Air Serbia confident in Tirana success

Air Serbia and Adria to battle for transit passengers on Tirana route

Air Serbia expects to attract a significant number of transit passengers as flights between Belgrade and Tirana are to resume for the first time in six years on September 23. The Serbian carrier is set to operate the route three times per week with a 66-seat ATR72 aircraft, becoming only the second airline in the former Yugoslavia, besides Adria Airways, to operate services to the Albanian capital. In a statement, the CEO of Air Serbia, Dane Kondić, said, “The re-introduction of services to Tirana is an exciting and significant addition to our regional network. The new services will offer our guests from Tirana increased travel options and enhanced connections over our Belgrade hub to 38 business and leisure destinations across the Balkan region, Europe and the Mediterranean”. He added, “The new flights will support trade ties between Serbia and Albania, with Tirana standing as one of the emerging commercial and business centres in Southeast Europe”.

Air Serbia’s predecessor, Jat Airways, suspended flights between the two capitals in 2008 as part of a cost cutting scheme, with the route deemed unprofitable at the time. The playing field at Tirana Airport is somewhat different this time around. Albania’s national carrier, Albanian Airlines, ceased operations in 2011 while the country’s largest airline, Belle Air, collapsed in December last year. This has given other airlines an opportunity to attract transit passengers from Tirana through their respective hubs. The CEO of Tirana Airport, Rolf Castro-Vasquez said, “We are very pleased to be launching this route. We believe that the benefits will include stimulation of commercial trade between Albania and Serbia, and will bring an additional value to our airport and the economy in general”.

With Air Serbia’s arrival, Adria Airways loses its exclusivity as the only EX-YU airline serving the city, with both vying for transit passengers. However, Adria has already situated itself as one of the leading airlines in Albania with further plans to grow. This year the Slovenian carrier inaugurated direct flights from Tirana to Frankfurt, complementing its existing Ljubljana service. In a recent statement, Adria’s CEO, Mark Anžur, said, “Tirana is very important to us and we will continue developing it. It is likely that we will launch flights from Tirana to Brussels and Paris next year”. Flight details for the new Belgrade - Tirana service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    jos pristina i zagreb i onda smo dobro povezani !

    1. JU to Pristina won't happen anytime soon.

    2. Anonymous10:44

      But Etihad Regional could.

    3. Anonymous16:26

      Onda su oni dobro povezani sa Beogradom, a ne Beograd sa njima...

  2. Anonymous09:15

    I guess Adria must be making money in Albania if they keep on expanding? Is that so?

  3. Anonymous10:09

    What's up with JU's flight to Varna this morning?

    1. Anonymous11:28

      Charter flight taking FC Ludogorets to the match vs PFC

  4. Anonymous10:33

    How often does Adria fly from Triana, and to where?

    Interesting opportunity for AS, but they will have serious competition from Adria and the rest of the LH group.

    -- Charlie

    1. Anonymous11:04

      LJU-TIA 11wf
      FRA-Tia 4 wf

  5. Anonymous11:01

    LJU-TIA 11 WF
    FRA-TIA 4 WF

  6. Anonymous11:28

    I'm confused as to why JU didn't launch daily flights to Tirana, surely there is more opportunity @ TIA than BNX, which from the beginning also had daily ATR72 flights.. I understand politics and how much closer RS is to Serbia than Albania is to Serbia, but still.

    Best of luck to Air Serbia on this route and all of its routes!

    1. Anonymous11:45

      Dude... who knows, you see that they can't keep a single day of operations without massive delays. I doubt they need more flights at this point.

    2. Anonymous12:39

      probably they get a big subsidy from BNX and nothing from Tirana

  7. Flying Jack11:46

    I just read the "Elevate" topic only now. I think it is a shame that Air Serbia switched from Cyrillic to Latin in their in-flight review. Very, very disappointing. A disgrace. I have to say that i expected much more from Air Serbia's management, especially since the 'Serbian traditions' theme they've adopted. That's a disgraceful move that will backfire from their own customers. The Air Serbia management with the head of Mr. Kondic has lost all decency. Air SERBIA - they can drop the word 'Serbia' altogether.

    1. Anonymous12:03

      They will likely rename it to 'ETIHAD Balkan' as soon as the government subsidies expire.

    2. Anonymous12:15

      There is nothing better to expect from them any more, i am shocked by it as well. Air Serbia - good bye.

    3. The purpose of an airline is to serve its customers, not to "uphold Serbian traditions" (as you happen to see them.

      No one from the region can't read Latinic script, but some customers from the region won't be able to read Cyrillic. So the choice to use Latinic is a no-brainer.

    4. Anonymous13:00

      Are you saying that people from Bulgaria (two destinations, one daily) can read the Latin as well? Who else is concerned? Why should Croatia have a priority over Bulgaria?

      Russians might be more likely to read it as well, same as Macedonians or people from Montenegro (we're talking of at least 4 countries with a much bigger network and frequencies). We're left with 3 seasonal destinations in Croatia and half of Bosnia. To me THAT is a no-brainer.

      To others it makes absolutely no difference whether the Serbian is written in Cyrillic or not, be it they're Hungarian, Romanian, Albanian, Arabs, Lebanese, French, German or English...they can't understand anything anyway and for that there is the English option, or introducing their own languages what i strongly support.

    5. Anonymous13:01

      Besides, most of pax on those "regional" lines, especially to the Croatian coast are foreigners (and Serbs) anyway and not Croatians.

    6. Anonymous13:08

      I think Russia Today is not patriotic TV station, they should broadcast their program in Russians and titled in Cyrillic you know that 100% Serbs read and write in both Latinic and Cyrillic alphabet, so where is the problem?? Most of ASLs pax are transit and they don't know Cyrillic letters.They could learn Serbian reading both English and Serbian texts in Elevation. Congratulations Air Serbia for wise decision.

    7. Anonymous13:09

      ...not this again.

    8. Anonymous13:09

      For crying out loud GET OVER IT. Latin is the official script in Serbia as well. It's a bloody in-flight magazine. They are not giving you the constitution! They are giving you a 100 page glossy magazine! Get a job and find something more useful to do with your time.

    9. Anonymous13:16

      Don't you get that this "Flying Jack" is the same guy who wrote that letter as a "foreign admirer of Air Serbia" and now just wants to get a reaction from it ? Just ignore. It's fine if you don't like it but trolling every topic about a magazine is funny. You wrote letter to management and had 50 comments about it on the other news the other day ... more than enough .

    10. Anonymous13:17

      "I think Russia Today is not patriotic TV station," - Are you on drugs? Who said that English should be written in Cyrillic? We're only saying that Serbian should be written in Cyrillic.

    11. Anonymous13:30

      We'll ignore just as you do, reading his comments 24/7 and replying to them that is. I am sure that all the pro-Cyrillic comments come from one guy actually, a 'foreign admirer'. Does that idea makes you feel better, sleep better? I am also very against this and guess what - i am not that guy. 50 comments, or a bit more, all by one guy...? You just shot yourself in the foot. I am sure you're working for Air Serbia and trying to protect your a** or get into someone's but let me tell you one thing: don't make things worse, your embarrassment is big enough already.

    12. Anonymous13:33

      I really do not see how can you promote Serbian culture on one side and bare the airline from one of the main pillars of Serbian identity which is it's alphabet.

    13. Anonymous13:34

      At least they could have added Latin (Bosnian, Croatian or whatever) but kept the Cyrillic.

    14. ABC Cargo13:34

      Actually, i would even say that this move is illegal, since Air Serbia is the national airline of Serbia and the only constitutional alphabet of Serbia is the Cyrillic. Those responsible could be even brought to court How can Artur Demek, a guy with a doubtful background, or those who ordered him (or ignore his deeds for that matter), have the right to deprive Serbian people from their own language and alphabet in their own planes, financed by taxpayer's money, in their own national airline? To please some folks from Croatia and its 3 seasonal destinations or whatever? Shame. They can introduce all the languages they want to as far as Bahasa, Hindi or Spanish, but the Serbian version has to be kept and that is in Cyrillic only.

    15. Anonymous13:35


    16. Anonymous13:36

      Artur Demek je upropastio domace izdanje Playboya nece daleko ni Air Serbia sa njim dogurati.

    17. Anonymous13:36

      Ma da Playboy bi bio mnogo bolji da je na cirilici hahahahahhaha onda bi se lokal-patriote ovde uzbudile iz vise razloga :D

    18. Doot13:39

      oh brother.

      Open a mailbox next time you're in Serbia. 80% of the junkmail is in latinic.

      Check the kids' facebooks. 90% is in Latinic.

      Check people's cell phones - 99.99% is in latinic.

      Cyrillic use in Serbia is nothing but an aesthetic linguistic decoration, dying a slow, inevitable death and no amount of crying from Serbs in Chicago will do anything to stop it.

      SMSs, junkmail, facebook and general availability of typefaces on cheap computers decide this, not some government edict

    19. Anonymous13:41

      ^ Don't argue about cyrilic and then provide a link in latin. haha

    20. Anonymous13:46

      AnonymousAugust 5, 2014 at 1:30 PM i guess you are the Oscar Leman guy who wrote the letter. Newsflash, the majority of people don't care so you will just have to deal with it. Your arguments are rubbish. If I worked for Air Serbia, they wouldn't find out who I am with an "Anonymous" nickname lol. No I don't work for them I come here to read news about aviation and not your patriotic rant about a magazine. Yes, a M-A-G-A-Z-I-N-E. Should they also write pilot manuals in Serbian cyrilic? get over it .

    21. Anonymous13:47

      Dear Doot, since you're presenting yourself as a professional linguist, let me teach you once and for all that there is no such a thing in English as "Latinic" but - "Latin". That's the first thing. The next goes on as saying:

      - 99% of people don't care about energy saving and environmental protection

      - 99,9% of people live a senseless life

      - 93% of people have no spiritual values

      - 97% of people are sexually frustrated

      - 90% of people are consuming and buying products, living a life-style that is harmful for their health and to their close-ones

      - 90% of Africa is in a deep relentless poverty

      - 90% of world's population is poorer than the top 10% richest

      So WHAT, it should stay that way and we should even go further and erase the 1% of things that are right?

    22. good point you raise, anonymous at 1:41pm

      What about all the newspapers in Serbia. How many are there? Maybe 8 in Belgrade? How many are in Cyrillic? TWO.

      All these folks who visit Serbia maybe once a year getting upset about the script on an inflight magazine.... Do they even pay attention to the world around them once they land in Serbia?

    23. Anonymous13:51

      There are two main reasons for this (from people's side) and that is: laziness and ignorance coupled with complete passivity of the authorities regarding such matters.

      Facebook can perfectly work in Cyrillic and there's even a Serbian version if i'm mistaken, among other non-Latin version.

      Cell phones can 100% work and send messages in Cyrillic languages.

      Many good things are dying around the world, so your advice is - just let them die?

    24. Since when did I present myself as a professional linguist??

      Thank you for correcting me vis-a-vis Latinic/Latin.

      LOL. ok buddy. Glad that you can congratulate yourself on being in the 1% that is RIGHT.

      Again... The purpose of an airline is to serve its customers, not to cater to the delicate sensibilities of the 1% who think they're RIGHT.

    25. Anonymous13:54

      Instead of being proud that you know how to read and write two scripts, you would rather only have cyriclic. Very typical. Admin, I understand that you have to publish the majority of the comments so they wouldn't accuse you of being bias or preventing free speak but don't let some make this a platform for their frustrations since they have no where else to voice their opinions. It is typical of many cyber patriots. Very vocal online, very frustrated but in real life they are "manji od makovog zrna"

    26. passivity of the authorities??? LOL! Democrat in Chicago, Fascist in Serbia.

      How would you like it if the government regulated which type faces people were allowed to use in your home country? LOL. Serbia's a real place, you know, not some kind of wax museum that exists for the sole purpose of indulging your nostalgia

    27. Anonymous13:58

      @1:46 - Are you obsessing with him or what? You're saying we should ignore him but you keep posting about him every day and making it VERY personal for some reason, like you want some attention. Feels like you have been thinking about nothing but him for the last 4 days. Man, get a girl-friend (if that's your path). You don't care - leave this blog and let the others decide for themselves. Whoever he is, this topic IS definitely getting lots of attention and becoming again the 90% focus of the blog so what you're talking is bullshit. Not everybody agrees with you and things are not always what you would like them to be, don't force your complexes onto others.

    28. Anonymous14:04

      To serve your customers well, you need to have consistency in your product. You can't fly a double headed-eagle with the Serbian flag and emblem, serve exclusively Serbian food and present the magazine printed in - Latin.

    29. Anonymous14:06

      Oscar Leman, Aerologic or whatever your real name is no one except yourself cares. Good bye.

    30. Anonymous @ 2:04

      another ridiculous comment. The product is flying point A - point B, not creating Serbian identity, which, BTW, Latinic script is also Serbian.

      So, yes, you can fly a Serbian flag and use latinic script.

      I hope it's not printed in Latin. How many people speak Latin?

    31. Anonymous14:18

      From 10 to 42 comments in less than two hours... We see how nobody cares besides him (btw who are you talking about or we're all - people with patriotic consciousness - some Aerologics for you, a guy that we haven't seen in months). Did he traumatised you that you remember him so well, for so long and assign him to every people around, like...imagining things? Man, you're a douche :D

    32. Anonymous14:20

      ...again you with your Latinic, man did you learn anything in life?

    33. I’m about to delete this thread. It is obvious that the two sides won’t agree and people are now avoiding the comment guidelines. This is not the place to argue, it is about discussing differences of opinions. Since it’s no longer a civilised discussion you have left me with no choice.

    34. Anonymous14:25

      You should leave it and delete further comments if there'll be such. It'll be a highly negative move to delete it.

    35. Anonymous14:28

      Ex-Yu - there are many good and valuable comments. Deleting them will really be a slap towards your readers, just cause of few persons who went out of the "guidelines", nothing dramatic anyway.

    36. I looked it up and "latinic" is a perfectly acceptable adjectival form of "latin", so I guess it's you who learned something today

    37. Anonymous15:02

      Nope, it isn't. The alphabet can be only "Latin", not "Latinic", just as "Cyrillic" can't be "Cyrillical" so stop hurting yourself by trying to be smart.

    38. Anonymous17:28

      Guys, anonim at 1 PM beat you on your own court - serving the customer. Most of the customers are Serbs from Serbia, and majority of them would like to have cyrillic. Then we have Serbs from other parts of the Balkans who would like to see cyrillic as well. Diaspora Serbs - if they are born here, they know cyrillic as well.

      The point is - latin script only satisfies Croatian passengers who do not know cyrillic, since Bosnians do. Montenegrins know it as well, Macedonians, Bulgarians etc. And Croatians make an insignificant portion of passengers. Serbian diaspora - some of them know cyrillic, some of them don't, but if they don't speak Serbian at all or barely, then it doesnt matter - they ll read the english version anyway.

    39. JATBEGMEL17:53

      This topic was extensively discussed a couple of days ago, please stop. As the admin writes, both sides refuse to agree on any arguments given. Some arguments are stupid and some just short of racism.

      @Flying Jack

      If you wanted to comment on this topic, you should of done it on the other article and not restart a flame war here. Your comment is purely looking for trouble.

    40. and majority of them would like to have cyrillic

      I doubt that.

      A majority of them don't give a flying crap, pun optional. It's Serbs who live abroad that bother with such nonsense.

    41. Anonymous18:28

      Okay, Doot.

      Lol "nonsense".

      I do not want to respond to that and feed your desire to troll. I hope you have fun in your life. Bye.

    42. Anonymous18:41

      Sta ste dobili sa ovom raspravom bezveze se svadjate :)

    43. you don't want to respond, yet you responded.

      Likewise. Све најбоље! свако добро! уздравље!

    44. Anonymous20:06

      There's more to the story:

  8. Anonymous13:26

    OK, let stop with that cyrillic - latin story.

    What do you think, should Air Serbia increase frequencies on Sarajevo route and kick B&H out of the picture?

    Of all the competitors Air Serbia has, B&H is certainly the weakest.

    1. Anonymous13:32

      Why would they git rid of B&H? Air Serbia is the one that initiated for B&H to start flying to BEG. Air Serbia doesn't have the aircraft to fly that route in the morning and B&H feeds passengers to JU's network in the morning.

  9. Anonymous14:41

    Skyscanner shows Air Serbia is by far the best option for round trips to: Berlin, Zurich, Stockholm, Dusseldorf, Prague, PARIS... A pity it wont be possible to connect to Amsterdam flight.

    Conclusion: Air Serbia DESPERATELY needs more ATR's in order to serve almost 40 destinations!!!

  10. Anonymous15:44

    BNX-BEG, 4. avgust oko 60 putnika

  11. Anonymous15:46

    Mozda sam dosadan ali garantujem da bi se ASL-u vise isplatilo da leti 3 ned za LOWI nego za LATI :-)
    Jel zna neko ko radi u JU dali ce mozda Aviolet leteti u zimskoj sezoni za LOWI (mozda rano pitam :) ).
    INN -NS

    1. Anonymous16:37

      Mnogo si bre dosadan... Jel to toliko tesko otići do Beča aman čoveče? Prošao sam pola evrope autobusom i nikada se nisam žalio, a tebi je teško da sedneš na avion do Beča ili sedneš u voz par sati...

    2. Anonymous17:14

      Prosao sam i ja pola Evrope Busom. A a kad Bec ( 520km od INN udaljen )dodjem dotle mogu i da nastavim dalje. Necu da letim uvek sa AUA :)
      INN -NS

  12. Anonymous15:58

    Ko je ljudima rekao da je Ustavom Srbije jedino ćirilica usvojena kao pismo???
    21. vek je, informaciju o svemu možete dobiti posle par, uzmite i klikćite da pronađete tekst Ustava Srbije.

    Oba pisam u Srbiji su ravnopravna.
    Slobodna je upotreba oba.
    Državni organi su obavezani da svoja pismena sastavljaju na ćirilici...zato je svaki papir koji dobijemo od Suda, Opštine, Ministarstva, Poreske uprave, itd...napisan na ćirilici. Ali, i tu postoje izuzeci u pogledu nacionalnih manjina, prava na postupak na svom jeziku...

    Zato dosta više sa lupetanjima kako je Ustavom Srbije ćirilica definisana kao jedino pismo. Ne, nije.
    Air Serbia nije državni organ i zato nema obavezu da bilo šta štampa na ćirilici. Ni karte, ni tagove sa imenima, ni legitimacije, ni promo, tako ni svoj Magazin.

    1. Anonymous16:52

      Ne želim da se raspravljam o tome da li treba ili ne treba da ćirilica bude u reviji, ali moram da ti kažem da nisi u pravu što se tiče Ustava:

      Jezik i pismo
      Član 10.

      U Republici Srbiji u službenoj upotrebi su srpski jezik i ćiriličko pismo. Službena upotreba drugih jezika i pisama uredjuje se zakonom, na osnovu Ustava.

      Dakle po Ustavu ćirilica JESTE jedino službeno pismo. Proguglaj "ustav srbije pdf" i dobićeš iste rezultate.

      Druga stvar je što Air Serbia ne mora da se toga pridržava. Ili mora. O tome ne želim da se sada raspravljam.

    2. Najosnovnije sto je potrebno jeste da se na svim avionima AIR SERBIA koji du postavljeni sa levw strane trupa aviona to bude skorije postavljeno. na cirilici sa desne strane aviona na celoj floti i dvih buducih. Aleksandar Vucic, Dane Kondic, kao i Gospodin Hogan, siguran sam da ce shvatiti moju malu obzervaciju iz suncanog Sydney-a. Pa pobogu nije valjda Vukovar uzor za upotrebu ustavnog PISMA u Otadzbini koja se zove Srbija. Dovoljno znacajno. Imamo naziv na Engleskom sto je medjunarodni jezik. Dodajte Srpski na cirilici. Koga ne razume tu je engleski. Jesmo li kosmopolite ili nismo? Vreme ce skorije pokazati. Dalice ovo cuti moji prijatelji Vucic,Kondic i Hogan. Do dolaska u Kraljevo. Vas Rod Son & Co.

    3. Anonymous02:11

      Ako već citirate Ustav, gledajte da razumete šta tamo piše. Ustav definiše samo SLUŽBENU upotrebu jezika, a ne definiše, niti može da definiše jezička ili gramatička pravila srpskog jezika, jer govornim jezikom ne upravljaju ni Skupština ni Vlada.

      A ukoliko Vas interesuje šta to znači "službena upotreba", ne bi bilo loše da konsultujete Zakon o službenoj upotrebi jezika i pisama. A to je sledeće:

      "Službenom upotrebom jezika i pisama smatra se naročito upotreba jezika i pisama u:

      1) usmenom i pismenom opštenju organa i organizacija međusobno, kao i sa strankama, odnosno građanima;

      2) vođenju postupka za ostvarivanje i zaštitu prava, dužnosti i odgovornosti građana;

      3) vođenju propisanih evidencija od strane opštinskih organa i organizacija koje vrše javna ovlašćenja na teritoriji opštine (u daljem tekstu: evidencije);

      4) izdavanju javnih isprava, kao i drugih isprava koje su od interesa za ostvarivanje zakonom utvrđenih prava građana;

      5) ostvarivanju prava, dužnosti i odgovornosti radnika iz rada ili po osnovu rada."

      Prema tome, nigde se ovde ne pominje obaveza akcionarskog društva u većinskom vlasništvu RS da koristi određeno pismo, jer se to ne smatra službenom upotrebom pisma. (Hint: telefonski računi koje izdaje Telekom Srbija su takođe latinični). Air Serbia nije državni organ, a bogami ni preduzeće koje vrši javna ovlašćenja.

      Dakle, Ustav ni na koji način ne definiše kojim će pismom Air Serbia izdavati prokleti infligh magazin. To je estetsko i marketinško pitanje, nikako pravno.

    4. Anonymous13:40

      @ Anonymous August 5, 2014 at 4:52 PM

      Sad nastavi da čitaš dalje i pogledaj šta se definiše kao ''službena upotreba.''
      Nije službena upotreba ono što ti, ja ili sveti Petar mislimo da jeste, nego ono što je tako definisano Zakonom.
      A, onda ćeš videti da su to akti državnih organa i organa kojima je povereno vršenje javnih ovlašćenja.
      Air Serbia nije državni organ.

  13. Anonymous16:10

    Radovane jeste videli A350 XWB u Sydney-u.
    Pozdrav iz toplog Novog Sada.

    1. Postovani Novo sadjanine, jesam ga video i hvala za pitanje. Ovoje po mojem skromnom iskustvu od gotovo pola veka letenja avionima i bez malo cetvrt veka radeci na njima u Qantas-ovoj mlaznoj bazi u Syidney-u, ovo je najnapredniji avion koji je ikada sleteo na ovdasni Kingford Smith Airport. Sleteo je u jutarnjim satima, bio na statickom displeju do podne, pa uzleteo xa Auckland. Negov serijski broj je : 005.On je na World tour na liniji Toulouse-Johannesbuurg-Sydney-Aucland-Santiago-Sao Paolo-Toulouse. Sledeci let bice na liniji Toulouse-Doha-Perth- Hong Kong-M0scow-Helsincy-Toulouse. Nazalost Beograd nije na mapi ovih letova. Posle kompletnog preuredjenja, prosirenja tog potencijalnog vazdusnog cvorista, zasluzice Srbija bar posetu ovog Wonder of aircraft. Koliko b zbog toga bilo radosti u meni, cinimi se da bi mi se zivot produzio. Zaista tako osecam... Zaista Blagoslovljen dan mi je bio juce na KSA SYDNEY, kao i svaki dan kada sam na nekom aerodromu Ili letu. Uvek samnom bilo. Za tehnicke imformacije o A350 XWB izadjite na Sa toplim pozdravima pred skori let za rodno Kraljevo I prazan aerodrom Morava, svima ljudima dobre volje i ostalim koji nisu zelim dobro i mir. Rod Son & Co. Sydney

    2. Anonymous23:04

      Gospodine Radovane hvala na odgovoru. :)
      Pozdrav iz kisovitog Novog Sada :)


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