USA grants Serbia category one status

Serbian registered airlines can now fly to the USA

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has upgraded Serbia from a category two to a category one status, allowing carriers from the country to operate flights to the United States and codeshare with US-based airlines and vice versa. Yesterday, the FAA announced that Serbia complies with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) safety standards. The category one status granted to the country is based on a March 2014 FAA assessment of the safety oversight provided by the Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia, and an FAA verification of necessary corrective actions during a follow up visit this month. A category one rating means the country's civil aviation authority complies with ICAO standards.

With Serbia obtaining a category one status, its national carrier has jumped over a major hurdle in establishing services to the United States. In an interview to EX-YU Aviation News last week, Etihad Airways CEO, James Hogan, said he is “very keen” for his equity partner, Air Serbia, to establish direct services to the United States. “We discussed this with the [Serbian] Prime Minister. We are doing a business plan. If the numbers stack up flights will maybe launch at the end of 2015”. Commenting on the FAA’s decision yesterday, the Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić, said, “I would like to thank [the US Ambassador to Serbia] Mr. Kirby, as we have obtained rights to fly to the US after several decades. In the second half of 2015 there will be flights to Chicago and we are pushing for New York as well”.

Serbia has held a category two rating since 2006. A category two rating means a country either lacks laws or regulations necessary to oversee air carriers in accordance with minimum international standards, or that its civil aviation authority is deficient in one or more areas, such as technical expertise, trained personnel, record keeping or inspection procedures, as was the case in Serbia. In order to maintain a category one rating, Serbia must adhere to the safety standards of ICAO, the United Nations' technical agency for aviation that establishes international standards and recommended practices for aircraft operations and maintenance.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    By the way, from what I could see, YU-APG will not be flying today. It came from Moscow this morning at 06.00 and that seems to be it for today.

    1. Just because it has been not flying for the last 3 hours and 20 minutes does not mean it won't fly again. They may be saving a A320 for some later flight.

    2. Anonymous09:40

      Go and check both flightradar and before attempting to write smart comments on here.

    3. Anonymous16:38

      Already went to Tivat today, so what's the fuss all about?

    4. Anonymous23:28

      Tivat was operated by an A319.

    5. Anonymous23:35

      Danas je bilo tri leta za Tivat u 9:05 ATR75 YU-ALU,u 13:45 A320 YU-APG,u 17:55 ATR75,moze se proveriti na flightradar24

  2. Anonymous09:52

    lepa vest!

    Nadam se da ce AS iskoristiti ovu priliku na pravi nacin

  3. Anonymous10:20

    Let's speculate on what could JU use for longhaul.

    Short term, I think it would be two leased A330 and long term they could acquire two or threeA350-900 or 787-9 for 2021-2022 delivery. It would be the best fleet on the Balkans by far.

    1. JATBEGMEL10:35

      The talk/rumour has been it will be the A333. If so, this will allow crew minimal training from the A320 to the A330 type, allowing crew to fly both types under 1 licence. Going by the A320neo order, I see the move to the A350 in future.

      Anyone have an insight as to how many types crew are allowed to be licenced on in Serbia?

    2. I think the A330-200s are most likely in the short term. Etihad has them in 262 seat configuration (22C+240Y).

      An interesting idea I have is for JU to buy some of the early production 787s. They are slightly above design weight, so their range is cut down and their efficiency is not as good as the later models (this is the reason why the airlines didn't accept them), but the planes are still more efficient than A330s. Boeing is trying to find buyers for them, so they are very well priced, plus they can be delivered within a few months, instead of waiting many years for a brand new one.

      There are five unsold early production 787-800s with GE engines (Etihad has GE). I think those planes would fit JU very well.

    3. Dreamliner or A330s, that is the question.......I wish it would be B787.

    4. JATBEGMEL10:53

      @ Aleksandar

      Aquiring the B787 would mean an extra type the crew need to be fully trained for, where as the A330/A350 would be 2-3 days training. If our DCV only allows crew to operate on 2 types as in the GCAA, it will mean that crew would either only fly ATR7 and A320 or A320 and B787. The A330 would allow all 3 types (ATR7 and A320/A330). Besides, however interesting the idea, the last thing JU needs is more underperforming ac in its fleet.


      The discounts Boeing is willing to offer on these 787s would far outweigh the negative aspect of a different type rating. The early 787s are more efficient than A330s, so more savings there too.

      The only thing I don't know about is reliability. The early Dreamliners had some issues, but they all seem to have been figured out. These early birds also had major work done to them lately.

      JU has some history of getting early productions models. Remember that JAT had the first 737 classics in Europe, and they are still very reliably planes nearly 30 years later.

      Etihad is the largest customer of the 787 (besides ILFC).

    6. Anonymous11:21

      @Dusan few months ago you said that 2 A330 are ready for Air Serbia( from one leasing company).....or something changed?

    7. JATBEGMEL11:36

      @ Aleksandar

      The negative asspects is not price, but crew comminality. It would require JU to keep a seperate crew for the B787. It would be easier and cheaper to train 1.000 crew for the A330/A350 than for the B787. Today JU might need 2 B787's, but tomorrow maybe 5, and the problem is sending crew for type training. The conversion from B737 to A320 for JU isnt finished yet after almost 1 year. Why send crew to be trained on a new type when theyre already trained for a widebody anyway?

      Licencing is the problem, which also looks like why EK cancelled their order for 70 A350's and will most likely go for a B787 order. EY has also ordered the A350 as well lets not forget. I understand what your saying, and the B787 is a great ac, but it doesnt fit for the current JU fleet.

    8. JATBEGMEL11:39

      Also, if JU went from the B733 to the B737NG, and instead of the A320neo order went for B737 MAX than the B787 order will make sence.

    9. AnonymousJune 28, 2014 at 11:21 AM

      Nothing has been changed and i know AirSerbia will get 2 A330s, but i prefer Boeing because it was my plane and it is still.....

    10. Anonymous12:45

      Aha, thanks.....and one more question, which leasing company will lease them (maybe CIT, or ?)?

    11. BBAM i think, i have heard actually....

    12. Anonymous13:17

      OK, I hope they have more luck than with A6-SAA,SAB-other BBAM birds....I prefer CIT-but that's my opinion ;)

    13. BBAM leased both A320 for Air Serbia and those birds are very good. A6-SAA, and A6-SAB has been leased to EY, not for AirSerbia, and it was the cheapest way for changing fleet.CIT is great company but BBAM is great too. But, the main problem for long haul flights from BEG would be Airport Nikola Tesla, FAA insisted that there wont tolerate the same corridors for arriving and departing passengers. So ANT should build the third floor asap,for separating arrivals and departures.

    14. Anonymous13:45

      I agree Airport Belgrade needs an upgrade and I hope that the concession of ANT will be done fast

    15. JATBEGMEL14:30

      BEG needs to plan further growth, the arrivals hall must change and expand for 1. Any news when A7-A10 will close for renovation works?

      @ Dusan

      The same corridors for arriving and departing pax is seen in many airports like SIN as an example. It will be interesting to watch what will become of this third floor and how they will organise it. I assume that the screening will be removed from the gates and returned to be before passport control.

    16. AirCEO15:49

      Short term, leasing A330 is the best option, no A6 registrations.

      Long term, Air Serbia needs the best plane for planned missions. It might turn out that A330neo will be the right choice, or even some dark horse, like rumored Boeing 757 replacement that would be able to fly over 5000nm. It depends on airframe manufacturers and more importantly, on relationship with Etihad alliance partners for long haul feeds.

    17. Anonymous19:56

      Najbolja opcija je B787-9 bolji je od A332 a i ETD je porucio 41.
      Ja sam bio u Cockpitu Lotovog Dreamlinera i vrh vrhova je za razliku od A332 =D

    18. Anonymous00:56

      787-9 is a fine plane, no question about it. But is it the right one?

      a - 787-9 is bigger than A330-200, they are not competing against each other. 787-8 is similar in size to A330-200.
      b - how are you going to fill 787-9 in February on BEG-ORD route?
      c - how can you justify the price premium over A330 for the stated mission?
      d - when are you going to get it delivered compared to Airbus (even A330neo)?

      787-9 is not the best choice.

    19. Anonymous01:35

      Druze ETD do Decembra pocinje Dobijati 71 Dreamliner a Ab preko njih dobija Svoje B787-9.A 787 manje trose a za mesto nije tesko:) a 1-2 Dreamlinera bi bila dovoljna=D

    20. Anonymous01:45

      Izvinte od Decembra =D

    21. Anonymous01:50

      Svako ima pravo na svoj san tj. dreamliner

    22. Anonymous02:01

      A CTN najvise
      I svi ste mi se smejali za letove za KORD,
      I vedecete ASL ce dobiti Dreamlinera=D

    23. AnonymousJune 29, 2014 at 1:35 AM

      Unless some of the Etihad 787-9s will be transferred to Air Berlin, all of Air Berlin's orders for the Dreamliner are for the 787-8.

      I have a feeling that Etihad won't be distributing their dreamliners among their equity alliance because they need those for growth.

      JATBEGMEL June 28, 2014 at 11:36 AM,

      Common type rating is nice, but it would come at a huge expense. The 787 is by far the most efficient and comfortable small twin. If JU could somehow get the 787 early, I think they should jump on that opportunity.

    24. Anonymous05:17

      Anon @ 11.21 ... Dusan has been hitting the JB again and doesn't know what he's talking about ... infact, I'm convinced that Dusan is a big fake and not who he says he is and doesn't do what he says he does. He lives in fantasyland and loves his JB - enough said. There have been NO discussions around any widebody aircraft at any level with anyone - either at EY or with any of the major leasing companies. Dusan knows it as well - but why he chooses to post lies here on this blog, is indicative of deeper problems the man has ....Dusan, stop this behaviour or I will be forced to really embarrass you ...Do not peddle lies .. make comments and observations, but do not make out that you are some sort of insider with info - because you are not.

    25. Anonymous11:26

      @ Anon at 5.17
      Thanks for the info ;). I hope that Air Serbia will get widebody aircraft in the future :)

    26. Anonymous12:10

      if Air Serbia does go forward with flying across the Atlantic, NO aircraft will come from any leasing companies - they will be sourced from EY. As their 787s come in, it will free up a number of A330's ..

      Pls read this Dusan and take note .. enough of your B.S. ... go do something better with your time - like sink a few more bottles of JB or do something exciting with your hair ...

    27. Anonymous12:45

      EY A330's are good we must just wait and see what will happen :)

    28. Anonymous15:28

      As long as they are not A6 regs. This must be non-negotiable for a couple of reasons.

    29. Anonymous17:24

      Dusan @ 1.34pm ... I'm gonna call you Pinocchio from now on ... You're like a 6 year old kid who cant help himself from lying ... why do you continue to position yourself as someone "in the know" - an 'insider', if you will - when you aren't and worse, have no idea what you're talking about ?? For the record, JU's 2 A320s were NOT both leased from BBAM ... one was and the other was leased from ILC. . Dusan, you need to stop this lying because if you don't, I WILL expose you and I WILL shame you ... make positive contributions to this blog, not the B.S. you continue to feed. And PLEASE, stop with the B.S. about being a pilot or whatever ...we both know that that isn't the case ... go feed the starving kids in Africa or save the one horned rhino from extinction - these are far more worthy endeavours than what you are currently doing with your life ...

    30. Anonymous18:15

      They more than likely will be A6 registered - jump starts JU's ability to launch these services ... i don't see what the issue is ... perhaps you help me out here and give us your thoughts on why ..

    31. Anonymous19:12

      Fully agreed on the perceived benefits of A6 registered birds. However are you absolutely positive Canada will allow Air Serbia to operate them to YYZ, or even worse, allow them initially and then change that decision?

    32. Anonymous19:27

      @ Anon at 6.15
      I see that you are an insaider :) IF there will be long haul, how much A330s a/c Air Serbia needs?

    33. Anonymous19:35

      Even outsiders know it depends on destinations they plan to serve. And it's how many, not how much A330s.

    34. Anonymous20:06

      :D my error

    35. Anonymous02:47

      Anon @ 7.12p - Canadians won't be an issue with this .. they are welcoming of any attempt to 'fly' to Canada - be it through codeshare, wet or dry lease or in our own capacity. Agreement with Canadian's was finalized 2 weeks ago ..

    36. AirCEO15:09

      UAE and Canada had a bit of a dispute regarding air agreement few years ago, with EK + EY being limited to 6 weekly flights. EK wanted to do daily as it fits their model better, but was turned down so they continue to fly only 3x week into YYZ, same as EY.

      Air Serbia A6-SAA and A6-SAB planes encountered issues in some countries in Europe, which I understand helped with re-registration to YU-API and I guess future -APJ.

      If A6 registered A330 with Etihad crew does fly BEG-YYZ one day (assuming it would also carry EY codeshare on this route), and with Etihad’s 49% ownership of Air Serbia, it may be viewed by some as an attempt to circumvent UAE-Canada air agreement which has been strictly enforced so far.

      If there were no objections and this item has been fully agreed upon and finalized 2 weeks ago, I see no reason A6 registered A330 shouldn’t be the best choice for Air Serbia.

  4. Anonymous11:56

    Let's talk really short-term. Are they going to code share on AirBerlin.
    There is a decent connection to ORD and 'so so' to JFK, where Airberlin already codeshares on BEG-TXL/DUS legs with AirSerbia.


  5. Anonymous16:15

    “Svi putevi vode u Rim” glasi stara izreka, odnosno preko Rima. Mislim da ce povodom preuzimanja AZ, EY intenzivirati FCO i MXP kao sto favorizira hub TXL pa ce BEG ostati bez dugolinijskog, jer ce razne Varne, Soluni i ostalo ici ka Rimu a ne Beogradu. Daj Boze da gresim, no videcemo. Hogan je Srbima obecao bar Cikago, a mogao bi i Toronto da uvrsti u listu zelja dijaspore.

    1. Anonymous16:55

      Dugolinijski putevi su bili nacelno planirani pre ulaganja u Alitaliu, i koliko znam Alitalia ima dugolinijske letove jos i pre Etihadovog ulaganja u Er Srbiju. Takodje, Srbi ne teze prirodno MXP-u niti FCO-u, kao sto teze Berlinu da bi bili fideri, ili kao sto Kroacijini putnici prirodno teze Becu ili Minhenu ili Frankfurtu, zbog dijaspore...

      Ne bih mogao da zamislim da odjednom Er Srbija koja ima ogroman procenat Grka i Libanaca medju svojim putnicima odjednom krene da hrani Rim i MIlan...

    2. Anonymous17:01

      Time will tell :)

    3. JATBEGMEL17:06

      BEG wont be a huge intercontinental hub, but it wont be insignificant in the EY network either. I believe there will be a great deal of cooperation between JU, AZ, AB and F7, and ofcourse all 4 with EY. All will have a strong advantage point, and JU will fit best for Balkan, Eastern Europe and Middle East travel imo.

      BEG-FCO is already at 3 daily, I wouldnt be surprised for further increase. I will be watching on how JU will increase into Germany or AB finally coming into BEG. I wouldnt be surprised to see more of F7 in BEG either.

    4. Anonymous17:12

      Malo nelogicno zvuci da Alitalija koja vec ima long haul letove bude fidovana da bi imala jos vise, a Srbija nista, iako je to bio deo dogovora (Vucic verovatno smatra da ce mu posle linije Beograd - Cikago biti ponudjeno da postane dozivotni premijer, ako ne ni zbog cega, onda zbog toga).

      Isto tako, JU i AZ mogu da se koncentrisu na dva razlicita trzista. Er Srbija na Balkan (na kome Alitalija ni nema neko veliko prisustvo) i istok i jugoistok, Italija na Afriku, Gruziju, Jermeniju, Rumuniju...

      Inace, kad kazem prirodno, pri tome mislim na vec postojecu srpsku dijasporu koja koristi dugolinijske letove.

      Kada idete u Kinu, idete preko Moske prema kojoj i ovako i onako postoji dosta dnevnih letova.

      Kada idete na zapad, idete preko Austrije, Svajcarske, Nemacke, eventualno Amsterdama...

      Italija nikad nije bila neka zemlja sa ogromnom i uticajnom (ekonomski) dijasporom poput ove tri zemlje.

      Ali sto kazete, vreme ce pokazati. :)

    5. JATBEGMEL18:05

      Puno se prica o dijasporu, ali zaboravite da JU nije samo satl servis za dijasporu, i to se vidi otvaranjem VAR.

      Tacno je da se dosta toga zavisi i od O&D putnika, ali koliko realno dnevno putuju izmedju Tirane i Beograda, koja sad sledi za otvaranje npr? Nisam primetio da u Tirani ima puno Srba.

      Takodje, koliko su ljudi culi za presedanje preko Beograda do neke destinacije koju sada vidimo osim nas sa Balkana? Nije 'prirodno' da neki Turcin preseda u Beograd za neku konekciju koju danas vidimo, zar ne? Ako ponuda poklapa sa planom putnika, putovace.

    6. AirCEO01:10

      You should be aware that Alitalia only serves JFK, BOS and MIA in the US year round. Is it hard to imagine Air Serbia serving ORD year round with Alitalia codeshare feed from FCO to help fill this route?

    7. Anonymous10:15

      Alitalia serves Chicago: ORD-FCO AZ629 A332

    8. Anonymous15:31

      Not year round. They are also trying to expand to other US markets like LAX but again not year round.

  6. Anonymous18:20

    AnonymousJune 28, 2014 at 4:15 PM
    Taj Solun,što ga potcenjuješ ima više putnika nego bilo koji Ex-yu aerodrom pa samim tim ima jako veliki značaj.

    1. Anonymous20:03

      da ali za jedan dnevni let atr-om..

    2. Anonymous10:04

      ako misliš na Er Srbijo ona ima dva dnevna leta do Soluna, tačnije jedan oko 13:00 sa A319 i jedan oko 00:00 sa ATR72


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