B&H and Adria launching Kuwait service

B&H Airlines and Adria Airways to Kuwait City this summer

B&H Airlines and Adria Airways will launch seasonal summer flights from their hubs in Sarajevo and Ljubljana to Kuwait City at the end of the month. The Bosnian national carrier will operate the service with a wet-leased Boeing 737-300 from US-registered Gryphon Airlines. The flights will run three times per week, each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from July 26 until the end of the 2014 summer season on October 25. The four and a half hour flight has been put on sale and tickets can be purchased through the Gryphon Airlines website. Meanwhile, Adria Airways has also been issued permits to operate a one weekly service from Ljubljana to Kuwait City from July 26 to September 11. The Slovenian national carrier will use its own aircraft, an Airbus A319, on the route.

The seasonal flights from Sarajevo and Ljubljana to Kuwait City rely not only on tourists and diaspora from the Middle East region, but also American servicemen and their families heading to bases in Europe. Gryphon Airlines has previously run seasonal summer flights from Kuwait to Sarajevo, however, they were never operated under B&H Airlines flight numbers. The US-registered airline has been successful on the route in previous years, operating it with a Boeing 767-200 two times per week. Last year, Gryphon considered launching flights to Banja Luka, as well as maintaining a one weekly service to Sarajevo during the winter.

The flights will mark a third consecutive year Sarajevo has been linked to Kuwait City during the summer. In 2013, Kuwait Airways operated a one weekly service to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital with its widebody Airbus A300-600, featuring eighteen seats in both first and business class and a further 196 seats in economy class. Flights were operated via Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Flight details for B&H Airlines’ service to Kuwait City in cooperation with Gryphon Airlines can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:54

    EX-YU Admin Adria will use A319-132 not A320 on KWI route.

  2. Anonymous11:40

    Things are looking good for ex-yu airports.

    Tuzla might become Wizz base:


    And since Albanian Prime minister will be visiting Serbia in early september, I guess Tirana would be launched in that period.

  3. Anonymous12:20

    Ljubljana Kuwait round ticket price anyone knows?
    Where to buy?

  4. Anonymous15:43

    So BH can wetlease a B737 for charters but can't lease it for a normal scheduled route! How this airline survives is a mystery to me

  5. Anonymous17:50

    BH Airlines gets money from each pax going out of Sarajevo as the tax includes some kind of BH aviation support tax?!

  6. Anonymous12:04

    JP 186 ----5-- LJU KWI 1935 2335 A319
    JP 187 -----6- KWI LJU 0120 0640 A319


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