

      Me to from Amsterdam, but since the dont have their on staff there anymore I fly with LH. The staff that they have now are nothing near what they had ( very professional ). Now you get staff that arent Croatia Airlines staff and unprofessional .

    4. Purger15:24

      1. Nije strategija nego taktika. Naravno da JP i OU nisu još uvijek samo feederi LH. To je primjerice Eurowings i Dolomiti. CTN još uvijek ima više letova prema destinacijama koje nisu LH (SKP, PRN, SJJ, SPU, DBV, ZAD, PUY, CPH, AMS, CDG, LHR, LGW, FCO, o sezonskim linijama da i ne govorimo kao što su ATH, TXL, BCN, DUS, VCE...). No, jedno je ono što želi LH, a drugo ono što je dobro za OU. Kada OU prihvati da nije dobro biti feeder LH i krene drugačijim smjerom onda će imati šanse. Ili će propasti.

      2. Nije istina da je to nemoguće. Pa i CTN i Adrija su već vodili pregovore oko spajanja, političari su se složili da bi to bilo dobro, a struka svakako ne smatra drugačije.

      3. Ovo je totalno netočno što kažete. Jedna je stvar imati u vlasništvu više tipova aviona, a drugo je dati franšizu ili angažirati kompaniju da za tebe leti (u tvojim bojama ili ne) ili u code-share leti i za tebe (uz garanciju break-even broja putnika). Konačno, pa na liniji ZAG-OSI tako nešto se već i ostvarilo sa avionom Embraer 120 gdje leti Trade air (i to ne svojim avionom) i ima code-share OU. Nemalo je kompanija koje tako angažiraju druge kompanije (Air Nostrum za Iberiu, flybe Nordic za Finnair, Loganair za flybe, Stobart air za Aer Lingus...)

      4. I opet, sve je to stvar strategije kompanije. LH je pritisla i druge pa su oni krenuli koketirati sa drugima i LH je ipak na koncu popustila (LOT u pregovorima sa TK, SAS i TAP ucjenama o izlasku iz Stara, Aeroflot javnim prozivanjem Delte i AF, te prijetnjom izlaska iz SkyTeama...). I sama Adrija je malo zavrištala, pa su dobili letove iz PRN, TIA, VRN... Kada stalno poginješ vrat onda te iskorištavaju još daleko više (logika OU, u kojoj se daje guze i bez vazelina samo da se LH ne naljuti), a ako uspjevaš koketirati sa dva ili više jakih igrača onda je pravilo da jedan popusti da te zadrži pod vlastitim skutima. Ja ne govorim o tome da je OU dovoljno jaka da koketira sa AF, BA... ali unutar alijanse svakako nema prepreka. Pa konačno code-share OU za SAD ide preko CPH sa SAS i masu drugih aerodroma sa UA, a ne preko FRA i MUC sa LH. Ako je to moguće gdje bi onda bila prepreka suradnje sa ostlim članovima alijanse poglavito unutar Europe i prema istoku?

      5. Vrlo jednostavno, OU nema snage, novaca, ni potencijala da to napravi. Nema ni Air Serbia, ali Etihad ima. Nema ga ni Aegean, TAROM, ČSA... Kao što nema ni OU, ali AC, UA i ostali imaju. E sad, ako mi nemamo novaca, snage ni potencijala, onda je jedino rješenje to tržište prepustiti velikom igraču, a ti se pokušati prilagoditi kao feeder njemu, te u toj priči iskoristiti najviše što možeš. Poglavito ako prva konkurencija isto najavi u susjedstvu.

      6. Naravno, jasno i asolutno. I bez rješavanja tog problema nema ničeg gore navedenog. Apsolutno točno.

      7. Pa i tu se slažemo. Ja sam to rekao još davno prije nego je Etihad pokazao interes za Jat. Rekao sam da ima prostora samo za jednog. I kad je krenula priča sa Jatom ja sam rekao da CTN nema više godinu-dvije-tri vremena, nego mora reagirati odmah (a CEO CTN-a je na to rekao da nema nikakve opasnosti od Air Serbie). Kao što sam sada naglasio da je nešto od onog što sam napisao prije 6 mjeseci nemoguće ostvariti (npr. suradnja sa JA koju sam ja zamislio po istom ključu kako se sada provodi i to još 2010. godine). I zato u tekstu naglašavam da je prostora sve manje. Još će ga biti manje za 3 mjeseca, a neće ga biti za godinu dana uopće. I to jest intencija cijelog mog teksta. CTN spava i rapidno umire.

      8. Potpuno se slažem. Nažalost!

    5. Anonymous16:15

      Bravo Purgeru, izvrsno napisano, kao i uvijek! Nije mi jasno je li naš "dragi" ministar prati što se događa u regiji, zna li da je Qatar spreman kupovati druge prijevoznike... Što se uopće čeka s privatizacijom, vremena je sve manje!

    6. Anonymous18:28

      Bravo Purger. Potpuno točno. Ministar misli da je sve bajno jer mu Kučko kaže da je financijska slika kompanije odlična, da su prestali biti gubitaši i da tamo neka kompanija nešto i radi, ali da to nema nikakve opasnosti za nas. I onda ministar zaključi da je sve OK i da ne treba ništa napraviti. Da se ima vremena. Pa konačno taj ne zna ni da se Malev zvao Malev ni da je onaj Q400 ne treba zvati onaj avion sa propelerima što ide za Brisel. Pa onda i mora vjerovati Kučku koji kaže da je sve super!

    7. Anonymous21:02

      Ministri nesmeju OU da prodaju Qatar Airwaysu zbog LH posto bi izgubili 1 feedera.

    8. Anonymous23:19

      "moze napraviti preokret u zabokrecini civilnog hrvatskog zrakoplovstva." hahahahahahah :D

  11. Anonymous14:18

    Jel moze neko da uradi Photoshop za B777 i B787 u bojama Air Srbije posto nisam spretan sa Photoshopom.
    Hvala unapred.

    1. Anonymous15:42

      Someone photoshopped an A330 a while ago.. the link:

    2. Anonymous16:01

      there is dalmatian A380 photoshop as weel, on:

    3. Anonymous18:27

      Bravo Purger. Potpuno točno. Ministar misli da je sve bajno jer mu Kučko kaže da je financijska slika kompanije odlična, da su prestali biti gubitaši i da tamo neka kompanija nešto i radi, ali da to nema nikakve opasnosti za nas. I onda ministar zaključi da je sve OK i da ne treba ništa napraviti. Da se ima vremena. Pa konačno taj ne zna ni da se Malev zvao Malev ni da je onaj Q400 ne treba zvati onaj avion sa propelerima što ide za Brisel. Pa onda i mora vjerovati Kučku koji kaže da je sve super!

  12. Anonymous21:36

    Any more candidates to launch a once-weekly service to Zagreb? lol

    1. Anonymous22:25

      Ko se zadnji smeje najsladje se smeje

  13. Anonymous22:02

    OT: Adria first quarter 188.594 pax (+10%), -3,4% flights, load factor 67,49%

    1. Anonymous22:28

      Also, LF was 2,8% higher than in Q1/2013.

      EBIT=2,1 mio € higher than last year

  14. JU520 BEGLAX22:03

    Btw last week I flew Adria ZRHLJU and tried their Skyshop. Prizes are fair. Regular cheese Sandwich 3 EUR. The big one with Prosciutto which is really a large Sandwich 4.5 EUR. Cheese Sandwich I had was tasty and fresh. 0.5 liter Radenska 2 EUR. Will see how long they keep the prizes. Good night to all of you

  15. Anonymous02:18

    im sorry but i want it for free, yes im drunk now, but it doesnt matter reallya. I want free sandwisches !


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