Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo see record August

Belgrade Airport breaks three million passenger mark in August

The airports in Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo have all registered strong passenger growth in August with several records broken. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport welcomed 576.461 passengers through its doors, the busiest month in its 52 year history. The numbers represent a 30.7% increase compared to the same month last year. Complementing the growth was an increase in the number of operated flights. The airport saw 6.047 operations during the month, up from 5.123 on August 2013. So far this year, Belgrade Airport has handled 3.104.848 travellers, an increase of 30.4% when compared to the same period in 2013. Belgrade is now close to overtaking its 2013 end of year result, when it saw 3.543.194 passengers in total.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN270.784 28.9
FEB232.061 33.8
MAR282.447 28.2
APR368.171 46.2
MAY383.773 27.5
JUN451.324 28.8
JUL539.823 24.7
AUG576.461 30.7

Croatia's busiest airport, Zagreb, registered its highest growth rate so far this year with numbers improving by 10.5%. The airport welcomed 269.500 travellers compared to 243.954 in August last year. As a result, Zagreb achieved its fifth consecutive month of passenger growth. The improved performance comes despite a decline in the number of flights operated to and from the airport. A total of 3.542 flight operations were recorded, down from 3.720 the year before. Overall, Zagreb Airport has handled 1.613.983 passengers so far this year, up 3.8% on the same period last year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN135.758 2.6
MAR165.336 5.7
APR192.443 3.1
MAY217.775 5.9
JUN243.984 6.8
JUL260.783 4.7
AUG269.500 10.5

Finally, in August, Sarajevo Airport recorded its busiest month of the year so far. It welcomed 88.591 passengers through its doors, an increase of 11.0% on 2013. Furthermore, Bosnia and Herzegovina's busiest airport saw an increase in the number of operated flights. A total of 609 operations were registers, an improvement of 11.5%. Cargo traffic was also up at Sarajevo Airport last month, as it processed 148.836 kilograms of commercial cargo, an increase of 4% compared to August last year. Over the first eight months of 2014, Sarajevo Airport has welcomed 483.962 travellers though its doors, up 6.8%.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN36.114 8.0


  1. I am wondering how many milieconds will pass until this thread becames flooded with pro and contra AS replies

  2. Anonymous09:36

    Whoa well done BEG!

  3. Anonymous09:52

    These are some really good news for the three airports. Will the three airports see any changes in operations this coming winter season? I know Zagreb is getting the second daily rotation by Air France and Belgrade will be considerably downsized with the exception of Amsterdam and Prague.

    1. Anonymous12:13

      Zagreb-Doha Qatar 3 direct flights
      Zagreb-Warsaw LOT 7 direct flights
      Zagreb-Paris Air France 7 new flights
      Zagreb-Paris Croatia 2 new flights
      Zagreb-Dubai flyDubai 4 new flights

      all together 23 new weekly flights

    2. Anonymous12:26

      It really makes me wonder if Croatia Airlines can compete with Air France as the latter can rely on its intercontinental network not to mention that they will have a higher number of frequencies.

    3. JohnnyLee13:30

      BEG is not downsizing. in fact, olny BNX, MXP, SVO and VAR are affected (total of 10 flights). TGD gets six more flights, AMS three more, PRG two more, new route to TIA with 3pw, that's total of 14 flights, which means that BEG gets 4 more new flights

    4. Anonymous13:36

      Ne leti LOT za ZAG nego Eurolot ;)

    5. Anonymous14:17

      Not quite.

      Athens, Skopje, Rome and Thessaloniki are being reduced from 14 to 7 weekly frequencies.
      Tel Aviv is being reduced from 7 to 4 while Larnaca will go from 7 to just 3.

      All of these reductions are seasonal with the exception of Rome and Larnaca. Then again, I suppose Rome will be eventually increased due to Etihad's takeover of Alitalia and easyJet's withdrawal from the market. Larnaca is so far permanently reduced, they got their asses kicked there by Star Alliance airlines.

      I believe that Air Serbia wanted a winter timetable which could be operated solely with the Airbus and Atr fleet. YU-APD should come soon when things will get much easier while I really hope more birds join the flock by the summer season as the Boeing birds are getting tired.

    6. Anonymous16:23

      Really good result for Zagreb, hopefully continues at same rate for the remainder of this year.

      2015 should be really good year for Zagreb airport, Foreign carriers are taking ever greater chunk at Zagreb airport and soon they'll have more than million passengers, in 2013 Foreign carriers carried 875 000 passengers, this year it is quite likely this number will hit 1 million and quite likely this number will hit 1.2 million mark in 2015.

      Looking forward to seeing Zagreb handling more than 3 million pax soon.

      as to Croatian airlines, if they don't pick up in 2015 they'll be playing a single fiddle at Zagreb soon enough, on Paris, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Vienna, they already play 2nd choice airline.

      Things must change and must change fast for OU before it is relegated in to obscurity.

    7. Anonymous08:46

      Unfortunately I don't see Zagreb handling more than 3 million passengers any time soon, at least not in the next 3 years. The problem is that they are not Split or Dubrovnik which could attract a great deal of tourists; when I say a great deal I mean like millions. Croatia's tourism is based at the coast and without a strong home carrier in Zagreb the airport will have a hard time passing the 3 million mark.

  4. Coma10:51

    OT :
    Aegean Airbus A321 from Thessaloniki to Dusseldorf is about to land in Belgrade.
    Any info? Guess?

    1. Anonymous11:17

      I guess it's another diversion, there were like three of those within a week like two weeks ago. :/

    2. Medical emergency.

      Све најбоље!

  5. Anonymous12:06

    Zagreb airport number of passangers is 5,2% up on the same period last year, not 3,8%. Please change this.

    Congretulation Belgrade. Very impressive!

    1. No, it is up 3.77% in the first eight months (rounded up to 3.8% as it says in the article)

      JAN-AUG 2013 - 1.555.200
      JAN-AUG 2014 - 1.613.983

  6. Anonymous13:39

    Moze da se desi da QATAR na liniji za BEG promeni A320 sa .

    1. Anonymous14:00

      Sa 788 :)

    2. Anonymous14:24

      Тај сценарио нема шансе да се деси, прво зато што Катар нема толико путника из Београда а друго логичније је да прво пусте директне летове него да повећавају капацитет.
      По мени најлогичније је да Етихад крене да шаље А320 пошто им А319 хронично иде пун до задњег места.

    3. Anonymous14:59

      Togovorim zato sto je za LOWW QATAR pojacao kapacitet za 92% od A320 na B788 :)
      Pa mozda i LYBE bude imao srece da barem neko leti widebody Avionom:)
      Etihadu i Air Srbiji je bolje da lete jednom dnevno sa B789 nego 2* sa A319. Ali od sledece godine ce biti widebody saobracaj na LYBE
      Preko cele godine ASL.

    4. Anonymous15:16

      Тржиште Београда и Беча не може да се пореди јер за разлику од Београда, Бечлије могу да приуште егзотична путовања широм Азије и Африке.
      Не. Због преседања и конкурентности боље да се има два лета сваког дана. Путницима се нуде бројније могућности. Иначе, у последњој недељи јула, просечна попуњеност оба лета је износила 93%. Није лоше.

  7. Anonymous15:00

    Why isn't Air Serbia included in Etihad Business Connect scheme?

  8. Replies
    1. Anonymous15:40

      Да, Бања Лука се смањује са 7 на 5 недељних летова од чега ће 3 бити са Сабом а остала два са Атром.
      По мени ово је фантастично имајући у виду да су разматрали укидање линије током зиме.

    2. Anonymous15:43

      Ja nisam cuo da ukidaju BNX a imam dobre veze :)

    3. Anonymous00:28

      Sto tata prijateljevog susjeda što sjedi samo 8 kancelarija od CEO Austriana ne zna za strateške odluke Air Serbije? Uf... sad me razočarao. A i dalje mrzi Lufthansu?

    4. Anonymous01:07

      Postovani Gospodine moj Stric je prijatelj Gospodina Milorada Dodika u Banja Luci rekao mi je jos proslo leto da ce JU uspostaviti letove za BNX. I opet sam bio u pravu da nece ukinuti liniju eto vam na airlineroute sajtu pa vidite.

    5. Anonymous02:52


      A sad ne samo da znaš managerčiće u OS, sad si i intimus sa Dodikom?

      ...koji si ti lik, sine. Majke mi treba te tražit! Ti nisi svjestan svoje nesvjetsti...

      ...ajde bar me najsmiješ svaki dan nekoliko puta.

    6. Anonymous08:47

      А шта теби то значи? Никада нисам разумеу тај тренутак код Срба да имају патолошку потребу да подсмевају друге. Аман човече ако ти је смешан или иритантан само га искулирај и ћао.

  9. Anonymous15:41

    DLH otvara dugolinisku Low cost aviokompaniju sa 7 aviona tako je najavio Spohr.

    1. Anonymous00:29

      Kako to, pa neki dan si trvdio da Spohr nije CEO Lufthanse. Sto bi stručnjače? Nauči i ti nešto konačno? Eto, bar neka korist od ovog bloga što se tebe tiće!

    2. Anonymous01:08

      Pa ja samo vde dosta baucio ;)

  10. Anonymous21:31

    OT: a lot of cancelation of Air Serbia planned for W14 :(

    1. JATBEGMEL05:44

      Its not that big reduction, and its a couple planned increases that seem to not get an increase. By your comment I expected more reductions.

  11. does anyone know how did Ljubljana do in July and August ? Although I don't see Skopje overtaking Pristina, Ljubljana very well might do so... especially if it manages to record more than 1,4 mil pax this year...

  12. Anonymous00:43

    34 flights per week less!!! What happend? At last someone find how much money Air Serbia lost?

    1. JATBEGMEL06:02

      I dont see the 34 p/w decrease. To have a decrease you need to have something to take. 4 destinations were planned to have an increase but there was a change in mind, so there isnt a decrease because they flights were never flown. Just like an apple. If I have 1 apple and eat it, its a decrease of 1 apple. But if I was in the shop considering buying that apple but change my mind and buy oranges, I never had that apple in the first place.

      For now I see VAR (-7), MXP (-1), BNX (-3) and SVO (-2) with a decrease. But then there is AMS (+3), TGD (+6), PRG (+2), TIA (+3). All up, there will be an increase in capacity again compared to last year, and a slight increase if we dont include the seasonal flights. I included VAR because they changed it to a seasonal flight during the season.

      As for the loss, considering how much has changed in the airline, from cross training crew to the Airbus fleet, rebranding, new aircraft, new destinations, new frequent flyer program, new reservation system, new employees etc, I think we will see a smaller minus compared to the minus from Jat. 2014 for Air Serbia has brought many possitive changes and many challenges, lets not forget that,

    2. Anonymous08:43

      Varna was 4 weekly, not daily.

      Also, let's not forget to add Rome (-7) and Larnaca (-4) which are permanent reductions.

    3. Anonymous08:51

      If they kept the initial flight schedule then they would be forced to keep on flying the B737-300 big time- something that could only harm them. Anyone who has flown on YU-AOU will know what I am talking about. I think the updated schedule could be upheld with 10 Airbus birds and 5 Atrs.

      The real issue at hand is what will happen next summer. The airline plans on maintaining the same number of flights as this summer but the problem is that it can't do it with 15 aircraft. They will need at least an additional 3 aircraft. The unfortunate thing is that they can't afford to not return to these markets (SKP 14, ATH 14 and SKG 14) as they will lose out on the passengers, especially given JU's low brand awareness there.

    4. Anonymous09:09

      @ 12:43 AM

      Yes! The biggest conspiracy in known history is finally broken and exposed! Billions were lost, hundreds of billions to be more precise, and now the shrinking starts. Perhaps not yet the time to open the champagne you bought last August, but you may put it in the fridge now.

      Of course if they kept the same schedule you would have spat on their small fleet and megalomaniac ambitions. Now that they adjusted the ambitions to the fleet size it is because of huge losses. Nothing can surprise you, clearly.

    5. Anonymous09:32

      Athens -7
      Banja Luka -3
      Larnaca -4
      Milano -1
      Moscow -2
      Roma -7
      Skopje -7
      Tel Aviv -3
      Thessaloniki -7
      Varna -7
      = -48

      Amsterdam +3
      Podgorica +6
      Prague +2
      Tirana +3
      = +14

      TOTAL = -34

    6. Anonymous09:42

      You are comparing winter timetable with summer timetable. That's not how it works.

    7. Anonymous10:06

      It is still an indicator of the overall performance. The airline could have, for example, reduced Athens from 14 to 10 or Thessaloniki from 14 to 9. This sharp drop in frequencies is worrisome especially for an airline that aspires to turn its home airport into a true hub. Look at Austrian Airlines or Lufthansa, they don't have such drastic oscillations in the number of frequencies towards their key markets.

    8. JohnnyLee10:27

      where did you find that ATH and SKG are being reduced in half? and VAR was never 7pw but 4 pw. all there is is that BNX, MXP, SVO and VAR are reduced, nothing else

    9. Anonymous11:45

      You can see at

      Athens will be double daily only around Christmas, just like last year.

    10. JATBEGMEL15:36

      My bad for VAR.

      JU always saw network reductions for winter, winter should be compared to winter, summer with summer. Having said that, there will be an increase compared to last year, to not talk on previous years. I guess now the B733 will be grounded in BEG which is possitive news.

      Disappointing is that DBV and SPU will remain seasonal. Its time we had all year links to Croatia.

    11. Anonymous16:16

      Exactly, since when we are comparing winter with summer season? Most airlines cut frequencies in winter, and increase them in summer. Nothing strange about that...

    12. Anonymous22:48

      Not true. Non real company (exempt LCC) cut 50% of some frequencies in winter. How many other companies in BEG cut 50% frequencies in winter. Austrian, Lufthansa, Tukish, Aeroflot, even TAROM?

      Even shit of Croatia airlines is not doing that in winter?

  13. Anonymous08:56

    I really hope that Air Serbia could eventually improve its position in Vienna. Austrian Airlines has a really good product so it will not be easy but still, I am sure that with our gasterbajteri there and with a future interline agreement with Niki they could improve their performance. Would be good if the Airbus flew at least once or twice per week. Mind you, Austrian sent its A321 to Belgrade yesterday.

    1. I don't share your view that OS has a "good product". They did a refresh of their long haul cabins but in my opinion it was just bringing it up to standard nothing else. On the other hand their staff is very rude, bad service overall, no food or milk on-board for infants etc. etc. I flew YYZ-SJJ with them last month. The only good thing about was the fact our flight was overbooked and we got 600 euro each.


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