Belgrade, Skopje and Sarajevo soar

Belgrade Airport breaks record as Skopje and Sarajevo see growth

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Skopje Alexander the Great and Sarajevo Airport have all seen their passenger numbers grow this July. Belgrade Airport recorded its busiest month in history, handling an impressive 539.823 passengers, an increase of 24.7% compared to the same month last year. In addition, the number of flights operating to and from the airport increased from 5.123 in 2013 to 6.047 this July, up 18%. The amount of handled cargo was also up, increasing by 28.4%. The busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia has seen a strong start to August as it broke its single-day record on August 2. The airport welcomed 20.380 passengers within 24 hours. Overall, Belgrade has handled 2.528.387 travellers during the first seven months of the year, up 30.3% on the same period last year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN270.784 28.9
FEB232.061 33.8
MAR282.447 28.2
APR368.171 46.2
MAY383.773 27.5
JUN451.324 28.8
JUL539.823 24.7

Skopje Alexander the Great Airport continued its strong performance this summer by welcoming 132.227 passengers though its doors in July. The result represents an increase of 17.5% compared to the same month last year. Macedonia’s busiest airport is now on course to handle over one million passengers this year and break its all time passenger record. So far in 2014, the airport has welcomed 667.277 travellers, up 19.9%. Meanwhile, the country’s second international airport, Ohrid, saw 12.557 passengers this July.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN62.362 1.4

Finally, Sarajevo Airport also managed to extend its growth streak to a third consecutive month. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s busiest airport handled 74.948 passengers, an increase of 7.5%. The number of flight operations also grew, from 551 last year to 594 this July, or an increase of 7.8%. Cargo traffic was also a highlight for Sarajevo Airport last month. It processed 194.738 kilograms of commercial cargo, an increase of 31% compared to the same month last year. Overall, Sarajevo Airport has welcomed 395.371 travellers though its doors this year, up 5.8%. In a statement, the airport said, “Sarajevo is continually recording passenger growth and is expected to handle some 700.000 passengers this year”.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN36.114 8.0


  1. Anonymous09:21

    Great results especially Belgrade

  2. Anonymous09:25

    January, February and March are still weak at Belgrade... hope this trend continues.

    Overall, great results for the three airports.

  3. Anonymous09:40

    And you can still be in your car 17 mins after landing at BEG as I was from the Air Serbia Warsaw flight a week ago!

    1. Anonymous10:20

      What do you mean

    2. Anonymous10:21

      How were the loads on your Warsaw flight?

    3. Anonymous11:02

      If I'm not mistaken, he means he quickly was able to go pickup his luggage and exit the airport. Because this was the case with me!:)

    4. Anonymous11:03

      Nasty 737. 20 empty seats

    5. Anonymous11:04

      I mean it is very efficient despite the extra traffic....

    6. Anonymous11:26

      Why we are presented only load factors of Air Serbia on almost daily basis. Followers are not curious about Croatia and Adria?

    7. Anonymous11:31

      There is nothing/no one stopping others from presenting loads on JP and OU flights...

    8. Anonymous13:16

      Show them, please!

  4. 17 min? Pa ja jos nisam probio 10, a parkiram se kod oblasne? Da te ne sumnjice za nesto? ;)

  5. Anonymous10:38

    Congratulations to all 3 airports, impressive results for BEG this July!

  6. Anonymous10:38

    Today between 12 and 14 there are going to be 23 take-offs, that comes out to about one ever five minutes. :)

  7. Anonymous10:47

    So let's speculate...

    In August, let's say Belgrade records a 20% growth (well below the average) which means it will handle around 530.000 passengers (up from 441.000).

    At the end of summer the airport will pass the 3 million mark as it is expected that the airport will handle around 3.100.000 passengers.

    These numbers are impressive given how close the airport will be to the total number of passengers handled last year. Air Serbia <3

  8. Anonymous10:51

    The numbers for SJJ in July are not correct. Its not 74 000, but more than 80 000 in July.

    1. Sarajevo handled 74.948 in July as is written in the article. You can check with the official source if you don't believe the article

    2. Anonymous18:40

      Ovi na SJJ ili su pijani ili namjerno napuhavaju brojke. Na pocetku mjeseca su objavili informaciju na oficijelnoj stranici da su imali 80.585 putnika da bi to sada promjenili na 74.948 a ko zna da li je i ta brojka Tacna, bolje da sacekamo mjesecni izvjestaj od BHDCA. Totalno neprofesionalno i amaterski sa njihove strane.

  9. Anonymous11:27

    Po meni je Split najveći dobitnik i apsolutni hit, s obzirom na blizinu Zadra i Dubrovnika, stanje u kojem je Croatia Airlines, imati skoro 400 000 putnika u jednom mjesecu i najprometniji dan s 27 000 putnika je fantastično! Čestitke Beogradu, Skopju i Sarajevu, ali i drugim aerodromima na uspješnom 7. mjesecu! Pozdrav ;))

  10. Anonymous14:16

    lol... someone is misinformed. Air Serbia is not Etihad's subsidiary.
    Also, if I remember correctly the Bulgarians wanted to operate Sofia-Chicago via New York.

  11. Anonymous18:42

    If im understanding Vucic right, 40 milion loan from Etihad is actually not going to have to be returned - it is with what Etihad did buy 49% share?

    1. Anonymous23:31

      Yes. Convertible loan facility.

  12. Anonymous20:41

    They announced US plans more than 1,5 years ago and nothing happened. It's a tiny airline, no feed for longhaul. Their A330 is not even flying charters right now.

  13. Anonymous21:25

    Cargo stats are interesting. Don't think I've read one article on this yet

  14. Anonymous23:26

    Good point. I would like to read something on cargo loads in the region. Is there an airport that DHL, USPS, Fedex and other courier services use as a hub? What is the volume of avio cargo within Ex-YU?

    -- Charlie


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