Adria to expand Tirana base

Adria plans flights from Tirana to Brussles and Paris

Adria Airways plans to expand its newly opened base in the Albanian capital Tirana next year with the addition of several new routes. In an interview to the “Sierra5” portal, the CEO of Adria Airways, Mark Anžur says, “Tirana is very important to us and we will continue developing it. It is likely that we will launch flights from Tirana to Brussels and Paris next year”. This summer season Adria inaugurated services from the Albanian capital to Frankfurt, complementing its existing flights from the city to Ljubljana. In addition, the CEO explains the airline could base an aircraft in the Polish city of Lodz in 2015, “We want to develop some other European destinations as well including Verona. Klagenfurt is not of interest to us. In Pristina, we have a 10% market share and we want to maintain that. In Skopje, we have a 6% market share which is declining as a result of the subsidised Wizz Air”.

Adria has started the year off on a strong note as it added two leased CRJ900 NextGen aircraft to its fleet, launched several new routes and recorded an increase in both passenger numbers and revenue. “During the first quarter, and in accordance with plans to reduce the number of scheduled flights by 3.4%, we recorded a 10% increase in passenger numbers. Operational revenues were higher by 0.5%. We plan to record a profit of 2.7 million euros by the end of the year”, Mr. Anžur says. He adds, “This year, we increased the number of aircraft in our fleet by 10%. We aim to have a more economical fleet. Larger aircraft mean lower costs. The challenge is to fill the increased capacity. Therefore, we have reduced the number of flights on some routes. As a result, we have larger aircraft with bigger capacity and fewer frequencies which, in turn, lowers operational costs”.

However, Adria is still waiting on the European Commission to rule on whether it received state aid contrary to European Union regulations. The decision, expected this month, could decide the fate of Slovenia’s national carrier. However, the airline’s CEO is confident the ruling will be in Adria’s favour, adding there is no “plan B”. The sale of Adria has been put on hold until a decision is reached. “It is most important for Adria’s future owner to be a responsible one, someone who will develop the brand and enable the airline’s continued development. This can be a financial investor or a strategic partner in the aviation sector. It is important to follow the objective of developing the company”, Mr. Anžur concludes.


  1. Anonymous10:19

    Adria has applied for additional slots in Mucnich for second flight a day to LCJ as well as flights to the Polish city of Bydgoszcz starting in 2015.

  2. Anonymous10:44

    uff so sorry that you loosing market share in Skopje.

    Its your own fault not to build up something there in the pre-wizz years when u had a chance! Pozdrav

    Have fun in Bydgoszcz and Lodz ^^

  3. Anonymous11:20

    Like I said earlier, according to wiki, there are no flights from Tirana to the most of Scandinavian cities, Amsterdam, also many german cities are not served at all... So there does not have to be a competition between Adria and Air Serbia.

  4. Purger11:35

    Macedonia needs national carrier and don't want to spend millions to it. Logical! Why they don't ask some of companies from region to open national carrier. Who can have interest:

    1. Air Serbia (to open Air Macedonia). Two A319:
    - 3 flights per day to BEG from SKP and one from BEG to OHD
    - 1 flight per day to AUH
    - 4x CDG, 4xBRU, 3xSVO, 3x AMS

    2. Adria (it can even stay as Adria brand). Two CRJ-900
    - 2 flights per day to LJU from SKP, 1 flight per day to LJU from OHR
    - 1 flight per day to FRA
    - 2 flights per day to MUC
    - 1 flight per day to ZRH
    - 5x BRU, 4X CDG, 3x AMS, 2x SVO
    - 4x VIE from OHR

    3. Turkish
    For sure those are companies that can have interest in Macedonia. And if they want money like they are not profitable just sign new contract with another one.

    1. Anonymous12:06

      why are people here obsessed with the idea of Macedonia having a national airline
      the market isn't just there

    2. Purger12:14

      I am not obsessed. But that is the way they will no loss money and have connections to destinations they really need (to major hubs). And even TAV recognize problem not to have national carrier.

    3. Purger12:16

      sorry loss=lose

    4. JATBEGMEL12:26

      Macedonian Government twice or 3 times rejected Jat from opening AeroMak which was to be based in SKP.

      Personally, JP had a good chance when Yugoslavia fell apart to possition itself in the ex republics, mainly Macedonia and Bosnia and didnt. 20 years later theyve barely penetrated 10% of the PRN market and is loosing ground in MK and BH.

    5. Anonymous12:33

      I agree with u Purger.. But i also think its little bit complicated nowdays, especially with JU.. adria is really looking hard for new regional hubs, am just wondering why lodz and other small polish cities, but hope adria management is proffessional and know what they are doing.. we will see..

    6. They have asked and Turkish declined already ( few years ago )

      SKP-ZRH and SKP-DUS were always MAT's cash-cows.never understood why Adria didnt tap into those markets

      what we stil need in Skopje :
      SKP-ZRH daily
      SKP-FRA daily
      SKP-DUS daily
      SKP-ATH 4x ( hello RYANAIR CAN U HEAR ME ??? )
      the rest is "nice to have" :
      SKP-TIA 4x
      SKP-AMS,CDG,BRU 3x
      SKP-ARN,GOT 2x
      SKP-SVO 2x

      However have in mind, its a very price-sensitive market ;-) so maybe Adria might be too expensive to fill all these flights.
      Adria (stil) has an excellent reputation here though

    7. Purger13:35

      You have SKP-ZRH by Belair, Edelweiss (Swiss), and Helvetic - more than enough, it would be risky to open flights with so many good companies.

      ATH - to near
      Rest YES!

  5. JATBEGMEL12:30

    Suksese per JP n'Tiran :)

    Hope JP will do well in TIA.

    1. Anonymous17:47

      Faleminderit JATBEGMEL!

      Përshëndetje & pozdrav.

  6. Anonymous13:28

    Adria pay back the state aid first than we will talk!
    Why one low is valid for Slovenia and another law for other EU countries?
    Can't understand EU policy not being fair.
    Shame on the relevant EU institution that is so impressed by the lying attitude first (when the EU Commission has not a clue about the facts) followed by the beggar (showing still promising attitude) of the lobbyist.
    EU Commission why are you an accomplice?

    1. Anonymous13:30


      Shame on the relevant EU institution that is so impressed by the lying attitude first (when the EU Commission has not a clue about the facts) followed by the beggar behaviour (showing still promising attitude) of the "pro Adria" lobbyist.

  7. Anonymous14:17

    Off the record.
    What happend to the ATR at Skopje airport few day ago?
    They said it had engine issues, but cannot find a reliable sourse on the net.
    The flight was canceled, passengers were rebooked to the next flight in the afternoon.
    I flew YU-ALU a few weeks ago, was this frame involved this time?

    1. AirSERBIA sent A320 to pick up all passengers, and it was good move in my opinion

    2. Anonymous17:02

      lol they didnt send anything. they let them wait for the afternoon flight

    3. Anonymous21:28

      But afternoon flight was also canceled because of A320 tehnical problems. So they wait for mroe than one day! Right?

    4. Anonymous00:47

      yes youre right

    5. Anonymous07:58

      No, he is not right. It was not the A320 that had a problem but the A319, YU-APF.

    6. Anonymous09:59

      right in terms that they had to wait for 36hours

  8. Anonymous15:49

    ASL is in process to start operations to TIA.
    From 20th of June Etihad Regional starts operation to BNX on behalf of ASL (3pw).

    1. Sorry my friend, ASL is just ICAO code, if you thought about an airline, it would be AirSERBIA.

    2. Anonymous20:03

      ICAO code, for which airline? ASL equals AirSERBIA, so sorry for what?

    3. JATBEGMEL03:14

      For TIA, its old news. Maybe with the ATR being relieved from BNX it will allow TIA to finally open.

      As for the BNX line, its a good move to bring the Saab in from Etihad Regional, as BNX is neither filling nor producing yields to justify its existance. I hope they will work a way to bring a Saab in for INI as well.

    4. Anonymous07:57

      Please, define 'not filling?' Banja Luka has been doing really good two months now- just yesterday we welcomed 54 passengers here while we sent off 40-something back to Belgrade. That's not bad. The loads have been, approximately, in the 60% to 80% range.

  9. Anonymous17:22

    Sta se desava sa A6 SAA???Hoce li se vracati iz Abu Dabija??Tamo je vec dve nedelje.

    1. Anonymous17:43

      Mozda radi D-chek ali to ne traje 2 ned.
      To je ja mislim do onog sranja od IAE Motora.

    2. Anonymous17:53

      It's currently in the process of being de-registered from A6 to YU registration ... bureaucracy in both countries is a killer !!

    3. Anonymous18:37

      Probably A6-SAA will return at Tuesday. There is no flight to AbuDhabi (JU800) tommorow,but there is at tuesday (JU801).

  10. Anonymous19:30

    A6 SAB veceras ide za Abu Dabi ali se sutra ne vraca!!!

    Bice jezivo!

    1. Anonymous19:41

      Nisu trebali menjati UAE reg, ali posto je Nemacka zabranila letenje tim Avionima za DEU.

    2. Anonymous20:22

      Evropljani (čitaj Star Aliance kompanija) na sve načine pokušavaju da sabotiraju bliskoistočne kompanije.U ovom slučaju Etihad preko Er Srbije.

    3. Anonymous20:48

      LH GRUPA u Innsbrucku je nabila toliku cenu za sletanje na Aerodrom to je neverovatno,a vikendom su odobreni stranim kompaniama letovi po povoljnim cenama.
      Easy Jet ,Transavia i AB jedini sa OS i LH da lete preko nedelje.
      INN-VIE BEG od 380-400 eur ko do JFK iz Beg.(LHR)

  11. Anonymous21:20

    A bit of off-topic. Since someone mentioned JU's bad loads to Croatia the other day, I heard that today Split had around 100 passengers in both directions (with some business as well) while Dubrovnik arrived with 61 passengers on the Atr. This is really not bad.

    1. Anonymous21:28

      Good numbers for Split but as far as Dubrovnik goes, 14 passengers came from JU's AUH flight and one from EY's morning one. Not bad at all.

    2. Anonymous02:33

      A friend of mine was flying to Beirut with JU few days ago and he said the flight was almost full. Mostly with Lebanese people flying from Western Europe.


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