Split Airport overtakes Pristina

Split Airport becomes third busiest in EX-YU

Split Airport has overtaken Pristina to become the third busiest in the former Yugoslavia, behind only Belgrade and Zagreb. It marks a major achievement for an airport relying primarily on traffic during the summer season. Current trends indicate the airport is likely to maintain the title until the end of the year, with solid growth forecast in the coming months. Meanwhile, Pristina Airport continues to feel the effects of Belle Air Europe’s demise, which is expected to continue through to December. During the first seven months of the year, Split Airport welcomed 939.745 passengers. On the other hand, Pristina Airport trailed by 151.866 travellers, welcoming 787.879 passengers through its doors.

Despite the bad weather, Split Airport saw an exceptionally busy summer this year with a total of 2.139.706 seats offered to eighty destinations in 22 countries, both inside and outside the European Union. The airport also secured flights to new markets such as Greece and Scotland. During last month, Split managed to break the one million passenger mark and registered its busiest August on record. “We expect to have seen 392.000 passengers during the month, which is some 13% more compared to last year”, Split Airport’s Operations Director, Mate Melvan, said. Split Airport still holds the title for handling the most passengers in a single day within the former Yugoslavia, trumping both Belgrade and Zagreb.

Pristina Airport has had a difficult year but has made efforts to soften its decline by introducing a range of subsidies and benefits to both operating airlines and potential new customers. The move has garnered some results with Etihad Regional recently launching flights from Zurich to Pristina. The Kosovan airport, run by a Franco-Turkish consortium, has been a star performer among EX-YU airports for several years. Last October, it opened a brand new multi million euro terminal. Pristina Airport welcomed 1.628.678 travellers in 2013, 275.814 of which were carried by Belle Air Europe until it ceased operations on November 27.

Split Airport results

MonthPAXChange (%)
MAR27.580 16.8
APR79.284 19.6
MAY159.485 14.2
JUN236.921 3.5
JUL388.899 15.8

Pristina Airport results

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN95.327 20.4
FEB83.154 18.7
MAR97.293 22.9
APR114.757 14.6
MAY115.025 13.3
JUN120.604 14.5
JUL161.709 18.5


  1. Anonymous09:08

    I keep on telling you people, Split will be Croatia's busiest airport in the coming years. This is nothing, I am sure that in two, three years from now it will handle 500.000 to 600.000 passengers per summer month!

    In other news, since it wasn't mentioned anywhere. The pilot that was fired from Air Serbia because he put a friend in business class on a flight from Amsterdam to Belgrade won the legal fight and Air Serbia had to pay him a massive monetary compensation and to bring him back to work. Since that 'incident' Air Serbia is avoiding simply firing people but they are looking at craftier ways at getting rid of their 'unwanted' employees.

    On a side note, this pilot who was fired in an exceptional professional who, thanks to his skills, saved a Jat Airways B737-300 from crashing in Zurich last summer. So much for being interested in the quality of their employees.

    1. Anonymous09:47

      I think that Air Serbia is right mate. I would fire him as well. The time when you could bring whoever you like in an aircraft and cabin is gone. Who he think he is to bring someone into the aircraft? Wtf?

    2. Anonymous10:04

      What happened in Zürich?

    3. Anonymous10:26

      You have to think of the bigger picture here. They can't afford to lose such a talent, especially not now.
      What they should have done is to simply punish him by reducing his salary or by suspending him for a week or so. In stead, airline officials waited for him at the airbridge and once all passengers disembarked they escorted him to the offices where they fired him. What kind of behaviour is that? It's disgusting, JU HR department is filled with the biggest scum from what I heard.

      I don't recall what happened exactly in Zurich but there was a system malfunction on final approach and the aircraft lost control. It was thanks to him and a few actions he took that he plane was stabilized and pulled up.

    4. Anonymous10:32

      Fine then, let's grant all skilled pilots a carte blanche to put their family and friends in business class, and the cockpit of course, why not even let them fly the plane for a while...

    5. Anonymous10:35

      What a lame attempt at being funny.

    6. Anonymous11:31

      @AnonymousSeptember 2, 2014 at 9:08 AM, do you have to turn every article into Air Serbia? Read the title. Write your comment in yesterday's news and leave us who don't need to get a daily dosage of Air Serbia alone.

    7. Anonymous12:45

      The first paragraph is not about Air Serbia, also don't be such a racist man. Chill out, be happy. #no_hate

    8. Anonymous12:53

      This sort of "talent" was in breach of company regulations and the strictest aviation laws regarding cockpit access. Such a "talent" would not be tolerated at any airline and would be summarily dismissed and in some countries, charged for criminal breach of law ...

      Only in Serbia can we hear of someone like this, being referred to as a "talent" ..

      I don't know who's worse - the writer or the pilot

    9. Anonymous13:44

      No one was admitted into the cockpit, the man was merely allowed to sit in the empty business class.

    10. They should just thank him for selling one more ticket and than charge him for the price of the business class ticket for that passanger. Why so much drama about it? AS may even encourage other pilots to do the same

    11. Anonymous15:21

      That's because ASL's attitude towards its employees is like that. They don't care and they treat them like crap.

    12. Anonymous17:20

      Just to correct you on what is fact and what is B.S.... Both pilots and all crew admitted that the offending passenger was admitted into the cockpit .... which is in clear breach of European Aviation laws.

      Secondly, no one has a gun to their head to remain at Air Serbia. People who don't like it are free to leave and should leave to go and find employment elsewhere..

    13. Anonymous17:35

      If there was a (serious) breach then he could have never won the legal fight with Air Serbia. ;)

      It's not about finding a job elsewhere, it's about the hypocritical attitude of JU.

    14. Anonymous17:57

      You are once again poorly informed ... there has been no court case ... if you know anything about Serbian labour law, these things take years to get before the courts.

      And on your second point, it is exactly about finding a job elsewhere if you are not happy with the working conditions of your current employer. People who are not happy are free to leave.

      Other than in a communist country - and the last time I looked, Serbia is not that - lifetime employment doesn't exist. That system has long been discredited.

      If you want that, go to Cuba or North Korea

    15. Anonymous18:01

      When you sign a contract of employment, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of that company.

      When you no longer wish to abide by these rules and break them, either the company terminates your employment or you choose to go of your own free will.

      That's not such a difficult concept to grasp

    16. Anonymous18:24

      Anonymous at 5.35pm ... Wow, from what planet did you arrive ?? How on God's earth is it 'hypocritical' for a company to enforce its own internal rules of employment - rules that every employee is not only aware of, but bound by ?

      Gosh, I have been a reader of this blog for the longest time and never in my life have I ever read a more idiotic comment than yours.

      Aviation is a serious business, one which is bound by strict rules and regulations that airlines are bound by, otherwise, they risk their AOC and more critically, their ability to fly to other countries.

      In Air Serbia's case, they are signatories to the EU Open skies agreement and must therefore, abide by European rules of the sky - which are very far away from what is in place in Serbia.

      No pilot - under any circumstances - is permitted to allow unauthorized access to the cockpit. This puts other passengers at risk, not to mention the risks that the company itself is in frm regulatory authorities elsewhere - which can ground an airline

    17. Anonymous20:08

      Anon @ 10.26am - the only "big picture" I want to be aware of, is that the guy piloting my plane is someone who is not a cowboy and respect and observes the rules ... no airline needs to have a pilot in its ranks who does not obey rules, regulations, protocals, and norms of the profession ... Ask any pilot from any company operating in a normal country and they will tell you that they would never ever fly with someone who has such a disposition.

    18. Anonymous20:24

      Stick to the topic, please! Congrats Split, you deserve it!

    19. Anonymous20:29

      Yes, yes for decades and decades friends of the crew and children have been allowed to visit the cockpit and not a single JU plane crashed. Give me a break with all of your silly regulation. I know so many foreign airlines who still allow people to visit the cockpit.

    20. Anonymous21:44

      Which ones ?

    21. Anonymous21:49

      Why? If I told you which ones they are, will that change anything? The whole point is that the new set-up in Air Serbia is behaving as if they came to a country which had no prior contact with aviation. Maybe if the management was doing a better job the airline wouldn't be here where it is today.

    22. AnonymousSeptember 2, 2014 at 9:08 AM,

      Individuals like you are what is wrong with Serbia. You further propagate the terrible Balkan mentality of total disregard for professionalism, proper behavior, and any respected international standards. You must be either a friend of this pilot, or an employee of the former JAT, because nobody sane could have any sympathy for such a cowboy pilot who does not respect any regulations.

      You know so many "foreign airlines" who still allow people to visit the cockpit? Give me a break, I don't care what Africa airlines are doing. Look at respected Western Airlines, and you will never see such behavior. Perhaps we should also revert to the old JAT habits of smoking in the cockpit and telling jokes while landing because there are other airlines in the world that tolerate such behavior.

    23. Anonymous23:23

      Thank God we've got you guys, the beacon of morality, Crusaders of the truth and our salvation. You are no different than those self-righteous people who are dictating things now.

    24. Anonymous23:41

      @ 9.49pm ... the mgt of Air Serbia is from Etihad - THE world's most successful airline over the past 3 years, who also have the world's best airline CEO, as judged by his peers .... Reading your comments suggests that you obviously know better than him or his people .... that's why you are no longer working for JAT and if you or your cronies knew anything about the airline business, then JAT wouldn't have been run into the ground as it had under your guidance. Your idea of aviation is so far removed from reality, you must be someone who is a member of the flat earth society ...

    25. Anonymous23:48

      It is interesting following this thread .... To anon at 9.49pm, all airlines currently flying in the EU, the US, Canada, Asia and Australia, are forbidden by law to allow unauthorised access to the cockpit. I can't say for Sth America or Africa, because I don't know. Can you pls advise which airlines you know that allow passengers into the cockpit. ?

    26. Anonymous23:58

      Ako lerite u business klasi od KLMA mozete da udjete u cockpit ako letite economy nemoze.

    27. Anonymous00:50

      I am not pilot, not working for any air company, just entusiast and I was in cocpits of Austrian, SAS, Norwegian, Lufthansa, KLM, easyJet, Croatia, Alitalia, Air Berlin... that was just in last 3 years.

    28. Anonymous01:31

      Yes, but was it while on the ground?
      I know that they can't let people inside the cockpit durring the flight.

    29. I was given a chance to see the cockpit duri g the flight, sit in the first officer's seat and have a smoke with the pilot!!! This was in 2004 on a PIA domestic flight.

      In NA and Europe after Sept. 11this is strictly prohibited and all doors had to be reinforced.

    30. Anonymous08:33

      Not true. All from my list was in last 3 years during all flight from departure to landing!

    31. Purger08:37

      I am regular guest in Croatia airlines cockpit during all flight, take-off and landing including. And not just in Croatia airlines.

    32. Anonymous09:55

      Hahahah there we go, no wonder why the Serbian law sided with the pilot and not with the self-righteous management of Air Serbia.

    33. Anonymous10:55

      Purger, which companies besides Croatia Airlines?
      I tried many times to ask the crew before takeoff, but they were strict and didn't give me the chance to visit the cockpit durring any phase od the flight.

    34. Anonymous16:38

      2 weeks ago, my family took a BA flight from LHR to FRA and then returned on LH. My 12 year old son hopes 1 day to become a pilot and I asked the flight crew on both sectors if he could visit the cockpit .... both times we got a short "sorry, visits to the cockpit are strictly prohibited during flight" reply. He was however, allowed to visit the cockpit once we landed .... So I don't know what rules Croatia Airlines are operating to, but this message suggests that cockpit visits are no longer allowed ....

  2. Anonymous09:12

    Fabulous job, Split, hope next year will be even better!

  3. Anonymous09:49

    It would be even better if Croatia Airlines was "normal", with some other destinations besides Germany!

    1. Then you have to kick out Kucko! Because this man is so unreliable.
      I thought according to Purger that he would leave Croatia Airlines Sept.1st.
      Maybe his mistress (OU employee lawyer) stopped him!

  4. Anonymous09:51

    OT: Zagreb in August 2014:

    08/2013: 243.954
    08/2014: 269.500

    + 10,47%

    1. Anonymous11:57

      Zagreb je u 8. mjesecu imao skoro 200 letova manje, a 10% više putnika, izvrstan rezultat!

  5. Anonymous10:06

    Freighter? It is a regular test frame, not a freighter.
    I wonder why?

  6. Anonymous10:08

    OT: Air France uvodi drugi dnevni let iz Parisa za Zagreb sa A319.

    1. Anonymous10:27

      Do you have the times for these flights?

    2. Anonymous10:27

      Excellent news, go Zagreb!

    3. Anonymous11:31

      ZAG - CDG Air France
      09:00-11:05 A319
      18:00-20:00 E190
      CDG - ZAG
      12:35-14:25 A319
      15:30-17:20 E190

    4. Anonymous12:25

      Croatia je uvela četvrtkom i nedjeljom drugu rotaciju. Odakle ovako velik interes za Pariz?

    5. Anonymous12:44

      Значи неким данима Загреб-Париз виће четири пута дневно? Свака част, то је одлично.

      Колико ја памтим Крацијан је губио доста пара на овој рути. Додатне учесталости су можда уведене као одговор на дуплирање учеасталости Ер Франca.

    6. Znaci pojeftinjuju karte za daleki istok. Lepo bato, lepo.

  7. Anonymous10:34

    By the way, I heard that Air Serbia had a lot of passengers from Etihad's flight which were connecting to both Split and Dubrovnik, especially the former. During July and August both airports had around 150 passengers each from Etihad flights. I know it's not much but it surely helped Air Serbia!

    Maybe Etihad would consider seasonal flights to these destinations?

    1. Anonymous03:25

      if that happens then it would make air serbia to lose lots of money you want etihad to feed on the croatia coastal airport with air serbia

  8. http://exyuaviation.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_90.html

  9. Anonymous11:00

    OT: Beograd navodno 576 000 putnika u 8. mjesecu, izvrsno!

    1. Anonymous11:48

      Zašto " navodno"?

    2. Anonymous12:15

      Ajme frustracije, zašto ovo, zašto ono, nisam našao izvor, informaciju sam pročitao na drugom forumu!

    3. Anonymous12:30

      Frustracija je kada napises "navodno". Trebao si reci da si podatak video na drugom forumu. Inace podatak o broju putnika je objavio Aerodrom Nikola Tesla.

    4. Anonymous12:42

      По мени нема ничега негативно ако је човек написао наводно. То само значи да податак није званичан. Аман људи, оладите мало.

    5. Anonymous14:24

      Ja ne kazem da je "navodno" nesto negativno pobogu, ali nisam znao da je "zašto" zabranjeno i da se neko oseca frustrirajuce zbog obicnog pitanja.

  10. Anonymous14:25

    OT: This article is about Pula Airport if interests anyone

  11. Anonymous14:53

    Here is the breakdown of BNX passengers by airline:

    1. Air Serbia - 12.592 passengers
    2. B&H to ZRH - 4.297 passengers
    3. B&H to TIV - 619 passengers

    1. Anonymous22:42

      12.592? That is 28,9 passengers per flight. Not very good!

    2. Anonymous23:21

      That's for the first seven months, let's not forget that JU's numbers to BNX only started to pick up in March. Until then 20 passengers was fantastic.

  12. Anonymous15:19

    I think I heard from HRT Radio Zagreb 1, a month ago, there were around 30,000 passengers present in one day at the Split Airport on the second of August, this year.

  13. Anonymous16:32

    Any chance SKP can pass PRN this year?

  14. Anonymous12:28

    NEVER, Skopje is way behind to catch Pristina to become 3rd airport of EX:YU like Pristina.


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