Adria mulls Polish expansion

Adria considering Bydgoszcz flights

Following a successful start to its operations between the Polish city of Lodz and Munich, launched in April, the Slovenian carrier is now considering inaugurating flights from Bydgoszcz in Poland’s north. Adria Airways initially planned to launch services from Bydgoszcz, rather than Lodz, to the Bavarian capital earlier this year. In a statement, Bydgoszcz Airport said, “Talks were progressing well and finances were agreed but in the end they [Adria] signed an agreement with Lodz Airport”. However, Adria is now contemplating launching the subsidised route from Bydgoszcz during the 2015 summer season while at the same time bolstering its operations out of Lodz. The Slovenian carrier runs six weekly flights between Lodz and Munich with a Bombardier CRJ900. Bydgoszcz Airport is served by several airlines, including Ryanair.

In a recent interview, the CEO of Adria Airways, Mark Anžur, said, “Strategically we want to be a European carrier and not only a Slovenian carrier. We are embracing internationalisation. There are many reasons for this. One of them is that the Slovenian market is very limited. Through this segment of our strategy, we expect a 5% increase in our passenger numbers. The CRJ900 is an ideal aircraft for regional routes because they are an alternative to low cost airlines which can’t make a profit on certain flights with larger Airbus aircraft”. In addition, Adria is considering launching flights from Verona in Italy next year while it has given up on plans to base an aircraft in Klagenfurt in Austria.

Adria has two bases outside of Slovenia - in Pristina and Tirana. The national carrier will boost its operations out of the Albanian capital next year by launching flights to Brussels and Paris, complementing its existing services to Frankfurt and Ljubljana. On the other hand, Adria maintains flights from Pristina to Frankfurt and Munich, as well as the Slovenian capital, with seasonal flights to Malmo and charters to Basel. In addition, the airline says potential new routes out of Ljubljana include Stockholm, Madrid and Berlin.


  1. It would be so nice if Adria operated some flights from Nis. Perhaps something like this:
    3x Paris
    3x Zurich
    2x Frankfurt
    2x Malmo
    2x Vienna

    1. Nikola10:28

      my thoughts (add +1 in summer):
      4x VIE (can go up to 6 in summer)
      3x HHN
      4x ZRH
      2x CDG
      2x MMX
      2x ARN

    2. Nikola10:29

      and of course, 7x LJU

    3. Why Hahn rather than Frankfurt?

    4. Anonymous10:48

      Because Hahn is cheaper thus more attractive to the diaspora.

    5. Anonymous14:23

      Why would Adria fly from Nis? There is no passengers there, if there was Jat would run services from there.

      Nis is a useless joke of an airport, and should be closed down to stop being a drain on the economy.

    6. Popizdim od vas "anonimnih"! Zar ste tolike devojčice da ne možete da se otkrijete ko piše, jer većina anonimnih piše gluposti neopevane da mi se zavrti u glavi...Očito ne poznaješ problematiku. Niš je veoma specifičan aerodrom sa dobrim okruženjem, radi se o putnicima koji su pogodni za tzv. radničke letove koje je nekada organizovao JAT. Letovi prema Švajcarskoj, Nemačkoj, Francuskoj i Rusiji bi bili pun pogodak. Adria je veoma slatka kompanija, ali ima problem visokih cena svojih operacija, jer je cela postavka Adrie veoma skupa. Adria je skupa kompanija za INI. Najcelishodnije bi bilo preko nekog pravnog entiteta dovesti Tupoljeve (154M ili 204...) i puniti mašine... garantujem uspeh. Ili MD82-90... isto sjajne mašine koje su poznate na ovim prostorima i odlične za takve letove.

  2. Anonymous09:44

    What planet are you on? One of the poorest parts of Europe...

    1. Oh please. It is not like Belgrade is so much better off in wealth. Both Belgrade and Nis are in the same category when compared with West Europe and North America.

      Wealth wouldn't even factor into Nis airline service, since Diaspora would push those flights, just like they push nearly every route in this region. To you think that Belgraders are filling the Zurich line just because they have money to spend? No. Diaspora is pushing that line. Same with all flights to Germany, Paris, Vienna, Scandinavia, etc. Diaspora is what counts in this region. Nis has some diaspora.

      What Nis airport needs is some development and some investment, and it could be the next miracle, just like Tuzla.

      Explain to me why Nis couldn't succeed like Tuzla. All that is necessary is a little wise investment. Of course, wise investment is very difficult in this region.

    2. JATBEGMEL11:20

      Belgrade is much better off than Nis, it is stupid to suggest other wise.

      What is holding back the development of Nis is the lazy people running the airport. What has been done in the past decade to secure flights? What has been done in the past decade to secure companies into flying into INI? But thank god that tax funded money was well spent on subsidies to TGD and YM! Lets not talk on the scandal that came from Windjet! Poor manegement hinders INI and continues to do so. That is why INI cant succeed.

    3. Sure, Belgrade is better off than Nis, but both are absolutely nothing compared to Western Europe and North America. The majority of Belgrade can't afford Airline fares. The only thing that makes Belgrade Airport so healthy is Diaspora. If Diaspora traffic was taken away, the airport could shut down.

      I agree with JATBEGMEL. Poor management and politicians and corruption have choked INI. If the money that was lost over the last ten years could have been responsibly invested into ILS and subsidies for LCCs, INI could be at the 100.000 mark easily this year. I guarantee it.

    4. Anonymous14:36

      100,000?? What are you smoking? Nis is nothing but a drain on the country and should be closed down or sold off. But who would want to buy a airport with no flights?

      The government could save millions of euro by closing the airport, and we all know this money is desperately needed elsewhere in the country, not keeping an empty airport running.

      Air Serbia doesn't think that it's worth flying there, why would anyone else?

    5. Anonymous15:40

      @2.36 PM:

      Croatia airlines does not fly from Osijek, but Ryanair does. Therefore your logic does not make sense without simple knowledge about Serbian politics.

      Also, in Serbia (not amoung us aviation fans but amoung ordinary people) things are like this: Air Serbia = government = Vucic.

      Our prime minister stil has vast support in southern Serbia (Nis catchment area), so he does not have to make any effort about Air Serbia. Belgrade is a gold mine of voters, therefore most of the investments and developments are going to that part of Serbia.

      Just for the record I DO NOT think it would be easy to do something for Nis, but I think that it can sustain 4 weekly flights to some of those diaspora cities.

      Also, big responsibility is on INI and City of Nis officials.

    6. Anonymous18:08

      It is not true that Croatia airlines does not have flights from Osijek. They fly from Osijek and Dubrovnik all summmer season from April to Octover and have code share on Osijek-Zagreb route which is all year round.

    7. Anonymous20:01

      Still, without the codeshare, they do not fly all year round yet ryanair does.

      My point was that if national carrier does not care about domestic airport, it can really mean something... But only in "normal" countries... Which Serbia isn't :)

  3. So if I get it right, both of these routes get subsidies? Does anyone know how much and how long they will last?

    Interesting business approach, good for Adria for thinking outside the box.

  4. Anonymous10:19

    "Adria has two bases outside of Slovenia - in Pristina and Tirana"

    two flights out of Tirana doenst make a BASE ( especially not when one of their flights goes to LJU )

    1. Anonymous14:41

      The aircraft and crew have their down time in Tirana, so that is where the plane is based.
      Therefore it is a Base.

    2. Anonymous17:47

      lol, 6 companies stying overnight at Skopje, does that make it a base? no!

  5. Anonymous10:36

    launching the subsidised route
    during the 2015 summer season
    base in Tirana (with two flights?)

    no sense talking

  6. Anonymous11:46

    Good news for Adria.

    How come that Lot does not serve this two cities? I know Lot answer is that Lodz is very close to Warsaw and new highway was opened, but still Lodz is 1+ mio inhabitants area and stealing easy money from Lot is no reason for happiness on Lot side, especially if new lines are served with Star Alliance "friend".

    1. Anonymous11:55

      Adria is operating routes that LOT pulled out of.

  7. Anonymous11:56

    OT: JU presented its new promo action for the next five days which show prices that are actually very high compared to previous promotions, and is actually comparable with regular prices in other companies flying the same routes. It seems that period of market penetration pricing is over, will see how it would impact their load factor, if it gets good itll run em to profits very quickly.

    1. Hm... 129 euros for Berlin or Brussels sounds like promotion price to me.

      QUESTION: Does anyone know will ASL launch second daily flight to Amsterdam from winter season? I heard some rumors before, but yeah... rumors are rumors.

    2. Anonymous15:09

      they havent got enough aircraft to maintain the existing schedule, so hardly they should start new routes or new flights to existing routes, if this pace of growth continues in 2015 they need to get three or four new jets to sustain it, so introducing new flights would become reality.
      What are current loads on flights to AMS?

    3. Anonymous19:21

      I also heard that JU was interested in going double daily to AMS, but I think it's a slot issue.

      As for further growth, I don't think they will be introducing new frequencies, but will first work on increasing their load factor.

    4. Anonymous02:57

      Amsterdam is constantly going out packed, I doubt the loadfactor is something they have to work on.

  8. Anonymous12:18

    So adria management made good work. Bravo! I am curious why JU managers do not make smthing like instead 2 daily to ZRH, CDG, LHR (saturdays), SVO, ATH, VIE, to be daily both from BEG & INI and to add some flghts to FRA and ARN from INI.. I am sure the whole southern Serbia would use INI instead SOF or SKP!!! Its a big pitty in the whole country we have one single usable airport. Its not a pitty, its a shame!

    1. Anonymous13:52

      For God's sake, INI couldn't even fill charter planes to holiday destinations, and you expect it to be viable for year-round flights to Europe... When will you people understand that the critical mass of passengers just isn't there.

    2. Anonymous14:26

      Then why don't they just close down Nis Airport? What about Morava Airport? A big waste of money.
      Good for Adria for thinking outside the box. I wish them well.

    3. Anonymous14:50

      I agree that it would be really hard to revive Nis, but I just have few remarks.

      Charters and lets just say Zurich and Dortmund services target different people. Charters rely on the purchasing power of local population, and those are people would travel once a year.

      Dortmund, Zurich and other lines would on the other hand, rely on diaspora who has quite bigger purchasing power and tends to travel more often than local population in southern Serbia. Plus on those flights you can add a small portion of local population who would visit their cousins and aunts and uncles. Charters do not have those, plus during the summer many people use buses and cars (Thessaloniki is quite fast to reach from Nis by car).

      Of course, you need a lot of planning to do.

      Like when there were Zurich flights, they were quite expensive (at least 300€).

    4. Anonymous15:18

      You make a good point, but you need all of them travelling at the same time, there are not enough of them in Zurich to justify more than one or two flights a week, and these times might not suit the passengers. Belgrade has 4 daily flights, so the convenience of the frequencies at BEG overcome the inconvenience of the 3 hour bus ride to Nis. You would have to think that Air Serbia would have had a good look at flights to and from Nis, but they have obviously decided that they are not viable, maybe it has to do with the facilities there?

    5. Anonymous16:00

      Of course it's about bad facilities, Nis officials ignorance, etc.

      But none of the politicians since ex Yugoslavia did not care about southern Serbia (or any part exept Belgrade). Because Belgrade brings the most votes and the best perspective.

      Vucic has a huge support down there, so he does not care if someone would use Sofia or Skopje. It is always about politics on Balkans.

      Now let's talk facts. According to wiki, Zurich line has 27 ( TWENTY SEVEN) departures per week. Also, correct me if I am wrong there are about 10 flights per week to and from Geneva, and about 3 times per week we have Basel.

      So it is 40 (FORTY) DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS to and from Switzerland per week. That is quite a number.

      If only 20% of those people are from the south, it is 8 weekly flights. And thats only Switzerland we are talking about, not Austria, not Basel catchment area that also includes southern Germany and Serbs who live there. If 12% of those pax are southerners, it is 5 weekly flights. And again, only Switzerland...

      I think it is clear it is our Serbian stupidity, not small market :)

  9. Anonymous14:54

    OT: Picture of BEG airport is the most popular of the last 24 hours on

    1. Anonymous19:20


  10. Anonymous15:06

    Adria try to impress EC by opening useless routes.

  11. Anonymous15:42

    EU Commission ruling out tomorrow

  12. OT:

    On friday 5 daily flights from Sarajevo to Istanbul, all with 737-800 and load factor of over 80%
    (4 Turkish Airlines, 1 Pegasus).

    P.S.: Those days Transavia is in talk with Sarajevo Airport for opening Amsterdam - Sarajevo route in 2015.

  13. Purger18:15

    I am in hotel Izvor in Arandjelovac for 2 days so if someone near is for drink...

    1. JU520 BEGLAX18:19

      Purger, in case u re in ZRH one day let me know. Can also meet u in transit
      Enjoy yr stay.
      GO Croatia!! Nice game last nite

  14. Anonymous22:24

    OT: A neighbour of mine,today was telling me that he may have to fly to Serbia. He intends to leave on Jul 4 and return Aug 16.He would be flying out of Detroit. We looked at different fares. First went to Air Serbia site and received a price of 2227 USD return...Then we checked Lufthansa and received a price of 1760 USD return. We were truly surprised with the price difference. Both these prices include taxes. Quite shocked with the difference in price.

    1. Anonymous02:56

      Was it via Amsterdam or Paris? Then it's more up to the other carrier than Air Serbia as I think that the segment from Europe to Belgrade is the cheapest of them all. Unlike Lufthansa, Air Serbia can't modify and arrange its fares all the way to north America, it has to agree them with its partners.

    2. Anonymous04:01

      Air Serbia was via Paris and Lufthansa was via Frankfurt. LH was used on both segments.

    3. Nikola08:22

      so, it was AF's fare. BEG-CDG is arround 250-300 USD (JU flight), rest is CDG-DTW (AF flight, JU doesn't have code-share but SPA agreement)

    4. Anonymous16:36

      What a retard, purchasing a ticket 2 weeks in advance for travel on Independence Day... could have saved way over $500 and had more options if purchased earlier. Quite shocked it's not even more expensive!


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