Government rethinks Belgrade concession

Serbia considering different options for Belgrade Airport development

The Serbian government is revaluating whether to put Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport up for concession as earlier planned. The change in policy comes after the country’s Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić, said his government will make a decision on Belgrade Airport’s future in the coming period. “Soon we will see how and in which way we will expand Belgrade Airport and build a new runway, whether it will be through concessions or whether a different approach will be used. I am certain that by the end of 2016 - 2017 Belgrade Airport will become the biggest hub in the region”, the Prime Minister said. He added Nikola Tesla Airport is experiencing problems as a result of increased traffic, in particular with baggage sorting and aging technology.

Earlier this year, the PM revealed plans to put Belgrade Airport up for a twenty year concession, outlining strong interest from the Persian Gulf’s largest construction company Arabtec Holding. At the time the government unveiled plans to utilise a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) model to build a third terminal at Belgrade Airport to be used exclusively by Air Serbia, reconstruct Terminal 1 and build a second runway, a cargo center and a nearby hotel. The investment was estimated to be worth one billion dollars. Mr. Vučić says the investments are needed in order to accommodate growing passenger numbers which have been driven primarily by Air Serbia. “I am proud to say that from July 2013 to July this year Air Serbia has recorded a 83% passenger increase - a European record. In September, Etihad Airways CEO James Hogan will present us with results of the partnership. From this year onwards Air Serbia will become a profitable company and Serbia will earn money from it, compared to the massive losses recorded all these years”. Recently revealed documents, signed between the government and Etihad Airways for the latter’s minority takeover of Air Serbia, show the Serbian national carrier is to be given a dedicated terminal at its hub.

Plans to grant a concession of the airport to a company from the United Arab Emirates was met with fierce opposition by trade unions who warned such action would give Etihad a monopoly over the Serbian aviation industry and lead to the pullout of other airlines operating flights to Belgrade. In a statement, the unions said, “Belgrade Airport is of strategic interest to Serbia and of great importance to national security. We appeal for the government to take this into consideration when making its final decision”. Several companies have already expressed their interest to participate in the concession process including Greek-based Copelouzos Group as well as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Interest from Austria, France and Russia has also been shown. The Serbian government has an 83% share in Belgrade Airport with minority shareholders made up mostly of banks and investment funds.


  1. Anonymous09:05

    Well, the unfortunate thing is that Air Serbia and its management have increased the number of passengers to such an extent that the airport is falling apart. No matter what, this is not a good business decision. Didn't these people evaluate the airport's capacity before they decided to start dumping fares?!
    A friend of mine who works for the BEG told me that on a daily basis there are hundreds of kilos of RUSH luggage left behind. These cost a lot of money. I mean, most of the problems the airline/airport faces could have been easily solved if we lived in a normal country.

    1. Anonymous09:29

      well, BEG says that the capacity of Terminal 2 is 5 million pax a year. it's not JU's fault that that number is exaggerated. plus, BEG's management had months to prepare for JU's schedule, since JU announced in August '13 changes of flight schedule that were to start in October '13 and March '14. and what did they do at that period? nothing, that's why BEG is a mess right now, only because of management that didn't prepare well for JU's rapid growth.
      i'm not saying that current management is better, we all know how Vlaisavljević did in the past, but Radosavljević didn't do much either in the last months of his managerial reign

    2. Anonymous10:31

      In my opinion both parties are to blame here. Yes, the actual capacity of the airport is five million but the airport has to cope with the growing demand. On the other hand, we all know that the main problem is with the luggage sorting facility. The airport could not hire any more people because the government forbade them from employing them via Omladinska Zadruga.
      Now, the real question is why did Air Serbia close Jat Airways' luggage sorting facility? To make things even more absurd, the airline took over the airport's incoming luggage sorting facility. It's quite obvious that the airport was useless but the airline is no better.
      The problem with Belgrade airport is that when it was built, it was built as an airport which has very little transfer passengers since most are either starting or finishing their journey in Belgrade.
      That's why the current infrastructure could handle 3 DC-10s at the same time but can't handle 15 narrowbody birds.

      We were informed that transfer luggage with short connection time will be no longer screened (thank God for that) and now the supervisor and the foreman will have to sort the luggage onto special carts which will be sent directly to other flights- this is a system that some airports use but the problem is that the current situation with foremen is so bad that at times they get one person to load the flights.

    3. Anonymous15:34

      @AnonymousAugust 29, 2014 at 9:05 AM

      Stupid comment, especially

      "Well, the unfortunate thing is that Air Serbia and its management have increased the number of passengers to such an extent that the airport is falling apart."

      Belgrade Airport has capacity to handle around 9 million pax, both terminals can easily handle 4 million, less than half of its original projected traffic, so lets quit with dramatics, this is a blog not a drama school.

      Any internal issues with in airport are matter of management not the traffic problem.

    4. Anonymous16:17

      The only thing that is stupid is your weak comeback. The airline had to know what the realistic airport capacities were. They had to expand in accordance with what they had. It's like British Airways adding routes and frequencies at will and then crying and blaming London Heathrow for not having the necessary slots/space to accommodate this growth.

      Also, your last paragraph makes absolutely no sense. Just like your comment that both terminals can handle 9 million passengers. Obviously you have no clue what the actual situation at the airport is.

    5. Anonymous16:28

      Actually in the takeover agreement it says JU should get a dedicated terminal by JAN 1 2014. So they planned ahead. Why this has not happened i don't know.

  2. Anonymous09:34

    Air Serbia will be profitable with:
    - millions of subvention by Serbian Government
    - 50% discount of petrol in NIS which is obligation of Serbian Government
    - 50% discount of all services in Belgrade Airport
    - lot of services in Belgrade Airport for free (100% discount)
    - lot of privileges from Republic of Serbia

    ...that is not profitability that is to take money from my poor pocket and to give it to rich to fly instead of poor for hospitals, education, social needs...

    1. Anonymous10:52

      and when will cro air become profitable?

    2. Anonymous11:04

      What's Croatia Airlines got to do with this article?

    3. JATBEGMEL11:04

      And even when it was Jat Airways who was massively bleeding money each day we still had a lack of spending on education, hospitals, roads, and lets not talk about rail.

      At least 1 thing has finally been sorted out, and this for now seems to be the best thing that has come from this airline in over 2 decades. New people were employed, and more people are yet to be employed, the future for the airline seems brighter, and change is being made for the better. The hardest bit is to undo years of damage. Nothing is for free, and the debt left behind is our debt. The debt left from the government we voted in, and the debt from the government we voted out. Do you honestly think that if we shut down Jat Airways we would be debt free from it? No. We would still have to repay the massive debt and still support the minimum 1.500 people umeployed through social programs.

      The problem in public spending wasnt just the mismanagement with Jat Airways, but in every single thing done in this country. We have a horrible rail network, poor roads even after an expensive reconstruction, and you somehow sit and believe its Air Serbia that is the reason why Serbia isnt the new Switzerland?

    4. Anonymous11:08

      well said +1

    5. +1
      mada ne treba davati do znanja da je za uspeh odgovorna srpska politicka elita. Ovoje u principu neka anglosaksonnska kombinacija koju izvode arapi i mi stim nemamo nista u starteskom smislu. jeftina radna snaga i izdavanje nekretnina. to je nas nivo zahvaljujuci visedecenijskom losem, upravljanju i neplaniranju.

    6. Anonymous13:32

      Air Serbia
      = ogroman novac iz buđeta u idućih dve ili više godina
      = prejašnji dugovi na Srbiju (svi će da ih platimo)
      = deo radnika radi (dobar deo je otpušten), deo radnika plaćamo Etihadu

      Jat bankrot
      = nema više izdvajanja para iz buđeta
      = svaka kompanija koja leti u BEG plača (vidi Mađarsku, što im fali ovako)
      = od slotova, imovine i prava isplatili bi dugove, barem one koji treba da se plate preduzećima
      = deo od 600 radnika radio bi za inostrane kompanije koje bi povečale saobračaj u BEG ili neku manju privatnu koja bi nastala pre ili kasnije

    7. JATBEGMEL14:59

      Fora je sada da li ce tih 600 radnika dobiti poslove u inostranstvu. LH prima ljudi sa znanjem nemackog jezika. Takodje, treba racunati da njima trebaju vize itd. I sve pare koje bi oni zaradjivali u inostranstvu tamo i ostaje, a ne u srbiji. Takodje, dosta zaposlenih imaju porodice koju podrzavaju svojim platama, ne bi rekao da je bas rentabilno porodicu seliti u inostranstvu radi posla, I sta bi sa ostalo minimum 900 radnika?

      Takodje, strane kompanije koja bi dosla kod nas bi drzali monopol, pogledaj kako lepo OS naplacuju minimum 400€ za povratnu kartu do SJJ.

      Dakle, i da gubimo nacionalnu kompaniju opet bi bila neka steta na nas. Ove subvenzije traju do 2016. godine, koju su btw smesni kad gledamo sve celokupno, sta smo dobili a i sta ce jos i biti.

      Sto se MA tice, Wizz je takodje imala svoju bazu na BUD. Nakon MA su niskotarifne uskocile u BUD, a sad dosta poslovni ljudi putuju stranim kompanijama. Niskotarifne kompanije su low yielding, te oni takodje trazu jeftinije usluge po aerodromima, kao sto je Wizz jedno vreme imala kod nas i na nasu stetu.

      I za kraj, one koje su dobili otkaz u Jat-u su uglovnom otisli u penziju. Svi se secamo komentare kako su nase stjuardese kao 'dom penzionera na izletu'. Zaboravis da kazes da su stotina novih mladih primljeni za rad i kako opet ima konkurs za novih pilota, za koju nije bilo pre.

    8. Anonymous18:36

      Kao što reko neki od tih 600 bili bi zaposleni u prestavništvima stranih kompanija u Srbiji zbog povečanja njihovih letova (primerice Wizz bi u tom slučaju sigurno povečao broj aviona u BEG) a neko bi trebo to da pilotira i bude stjuardesa.

      No, po istoj logici što država ne interveniše u svim onim fabrikama i preduzečima koja su otišla u bankrot. Pa tu su stotine hiljada radnih mesta. Među kojima i doktori, inženjeri, profesori...

    9. JATBEGMEL20:03

      Odakle tebi stalno 600 kad je 1.500 direktno zaposlen u JU?

      Drugo, Jat je bilo u kriticnom stanju godinama a Wizz nista nije uradila. Ali nista. Par destinacija sa par frekvencija. I cim se slika promenila vezano za Jat, pobunili i zalili. Nijedna Wizzova destinacija nije imala dnevne rotacije, ali nijedna. A siguran sam da nijedna kompanija, ali nijedna ne bi primio 1.500 radnika jer je pukla JU. Takodje, sigurno ne treba 1.500 radnika i da je 300 prestavnistva stranih kompanija.

      Savetujem da vidis koliko kosta aviokarta Beograd-Bec i Sarajevo-Bec kao primer kako izgleda 'bez' nacionalne aviokompanije. Bez JU, strane kompanije bi drzali monopol, a mi bi opet morali preko granice (BUD, TSR) da trazimo jeftinije letove. Bez JU, otisla bi i ta mala konkurencija na trzistu koju imamo. Srbija ima potpisan open skies sa EU, te da su sve te evropske kompanije dobrodosle da uvode direktne veze do svojih cvorista. I gde su nam AF, KLM, BA, IB, SK?

      A sto se fabrika i preduzeca tice, strasno je jeste, ali sta hoces, da se trend nastavlja? Da imamo jos nezaposlenih? Malo nam je to sto je propalo, hajmo jos kad smo vec krenuli?

  3. Anonymous10:00

    S obzirom da nisam iz Srbije, uputio bih pitanje zašto se u Srbiji o svemu pita premijer, zar nemate ministra prometa? Je li Vučić baš toliko kompetentan ili su mu date tolike ovlasti da doslovno o svemu ima mišljenje i u sve se petlja?

    1. pa yato sto su svi ostali ili korumpirana stoka ili nepismeni debili. mada ima slucajeva da su u pitanju korumpirani nepismenjakovici.

    2. Anonymous13:34

      Jedino premijer jest Supermen i Mecena.

    3. Anonymous13:47

      Oprosti, ali samo u totalitarnim režimima jedna osoba ima apsolutnu vlast, a teza o nesposobnim ljudia ne drži vodu jer Srbija sigurno ima sposobnih i pametnih ljudi!

    4. Anonymous13:49

      ima, ali ti neće da se mlate sa politikom. a odavno je dokazano da za Srbe nije demokratija

    5. Anonymous14:39

      Vučić stvara o sebi sliku Jedinog Svemogućeg Mesaje. Naravno da su svi drugi nesposobni ako premijer na da da se pokažu njihove sposobnosti. Ali nitko normalan neće da proguta priču da premijer sam sve vodi, za njega rade ministri i hiljade državnih službenika. Samo za sliku o Voždu... konačno pa znamo gde je ispkeao zanat!

    6. Anonymous15:44

      Vucic je daleko od Mesije. Ali je ubedljivo jedan od najsposobnijih politicara koje je Srbija imala u proteklih cetvrt veka. Sad, sto su Srpska zavist i mentalitet takavi da pljuju po svemu svome dok komsije iz suseda u tome pripomazu, je vise deo iskompleksirane narodne psihe nego nekakva vrsta konstruktivne kritike.

      Sve u svemu, takva vrsta naroda i mora da ima neku autoritativnu figuru da ih drzi na kratkom povodcu. Osvrcuci se na stanje u domacem avio-sektoru, za manje od godinu dana, Srbija je dobila jaku i, jos vaznije profitabilnu, avio kompaniju koja pocinje da se siri i nastavlja svoj dosta brz rast, u vreme kada vecina okolnih avio kompanija, pod vodjstvom nacional-birokrata, stagnira.

      Isto tako, vrlo uskoro ce biti obelodanjeni planovi za ANT, koji ce opet smanjiti sadasnji potencijal da izvucemo deblji kraj.

      Jeste, tacno je da je, iza kulisa, aerodrom u haosu. Da vidim bilo ciju drugu nacionalnu avio kompaniju u Evropi da podigne promet na svojoj maticnoj luci kao sto je to Air Serbia uradila u proteklih par meseci, pa da to prodje bez problema.

      Zato, molim vas, hajde da diskutujemo o realnim problemima. Pustitie ovo klupce da se odmotava. Sve ide svojim tempom. A, ako se ovak nastavi, Beograd postaje jednan od 3-4 najvaznija cvorista avio kompanija u jugo-istocnoj Evropi u roku od par godina.

    7. Anonymous16:14

      Ајде ти мени лепо сада дај доказ да је ЈУ профитабилна фирма. Разумем да су ботове и овде почели да шаљу али не заносимо се.

    8. @ Anon 3:44 PM

      " jedan od najsposobnijih politicara koje je Srbija imala u proteklih cetvrt veka"

      Nije mu bas neka konkurencija ni bila ako cemo iskreno,

      Prije nego sto ga proglasimo svecom, hajde da ga pustimo 4 godine pa da vidimo sta je uradio.Nazalost, bojim se da puno toga nije uopste u njegovim rukama ali sta da se radi.

    9. Anonymous08:18

      @AnonymousAugust 29, 2014 at 3:44 PM

      Vucko, ti li si? ;) Ili ti to vire pertlice. Ajde botu, SNS botu, bezi tamo na kurirov sajt da pises hvalospeve po nalogu... ovde su malo ozbiljnije teme raspravljaju a ne clanci na kuriru.

  4. Anonymous10:13

    Drzava je bila i bice uvjek los privrednik. Samo daje prostora za partisko zaposljenje i korupciju. Obavezno koncesija ili cak i prodati!

  5. Anonymous11:29

    Another disastrous day at BEG today...

  6. Kako god odluka bude doneta od strane vlade, koga god bude odabrala kao koncesionara ili partnera. Jedno je sigurno.,To je da izbor mora biti pozitivan u skladu zakona Srbije i saglasju propisa i prakse civilne aviacije EU. Podjednako vazno je da realizacija projekta vazdusne luke ANT BEOGRAD za 21 vek mora biti transparentan, dovoljno velikih, opremljenih, up date u svakom pogledu terminala putnickih, kargo... Svega ostalog sto ce biti projektovano i izgradjeno na i oko aerodrome. Sa pravim kompanijama, projekat sa izvodenjem radovan moguc je zavrsiti u roku od 30 meseci. Tako se radi u svetu! Ako radov izvode operative komunalnih preduzeca u bilo kom delu radovan ond moze da potraje i 99++ meseci.... Novac, transparentnost, organizacija, odgovornost, ekspeditivnost ce garantovati cist racun bez afera i Zabele. Bez patetike, pun nade da ce mo ove jeseni gledati podpisivanje ugovora, sa pocetkom gradnje objekata 100 dana posle podpisa. Ovako se takodje postupa na projektima efikasnog gradjenja aerodrome po svetu. Ko bude preuzeo investicije projekta taj ce imati kapacitet za dovodjenj avio kompanija, frekfrenci letenja, svega ostalog da bi investicija i projekat bili isplativi u objektivnom vremenu. Beograde, gledam, zelim nadam se poput mnogo ljudi ovde u Srbiji da se pored Beograd-a na Vodi, i njegova vazdusna luka rodi. Kao sto je i AIR SERBIA pocetak ostvarenja ozivljavanja, osnazenja Srpskog avio saobracaja i svetskog na ovom Bozanstvenom sastavu Save sa Dunavom. Morava i Ibar ce sacekati da Kraljevacki aerodrom u koga je investirano do sada preko 20 miliona evra ozivi. Za sada iza Njegove zatvorene ulazne kapije lezi par kamiona iskpovanog sljunka na stazi za ulazak u novi putnicki terminal u koga je malo ko prosao posle Gospodina Tadica sa saradnicima vlade Srbije. To potvrdjuje i ovaj odbrambena gomila sljunka. Svako dobro od skoro pristiglog Radovana u Otadzbinu Srbiju.
    Rod. Marinkovic, AME. Kraljevo /// Sydney.

  7. Anonymous12:06

    I wonder how BEG could build terminal 3, and further improve infrastructure without concession?
    Without building it, it will be hard to expand much in the coming years.
    I think it is a wrong re-thinking by Govt... Let's wait and see.

  8. Anonymous12:46

    Na tom novom terminalu 3 ako bude napravljen treba da urade 1 gate za 748 i 380 :)
    Koje je najveci avion sto moze da stane na gate u LYBE :) Hvala unapred :)

    1. Anonymous12:54


    2. JohnnyLee13:47

      tehnički, može i 380 da sleti i da se nakači na A1 ili C6, ali u tom slučaju otpadaju C5, C7 i A2

    3. JATBEGMEL15:06

      BEG je nekada redovno primio B747 avione, od Qantas, Iraqi Airways i CAAC, pored 7-8 DC10-30 JAT-ovih, a i B707, kao i L1011 od Royal Jordanian. Ima se gde smestiti i A380, samo na udaljenom poziciju.

      Takodje cesto primimo B747 kargo varijanta, te IL96 iz Rusije, a i Air China B744 je bio kod nas par puta. Takodje, smo imali iz UAE drzavni B744 i B777, kao i pre par meseci je jedan B773 od EY prinudno sletio na BEG.

      Ima se 7 mesta na B pozicije za sirokotrupne avione.

    4. Zar A380 ne zahteva jacu i siru pistu i taxiway zbog velicine i tezine? To je jos i najmanji problem, ajde ti napuni 800 sedista iz BEG. Ja mislim da je A330 porodica najidealnija za duge letove iz BEG

    5. JATBEGMEL17:08

      Idealno da. Ali pista i rulne staze mogu da primaju A380.

      E sad, to sto je aerodrom sposoban za A380 ne mora da znaci da ocekuje redovan A380 letove. On je sposoban da ne daj boze avion mora da prinudno sleti.

    6. Anonymous17:39

      Za mene bi idealna flota JU bila
      10 A320NEO
      8 ATR 72-600
      4 A350-900 XWB
      Koja bi za vas bila idealna :))

  9. Anonymous12:56

    Bravo. Skroz si u pravu. Sve gejtove za A380.

    1. Anonymous13:25

      Ja sam rekao 1. Mozda EK pocne letove za LYBE sa 77W ili sa 380 posto trebaju da dobiju jos 90, i jos 150 777X :))

    2. JATBEGMEL15:08

      Nece EK sa B77W, nego A330-200.

  10. I generally think that governments should have majority ownership of any business. their only business should be collecting taxes, that's the only thing they are good at. However, in the case of assets like airports or electrical transmission lines that are by definition monopolies this might not be the case. In NA most of the airports are still in the government hands and I tend to agree with this.

    By definition these assets are monopolies because it takes tons of money to develop them and if they are given to private enterprise government must retain regulatory control over them where some government or independent body approves all their plans, charges, investments etc. Otherwise, this model bring more harm than good.

  11. Anonymous13:42

    Swiss will be getting 4 Embraer jets, perfect metal to launch Zagreb flights!

    1. Anonymous13:53

      To dobijaju od Helvetica dok nedodju CS 100 zato sto im se neisplati raditi C-check na onim BAE avionima :))

    2. Anonymous14:32

      You mean D check.

    3. Anonymous16:00

      BAe 146 imaju po 40'000 cycles, njima se blizi rok velikog testiranja ćelije aviona. Prvi odlazi u martu 2015 iz flote. Pozdrav iz BSL

  12. Purger13:49

    Treba se postaviti pitanje, a zašto država odjednom neće dati aerodrom u koncesiju?

    Možda zato što su potencijalni koncesionari tražili da država na sebe preuzme ugovornu obvezu od 50% popusta, jer, pobogu, zašto bi koncesionar na to pristao? Od čega bi onda živio? A država se iz ugovora sa Etihadom ne može izvuči. Jasno je navedeno da je obveza države osigurati najmanje 50% popusta na BEG. Što će reči to bi, u slučaju davanja aerodroma u koncesiju, bio dodatni, i to ogroman, trošak za Republiku Srbiju!

    A ako ne ode u koncesiju država će morati investirati u terminal 3, ozbiljnu sortitnicu, obnovu terminala 1 i preostalih gaetova, jer BEG ima sve manje novaca pošto daje komapniji koja ima 50% prometa niz gratis ugluga (100% popusta), a za sve ostalo 50% popusta. Nemojmo smetnuti sa uma da je i niz drugih kompanija smanjio broj frekvencija i čak ukinuo neke linije, a to su puni platiše od kojih bi se morao plačati razvoj. No, ako ih je manje?

    Što će reči, proračun Srbije će svakako morati naknaditi manjak rezultiran aerodromskom "subvencijom" Air Serbije.

    1. Anonymous17:36

      Gospodine Purgeru sto vama smetaju ti popusti sto Air Serbia ima ???

    2. Anonymous18:28

      Država takođe može odlučiti da Air Serbia dobije sopstveni terminal koji će država zadržati i odobravati popust od 50%, dok bi koncesionar mogao dobiti sve ostale prevoznike uz obavezu da izgradi nov terminal za njih. Sad, da li tih 2.3-2.4 miliona putnika kod drugih prevoznika mogu privući nekog ozbiljnog koncesionara za deo aerodroma, to je zasebno pitanje.

    3. Anonymous18:43

      Pa nije baš da se aerodromi daju u koncesije po terminalima. Eto tebi jedan terminal, mi zadržavamo drugi, a ti napravi treći. Neide to tako. Zašto bi, do vraga, netko pristao da u svom aerodromu ima konkurenciju na drugom terminalu. I tko bi koristio taj terminal? Vjerovatno Air Serbija i partneri (Air Berlin, Darwin, BH Airlines, TAROM, Aeroflot, Etihad, Alitalija, jednog dana Air France, Aer Lingus, Jet, KLM...). I što onda ostade koncesionaru?

    4. JATBEGMEL22:27

      Zanima me koliko Makedonci daju Wizz Air-u na godisnji nivou i koliko popusti oni imaju na SKP.

      Zaboravlja se takodje da te popuste traju jos godinu dana. Koliko znam, ne gradi se terminal za godinu dana.

    5. zoran22:36

      kao prvo daju se koncesije i po terminalim (dedicated terminal), pogotovu kada je aerodorom baza dve veće kompanije (npr. u Australiji Quantas i Virgin). Što se tiče popusta BEG će ove godine i pored toga imati rekordan prihod i profit (vidtei 6-mesečni izveštaj) a gospodnine Prugeru, na Vašu žalost, imaće i znatan skok prihoda od drugih prevoznika osim YU, što potpuno demanije ono što ste napisali. Sa objavljenim profitom BEG može da ide i na kredit do 100 miliona €, za temeljnu rekonstrukciju oba terminala uz najnovije tehnologije i za kapacitet do 10 miliona putnika. Znači bez koncesionara.

  13. Anonymous21:25

    Sell it to the Arabs !
    They will manage it better than any other.
    Better they build it totally new.
    The current terminal is good enough only for Serbs but not for international travellers who are used to much higher standards.

    What is the alternative to the Arabs...
    That the Germans run it.

  14. Anonymous23:39


  15. Anonymous03:03

    BEG je jedan od najbrzih aerodroma kada se putuje samo sa kabincem.


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